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10:28 am
West High's North Wing

"Jimin! I am quite positive that THE Jeon Jungkook is completely utterly enamored by you!"

Jimin snorts pushing his books back into his locker and lifting his glasses up his nose. He sends Taehyung a 'You're absurd' look before closing his locker and fixing his bag strap on his shoulder, he then adjusts his grip on his PE uniform.

"Tae, sweetheart, We literally just bumped in the hallway for about 2 times at most! And are you forgetting that Yoongi's your boyfriend? Jungkook just talks to me for formality. You and i both know that."

Jimin points out and starts walking towards the school's court. He and Taehyung had Gym next, Taehyung jogs to catch up with his bestfriend. Yoongi was part of West High's Football team, And as Jimin had said, was Taehyung's boyfriend.

"No! Jimin wait, Listen! If these 'bumping in the hallway' kind of things keep happening its obviously NOT a coincidence anymore right?! Right? It must be because Jungkook IS interested in YOU and he's trying to subtly spend time with you, like-- Are you even listening to me Park Jimin?"

Jimin looks up his phone with a soft 'huh?'


Taehyung groans out. Jimin sniffles and scans his notes that were saved in his phone one last time before closing it and placing it in his bags pocket. He glances at his bestfriend with an apologetic smile.

"Sorry, Tae. But seriously, What im saying is. Jungkook will NEVER like someone like me okay? I'm extremely out of his league! Maybe he just wants to be my friend since your a cool guy, so i dont know... Maybe he's stereotyping us? And also, I heard he's like, straight as a board."

"What ARE you talking about, Jimin? You're kind, smart, funny, cute, and not to mention you have an ASS to DIE for! And it doest matter if he's straight, BEND THE FUCK OUT OF HIM! There should be some gay inside of that guy! Look at Yoongi? I thought he was straight at first until he hit on me! Andddd just for an added bonus, the last time i checked, Jeon Jungkook hooked up with that guy from your chemistry class! Yugyeom was it? You even said it yourself that he's cute!"

Jimin slaps his bestfriends shoulder and laughs. 'Dont gossip' he replies, Taehyung counters with an exasperated 'i can do whatever i want!' and a flick on the blonde's forehead. Jimin yelps and rubs the abused spot.

"Really, Tae? Really?!"

"Im just saying, Chim! I seriously think your missing out on being a teenager, You have to fall inlove sometime in your life! You're always stuck isolating yourself! Do you even have friends beside me?! Like really, When's the last time you got laid?"

"Hey I do! There's Hoseok and Jin-hyung and... U-uh...."

"SEE?! This is what im talking about!"

Jimin huffs.

"I just... Have no time for it, Okay?"

Taehyung rolls his eyes and opens the door of the gym.

"I'm so done with your excuses, Maybe you're just... asexual or something."

"That was a bad joke, tae."

"I wasn't even joking?"

Jimin hits Taehyung's shoulder again, His bestfriend screams in pain and rubs his forearm with a glare at Jimin.

"You are an abusive soulmate! I hope you know that."

"Oh i do."

Jimin says, Jogging towards the shower room and changing into his gym clothes quickly, Taehyung follows suit and as soon as they walk out of the shower room they hear sneakers and loud booming voices. Jimin falls inline, He recognizes Mingyu beside him and whispers.

"What's happening?"

"Oh, The football team is going to occupy half of the court for training while he have our classes here."

"Woah, Really? Dont we get a free pass or something?"

Jimin jokes earning a laugh from the man in response. (In your FACE Kim Taehyung! I can totally make friends!)

"Thank you, gyu."

Mingyu smiles at Jimin in response and Taehyung tugs at Jimin's shirt from his back. Jimin twists to face his bestfriend.


"Jungkook's staring at you!"

Taehyung whisper screams at Jimin, The blonde frowns and tilts his head to look at the direction his bestfriend was looking at. And indeed, It was Jeon Jungkook in his full glory. His brown hair slightly damp with sweat, Parts of his jersey was clinging onto his torso and his arms were glistening. And he was, oddly, Looking at Jimin's direction. Jimin frowns, checking behind him just incase he was mistaken. But when he sees no one there he looks back at Jungkook and the quarterback bashfully smiles at him with a smale wave of his hand. He hears taehyung squeeling in the background but he's too busy smiling back to pay attention.

Jeon Jungkook was every girls (and boys) wet dream. He's the kind of person that would pass as an actor or be the main lead in a romance novel of sorts. And he had gained quite a massive reputation just after 1 year of being an exchange student. People LOVED him, student and teachers alike.

Rumors say that he's actually very very shy. Jimin thought the total opposite. Jungkook looked like those school fuckboys, and as he said, He was probably straight. He was a year older than the boy and he's never gained that much attention even if he was loyal to the academy since high school. Not that Jimin wanted to be popular, for him that was a very heavy burden to carry. He's fine with his reputation.

But well, I mean, considering the fact that Jungkook's their school's quarterback AND Captain of the school's football team, it wasnt at all surprising that they adored him. He's like the school's hearthrob along with all the other players in the football team. Jimin has once thought that maybe they were all werewolves or vampires or something supernatural. I mean come on! How can one be handsome, well-built and good at everything at the same time? He wants to know. There must be some sort of sorcery happening right? (Wrong)

Jimin knows some people are just lucky in that kind of department. Puberty just hit Jimin the wrong way, But hey, He's not complaining! Being a homo teenager has it perks, Like maybe fanboying over Jughead with Taehyung in a new episode of Riverdale. He can safely say that hot men can be one of his weaknesses. He does want to know Jungkook's and the teams secrets, Jimin would definitely pass a day of studying for tips, Although Jimin was never really one to have a bulky body, His family genes don't have those kinds of charactheristics. (That or he just gave up a long time ago)

Just from his height and more so feminine features ( like his eyelashes, nose, eyes, lips and hips, Oh and his FLEXIBILITY!!!) it can be easily concluded that Park Jimin, Was not in the line to become a hot guy.

And yeah, He did prefer to be under a person rather than above. BUT HEY NO ONES COMPLAINING! Taehyung always says he's hot and YES he can admit that he does have an ass to die for. (Jibooty, Taehyung calls it) and Jimin can list down alot of advantages he gets from being a bottom, sub or whatever thebfuck they call it. From his bestfriends personal experiences and how Taehyung has Yoongi wrapped around his long slender fingers (half a size bigger than his own fingers by the way, Just putting it out there)

(Also speaking of hot guys, Can Jimin just point out that he has taken a general liking to Captain America [GOD WAS HE HOT]

"Jimin-ah you nerd!"


Back to Jungkook, He's led the match of a game during the finals of the regionals, And won the championship amongst 30 different schools. Jimin's been hearing around, that Jungkook was also one to have one night stands and attend lots of parties. Also rumored that the boy is one to kiss and tell. But, Jimin being the kind sould he is, didnt really want to believe anything unless he saw it happen or it came from the persons mouth so he never doubted Jungkook nor judged him (or maybe he just didnt want to believe that Jungkook was like that, Maybe jimin has a teency weency crush on the quarterback but no one has to know about that either. He's cute okay?!)

Jimin crosses paths with Jungkook very often in the halls, Usually they would just greet each other since Jimin was taehyung's bestfriend, And Taehyung's boyfriend was part of the football team. And truth be told, Jungkook was very kind to him, very considerate and constantly asking him how his day was going, if he was hungry, or if he wanted something to drink (if Jimin didnt know better he would say Jungkook was flirting with him. Like that one time Jungkook not so subtly checked him out.)

Jungkook also has an amazing personality which admittedly, Jimin had only been noticing from afar. He didnt want to go near Jungkook because it would cause rumors (those wretched rumors) and the boy might feel very uncomfortable if he does. But really, he wanted to get to know Jungkook more. The younger's determination in fulfilling things was one of the major things Jimin found cute about him. Just.. Jungkook overall made Jimin fall a little bit in love, Just a little. But shh, you didnt hear that from him. He'd never slip that out especially infront of Taehyung. And for an added bonus, he knows (ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN) Jungkook isnt interested, he didn't want to get his hopes up over a possible douchebag, or more likely someone straight.

Jimin snaps out of his daze when he hears their P. E. Professor's whistle.

"Alright you guys, We aren't doing much today because we dont have the gym to ourselves, That doesnt mean you wont do anything. Go over the basic stretches amd make sure to warm yourself up!"

Their Professor instructs. His class spreads out without a time to waste even though a few grunts of dissapproval were heard. Jimin gets pulled next to the bleacher by taehyung before he could start.

"Why here?"

Jimin asks, He drops on the floor on a full split and reaches for his left foot first.

"So Jungkook has a good view-- OH MY GOD JIMIN!"

Jimin stops stretching and looks up at his bestfriend, The latter was gaping at him, Arms held up akwardly in an attempt to stretch.

Jimin raises his eyebrow and slowly reaches for his right leg, Without removing his eyes on Taehyung.

("Oi! Oi! Jeon!"

Yoongi screams, slapping Jungkook in his back. The younger boy doesnt move a muscle.

"I think Jimin broke him."

Namjoon mumbles, Lifting his hand up and closing Jungkook's open mouth.

"Yeah well, If Jin did a full fuckin' split infront of you im sure you're a dead man too."

Jackson snorts.

"Atleast Jin is Namjoon's boyfriend. Jimin isnt Jungkook's."

Jungkook freezes up at that and shoots a glare at Jackson. He hits his friend at the back of his head and the other hisses in pain.


Jackson whines.

"Wrong game Jackson!"

Joon-myeon points out, Jungkook runs a hand through his hair and clenches his teeth as Jimin stands up from the floor. He throws the ball in Yoongi's direction.

"Training's over. Get lost!")


"I always forget you're that flexible."

Taehyung mumbles, Jimin smiles up at him cheekily.

"Why dont you join cheerleading? You're obviously very fit for that."

"Tae, I have contemporary dance. That's more than enough. Plus those who join and those who are already in cheerleading are all bitches. "

Taehyung hums lifting his leg to stretch a bit more.

"True though. Where you off to after gym? You have lunch break right?"

"I might go to the library and help for abit..."

Jimin ponders before adding an

"oooor We can go eat together after this?"

Taehyung breaks out into a wonderful smile.

"Sounds like a plan, Love. Mind if i tag Yoongi with me?"

"Why not? Go ahead."

Jimin shrugs, Standing up on his two feet. He loses his balance, and stumbles backwards, he expected the fall however he was pushed back onto his feet by a warm hand on the curve of his back.


A deep voice mumbles from behind him. Jimin snaps his head back and his eyes widen. The brunette had an amused glint in his eyes.

