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Contradiction (Villain Deku)

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Bakugou Katsuki was an enigma.

A paradox, a contradiction.

I never understood him even when I tried to.

Kacchan was confident and brave when we were growing up and I looked up to him. I wanted to be like him. His smile to me was like the sun, so bright and amazing and like a moth I would follow that fire, tagging along behind his back.




Those were my happiest moments and my worst memories.

Because Kacchan turned dark and cruel when we turned four.


"Izuku can be read as Deku. It means useless. Like you!"


His pure smiles and laughs turned to cruel smirks and only mouthed horrendous words to me. His hands that brought me warmth before now gave me painburns and...undeniable hate.


" Just   leave   me   alone useless   Dekuuu !"


("............, wha........? ..............'Deku'? ...........hurt.............again?!")


" Deku you   useless   bastard You   think   you   can   bump   shoulders   with   me ?!"


("............give up! Even...........All Might.........believe..........!")


" Maybe you'll get your quirk in your next life. Why   don't   you   take  a  swan   dive   off   the   roof  a  building ?"


("........hurt....... shitty........promise.......")


Our pinky promises together were now forgotten and I'm the only one holding up my finger like a goddamn fool.


(".........give up........! You..........!)


"You're just a small pebble in my way!"


Yet he was blinding. He was amazing, so much more than All Might. He was so much closer to me than to anyone else. I was waiting, waiting, waiting. For him to come back to me. My four year old self would still reach out his hands to him, trying to help him if he would just accept my hand...accept me.


"You think I need your help?! You think I would need help from a useless quirkless shit like you?!!"


("Why are you such an idiot?!!! Why.........important.........?!! Why...............cry........?!!! WHY.......HELP............?!")


As a moth to that flame, even when I always tried to help him, even when I worry for him, even when I only said my truest feelings...he burned me. Even now when I left his side and from that light that showered him with glory, he was still burning me.


(".............JUMP! PLEASE................... JUMP! I...I---!!!)


fell from that light...


(" ................. ! ...................... !!!!!)


" Die , Deku ."


left the side of the heroes.







White streams of light spills from a windowpane above, brightening the dingy small room and reflects the forest green bushy hair of a young boy sleeping soundly as he snores. He unknowingly does not stir up even as the door of his room creaks open.

A young man walks into, his feet pads over the wooden floor at each step. Red eyes above heavily wrinkled bags darted to the sleeping boy with a menacing glare. His face was undescribably dry, skin peeling off from his cheeks to his neck. He scratches the side of his neck with his right hand, pinky out. Scratching and scratching furiously until his neck was red, bare and bleeding. He reaches out his other hand, long fingers stretched almost touching the sleeping boy's face and he smiles grinning wide as if waiting for something to happen.

Each finger touches slowly...

One finger on the green haired boy's temple.

Another to his forehead.

Another over his closed eyes.

Another over his cheek


Nails dig deep.

"OOOOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!" Midoriya Izuku screams and shuffles around his bed, scrambling away from the culprit who woke him up in pain. "That hurts, Tomura-saaaan!!!"

The young man, Shigaraki Tomura, gave a sly smile before he jumps to the bed and stretched his back before he slumps to it. "You are late for the meeting, you brat..." He mumbles as he took Izuku's blanket from and covered himself, wrapping his long body like a cocoon and sighs comfortably.

"Hey! Hey! Tomura-san! You can't sleep as well! You're leading the meeting!!" Izuku tries to pull his blanket away. "You're the leader of the League, right?"

Shigaraki growls under his breath, yet Izuku noticed his mischievous tone. "This will be your fault...since someone was late I had to get you...I had to walk from the bar to your room...and I was playing games last night and.....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

"Waaaaah!" Izuku whines as he tugs the blanket in vain from Shigaraki. "I'll do anything so wake up, please!" But the moment those words slipped from his mouth, he already regrets it.

Shigaraki shuffles out from the blanket and Izuku wants to cry when he sees that triumphant smile. "...Anything?"

God, he's so sly.

"Yes..." Izuku can't take back his words now. It's Shigaraki, it's Tenko.

Red eyes lights up excitedly like a kid buying a new video game and Izuku feels his heart jump and his own cheeks flushing. "Say something that you love about me and give me a kiss everytime."

He's  soooo  sly.

Izuku loves him. He truly loves him. Somewhere in his mind he felt these strong feelings even from when he was young. Izuku feels that he longed for Tenko for so long and so much and it confused him because he only met him when he was in middle school.

Izuku smiles as he took Shigaraki's right hand, "I love this hand...that gives me the warmest touch..." Izuku kisses each finger with a quick peck and grins. "Yet destroys our enemies with a single touch.."

Shigaraki chuckles and swipes his hand away. "Damn right."

Then Izuku grabbed Shigaraki's chin and pulled him towards him. "I love this filthy mouth..." He pushed his lips towards it, moaning when a dominating tongue explores him but he pushed Shigaraki away  before they would do anything that it'll make them truly late. "...that licked and tasted every filthy thing of mine and liked it."

Shigaraki licks a corner of lips playfully.

Izuku pulled Shigaraki's cheeks to him, studying those eyes. "I love these red eyes so determined to see through your dreams even when I'm sure I'm not part of it."

