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'Til Action, Lust

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Murphy bit his lip and looked at the sign above the building. The Bunker. Not the sexiest name he could have come up with, but he supposed whatever was inside would make up for it.

He’d been wanting to come here for a while now, since he was sixteen and he’d first discovered the world of BDSM. He’d been enthralled and he’d dived deeper and deeper, researching as much as he could and waiting for the day he found someone who was just as interested in it as he was. It wasn’t until he was moved to Arkadia that he got a chance to actually find that person. He’d found the Bunker during a search on Google for gear or anything he could use on himself, since he was still single and new to the town. He’d eagerly scoured the internet for as much information on the club as he could find, since he knew he had eight months left before he would even be allowed through the door.

He originally planned on coming the night of his birthday, but he hadn’t had the courage. He’d been too nervous, to scared of what he’d find, that it wouldn’t live up to his fantasies or that no one would want him.

However, now, barely legal by a week and dressed in a shirt that was way too tight and jeans that, in his opinion, made his ass look amazing, he’d finally found the courage to go. Or at least, he’d found the courage to take a cab here and stand outside the front door for fifteen minutes.

He worried his lip between his teeth as he watched people exit the building laughing. It couldn’t be too bad, then, he figured, but that didn’t make walking through the front door any easier. But, he really wanted this. He knew if he went in the chances of finding a partner, finding a dom, went up considerably. He’d wanted this for two years. Two years of nights spent alone in his bedroom with nothing but his fantasies and his own hand. It was long past time he actually got what he wanted. What he needed, desperately.

He took a deep breath, willing his nerves to go away, and took the last few steps to the door, pushing it open and walking inside. He handed his ID to the guy by the door and waited until he nodded to walk further in.

His eyes widened as he took in a world that had only existed in his fantasies up until that point. Everything was bathed in purple and blue light and there were tables and chairs scattered across the floor filled with people whose eyes were on the white lit stage along the wall, further back. It was too far for him to get a good view, but he was fairly certain someone was getting flogged. His mouth went dry as he walked further in, taking in the bar and the booths in the corners. There was a hallway with a sign that said ‘Restrooms/Showers’ and he noted their location just in case he ever needed them. At least they were conveniently placed.

Once he’d taken it in, he became very aware of the stares he was receiving. He took a deep breath and steeled himself, forcing himself to be confident even though he felt like he was under a microscope with all the people looking at him. He wasn’t sure why, he didn’t look that good.

But, after a moment, they began to turn away, turning their attention to the stage or back to their conversations. He wandered around for a moment, dodging tables and getting a good view of the stage where a tall brunette with a leg brace holding a flogger stood while a second brunette was strapped to a bench with a ball gag in her mouth. Murphy found it interesting, and he would have found it hot, if not for the anxiety bubbling in his gut. Maybe he just needed a drink, that might calm his nerves.

He made his way back to the bar and took a seat towards the end where no one was sitting. As much as he’d like to make friends, they all seemed pretty wrapped up in their own worlds and he didn’t want to annoy them. He signaled to the bartender who raised an eyebrow but didn’t come over and Murphy cursed the fact that he looked his age. Well, what the fuck was he supposed to do now? Maybe he should just leave and come back another time, maybe on a Monday or something, not a Friday when the place was packed. Maybe then he’d feel more comfortable. Or, at the very least, he’d have a chance to drink on his own before he came.

He was about to get down off the stool when he was spooked by a hand on his lower back. He jerked, looking up at whoever the owner of the offending hand was, ready to shove them away and fight, but he froze the second he saw him. The man standing next to him was nothing short of beautiful, prettier than any man had the right to be in Murphy’s opinion. He was tall and tan with a dusting of freckles across his face and a head of unruly curls that made Murphy want to run his fingers through them. The way he was staring down at Murphy made his stomach twist.

A smirk played at the man’s lips as he asked, “First time here?”

 “Ye-Yeah,” Murphy’s voice broke and he winced. He cleared his throat and tried again, “Yes.”

“Thought so. You looked like a deer in headlights when you walked through the door.”

Murphy bristled and the man laughed, sending butterflies fluttering through Murphy’s stomach.

“It’s okay, it was kind of cute.”

'Cute' was not a word often associated with Murphy, he wasn't even sure he liked being called cute, but with the way the man was staring at him and the weight of his hand on his back, Murphy was willing to let him call him anything. He stomped the urge down before he could say anything embarrassing and smirked, “If I'm so cute, buy me a drink.”

