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Of What They Do

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When it comes to the kitchen, food, lunch, dinner, breakfast...


1. Everyone expects that Jason is the one to be messy in the kitchen. Honestly, he's the neatest. It's Tim, Dick and at times, Duke who is.

2. Barbara can leave messes when she's in a rush. When she does, whenever she's over she'll help with the dishes.

3. There's a stock of Lucky Charms just for Damian.

4. And bags of marshmallows for Tim.

5. Once, Cass and Jason sat at the counter staring at the fridge. Bruce walked in and asked about it. They answered they were trying to telekinetically move it. Whether they were joking, he isn't aware.

5. No one tries to spill anything on the floor no matter how messy things get. After that one incident, Alfred seemed even scarier.

6. Alfred always sits with them for family dinner.

7. And once a week, they cook a dinner just for him.

8. Even though he doesn't live there, Luke always brings coffee when he comes over. Tim appreciates it.

9. There's a special area of food in the pantry for the pets because it's just that huge.

10. He may be Batman, but Bruce always burns toast.

11. Poptarts last longer than cereal somehow in the house.

12. Damian has a special mug that he secretly likes that Dick once gave him hidden in the kitchen somewhere.

13. Duke found it once, but Damian doesn't know that.

14. Anytime any of the 'kids' get in trouble, Alfred and Bruce will hide their favorite snacks. Only Tim knows where they hide them.

15. Once, all the utensils went missing. Dick suspected it was Kate.

16. She didn't confirm or deny this!

17. Jason makes the perfect sandwiches.

18. Steph bakes the best cakes.

19. Nutella has been banned a couple of times.

20 Chicken noodle soup never runs out in the household apparently.

21. Or bread.

22. And milk.

23. Or that cappuccino mix Tim likes.

24. Damian, Steph and Duke always set the table.

25. Jason, Cass, Barbara and Dick always wash, dry and put away the dishes.

26. Tim and Helena, when she's over,  disappears after.

27. Kate's dad has been over for dinner a couple of times.

28. When Selina is over, the tuna disappears.

29. They find out later that Jason hides it when she's over.

30. Bruce is actually the one to most likely to grocery shop when he can. Alfred drives him and accompanies him.

31. Dick isn't allowed to grocery shop.

32. Cass and Jason are though.

33. Snacks are only brought into the den for movie nights.