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Monster Summer Mash: Sans/Reader Edition

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Silence.  Floating.  Air in your lungs tinged with moisture and chlorine and lingering warmth that smelled like concrete.  Nothing in your view but the starlit sky above you.  You really felt like you were in some sort of chemical-permeated outer space, alone except for the gentle brushing of skeletal fingertips against yours.


Going swimming at night, while removing the factor of cooling down from the hot sun, also meant that the two of you got to be alone together.


Silence.  And then you heard his muffled voice, but couldn’t make out the words.  Your ears were underwater when he spoke.  You righted yourself and looked beside you, to where your skeletal best friend was stretched out on his back, in the same position as you, right beside you.  He turned his head to glance back at you with an expression you couldn’t comprehend.  All you could tell was that he was waiting for you to say something.  Something specific.  Something he was nervous you wouldn’t say.  He oriented himself vertically, too.  Released the gentle upward gravity he’d been enacting on himself and let his toes hold him up against the bottom of the pool.  And he waited.

“…  Sans, I couldn’t hear a word of that.”

“yeah i know.”

You broke out in a smile first.  Then he did, at least until you loaded back your arm and splashed him with a big wave of water.

“Okay, stinker.  What did you say?”


“What.  Did you.  Say,” you demanded.  Trying to intimidate him (could you ever?), you pushed yourself closer to him through the water.  “Did you call me some kind of mean name?”

“what?  no way.  you’re my best friend, dude.  why would i do that?”


You swam closer.  Uncomfortably close.  So close he could feel the warmth of your breath.  He averted his gaze and backed away from you, until he felt his back hit the edge of the pool.  And then he had nowhere to go.  You boxed him in there, one arm on each side of him.  He couldn’t look you in the eyes, so he looked down instead.

“Did yooou…  say that this swimsuit makes my butt look big?”

“what—look i know i can be honest to a fault sometimes but—okay look.  why are you assuming i would say something rude about you, if given a chance to be entirely honest, when you couldn’t hear me?”

You shrugged, and told him the first thing that came to mind.  “It’s what most people do.”


Silence.  Chlorine.  Your best friend, staring down at the water.  Then staring up at you with a sincere, yet mysterious smile.

“not me.”

“Then what did you say…?”  You pouted at him irresistibly, and began to whine in the same way.  “Sans.  Pleeeease?”

“aaah.  it was nothing.  it was stupid.  it was…  it was just…”


You didn’t push him.  Just gave him the same expectant look he’d been giving you only a minute or two ago.


“…  something i had to get off my chest.  about myself.  something that's been rattling in my skull for awhile.  i mean…”  He pulled his arms out of the water and laid them out on the edge of the pool behind him, reclining backwards.  His gaze traveled wistfully to the sky above you.


“haven’t you ever had a secret that just made you wanna scream it to a world that couldn’t hear it at all?”

You snorted out a soft laugh, and were about to remark flippantly something like ‘that’s deep,’ but you stopped yourself.  And you really thought about it.


You thought about your feelings for him.

“…  Yeah.  Yeah, I think I understand exactly what you mean.”