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“So, it’s been how long?” Taehyung asked Jimin as he plucked a mug from the rack and poured some of the filter coffee from the machine, watching as the panda’s face was revealed as the hot water filled up the cup.

“Three months, two days and-“ Jimin looked at the clock behind him, “seven minutes,” he sighed in frustration as he slumped down onto the stool by the island counter in the middle of their kitchen, hands cupping his chin sadly. “He hid my dildo so I’ve had to use my fucking fingers.” Taehyung ruffled Jimin’s hair as he sat beside him, shooting him a sympathetic look before replying,

“Poor Chimmy, your libido must be sky high.”

“It is.” Jimin shoved his face into his hands, letting out a sob of annoyance into the palms. “I just want my boyfriend back, Tae, I miss him.”

Jeongguk had been given the task of producing the fan song to be included on the new album. It had been a momentous occasion - one the brown haired boy had been waiting for forever since he suggested the idea during a team meeting. That night, Jimin had ridden Jeongguk to high heavens, emotions running high off the excitement of a new challenge. Little did Jimin know at that time that he would lose his boyfriend to a set of headphones, a microphone, and a computer.

At the start, Jimin had been ecstatic for his boyfriend; the opportunity meant that Jeongguk had been able to finally show what potential he had kept inside all those years. Jimin had been over the moon - praising him twenty-four-seven, telling how much of a wonderful job he would do. The older had been looking forward to it as much as the others had, all of them had been beyond proud of the youngest member and his achievement, though as time went on and Jeongguk disappeared from the dining table all too quickly to finish off a melody he had been testing out, Jimin wasn’t the only one who was missing his presence.

Taehyung, for one, was distraught without his gaming buddy by his side all the time. Although he managed fine on his own, the older wished Jeongguk would’ve been next to him on the couch as they duelled in Smash or battled in Fortnite. The disappointment was hidden by his boxy smile whenever Jeongguk said he’d miss out on their gaming sessions that day, spilling out encouraging words and compliments instead, watching his back as he had disappeared out of the door and journeyed to the offices.

The older members were more than concerned. The younger would stay in his room, burying his head in his notebook, rubbings scattered around him from dodgy lyrics the boy didn’t like. He was never around, always too preoccupied with the music to think of anything else, and Seokjin couldn’t help but think it was all too much for little Jeongguk.

It wasn’t like the pressure wasn’t getting to him, but Jeongguk just ignored it, telling himself it was only natural to want to work hard on a piece of music he would get credit for. Singing and producing were two completely different things and he was able to finally see what Namjoon was so elated about. The feeling of finishing that final note was above and beyond Jeongguk’s expectations, although, being the perfectionist he was, the job wasn’t done.

And that’s what Jimin was moping on the kitchen counter for, his head resting against the cool marble as he complained to Taehyung for the billionth time about how horny he was, or how lonely his dick felt around his own hand. Taehyung offered to help, perhaps buy him a new dildo, but Jimin declined knowing Jeongguk wouldn’t be happy if Jimin bought a different one.

“Surely, he must be horny as fuck, too,” Jimin whined, turning his head so his cheek lay flat on the countertop, face towards Taehyung who sat with his hands cupping the mug of coffee. “I mean, it’s not like there’s anything sexy about his studio unless he gets off to the polaroids on his door, but they’re not exactly R rated.” Taehyung put his hand on Jimin’s arm, giving him an encouraging squeeze before getting off the stool and walking towards Yoongi’s bedroom. Jimin growled at him as the younger sent him a wink his way, spitting foul insults at him as he smacked his butt and pushed open his boyfriend’s door.

Jimin was left alone once again, the house unusually quiet for a Saturday afternoon. Jeongguk was, not surprisingly, in the studio - a fifteen-minute drive away from his ridiculously needy boyfriend. Not only was Jimin craving to have Jeongguk inside him again, he was longing for a kiss, or a prolonged cuddle, instead of a peck and possibly a quick back hug in the morning if Jimin was lucky, though, more often than not, Jeongguk was already out of the dorm by six am.

Jimin groaned, shoving his hand down his bed shorts and tugging at his member through his boxers to see if he could relieve some of the pressure building up. Not only were Jimin’s fingers to small for his ass, but his hand only just wrapped around his length and that wasn’t near enough satisfying. He was dependant on Jeongguk for pleasure, and it was driving him insane the fact that Jeongguk barely spared him a glance these days.

The door clicked open and Jimin jumped up from his seat, heart accelerating in his chest as he hoped for his boyfriend of three years to appear in the doorway, possibly with a smirk on his lips, although things could be arranged. Jimin practically knocked his head against the countertop when he realised it was Seokjin and Namjoon coming back from the shopping centre where, what looked like, Seokjin had bought new shoes alongside groceries and a strange looking fruit basket.

“No sign of Guk?” Namjoon asked as he slipped off his shoes and into a pair of awaiting slippers before carrying the plastic bags to the counter and unloading the produce. Jimin shook his head and pouted, sniffling sadly although with no tears to accompany it. He had run out of those.

“I’m sure he’ll come around soon, the comeback’s in a month, he really better be done by then,” Seokjin offered, a small smile pressed to his lips reassuringly, and although Jimin wasn’t looking, he could feel the affection from afar.

“I miss him. God, I miss him so much,” Jimin cried, burying his face in his folded arms and huffing exasperatedly. “I’m not going to sit here and listen to Taehyung fucking Yoongi any longer! I have needs, too.” Jimin stood up, pushing himself far too forcefully off the chair, sending the stool flying onto the floor but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He turned to Namjoon,

“Has the laundry been done?” The older shrugged. Of course, who trusted Namjoon with the washing machine anyway? Seokjin butted in to tell Jimin that yes, it had been done and pointed to the basket aside the bathroom door. Jimin leaped towards the pile of fresh clothes, digging his way through the shirts and shorts and underwear with name tags sewn into the hem until he found the pair of boxers that made Jeongguk come in his own at a glance. They weren’t anything special, but Jimin knew that the outline of his dick could be seen through the grey fabric and when he was needy enough, a small dark grey patch would form at the tip of the lump in his underwear, egging Jeongguk on to do something about it. He paid no mind to Hoseok in the corner of their room as he stripped off down to his socks, pulling the boxers over his neglected ass and then the rest of his clothes. Jimin looked himself in the mirror and smirked. The jeans he had tugged on were the most tight-fitting pair he had, and the shirt he wore was Jeongguk’s, stained with the smell of his body wash. Jimin lifted the hem to his nose and inhaled his boyfriend’s smell before patting his ass cheeks with confidence and attaching a choker to his neck.

“Go get him,” Hoseok hollered from over the top of his phone, glancing at Jimin once before winking and returning his attention to his phone. Jimin picked up his phone from his bed where he had left it last, pocketed it and left the apartment, ringing the security in advance before leaving the complex altogether.

Jimin waited outside Jeongguk’s studio for a while, nervousness bubbling in the pit of his stomach as he wiped the sweaty palms of his hands on his jeans. He didn’t quite know why he was so nervous; perhaps, he was being affected too much by the horniness that was consuming him and instead changing it to shyness. As he peered through the frosted glass at the silhouette of his boyfriend’s chair and the top of Jeongguk’s head, Jimin took a deep breath and opened the door. Jeongguk didn’t stir as Jimin approached him, and the older realised why as he got closer. Red headphones were attached to Jeongguk’s ears and the taller was reclined in his chair with his hands on the mouse and keyboard. Jimin tapped his shoulder, frightening the life out of Jeongguk in meantime, although grabbing his attention nonetheless.

“Jimin!” Jeongguk said, surprise laced in his voice. “What are you doing here?” Jimin smiled, fiddling with his hands and bit his lip with anticipation. Jeongguk slipped the headphones off his head and hung them around his neck.