The man laughed again and shook his head, “I'm pretty sure you're not old enough to drink, in fact, I'm still not even sure you should be in here.”

Murphy frowned, once more cursing his baby-like features. They’d serve him well when he was forty, but right now they were just an inconvenience. “Whatever, I'm eighteen.”

“For how long?” The man asked, leaning against the bar, the smirk never leaving his face. It did things to Murphy, things he didn’t want to think about.

“Long enough.”

The man raised an eyebrow at him and Murphy felt like he might have said the wrong thing and he was going to leave, but the moment passed and the man shrugged, “Besides, most won't play with you if you're intoxicated.”

Oh. Murphy hadn’t thought of that. That was what he was here for, after all. He’d lost sight of that with all the nerves he felt, but now that it was brought up, he couldn’t get it out of his head. He wondered if he’d get lucky enough to be dommed by the man beside him. In his fucking dreams, maybe. Murphy wasn’t pretty enough to get someone as good looking as him.

The man paused for a second, looking Murphy over and Murphy damn near squirmed under the intensity of his gaze. It made him want to do whatever he said, which was not a feeling Murphy was used to. Generally, he broke the rules and ignored all orders just because he could, the consequences be damned, but this man could tell him to do anything and he wouldn’t hesitate to do it. Then, sliding his hand towards Murphy’s side, he asked, “So what are you here for?”

Murphy wasn't sure how to reply. He was here for what everyone else was here for, wasn’t he? To find someone like him, who liked the same things as him, and to hopefully get fucked by said person.

The confusion must have showed on his face because the man clarified, “Are you a sub or a dom?”

Murphy nodded, understanding, “Uh, I'm a sub.” At least, that's what his fantasies told him.

The man smirked again, “And do you have a name?”

“John Murphy, but most just call me Murphy.”

“Murphy,” the way the man said his name sent shivers down Murphy's spine, “I'm Bellamy Blake.”

Murphy smiled, “Nice to meet you. Is it always this packed in here?”

“Not usually. But, it’s Friday, and Raven’s shows generally draw a crowd. She doesn’t do them often, but they’re pretty great,” Bellamy explained.

“Raven’s the girl with the flogger?” Murphy asked. She’d been pretty hot, but not as hot as the girl tied to the bench.

“Yeah. Her sub, well, sub for the evening, anyway, is Emori.”

“And they work here?”

“Mhm. Raven usually tends bar, but Emori does shows pretty often. Kind of an exhibitionist.”

Murphy smirked, “I can understand that.”

“I take it you’re one, too?” Bellamy laughed.

Murphy ducked his head, embarrassed, “I- well, yeah.”

Bellamy just grinned, “You don’t have to be embarrassed. Trust me, there’s way more embarrassing kinks to have. And no one gets shamed here, anyway.”

“That’s good to know.” Because Murphy had a lot of kinks and he found most of them embarrassing. So much so that he hadn’t really been able to bring them up with most of his partners over the years, which is probably why his relationships didn’t work for long. That, and he was kind of hard to handle and he knew it. Which meant he probably wouldn’t be able to keep a dom for very long, either. Sad fact of life, he guessed.

“Yeah, everyone here’s pretty open to things. As long as they aren’t completely immoral, no one judges. So, don’t worry about it. As long as you play by the rules, you’ll be just fine.”

“Rules?” Well, dammit. Now he had to deal with rules on top of his anxiety, and if his track record proved anything, he wasn’t very good at following rules.

“There’s always rules for places like this. This one’s pretty lax, but it still has a few.”

“Like what, exactly?”

“No play while intoxicated. It’s dangerous when you aren’t clearheaded enough to know your limits and communicate them. Consent is a must, obviously. If you make a mess, clean it up, or if you can’t, let someone know so it can be taken care of, though, usually, they’ll just point you to the supply closet and tell you to do it yourself. Most of the cleaning is done by the staff and honestly, nobody wants to clean someone else’s bodily fluids off the couches. The only place they take care of the cleaning is the rooms, in which case there is a staff for that, and they clean them after each use. And,” Bellamy looked at him pointedly, “no underage people inside the door.”

“Hey! I’m eighteen. What, you wanna see my ID?” Murphy snapped.

“Alright, calm down. I was joking, pretty boy. No need to get bitchy.”

“Yeah, well, I’m good at that,” Murphy huffed, hoping he hadn’t scared Bellamy off.

“I can tell. It’s kinda cute, actually,” Bellamy said, smirking at him again.

Murphy’s stomach did a flip. He wanted Bellamy, a lot. And talking to him had made most of his nerves go away. “So, there are rooms here? What are they for?”