"Oh! Jungkook!"

"Hey hyung."

Jimin stares at the younger boy for abit longer. He contemplates on what to do next and ends up asking a light hearted question.

"How was training?"

He asks, Facing the man behind him. He barely recognizes the sound of sneakers squeeking and Taehyung squeeling a loud 'Baby' and Yoongi's slight laugh from his left.

"Oh uh...."

Jungkook reaches to scratch the back of his neck akwardly.

"I ended it early. I think we've had enough for the day. I feel sore myself."

The brunette says with a soft chuckle.

"Oh... That's no good."

Jimin mumbles, A drop of sweat runs down the side of Jungkook's forehead down to his cheek. Jimin wipes it away without realizing it, Jungkook freezes as the back of Jimin's palm grazes his cheek. Jimin flushes and tries to retract his hand only for it to be caught by Jungkook.

"U-Uh! Im sorry, You we're sweating alot."

Jimin apologizes. Jungkook disregards the apology and decides to joke instead. Trying his best to get rid of the akward aura.

"I'm known to have a lot of pores."

Jimin laughs at that, his cheeks dusted pink as he reaches for his handkerchief in the backpocket of his uniform.

"Ah... That isn't something good. You do need to change, We cant have the golden quarterback getting sick."

"Where did you even get that nickname?"

"People talk."

He reaches up and starts wiping away the younger's sweat. He does'nt comment on Jungkook's flushed cheeks and ears. The boy was sweating, It was probably just because of the heat. Jungkook's bunny teeth poke out from his lips as he smiles.

"They're flirting right? Right?"

Taehyung asks, Shaking Yoongi by his shoulder. His boyfriend huffs.

"I don't get any special treatment like Jungkook does? Im insulted! They aren't even together and they're THAT sweet."

They were interupted by soft giggling, Jimin's soft giggling. They look at the couple infront of them and sees Jimin poking Jungkook's nose excessively, The other boy had his brows furrowed in fake anger but his lips were stretched into a wide smile.

The bell rings and Taehyung calls Jimin.


Jungkook realizes, Looking back at Jimin who was now talking to Taehyung.

"Can Jungkook go?"

He hears Jimin say. Jungkook bites back a squeel. His crush just invited him to eat. Taehyung agrees almost immediately. Jimin was never the social butterfly and doesnt invite anyone he doesnt know and isnt close with, But that seemed to be a hopeless case when it comes to Jungkook. It was a nice change.

Jimin faces Jungkook.

"Will you go? To lunch i mean, With us?"

Jungkook nods his head almost too eagerly.

"Let me just change? That okay?"

"Ofcourse! Take your time, Me and tae are gonna have to change too! We'll meet you guys at the gate?"

"Sounds amazing."

I think I'm inlove — Kat Dahlia


11:33 am
West High's Gate

"Soooooo chim."

Taehyung starts, Rocking on the balls of his feet with his hands entertwined behind his back. They were near the gate waiting for the two boy's to finish changing. Jimin squints at him.


"I dont like where you're going with this."

Taehyung sighs, Knowing that Jimin will just ask him to go straight to the point. He is his bestfriend afterall, He could never hide anything from him.

"Its just, there's this thing..."

Jimin takes of his glasses and wipes it with his shirt to clear the dirt on it.

"What thing?"

"A Halloween party at Jun-myeon's place."

Jimin places his glasses back and folds his arms.

"You know my answer to that."

Taehyung stomps his feet childishly.

"Oh come on, Chim! Its just ONE time! Please? I just want you to go out and have fun! Drink alchohol, Let loose, And... oh i dont know, BE A TEENAGER?!"

"You and i both know that's NOT my kind of---"

"Fun. Blah blah blah! But it wont hurt to try, yeah? Plus you can maybe, seduce Jungkook or something."

Jimin chokes on his spit.

"Tae! What the hell!"

Yoongi suddenly Jumps at Taehyung's back, said boy stumbling as he tries to regain balance.

"What are we talking about? Why does jimin look like a tomato?"

Yoongi asks, Taehyung dumps his boyfriend back on the floor and slings his arm over the said boys shoulder. Only then does Jimin realize that Jungkook was beside the couple, doe eyes full of curiousity too.

"Ah nothing, I was trying to convince him to go to the party at Jin-hyung's place. I havent quite succeeded. He's red cuz i suggested he should wear a stripper costume."

Yoongi glances at Jungkook before turning to Jimin and grinning.

"You should totally go, Shorty. Its a once in a life time thing! Besides i havent seen you anywhere but the library and Tae always whines about how you're always at home. If you're worrying about company, Dont worry! The team will be there and i heard Hoseok will too!"

"Im not really worried about the company... i know Jin-hyung. U-Uh... It's just..."

Jimin trails off biting his bottom lip with his brows furrowed. Yoongi nudges Jungkook and pushes him towards Jimin. Whispering a 'convince him!' and the younger looks at him with a scandalized look that screamed 'what am i suppossed to say?!'

"T-that's right, Hyung! You should really go! Aren't you curious to see what costume i'll wear this year?"

Yoongi grins, adding fuel to the fire.

"Last year he dressed up as shrek. We have this jar in the team, And we each pick one costume through there."

"Ah... He'll probably end up being baymax or something."

Taehyung guesses, Jimin giggles softly at the thought. After a few moments of silence he sighs.

"You guys wont stop bugging me to go aren't you?"


They all say in unison. Jimin bites his lip again and nods once.

"I guess i can go just this once, BUT!"

Taehyung squeels, Jungkook lets out a soft 'yes' and Yoongi fist bumps the air.

"I refuse to wear ANYTHING ridiculous!"

Taehyung smiles.

"Oh sweetheart, I got you."

Jimin starts walking out the school and Taehyung follows, Linking their arms together. Yoongi and Jungkook trudges their way to the two silently.

Jungkook shivers when Taehyung looks back at him with a mischievous smile.

'You're dead.' He mouthed.

And Jungkook thinks he probably will be.

MS: I like me better - LAUV 


12:51 pm

"Do you have class after this?"

Jungkook asks, Leaning his head on his palm with the arm that was propped up on the table. Jimin was too busy shoveling food in his mouth to notice Jungkook staring and Taehyung kept glancing at Yoongi as they ate.

"I.... actually have none. Im probably going to go to the library to help Mr. Oh, I have nothing to do at the dorms so might as well waste time there."

Jimin answers through a mouthful of kimchi, Jungkook resists the urge to fanboy at Jimin's cuteness. Yoongi seems to notice his restrain so he starts laughing. Taehyung looks at his boyfriend weirdly before returning back to his food. The brunette asks taehyung about his classes too just so he wouldnt sound suspicious, The answer he gets was a timid 'calculus'

"How about you?"

Jimin asks, Grabbing his glass of iced tea and peering at Jungkook with imploring eyes, Innocently sucking at the straw. (Jungkook almost chokes)

"I have none too actually!"

Yoongi garbles out a 'you have Literature' but he didnt get to finish because Jungkook kicks his shin from under the table. Yoongi grunts in pain and slams his head on the table, Reaching down to rub at the sore spot. Jimin looks at Yoongi in worry, Taehyung was already treating him so Jimin diverts his attention back to the boy beside him.

"Can i go with you to the library? I might be able to help."

Taehyung was the one who reacts 'the famous Jeon Jungkook in the library? That's new' he comments, This time Jimin kicks Taehyung in the shin. He smiles as he hears his bestfriend pained groan.

"Are you sure? You don't have anything else to do?"


Jungkook blurts out, Jimin eyes widen as he coughs, choking on his iced tea. Yoongi and Taehyung starts laughing hysterically.

"Y-you. You should probably finish eating so we can go there faster! And dont worry im free for the whole day."

Jimin slowly nods his head, Cheeks once again a shade of light pink. Yoongi mouth's a 'nice save, jeon' in Jungkook's direction. Jungkook discreetly gives him the dirty finger with a glare.

"I'm actually done, let's go?"



2:59 pm
West High's Library

If you ask Jungkook if he regrets going to the library with Jimin? He'd say hell no. Watching Jimin run around and put books back in their places was amusing, entertaining and cute. Jungkook picks up Jimin's small mannerisms. Like how he scrunches his nose when dust falls out of the shelves, how he pokes his tounge out lightly when he's looking for the right place to put the book in, and how he pushes his glasses up the his nose with a slight frown because he finds them annoying when it slips down. Jungkook has had his eyes on Jimin for quite some time, by some time he means ever since he's stepped foot in West High Academy. Jesus, was Jimin beautiful. The first time he saw Jimin was during his try out for Football. The boy was meticulously checking the balls piled up in their gym while checking things on a clipboard. (Jungkook later finds out it was because Jimin was assigned to record and check if there were any missing or destroyed gym equipment.) He purposely bumped into him that day just to catch sight of Jimin's face upclose. Needless to say he only got a shy and timid squeek of an apology and a dashing Jimin.

He gets in football after just one attempt during try outs. He eventually became friends with lots of people and some hyung's from the previous football team. Then he becomes Quarterback the same time Yoongi had been seemingly dating a guy since forever and haven't told their team until their first win.

He later finds out that his precious angel, Park Jimin, was the bestest of friends with yoongi's boyfriend, Kim Taehyung. At that point Jungkook literally thought that they were meant to be. He just never got to approach Jimin out of nowhere because he was a whole 'nother level of shy. But Jungkook does make sure to bump into Jimin on purpose once in awhile, Just enough for it to be considered as a coincidence.

As for the rumors around him, he was no saint but he's certainly not a playboy. He was no virgin but he was certainly not a guy thats a fan of one night stands. Also yes, He attends party's and makes horrible decisions when drunk but he isnt addicted to it! Some people are worse than him, plus he only ever goes to party's because his team drags him into it. And he's never liked anyone before Jimin so its safe to think that Jeon Jungkook is whipped and that Jimin could possibly be his first love. (Also on the topic of bad decisions, jungkook will admit that liqour is the cause of most problems. And he's not gonna lie, It happened to him twice. Having sex because he was in the influence of alchohol. Once with a desperate girl when Jungkook was drunk out of his mind courtesy of his hyungs and back when he thought he was straight [until a certain Park Jimin came around] The second time was with a guy that literally latched himself on Jungkook when he was, once again, drunk out of his mind. Although 10/10 wont do again unless it was with Park Jimin under him.)

And maybe your misinterpreting this, Thinking that Jungkook only wants to get into Jimin's pants. No. He doesnt. (Its just a plus if he will, That is, if he can muster up the courage to ask Jimin out?! The farthest he's gotten is accompanying Jimin in the library, Quite a big upgrade from bumping in the hallways, dont you think?)

