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you may blame aphrodite

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mina meets uraraka on the first day of school, they're the first two class 1a students at yuuei. if either girl was quiet maybe they would have sat on opposite ends of the class and waited until other kids showed up.

instead, mina leaped over a desk and uraraka jumped out of her seat and they grinned at each other.

this is the point where mina notices how pretty uraraka is, if she was middle school mina she would swallow her tongue and pass out, fortunately she's in high school no so she offers uraraka a hand and shakes it with a wink.

uraraka giggles and mina realizes that she's still middle school mina and uraraka's laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world. even more beautiful than the sound of her acid dissolving her middle school uniform.

mina tries to clear her throat, she can make this work. "i'm ashido, I have an acid quirk."

"that's so cool," uraraka says. "i can take away the gravity of whatever I touch."

mina sways, she can't make this work she is really, really can't.

"can you lift me?" mina's bitch of a filter asks.

uraraka pauses, she rolls the cuff of her jacket, "i think that might be against the rules."

mina shrugs, "maybe." oh fuck now uraraka is going to think mina doesn't respect the rules, which she doesn't, but she doesn't want a pretty girl to know that!

uraraka unrolls her jacket cuff, "i could carry you and then activate my quirk, any teacher wouldn't be able to tell because you'd be in my arms but you can still get the floating feeling."

mina thinks she nods but she isn't sure because a pretty girl just offered to carry her and mina's a simple lesbian.

and then she's off the ground and her body feels so empty and there are warm arms around her and mina's horns feel cold and holy shit she's gay. "woah."

uraraka laughs again and this is the best day of mina's life. this is her moment. laughs are good, laughs are what make crushes go round-

"ashido?" uraraka asks as she deactivated her quirk and puts mina down. mina keeps a smile on her face so she doesn't show how disappointed she is.


"there was this boy who saved me during the entrance exams, he had green hair. did you see him on your way here?" mina's heart teeters in her chest, uraraka's fiddling with her sleeve again.

"no," mina says. "sorry."

uraraka and midoriya don't end up dating, but mina never tries again with uraraka.