“Well, it’s generally frowned upon to just up and fuck someone in the middle of the club. It’s not exactly against the rules, but unless you get the consent of everyone in the club to see it, it’s a bit disrespectful. The shows are the only exception to that, but most of the time people don’t get fucked, they just play out scenes,” Bellamy told him.

“Makes sense.” Murphy wondered if there was any chance he’d get to see the inside of them anytime soon. He hoped so. Preferably with Bellamy.

“You ever done this before?”

Murphy raised his eyebrows, “You already asked me that, genius. Again, it’s my first time here.”

Bellamy laughed quietly and shook his head, “No, I mean this in general. Have you ever been dommed before?”

“Oh.” No, no he hadn’t. He’d been too scared to ask his partners for it and he hadn’t been stupid enough to meet up with someone he met online, though he’d gotten offers. He did have some self-preservation. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to know that meeting up with someone who was likely twice his age whose only known name was ‘fantasyman47’ was a bad idea. He shook his head, embarrassed again, “No, I uh, I haven’t had the chance to. I just know I like it, that’s all.”

“And you came here because you figured you’d find someone who would dom you tonight, right?”

Murphy wasn’t sure if he was judging him or not, but he tensed up all the same, “Well, when you say it like that it makes it sound like I’m a whore.” Except, well, he probably was, but he didn’t like it being pointed out, especially not by a man he’d just met who didn’t know enough about him to make that judgement in the first place.

“I wasn’t calling you a whore. Unless you want me to call you a whore, then I will,” Bellamy joked.

“Yeah, right, like you’d sleep with me,” Murphy rolled his eyes, wishing he had gotten a drink.

“That would depend on whether or not you’re offering,” Bellamy said casually.

Murphy stared at him for a moment, wide eyed and unsure what to say. Should he offer? Or had it been a joke? Murphy wasn’t sure, so it was probably best not to outright offer. Still, he did want Bellamy, so he shrugged and said, “That would depend on whether or not you want me to.”

Bellamy snorted, amused. This kid was some kind of crazy, he could tell, but he liked crazy, so it worked out just fine. He didn’t generally go for guys Murphy’s age, but he’d seen him when he’d came in, all wide-eyed and adorable and he’d had to say something to him. “I wouldn’t mind if you did.”

Oh. Okay. Murphy swallowed hard, choking out, “Then I guess I’m offering.”

Bellamy’s hand moved from his side to his thigh and Murphy nearly died, “You sure you want to?”

Murphy nodded. He wasn’t sure of much, and his nerves were getting the best of him, but he knew he wanted Bellamy. He had figured he’d find some half assed dom who only wanted him because he was young and inexperienced and it would suck, because that was his luck, but somehow he’d caught Bellamy’s attention and he knew without a doubt that he wasn’t like that. Well, he was going to hope he wasn’t. “I’m sure.”

“Then come with me,” Bellamy said, removing his hand and Murphy had to bite back a whine.

Bellamy turned from the bar, looking over his should to smirk at Murphy one last time before motioning for him to follow. He led him through the club, behind the tables so they didn’t interrupt the show, whatever it was, because Murphy wasn’t paying attention enough to notice, he was too focused on Bellamy and what was to come.

Bellamy stopped at a little desk, leaning over it to talk to a blonde woman who looked at Murphy before raising her eyebrows at Bellamy who simply shrugged, causing her to roll her eyes and hand him a key.

Bellamy looked at him and it took Murphy a moment to realize he was waiting for him to catch up. So, with a shake of his head, Murphy told his feet to move, because his body had obviously rebelled against him and stopped beside him. Fucking nerves.

Bellamy put his hand on Murphy’s back again and Murphy had to keep himself from arching into the touch. Yeah, he wanted Bellamy, so bad it almost hurt, and somehow the universe had come through for him because apparently, Bellamy wanted him, too. Bellamy guided him down the hall and too a door labeled 3. He turned the key inside the lock and opened it, flicking on the light as he walked in.

Murphy followed after him. The nerves were back but he tried to push them aside as he looked around. It was furnished with a bed and two leather couches, but not much else. His stomach was doing somersaults and his palms were sweaty, so he wiped them on his pants. The room was painted a calming green, like grass, and everything was dark green and gold and he found he liked it a lot. The bed looked comfortable, but Murphy didn’t care as much about that as he did the restraints attached to it. The sight of them made his mouth go dry and he wondered what it’d be like to be tied to it, completely at Bellamy’s mercy. The thought made his dick twitch and he felt himself getting turned on despite his nerves.