But hey, Truth be told. He likes Jimin from the bottom of his cheesy ass heart, Jimin was kind, considerate, talented and perfect in everyway. Everything about him was just so fucking endearing to Jungkook that it makes his heart palpitate. If he dies of a heart stroke one day, he's totally blaming it on Jimin. The point is, Most of the rumors about him were nowhere near the truth and Jungkook genuinely has feelings for his bestfriend's boyfriend's bestfriend. Makes sense? No? Yeah. Like how Jimin's overflowing cuteness doesnt make sense.

Jungkook tears his gaze away from the mahogany table and searches for Jimin. Right now the latter was huffing in annoyance, Standing on his tip toes as he tries to put in a book from a higher shelf. Jungkook's fucking weak in the knees.

He stands up from his chair and walks over to Jimin reaching up and placing the book for him.

"It's a great thing i came here."

Jimin glares at Jungkook.

"Are you hinting i'm small, Jeon Jungkook?!"


"Aish! You brat!"

Jimin screams, Slapping Jungkook's chest repeatedly. Jungkook just laughs at him. Goddamn was Jimin cute. They were interupted by a loud 'shhhh' and Jimin's eyes widened, He bows in apology before turning to Jungkook with his face scrunched up.

"This is a library, You idiot! You're gonna both get us kicked out!"

Jimin hisses, Jungkook just smiles at him boyishly and Jimin thinks he might faint. Jungkook was too handsome for his own good.

"We aren't, Hyung. Trust me!"

And that, Jimin did.


9:53 pm
West high Dorm(s)

"Why did i agree for you to walk me home again?"

"Because we basically live near each other aaaaand its already dark out. Let's face it hyung, You're too small to beat up people who will go after you?"

"I swear Jeon Jungkook! You tease me with my height once more, And i will end you!"

Jungkook just laughs, hearing the playfulness in Jimin's tone.

"Ooh hyung, Im so scared!"

"The Jeon Jungkook? Scared? Blasphemy!"

"Who uses blasphemy still, Hyung? You're so oooolddddddd!"

"I'm not old!"

"Yes, You are. You're older than me. But still, Let me protect you."

Jimin smiles at Jungkook's remark. He was beyond flattered.

"Well, Mr. Quarterback, Im going to stop complaining since we're already at my stop."

Jungkook looks at the dorm number and sees the number '192' taunting him.

"Ah.. We got here so fast..."

Jungkook comments, trying his best to not let disappointment seep in his tone while scratching the back of his neck.

"I would invite you in kookie, But it's really late."

Jimin was right. He really didnt want to part with him but it was late, they had class tomorrow, and his dorm was a block away from Jimin's. So he sighs, accepting defeat.

"I guess i'll see you tomorrow, Hyung! Sleep well!"

Jimin smiles.

"Jeon Jungkook, really, Thank you for today! And for helping me in the library even though you were quite a handful. See you tomorrow!"

Jungkook chuckles and nods his head, Lingering abit as Jimin turns his back from him and starts walking towards the front door. Jimin bite's his lip and hesitates a little. Jungkook was about to start walking but Jimin calls him back.


Jungkook looks back.

It all happened too fast. Jungkook barely sees Jimin's face, Only a glimpse of his blonde hair. The brunette's nose gets filled with the scent of Jimin's strawberry shampoo. He doesnt feel anything but the hand softly gripping his shoulder and a pair of soft lips landing on his cheek.



Jimin whispers, He then sprints towards the front door, Unlocks it and slams it shut with his back pressed on it. He slides down, Cheeks red and heartbeat erratic. His bounces slightly when his butt lands on the floor but he couldn't quite hear the thud over his erratic heartbeat.

"Park Jimin."

He whispers to himself, Cupping his cheeks with both of his hands and squeeling. Half in joy half in panic. Was Jungkook mad? How did he react? Is he still out there? Does he think Jimin is weird?

"What the hell did you just do!"

Jimin screams as reality dawns upon him. At the other side of the door, Jungkook stands frozen on his spot, unaware of what has happening behind Jimin's door. His hand pressed on his left cheek. Eyes wide and face flushed. He was grinning like an idiot but he barely even felt that, He was too busy trying to calm his heart down. He turns and starts walking slowly but surely towards his own dorm, Hand never leaving his cheek. He reaches for his phone with his free hand, dials up Taehyung's number.

(What, kook?)

"What time does Jimin usually go to school?"

(A little bit before 7, Why do you ask?)

"Nothing. Thanks."

He hangs up and pockets his phone. Opening his front door and kicking his shoes aside, He closes the door and locks it before making a beeline to his room. He changes into his sleepwear and drops face first into the bed.

After a few beats of silence he starts screaming and twisting and turning on his bed. Once he's done he covers himself with a blanket and stares at the ceiling, flushed and panting but not any less happy.

God, The things Jimin does to him.

Song rec: Blanket Kick // BTS 


6:54 am
Jimin's dorm

"Look Tae, I know. Yeah, You reminded me five times yesterday before i slept. YEEEEES. Yeah, Okay i'll see you later?"

Jimin mumbles, Shuffling with the doors lock. The line cuts and Jimin sighs, pocketing his phone and pushing the bridge of his glasses up. Taehyung was just nagging at him to go to the mall later with Jin and Hoseok. Saying something about shopping for his costume on the Halloween party. With a tight grip on his right bag strap he starts walking towards the direction of school, Yawning slightly.

A loud beep interrupts his walking and he almost jumps out of his skin.



Jimin snaps his head back and is greeted with the sight of Jungkook on his motor bike. Clad in a simple white shirt, a red beanie, lightwashed jeans and his timberlands that he loves oh so much. Jimin would see him use it almost 3 times a week so he dubbed it as Jungkook's favorite shoes. Not that he was paying attention... Uh... yup.


"Want a ride?"

Jimin tilts his head.

"You sure?"

Jungkiok just grins at him, moving back and patting the space infront of him.

"Hop on!"

"Shouldn't i sit behind you?"

"Nah, sit infront. I'll take care of you."

Jungkook says, Adding a wink at the end of his sentence. Jimin rubs his nose and grins.

"If i die, You're paying for my funeral."

Jimin settles down infront of Jungkook as the latter places his bag in the small compartment on the back of his bike.

"I'll be sure to."


Jungkook chuckles, Taking his beanie off and placing it on Jimin's head. He then proceeds to place both of Jimin's hand ontop of the bike's handle.

"Hold tight, Hyung."

He mutters, Placing his hands over Jimin's and hooking his chin on the older's shoulder before driving his way to school. Leaving a very flustered Jimin trying his best not to sink in Jungkook's warm chest upon his back.


8:03 am
West High's entrance

"Yoongi take a picture! HURRY!"

Yoongi grumbles under his breath before pulling his phone out and taking a picture of their friends. Jungkook who was leaning at his motorcycle looking smug with his arms folded and Jimin infront of him blushing furiously. The next picture he takes gives him an initial shock for a moment because Jimin just leaned over and pecked Jungkook at his right cheek before dashing his way to the inside of the campus. Taehyung was squeeling and jumping beside him, telling him to send the picture to him right away. He complies with a soft sigh, Muttering something about 'the things i do for you, tae.' However, The peck on his lips afterwards was more than enough to make him know why he does those kinds of stuff for his boyfriend.

("Seriously though, Kookie, How can i thank you for the ride?"

Jungkook leans on his motorcycle, and taps his cheek twice. Jimin caught on immediately and blushes like how he did last night. It was just more visible because of the sunlight, And Jungkook resists the urge to squish Jimin's cheeks together.


He pushes, Folding his arms and smirking at Jimin. The older quietly steps forward and presses his lips on Jungkook's right cheek, this time, before dashing his way to class.

If Jungkook later sighs dreamily while rubbing both of his cheeks lovingly as he tells the story to the team, no one mentions it. Even when the latter says something about not washing his face ever again.)


8:49 pm
A mall

"Jimin! Seriously, Just try the damn thing on! You've refused to every other damn costume we showed you!"

Taehyung whines, stomping his feet. Jimin huffs and folds his arms.

"I just dont want to be wearing latex okay?! And i dont like cat girl!"

"It's cat woman!"

"I dont care-- ugh! Just, Pick something else! Why are you even making me crossdress!"

Hoseok groans.

"Jimin! This is a HALLOWEEN party! No one will give a shit! I'm dressed as a girl witch for fucks sake! And Jin's cosplaying sailormoon really! What could be worse?! and Taehyung's gonna be wearing a dress too!"

"What was Tae's costume again?"

Jin asks, Rummaging through a few hangers of costumes for Jimin.

"Chuckie's bride."

Jimin supplies with a sour face as he throws away the catwoman costume. Taehyung rolls his eyes and starts looking through costumes again like how he was during the past hour or two.

"Excuse all you bitches! Im only wearing the damn dress because Yoongi is going to be dressed up as chuckie! We'll be a couple there and it will be cute! Ya'll should stop being bitter!"

Jimin starts to look around costumes too, He scrunches his nose at the barbie dress he sees and hopes they dont cross that one.


He hears hoseok call out, a few moments later he hears their squeels of 'yes' and 'choose that one!' So jimin peers over the rack of clothes. His eyes widen as they hold up a harley quinn costume, Jin lifting up a wig, Hoseok holding the clothes and taehyung holding up the shoes.

"Hobi-hyung no..."

Hoseok grins.

"Hobi-hyung yes!"


9:07 pm

"You guys are going to do my make up, okay? I'll be too lazy to do it myself."

Jimin says, Swinging the shopping bag he has back and forth with his costume in it. The others agree almost immediately, They were now currently strolling the mall on their way to find something to eat.

"Jimin do you still have contacts?"

Jimin nods.

"I have those prescription ones, Why?"

"You know the grade of your lenses right? Does that apply with eye contacts too?"

Jimin tilts his head and furrows his brows.

"No.. But i know the grade of my contacts. Why?"

"Great! Let's buy you blue grey ones then!"

Taehyung exclaims, dragging Jimin towards an optical shop with Jimin protesting all the way.

"Im so hungry now."

Jin grumbles, rubbing his tummy for emphasis. Hoseok giggles.

"Oh hyung, You're always hungry!"

"Hey i am not!"

"Are too."

Taehyung defends, coming out of the shop with a defeated looking Jimin.

"Did you get him the contacts?"