“I missed you,” Jimin replied, his voice unusually quiet.

“I missed you, too.” Jeongguk laid his hands on Jimin’s hips and spread his legs only slightly to bring Jimin into the space before him. “How’s everything back at the dorm?” Jimin muttered a reply of ‘it’s alright’ and began tracing invisible shapes on Jeongguk’s shoulders. Jeongguk reached up to find Jimin’s nape and tugged him in for a soft, loving kiss, one that Jimin hadn’t been able to get for a while. He hummed in appreciation, the bubbles in his stomach now changed back to arousal rather than anxiety. Jimin slipped his hand into Jeongguk’s hair, grasping at the strands at the bottom of his hair and pulling his face impossibly closer. With a shift of his knee, Jimin pushed himself into Jeongguk’s lap.

“Baby, we can’t do this now,” Jeongguk choked, pulling out of the kiss and looking down at Jimin’s knee by his thigh. “I have to w-“

“Work, yeah, I know, that’s all you seem to do these days,” Jimin whined, his bottom lip sticking out slightly.

"Then you know I have to get it finished,” Jeongguk retorted, his tone soft but assertive and Jimin almost felt guilty.

“But it is finished.” Jimin turned on his whiny voice, one that instantly brought him back to his childhood state of begging for ice-creams before dinner.

“I know, but it’s still not perfect.”

“I’m sure it is. Let me listen and I can tell you whether it’s done or not,” Jimin insisted, turning to Jeongguk’s computer and taking control of the mouse.

“No, Jimin, you can’t listen to it yet,” Jeongguk replied, prying Jimin’s hands off his mouse and away from his headphones.

“But you let Namjoon listen to it.”

“He only heard the start.”

“Then let me listen to start.” Jeongguk sighed, the persistence of his boyfriend was giving him a migraine, and, as cute as Jimin’s little pout was, Jeongguk really needed to get some work done.

“I want it to be a surprise.” Jimin looked up to fight back the tears, blinking over and over again just to keep them at bay. “Hey, hey, hey, baby, don’t cry.” Jeongguk reached for Jimin’s waist again, almost encircling his arms around his boyfriend before Jimin was stepping out of his hold and heading toward the door. “Jiminie-“ Jeongguk tried, turning in his seat to face his incredibly upset hyung.

“I just miss you, and I want to kiss you and help you and hug you and cuddle you, but you come in at ridiculous o’clock, fall into bed with your clothes still on, barely even touch me even though I always try my fucking best to spoon with you, you don’t give me kisses anymore, you don’t notice me anymore, you just still in this stupid fucking room all day long with those goddamn headphones on working away and leaving me all alone! I have needs, too, Jeon Jeongguk, and I don’t appreciate you hiding my dildo so I can’t even pretend that you care enough about me to imagine you finally fucking me just how I’ve been waiting for, for three fucking months. I’m tired of this, Jeongguk, I just want my boyfriend back and not one who’s head’s buried in his notebook because he’s suddenly this hot-shot wannabe producer who’s finally able to make a song!” Jimin regretted those last words as soon as he had said it, but the tears were streaming and he was shaking and all he could think about was how much he’d like to get out of the studio as quickly as possible. He didn’t mean to be rude, and he was really, really proud of Jeongguk for finally getting the chance to produce some music, but his emotions were sky high and he wasn’t able to hold himself back.

He was sobbing and as he watched Jeongguk’s pained face, although the taller was trying to hide the fact that Jimin had hurt him, reach for Jimin’s hands to pull him back toward him, Jimin turned and left the room, slamming the door behind him and paying no attention to Jeongguk’s desperate calls from behind him as he fled from the building altogether.

Jimin didn’t even think about falling asleep in Jeongguk’s room like he had been accustomed to do since they started dating. They had slept together before, finding warmth and comfort in their proximity, all before one night, Jeongguk had a particularly interesting dream which ended up with him rutting against Jimin’s thigh and coming in his boxers. You could say that changed their relationship.

As Jimin slipped into his bed, covering himself up with blankets even though it was only half past four, Hoseok asked the question he had been avoiding asking himself during the drive back to the dorm.

“How was it?” Hoseok muttered and Jimin heard his footsteps approach the side of his bed.

“I fucked up,” Jimin replied, burying himself further under the covers, shielding himself from his embarrassment but having it follow him anyway.

“What happened?” Hoseok laid a hand on Jimin’s thigh reassuringly; his thumb gently stroking back and forth in a comforting way.

“I called him a ‘hot-shot wannabe producer’ and stormed off.” Jimin gritted his teeth as he cringed from the memory, completely mortified that he had ever said those words.

“Oh, Jimin.” Hoseok wasn’t much of a help, but his presence calmed Jimin to the point where he re-emerged from the duvet and peered his head out.

“I miss him so much, hyung,” Jimin wept, new tears forming and cascading down his cheeks.

“I know, Chim, I know.”

Over japchae, tteokbokki and a few glasses of yakju, Jimin began to laugh. He was distracted from his ‘Jeongguk worries’ by the smell of the delicious food and the awful puns and jokes Seokjin was picking out of thin air. As he knocked back his second glass of yakju, the front door clicked open and Jimin froze to the spot.

“Jeongguk!” Namjoon exclaimed as the younger pushed his feet into awaiting slippers and threw a smile in the direction of the dining table. “Have some japchae.”

“Let me go wash up and then I’ll join you,” Jeongguk replied, going into his room and dropping his back and jacket down before proceeding to the bathroom. Taehyung watched as the door shut and immediately the six boys huddled closer to the middle of the table and spoke in hushed voices.

“He seems okay? Maybe he didn’t hear what you said,” Hoseok whispered, a noodle slipping past his lips a moment after.

“What did you say?” Yoongi asked, voicing the question all the members wanted to know. Jimin buried his head in his arms, his cheeks flaming with embarrassment.

"He called him a ‘hot-shot wannabe producer’,” Hoseok muttered, holding nothing back and making Jimin feel even more guilty.

“Oh my God,” Namjoon whispered, his voice slightly above a whisper but who blamed him.

“Chim!” Seokjin whispered-yelled - surprised just like the others.

“I know, I know, I fucked up bad, okay?” Jimin said into his arms, his voice barely audible.

“He’s coming back, sit up,” Taehyung hissed as the bathroom door opened and Yoongi quickly engaged conversation as though nothing had happened. Jeongguk took a seat next to Seokjin, leaning over into the middle of the table to grab some food and pile it into his bowl. Jimin couldn’t help but look over at his boyfriend and even though he was still mad and upset about being neglected, he picked up on the redness and puffiness of Jeongguk’s eyes and inwardly screamed.

“How’s the track coming along?” Taehyung asked, directing his voice to Jeongguk who was happily eating on some tteokbokki.

“Good, just making it perfect now,” Jeongguk replied into his food rather than to his bandmates, quickly scrapping at the remains on the side of the bowl and pushing the chopsticks into his mouth. “I ate at the studio so I’m going to head to bed. ‘M pretty tired and could use some time to think of some adjustments.” Before anyone could argue, Jeongguk pushed out his chair, holding his glass and bowl and placing them next to the sink and then rushing to his bedroom hastily. None of the members complained, knowing they’d be wasting their breaths, and instead turned to Jimin was silently crying into his sleeve.

Jimin didn’t even try to go into Jeongguk’s room that night, resorting to cuddling next to Hoseok, finding warmth and emotional support from his friend rather than his lover.