Bellamy’s hand was on him again, resting just above his ass, and it kept him grounded. “You okay?”

Murphy nodded, “Fine.”

“Nervous?” Bellamy asked, looking at him with concern.

“A bit. But I’ll be alright.” He would be, as soon as his brain realized that anxiety was not what he should be feeling right now. Bellamy wasn’t going to hurt him, not unless he asked, and oh, God, did he want to ask.

 “It's okay. We don't have to do anything you don't want to, okay? We don't even have to do anything at all, if you don't want to,” Bellamy told him.

Murphy was comforted by that, but he really did want to do something. He wanted to do everything. Anything Bellamy asked for, but it seemed like he wasn’t going to ask for anything. At least, not yet. “Then what's the point of us being here?”

Bellamy shrugged and let go of him to sit on the bed, looking at home and Murphy realized he’d probably been in this room several times before with other subs who were more experienced and less nervous, and Murphy couldn’t help but feel jealous and inferior. Why did Bellamy want him at all? He couldn’t find a single reason why, but that was probably just because he was too nervous to feel confident.

Bellamy looked up at him, “It’s alright, Murphy. I’m not going to make you do anything you’re uncomfortable with. If you don’t want to do anything, we don’t have to. If you want, we could just hang out and I can go over some of the basics with you. Or we can leave. It’s up to you.” He had that look of concern on his face again and all Murphy wanted to do was reassure him that yes, he did want to do things with him. He wanted to drop to his knees right there for him. He wondered what that would be like. To get on his knees and take him into his mouth and please him, to have his fingers tangled in his hair, pulling it and-


“Y-yeah?” Murphy asked, jerking back to Earth. He looked up to find Bellamy staring at him. “Sorry. What?”

“I asked if you had done any kind of research before getting here, if you knew enough to know what you want out of this?”

“Oh.” He had, he'd done a lot of research, two years worth of it, but it didn't stop him from being nervous now. He had a pretty good idea of what he wanted, but he wasn’t sure how to ask for it. “I've done research.”

“Yeah? So, you know your kinks, then? Things you like?”

“Most of them.” He was sure he’d find more along the way, but he had a pretty solid foundation to start from, if he could just get over his damn nerves. He was never nervous. Not when he spray painted politicians cars or threw bricks through corporate office windows, not even when he’d gotten arrested for joyriding a cop car. He hadn’t even been nervous when he’d lost his virginity, in fact, he’d been almost bored, not that it was the girl’s fault. He just hadn’t been into it like he should’ve been, and he’d been too scared to ask her to tie his wrists to her headboard, like he’d fantasized about her doing for the whole two months they’d been dating.

“Like what?” Bellamy asked before patting the bed beside him, “You can come sit. I promise, I won’t bite, unless you want me to.”

Murphy shrugged and sat down next to Bellamy, “Asphyxiation. Bondage. Impact play, especially if it leaves a mark I can feel the next day. Exhibitionism. Dirty talk. Verbal humiliation, to a point. Slapping, like, I’m pretty sure that falls under impact play, but I’m not sure. I just know I really fucking like it, so it needs to be stated on its own. Cross dressing, I think. I mean, I like it, but I’m not sure if it’s a kink or just because I hate gender roles, you know? Pain, too. Not like, extreme amounts like being electrocuted, but in general, pain is nice. Being ordered around is another one, and if I don’t follow them it’s just because I want you to make me.”

Bellamy chuckled and nodded. “You’re a brat, then. I can work with that. So, limits, you got any I should be aware of? If we do end up doing something tonight? Which again, we don’t have to. Hell, if you want, you could lie down and take a nap. It’s up to you.”

Murphy snorted at the idea of taking a nap. He doubted he could sleep with Bellamy by him, not when he was so desperate for his touch already, if the way he reacted whenever he’d put his hand on him was any indication. “Well, I’m not okay with slurs. They just bother me. A lifetime of having them thrown at you accompanied by fists kinda kills any sexual interest. I don’t know what we’re going to do, because I do want to do something, but if I have any limits involved with it, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I think it’s just that and no bodily functions. I’m just not into that.”

“Neither am I,” Bellamy assured him. “Are you sure you want to do something? Because-”

“We don’t have to. I get it. It’s fine, really, I want to, I do. I’m just really new to this. Well, to having a partner, anyway. And I’ve never been to a club like this and I guess my brain decided today was a good day to make up for all the times when I wasn’t nervous about something I should have been nervous about and- Fuck. I’m rambling. Sorry,” Murphy apologized, feeling stupid. He ducked his head and rubbed his neck, worried Bellamy was going to see how dumb he was and leave.

