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Star Killers

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King Dedede sat on his royal throne as he sighed a few documents and contacts with his royal advisor by his side. King Dedede’s royal advisor was an orange Bo with white eye’s as he had a serious yet relaxed expression. The king however yawned as he sighed the fiftieth document of the day. Being a king could be so boring and overbearing sometimes as King Dedede massaged his sore wrist from writing. King Dedede wished something interesting would happen, he could really use some excitement.

Now it wasn’t that the king was ungrateful for his kingdom but he had heard of kings who had saved their people from certain death! And what was he doing? Signing contacts, going to boring meetings, going to fancy parties, and looking after a kingdom so peaceful that people would walk around with one million dollars in their pockets and they wouldn’t get mugged! King Dedede couldn’t help but feel jealous when he heard other planets had been in extreme parole from being wiped of the space charts, and what did he get? An eternity of boredom,

“Uh….sir?” A voice said snapping King Dedede out of his thoughts.

“Hmmm?” The king replied with his face in his palm,

“You’ve broken another pen.” His royal advisor said pointing to King Dedede’s right had which was now covered in black ink with a pen split in two. King Dedede blushed as he handed the pen to his royal advisor who handed him a wet wipe in return. The king wiped away the ink, as he sighed in boredom.

“Sir…..” The royal advisor said and King Dedede gazed over to him, “This is the tenth pen you’ve broken today, is there something wrong?” the king simply shook his head.

“No, it’s fine.” King Dedede said, his royal advisor raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak but suddenly the throne room doors swung open. A royal guard known as Big Dice came barreling into the room his gold armor shimmering as he held a blood red envelope firmly in his mouth. Once he got up to King Dedede he stopped and the king took the envelope. The king looked at the envelope and saw that the letter was sealed with a golden star sticker. And King Dedede’s royal advisor saw this too.

And when he saw the sticker the royal advisor gasped his eyes going wide with fear.

“Big Dice, leave us.” He said and Big Dice nodded before running out the room making sure to shut the door, “Si-Si-Sir….please don’t….” the royal advisor started but he trailed off when he saw King Dedede was already opening the envelope. The king pulled out the card and as soon as he made contact with it King Dedede felt a chill go up to spine and he suddenly felt very sick. King Dedede's royal advisor appeared to have a similar reaction nearly hitting the ground from the sudden rush of feeling’s.

“Sir! Don’t open it!” The advisor said, but King Dedede didn’t pay any mind. Out of all the feelings coursing through his veins excitement and adrenaline was one of them. Finally something exciting was happening to him! King Dedede looked at the jet black card which was completely blank on the front he then opened the card. The king cringed as he opened the card a cold feeling washing over him, King Dedede’s royal advisor began to shake.

King Dedede read the card as the writing was scrawled in what looked to be red ink.

Dear King Dedede,

If you are receiving this letter this means you are invited to the opportunity of a lifetime. You are herby invited to Star Warriors Planetversary. It’s the celebration of our planet first being founded, if you choose to except this then as soon as you step foot on our planets surface you are no longer a king. Your royal status is null-n'-void, you will have to follow our customs and traditions, you will have to eat our food and soak in as much as our culture as you can. If all goes well you will be given flora and fauna, food, and history books from our land along with fifty grand.

On the left side of the card you will see a ticket for you and one guest. And if you agree then all you have to do is fill in the yes box with your own blood. Then a carriage will come and pick you and your guest up. Here’s is the needed information if you wish to come:

Star Warriors Planetversary
Planet: Black Star
Galaxy: Starquility
Date: December 21st 2027
Time: 5:00 pm to 12:00 am

We do hope you come in visit….

King & Queen Poppy

King Dedede was in a cold sweat as soon as he was done reading the letter. He looked down past all the writing and saw a yes and no box. He looked to the left side of the open card and indeed he saw two tickets tapped to the card.

“Sir, please don’t go there.” King Dedede’s royal advisor said,

“Of course, but, do you mind leaving for a moment? I need a second alone.” King Dedede said and his royal advisor nodded as it appeared to the king that he needed to moment to collect himself as well. As soon as the door was shut however King Dedede read over the card again. King Dedede’s mind was screaming at him to burn the card as he couldn’t seem to get rid of the chilling feeling he’d gained since he had opened the letter. The king knew that there wasn’t something right here and the letter supported it with several red flags in it. But King Dedede couldn’t help but feel excited (if not a bit scared) this was something interesting!

This was something that would probably never happen again in his entire life. And this was probably something that could get himself killed, but this was the adventure he wanted.

And King Dedede certainty was not board anymore.

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King Dedede’s royal advisor stared at his ticket in utter terror as he shook feverishly.