Jeongguk kicked his feet onto his desk, narrowly missing his glass of water with his toe. He hissed as he rolled his neck, the sound of it cracking made him wince. He really needed a massage. With the song almost complete, Jeongguk didn’t spend any time outside of the studio; one time, he had actually slept in his chair and woke up with the worst crick in his next. They were only a couple of weeks away from their comeback and the CDs still needed to be burnt with the tracks.

Jeongguk was panicking. Not only had he ruined it with Jimin, neglecting the most precious thing in his life aside from Bangtan for a period of time he didn’t think he would ever be able to redeem, he was so, so, so stressed from the song. He noticed how Jimin didn’t bother to fall asleep on his bed anymore, and instead found him curled up in his own sheets or cuddling with Hoseok. It wasn’t jealousy that struck his heart when he saw them together, more like hatred - hatred of himself for not being the boyfriend Jimin deserved.

Jimin had visited Jeongguk once in the time after Jimin had gotten upset over not being able to hear the track, and that was only to pass Jeongguk a box of fried chicken the staff had ordered for the boys. Jeongguk had smiled, brushed his hand against Jimin’s as he took the box, and he swore he had seen Jimin bite back a smile too. Jeongguk felt awful that he wasn’t around that much, but, in all honesty, he was only just managing not to crack under the pressure.

An obscene amount of responsibility had been thrown at Jeongguk like a tonne of bricks and although Jeongguk had been waiting for it, it had taken the wind right out of him completely. The poor boy had cried the first few nights, unable to understand why he hadn’t come up with anything worth listening to, but Namjoon had been there and reassured him it would be a long process, but he had faith the youngest would prevail.

Jeongguk finally smiled as he let the music he had made slip through his eardrums as he massaged his neck with his hand. A tear or two swelled up in his eyes as the beautiful vocals and melodies came together. He was beyond proud once he clicked stop at the end of the recording, smiling like an idiot and blushing a deep crimson, so much so he buried his face in his hands in delight.

To: Joonie hyung

finished please come listen

Jeongguk sent Namjoon a quick text and heard an instant ting straight after with a message saying that he would be right over. The brown haired sat in his swivel chair, twirling around like he was on Cloud Nine, humming away to his song - the song he produced. His eyes caught on the photos taped to Jeongguk’s door; a picture of Jimin hugging a cat stuck next to another picture of Jimin, the flash on the camera making his boyfriend look even more ethereal than usual. Jeongguk sighed. He knew he had fucked up badly, and for such a long period, but as he gazed at his beautiful boyfriend on his door, he vowed to make it up to him - the way Jimin liked it.

"This is excellent, Kook,” Namjoon choked out as the audio filed stopped playing and he took the headphones off.

“Really? You really think so?” Jeongguk asked, bouncing up and down in his chair like a little kid.

“Yeah, one-hundred percent. This is amazing.” Jeongguk had only ever seen Namjoon speechless a handful of times, maybe more if he hadn’t been so introverted when he was young, but Jeongguk felt his heart swell as he watched Namjoon’s mouth fall open and closed as he tried to find the words. His hyung swiped a tear across his cheek and Jeongguk cooed at the fact he’d made him cry.

“I’m so proud of you, Kookie,” Namjoon cheered, tugging Jeongguk into a headlock before planting a soft, assured kiss to his hair. “You’ve done so well, this is amazing.” Jeongguk blushed; it was one thing to be complimented by the staff, but it was another to be complimented by The Kim Namjoon - after all, he was the reason he was in BTS and no some other group from another agency.

“Send it over to the managers now, and go fuck your boyfriend, okay?” Jeongguk giggled, nodding and sending the file to the people higher up, glad the weight was off his shoulders and he could finally enjoy the comeback.

“Can we go home now? I really wanna kiss my boyfriend.” Namjoon just giggled, watched as Jeongguk logged off the computer, picked up his belongings and left the studio with a spring in his step.

Jimin, Yoongi, Taehyung, Hoseok, and Seokjin were all sat around the cooker Jin had brought out to fry the meat on, a protective mat under the legs as to not scorch the wood of the dining table. Jimin watched as the meat sizzled and cracked, spitting oil in every which way, catching Jimin on his arm and making him flinch slightly.

“Spread out the kimchi, Jimin. Make sure everyone can get some,” Hoseok instructed, passing a pair of chopsticks to Jimin who started picking apart the layers of the side dish. He heard the door open but paid it no attention, thinking it was either Namjoon coming alone or both of them, though Jeongguk would probably shower anyway.

Surprisingly, Jimin felt a hand on his shoulder, and then a tight grasp on his wrist, big hands pulling him out of his chair and manoeuvring him around the table. “Excuse us,” Jeongguk said to the other members as he pushed Jimin towards his bedroom. Jimin forgot he was mad, forgot to put up a protest or even resist a little, instead, he allowed himself to be pinned against the wall, hot breath mixing with his own as Jeongguk’s face was inches from his own.

“I’m so sorry. I’ve been an ass. I didn’t even think about what you must be feeling whilst I was working. I could’ve- should’ve listened to you and loved you more. I’m really sorry, Minnie. I love you, I’m so sorry,” Jeongguk confessed, his arms weakening, bringing him closer to Jimin. He buried his face into his neck and only then did Jimin realise he was crying.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, baby, it’s okay. I should’ve appreciated you want to work hard on this song, I should’ve been there for you rather than just wanting you for myself. I’m sorry, Gukkie, I’m really sorry about everything I said,” Jimin choked out, his own tears caught in the fabric of Jeongguk’s shirt as he tucked in his face into his shoulder and stroked the small hairs on the back of his neck - the soft locks feeding through his fingers.

A moment longer and Jimin might have missed the sucking on his neck as the comfort of his boyfriend lulled him to sleep, but, he was very much awake now.

“Let me make it up to you,” Jeongguk purred, the vibrations on the wet skin of Jimin’s neck sound shivers down his spine.

"You d-don’t have to,” Jimin whimpered as Jeongguk suckled over the area he liked to mark the most, arms clinging around his middle in almost a childlike way, although nothing about his tongue on Jimin’s neck was childlike.

“I want to,” Jeongguk hummed, kissing down Jimin’s neck to his clavicle, where he bit down slightly, enough to draw a hiss from his boyfriend.

God-“ Jeongguk was enjoying how pliant Jimin was in his hands after only thirty seconds into his To Do List. Right at the top was Jimin’s name, and that was the entire list.

"I’ve missed you so much.” Jeongguk hummed again, kissing over the bite mark he made, soothing the pain and simply enjoying the taste of Jimin on his tongue.

“I’ve missed you, too, hyung,” Jeongguk replied, switching sides as to mark and kiss and lick at another area of exposed skin. In Jeongguk’s defence, Jimin was wearing one of Jeongguk’s shirts that revealed way too much collarbone and shoulder to be appropriate for outside of the dorm, and there was just so much skin it was impossible not want to run his tongue up and down the expanse of Jimin’s neck, licking over the Adam’s Apple he adored so much and softly biting at his jaw.

“You smell so good, Minnie.” Jimin let out a soft sound that made Jeongguk stiffen as he worked his way up Jimin’s face, planting soft, experimental kisses all over the beautiful canvas. “So, so good.” Jeongguk’s lips finally came into contact with Jimin’s after a long awaited time, and it was far beyond what Jimin was expecting. He gasped as Jeongguk’s pushed so fully on his mouth his head crashed almost painfully against the door, but bothered little about the pain and more about how good Jeongguk’s lips felt on his. It had been a while since he had been kissed like that, and Jimin was already getting dizzy.

