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Star Killers

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King Dedede sat on his royal throne as he sighed a few documents and contacts with his royal advisor by his side. King Dedede’s royal advisor was an orange Bo with white eye’s as he had a serious yet relaxed expression. The king however yawned as he sighed the fiftieth document of the day. Being a king could be so boring and overbearing sometimes as King Dedede massaged his sore wrist from writing. King Dedede wished something interesting would happen, he could really use some excitement.

Now it wasn’t that the king was ungrateful for his kingdom but he had heard of kings who had saved their people from certain death! And what was he doing? Signing contacts, going to boring meetings, going to fancy parties, and looking after a kingdom so peaceful that people would walk around with one million dollars in their pockets and they wouldn’t get mugged! King Dedede couldn’t help but feel jealous when he heard other planets had been in extreme parole from being wiped of the space charts, and what did he get? An eternity of boredom,

“Uh….sir?” A voice said snapping King Dedede out of his thoughts.

“Hmmm?” The king replied with his face in his palm,

“You’ve broken another pen.” His royal advisor said pointing to King Dedede’s right had which was now covered in black ink with a pen split in two. King Dedede blushed as he handed the pen to his royal advisor who handed him a wet wipe in return. The king wiped away the ink, as he sighed in boredom.

“Sir…..” The royal advisor said and King Dedede gazed over to him, “This is the tenth pen you’ve broken today, is there something wrong?” the king simply shook his head.

“No, it’s fine.” King Dedede said, his royal advisor raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak but suddenly the throne room doors swung open. A royal guard known as Big Dice came barreling into the room his gold armor shimmering as he held a blood red envelope firmly in his mouth. Once he got up to King Dedede he stopped and the king took the envelope. The king looked at the envelope and saw that the letter was sealed with a golden star sticker. And King Dedede’s royal advisor saw this too.

And when he saw the sticker the royal advisor gasped his eyes going wide with fear.

“Big Dice, leave us.” He said and Big Dice nodded before running out the room making sure to shut the door, “Si-Si-Sir….please don’t….” the royal advisor started but he trailed off when he saw King Dedede was already opening the envelope. The king pulled out the card and as soon as he made contact with it King Dedede felt a chill go up to spine and he suddenly felt very sick. King Dedede's royal advisor appeared to have a similar reaction nearly hitting the ground from the sudden rush of feeling’s.

“Sir! Don’t open it!” The advisor said, but King Dedede didn’t pay any mind. Out of all the feelings coursing through his veins excitement and adrenaline was one of them. Finally something exciting was happening to him! King Dedede looked at the jet black card which was completely blank on the front he then opened the card. The king cringed as he opened the card a cold feeling washing over him, King Dedede’s royal advisor began to shake.

King Dedede read the card as the writing was scrawled in what looked to be red ink.

Dear King Dedede,

If you are receiving this letter this means you are invited to the opportunity of a lifetime. You are herby invited to Star Warriors Planetversary. It’s the celebration of our planet first being founded, if you choose to except this then as soon as you step foot on our planets surface you are no longer a king. Your royal status is null-n'-void, you will have to follow our customs and traditions, you will have to eat our food and soak in as much as our culture as you can. If all goes well you will be given flora and fauna, food, and history books from our land along with fifty grand.

On the left side of the card you will see a ticket for you and one guest. And if you agree then all you have to do is fill in the yes box with your own blood. Then a carriage will come and pick you and your guest up. Here’s is the needed information if you wish to come:

Star Warriors Planetversary
Planet: Black Star
Galaxy: Starquility
Date: December 21st 2027
Time: 5:00 pm to 12:00 am

We do hope you come in visit….

King & Queen Poppy

King Dedede was in a cold sweat as soon as he was done reading the letter. He looked down past all the writing and saw a yes and no box. He looked to the left side of the open card and indeed he saw two tickets tapped to the card.

“Sir, please don’t go there.” King Dedede’s royal advisor said,

“Of course, but, do you mind leaving for a moment? I need a second alone.” King Dedede said and his royal advisor nodded as it appeared to the king that he needed to moment to collect himself as well. As soon as the door was shut however King Dedede read over the card again. King Dedede’s mind was screaming at him to burn the card as he couldn’t seem to get rid of the chilling feeling he’d gained since he had opened the letter. The king knew that there wasn’t something right here and the letter supported it with several red flags in it. But King Dedede couldn’t help but feel excited (if not a bit scared) this was something interesting!

This was something that would probably never happen again in his entire life. And this was probably something that could get himself killed, but this was the adventure he wanted.

And King Dedede certainty was not board anymore.