“This is going to be great! Don’t you think Bud?” King Dedede said as he held his ticket in the hand, Bud (King Dedede’s royal advisor) gulped he really didn’t want to do this. But he also didn’t want to leave King Dedede on some random planet five galaxy’s away, so when the king had marked the 'yes' box on his card he had reluctantly agreed to come. King Dedede however was ecstatic he was going to a mysterious planet there his royal advisor was shaking in his boots about. This was so exciting, so dangerous, so deadly but King Dedede didn’t care. The king looked at his watch and saw it read 4:59.

‘One more minute!’ King Dedede excitedly thought,

‘One more minute.’ Bud fearfully thought. Finally the watch ticked to 5:00 and King Dedede’s eyes lit up as he looked up at the sky the sun now beginning to set. Bud fearfully looked up as well as he shook after a few moments however nothing came.

“Oh well looks like they aren’t coming, let’s go Sir!” Bud desperately said, but as soon as that left his mouth did he see a black dot in the sky. He gasped and bit his lip, “Oh no….” Bud said in dread.

“Oh yes!” King Dedede cheered, and it was then the things stopped tight in front of King Dedede and Bud. The two tensed up as they saw a black carriage pull of with it’s wheels black and covered in a crusted-on red liquid. King Dedede and Bud looked over to who was driving the carriage and they both we’re surprised at what they saw. They saw that the carriage was being driven by two small, round, puffy creatures with a pair of stubby arms and legs. One creatures was obviously female as the female had a short stubby tail which had bouncy pastel yellow hair on the end.

The females head was covered in pastel yellow bouncy hair as well, her puffy body, legs, and feet we’re a gentle mint color as her eyes were gold. And finally the female had a pair of large majestic butterfly wings that we’re colored a pastel yellow. The other creature was male the male wire a silver mask, blue dimensional cape with gold trimmings, as well as a pair of metallic shoes. The males eyes appeared to be a neon yellow as his bat-like wings fluttered occasionally. Finally the two creatures were both hold a large thick metal chain that was attached to the carriage.

King Dedede looked at the creatures in awe, while Bud bit his lip trying to hold back snickers. But unfortulently for Bud his snickering was heard. Bud couldn’t believe these cute little puff balls we’re what their kind looked like. Maybe all the rumors and exposé’s we’re just silly campfire stories.

“What is so funny?” The male creature said, and Bud’s laughter ceased.

“Nothing, nothing!” The royal advisor quickly said, the creatures simply glared at the advisor before taking on of his stubby hands off the chain. Bud immediately handed the creature the ticket and King Dedede followed suit.

“My name is Meta Knight, I will be your tour guide when we get to our planet until we get to the king and queen. Now get in the carriage.” Meta Knight said,

“Yes, and please be aware when the field is up we can no longer hear you so you won’t be able to stop for bathroom breaks.” The female added as King Dedede and Bud got in the carriage. And as soon as she finished that did a purple field come over the open part of the carriage. Bud felt his anxiety return as he saw this but before he could even try to object the creatures took off at a surprising speed. King Dedede and Bud crashed in the backs of their seats, luckily though once the two got into space the creatures speed slowed to a more reasonable one.

“Oh thank goodness they slowed down.” King Dedede muttered,

“Sir, I really don’t like this.” Bud whispered.

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” King Dedede said but in truth he hoped something exciting would happen,

“I hope so.” Bud said as overwhelming fear enveloped his chest.

“Trust me, now let’s get some sleep we don’t wasn’t to be tired when we get there.” King Dedede said as he turned on his side to rest, Bud sighed as he tried to banish his fears.

Thank goodness the seats we’re comfortable.

“Bud, Bud, Bud wake up!” King Dedede’s voice rang and Bud woke up with a jolt, he quickly looked around and saw the joy bound king.

“Sir, what is it?” Bud said,

“Look!” King Dedede said looking past the field. Bud looked and saw a sight that made him feel cold their carriage was heading straight towards a planet but all that could be seen was dark clouds. Bud bit his lip so hard it bled while King Dedede was jumping with excitement. The carriage bounced as it entered the planets atmosphere and it a split second the creatures totting the carriage increased their speed. Once again King Dedede and Bud flew back in their seats and in a few seconds they felt the carriage bounce as it landed on solid ground.

Once the carriage stopped the field disappeared. The two looked around and saw the planet appeared to have black soil. King Dedede and Bud looked a few feet from their carriage and saw that there was a road made of compacted sand and stone. The road had thick and long metal fence that surrounded it and finally a metal gate connected to the fences being just as tall. The of the same puff ball species as their carriage divers stood at attention wearing grey armor with large swords in their hands.

King Dedede and Bub got out of the carriage and Meta Knight handed the guards their tickets. The guards nodded and opened the gate.