“Holy fuck,” Jimin whispered after Jeongguk finally released his lips and spun them around, tugging at Jimin’s (his) shirt to pull it over his head, revealing the beautiful skin he wanted to touch so much. In a daze, the boys stripped each other of any clothes, hopping on one foot to remove socks and Jeongguk almost slipped over the bottom of jeans. Jimin yanked them down and tossed them to the side. They stared at each other for a while, like the first time they’d given themselves to each other, both mesmerised by the concept of them finally taking this step, however, fast-forward a few years and Jeongguk was wondering how the hell he got so lucky.

“Get over here,” Jeongguk growled, the arousal fizzing in his stomach daring to explode. Jimin pounced, pushing Jeongguk over and climbing on his lap, shuffling them both up so Jeongguk’s head touched the pillows. “You’re so beautiful,” Jeongguk muttered, tucking a strand of hair behind Jimin’s ear as the older leaned down to nip and suck on Jeongguk’s lobe, pulling the piercing with his tongue and tugging at the soft flesh. Jeongguk’s hands wandered from Jimin’s back down to wear Jimin was sporting a pair of red boxers which so happened to have also been the property of Jeon Jeongguk but who was counting anymore. His hands kneaded the soft pliable skin and he was so tempted to strip Jimin of his underwear and be merciless, Jeongguk knew that he had to take his time with Jimin - precious cargo after all.

Jimin let slip the first moan as Jeongguk continued palming Jimin’s ass cheeks over his boxers, grabbing them with his hands and tugging. Jeongguk let slip his first moan too as Jimin accidentally grounded his hips into Jeongguk’s, the slide of their cocks over their boxers was uncomfortable yet streaks of pleasure shot through both of their bodies.

Jimin took his time marking and kissing and licking Jeongguk’s neck and chest, flicking at his perky nipples with a finger before latching his lips around the mark he had just made right about his left pec. It took all of Jeongguk’s willpower not to slip his hands into Jimin’s boxers, find his way to Jimin’s hole and just perhaps prod at the entrance to get those gorgeous sounds out of Jimin that pushed all the right buttons for the younger.

Although in other activities (ones that didn’t include Jimin naked, or in fact anything to do with Jimin at all) Jeongguk took pride in his self-control, able to teeter on the edge of anger, or sadness, or despair but never let himself go unless he wanted to, when he was with Jimin, it was a whole different ball-game. The need to touch was evidentially becoming too much, so much so that Jeongguk - forgetting all about self-control - tugged at the elastic of Jimin’s boxers and slid his hands under, pushing the material over the curve of Jimin’s ass and exposing Jeongguk’s hands to raw flesh.

Even though Jeongguk couldn’t see it, Jimin’s ass never felt more beautiful. It was supple and soft in his hands, his fingers causing it to squish. Jimin rolled his hips again, the urge to be pleased becoming too much, also.

Fuck-” Jimin cursed, his fingers digging into Jeongguk’s shoulders as he sat up, his mouth dripping salvia, a string of is spit attached from his lip to Jeongguk’s neck.

“You wanna ride my thigh, sweetheart?” Jeongguk asked, his hips quivering to push up but he clenched and held them down, instead letting Jimin rock back and forth over his aching bulge, the feeling of his hard-on between Jimin’s cheeks was ridiculously addictive.

“Y-Yes, fuck, yes,” Jimin stuttered, his hips working hard to grind atop Jeongguk’s, the deliciousness of the friction sent Jimin’s mind into overdrive, his eyes closing and tipping his head back with a release of a moan. As Jimin moved to straddle one leg, Jeongguk clenched the thigh, eliciting a new, higher pitched moan to fall from Jimin’s lips at the pressure of the muscle on his erection. Jimin looked stupidly beautiful sat on Jeongguk’s thigh, his hair pushed back off his head, eyes closed but fluttering slightly with the urge to look at Jeongguk whilst he was rocking his hips on his thigh, his lips were held open, only a crack but beautiful broken moans and groans were slipping from his mouth and Jeongguk really just wanted to kiss him.

So that was he did; he brought one hand to Jimin’s hip, pushing him down firmer on Jeongguk’s thigh, getting yet another high-pitched moan and groaning in reply - the sound of Jimin’s pleasure was delectable. The other then came up to Jimin’s cheek, pulling him down to attach his lips with Jeongguk’s. The kiss was sloppy, a lot of tongues and not a lot of lip but as soon as Jeongguk grabbed Jimin’s lip between his teeth and pulled on it, he was away with the fairies.

Jimin sped up, moving his hips faster as the need to release was building up in his stomach. Jeongguk began pinching and squeezing at his nipples, rolling the bud between his finger and thumb and then sucking it into his mouth like a lollipop. The sensitive tip was completely covered with Jeongguk’s mouth; his tongue flicking back and forth over the small bump was sending unimaginable amounts of pleasure throughout Jimin’s body.

Fuck... I’m- I’m gonna... I’m gonna-“ Jimin panted. Jeongguk, knowing how Jimin never liked messy boxers, pulled his cock out of his underwear so the tip peered out above the waistband. Jimin hissed upon the contact and came with a string of curse words, before collapsing on Jeongguk’s chest, his cum rolling down his chest erotically.

After a moment of gently kissing his forehead and giving him praises, Jeongguk swiped his finger across Jimin’s chest and abdomen, collecting what Jimin has released on his two fingers.

“Such a messy boy,” Jeongguk hummed as he rubbed the substance between his fingers. Jimin licked his lips as he sat up. “Open up.” Jimin complied, feeling his jaw fall open before he could protest (not that he would anyway) and suddenly, Jeongguk was pushing the two digits into his mouth. Jimin’s taste was salty and bitter and he wasn’t a great fan of his own cum, preferring Jeongguk’s wholeheartedly. “Gonna open you up slowly, hyung, gonna make you feel so good you’ll never want that dildo again.” Jimin sighed around Jeongguk’s fingers. The sounds he was making were burning his ears but the way Jeongguk’s cock twitched beneath his hip, he knew it was doing wonders for his boyfriend.

Jimin pressed in for another kiss after Jeongguk had pulled his fingers away, swiping the saliva on the bed sheets next to him and instead, taking hold of Jimin’s waist with his hands. “Think you can come again, baby, just one more for Gukkie?” Jimin hummed against his lips before resting his forehead on Jeongguk’s, their breathing heavy and uneven.

“Turn around for me, Minnie,” Jeongguk said after a moment, his voice hushed and almost secretive, Jimin wasn’t something he wanted to share. “Take off your boxers and turn around.” As Jimin shuffled on the sheets, turning himself to face the door rather than Jeongguk’s face and straddling his hips once again, Jeongguk reached for the bedside cabinet and the draw that Jimin knew all too well. At the sound of the lube bottom being opened, Jimin braced his hands on Jeongguk’s knees and pushed his back out, revealing a lot more of his ass than before.

“Can you get onto your knees, baby? And hold yourself open.” Jimin did as he was told, crawling to his knees and then scooting back so he was closer to Jeongguk. The younger spread his legs so Jimin could lay his head on the mattress as he reached behind him to pull at his cheeks and revealing his puckering hole to the cool air. Jeongguk flung a pillow in Jimin’s direction and hitting in on the head; Jimin let out an ‘oof’ and Jeongguk laughed, apologising by running his lubed hand down his boyfriend’s spine from his neck to the bottom of the spinal cord, smoothing his hands over Jimin’s ass and pulling it closer. Jimin squealed as Jeongguk effortlessly moved him towards him and the bubble of arousal in Jimin’s stomach flared at the display of strength.

“Still love how strong am I? Still love how I can throw you around like you weigh nothing? Baby, you’re killing me,” Jeongguk breathed as he slicked up three fingers and teased at Jimin’s rim. Jimin keened, throwing his neck back and arching back is back dramatically. He pushed his hips back into Jeongguk’s hands, desperate for his fingers.