“Hey, hey,” Bellamy reached out and took his chin into his hand, gently turning his head so Murphy was looking at him. “It’s alright. I’m not going to judge you, and I understand being nervous. You can’t imagine how nervous I was when I first came here, and I’d been doing this shit for a couple years at that point. It’s normal. It’s alright. And besides, I think you’re cute when you ramble.”

“Yeah?” Murphy squeaked out, melting just a little bit. He couldn’t deny, Bellamy’s words were comforting. And the more they talked the more comfortable with him he got.

“Yeah,” Bellamy chuckled, moving his hand so it was resting on Murphy’s lap, instead. “Whatever you want to do, we can do, okay? Nothing too extreme, though, because I’m not going to flog you your first time, but anything else, I’ll give it to you.”

Murphy swallowed, managing to speak without his voice shaking as he told Bellamy, “I want to suck you off.” The thought of being on his knees for the other man was too much for him to ignore. “If that’s okay.”

“You sure?” Bellamy asked one more time, just to be sure Murphy wasn’t doing anything he didn’t want to do. The last thing he wanted was to force him into something.

Murphy nodded, “Yeah. Very.”

“Do you have a safe word?” Bellamy asked.

“Shakespeare.” It was stupid, he knew that, but it was the only thing he knew he’d remember.

Bellamy raised an eyebrow at him but said nothing about it, instead nodding and motioning for him to stand.

“Come here.”

Murphy complied, coming to stand in front of Bellamy and fiddling with the hem of his shirt. Most of his nerves about what they were doing were gone, but now he had the feeling that he was going to fuck this up like he did everything else.

“Murphy, are you sure you want this? You don’t have to. We can both just walk out of here now, you don't have to do anything you aren't comfortable with. We can just end-”

“No! No, I want to, I do. I'm just a bit anxious is all,” Murphy said. He didn't want to screw up, he didn't want to do the wrong thing, to make Bellamy hate him. He wanted to do good, to make this as good as he possibly could in hopes that the man might want to do more one day because honestly, he was attractive and Murphy could just imagine Bellamy's hand around his throat as he fucked into him and maybe that's what he should have asked for. He wondered if it's too late to change his mind. Probably. He took a deep breath and calmed himself, looking at Bellamy, “I’m sure. I promise.”

“Then get on your knees.” Bellamy ordered, and Murphy felt his stomach flip, this time in a good way.

He dropped to his knees, wishing he was more graceful than he was, but it didn’t matter, because the look Bellamy was giving him proved he was turned on. Probably just as much as Murphy was.

Bellamy reached out a hand and traced Murphy’s lips before shoving a finger past them. Murphy closed his eyes and licked at it, pulling it further in and sucking on it as Bellamy groaned above him. Murphy bobbed his head a little bit, sucking on his finger and reveling in the quiet groan of ‘Fuck’ that fell from Bellamy’s lips.

“Alright, baby,” Bellamy told him, pulling his finger from Murphy’s mouth and settling back into the bed.

Murphy could see the bulge in his pants and he couldn’t wait to taste him. Maybe he really was a whore. That was okay, he didn’t really mind. He was what he was and if being a whore meant he got to suck Bellamy off in one of the rooms of a club he’d never been in before, then that was fine with him. He’d sort it out later. Besides, from the look of things, Bellamy didn’t mind him being a whore, either.

He unzipped Bellamy’s jeans and pulled him out, stroking him a few times and marveling at the length. He wasn’t huge, but he was definitely up there, bigger than any of the guys Murphy had been with, at least, but that wasn’t saying much because he didn’t have a very big pool to pull from. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to be fucked by him.

He moved closer and licked at the head, drawing a hiss from Bellamy. Murphy smirked and did it again before licking from base to tip and sucking on the head, teasing him. He did it a few more times, licking at the shaft and sucking at the head until Bellamy growled and tangled his fingers in his hair, grabbing a hold and pulling sharply, making Murphy moan. “Fucking stop teasing and get to it.”

That went straight to Murphy’s dick, which was straining against the fabric of his jeans. He reached down and unbuttoned them, unzipping them and pulling himself out, stroking himself as he took Bellamy’s length in his mouth. Bellamy pulled on his hair again and demanded, “You don’t fucking touch yourself. You don’t come until I do. And if you do well enough, then maybe I’ll let you get off.”