"Ofcourse! He doesn't want to wear it because its 'too much' but he's the crazy harley quinn not the doctor harleen quinnzel so he HAS too! It's a must~"

Jimin pushes Taehyung in retaliation with a snort but deep inside he was really greatful for having friends to accompany and help him in buying his costume. If he went alone, He probably would have ended up with something ridiculous, Like maybe mickey mouse or something.

"Oh look isnt that Namjoon?"

Hoseok mumbles, Nudging Jin and pointing to three people who came out of the department store. Jin whips his head with a soft 'huh?'

"Oh yeah, Yoongi-hyung said they would be shopping for their own costumes too. Didn't know it was in this mall though."

Taehyung smiles, Glancing at Jimin who was staring at Jungkook, who had his earphones plugged in. His other hand holding a shopping bag and his other tucked neatly in his pocket on his ripped jeans. Taehyung pushes the rim of his bestfriend's glasses up his nose before grabbing his wrist.

"Let's go say hi!"

"What?! Tae no I---"

Jimi gets pulled forward despite his protests and they meet halfway. Jin greets Namjoon with a hug, Taehyung greets Yoongi with a peck on the lips and Jimin greets Jungkook with a shy smile. 

"Hey guys? I have to go. I'm still going to have dinner at the dorms with Jun-myeon"

Hoseok mumbles, Waving at the group before dashing towards the exit.

"We do have to leave to! I promised to buy Seokjin seaweed soup near my apartment! There's an amazing restaurant there that makes the best stew!"

Namjoon adds, Pulling Jin in by the waist and walking away. Taehyung nudges Yoongi and gives him the 'tell them we need to leave too look' Yoongi frowns, Not getting what his boyfriend was trying to say, Taehyung tilts his head slowly towards the exit of the mall and Yoongi 'ahh's in soft understanding.

"We also have to leave... because uhm... i have to help Taehyung... feed his... cat! So bye!"

Taehyung snatches Jimin's shopping bag so Jungkook wont see his costume before running out of the mall with Yoongi. Jimin sighs whilst pinching the bridge of his nose with his eyes closed.

"Taehyung has a fucking dog, Yoongi-hyung. Not a cat."

Jimin whispers, Jungkook glances at Jimin and pokes the elders cheeks.

"Hey hyung, Had dinner yet? Are you starving?"

Jimin checks his watch before looking up at Jungkook.

"Sadly, I havent. And yes im starving. Have you?"

"Nah. Wanna go get something? My treat?"

Jimin's cheek bunch up into a toothy smile.

"I do like the sound of that awfully too much. Let's go? I know a great place that sells beef!"


9:38 pm

"Jimin-ah! Are you ready yet!"

"Yes! Jeez, just give me a damn minute!"

"You've been saying that since half an hour ago!"

Jimin tightens the wigs ponytail and gives himself a once over before grabbing his bat and swinging the door open.

"Im done! I'm done."

The moment he steps out of the room he hears wolf whistle's from Hoseok and Jin.

"Hot damn, Jimin! That was certainly worth the wait!"

"Oh my god! Oh my god!"

Taehyung squeels rushing forward and pulling Jimin to his side. He gives Hoseok his phone so that they can take a good picture.

"Pose properly! Your costumes dont suit your goofy smiles."

Jin comments from the side. Jimin lifts his bat on his shoulder and gives the camera his best harley quinn poker face and Taehyung does the same.

"Bitch yes! Jimin looks so good i cant!"

"Alright, We have to go. We're already an hour late."

"It's called fashionably late, Kim SeokJin!"

"Ya! Don't drop your honorifics on me Jung Hoseok!"

"Ah guys! Let's just go and finish this quickly!"

Jimin whines, Picking his phone and wallet, shoving said things into the pocket of his freaking short assed shorts.

"Who's the designated driver?"

Jin snorts at Taehyung's question.

"None, sweetheart. I'm going to drink so ya'll better be sober enough to call your own taxi."

"I won't drink."

Jimin mumbles to himself. Taehyung reacts at that.

"No! Jimin, You will! Even if it's just a little!"

"But Tae I---"

"We are NOT having this argument, Jimin! Have fun tonight! And if that means me not getting smashed then so be it!"

Jimin answers with a sigh. It was gonna be a fucking long night.


9:57 pm
Jun-myeon's House

"Yoongi-hyung looks too cute go be taken seriously."

Jungkook comments, Snorting in laughter with his left hand holding his drink.

"Don't push it, kid. You just got lucky this year."

Yoongi grumbles.

"And to top it all off Jungkook suit's the joker costume. He looks frigging hot man! It's totally unfair!"

Namjoon complains.

"Not my fault i got lucky! The costume was so easy to find to, I just had to wear a tuxedo undo a few buttons then put make up on and i was done!"

"Yeah, consider that luck gone when Jimin get's here."

Yoongi mumbles bitterly and Jungkook perks up at that.

"Speaking of Jimin, Where are they?"

Jungkook asks, looking at Yoongi expectantly. Yoongi glares at Jungkook when the other tries to keep in the laugh that was threatening to burst out of his lips. Yoongi was too cute, In his jumper and his make-up. He looked like a kid, not even a scary doll at all.

"They said they'd be fashionably late. It's been an hour so they're probably on their way--Oh. Nope nevermind they're here."

"Speak of the angels and they shall appear."

Jungkook cranes his neck from where he was seated, Elbow propped up against the sofa's backrest. Taehyung was the first to enter, dusting his dress and looking for Yoongi immediately, Once he finds him he looks back and points to the chair they were sitting at. Hoseok soon enter's with a witch costume and a broom. Jin follows and Jungkook frowns as he hear heels clanking loudly before spitting the drink in his mouth because of the person that emerges from beside Jin. T'was Jimin in his full glory, Arms slung comfortably onto the bat on his shoulder and his mouth chewing loudly on a piece of gum, He walks with his chin up and his hips swaying.

And fuck.

Fuck, he was hot.

Jungkook wasn't the only one who noticed, since all of the attention was on Jimin too. His mouth was agape but he heard whispering from around him, earning the people who were commenting a scowl from him.

"Isnt that Jimin?"

"Oh damn he's hot!"

"I've never seen him attend any party ever!"

"God damn that ass!"

"He should stop wearing his glasses holy shit!"

Taehyung happily hugs Yoongi as they pile up in the team's table.

"Oh?! Jimin and Jungkook's costume match!"

Jackson points out, eyes wide. Jimin was still walking towards where the other's went, eyes wandering around the massive house full of colorful flashing lights, Blaring music and waiters walking around with trays of drink's in their hand. It was all new for Jimin so it'd be safe to say he was amazed. Jungkook never took his eyes off of him even once.

"Tae, You broke him."

"Hey Jiminie! Look, Jungkook and you have matching costumes!"

Jimin finds taehyung's gaze from the sound of his voice and spots him ushering Jimin forward. Jimin takes the bat off of his shoulders and strides toward his bestfriend. He spots Yoongi and snorts.

"Yoongi-hyung? You look adorable!"

"Brat! You and Jungkook said the same thing! I am a scary ma--"

Taehyung places a kiss on Yoongi's cheek.

"I am weak man."

He corrects, Looking at Taehyung fondly. Jimin laughs until he gets pulled by someone.

"Jimin! Take a picture with your joker, cmon!"

Jimin frowns at Jin, Tilting his head slightly.

"Huh? What Joker?"

Jimin squeeks when someone pulls his wrist, causing him to stumble backwards and fall on his butt on the sofa--wait. This isn't a sofa it's a person's lap---

"This Joker."

Jungkook mumbles, Jimin squeeks. Looking scandalized as he stares at Jungkook's face. The latter had a pale white foundation on, His lips a dark shade of red and extended at the sides. His hair was slicked back gracefully colored in green and tattoos were decorating his forehead, the bottom of his right eye and lots peeking through the low neckline of his button up.

"Say cheese! No actually, Just pose like harley and Joker!"

Jimin's cheeks heat up but the make up was covering his blush. So instead, he focuses on taking a perfect picture. He wraps his arm on Jungkook's shoulder and grabs Jungkook's collar. He pulls it open slightly and grins widely. Jungkook tilts his head slightly and glares daggers towards the camera, Just for acting purposes. The flash clicks and Jin raises a thumb to signal that it was done.

(Jimin's arms never leave Jungkook's shoulders and Jungkook's arms never leave the olders petite waist.)

"Y'know these two can play these acts in the actual movie and no one will complain."

Namjoon points out, Hoseok snorts.

"Are we not going to adress the fact that Jimin is on Jungkook's lap?"

They all look at Hoseok with blank faces.



10:57 pm
Jun-myeon's House

"You look great, Jimin-hyung."

"I do? Really? I thought i looked ridiculous!"

Jungkook laughs, giving Jimin his drink and lifting the elder to his side, The sofa he was on was for only one person so they were still considerably sitting close even if Jimin wasn't on Jungkook's lap anymore. His legs were the only thing on top of Jungkook's thighs and honestly, He didnt mind. He absentmindedly plays with the fishnet's holes as him and Jimin engage into a familiar conversation. The night was young, They had alot of time to make this night one of a kind.

Jungkook hears hoots from the side and he glances to see people doing body shots. He then notices that the room had gotten more humid and that the dance floor was packed with people. The party was slowly going to it's peek. But Jimin was bored out of his mind, And it was cold becausw of the his revealing clothes or, well, lack thereof. So he was bored and shivering. He glances up to look for the AC but he doesnt find it. He let's out a grunt of dissaproval, Curling into the seat cautiously. Trying to not go nearer to Jungkook. The lad seemed to have no problems with the cold since he was wrapped up in his tuxedo. Jimin was slightly jealous.

"D'ya wanna dance?"

Jungkook asks after awhile, Jimin glances up at him with a slightly hesitant gaze. He figures he should, To get rid of the cold. He also makes the decision to put the slightest amount of liqour in his body to warm himself up too. So when the waiter walks past them, Jimin grabs a glass, downs it all in one go and places the empty glass on the table. He then makes a move to stand up.

"Sure! Let's go?"

"Wow, Park Jimin not refusing a dance. That's utterly knew."

"Must be the alchohol?"

Jimin jokes, Jungkook just chuckles at him and stood up from his seat.

"Must be. But i'm not complaining."

Once they get on the dance floor the song changes into a more calmer beat, Jimin looks around the crowd for Taehyung. He fails so he asks Jungkook instead.

"Did you see Tae?"

"He and Yoongi-hyung are probably getting laid."

Jimin cringes at that.

"That's a bad image."

"Try not to think about it too much."

Jungkook mumbles, Twirling Jimin before pulling him in by his waist. Jimin stumbles with a squeek.

"Warn me next time."

"You do have to learn to be careful, Minie."