When Jeongguk finally pressed the tip of his finger into the pink little hole, teasing at the walls that he could reach, Jimin whimpered, pushing his hips back further and further until Jeongguk was up to his knuckle and began curling it around to test the waters. “You’re doing so well, baby boy, so well,” Jeongguk praised as he wagged his finger back and forth inside his boyfriend, stretching him out gently and pleasuring him all the same.

“A-Another one,” Jimin insisted adjusting himself so his palms weren’t aching as much from the full weight of his body on his arms. “Please, please another one.” Who was Jeongguk to refuse such a polite suggestion? The younger pulled the one finger out, watching his boyfriend’s fingers close around the sheets he was grabbing on to as the tip pulled past the rim.

“You’re perfect, all for me, just perfect,” Jeongguk continued to say, as he rubbed the lube between two of his fingers, warming it up and making it easier to slide them both in simultaneously. Jimin stilled when Jeongguk prodded at the entrance, feeling almost overwhelmed with the feeling of something up his ass after such a long time. Jeongguk only wished he could see Jimin’s face as he stretched Jimin out, circling the digits round after feeling his walls relax around his fingers.

“You’re so tight, fuck, suckin’ in my fingers so good, hyung, such a good boy.” Jimin mewled at the praise, and, unable to keep himself up on his hands anymore, he dropped to his forearms, tucking his head in between his elbows and closing his eyes. After only a short while of searching (Jeongguk knew Jimin’s body better than he did himself), Jeongguk brushed his finger against the delicious bundle of nerves that caused Jimin to yell out in delight, pushing his hips back to add more pressure and shaking from the pleasure.

Fuck, right there,” Jimin moaned, his head flying back to expose his neck to nobody.

“Right,” Jeongguk began, a smirk growing on his lips. “there?” he finished as he purposefully pummelled his fingers on the spot that had Jimin begging on his knees every time.

“Fuck- yes, f-fuck right t-there,” Jimin replied as Jeongguk massaged his prostrate with the pads of his fingers. It was electrifying, and Jimin couldn’t get enough of it.

“One- one more, Gukkie,” Jimin whimpered, his hips rocking back and forth desperately. “I can take it.” Jeongguk locked his lips; he was always a sucker for Jimin and his whimpers.

"Fuck, hyung, you’re so hot.” Jeongguk gently removed his fingers from his boyfriend, squirting a little more lube on his fingers before drizzling it over the slightly gaping and puckering hole, making Jimin flinch as the coolness of the lubrication ran past his entrance.

With the determination to please, Jeongguk carefully prized in the three fingers at once, his cock twitching as the ring of muscle sucked him in, clenching and unclenching as it began to become familiar with the new intruder. Jimin was a mess, period. His knees were shaking, his lip was trembling, eyes rolling back into his head as the slenderness of Jeongguk’s fingers reached places Jimin could never reach on his own. Not even a dildo could make him feel this good; it was just Jeongguk’s thing.

A longer string of curse words followed the discovery of Jimin’s prostrate again and Jeongguk couldn’t help but quietly match his boyfriend’s moans and allow his hips to jump once or twice with arousal. God, did Jimin make Jeongguk feel frightfully good, and he hadn’t even been touched yet. The sting on his nipples still remained as the buds were incredibly sensitive, but the whole experience was making Jeongguk painfully hard. He was surprised he hadn’t taken Jimin’s eye out with the boner straining in his boxers.

“You’re so good for me, baby, suckin’ me in so well, so well. Look at how you’re taking three fingers, so good. Fuck, you’re amazing, can’t wait to finally fuck you,” Jeongguk growled as he watched as his fingers were swallowed by Jimin’s ass as he precariously brought them back and forth inside Jimin, stretching him open just the way he liked it.

Jimin whined when Jeongguk took his fingers out, wiping the lube on the sheets again but was instantly shut up when Jeongguk sat up almost uncomfortably - making his abdomen tense more, but he was all for making sacrifices - and bite into the flesh of Jimin’s ass. A beautiful red mark appeared on the skin, one that Jeongguk and Jeongguk only had made, sparking the possessiveness deep within the younger. He bit down again, but on the other cheek, licking and kissing over the indent before shifting his hands up to hold Jimin’s hips in place; he knew how impatient he could be when he was horny.

“Gonna eat you out, Minnie, gonna taste my baby boy before I fuck you full of my cum. Does that sound good?” Jeongguk didn’t wait for a response before he was pressing the flat of his tongue over Jimin’s aching hole, eliciting broken moans from the smaller, who dropped to his cheek and whimper continuously as Jeongguk teased the rim. “Taste so good already, baby. Smell so good, sweetheart, could just eat you all up.” Jeongguk licked a long stripe down perineum to his balls before slipping one into his mouth and tugging on it. Jimin arched his back and attempted to push to ass further back into Jeongguk’s face, getting him to hurry up but Jeongguk was adamant he wanted to treat Jimin like a prince, and a prince needed a good ass eating.

Breathing through his nose, Jeongguk finally pushed his tongue past the rim, grabbing moans out of Jimin he didn’t even know existed. He knew the older was very vocal in bed, never holding back from telling the whole neighbourhood who was fucking him the best, but Jeongguk has only seen Jimin like this once before and that was after their Wings tour when they finally had a moment to truly enjoy each other’s company. Jeongguk couldn’t understand why he never took his time appreciating the taste of Jimin’s ass and the way his muscles were tugging at his tongue as he licked around.

Jimin fidgeted, wanting nothing other than to push his ass back as far as he could go, to get Jeongguk as deep into his as he possibly could but the grip Jeongguk had on his waist suggested who was in control. He fought back the desire to yell out Jeongguk’s name, instead opting to chant it in small quiet whispers that only Jeongguk would be able to hear.

“My name sounds beautiful coming from your mouth, baby,” Jeongguk said against the curve of Jimin’s ass, head still buried in the crack.

“Shut up and eat me out, brat,” Jimin bit back, taking the opportunity of Jeongguk’s distraction to push against the bed and get Jeongguk’s face closer and closer to his intestines - that’s what Jimin after all, and Jeongguk was big enough and capable enough to fill him up to the brim. Jeongguk laughed, circling Jimin’s rim once again with his tongue, prodding at the entrance with both his finger and tongue and Jimin was seeing stars.

“Oh my God, fuck, Guk, fuck-“ Jimin groaned; he was close to tears from the suckling and licking and prodding and teasing and only then realised as he opened his teary eyes at that Jeongguk was stupendously hard, and the way Jeongguk twitched in his boxers at every groan, moan and whimper, made Jimin feel drunk with power.

With the little strength he had left, Jimin raised himself to his forearms, whimpering even louder as the new angle posed even more pleasure from where Jeongguk was still biting and sucking love bites on his ass. He was right over Jeongguk’s crotch, the large lump under the grey material made his mouth salivate quicker and he had to gulp to keep himself from drooling.

A problem posed as Jimin reached for Jeongguk’s boner - he had no free hands, though, after some (seconds) contemplation, he thought of something better. He was always skilled with his mouth, anyway. The feeling of Jeongguk’s clothed cock between his lips was heaven on earth. The solid bulge rubbed over his tongue as Jimin mouthed at his boyfriend’s erection, tugging it with his lips only for it to fall back into position, heavy on his pelvis with arousal. Jimin heard a beautiful, broken, drawn-out moan come from the other end of the bed and he felt Jeongguk pause for a moment, only to resume teasing the rim of his asshole with his tongue once again.

Fuck, Jimin- I love your mouth, baby, Jesus-“ Jimin felt Jeongguk writhe underneath him, and Jimin smirked at how much strength Jeongguk must really have to keep his hips from thirsting up into Jimin’s mouth. With expertise and perhaps a little too much knowledge of pornos, Jimin managed to pull the waistband on Jeongguk’s boxers down and over his balls, the sack stopping it from pinging back up and covering the fantastic sight before him.