“Welcome to planet, Dark Star.” Meta Knight said, and King Dedede held back a squeal as he set foot on the road. Bub, however, wasn’t nearly as thrilled as he hesitantly went through the gate. Meta Knight followed the two and as Bub looked back he saw the female carriage driver, and guards staring back. And they all seemed to smile as the gate closed shut.

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Meta King held a flashlight as the planets dark clouds kept any source of light from the planet. King Dedede and Bud looked up to see the clouds had gotten darker,

“So…..does the sun ever shine here?” King Dedede asked.

“No, this planet only had weather like acid rain, blood rain, snow, lightning storms, hail, and rain.” Meta King replied, and King Dedede couldn’t help but feel concerned as two of the weather possibilities sounded dangerous.

“How do you guys eat then? And does it always get dark all of a sudden?” King Dedede asked, not knowing how a species could live without any vegetables.

“Our kind dosen’t need vegetables we’re pure carnivores. And yes, in fact, today was the brightest it had been in a millennium.” Meta Knight said, and it was then Bud decide to pitch in.

“If that’s the case then…..what do you eat?” Bud asked, and it appeared that Meta King was going to answer. That is until the three neared another gate with guards stationed by the gate. The guards opened the door but before King Dedede and Bud could go through Meta Knight stopped them.

“I want to make something clear when you walk in here you will have no chance of escape you’ll have to ask me if you wish to leave. That small patch of land that the carriage landed on is the only place where there is no buildings, people, gates, fences, and electric fields. So you might want to be on your best behavior beyond these walls.” The knight warned, King Dedede nodded as excitement and fear ran through his veins. Bud however was shaking as he frantically nodded. Meta King seemed to smile behind his mask as he allowed the two to walk through the gate. King Dedede and Bud gasped when they saw the town before them. Each building was at least or was taller then fifteen feet.

The buildings resembled towers of some sort as large wooden doors we’re shut tight. The roofs of the buildings had we’re so sharp they looked like they could cut through metal. And finally each house had some sort of star design painted on the roof, had a giant star topper on top of the roof, or both. The stars on the roofs we’re the only source of light ad each one of them glowed a different bright color in the dark. The town was…..oddly beautiful….Meta King held back a chuckle as the gated shut.

“Come on, we have places to be.” Meta Knight said as he walked down the street seemingly using the stars light as aid, King Dedede and Bud followed amazed by the lights.

“Where is everyone?” Bud asked,

“They’re all heading to the first festivity.” Meta Knight said. Bud gulped….how come he didn’t like the way he said that? King Dedede however had a different reaction as a smile came to his face. “But first, I was told to give this to you.” The knight added pulling out two large sunset orange cherries, King Dedede didn’t hesitate taking a cherry and biting into it. Bud did however as he hesitantly looked at the cherry and took it. He looked eyes with Meta Knight before reluctantly taking a bite. Bud ate the cherry until he felt full before stopping, King Dedede however ate the whole thing.

“Alright, now what?” Bud asked,

“Now, you take a nap.” Meta Knight said. And Bud’s eyes widened as he suddenly felt very drowsy. He looked over to King Dedede who just hit the ground, Bud tried to stay awake, but he failed.

As he felt himself hit the ground.

Seeing nothing but amusement in Meta King’s eyes.

Bud squirmed slightly as he heard what sounded to be voices, the bo groaned and opened his eyes. But he was met with a blinding light which caused him to scream out. Once Bud’s eyes adjusted to the light he saw he was in some sort of brightly-lit basement as he saw millions of those puffball creatures staring at him. He looked around and saw King Dedede was tied to a chair as a ball gag was shoved in his mouth and tied around his head. Buckets laid underneath King Dedede’s feet but Bud wasn’t paying any mind to that.

Bud then looked at himself and saw he was tied up as well.

“We’re do glad your both awake.” A male voice said, and the two looked to see two puff balls come out from the crowd. One was obviously female as she had a black body, cinnamon red feet, cinnamon red puffy hair, and a puffy tail to match as she had hazel eyes. The female wore a regal crown on her head with a jasper necklace around her neck. And finally she had cinnamon red bird wings that we’re folded professionally on her back. The other puffball was male as he had no hair on his head a large crown covering his head.

His body was black as well he had sapphire blue eyes and demon wings. Finally the puff ball wore a long flowing cape they gracefully dragged behind him.

“I bet your wondering what’s going on. Well, firstly, I am queen Poppy and this is my husband king Poppy.” Queen Poppy said as she motioned over to her husband,

“Secondly, the first festivity is the sacrificial challenge. Whenever we have a new guest or guests we take a part of their body that they value more then the rest and replace it with a prosthetic.” King Poppy said,

“Wha-What!?” King Dedede said but all that came out was a muffled voice.