"I am careful, what are you talking about!"

"Im talking about how you're hands are freezing, Jimin. Why didn't you tell me!"

Jungkook states, Eyebrows furrowed. He takes off the coat of his tux and places it on Jimin, Urging him to wear it. It was warm and it smelt like Jungkook. Jimin let's out a sigh of contentment.

"Tell me next time, Jimin. I told you i'll protect you. Take care of yourself so i can take care of you."

Jungkook's sincerity made Jimin bite his lower lip and break their eye contact by looking down on the floor.

"I-I'm sorry."

Jungkook lifts his chin and smiles.

"Don't be. Let's go back and sit. I'm going to try and see if i can find a warm drink for you."

Jungkook says sternly, Taking Jimin's ice cold hands in his and tugging him back towards their table.

"No Kookie! I--"

Jungkook stops and looks back at Jimin. Jimin gently tugs Jungkook's arm back. The younger lets Jimin do what he wants, It suprises him when Jimin wraps his small arms around his waist, Face burying on junction of his neck and shoulder.


"You don't need to get the warm drink. Just warm me up yourself."

Jimin mumbles, Jungkook wills his smile away, instead as he wraps his arms on Jimin's shoulder in retaliation and noses Jimin's hair.

Jimin thinks he could get used to this.


12:57 am
Jun-myeon's (trashed) house

They were all drunk.

Nevermind that Taehyung said he'd watch over Jimin so the latter could drink. The four of them we're all DRUNK. Jin was dragged out of the house by Namjoon, 100% sure that the other had already took him home. Hoseok was nowhere to be found, But considering the house was owned by his boyfriend, he'd probably either be sleeping in or something else close to that. Taehyung was.. well. He was Taehyung.

"I have to take care of Jimiiiiin~"

Taehyung slurs, Drunk out of his mind. He stumbles forward without the grip of Yoongi, however his boyfriend catches him before he falls.

"Woah! Be careful, babe."

Yoongi mumbles, Taehyung raises both of his hands up.

"만새!" (TR: YEY!)

He screams.

"My precious Yoongi caught me!"

Yoongi chuckles, Weaving their way through the tables and chairs towards the other side of the room where Jungkook was trying to stop Jimin from drinking any further.

"Please Jungkookkieeeee! Just one more glass!"

Jimin whines up, pouting up at Jungkook and waving his empty glass insistently infront of Jungkook's face.

"Jimin. Babe, No. We're going home."

Jungkook says, exasperated.

"But kkookkooooo~"

He whines, Jungkook manages to pull the glass away from Jimin's grasp. Jimin had drank enough.

"Kkookkoo? Jeez, Jimin. Where did that even come from. The things you do to my heart is ridiculous."

Jungkook mutters under his breath, lifting Jimin from the couch bridal style. Until Jimin starts squirming from his grasp and exclaims in gibberish.

"Oh--oh! Diminie has to get a ride homeeee! Or taetae will--he will-- what did he say he will do to Diminie~?"

Jungkook bites his lips, Jimin had an expression of pure conflict and worry it looked too cute to let it slip. Jungkook quickly kisses Jimin's forehead just cause' he couldnt resist.

"I'll take care of Taehyung for you. And i'm also your ride home, Sweetheart."

Jimin's face lights up.

"You are?!"

"I am. But i dont know where your dorm keys are, Can you tell me where it is babe?"

Yoongi taps Jungkook on his shoulder, Jungkook looks at him.

"I'm taking Taehyung home, he just got knocked out. Can you handle Jimin?"

" F'course hyung. Drive safe!"

"You drive safe, Kid. I'll be fine, Taehyung's my boyfriend. Don't try anything with Jimin though, Taehyung will ACTUALLY cut your balls off."

"I dont plan on doing anything...."

Jungkook trails off, watching in fascination as Jimin fumbles with the pockets of Jungkook's coat. Looking for his keys.

"Until he's sober."

He continued, Yoongi snorts and sends a salute in Jungkook's direction before walking out of the house. Jungkook tears his gaze away from the houses door when he feels a soft tug at his hands. He comes face to face with a teary eyed Jimin and he might have slightly panicked.

"What--jimin! Why are you crying?!"

"D-Diminie's sorry, Jungkookie... I-I think i left my keys somewhereee~ It's not here!"

"Ah.. it's not?"

Jungkook frowns, Thinking about what to do.

"Let's just go to my house for the night, Minie. That okay?"

Jimin blinks up at Jungkook mouth slightly open.

"Sleep over?"

"Yes, Baby. A sleepover."

Jimin cheers as he gets carried out of the house. Jungkook carefully places him in the passenger seat and jumps in too. Before he starts the engine he casts a glance at Jimin, Who was out the moment he placed him on the seat. Jungkook leans his head on his arms that were propped on top of the wheel. He stares at Jimin fondly for about a minute or so, he reaches forward to tuck the stray peice of hair that fell on Jimin's face.

Jimin's eyebrows twitch at the movement and Jungkook's heart skips a bit.

And damn.

Damn, Has he not felt like this in so long.


8:53 am 
Jungkook's dorm

Jimin pulls himself up with a wince, His head throbbing immediately. He groans and tries to pry open his eyes. It was too bright so he had to close and open them several times.


He grits out, Finally getting his eyes open. He's greeted by the sight of an unfamiliar room, there was a poster of Bigbang on the wall and several medals and framed certificates. Jimin frowns as he sees the name imprinted into them 'Jeon Jungkook' it said in all bold and gold letters. Wait... Jungkook? Jimin's eyes widened, Shuffling in the bed he was in. He looks at the left side of the bed and sees Jungkook with disheveled hair and a mouth slightly open with a soft snore. Jimin gasps, Covering his open mouth with his hand. Jungkook had no shirt on, Jimin looks down at his attire and found himself clad in an unfamiliar shirt the rest of his body covered with a white blanket. Jimin then panics when he realizes he slept with his contacts in, He grabs his eye drops from his small pouch ontop of Jungkook's bedside table and places them in his eye. Once he's done he carefully removes his contacts and shakily put on his glasses.

"Shit!! What do i do?!"

Jimin shuffles in bed and makes a move to stand up, Only to be pulled back in bed. He falls back with a soft thud.

"Where are you going? Its a Saturday. Sleep more."

Jungkook whispers groggily, Only half awake and not noticing how he and Jimin were face to face on the bed. Jimin's quite positive he was blushing like a tomato right now. The blonde stays unresponsive for some time, Enough time that Jungkook fell asleep again (or so he thought) The light that was peeking through the curtain illuminated Jungkook's face. His skin glowing against the sun along with his brown hair. Jimin carefully reaches up to carress Jungkook's cheek, He hesitates for a bit, heart beating loudly in his chest. Once his palms lands on the boy's cheek, Jungkook's eyes open. Jimin's blushes bright red.

"I-I'm sorry!"

Jimin squeeks, Making a move to take his hand off only for it to be engulfed with Jungkook's own. Jungkook lifts Jimin's hands and intertwines their fingers.

"Do you want to have breakfast?"

"I-I... Okay. B-But did we... last night...?"

Jungkook grins, Kissing the back of Jimin's palm.

"We didn't."

He answers, Letting go of Jimin's hand and sitting up the bed.

"But we will when you're mine."


7:54 pm
Jungkook's Apartment

"Do you have any plans today?"

Jungkook asks through a mouthful of egg. Jimin shakes his head with a yawn. His plate clean of food.

"Do you want to go to the movies? Infinity war is up."

Jimin props his chin on his palm.

"Is Captain America there?"

Jungkook squints.

"Yeah, why?"

"Then we're going! Just let me go shower and grab a change of clothes at mine!"

Jimin says enthusiastically, Jungkook places his fork down on his plate and burps a little before glaring at Jimin.

"Do you like him?"

"Huh? Who?"

"Captain america shit."

"Uhm... yeah? He's hot!"

Jungkook rolls his eyes and sinks on his seat, sulking by himself completely.

"Fuck him, i'm hotter."


"Thanks for taking me to the movies, Kooks. Where are you off to after this?"

Jungkook shrugs, His arm was slung over Jimin's shoulder and Jimin was holding a box of left over popcorn from the movie.

"I have to meet someone here now for dinner. Did you wanna go?"

Jimin shakes his head with a smile.

"No thank you. I'm going to ask Taehyung to pick me up here so dont worry! Have fun, Jungkookie."

Jungkook smiles, Reaching over and kissing Jimin's forehead.

"See you at School, Jimin"


"Hey Tae, Where are you right now?"

(I'm very near the entrance Jimin. Can you go out now?)

"Im on my way!"

Jimin says, He walks towards the exit of the mall but stops right in his tracks when he sees what was infront of him. Jimin's heart shatters, His grip on the phone lossening as he almost dropped it.

It was Jungkook. With a girl. Hugging. Near the entrance. Jungkook seperates from their hug and smiles at the girl with his bunny teeth poking out. The girl then proceeds to stand up on her tippy toes and kiss Jungkook's cheek.

(Jimin? Hey? Min?)

Jimin snaps out of his trance, Turning his heel. So the rumors were right. Jungkook was straight. Jimin can't believe he let his guard down. He can't believe he was so naive. He assumed too much from Jungkook.

The other boy was never interested in him. All those times Jimin thought they were flirting it was just Jungkook being friendly. Jimin's heart squeezes painfully. Chanting 'stupid' again and again in his brain. How could he have let this happen to him. How could this hurt so much. As far as he remembered, He had only liked Jungkook. But it still hurt. It hurt so damn bad because you're feelings arent reciprocated.

Jimin wipes the tear that falls from his cheek, He sniffles and bites his lip to prevent an ugly sob from ripping out of him as his insecurities ripped him open.

Who was he, really.

Who was he to think that a person like jungkook. A person loved by everyone, a person so perfect, a person that's so out of his league, Would like him back? He was just plain old Park Jimin and Jungkook is everything he isnt. Jimin's not as pretty as anyone, not as sexy as anyone, Not as kind, not as compassionate.

Just... not enough. He was never enough. Why does he even try.

The girl Jungkook was with was very beautiful. Her long hair cascading and her smile blinding. She was so damn pretty and Jimin was absolutely nothing next to her.

Jimin felt like shit.

He was floating in cloud nine, Too caught up in himself to even think that he was special. How could he feed himself lies. How dare he even try to step foot on Jungkook's platform.

He was too damn high to reach and Jimin felt so fucking numb.

(Jimin? Hey, Min? Are you there?)

"T-Tae could you please just make a u-turn and fetch me on the other entrance"

(Sure, Min. Wait! Are you crying? I though you were with Jungkook? Didn't you guys watch a movie?)

