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Final Anime Versus Quotes

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A/N: The results of boredom. No, really.

Some of the characters here, I'm considering tossing into Final Anime. Some are already there.

If you guys have suggestions, go ahead.

Published: 5/24/2018

Warnings: None


Final Fantasy I

Warrior of Light: A Paladin, huh? You're not even half as cool as my old man!

Garland: What's with this cycle stuff?

Final Fantasy II

Firion: They say imitation is the finest form of flattery, but I think dad would be offended.

Emperor: What are you supposed to be, the demon lord of leopards?

Final Fantasy III

Onion Knight: Cheer up little guy!

Cloud of Darkness: Woah! Er… Could you put some clothes on, maybe?

Final Fantasy IV

Cecil: Dark and Light, huh? I could learn from you.

Kain: You remind of Yukio in his bitch phase.

Golbez: Doesn't it get hot in that armor?

Final Fantasy V

Bartz: This is gonna be fun!

Galuf: Are you, like, the old man reborn?

Exdeath: I think I'll give you to Shiemi. She'll tame the shit out of you.

Final Fantasy VI

Terra: Just like me. Half and half, huh?

Locke: Sooooo.... Where's that manga I let you borrow?

Edgar: I'm burning you to the ground like I did to the last king I met!

Kefka: Oh great, just what I need. Another crazy gay clown in my life.

Final Fantasy VII

Cloud: You look like a guy who had his puppy killed right in front of him.

Zack: … Oh. You must be the puppy.

Tifa: Bring it, Boobzilla 2.0!

Genesis: Well, well, well. If it isn't the pretty boy.

Sephiroth: Compensating for something?

Final Fantasy VIII

Squall: Well, aren't you just a ray of sunshine?

Laguna: I think you and I will get along fine!

Ultimecia: Ah hell, another time manipulator? Please tell me you aren't Mephisto's secret love child?

Final Fantasy IX

Zidane: You have a tail too?! Wait, you aren't some top secret forged weapon born to destroy the world too, are you?

Kuja: Yukio in drag. Now I've seen everything.

Final Fantasy X

Tidus: I never did like jocks.

Yuna: You… Remind me of someone important to me.

Jecht: We shitty kids never listen, huh?

Final Fantasy XI-XIII

Shantotto: Woah! Almost didn't see you there!

Vaan: So… Teach me that pyroball of yours? Pretty please?

Gabranth: I didn't realize Angel had a spirit twin.

Lightning: You're just plain ruthless, huh?

Final Fantasy XV

Noctis: Wanna join my 'I got a badass dad' club?

Ardyn: Those demons of yours… I'll burn them away!

Ao no Exorcist

Rin: This again? Come on, then!

Yukio: Yukio! You're coming back with me, whether you like it or not!

Lucifer: You and Mephisto are cut from the same cloth.

Assassination Classroom

Korosensei: You know, I think your classes would be way funner than Yukio's!

Shiro: Lives don't exist for you to toy with them!

Avatar the Last Airbdender

Aang: Those are some badass tattoos! Awesome, little man.

Zuko: So… Do you think your sis might be related to me?

Wan: World peace, huh?

Korra: I'm the Son of Satan, and you gotta deal with it!


Ichigo: Let's see that Hollow of yours.

Aizen: Ah crap! Should I close my eyes?


Buffy: Hey, do you wanna help me kill a hell god?

Angelus: So, that's what I'll be if I lose against my demon.


Piper: Badass power mom? I like you!

Wyatt: Don't let those powers of yours go to your head!

Devil May Cry

Dante: Are you me grown up? Lame!

Vergil: Hey, can I borrow that sword of yours?


Shizuo: Awesome! I always wanted to fight someone as strong as me!

Izaya: Yeah, no. Stay away from my bro! Can't have someone like you corrupting him even more!

Fairy Tail

Natsu: Let's see if you can eat these flames!

Gray: You know, my demon likes the all natural look too, if you know what I mean.

Erza: Woah! Where do you hide all those swords?

Mavis: Looks like a little girl, ain't a little girl.

Zeref: You can't really control it, can you?

Acnologia: The universe isn't yours to destroy!

Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward: So… How'd a pipsqueak like you end up here?

Alphonse: My man, that armor is on point.

Pride: You aren't really a little boy, are you?

Wrath: Maybe I should keep my distance...


Gintoki: We should so have a bake off after this!

Katsura: I'm genuinely surprised you aren't running for the hills.

Utsuro: I never wanna feel as empty as you look, that's for sure.

Harry Potter

Harry: Your dad is your spirit guardian? That's... Pretty awesome, dude.

Voldemort: Even the Hojo's weren't as obsessed with snakes as you are, buddy.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Tsuna: Have a little more confidence in yourself, yeah?

Daemon: Crap! Another illusionist! Really?

Kingdom Hearts

Sora: Even someone like you had their demons, huh?

Aqua: Ah shit. Do I really have to fight you?

Young Xehanort: Silver hair like yours is only cool on old guys!


Merlin: Secrets kill. You know that, right?

Morgana: I think... I could have turned out to be like you, if things had been different.

Mortal Instruments

Clary: You don't look like much of a fighter, to be honest. Wanna sit this one out?

Sebastion: Ah, more wonderful proof that I totally lucked out with Yukio as my sibling!

My Hero Academia

Izuku: Don't break yourself now.

Katsuki: And I thought Bon had anger problems.


Naruto: Wait, your demon is separate? How does that work?

Menma: I'll show you what a real demon is made of!

Sasuke: You don't know how to brother, do you?


Yato: Hey, Yato! If I win, you'll grant me a wish, right?

Yaboku: Who the hell let you out of the cat?

Once Upon a Time

Emma: For the record, no, I'm not related to Hades! … I think.

Rumple: Yikes man! That skin… You should see someone about that.

Black Fairy: Anyone willing to let you around kids needs to be shot. Repeatably.

Gothel: I know you're the bad guy and all, but I really don't wanna hurt you. 

Percy Jackson

Jason: You can fly? That's so cool!

Percy: I hear you're the local horse whisperer.


Clark: Hey! The only guy who's gonna be staring as a manga hero here is me!

Lex: Nothing you say shall ever convince me that you do not wax that shinny little head of yours.

Conner: Clones, clones, clones... I am so getting sick of clones! You aren't secretly related to me too, are you? 

Shingeki no Kyogin

Eren: Hey! Ichigo was right, you do sound like me!

Annie: Of course, the hot one is evil.

Star Wars

Luke: I wish I could do that whole Force thing of yours. Hashtag Jealous!

Vader: Tall, dark, and cyborgy. Can I call you Darth Alphonse?

Exile: Don't eat me, please and maybe?

Revan: There's more to you than meets the eye.

Jaina: Hey, Jaina, wanna be sparring partners?

Caedus: The future isn't written in stone!


Loki: Oh wow. Someone actually took being adopted worse than I did.

Azula: Ah hell, you're not secretly my sister, are you?

Saix: There's more to life than rage and anger!

Dabi: Dude. What happened to your face? Yikes!