Jeongguk was wet, he was so wet and Jimin licked his lips at the sight of the beads of precum at the head of Jeongguk’s cock. The younger sighed heavily as Jimin’s breath danced along his shaft, the coolness and the warmth providing Jeongguk with goosebumps all over his body. His hips itched to raise up - Jimin’s stare, though Jeongguk couldn’t see it, was burning through his skin like fire.

“Fucking suck me, babe, fuck, I need your mouth so bad,” Jeongguk cursed, surprising himself over just how filthy his mouth could be. Jimin smirked, blowing on the tip gently before covering his the head with his mouth and sucking forcefully. Jeongguk’s reaction was worth every bit of pain Jimin endured, from the slam on the younger’s hips to the animalistic grip on his waist to the bite mark on his left ass cheek.

“F-Fuck! Jimin-“ Jeongguk wept, keeping his hips steady and pressed against the mattress with as much self-control as he could muster. Jimin swirled his tongue around the head, licking up all the secretions from before into his mouth and swallowing. “Shit,” hissed Jeongguk, the tension in his thighs to pin himself down was borderline painful and the urge to close his eyes, grab onto Jimin’s hair and choke out moans that were constructing the oxygen in his lungs was overwhelming, and Jimin hadn’t even gone further than the head.

Jimin tucked his teeth away behind his lips and slid further - slowly - down Jeongguk’s length, his tongue pressed flat against the skin. He had had the foreskin removed, just like all the other boys had as a mandatory requirement so the sensitivity and pleasure Jeongguk got from every little movement of Jimin’s mouth was mind-blowingly addictive. Jeongguk had stopped licking and sucking at Jimin’s hole, which was slick with Jeongguk’s salvia and the remains of the lube Jeongguk hadn’t removed, but Jimin didn’t mind; Jeongguk’s moans and the tight grip on his hips was even better.

“Fuck, Jimin. You’re a little cock slut aren’t you, fuck, baby, you drive me crazy.” Jimin started bobbing his head more rhythmically, his hand following his head movements for the bit of length his mouth couldn’t accommodate. Jimin arched his back and closed his eyes, getting into the system of licking and sucking and bobbing and the way, eventually, Jeongguk’s self-control was fading away as he gently thrusted into Jimin’s mouth, who hummed in delight every time his boyfriend’s cock hit the back of his throat.

As Jeongguk was been drawn closer and closer to the endgame, feeling himself becomes lost in the clouds of pleasure and those fucking whiny moans he accidentally slipped past when Jimin twisted his hand around the base of Jeongguk's cock and bopped so fast and hard and he wondered how he hadn't busted a nut already, his hips began to stutter. The intensity of Jimin's movements and the way his tongue swiped to and fro across the slit that was continuously weeping trails of precum that were instantly caught in Jimin's mouth and swallowed.

"Fuck, Minnie. I'm gonna- I'm gonna fucking-" Jeongguk's voice strained in the back of his throat as he came, long and hard, squirting all of his seed right down Jimin's throat. It was the swallow that did it - the moment Jimin had grasped the shaft with his small hands and tugged as he swallowed around his boyfriend had sent Jeongguk up and over Cloud Nine.

"Such a good boy for me, aren't you, sweetheart? Swallowing me like my cum is your favourite meal. You're the devil, Park Jimin," Jeongguk growled, a hand being brought down on Jimin's ass cheek with a slap and Jimin jolted at the sudden movement.

"You are my favourite meal, Gukkie, thought you'd learnt by now," Jimin retorted, his head sinking back to the sheets as Jeongguk thrust his tongue and a single finger inside Jimin with no warning, stretching him open deliciously, before the younger spat on the ring of muscle, and pushed the salvia inside, watching as Jimin clenched and unclenched, wanting to suck something in, anything.

"You're so beautiful, hyung. So fucking beautiful could stare at you all day," Jeongguk cooed, running his hand down Jimin's back as the smaller sat up on Jeongguk's lap. His cock was leaking steadily and as Jeongguk reached around to touch it, he hummed in approval when his thumb met the wetness of his shaft, the head being particularly covered and dripping. "So wet for me, only for me, weeping like a good boy. How do you want it, baby?" Jimin mumbled into the sheets something about holding hands and Jeongguk blushed at how his boyfriend could go from sucking his dick and swallowing him entirely, to want to hold hands.

"Think you have enough strength to ride me, baby boy? I'd love to see your face as you come," Jeongguk whispered, stroking his hands up and down Jimin's waist, being extra attentive when he passed over the indents he had made from his hands. Jimin sat up, his hair was matted to his forehead but he didn't care.

"I don't think you deserve to be ridden," Jimin said with fake bitterness, though sadness appearing in the cracks.

"I know, Minnie. I was awful to you, you deserve so much better, I love you, hyung, love you so much." Jeongguk placed his lips on Jimin's back in a more endearing way rather than sexual and Jimin's shoulders relaxed and he rolled them, tensing the muscles, which Jeongguk leaned up to kiss.

“I-I love you, too,” Jimin replied, grinding himself on top of Jeongguk’s boxers which had pinged back to cover up his erection again. “Show me how much you love me.” Jeongguk took the offer as soon as it had been said, quickly picking Jimin up and turning him around, defining all laws of physics as he did so.

“Oh, God, I will, I will, Minnie, I will. I’ll fuck you so good, you’ll still feel my cum inside you in the morning. Make you cry out my name, make you cum untouched, would you like that, baby? Coming untouched for Gukkie?” Jeongguk’s tone, however seductive it was before, had turned even more sultry as he pinched and squeezed at Jimin’s nipples, taking one in his mouth and swirling his tongue over the perky bud.

Jimin rocked his hips, even more, pressing down harder on Jeongguk’s cock making him groan louder and softly bite onto Jimin’s nipple. The smaller yelped, throwing his head back and closing his eyes, weaving his fingers into Jeongguk’s hair and tugging - not sure of whether he wanted Jeongguk to stop and get on with fucking him, or to carry on and make him cum from just his nipples; he was surprisingly close to the latter.

“Off,” Jimin ordered, pointing to Jeongguk’s boxers and slipping off his lap. Jeongguk pulled the material down and threw it carelessly to the side, not wasting any more time before his hands were back on Jimin and he was pulling him in to connect their lips. A surge of what felt like electricity pulsated through their bodies as they moulded their lips together, slotting them in place before removing them, only to bite or suck on a lip, or to lick at each other’s tongues.

With the low hum of arousal in Jimin’s stomach as his cock lay weeping up against his abdomen, he rolled his hips down, catching Jeongguk’s cock in between his cheeks and they both hissed loudly. “Fuck, baby, you make me crazy,” Jeongguk groaned, his hands flying to Jimin’s hips as his boyfriend relentlessly rocked backwards and forwards; the slide of his cock between Jimin’s cheeks was uncomfortable, having not much lube to provide an easy slide, but it was sending jolts of pleasure each time Jimin clenched his butt cheeks and trapped his cock in place.

“Your neck looks... it looks r-really empty. Maybe I should... I should help you,” words were distorted as Jimin said this for the teasing Jeongguk’s dick was doing as it passed over his hole and back was distracting the older, causing him to press his hands down on Jeongguk’s shoulders and grind down firmer.

It was a flurry of moans and groans and whimpers and whines as Jimin licked up Jeongguk’s neck, biting into his jawline and sucking - everybody knew that was Jimin’s favourite place to mark, of course, other than his hip bones and his pecs. Marks were made and kissed as Jimin continuously rolled his hips, catching the tip of Jeongguk’s length on his rim once, causing them both to let out a deep and animalistic groan.

