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Tony is so used to being betrayed it was like breathing for him now, he don't know what triggers the betrayals, he really do. because all he did was to be himself but clearly that was the main problem. Stark men are wealthy and genius but most of all they are showmen;It was imprinted on his D.N.A,streaming on his bloodstream and not too mention he was the one and only spawn of the most brazen man who dare to exist on this colossal chunk of dirt.


Years later, people aren't really surprise if they see or read an article about tony walking around breezily on all of his billionaire glory throwing money left and right without even eyeing what he's  spending it for, because that's what stark men do, that's what howard will do.
So everytime he met someone he will  give them the most luxurious hospitality that they will ever had throughout their entire life, he didn't mind how much effort he was exerting just to please them because that's what Stark men do, They please, Just like Howard.



Tony always give his 1000% to whatever he's doing whether it's a good one or not, because that's what his mother had taught him, She taught him to be passionate and enjoy everything he does; that's what he did when he built his first circuit board. His mother was very delighted when he presented it to her albeit a little bit confused to what a circuit board is - but nonetheless happy.


Jarvis was also happy when tony presented it to him, Jarvis crouched down to his knees to match his height before patting his head lovingly and told him he did a very good job. Tony beams at him before running to his father's workshop, eager to present his very first own prized possession.



when he arrived on his father's workshop, tony made a beeline to his father's huge desk, tiptoeing so he can place the circuit board on the tall mahogany desk before backing away from it, he stands nervously under his father's scrutinising eyes, Presenting the circuit board to his daddy shouldn't be this hard when he presented it with ease to his mother and jarvis, so why is he nervous?



" Get out Anthony. "



Tony's eyes became huge like a Frisbee when he heard what his father had just said.


" But daddy i jus-- " Tony was cut off when howard tosses  his circuit board aside, his eyes starts to water he bites his lower lip in order to stop them from falling but fails miserable in doing so.



" Get out Tony, I'm busy. " Howard said again this time not even sparring a glance at his son, all of his attention was on the paperwork on his hand.



At the age of four, Anthony Edward Stark experienced his first greatest betrayal in the hands of his own father.



Years after that, Tony was in M.I.T making his way into the top in just a short length of time, on his way there he met the person that he knew will be forever by his side and that person was none other than Rhodey.



Rhodey in Tony's eyes is a cinnamon roll too good for this world and sometimes (Scratch that, he's been always too good for tony) too good for him, rhodey was five years older than tony; he's currently twenty and tony is fifteen. He was the only person who did not deemed tony as a threat when he first came in M.I.T and he was the only person that did not harass tony for his notes or for his wealth.


He was often too honest to the point even tony feels sorry for whoever asshole has the bad luck to receive one of Rhodey's 'I'm gonna point out all of your flaws so that you'll know you're not perfect' lecture of his, he is also the lamest person he had the unpleasant pleasure to ever met like who even spout a dad joke out of nowhere or laughs hysterically over a dumb pun? and even though rhodey won't admit the fact that his alcohol tolerance is crap tony still loves him dearly especially his drunken rants.



His drunken rants ranges from his stupid unhygienic lab partner who thinks eating on the bathroom was a thing just because there's too much mess on the table or about his older brother being an asshole by sending frozen dollar bills because he had said he needed some hard cash. Tony can't stop laughing for weeks when he saw the frozen dollars, even now and then he'll randomly laugh out of nowhere when he remembers that.



But despite Rhodey's drunken rants and being a clean freak: Rhodey had thrown all of Tony's dirty laundry outside of their  dorm's window when he found them and not too mention cleaned theìr bathroom until it was shiny and shit, that bathroom fiasco still shook tony until to this day because their bathroom was literally shining for weeks! despite all those tony love rhodey with all of his heart.


Rhodey and jarvis was the only one who stays by his side when he experienced his second greatest betrayal, a betryal that will be forever ingrained on his mind.



The death of his parents.



Once again Howard had let him down, if only Howard was alive he would've joke that if he dies he wants his father to bury him so he can let him down one last time,but no, Howard is dead and so is Maria.



When he had heard the news from Rhodey his usually active mind went into a screeching halt, he looks at Rhodey prompting him to stop joking because that's not a good joke when his mother is included but Rhodey's only answer was a tight hug.Tony breaks down infront of his bestfriend after that.


He cried his eyes out on Rhodey's chest, letting out ugly sobd that he didn't know he could produce until now, after hours of crying tony finally decided to stop but even though  he had stop crying rhodey never let go of him, large warm hand rubbing comforting circles to his back that makes tony sleepy, he's emotionally drain and his eyes hurts from balling out like a little bitch. He snuggle closer to Rhodey's chest getting more and more tired as the seconds goes by.



