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Absolute Barnes and The Great Stevie

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At the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, right onto the famous Las Vegas Strip, hanged onto one of it many doors a giant sign that could read:

"Do you want to regain your sense of wonder?
Do you want to feel like a child once again?
Then, the "Absolute Barnes Show" is the right place for you!

The Excalibur hosts this extravaganza, even more thrilling and more fantastic than the legend its host is named after! 
 From all over the world they have seen it and and back to all over the world they have raved about it!

Qualified as this generation's David Copperfield by all and even Houdini by some, James Barnes will memorize you with an array of spectacular tricks and illusions that haven't been seen since the golden age of magic!
You will not want to miss it!

Come one, come all!

And we promise you,

You will leave with stars in your eyes and a new belief in your heart!"


Right next to this famous establishment stood another famous resort, the Luxor. And on one of its own door, could be read:

"Nothing is here, nothing is there...
Where could it be?

"The Great Stevie" invites you to come and discover for yourself,
What critics have called an intimate but grand spectacle.
No flashes, no fusses,
Just one man, Steve Rogers, one stage, right here at the prestigious Luxor...
And the capacity to enthrall you with just the flick of the hand and the amazingness of all his techniques.

Come see, come quick,
The one show that you simply cannot miss!
And maybe, just maybe...
You will be able to find it!"