Murphy nearly choked, taking his hand away and bobbing his head, wanting nothing more than for Bellamy to give him another order because he fucking loved it. He’d never been harder in his life and every time Bellamy growled at him or pulled his hair it sent another wave of heat straight to his dick. He knew what he wanted and he wanted Bellamy to make him obey. He wondered what would happen if he didn’t.

Murphy took Bellamy down again, swallowing around him and keeping it up until he was brushing the back of his throat. Murphy took a deep breath and fought to keep from gagging, Bellamy moaning above him. He took him down a few more times before deciding to see what would happen if he disobeyed. Maybe if he was lucky, Bellamy would punish him. He’d always wanted that. He liked punishments more than he should, really, it was probably why he was such a brat.

He let his hand wander to his cock again, wrapping around it and stroking himself a couple times, moaning around Bellamy. Before he could speed up his pace, he felt Bellamy’s hand tighten in his hair. The older man jerked on it, pulling Murphy’s head back as he moved his hips, pulling out off Murphy’s mouth and forcing him to look up at him.

“Did you not fucking hear me?” he growled.

“I heard you,” Murphy said, his voice raspy.

“Then what’d I fucking say?”

“Not to touch myself.”

“And what’d you fucking do?” Bellamy asked, glaring at him.

“I disobeyed,” Murphy admitted, his voice quiet. The way Bellamy was looking at him made a little worried, but it turned him on more than anything.

“And what should I do about that?”

“I don’t know,” Murphy shrugged and looked down.

Bellamy jerked on his hair once more, demanding, “Look at me when I’m talking to you.”

Murphy jerked his head back up, pupils blown and eyes wide, more turned on than he thought possible. “Yes, sir.”

Bellamy smirked for a second before frowning again, “I think you need to be taught a lesson.”

“I probably do,” Murphy snorted.

He didn’t have a chance to say anything else before he felt something hit his cheek followed by a harsh sting. He moaned, realizing Bellamy had just slapped him.

“Don’t fucking sass me, bitch.”

“Sorry, sir.” Murphy’s cheek stung and he wasn’t sure why but he loved it. “I’ll do better.”

“Damn right you will. Now get back to it. Hands behind your back this time,” Bellamy ordered.

Murphy nodded, sticking his hands behind his back and lowering his head back down as Bellamy readjusted himself. He put a hand on his cock to steady it, so Murphy could take it back in his mouth.

“Faster this time,” he said, voice rough and Murphy complied, speeding up his pace.

He took him back down, Bellamy’s cock brushing the back of his throat and he swallowed around it before pulling back, pressing his tongue against it and running it over the little bundle of nerves when he got to the tip. It didn’t take too long before Bellamy groaned above him, warning, “I’m gonna come, baby.”

Murphy looked up at him through his lashes and Bellamy smirked at him, saying, “You look so pretty like this, you know? Like a fucking whore. Only a fucking whore would blow a man he just met. Bet you fucking love it, too, blowing a stranger in the back room of some club. Bet that’s why you wanna touch yourself so badly, because you’ve never been so hard in your life. Such a good little bitch, too. Too good at this to not be a whore.”

Murphy moaned and hummed around him, Bellamy bucking his hips as he came down Murphy’s throat. Murphy fought to swallow it all, but a few drops spilled past his lips. He pulled off, looking up at Bellamy, asking, “Good?”

“Very good,” Bellamy assured him, running his thumb across Murphy’s bottom lip, gathering the stray drops and pushing it into Murphy’s mouth. Murphy eagerly licked at his finger, making Bellamy smirk at him. “You disobeyed.”

“I’m sorry, sir,” Murphy said, his cock leaking against his stomach. “Are you going to let me come?”

“Maybe. Come here,” Bellamy said as he tucked himself away. He pointed to his lap, “Get up here.”

Murphy did as he was told, taking a seat on Bellamy’s lap with his back to him. Bellamy wrapped his arm around him and took his cock into his hand, Murphy moaning and bucking his hips.

“No, baby, stay still,” Bellamy told him, brushing his hair back from his face so he could see him better. “Gotta be good or I won’t let you come.”

“You- Would you really not let me come?” Murphy asked, desperate and trying so hard to keep still as Bellamy stroked him.

“Of course, I would. I’ll get you so fucking close that you’re begging for it and just fucking leave you here to get yourself off, thinking about how much better my hand felt and how disappointing it is that you couldn’t behave yourself for even a little while.”