" Howard is a fucking liar, he said he's not going to die not until he find Rogers but died on his early forties. " He muttered into Rhodey's chest who is now carding his large hand through Tony's head.



" Mom said that if you're not going to the funeral and i know you're really not going, you are welcome to our house. " Rhodey said hand still on Tony's hair.


for the last few years, the only people who he can truly call his family (minus jarvis because he literally became his legal guradian ever since howard had said tony is just one of his oh so many creations and maria's constant absences or more like getting away from her shitty husband) was the Rhodes family.



When tony had first met Rhodey's mom and dad they gave tony a long scrutinising look from head to toe as if searching for something bad that they could use to kick him out of their home, but no, after the look they welcomed tony like he was one of their sons.


Mr. Rhodes is a great man and the greatest father that a child could have, hell he will trade everything he has to have Mr. Rhodes as his dad but life is a shitty bitch so he was stuck with howard forever well not anymore because uhh.. he just died. He supports every decision Rhodey makes even if it was a bad or a good one, He was also one hell of a prankster: He scared the shit out of him and rhodey by faking cardiac arrest right in the middle of a prayer on thanksgiving.


Remembering how loud rhodey screamed when he saw his father slams face first on a plate full of gravy made tony laughs, God that was the scariest and the funniest prank he had ever seen since the hard cash incident.


Tony hears Rhodey's chest made a confused rumble, he looks up meeting the other man's confuse face.


" The hell are you laughing at? "



" Nothing, just remembered the prank your father pulled last year that made us both to refuse to go to this year's thanksgiving. " The smaller of the two shrug pulling away from the other man's embrace, tony missed the way Rhodey's face crumples in cringe for a brief moment as he settles himself beside him.


Tony laughs when he heard a heavy sigh beside him, voice cracking halfway through the laugh and just like what he had said earlier life is such a shitty bitch when his laughter transforms into a series of coughs that made him looks like a wheezing old man, tony swear to god (if he was even real) he saw light after his coughs ended. after regaining his breath from his near death experience he face his bestfriend who is currently looking at him with a unreadable expression in his face.


" Okay first of all, i think howard is here and is currently trying to kill me i know he has or may i say had a lot of regrets but trying to kill me won't fix anything even though he thinks we can be a happy functional family in hell. " Voice still hoarse from his series of lethal coughs earlier, tony perches himself on the couch glaring around his and Rhodey's apartment as if by glaring might banish howard's evil spirit away.


" Tony sit your tiny ass down on the couch before you permanently damage it. " Rhodey said as he reach out and grabs tony by the collar forcing him to sit down on the couch.


Tony's bloodshot eyes widened when he heard what his bestfriend had just said, he once again perches on the couch hands on his hips glaring down at rhodey.


" If you think you look threatening, the answer is no tony you look like a goddamn crackhead chihuahua with your red eyes so sit your tiny ass down and stop poking your foot on the gash! " Rhodey swatted Tony's foot out of the gash on their couch but it only winds up backfiring at him when they both hear a loud ripping sound.


Rhodey felt his eyebrow twitch in frustration when he saw the new rip on their couch, He looks and saw Tony's unapologetic grin.


" I told you buying a couch on ikea is a bad idea rhodey, wait that rhymes ikea and idea oh my god i think i can be poet now rhodey. " Tony said from his position, amuse by his ability to rhyme. Rhodey only shakes his head in exasperation before gathering his key and wallet from the coffee table.



" Please you can't even do a fucking haiku, will you please stop making that face tones? you look ugly as hell and i know mom is already fuming so let's go now. " he said already at the door waiting for Tony's slow ass, he stands there staring blankly at his car for a while, thinking about thousands of possible reasons how this visit would go south knowing his older brother and his father they will probably do moronic pranks again.


blinking back from his stupor, tony is still not coming out and rhodey know how slow tony can be sometimes but this is just ridiculous, rolling his eyes he walks back inside their apartment and surprisingly tony is still on the couch still amuse by his rhyming abilities.


" Dude come on, let's go already okay? " Tony looks at him stupid amusement still on his face he grabs his jacket before walking to him still dumbfounded by his rhyming ability which made rhodey to roll his eyes so hard he saw his brain.



when they got inside of his car tony sitting on the shotgun, Rhodey starts the engine and drives out of their apartment's parking lot, the drive was silent and peaceful for a half an hour when suddenly..


" I still think i can be a poet or a rapper now. " tony whispered beside him.


Rhodey hits the break so hard tony ended up slamming his head on the dashboard, smirking rhodey looks at his bestfriend who is groaning in pain with a mocking look on his face.



" Now tell me, Do you still think you can be a poet or a rapper? " He mocks before speeding away before tony could open his mouth.