“It’s a tradition of ours, we knew if we told you this before then you would runaway. But, it’s not like you would’ve gotten far.” Queen Poppy said with a cold chuckle,

“W-Wait! Don’t do this!” Bud said but King Poppy had already gotten a hacksaw and was now heading towards King Dedede. The dreamland king began to thrive in his binds and was begging for King Poppy not to cut anything off. But King Poppy didn’t listen as he placed the sharp blade on the base of King Dedede’s foot. The dreamland king winced as the blade pricked his skin. He shook his head no, now beginning to cry as he shook uncontrollably.

“Wait! Please do—mmph!” Bud had started, but before he could finish his sentence Queen Poppy shoved a sock in his mouth. It was then Bud noticed two metal prosthetic penguin feet that we’re lying in a slow-burning fire at the back of the room. Bud continued to scream out trying to save his king, but those efforts we’re soon ceased when a muffled cry of pure agony was heard. The royal advisor looked over to see King Poppy had began to cut off King Dedede’s right foot very slowly. King Dedede screamed and tried to kick his feet but that only resulted in more pain.

Blood dripped from the open wound and fell into the bucket. King Dedede could feel the hacksaw sawing through flesh as easy as butter sliding against toast. The dreamland king could care less on how weak he must’ve looked all he cared about was the pain to stop! But that pain was nothing when King Poppy hit bone the latter to scream out even more and lose control of his bladder. The people watched in curiosity, awe, and amusement at the bawling king.

More blood had gathered in the bucket at this time as King Dedede’s seat became soaked in his own liquid shame a puddle growing underneath the chair. Bud fought against his restraints as the morbid show continued. Luckily for both ‘guests’ after what felt like hours the foot was cut off and King Dedede’s bladder ran out of fluids. But King Dedede was still left a sobbing mess as King Poppy gave the detached leg to one of the guards. It was then Queen Poppy took one of the prosthetic feet out of the revealing that the leg was attached to a long, thin, metal pole.

The queen walked over to King Dedede and didn’t wait a moment before shoving the prosthetic in place of the old foot. King Dedede screamed again as the pain burned his body just like the prosthetic. The king of dreamland shook violently as he couldn’t believe what was happening to him. He couldn’t believe these people we’re so cruel, he could understand why this was a tradition, and he couldn’t believe he had wet himself in front of a crowd of millions. King Poppy walked over to King Dedede holding the hacksaw.

And this time the king of dreamland used all of his strength to fight against his binds as he kick his remaining foot for dear life. And as if by fate the ropes that held King Dedede broke and the king of dreamland didn’t think before pushed King Poppy into the nearby wall. King Poppy hit that wall as the hacksaw flew into the air and impaled the smaller king right in the head. The crowd gasped while King Dedede didn’t even try to breathe, Bud’s eyes had gone wide in fear. Queen Poppy quickly ran over to King Poppy and the two locked eyes before the kings eyes closed for the last time.

The queen looked like she was going to cry until she turned straight to King Dedede. The king of dreamland gulped,

“I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that I-I swear.” King Dedede stammered as him and Bub shared looks for a moment. Queen Poppy took a deep breathe before staring at the king with cold eyes.

GET HIM!” She shouted,

“Go!” Bub said as the citizens, guards, and queen began to advance.

“But—” King Dedede tried to argue, as he used his chair as a weapon and cover.

GO!” Bub screamed at him again, and King Dedede nodded with tears in his eyes as he knocked many of the puffballs out of his way and out of the air. Eventually King Dedede got to an upward staircase and ran up it as fast as possible. The king of dreamland let out muffled screams as he ran using his new prosthetic foot. But even with the smallest amount of pressure waves of agonizing pain would follow. King Dedede still kept running however as he could hear the citizens running up the stairs trying to catch him.

Eventually the penguin got to a door and opened it before running out into the world outside. King Dedede ran as far and fast as he could before ducking into a cold and damp alleyway hiding in a dumpster. The king shook as his right leg ached from the inside out, his chest heaved for air, and his brain was in pure panic. King Dedede didn’t dare leave the dumpster as he swore he kept hearing what sounded like one of those puffballs. Thankfully though nothing came and as the adrenaline fizzled out King Dedede almost went to sleep, that is until a wailing siren jolted him awake.

And King Dedede groaned, he knew that couldn’t be a good sign.

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King Dedede hesitantly got himself up in the dumpster as the sirens blared and soon a voice cane to accompany the sirens.