"I just.. don't feel so well Tae. P-Please hurry"

(Sweetheart, don't cry. Im already here.)


"Jimin. Talk to me. Please. Don't shut me out."

Taehyung pleads, Sitting closer to Jimin. The older had just been staring into space the moment they got into the apartment. His face void of any Joy and he hadn't uttered a single word ever since they entered Jimin's dorm. The older boy just ripped of his shirt, Grabbed his own shirt, wore it and threw the shirt he was wearing in the laundry. Taehyung was so fucking scared, Jimin never acted this way.

"Min... please."

"There's nothing to talk about."

Jimin mumbles, looking straight through his reflection on his dead Television.

"Jimin, Stop acting like this. Please."

A soft ding was heard inside the room and Jimin stands up, Walking towards his dryer. He picks the shirt and tuxedo up, He folds it before giving it to Taehyung.

"Please leave and give this to Jungkook."


"Taehyung. I'm okay. Leave."

Taehyung sighs, Looking at his bestfriend longingly and making his way out of the house. When Jimin hears the door lock he goes into his room. He stares at his reflection in the mirror. He takes off his glasses and shoves them inside the vanity's cabinet. He picks his phone up and calls Baekhyun.


"Baekhyun hyung? Hey. It's me Jimin."

(Jimin?! Hi! Did you finally think twice about our offer?)

"Yes, I h-have... I... I'm in."

(Great! See you on monday then! We have a week left to practice so make sure to be early! See you there Jiminie!)

"Okay, Hyung... Thankyou!"

(Sweetheart no! We should be thanking you.)

Boys like you — Anna Clendening


8:56 am
West Gate's Entrance

"Taehyung? Hi!"

Jungkook greets. Taehyung turns towards him and waves back with a smile.

"Have you seen Jimin? I waited for him awhile ago in his dorm, I was hoping we could go to school together. It seemed like he already left? Did he tell you anything about being early?"

"Oh haven't you heard, Kook? Jimin joined cheerleading so he had to go to school early for practices. I thought he told you?"

"He... hasnt."

Jungkook says with a frown.

"Oh right! Jimin said to give this to you."

Taehyung pulls out a paper bag from his backpack and give it to the younger. Jungkook looks down and accepts the paper bag. He peeks in to find the shirt and his tuxedo thag he lent to Jimin, his frown deepens.

"He could have just given it to me myself."

Jungkook mutters, He hears his team call for him in the distance then he waves at Taehyung goodbye.

"Have fun training!"


"Jeon! Get your head in the fucking game!"

Jungkook winces, Gulping his water down greedily. The liquid spilling everywhere down his chin.

"Sorry, Coach!"

"That's fine do you all need a break? We can continue tomorrow."

Choruses of 'Yes coach' was heard from the feild.

"Son of a fucking bitch! The damn feild is wide! It can fit a hundred fucking football teams. Let us the fuck in!"

A loud booming voice argues, Jungkook glances at the entrance of the gym, Where a security guard is blocking the way of the Eagle's cheerleading team.

"Yo, Park. What's got your boyfriend's panties in a twist?"

Suho asks, Chanyeol just shrugs.

"He's protective over the cheerleading squad. He would get rid of anything in its way."

Jungkook quietly eyes the people who enter the gym, Looking for Jimin immediately. He spots him in the very middle, A duffel bag slung over his shoulder, Lips cherry red as he chews on a gum. He was tapping away on his phone, And the thing that bothered Jungkook most to the hell and back was Jimin's damn outfit. His ripped jeans tight against his legs, and a pair of fishnets inside it. He wore a croptop with english words on the top. His glasses were nowhere to be found and his hair was parted in the side, his usual fringe covering his forehead gone. Jungkook hears wolf whistles from behind him aimed at Jimin and a few vulgar comments by his team. He resists the urge to punch them so he settles on shooting them a dark glare instead. What surprises him though was when one of his team mates, Jong-in calls Jimin out.

"Hey hotshot! Hit me up!"

Instead of a shy flustered Jimin, Jungkook--well Jong-in--gets flying kiss in response from the one and only Park Jimin himself and a 'call me' mouthed in the mans direction.

Jungkook's mouth dropped open. And ouch. That stung.

Jimin just flirted with one of his team mates without getting flustered and had not once glanced in Jungkook's direction.

Was he mad? Jungkook didn't understand.

His brows crease together, Had he not been straightforward enough for Jimin to get that he was interested in him? Why wasnt Jimin wearing glasses? Why was he wearing something he would never touch in his wardrobe? Why was he ignoring Jungkook? Why did he return Jungkook's shirt? Where is the Park Jimin he knew? Why are there so many unanswered questions?

"Kook. You okay?"

Jungkook nods, Eyeing Jimin through the feild as they start practicing yells for the match in a week. Yoongi was equally as confused so he turns to Jungkook.

"Talk to him."

Jungkook nods.

"Yeah. Right after."

Only Jungkook doesn't get to talk to Jimin for the next three days. If he knew better, He'd think Jimin was avoiding him.

He did though. So he feels like shit because of it. He still doesn't know what he did wrong for Jimin to avoid him like that. He felt mad, annoyed, jealous. But most of all, Hurt.

It hurt. Alot.

I fall apart — Post Malone 


3:58 pm
West High's Hallway

"Here's you're uniform, Minie. Have you considered dating Jong-in?"

Jimin accepts the uniform given to him by Taemin. He smiles at his hyung gratefully. Jungkook freezes from behind. He did not mean to eavesdrop but it just happened.

"Nah. I'm pretty sure he's taken. He's hot but not my type."

"And who is you're type?"

Jimin smirks, before shrugging his shoulders.

"Im Jaebum, Maybe."

"Shit, No way?"

"Yes way! He's damn hot y'know and I---"


Jimin's smile slides of his face at the sound of Jungkook's voice. Taemin salutes to him goodbye (Huh. More like a 'Fuck you bitch, Im out. You deal with this alone.') and Jimin shoves his cheer leading uniform in his bag before facing Jungkook.

"Oh. Jungkook! Hi? Did you need something?"

"I uh... just.. wondered why you returned my shirt and tuxedo through Taehyung. You could have just gave me yourself?"

Jimin pops the bubble in his gum before answering.

"I had to practice for Cheerdance. I forgot to tell you. I didn't think it was important. And the clothes are yours. Its obviously right for me to return it. I just thought i would be busy and not have time for you."

Jungkook winces at the last sentence. Fuck. That hurt.
Jimin felt slightly guilty, But hey. He acts like that with Taehyung too. Jungkook wants to be his friend so Jimin will treat him like one.

"Do you have plans later? Can we go to the mall? I know this restaurant with---"

The bell rings, Interrupting Jungkook. Jimin smiles at him apologetically.

"I have class, Jungkook. And I can't later. I have a date? Jaebum just asked me out awhile ago. Maybe next time yeah? Try Taehyung? Maybe he'll be free later!"

Jimin suggests, Turning his heel. Jungkook grabs him by the wrist. Jimin looks back at him with wide eyes.

"What, Jungkook?"

"I wan't you to go with me. Not Taehyung. You."

Jungkool grits out, Jimin peels his arm away from Jungkook's grip.

"Next time, Jungkook. I have a date. I promise we can go next time. I really have to go, I'm late for class."

"Jimin wait! I---"

Jimin turns the corner and Jungkook stares at the place he disappeared with a pained gaze.

"like you..."

Jungkook whispers, He runs a hand through his hair dejectedly and walks towards his class. Jimin's rounds the corner and as soon as he's out of sight he let out a quivering breath. He presses his back on the wall and hits his head on it a few times. It was so damn HARD to avoid Jungkook. Jimin rubs away his tears and takes a deep breath. He'll deal with it soon.



Jimin looks back and sees Taehyung screaming happily. Jimin's lips twitch. He had apologized through text to Taehyung the night before school. It was petty, Whatever Jimin was going through. And he didnt wan't his bestfriend of all people to be part of that. He had done nothing wrong.

Jimin just told him that he wasn't feeling well that day. He didn't mention anything about what he saw or what happened. Taehyung would be furious if he knew, and would immediately talk to Jungkook. Which Jimin did not want to happen.

Thankfully, Taehyung believed him. Jimin also realized that Taehyung was right. He should start letting loose. His grades are fine as it is and he needs a little bit more thrill in his life. So instead of wearing his usual sweater and jeans these past few days, He opted for a more edgy look even going as far as putting on make-up. He ditched his eyeglasses and started wearing his contacts more.

And it felt nice. He felt good. He felt confident. Alluring. Sexy even. He felt attractive because people were sending him glances and checking him out, He felt alive. He didn't want to hide himself anymore. He's young and he's single. And he wanted to get out of his shell.

For the most part, He's doing this for himself. Not for Jungkook or anyone.

Yes, Jungkook did break his heart. But Jimin isn't going to wallow in self pity and shame himself, No. He'll be fine. Like Jungkook will. And someday Jimin will learn to get over it. Hopefully.

"Taetae! Hey! What's up?"


"Okay, Wow Taehyung. Again with the exaggeration."

Jimin teases, Hugging Taehyung quickly.

"I didn't see you the whole week! I missed you so much! No one ever snatches my food away anymore! It's so sad but im so proud of you! How was cheerleading?"

"It was great. I found alot of friends. We judged a book by it's cover though, They all are very kind. They just act like bitches... But mostly on a good purpose."

Taehyung smiles at him. Jimin glances at his clock.

"Tae, I have a date an hour from now and i still need to change. Wanna walk me home?"

"Damn straight, I do. Also a date? With who?"

Jimin places his books inside his locker and closes it.

"Jaebum. The squad set me up on the date. Said i wouldn't regret it so i said yes."

"Really? What about Jungkook, then?"

Taehyung asks, keeping up with Jimin.

"What about him?"

"I mean... I thought you liked him?"

"Oh Jesus, No! I don't Tae! I told you we're just friends."

"Friends that kiss each other?"

Jimin links their arms together and gives Taehyung a pointed look.

"I kissed him on the cheek. I always kiss you on your cheek. So yeah, we're friends."

"Man that sucks. I'm pretty sure Jungkook likes you too."

"Nah, Why would he."

Jimin answers nonchalantly.

"Why WOULDN'T he."

Jimin rolls his eyes and kisses Taehyung's cheek swiftly. He should really stop listening to Taehyung. I mean he very much so appreciates it and he's very flattered, But Jungkook will never see him like that. He's learned it the hard way.

"Go Home, Kim Taehyung. I'll see you tomorrow."

