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Finally back at their hotel in America, they were all tired. Constant practicing for their performance, now over they can rest for a couple of days before getting back to it.

Taehyung, Jimin , Jungkook , and Yoongi all stayed outside a little longer before going into the expensive hotel. Yoongi had been smoking his weed passing it between Jungkook and Taehyung, visibly relaxing. After they finished, Taehyung went in first, the other three followed soon after. 

In the elevator Jungkook had been rubbing Jimin's ass, or between his legs from behind. He smirked as the older struggle to hold his composure with his bandmates and two other people.


Jimin Namjoon and Jungkook shared a room. It was big, three beds and enough room for a lot of clothes. A closet, a tv and large windows for the view.

Namjoon was in the shower and Jimin really had to pee, his bladder was calling, if he closed his thighs together it  took away some tension for a couple seconds.

"Hyung! Hurry up!" Jimin yelled banging on the door. He was ready to go to a different  to pee, until Jungkook trapped him in his arms against the wall.

"How does it feel, kitten? Does it hurt, feel uncomfortable?"

"Fuck off Jungkook..." Jungkook and Jimin have been in a secret relationship for almost six months. They were planning on coming out after a year, until then, they had to keep low.

He loved the teasing of the younger , the harsh words and rough treatment.

"Go ahead Jimin. Pee on yourself."

"That's hyung to you." Jimin snapped.

"And that's daddy to you." Jungkook grabbed his neck, squeezing lightly, feeling him swallow under his palm." Pee, you have to go so bad right Jimin?" He rubbed his knee against his crotch. Jimin whined, holding onto his shoulders.

"Let it go hyung. Wouldn't it feel so much better if you went?" Jimin looked up at him, his eyes rolling back as he finally let go, emptying his bladder on the white tiles of the hotel floor.

"Oh God-" he moaned, sliding down the wall as he continued to pee, feeling more relaxed by the second. Jungkook left the room, Namjoon came out the shower, stepping right in the puddle of yellow.

"Really!?" He yelled, going back into the bathroom and slamming the door.


It was late when Jungkook came back, almost 2 In the morning. the puddle cleaned up, but the faint smell of piss lingering in the room. Namjoon was fast asleep, he'd probably stay asleep if he were slapped. He seen Jimin's still body on his bed also, plump lips spread open as he breathed steadily. He walked around the bed, climbing in next to Jimin. He ran his hand along his back then throwing the covers of if him.


"Hyung." He shook him awake.

"Hmm?" He groaned in his sleep, letttimg the younger wrap an arm around him. His eyes snapped open when his boxers were being pulled down his muscular thighs." Jungkook...?" He whispered." What the hell are you doing?" He tried pushing him back, but the younger was stronger and already ripping open a packet of lube with his teeth and squeezing it over his cock.

"Jungkook not here-" he kept ignoring him though, rubbing his cock and positioning himself at his entrance. He seen Namjoon shift, and turn to the other side."I'm not prepared..." Jungkook pulled his body  closer to his own, rubbing his cock between the thick thighs

"Youll be fine." Jungkook smirked."Listen bitch, you're gonna stay quiet for daddy right?" He was slipping inside, almost half way.

"I-i...Ah~" his hand gripped the pillow, trying to stuff his face into it. Jungkook pulled his hair, yanking his head up out the fluffy pillow. He moved his hand from his waist to his ass, squeezing and digging his nails into it, Jimin moaned at the stinging sensations. 

"You're gonna be good for daddy right?"

"Yes... Yes daddy." He pushed back against him.Jungkook smirked, surging his hips foreward. "Oh shit." His voice raising. Jungkook grabbed his neck, cutting off his air.

"Shut up. Look at you, you fucking slut, you must want everyone to hear and come see what a whore you are." He squeezed harder. Jimins face was red and could be seen in the darkness, his back was arched so hard it started to hurt. He needed to hold onto something. He held onto Jungkook's thick wrist, holding onto it for dear life, his small hands could barely wrap around it.

"Fuck me. Jungkook  please fuck- oh right there!" His voice going higher until he let out a squeal, silent moans and hard breaths to try and control his voice. His body rocked with Jungkook's, his eyes closing slowly. Jungkook slapped him, moving is chin to look at him.

"Dont black out this time baby. If you do I'll make sure to fuck the life out of you." His thrusts became harder, more mean until Jimin felt like Jungkook was in his stomach

"You like this big dick bitch?" When he didn't get an answer he slapped his ass, getting on top of him and shoving his head into the pillow." Shit, I should fill you up, right kitten?"

"Ya..." Jimin mewled, trying his best to control the scream he wanted to release from his strained throat."Yes daddy. Yes, yes fill me. F-fill me s-so good." His voice trailed off, cutting off once Jungkook empties his hot cum inside of him, making sure to bury himself deep.

"This is mine, never forget that." He growled.


"N-never daddy." Jimin agreed with him. Jungkook moved off of him, pulling out and reaching under Jimin, pumping his small cock.

"I miss your tight ass already." He rubbed his fingers along his spread hole, poking the top of one in." Say thank you to daddy." He rubbed his hand along the base, then his thumb over the head.

"T-thank-" he could barely think with the large hand rubbing his cock. He grabbed Jungkook's wrist trying to slow him down. Jungkook didn't let up though.."Thank you." He said once his voice was steady enough.

"So thin, so small, barely anything compared to mine. Look at it, might as well he a girl, you slut."

"I-its n-not s...small."

"So then what is it, huh? Its barely average." He tightened his hand around him, pumping it faster." It probably would only sit on my tongue, barely even go down my throat." Jimin moaned, keeping his face in the pillow and biting it. Once he came he let out a deafening high pitched mewl. His hand covered in white ropes of cum.Jungkook brought his hand near his mouth, licking off the white fluid.

"So sweet." He squeezed his ass, sliding his cock between his cheeks just to tease him.

"Good boy. Once were back in Korea, I'll fuck you in your own closet, ok hyung?" He smeared his own cum against his face.

"Y-yeah..." Jimin breathed, ready to sleep.

Jungkook got up, walking around the bed and rubbing the head of his cock against Jimin's tongue.

"Wanna suck it?"