“This message goes out to every citizen on Black Star! We have a code five alert! King Dedede is on the run after he killed out beloved king however though he should be easy to catch being that he is somewhat crippled. Whoever finds the king may have him and do what they wish to him before presenting him to the queen. Or if you wish not to keep King Dedede you may give him to the queen for ten grand. King Dedede may be brought to the queen dead or alive.” The voice said before it (and the sirens) faded, King Dedede whimpered when hearing this. Now the whole planet was after him!

“Just relax Dedede, no one knows your in here so just relax.” King Dedede whispered to himself, but as if by magic the dumpster lid opened and Dedede came face-to-face with one of those puffballs. The puffball had turquoise skin and brown bird wings on his back as his brown eyes looked stunned for a minute before gaining a mischievous gleam in them.

“Oh so that’s where you we’re hiding, well I know exactly what to do with you.” The puffball said,

“Wa-Wait please don’t—” King Dedede stammered before he was levitated into the air. The king looked to see the puffball was now holding a short wand with a turquoise stick and a brown star on it to top it off. The puffball levitated Dedede out of the dumpster before walking out of the alleyway and towards a house that had turquoise stars painted on the roof. The puffball stepped inside and shut the door, King Dedede tried to speak but he found he couldn’t as the puffball led him into a bathroom that had a bathtub full of sudsy water. King Dedede mentally raised an eyebrow as he was disrobed and laid in the water.

“I wanna make this clear, you try to runaway and I will kill you. Is that clear?” The puffball and King Dedede stiffly nodded his head, the puffball then removed the levitation spell before levitating a basket of things into the toilet seat. King Dedede expected it to be torture tools of some kind but much to his surprise in the basket there was three bottles of bath wash, a scrub brush, a large plastic gag that was shaped like a strawberry, and a towel. At first the king relaxed realizing he was just going to get a simple bath. But as he got a closer look at the bottles his face and beak reddened as his heart leaped these weren’t normal bath washes. One large green bottle read; ‘Peppermint Tingle Wash A fizzing potion which makes skin tingle intensely. Caution: Use sparingly on sensitive areas’.

A smaller purple bottle was labelled: ‘Volt Vibration Wash This potion sends small jolts of electricity to the area where it is applied causing it to vibrate. Warning, using on wet skin will intensify the jolts greatly’. And a tub of white liquid was labelled; ‘Sensitivity Wash. A lotion which will make bare flesh incredibly soft and sensitive’.

“Wha-What are you gonna do?” King Dedede stammered,

“Easy, I’m gonna turn you into a sexpet. Your gonna be my obedient little pet and in exchange for your obedience you get to have as much pleasure as you want. If you fail to obey me then….well….you will get punished.” The puffball said. King Dedede began to panic as he tried to get up only for the puffball to hit him hard on his beak. Dedede yelped,

“Sit back down or I’ll give you something to panic over!” The puffball said and King Dedede sat back down in fear. The puffball seemed pleased as he smiled, he took the strawberry gag and stuffed it into King Dedede’s mouth. The king felt his mouth being opened as the puffball tied the gag tightly around his face securing the gag. The puffball then took the scrub brush and dunked the head into the water. Before taking the green bath wash and squirting a generous amount on the head.

King Dedede could smell the scent of peppermint as his body tensed up. The king shook his head frantically but the puffball paid the action no heed as he pulled on Dedede’s beak forcing the king to stand on all fours. The puffball then used his wings to fly into the air and began to scrub King Dedede’s back and neck. The penguin could feel the wash enter his pores causing his back and neck to tingle. King Dedede held back a moan at the oddly pleasant sensation.

The puffball then grabbed the green bottle and put even more wash on it before scrubbing Dedede’s behind and penis. King Dedede gasped as his face and beak went redder his behind and penis began to tingle in seconds causing him to groan.

“There it is, that feels nice dosen’t it? And good news this lasts for a good ten hours, and just wait until I put the other stuff on.” The puffball said, Dedede whimpered. The puffball then used even more green wash before scrubbing King Dedede’s behind and penis again. Dedede couldn’t hold back any moans as he could feel himself starting to grow hard.

“Ohhh~! Your sensitive too, I can’t wait to see how sensitive you are after I put the other wash on you!” The puffball said before levitating King Dedede into his back into the water. And it was then Dedede could get a good look at his half-hard throbbing member that was now tingling like the rest of his body. The puffball then began to scrub King Dedede’s stomach and chest before stopping.

“Now wash all that off, got it.” King Dedede nodded and washed all the suds off as the puffball rises out the brush in the sink, the king felt ashamed of himself he couldn’t believe he was being bossed around like this. But he was much too afraid to see what would happen if he disobeyed. Once King Dedede was done he sat in the water trying to ignore the tingling sensation all over his body especially at his groin and butt. He could only watch as the puffball flew over to the purple bottle and squirted a large amount on the head of the scrub brush. King Dedede could smell the scent of grapes as dread filled his heart, wasn’t that the vibrating wash?