Taehyung just laughs at his bestfriend.

"Text me the details okay?"

"Yes moooom"

"And Jimin?"


"I'm happy if you're happy."

And Jimin was nothing but any less grateful.


After a few hours of waiting Jimin finally tells himself that he got stood up, He didnt want to believe it but he did. Jimin looks up and finds one of the waiters of the restaurant sending him weird looks because of how long he'd already been staying there. He's already finished three glasses of Iced tea and his date was nowhere to be found. Jimin sighs, Picking his phone up.

To: SoulmaTae
From: Jiminiebabyyy

Lmao, Tae. I got stood up. I wasted my time looking pretty omg.

It took 5 minutes for Taehyung to reply and Jimin almost drops his phone when he read it.

From: SoulMaTae♥
To: Jiminiebabyyy

Wait   really?? Seriously?? Also just a heads up the team is at the mall you're in. I think they had dinner? Jungkook's there! Maybe you can text him to go?

To: SoulMaTae♥
From: Jiminiebabyyy

No way in hell am i going to do that Tae! It's embarrassing! Jungkook might be busy!

"Excuse me, Sir? Would you like to order now?"

Jimin looks up his phone and blinks. He really can't call Jungkook here, He's been avoiding him the whole week. And its not like Jungkook would drop his team for Jimin, Right? Jimins picks up his bag and makes a move to stand up, He forces a smile at the waiter.

"No, I'm so sorry! I'm leaving, My date just stood me up. Can i have my bill please--"

"Can you give us a few minutes to decide? We'll call you if we're done."

A voice cuts in, Jimin looks up to see Jungkook hovering over him. A polite smile etched on his face, The waiter nods and bows at Jungkook before leaving.

"This seat taken?"

"Jungkook? What the hell are you doing here!"

"I'm going to have dinner with you. Since you're date was an asshole."


"Does spicy shrimp sound good to you?"

Jimin bites his lip, Finally surrendering. He was fucking starving okay? And whats the point of leaving. Jungkook's already here. Removing the strap of his bag and hooking it back on the chair. Jimin grabs the menu and timidly opens it, Lips twitching on their own accord. Jungkook looks at him through his bangs and he breaks into a smile of his own.

"Can we get kimchi fried rice too?"

"Ofcourse we can. And Jimin?"


Jungkook thinks Jimin looks wonderful so he says just that.

"You look beautiful."


"There's a bit of.."

Jimin looks up with a frown at Jungkook. He jumps when Jungkook leans forward and wipes away the sauce on the side of his lips.

"There was... you know."

Jungkook shyly retorts. Jimin has had enough.

"Jungkook-ah. You do realize I'm gay right? These things... You're doing to me. They tend to have meaning. I know you and I are friends, But maybe... Stop initiating skinship? I might read your signals wrong you know?"

Jungkook places his spoon down on his plate, Looking up at Jimin with a confused gaze.

"Jiminie. Haven't i been obvious enough? What more do i have to do for you to know?"


"Do you think i run around complimenting, kissing, flirting, hugging, and sleeping with cute boys? I've been so straightforward with you since the beginning, Don't you get it?"

"I don't... understand?"

"Jimin. I like you. I want to date you. Does that ring a bell?"

Jimin drops his spoon on the plate.

"What? You're joking right? Is this some sick prank?"

"Jimin, No! I'd never do that. What do you take me for?"

"Then stop fucking with me!"

Jimin snaps.

"I know you're straight alright? So stop! Jokes on you! Whatever--Ugh! Fuck this I'm leaving!"

Jimin stands up and grabs his bag, He speed walks out of the restaurant and Jungkook immediately follows.

"Sir, You haven't paid---"

Jungkook shoves three ₩10,000 bills in the waiters direction and quickly says 'keep the change' He sprints to catch up with Jimin and let's just say his endless bloody training proved to have a benifit after all. Jungkook grabs Jimin's wrist but the other roughly pulls it away from Jungkook's grasp.

"Don't touch me!"

Jimin snaps, It was only then that Jungkook realizes Jimin was crying. He had tears running over his cheeks and Jungkook panics. He quickly pulls Jimin forward by his shoulder and wipes his tears away, Jimin sniffles. Moving his face away from Jungkook's hands.

"Jimin.... Why do you not believe me? I already said i liked you. Why would i lie?"

"Cuz' I saw you!"

Jimin cries out, stepping back, away from Jungkook.

"I saw you that night! I saw you hugging a girl and kissing her and I get it! I get it okay? I'm everything she isn't! And you'll never see me that way! I don't know who told you but i don't want your pity! Stop pretending you like me and fuck off!"

"Jimin, Jimin! Fucking stop! Listen to me!"

Jungkook grits out, Jimin finally stops struggling. Too tired to fight back. He's pretty sure he has mascara lines dripping down his face but he could care less right now. He was tired and emotionally drained. He just wanted to cry to sleep and never face Jungkook ever again.

"Jimin, That girl you saw. Was it in the mall? That night after the movie?"


"Is that why you've been avoiding me?"

"Why does it even matter!"

"It matters because she was my cousin! That night after the movie i met with her because she invited me to her wedding! Did you see the kiss so you avoided me? Fuck, Jimin. Please. If i have to show you the invitation i will. I'd do anything. Please believe me. God i even invited you remember? I'd never do that to you, fuck. I know i hurt you but i never intended to do so! What should i do for you to believe me?"

Jungkook grits out, Voice wavering at the end. Jimin looks up, shocked. Was Jeon Jungkook on the verge of crying?


Jungkook pulls Jimin in a tight hug. He closes his eyes and noses Jimin's hair like how he did in the party.

"God, You scare me so much. I got so mad and angry and jealous when you avoided me. You don't even know how much i suffered. It hurt so bad. But i know i hurt you more, Im sorry Jimin. I'm so damn sorry."

"Jungkook, I...."

Jimin pulls away from the hug and Jungkook lets him. He sucks in a breath and closes his eyes. Getting himself ready for the impact of Jimin's rejection. Instead, He felt lips engufling his own.


Jungkook asks when he finally opens his eyes. Jimin had make up running down his face but he still looked damn beautiful. More than the sky filled with stars and the moon lighting his face up. 

Jungkook was so fucking inlove.

"I like you too."

"I don't understand... I'--"

"I believe you. I like you too. Don't do that to me ever again."

Jimin whispers, Jungkook fucking BEAMS at him and wraps his arms around Jimin's waist.

"Then... Will you be mine?"

"Oh Jungkookie...."

Jimin whispers, Blissed out by the attention Jungkook was pouring on him and only him.

"I was only ever yours to begin with."

Jungkook smiles.

"It's a friday, Min. Stay over?"

Jungkook takes that silence means yes.


When Jimin tells Taehyung everything through a phone call, The latter hangs up on him. Jimin sighs guiltily, Biting his lip and curling against Jungkook's chest. The quarterback tears his gaze away from the TV to look at his boyfriend.

"What did he say?"

"He said he hates me. Taehyung has a thing about not keeping secrets and everything, He must feel betrayed since he didn't know anything and he's my bestfriend. He always goes on about how i should rely on him more and tell him everything. I was just...scared to tell him. Because if i did i was sure he would confront you with no second thoughts. And at that time that was the least thing i wanted to happen. I feel so fucking guilty but i guess i do deserve this."

"Would have been better so you didn't avoid me cuz' you got jealous!"

Jimin sits up and glares at Jungkook, His stance defensive.

"I was NOT jealous!"

"You weren't? Okay. Then i guess i should just call up that girl who was asking me out in literatur---"


Jimin screeches, And after awhile his eyes widened and he slaps a hand over his mouth. Jungkook chuckles, Pulling Jimin in by his waist.

"God, You're so damn cute."

Jimin blushes bright red. He fists the front of Jungkook's shirt in embarrassment and bites his lip.

"Now that we're on the topic of Jealousy. Who the FUCK allowed you to wear a damn crop top and flaunt your body infront of the whole football team? And you even had the decency to flirt right infront of me"

Jungkook hisses. Jimin's body freezes up at that.

"O-Oh that... You see... hehe...."

Jungkook huffs in frustration, He pulls Jimin up from the sofa and slams him on the wall next to the television, Jungkook traps him with his elbows on both sides of Jimin's head and his body flush against the cheerleader's.

"You need to know, Jimin. Now that we're dating, I'm very very possessive. I don't like to share. What's mine is mine."

Jimin doesn't shy away like he used to, This time he reaches both hands up to cup Jungkook's neck and jaw.

"Do you need to mark me then, Jeon?"

Jungkook growls, Leaning even closer til' their lips were one slide apart from each other.

"I will, If you let me."

Jimin tilts his head and kisses Jungkook, The latter's right arm latching onto Jimin's waist and squeezing tightly.

"Go ahead, then."


The next day Jimin enters school with round glasses, Bright cherry red lips, and smoky eyeshadow. His outfit was still different but less revealing because Jungkook demanded him to change five times. He walks in with Jungkook's one arm slung over his shoulder and the other tapping away on his phone. Jimin was chewing on gum when Jungkook walks him to his first class. He still was when Jungkook presses a kiss on his forehead and lingering one against his lips. He bids goodbye and Jimin could never be any happier.

When lunch comes around, They hang out at the school's coffee shop. Taehyung barges in with lips pursed and a glare directed at Jungkook. Before Jimin gets to greet him Taehyung has already thrown a punch on Jungkook's face. Jungkook stumbles slightly backward and presses the back of his hand on his cut lip.


"That, Jeon Jungkook, Was for hurting my bestfriend."

Taehyung turns to Jimin and his eyes flash softness before continuing.

"And you!"

Jimin closes his eyes and waits for Taehyung to hit him but he gets engufled into a soft hug before he could even blink.

"I can't hurt you because I love you too much. Don't do that to me ever again or i will seriously unfriend you."

Jungkook rolls his head back and grips his jaw, Bottom lip cut open.

"Yeah, I kinda deserved that."

Jungkook mutters, Taehyung nods solemnly as Jimin sobs against his chest, Hugging his bestfriend tightly and hiccuping out an apology.

"You did, But i'm happy for the both of you."

Taehyung expresses genuinely, Grinning at Jungkook as he pets Jimin's hair. The younger boy smiles back boyishly.

"but If you ever hurt Jimin again, Your dick comes off."


Cheerdance practice and football training, for both Jimin and Jungkook has never been better. They were all in the feild, The cheerleading team was having a dry run so they had to practice their number there for spacings and such. Jimin was wearing a suspiciously large shirt (It was Jungkook's.) tied up on the side with the collar hanging loosely on his colarbone, His lips were tinted pink and his forehead was shining with sweat when he saunters his way towards Jungkook on the bench panting hard with his bangs stuck on his forehead. His Jersey was once again damp and his helmet was somewhere on the grass but all he saw was a beaming Jimin.


