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i brought you something

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when jungwoo sees lucas walking to class with his hands shoved in his pockets as the snow falls around him, he notices that that tall idiot is literally only wearing a long sleeved shirt. it was snowing and jungwoo knows that it usually takes him awhile to get to the class he’s currently heading to.  

jungwoo clicks his tongue and power walks towards his giant boyfriend all while pulling the scarf from around his neck so that he can give it to him. 

“lucas!” jungwoo calls. he turns towards the sound of his name, and he uncurls from himself when he sees jungwoo striding towards him. 

“what are you doing here? you don’t have class, you should go back home where it’s warm. i don’t want you to get sick,” lucas puts his arms loosely around jungwoo’s waist, pulling him closer for warmth. 

“that’s easy for you to say,” jungwoo laughs, eyeing what he was wearing, or was not wearing. “and i was going to the library to meet up with jaehyun to study and i happened to run into you,”

lucas doesn’t say anything, but instead keeps his arms around his boyfriend, smiling softly at him. jungwoo laughs, his already pink cheeks getting a little pinker. “here, i brought you something,”

jungwoo wraps the scarf haphazardly around lucas’ neck and keeps the ends of it in his hands as he stares back at him. “hey, promise me something,”

“anything, baby,” lucas grins. 

jungwoo felt warmth bloom through his chest, even though it was just lucas being lucas, and lucas being his boyfriend. 

“please never leave the house again in this weather without a coat,” jungwoo pleads. 

“i won’t,” he replies. 

jungwoo smiles, using the ends of the scarf that were still in his hands to pull the taller down for a quick kiss. it left lucas momentarily surprised, but he took the chance to pull jungwoo flush against him. 

jungwoo pulls away first. “now go to class, i’ll see you at home,”

“movie night tonight? wanna get takeout?” lucas says. the two of them are still really close to each other, breathing the same air. 

“yes! definitely.” jungwoo replies, eyes darting from lucas’ lips to his eyes. “now kiss me again,”

he chooses that moment to fully pull away from jungwoo with a smirk. “nope sorry, i’ve gotta get to class, remember?”

jungwoo looks at him in disbelief, a pout working its way onto his face. 

“don’t worry, i’ll kiss that pout off your face later. i love you baby!” lucas gradually talks louder as he walks further away from jungwoo. 

jungwoo shakes his head with a happy smile on his face, his cheeks burning. he calls after lucas, who’s still waving at him. “i love you too!”


jungwoo ended up studying with jaehyun for longer than he expected, because eventually lucas came into the library and greeted the both of them. 

“hey jaehyun,” he says, giving the older that high five that guys do when they greet each other before sliding into the chair next to jungwoo. he put his arm over the back of his chair and turned to him. “i texted you, but i assumed that you were still here since you usually always answer,”

“yeah sorry, i got a little distracted,” he laughs. “well actually, i guess i was a little too focused,”

lucas’ eyes flick down to his lips and back up to his eyes. jaehyun quirked a brow at the two of them, who seemingly forgot he was there for a moment as they stared at each other. he rolled his eyes. “i’m gonna get going guys, and you should too. i think there’s supposed to be a bad snow storm tonight,”

“i’m sorry i kept you this long, jaehyun,” jungwoo says as he packs up his stuff. 

jaehyun waves him off, doing the same. “i actually really needed to study, and you helped me a lot,”

jungwoo laughs. “i’ll see you tomorrow in class, as long as we don’t get snowed in,”

“see you then! bye guys,” jaehyun says with a wave, walking towards the exit of the library. 

jungwoo turns to lucas, who was already staring at him. “i like your scarf, where’d you get it?”

“some cute guy gave it to me when i was walking to class,” lucas grins, looking down at the scarf around his neck. 

“that guy has good taste,” jungwoo smiles when lucas leans down to kiss his forehead. 

“wanna get chinese for takeout?” lucas asks, putting his arm over jungwoo’s shoulder as they walk out of the library. it was still snowing, and there was a pretty thick layer of snow on the ground already.

“sure, i don’t care. i’m really hungry,”

once they got back home with their food, lucas kicked his shoes off and set the food on the table. on the way back from the place the got their food from, they decided to watch thor, mostly because lucas was basically begging.

when he turned around, jungwoo was standing behind him, and he grabbed both of his hands.  “you said you’d kiss me later,”

“i did, didn’t i?” lucas smiles, his arms going around his waist. jungwoo nods back, resting his arms on the taller’s shoulders. 

lucas leaned down and kissed him softly, jungwoo’s hands moving to tangle themselves in his hair. they kissed for a couple minutes, and somehow they ended up with jungwoo leaning against the kitchen counter. they stopped when jungwoo’s stomach growled really loudly, making the two of them pull away with a laugh. 

“my stomach says we should eat now,” jungwoo giggles. 

“but i think your lips are delectable enough,” lucas says, tapping jungwoo’s swollen lips. 

jungwoo swats his hand away with a laugh, lucas joining in. “oh shut up and go get us some plates. we’ve got a movie to watch,”