“Fuck, Minnie. I wanna be inside you, just wanna feel you around me, baby. Let me, sweetheart, just wanna paint your walls with my cum, fill you up s-so good until you leak my cum out afterward.” Jimin keened, his face dropping to Jeongguk’s chest as Jeongguk’s cock brushed past his rim again.

“W-Where’s the lube?” Jimin asked, sitting up weakly and gazing around.

“Under the pillow,” Jeongguk replied, trying to hide a giggle at Jimin’s expression.


“What?! I have needs too, hyung.” Jimin laughed lightly, shaking his head in disbelief before shuffling so Jeongguk’s cock was in front of him. Then, with a slick hand and after drizzling some lube along the shaft, Jimin grabbed Jeongguk with his small, chubby fingers and jerked him off, only slightly, just enough to get him riled up, just enough for the slick to be warm and comfortable so Jimin could just slide on right on top of him.

“Ah, fuck, hyung- shit, you’re so good to me,” Jeongguk hummed, his hips itching to lift up into Jimin’s hand - the way Jimin’s hand didn’t fully wrap around him made Jeongguk quiver; his boyfriend was just that cute. “I love your hands, baby boy, so pretty around my cock, so beautiful.” Jimin but his lip and blushed. ‘Beautiful’ never got any easier to hear and not blush when it came from his stupidly attractive boyfriend.

“Come on, babe, I’m gonna get soft if you don’t do something, and I don’t wanna come again, not unless it’s in your ass, sweetheart,” Jeongguk growled, his eyes hooded and staring down his chest Jimin, who was looking back at him with most innocent face that he wasn’t even trying to put on and Jeongguk wondered how he got so lucky. “Tell me what you want, I’ll give it to you. It’s yours, baby, it’s all yours.” Jimin breathed out heavily through his mouth as his cock rubbed against Jeongguk’s thighs, slipping between them slightly as he agitatedly shifted his hips back and forth.

“W-Want you, want a-all of you- fuck. Want you all over me, want y-you inside me, want you giving me all your attention, want you to cum in me, want your c-cum, want your cum so bad,” Jimin stuttered, his eyes closing and slowing his motions on Jeongguk’s shaft, though Jeongguk didn’t seem to mind.

Watching his boyfriend turn to a mess on top of him when he hadn’t even gotten inside of him yet because of him, because of Jeongguk, made him impossibly harder. Jeongguk thought Jimin looked the most beautiful in the mornings, straight after eating, after showering, whilst fingering himself and when he was a complete wreck either on top of him or below him just before Jeongguk pushed inside. It was addicting and Jeongguk thought he would never get over the sight.

“Want me to do it or you?” Jeongguk asked, his hands snaking to Jimin’s hips and holding him there, his grip on light but incredibly sensual. Without a reply, but taking Jimin’s movements as the response, Jeongguk watched as Jimin pushed himself to his knees and crawled right on top of Jeongguk’s erection. For some reason, to the younger, Jimin became even more gorgeous by the way his lips were parted and how his legs were spread apart, ready to accommodate Jeongguk’s length which stood proudly and a really fucking angrily red just under him. Jeongguk wanted to take a photo, but he didn’t want to embarrass himself like that.

Jeongguk’s heart raced like it was their first time when Jimin reached behind him and took a hold of Jeongguk’s cock again, his head in an awkward position but it wasn’t the comfort either of them were seeking for.

The taller held his breath as he felt the head of his dick push past the wetted rim of his boyfriend before Jimin was panting and clenching all the muscles in his body. Jeongguk ran his hands up and down Jimin’s chest, brushing his fingers over his nipples experimentally to soothe Jimin, who sat uncomfortably on the head of Jeongguk’s cock.

Even though Jeongguk’s pleasure meter was running off the charts, he continued to try and calm his boyfriend who looked like he was about to cry. “Does it hurt, baby?” He asked, reached one of his hands up to caress Jimin’s cheek as a sign of ‘you’re doing wonderfully’. Jimin nodded his head in response, biting his lip as he tried to sink down a little further.

The stretch was more than painfully, borderline cruel but Jimin never wanted anything more than his boyfriend’s cock filling him up so he prevailed, panting to catch his breath and trying to relax, knowing only then would the slide be easy.

As if Jeongguk was a mind reader, he started reeling off all the compliments that made Jimin blush and go shy, usually making him smack Jeongguk on the arm for making him all squishy and gross. It was like a secret remedy only Jeongguk knew the recipe and Jimin found himself relaxing, the muscles in his ass slowly relaxing too, the tension ceasing almost completely.

"Such a good boy for Gukkie. God, I love you so much, hyung.” Jimin had never heard a prettier sound than the one Jeongguk let out as Jimin continued to slowly prise himself open on Jeongguk’s cock, and he was sure that he’d never forget the hand shapes on his hips as Jeongguk mercilessly gripped onto him. “You’re so tight, Minnie, like a fucking virgin.”

“And who’s f-fault is t-that?” Jimin asked, a cocky air to his voice as he gripped onto Jeongguk’s chest and lowered himself, almost agonisingly, gradually, cracking red lines onto Jeongguk’s body and he didn’t give any thought to what the stylists were going think.

“Mine, and I’ll never let you get this tight ever again, shit-“ Jeongguk bit his lip and he almost came there and then when Jimin was finally fully seated and he clenched around him as Jeongguk’s cock pushed beautifully against his prostrate.

“Oh my fucking God- shit, fuck, Guk,” Jimin whined, his head thrown back and lips parted. For a moment neither of them moved, both pairs of eyes screwed together, both sets of lips slightly parted, both chests rising and falling heavily and at a pace only described as dangerous.

"Hyung,” Jeongguk whispered after a moment, opening his eyes and watching Jimin do the same. Jimin hummed in reply, pursing his lips as Jeongguk twitched inside of him. “I love you.”

“I know,” Jimin replied, a smile creeping on his face and tugging at his lips. Jeongguk gently caressed his face before bringing him down to rest of his chest as he fingered his hair softly. He kissed the top of Jimin’s head a couple of times, tucking him under his chin. Jimin found the beat of Jeongguk’s heartbeat soothing, and soon their breathing and heartbeats were in sync.

“Are you gonna move or am I gonna have to do it myself?” Jeongguk asked, earning a pinch on the arm from his boyfriend, who sat up, planting his lips against the younger’s. He smiled into the kiss, and his heart lurched just by the action.

For a moment, both boys giggled like they were teenagers again, sneaking out of the practice room to simply kiss against the wall of the bathroom for a couple minutes before returning to the other members, both red in the face and sexually frustrated.

Jimin took a breath before he started to raise himself off Jeongguk again, lifting himself up so only the head stayed buried inside and slowly sinking back down. Jeongguk’s hands flew to his waist, curling around his hips and holding him gently, helping Jimin as he struggled to not collapse from the pleasure.

“Fucking shit, hyung. You’re so tight, fuck-“ Jeongguk hissed, suppressing the need to meet his hips with Jimin’s ass as he came back down.

“You’re- fuck, you’re so deep,” the older swore, closing his eyes and experimentally rolling his hips back trying to find the bundle of nerves that would make everything that little bit (a lot) better. Jeongguk gripping Jimin’s hips harder as he picked up the pace, picking himself before dropping back down, activating the nerves in Jeongguk’s ever so gradually but so, so, so delectable.

Shit- hyung,” Jeongguk breathed, his chest lurching upwards as Jimin buried him fully and completely into the hilt, and both boys groaned so loudly, Jimin swore he heard a giggle from the other room. Jimin kept the steady and satisfactory pace for a while, curling his fingers around Jeongguk’s shoulders whenever the taller would cheekily bring his hips up to meet Jimin on his way down.