Oh-no, he didn’t want to know what that stuff would feel like on his already tingling skin.

“Butt facing me.” The puffball said and King Dedede’s eyes widened, he wasn’t just going to apply the last two soaps to his most sensitive areas right? The puffball glared at Dedede for a moment and that scared the king to doing what he was told. Not a second later King Dedede felt the puffball scrubbing his backside and penis the wash entered his pores. And in a few seconds an electrifying-vibrating feeling accompanied the tingling feeling to his groin and behind. King Dedede bit hard on the gag trying not to moan but the puffball seemed to apply more wash and scrubbed faster and harder.

Dedede moaned as his legs and arms shook he could feel his member growing harder as the intense feelings the wash caused overwhelmed his senses.

“Awww, someone must really not have enough time to get naughty, well don’t worry your gonna have more then enough chances to make up for it. Now wash the suds off.” The puffball said, King Dedede obeyed and sat in the water and the penguin moaned as the water seemed to make the vibrating and electrifying feeling grow stronger.

“Alright, butt back up.” The puffball said, and King Dedede got back up. He looked out of the corner of his eyes to see the puffball washing the brush off before placing a lot of the white wash on the brush. King Dedede whimpered between the tingling, electrifying, and vibrating feeling he felt on his behind and penis he knew this would only make the three feelings stronger. The puffball then began to wash King Dedede’s most intimate areas for the last time and he made sure to scrub hard. Dedede felt his legs and arms nearly give out as his areas became overly soft and sensitive.

And with this his thoughts had been proven right as the tingling, electrifying, and vibrating feelings increased drastically. Dedede moaned as he panted behind the gag there was no denying it, he was horny and as hard as a brick.

“Good, that’s very good, enjoy the pleasure. Now wash that off.” The puffball said and King Dedede whimpered he wanted more, and he hated himself for it. But nerveless the horny king put his behind back in the water. King Dedede didn’t even try to stop his moans as the water made his overly sensitive, electrifying, vibrating, and tingling intimate areas intensify in feeling. The puffball then levitated the stopper out of the tub before placing it to the side.

“You did very good, I think you’ll be a good sexpet unlike my other darlings. Now, out the tub.” The puffball said, and King Dedede got out of the tub wincing as he put too much pressure on his prosthetic. On instinct the king stood up on two feet but the puffball hit his prosthetic. “Back on all fours.” He said, King Dedede got back on all fours and the puffball began to dry him off. The puffball seemed to purposely linger longer on King Dedede’s behind and penis though then any other area causing the penguin to moan. Once that was done the puffball levitated the basket away back to it’s proper place and ushered Dedede out the bathroom leaving the towel behind. The puffball then led King Dedede into his bedroom as the penguin struggled to walk on all fours. Once the two we’re in the bedroom King Dedede saw there was a long blue mat on the floor.

It was surrounded by baby powder, baby wipes, rash cream, lube, and an anal vibrator that had a black remote to go with. King Dedede’s eyes widened as his face went redder and he momentarily forgot how horny he was, that puffball wasn’t going to do what he thought he was going to do…..right?

“Lay down on the mat.” The puffball said and King Dedede whimpered as he walked over to the mat and lied down, the king decided to distract himself as he focused on his member. The eight-inched penis was completely erect as it throbbed and pulsed erratically begging for attention. King Dedede shut his eyes, this couldn’t happening, he had to be having some sort of nightmare. And as the penguin opened his eyes again he saw the puffball approaching him with a large thick diaper. King Dedede felt the puffball position the diaper underneath him and he shook his head frantically he couldn’t do this!

“No? Well I’m sorry, but you see since your gonna be my sexpet you won’t have the privileges you once had which includes bathroom visits. From now on your gonna wear your bathroom and your gonna use it or you can always go outside but I don’t think you’ll like the option any better.” The puffball said, he then began to wipe the penguin down generously on Dedede’s bottom and penis causing the penguin to moan once again. The penguin didn’t dare try to thrash or squirm knowing that would not be a wise move especially with the puffball so close to his intimate areas. He then went into spreading the rash cream and adding a lot of baby powder to it. The puffball then held up the vibrator for King Dedede to see and the penguin shook his head no he wasn’t sure if the puffball would be gentle and he didn’t want to find out. But once again the puffball paid no mind as he put lots of lube on the vibrator he then used his levitation spell to part Dedede’s butt cheeks the penguin moan in response.

The puffball then slide the vibrator in King Dedede’s rectum and the penguins breathe hiked as moans and groans of pain came from behind the gag. The puffball went as slow as possible sliding it in as deep as it could go into Dedede’s inexperienced hole.