He whines out when Jimin hovers infront of him. Jungkook pulls the knot of his shirt on the side of Jimin's waist so it would cover his boyfriend's tummy.

"I told you to not wear it like that!"

Jungkook accuses. Jimin giggles, Taking the towel draped over his shoulder and starts diligently wiping off all the sweat on Jungkook's face as the younger hooks his hands on Jimin's waist.

"You have to cheer on me in the game alright."

Jungkook tuts, He didn't hear Jimin's voice when they were cheering so now he was all sulky. Jimin nods, Giggling when Jungkook nuzzles on his neck. Jimin runs a hand through Jungkook's damp hair a few times.

"I'll cheer for you the loudest, Babe."

Jungkook smiles. Babe.


Jimin snorts at that, Pulling away from Jungkook with the boy protesting.

"Coach will slap me if you don't get back, Go!"

Jungkook srunches his face in disapproval. He lands a soft kiss on Jimin's lips and jogs back towards their team. Jimin smiles, Tucking the shirt on the front of his jeans and rushing back to the cheerleading team. Taemin and Baekhyun immediately bombarded him with questions.

"Are you guys together?"

"Are you dating?"

Jimin shrugs at them with a knowning smile and they errupt into squeels.

"But Baekhyun-hyung and Chanyeol-hyung are dating too!"

"Yeah but we're nowhere near as cute as you guys!"

Jimin laughs at the faces they make at him, He places himself in formation and picks his pompom's up.

"Park Jimin, What the hell are you doing?"

Wheein asks with a laugh, Jimin snorts.

"Cheering for my boyfriend, He said i wasn't loud enough"

And amidst the squeels that came from the cheerleading team, What caught Jungkook's attention was a voice that he loved so dearly.


His boyfriend cheers with a wink thrown to Jungkook's direction when the younger catches his gaze. He does an amazing summersault and lands on a full split on the grass with his hands up in a wide V. Jungkook just grins at him and sends him the most aggresive flying kiss ever while his team hoots.

Life was great.


The day of the Game was much more of a hassle than Jimin had expected it to be. Since this was his first performance, He's very nervous about it but also very thrilled.

"Knock knock"

A voice calls out, Jimin perks up from the locker rooms bench and peers over the corner. The squad were all out in the feild rehearsing the last of their dance, Jimin excused himself so he could have his own pep talk.

"Jimin? You here?"

"Chanyeol-hyung? Hey!"

"Hi min, Can i ask for a favor?"

"Sure, hyung! Anything!"

"Will you talk to Jungkook befoee the game? He needs reassurance that he's gonna do well. And well, Something to give him strength I guess. Knowing Jungkook he's probably beating himself up right now. Especially since he missed a few training sessions."

Jimin blinks at the new information and nods.

"Sure! I'll go there, We still have about an hour left right?"

"An hour and thirty if we're lucky."

"Alright then."

Jimin picks up his duffel bag and fixes his freshly dyed silver hair in the mirror. He double checks his make up and the red and white streeks painted horizontally on his right cheek, Once he's done he jogs out the squads locker room and towards the Football teams own.

Through his panicked state he didn't realize that he bumped with a person in an unfamiliar jersey. Jimin falls back with a soft thud, landing on his butt with a wince.

"Oh shit, Sorry. Didn't see you there."

"I-It's fine."

Jimin accepts the hand outstretched towards him as the stranger pulls him up. Jimin dusts off his butt and looks up at the man.

"Heres your stuff"


"I'm Austin, You?"

The stranger--No. Austin says offering a hand to Jimin. Jimin shakes it and smiles politely.

"Uh... Jimin! Are you... from here?"

"Oh, No! I'm from the state warriors. I was looking for the restroom but i bumped into you. You look very hot by the way."

"Oh uh.. Thankyou? I guess?"

"Wanna go out sometime? I know this amazing hotel."

Austin says suggestively, Adding a smirk at the end of his sentence. Jimin raises his eyebrow. Doesn't matter if this person looked handsome. He was incredibly rude and a complete asshole that just wanted to get in Jimin's pants.
Jimin puts a hand up and scoffs.

"Dude, I have a boyfriend."


"You're out of your fucking mind!"

Jimin rolls his eyes and side steps, He walks without glancing back. He hears a wolf whistle and Jimin wanted nothing but to punch this jerks face off.

"I'm available later!"

"Fuck off!"

Jimin spits, Raising his middle finger without looking back.


Jimin finds Jungkook hunched over with his hands on his face on the very last row of the locker rooms bench. He doesnt seem to hear Jimin's footsteps since he did not react so Jimin carefully places his duffel bag on the bench before coming behind Jungkook and hugging him from his neck.

"Hey stranger."

Jungkook removes his face from his hands and looks up.

"Jimin? What are you doing here?"

"Giving my boyfriend moral support. I'm his number one cheerleader after all."

Jungkook chuckles, Ramoving Jimin's hands from his neck. Jimin sits beside Jungkook and the quarterback lays his head on the juncture of Jimins neck and shoulder. The cheerleader wraps his arm around Jungkook's shoulder and uses his free hand to run his hand through the Younger's hair.

"I'm really fine, Baby. Just worried. I don't want to disappoint the team."

"Jungkook, Sweetheart, You would NEVER ever disappoint the team! You're the most important part of it! You work hard and you're fucking amazing at the game. It doesn't matter if you win or you lose out there alright? You'll be fine. You'll do great whatever the outcome is. And honestly, the true winner here is me. Because I'm dating the hot quarterback from the novels out there."

Jungkook laughs, Picking his head up. He cups Jimin's cheek and kisses him on the lips softly.

"I'm the lucky one here for having you. Its not everyday you date the most valuable player of your heart you know."


Jimin giggles out, Pinching Jungkook's cheeks.

"I bumped into a person from the other team awhile ago."

"Huh? Why?"

"He was looking for the restroom. He started hitting on me and making sexual innuendos. He's a grade A asshole really."

Jungkook is unresponsive for a moment. Tounge poked inside his cheek with a blank but livid expression.


"47? I think?"

A knock on the lockers interrupted them.

"If you guys are done hooking up can i maybe borrow my flyer, Mr. Quarteback?"

Jungkook leans to the side to find the source of the voice. He sees Baekhyun standing in the hall with his arms folded and a lollipop in his mouth wearing the same uniform as Jimin.

"We aren't having sex, Baekhyun-hyung!"

Jimin squeels, Picking his duffel bag. He places a kiss on Jungkook's forehead.

"Will you be okay?"

"I'll be fine, Love. See you out there, yeah?"

Jimin nods, Looking skeptical. Jungkook kisses the hesitance away.

"Cheer for me the loudest, Alright?"

"I will. I love you?"

Jungkook grins at Jimin's slip up. They haven't said each other those 3 important words yet but at this time, It honestly felt overdue.

"I love you too."

Jimin turn on his heal and Jungkook quickly opens his locker and grabs his varsity jacket inside.


Jimin glances back and Jungkook throws the clothing towards his boyfriend. The other catches it gracefully.

"What's this for?"

"Wear it. Show them you're mine."



Yoongi growls, Slapping Jungkook at the back of his head. Jungkook takes his helmet off and spits blood on the grass.

"It's alright, hyung!"

"No it's not you fucking asshole! You got a fucking yellow flag!"

"It's fine! It's just one time!"

Namjoon breaks them off and glares at Jungkook

"Dude your ass got fucking lucky, The referee let you get away with it since 47 punched you."

Chanyeol snorts.

"He must have a fucking strong fist to hit you through the fucking helmet."

The whistle sounds and their coach discusses their final game plan. Jungkook notes down everything in his brain. They all do their team chant before the bell rings. Jungkook casts a glance towards his boyfriend. Jimin didn't look happy at all, He was on the ground his other leg folded while he reaches for the other foot in an attempt to stretch.

He had his glare fixated on someone, Or something.

Jungkook frowns, Shaking his wet hair out of his face and follows Jimin's line of sight. He sees a girl looking at him whilst twirling her hair and checking him out. She didn't even try to hide it. Jungkooks frown deepens at the sight of her and looks back at Jimin, The latter was now staring at him.

His stare turned into something darker after a few seconds. Jimin glares at him and Jungkook shivers, He swore that Jimin had fake electricity bolts coming from his eyes. Jimin raises his hand which was held in a V sign. He places it infront of his eyes and then puts it down on the grass. 'Eyes. Off.' Jimin mouths. Jungkook laughs at him, Jimin's glare hardens.

Jungkook gestures back, He points at his chest then back at Jimin. 'Yours.' he mouths back. Jimin smiles at that, Jungkook hears his chirpy 'good' from across the court. 'Score a touch down for me' Jimin mouths again, Jungkook salutes, screams 'For you' and puts his helmet on.

The bell rings.

Jungkook runs.

Their team wins.


Jong-in screams in ecstasy. The crowd errupts into loud cheers, Confetti popping everywhere. Jungkook felt elated even though his team tackled him on the floor. He just scored a touchdown and they won. They fucking won. The trophy was handed to Jungkook and they all lift him up chanting his name over and over again. Jungkook laughs, Kissing the trophy and raising it up. He felt tired but so fucking proud.

He won his first game with his boyfriend watching. Jungkook throws his helmet to the ground and gives his team the trophy once he was back on the grass. He pushes through the crowd and looks for Jimin. He finds him squeeling and hugging his cheerleading friends. Jungkook smiles messing his hair that was dripping with sweat. He assumed that the others told Jimin he was there since Jimin spun back as fast as lightning.

"Oh my God!"

Jimin screams. He throws his pompoms on the grass and runs towards Jungkook. He jumps on him and Jungkook catches him gracefully.

"I told you you'd do well!"

Jimin says, feeling elated as he hugs Jungkook tightly. The quarterback chuckles.

"I obviously won because of your cheers!"

Jimin giggles at that, He looks up and finds the girl from awhile ago looking at them in envy. Jimin hops down from Jungkook and kisses him roughly. Tounge and all, Makes sure to thread his hands through Jungkook's hair and stare at the girl with a knowing look as they kiss. The girl seems get the message, She huffs and turns her heel with a rolls of her eyes. Jimin grins at that. Jungkook on the other hand gives a pointed look at Austin as he hugs Jimin to his chest.

"Jeon Jungkook!"

Jimin calls him out.



Life of the Party —Shawn Mendes 


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