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Tour de Force 2018

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“Alright, dude! The announcement video for the tour just went up on the channel.” Dan could not be any more excited to get back out on the road, doing what he loves with his best friend, Brian. Ninja Sex Party is all set for Tour de Force 2018! “We should probably start arranging set lists, and ya know… other things that bands do.” He said, a classic Dan giggle escaping him.

“Yeah, yeah okay, man. Let’s start with choosing which old songs we’ll play and go from there.” Brian said, grabbing a pen and notebook. Meanwhile, the TWRP guys did the same thing for their own set. Tupper Ware Remix Party just released their newest album Together Through Time, and they were really excited to play some new songs for their fans.

After going through songs new and old, originals and covers, Dan begins to assess a new situation. “Hey, Bri? Could you come here for a second?” Brian was inspecting the studio’s piano when Dan called for him. “Hey man, what’s up?” He looks over at Danny who suddenly has an anxious look on his face. It always concerned Brian when Dan started to feel like this right before something as major as a song or album being released, but this was a tour, so this concerned Brian even more. “Dan, you alright?” Danny’s eyes flittered across the page multiple times before he answered.

“Yeah, everything’s cool, I’m just looking at these songs and… well, man, I think I’m going to need someone to sing backup.” This set Brian further back than he thought it would. Dan Avidan needing a backup singer? That was quite unusual because Dan is such an incredible vocalist. “What makes you say that, dude? You’ve never had an issue before with playing a full set, ya know?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. But, I’m going over these set lists and I do not want to fuck up any of the performances… So, it may be in the band’s best interest if I hired a backup singer, at least until the tour is over.” Dan said, feeling slightly defeated. It’s not that Dan didn’t want to share the stage with anyone else or let anyone else sing his songs, but he wanted to pull out all the stops on this year’s tour; go big or go home as they say. Brian mulled it over in his head for a few minutes and sighed. “Well man, I say the best thing we can do is put out an advertisement of sorts and host some kind of audition. That way, we can separate the people who just want an excuse to meet us from the people who actually have their heart in this and will take it seriously.”

Dan toothy grin slowly appeared, and he gave Brian a look of relief and approval. “Hell yeah, dude, that could be fun! But now, we kind of have to act fast just in case this person is unfamiliar with our music… which would be very likely to happen.” Thus, the newest video was up on the NSP YouTube channel. The boys also went all over the area, putting flyers up wherever people would let them. Because what kind of self-respecting business lets a band called Ninja Sex Party put up flyers in their establishment?

“Alright, dude, I think that’s the last of them. Let’s head over to the Grump Space to see if anyone’s responded to our video.” Brian and Danny check their NSP email pretty often already, but they checked it at least three times a day now. “Holy shit, look at all these! We’ll never get through all of these to see which ones are legit,” Brian said as he scrolled down the screen of his laptop. Dan took the laptop from Brian and started going down the line. “I say we just skim through and see which ones seem more professional. Opportunities like this are not taken lightly if the person is serious about their craft.”

It was nearing six o’clock that evening as Dan finally came to the last email that had been received. So far, there were only five potential candidates for the job as the rest of the emails were mostly made up of fans making recommendations for who they would like the new backup singer to be. Their choices varied from Paul Stanley to Harry Styles, which Dan thought was really strange but whatever. “Okay so, I’ll just reply to these people in a group email and then hold the audition next week.” He quickly typed the email up and sent it out, packed up his things and called it a day. Everyone else had already left for the evening, so it was not unusual for Dan to be one of the last ones at the Space.

As he drove home, listening to his favorite classic rock station, he whispered, “God, I sure hope this works.”