Shigaraki's eyes widened but didn't say anything else that made Izuku only smile sadly. Shigaraki has plans for everyone, for this fucked up society and Izuku can only accept that he's not Shigaraki's priority. It's okay. It's okay. It's oka--

Long fingers grabbed Izuku's cheeks forcibly that he almost loses his balance and fell off the bed.


The young boy can't help but shudder. Shigaraki's voice was low and commanding and...angry. "Tenko...?"

Red glaring eyes darted towards Izuku's green ones and he's afraid of passing out right there and then.

"Who said you're not part of it?" Shigaraki simply said.

Izuku's eyes widened. "Eh?"

Shigaraki squeezes Izuku's cheeks even more. "I said, who told you you're not part of my fucking plans?"

Izuku tries to loosen up Shigaraki's grip. "I did! I thought..." Izuku starts to have tears in his eyes. "Since I'm just a phony villain, since I'm just this lonely brat you found almost dead on the street, since I'm just a quirkless nobody like everyone told m---!"

Izuku didn't finish his words when Shigaraki lunges on top of him and started to take of his shirt. "Tomu---Tenko! What are you doing?!" Izuku only watched when Shigaraki tears his shirt in two. "Tenko!"

"THIS!" Shigaraki, sitting on top of Izuku's waist, his inner thighs holding Izuku down on the bed. His right hand and pinky out, binding Izuku's left hand to the bed and his other hand pulling Izuku's right hand towards him, letting Izuku show it's...scars. "I'll never forgive those people who let this happen!!! Those heroes that did nothing! Those heroes that praised this!!! I WILL DESTROY THIS SOCIETY PRAISING ALL MIGHT AS IF THERE WAS NO SINGLE PERSON HE COULDN'T SAVE!! "

Izuku's eyes trembles whenever he sees his scars. He was bullied, beaten, made fun of by his fellow classmates, his neighbors, his best friend, Kacchan. His teachers turned a blind eye, their parents praising their own children in having a dangerous quirk. Repeated burns and broken bones that lead him to an almost disabiling limb. Everyone one had a quirk, everyone praised heroes. Izuku did too. Soon he was left only with disappointment, sadness and pain.


"Izuku can be read as Deku. It means useless. Like you!"

"Just leave me alone, useless  Dekuuu !"

"Deku, you useless bastard! You think you can bump shoulders with me?!"

"Maybe you'll get your quirk in your next life. Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof a building?"

"You're just a small pebble in my way!"

"You think I need your help?! You think I would need help from a useless quirkless shit like you?!!"

"Die, Deku."


He remembers Kacchan was his friend. A friend he admired, a friend who he wanted to help, a friend who he wanted to be equal with. A friend who hurt him, who was part of these scars. Burns and pain and his heartbreak. He was the one who told me him he should kill himself. And he believed him. Kacchan, why were you so cruel? All Might, why didn't you believe me? World, why must they decide that we are evil and they are just? Yet when Izuku was on his deathbed, on a filthy street with blood all over him, Shigaraki Tomura was the one saved him. A villain.

"Tenko...thank you..." Izuku smiles.

Shigaraki huffs and threw Izuku's rag clothes behind him and..."Since that fucking thing is done." and proceeded to lick Izuku's bare chest.

"Gaaaah!" Izuku with his cheeks red, instinctively slaps Shigaraki's face. Yet again, regrets it almost immediately.

Shigaraki growls and there is no playful tone! I repeat there is no playful tone! "How dare you!!" He lunges both his hands, all fingers spread towards Izuku's face. Izuku stops them before it touches him, gripping Shigaraki's wrist in place.

"You promised you'll go the meeting when I said the things that I love about you!!!" Izuku explains.

" "Warm yet dangerous hands", "filthy mouth" and my "determined red eyes" was the best thing you could come up with?!!!!"

"I told you the truth! You're my type! And I love you so can you go to the meeting now?" Izuku had to do his special move, "puppy eyes with a finger fiddling Tenko's nipple" move.

And it fucking worked.

"Fine!" Shigaraki stands up. "I'm going, go in whenever you feel like it. That annoying bitch kept yapping about you."

"Toga-chan? I'll come to the meeting, I promise." Izuku waves goodbye.

Shigaraki pauses then turns around to leave but not without a kiss. Tongue rages around Izuku's mouth, he felt hands squeezing his ass and he can't help moaning. Izuku knees buckles and Shigaraki pushes him to the bed like a ragdoll. He licks his lips.

"Or don't come to the meeting, I'll come back here and give you a good time that you won't have the energy to think about stupid things."

Izuku covers his face, embarrassed. "Just go, you idiot!"

Shigaraki only laughs as he walks out the door and bangs it close, leaving Izuku like a mess without his shirt on.

He's soooo sly.

Izuku moves to look up his bedroom ceiling, thinking about what Shigaraki had said. He looks at his right scarred arms, frowning. Why do people have to be so cruel? Why was this society so unfair? Why did Kacchan hurt-?




Ow. Izuku touches the side of his temple. Whenever he thinks about the past, about his bullying, about his scars, about Kacchan....he gets this blinding headache. It's been getting worse now.

Izuku massages the side of his head, shutting his eyes to concentrate on managing this migraine for thousand times this week.

What is with this headache?

Izuku doesn't want to go the meeting anymore. He just wants to sleep. Wait for Tenko to come back, he'll know a thing or two to stop this.

Izuku sighs and lets himself relax as he closes his heavy eyes yet again.