“You must be a virgin aren’t you?” The puffball said, and King Dedede hesitantly nodded as he breathed heavily his body trying to get used to the foreign object in him. Finally though the vibrator hit the end if King Dedede’s rectum while also hitting his prostate. Dedede let out a loud short moan when this happened and bit hard on the gag trying hard to fight his urges.

“Ohh, your prostate is a lot deeper in then our species, your kind must have a lot of fun in the bed.” The puffball said as he closed the large diaper causing it to crinkle. The puffball then took the vibrator remote and waved it in front of Dedede. The penguin whimpered in need and dread when he saw this,

“This will be used later.” The puffball said. He then flew around the room putting all of the changing supplies up while putting the vibrator remote onto his person. Once the puffball was done he looked under the bed for something only to pull back a second later looking slightly annoyed. “Dang it, must’ve left it in the living room, stay here.” The puffball said, before walking out the room. That left King Dedede laying on his back in fear, the penguin was too scared to get up and he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to leave this house he was in a diaper! Dedede felt tears stream down his face, what would his kingdom say if they saw him like this? What would Bud say? Finally King Dedede rested his gaze on the large white diaper, and he was soon reminded on how horny he felt.

‘Well….since there’s no way out of here….why not take care of this?’ King Dedede thought and the penguin bit the gag, he couldn’t do that! He needed to focus, but he couldn’t even think straight with how horny and stressed-out he felt. King Dedede looked at the door and back at the diaper, a little rubbing wouldn’t hurt and that puffball would never be the wiser. The penguin plunged one of his hands into the thick padding and Dedede shuddered moaning in pleasure that wash really had made him very sensitive. King Dedede then put his other hand on the padding and began to work up a rhythm, the penguin moaned as he shut his eyes in pure bliss as the padding crinkled loudly.

‘Oh yeah~! Yes that’s it.’ King Dedede thought as he felt a pressure begin to build in him, the pressure grew as the penguin realized he was going to cum. In response to this Dedede rubbed faster completely forgetting about his situation. The pressure grew and grew until it became unbearable and King Dedede was panting like a dog. But just as Dedede felt he was going to cum he felt something hard slap him on the beak. King Dedede’s eyes shot open and he looked to see the puffball.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah. You don’t get to pleasure yourself unless I say so.” The puffball said, and King Dedede didn’t know whether to cry from humiliation or need. The penguin pulled his hands from his padding and the puffball nodded.

“Good so listen here, since you are my sexpet your gonna need a new name.” The puffball said, before he showed King Dedede a large metal collar with a length of chain connected to it that had the name “Naughty Padding” engraved on it. King Dedede whimpered as the puffball slide the collar on his neck, once the puffball was done he smiled. “Get up, on all fours.” He said, and the newly named Naughty Padding got up. The puffball admired his work before smiling.

“Good and my name is Thespian, but you will call me Daddy Thespian. Alright?” Thespian said, and with great difficulty King Dedede nodded. “Very good, very obedient, I like you and we have just enough time to make to class.” He said, King Dedede froze when he heard this. Thespian noticed this and chuckled, “Awww your so cute when your nervous, don’t worry I’m a teacher and your gonna help me with a very important lesson.” He said. And King Dedede gulped as Thespian took the length of chain and led him out the house. His diaper crinkled loudly as King Dedede looked down at the ground in shame. He was diapered, gagged, overly sensitive, horny, and harder then concrete.

The one thing that made this entire thing worse for King Dedede.

Is that he had to use the bathroom.

Chapter Text

King Dedede stared out at a sea of young star warriors as they all looked at him in mocking wonder. Thespian stood on his desk in the red dimly lit room,

“Kids today we have a very important lesson, how you train a sexpet. But first I’m gonna let him introduce himself to the class.” He said. King Dedede shifted slightly as he could feel his bowls begin to ache in need and the vibrator in him didn’t help whatsoever. Thespian walked over to King Dedede and untied the gag before pulling it out. He then motioned over for King Dedede to speak.

“H-Hello…..m-my name is Naughty Padding.” King Dedede muttering too embarrassed to speak up,

“Oh I’m sorry I don’t think the children heard you. Did anyone hear him?” Thespian said with a wicked grin. The children all shook their heads no pretending not to hear King Dedede. Thespian and his sexpet locked eyes, “Speak up, and I’ll let you have a bathroom break. I know you have to go.” He said. King Dedede bit his lip he needed to go very bad but he had a feeling he wouldn’t like what Thespian had in store.