“I-I can’t f-find it,” Jimin stuttered, “I can’t f-fucking find i-it.” Jeongguk looked confused, almost about to speak when he realised all too well what the issue was when Jimin wiggled his ass on Jeongguk’s dick, moving him around and brushing him up against his walls.

“Let me help you, hyung,” Jeongguk said softly, his voice a tone he only used for Jimin to help him calm down. Jimin was looking distressed atop Jeongguk’s cock and the taller raised his hand to Jimin face to wipe away the sweat.

“I-I wanna-“ Jimin replied before he collapsed in a heap on Jeongguk’s chest, all sweaty and tired and groaning in frustration. Jeongguk was the same, only edging on the starts of an orgasm and not being able to fully commit to the pleasure.

"Let me help you,” Jeongguk repeated, lifting his head uncomfortably to kiss Jimin’s head and instead of squeezing Jimin’s waist between his large, muscular hands, he stroked Jimin’s back soothingly, humming quietly when Jimin was panting.

“Please, just fucking find it,” Jimin responded, resting his chin on Jeongguk’s chest to look him in the eyes, noticing a flare fly across his eyeballs at the sound of his submissiveness.

Although Jimin knew Jeongguk liked to be in control, liked to be able to pleasure and not pleasure at the twitch of a finger, he was expecting his boyfriend to flip him onto his stomach, push his chest down and lift his ass up and be merciless, and he was certainly not expecting the way Jeongguk treated him. It was like Jimin was made out of bone china, something that he would’ve found in his Grandmother’s house and had to swear an oath to never touch.

Jeongguk lifted Jimin off his cock, earning hisses and grunts as his hole tightened and relaxed, seeking the warmth and girth of Jeongguk again. He rolled them over, hovering over Jimin with just his arms, tiptoes able to hold him steady. He looked into his eyes for a while, noting all the ways they glistened when Jimin blinked or the way his irises expanded as Jimin stared back.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jeongguk whispered, his eyes wandering him Jimin’s, to his lips, where Jimin’s tongue darted out to wet them, to his cheeks, where a rosy pigment lay on top of his skin, and back to Jimin’s eyes. Jimin gulped. Many times had Jeongguk call him beautiful, whether that was under the influence of alcohol or in the midst of sex, or in the morning when his voice was like gravel or at night when they cuddled each other to sleep, but this time, it felt so raw and true and honest that Jimin couldn’t help but feel beautiful too. It was no secret that Jimin didn’t have the hots for the way he looked unlike many others globally but underneath Jeongguk, locked in between his muscly arms, breath hot and heavy on his face, Jimin never felt much more ethereal.

“I love you.” Once again, Jeongguk peppered kisses all over Jimin’s face, kissing down to his neck but not sucking, only gently pressing his lips to the skin in adoration. He made his way down to Jimin’s nipple, kissing it but not tugging. He continued kissing until he got to Jimin’s erection, where Jimin was hopeful that his boyfriend would take him in his mouth. Jeongguk looked up for a moment, a smirk etched on his face before moving round Jimin’s cock and to his thighs. He kissed there so gently Jimin hardly realised he was even pressing his lips to his skin. Thought it felt nice and relaxing, Jimin was an impatient man and even though Jeongguk tried his best to shower Jimin with love and affection, the older was getting agitated with Jeongguk between his legs but nothing happening expect small, feather-like kisses so close to the end-zone.

“Baby, I love you, but I’m literally leaking, put your cock in my ass right now or so help me,” Jimin warned, his hands finding their way to weave between Jeongguk’s silky brown locks, tugging only slightly when, in response, Jeongguk nipped at his thigh.

“Of course, sweetheart,” Jeongguk hummed, taking Jimin’s knees in his hands and spreading them apart as far as Jimin could go. His hole fluttered, begging to suck something in and Jeongguk swore he almost came untouched again. “So pretty.”

Jeongguk pushed a finger in after circling his rim and was glad to feel Jimin really, really loose. He curled his finger, warming Jimin up before he replaced his finger with the head of his cock and pushed in gently. He waited only seconds before he was pulling out to push in again, the sweet, sweet friction on his cock was overwhelming, and Jimin’s moans were music to his ears. His grip on Jimin’s knees tightened as Jeongguk thrust faster and harder, watching Jimin’s cock bounce and slap on his stomach as the whole bed shook.

“Fuck, Kookie- shit-“ Jimin hissed as Jeongguk continued to pound into Jimin until he bottomed out. When Jeongguk found is prostrate, Jimin saw stars. His back arched right of the bed, his mouth dropped open in a silent scream and his eyes clamped shut. Jeongguk smirked, holding Jimin apart more firmly now, hands on Jimin’s thighs, exposing him as much as he possibly could.

“Oh God, r-right there- yes, fuck, yes right t-there,” Jimin stuttered, his mind going complete foggy with pleasure. The familiar spark of an orgasm rippled through Jimin’s body, electrifying all the nerves in his system. Jeongguk too was teetering on the edge, the starters of his own orgasm bubbling in his stomach. Jeongguk, with his mind, focused on reaching maximum pleasure for both of them, shuffled slightly on the mattress before thrusting in with all he had. The speed and ferociousness of his thrusts brought the tingling feeling in both of the boys’ bodies to a more intense stage, prickling at the skin was as if it was waiting for the right moment.

Jimin impatiently started rocking his hips forwards and backwards in time with Jeongguk’s thrusts, earning a spill of curse words and moans and groans from Jeongguk’s mouth.

“You’re so perfect, taking me so well, hyung, so well,” he choked out, chasing his orgasm with all he had.

“J-Jeongguk, I’m gonna- fuck, fuck I’m gonna-“ Jimin whimpered, his eyes opening slightly to watch as Jeongguk hovered over him, his eyes staring into the younger’s before he came with a squeal and spilled onto his chest. Jimin shuddered as he came down for his high, the fall incredibly gradually as Jeongguk was still trying to catch his own. Jimin, as cute and as innocent as he was, dragged a finger along the streaks of his cum that lay on his chest, getting some of the substance on his finger before making sure Jeongguk was watching as he sucked it into his mouth. Jeongguk was gone the second after, spilling himself all over Jimin’s walls, white ribbons painted his insides and Jimin shuddered again, feeling Jeongguk inside of him.

“Holy shit, hyung,” Jeongguk breathed, falling to his forearms so their chests were touching.

“That was so hot.” Jimin smiled, raking his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair as they both lay together, panting. Jeongguk had gone soft by the time he decided to get a wet towel and clean up Jimin, who was sticky with sweat and cum all over his body. Jimin didn’t want him to leave, finding comfort in Jeongguk still buried inside of him and the weight of his boyfriend’s body on his chest. The younger pulled out of Jimin’s hold though, insisting he cleaned him up and then they could cuddle.

Jeongguk returned a little while later with a wet washcloth and gently dabbed Jimin’s forehead with the material. Jimin bit back the urge to say ‘thank you’ knowing it would result in Jeongguk saying, ‘I told you so’ when Jimin had refused aftercare. Once he was as clean as he could be, Jimin shuffled under the blankets and watched as Jeongguk turned on the AC and cuddled up behind Jimin, wrapping his arms around his lover and burying his head into his neck, placing a solitary kiss on the skin before saying,

“I really want you to listen to the song I wrote, hyung.” Jimin closed his eyes and scooted back further into Jeongguk’s warmth, but ass pressing against the taller’s cock but only wishing to be closer rather than to have a round two.

“I'm so proud of you, Kookie, of course, I’ll listen to your song.”