Murphy whined and let his head fall back onto Bellamy shoulder as he sped up his pace, running a thumb over the head of Murphy’s cock and twisting his hand as he stroked him. “That’s right, Murphy, be a good little whore for me. Do what I say and I’ll make you come harder than you’ve ever came before.”

Murphy let out a moan and arched his neck when he felt Bellamy’s lips on it. “You want me to mark you up, baby?”

Murphy nodded and Bellamy smirked, pressing a gentle kiss to his skin before starting to suck a bruise into it.

When he was done he chuckled, “Bet you love being marked up. Bet you want the whole world to see them, so they know what you did and how much of a whore you really are.”

Bellamy continued sucking bruises into his skin, leaving a trail of them all the way to his shoulder, moving Murphy’s shirt out of the way so he could keep going. He trailed kisses back up and gently scraped his teeth over Murphy’s skin, Murphy shivering at the feeling.

“I thought you said you w-weren’t gonna b-bite me,” Murphy panted out teasingly.

“I said I wouldn’t unless you want me to. Do you want me to, Murphy?” Bellamy asked, scraping a fingernail over the head of Murphy’s cock, causing him to arch his back and have to fight to keep his hips still.

Murphy nodded and Bellamy pressed another kiss to his skin before biting down, Murphy moaning at the pain. “More.”

Bellamy chuckled and bit down harder, Murphy keening. “You like that? You like pain, don’t you baby?”

“Y-yes, sir,” Murphy nodded. “Please, sir, I want to come. Will you let me?”

“Maybe. But not yet. Not just yet. You’ve still got a lesson to learn.”

Murphy groaned and swallowed hard, so close he couldn’t stand it. He fought to keep from coming, knowing he wasn’t going to last much longer no matter what Bellamy told him. He’d never been this turned on and all he wanted was to come, because he was so close, but Bellamy just kept teasing him, pressing feather light kisses to his skin as he stroked him lazily. “Please, sir.”

“Maybe. Give me one good reason why I should let you come.”

“I’ve been good.”

“Have you?”

“Yes,” Murphy groaned as Bellamy tightened his hand, the slight pain making it even harder to hold back his orgasm. “Please, sir, I can’t- I need to! Please!”

“You sound so pretty when you beg, baby. You know that? You get all high pitched and it’s so easy to tell you’re desperate. Bet you’re so close right now, bet you just can’t hold it back any longer. You really think you deserve to come?” Bellamy asked, biting down on his neck again, Murphy choking back a whimper.

“Yes, sir. I’ve been a good little whore. Please, let me come, sir. Please!” Murphy begged, the strain of holding back his orgasm making him writhe against Bellamy.

“You have been a good little whore, haven’t you? A very good little whore,” Bellamy mused. “Okay, baby, you can come. Come for me, Murphy, say my name.”

Murphy moaned, letting go of his control, nearly screaming “Bellamy!” as he came, coating Bellamy’s hand. Bellamy had made good on his promise, it was the hardest Murphy had ever came and he was pretty sure he’d seen stars.

Bellamy let him go and looked down at his hand. “Hold still, I’ve got to grab a tissue,” Bellamy said, reaching over to grab a box from the bedside table.

Murphy shook his head and grabbed for Bellamy’s wrist, pulling his hand up to his mouth and licking his fingers, cleaning his cum off Bellamy’s hand.

“Murphy,” Bellamy groaned as he watched him. He wanted nothing more than to tie him to the bed and fuck him open, rough and raw until Murphy screamed his name.

He held onto Murphy as he slumped against his chest, blissed out and tired. “You okay, baby?”

Murphy nodded. “I’m fine. Thank you.”

“Anytime, Murphy.” And he meant it. He wanted more than just one random hookup at the club. If he was allowed, he’d keep Murphy for his own. “Thirsty?”

“A little,” Murphy told him, his throat feeling a little raw. “Is there water in here? Or would you like to buy me that drink?”

Bellamy laughed and shook his head, “I’ll buy it for you in three years. If you’re still here by then.”

Murphy snorted and shrugged. He might be, maybe, if he wasn’t lucky and he couldn’t get into a college out of state.

“There’s water over here. Come on, get up, baby,” Bellamy said.

Murphy groaned but stood up, swaying slightly, his legs feeling like jelly.

Bellamy put a hand on Murphy’s waist to keep him from falling as he got up. He gently guided Murphy to set back down as soon as he was out of the way before stepping up to the bedside table and opening it, pulling a bottle of water from the fridge at the bottom and a bottle of lotion from the drawer. He opened the water, handing it to Murphy as he sat down beside him.