“M-My name is Naughty Padding.” King Dedede said forcing his voice to raise in volume,

“Good, now why don’t we deal with that pesky bowel and bladder control.” Thespian said before pulling out a pocket watch. “Pay attention class, if you want your sexpet to use their diapers then your gonna have to do this.” The adult star warrior then set the pocket watch aside before pulling out his wand, he then tapped the top of his wand on his hand and Dedede felt the vibrator suddenly disappear from his rectum. King Dedede gasped and shuttered, he was ashamed that he had actually gotten used to the vibrator being in him.

“Daww, don’t worry. The vibrator will go back in you in a minute.” Thespian said and King Dedede blushed, the puffball then put his wand away before swinging the pocket watch in front of King Dedede’s eyes. “Just watch the watch.” He said, and Dedede gulped as he reluctantly obeyed locking his eyes on the watch. And as the diapered king followed the watch with his eyes he began to feel very tired. King Dedede tried to force himself to stay awake but he failed as his closed shut and for a moment he was in darkness. A bell was suddenly heard and Dedede opened his eyes and looked around he saw the kids we’re eyeing him in curiosity.

“Did it work?” One kid said,

“Just give it a few seconds.” Thespian replied as he was putting his pocket watch and small bell away. King Dedede was confused and afraid, what did what work? What had that puffball done? But before Dedede could question anything else he suddenly felt as if someone had kicked him in the gut as his butt rose almost instinctively into the air. And before King Dedede could register what was going on his bowels released and his waste piled into the diaper as it began to crinkle. The penguins eye’s widened, his beak went red, and he grunted in relief and humiliation.

Eventually though the king’s bowels ran out of waste and Dedede was able to lower his behind again tears brimming in his eyes. Thespian then pulled out his wand again and tapped the top of his wand against his hand and Dedede felt the vibrator return causing him to yelp at the sudden intrusion.

“Aww you really had to go didn’t you? Don’t cry, Naughty Padding, that’s why you need diapers.” Thespian said,

“I….I need diapers?” King Dedede repeated, did he really need diapers? Well he had just used his diaper so that was solid evidence, but no that couldn’t be right something was wrong…he could feel it.

“Yes you need diapers, now why don’t you sit down? You don’t want to stay on your prosthetic for too long, I’ll start to hurt then.” Thespian said, and Dedede felt a dull pain shoot through the bone and flesh that kept his prosthetic foot in place. Something still didn’t feel right but King Dedede sat down anyway in his heavily confused state. The penguin moaned slightly as his diaper cringed and squished his own mess pushing up against his groin. Thespian then walked over to King Dedede and put the strawberry gag in his mouth before tying it tightly around his face.

“Good, Paddy, good. I think you deserve a reward for your obedience, and does anyone know what obedient sexpet’s get?” Thespian said as he turned to the crowd of children, all the young star warriors had their hands up. The winged star warrior smiled as he pointed to a young black star warrior.

“Is it pleasure?” He asked,

“Why yes it is!” Thespian replied before pulling out the remote to the vibrator. “What level should we set this at?” He said,

“The highest level!” One girl blurted.

“The highest level, huh? Does anyone else think this?” Thespian said and all the kids started talking over one another, eventually though the winged puff ball rose his hand and everyone went silent. “Alright kids, the highest level it is.” He said before turning the dial on the remote as far as it could go, and in an instant King Dedede moaned as his prostate was mercilessly massaged. The penguin’s penis began to throb erratically again. Dedede felt any sort of shame he would’ve felt melt away as pleasure, as his hands shook wanting to rub his privates till they we’re numb. Drool leaked from the corners of King Dedede’s mouth as he landed on his back his limbs no longer cooperating. The penguin felt a pressure building in him as he cracked his eyes open to see Thespian.

“Do you want to cum?” The puffball asked, King Dedede desperately nodded and he watched as Thespian waved the kids over. The young star warriors then began to rub the front of King Dedede’s diaper all of them laughing like this was some sort of game. Dedede felt his still warm waste rub against his member as he shut his eyes in absolute pleasure, no longer caring around anything but cumming. The pressure in King Dedede built up and built up until the penguin was panting like a dog moaning and groaning uncontrollably. Finally King Dedede cummed and the penguin moaned louder then he had ever before as his member powerfully pumped out load after load of white sticky cum.

Eventually the penguin’s climax ended and Dedede was left in afterglow as he watched the kids leave still laughing. And once the king’s afterglow faded he heard a bell go off and Thespian said goodbye to the kids as they left. Once he was done the puffball walked over to King Dedede and pulled in his chain leach.

“Come on, Naughty Padding, we have places to be.” Thespian said and the penguin hesitantly got up on all fours. King Dedede moaned and shuttered as his poop and rubbed against his member and the vibrator continued to vibrate against his prostate. Thespian then began to walk him and his sexpet out of the school as King Dedede felt himself grow hard again.