Murphy took the water gratefully and downed half of it before taking a deep breath and letting it out, finally feeling the full sting of the slap on his cheek. “Fuck.”

“Your cheek hurt?”

“A little bit,” Murphy admitted. “It’s alright. I’ll be fine.”

“Here, this’ll help,” Bellamy said, squeezing a little bit of the lotion into his hand. He took Murphy’s face in his other hand so he could hold him steady as he spread the lotion across the inflamed skin.

Murphy sighed when he felt the cool liquid touch his skin. It felt nice. He held still as Bellamy rubbed it in, his cheek feeling much better when he was done.

“It won’t bruise and the mark should fade pretty soon. Are you okay? Did I hit you too hard?”

“No, no,” Murphy shook his head. “I’m fine. You didn’t hurt me. I liked it, a lot, actually. You should do it again sometime.”

Bellamy just grinned, “Actually, if you want, I can give you my number and you can call me if you want to do this again. I could, I don’t know, show you the ropes and get you used to the basics or something? Since you’re new to having a partner and all. Any time after six, because I have work except for on Mondays and Tuesdays. But only if you want to.”

“Sure,” Murphy smiled back and pulled out his phone. He entered Bellamy’s number when he told him and saved it. “Thanks. I was kinda worried I’d find some sleazy asshole here or something but I’m glad I didn’t.”

“Yeah, well, generally, those guys get booted pretty early on. Raven has no patience for that and the club has a zero tolerance policy for any kind of coercion or sexual assault, so if they do anything like that, they get banned. There’s a whole list of them, actually, under the bar. Pictures, too. It’s a huge thing. If you get banned they make a copy of your ID so you can’t get back in,” Bellamy assured him. “Most of the guys in here are decent. Most. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some assholes, though, so just, be careful.”

“Careful as in ‘don’t sleep with people you’ve just met?’” Murphy teased.

“Yeah, that’d be good advice,” Bellamy laughed. “You gonna stay or?”

“I think I’m gonna take a cab home. I’ve got to feed my cat, and my friends and I are supposed to hang out later, so, I should get going.”

“You’re hanging out with your friends at midnight?” Bellamy asked, returning the bottle of lotion to the drawer.

Murphy shrugged, “It’s the best time to do illegal and immoral things. Like lose at Mario Kart and prank call Richards’ mother.” He wasn’t really joking about the illegal things, he just wasn’t about to tell a guy he just met that they were planning on vandalizing the newly built Walmart because fuck the Waltons and their capitalist bullshit.

“Sounds exciting,” Bellamy grinned. “Come on, I’ll walk you out.”

“You’re staying, then?” Murphy asked, a little worried he was just going to find another person to fuck and forget all about him. Of course, he had no right to be jealous, so he shoved the feeling down.

“Yeah. I’m gonna help Raven close up tonight.”

“Do you work here?”

“No, no. She’s just my friend and she’s closing alone tonight because Clarke’s got a volunteer thing she does on Saturdays, so I offered to help her out,” Bellamy explained.

“Do you know if they’re hiring?”

“You should probably get a little more experience first.”

“Well,” Murphy said, pulling out his phone and checking the time. “I’ve got about another hour before I have to meet my friends. You could teach me something else.”

Bellamy laughed, “I would love to, but unfortunately, I’ve got a desk to man. Clarke leaves at midnight, which is in like, five minutes, so, I’ve got to go. But you can call me sometime, if you want to.” He knew he’d be fantasizing about the way his name sounded on Murphy’s lips when he came for weeks. He was glad he’d talked to the kid. He hadn’t expected anything to come of it, but now that he’d had him, he wanted to give him a good reason to come back. Unfortunately, he didn’t know of anything that would make him want to come back, so it was just up to fate, he guessed.

“Sure,” Murphy told him, smiling. “I’ll go, then. Goodnight. And thanks again for, you know, not turning out to be a sleazy asshole.”

Bellamy just shook his head and laughed again, waving as Murphy left the club.

He took a deep breath as he walked outside, the city lights a little too bright in contrast to the blue and purple lights of the club floor. He wondered when it would be alright to give Bellamy a call. Tomorrow was probably too soon, plus, he had plans with Richards and Craig tonight and so he’d probably sleep all day, anyway. Maybe Sunday, if he got the chance. After he and Mbege finished with their errands.

He couldn’t forget that. If some bastard cop thought he could just get away with starting a riot so he could gas innocent people, he was wrong. Murphy had taken down his car number, not his badge number, because he’d taped over it, but they always forgot their car numbers. He was gonna teach that bitch to fuck with his friends.