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Knock Knock

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Choromatsu’s gasps and moans fill the room, echoing with the sounds of skin slapping against skin, and Karamatsu’s groaning. The room is dark and heated, almost feels foggy and suffocating, but in a weirdly wonderful that makes everything feel more intense. Sweat drips down their bodies, saliva down the side of Choromatsu’s face, onto the couch.They’re making a mess, but neither care, not when they’re so close, so desperate. Karamatsu’s brutal thrusts and bruising grip add onto the pleasure Choromatsu feels every time his prostate is directly slammed into. His hands grip desperately at the couch cushions, back arched, eyes squeezed shut. Karamatsu’s not doing much better, leaning forward, breathing heavily, his legs want to give out, but he forces himself to push through. So close, so excruciatingly near orgasm, both know they won’t last long--

“NIIIII-SA---” Jyushimatsu’ enters with an excited calls that gets cuts off the moment he sees the position his older brothers are in.

He stares cat eyed at the scene, shocked at seeing such a lewd display in the middle of the bedroom, while the rest of the brothers are home downstairs nonetheless! Karamatsu and Choromatsu stop their movements at the sound of their intruder, both unintentionally glaring at him for being interrupted. Jyushimatsu stiffens at their angry faces, sweat beading on his head as he makes fast movements to leave through.

“Pardon the intrusion…” He quickly mumbles, trying to make his escape as discreet as possible.

“Wait a moment Jyushimatsu,” Choromatsu calls out warningly, getting up on elbows to address his brother. Jyushimatsu freezes at his tone. It’s darker than usual, and that scares him. “What have I told you about knocking.” Shit. A statement instead of a question. Demanding. Jyushimatsu doesn’t answer.

“It seems like even after all the times I’ve talked to you about this, you still haven’t learned your lesson.”

Shuffling and footsteps are heard, and Jyushimatsu can tell Choromatsu’s getting up and approaching him. He doesn’t want to turn around though, doesn’t want to see his brother’s angry face. He can feel his brother close behind him. His shoulders tense more, knowing he’s either going to get nagged to for an hour, or, judging by Choromatsu’s scary attitude, he might be in for something even worse than that.

“You should get punished for this.” He growls lowly, too sinister for Jyushimatsu’s liking. This isn’t his brother's usual anger, he’s really REALLY angry. Jyushimatsu knows he screwed up big time. However, Choromatsu pauses for a moment, then he moves closer, his face next to Jyushimatsu’s ear, warm breath down his neck. He lets out a single chuckle, almost like an evil villain. It dances on Jyushimatsu’s neck and echoes in his ear. He shivers.

“I think, though, that we’ll have to forgo regular punishments.” His voice has a sinister lilt to it. ”After all, they never seem to work with you,” he turns his head to address a grumpy, cockblocked, and naked Karamatsu, who at least tries to look brighter and happier when Choromatsu turns his attention on him. “Isn’t that right Nii-san?”

Karamatsu tries to remember what the conversation was about, but he wasn’t really paying attention, and can’t really tell what Choromatsu is talking about. So he tries to pull the best convincing voice he can.

“Of course my dear brother!” Choromatsu can read through him, and just sighs in response. But, he rolls with it anyways.

“Yes, of course.” He repeats back, albeit much more serious and smooth. “We have to go a different route of punishing you. Karamatsu-niisan, go get the rope.” The situation clicks in Karamatsu’s head, and he rushes to reachive the rope from the closet, eager that his fun isn’t completely over yet.

“Jyushimatsu,” Choromatsu addresses him again, but this time his voice is breathier, he moves closer, and Jyushimatsu can feel his something hard poking at his butt. He gasps, and Choromatsu wraps one arm up to his cover his mouth, preventing another noise. The other goes around his waist, hand sliding up his shirt.

“Come in and close the door.”

Jyushimatsu swallows thickly, and does what he’s told.

Choromatsu pulls him backwards the moment the door is closed, bringing him deep into the room facing the couch, pushing him down so he’s on his knees and looking up at his older brother. Karamatsu then comes back from his closet searching, rope proudly in one of his hands, smiling proudly. Choromatsu gestures him to come forward, and they work together to quickly undress and tie Jyushimatsu up. Rope wraps around his legs, bounding them immovable, they crisscross in a diamond pattern on his front, then they wrap around his arms, pulling them back, forcing his back to arch, the rope finishes with a tight knot at his wrist.

Jyushimatsu tries to moves his limbs, but his attempts are completely futile. He makes a discontented noise, but otherwise allows himself to adjust to the feeling being bare, and completely out of control of what happens to his body. Choromatsu frowns in consideration, then taps his chin in thought. He steps close to Karamatsu, and whispers something in his ear. Karamatsu looks shock for a second, but then he nods his head and goes off. Choromatsu’s face turns into a smug little smirk as he sits on the center of the couch, crossing his legs, looking down at Jyushimatsu, feeling strangely like a king punishing a lowly servant. He can’t help the chuckle he makes, and in the back of Jyushimatsu’s mind, he truly starts to question whether his brother is a Disney villain.

His thoughts are interrupted by Karamatsu. Jyushimatsu can’t see, but he can hear his older brother come up from behind him. There’s some rustling, then Karamatsu gently wraps a collar around him, buckling it tight against his throat.

“Nii-san?” He questions the new accessory.

“What Karamatsu just put on you,” Choromatsu answers for him. ”Is a shock collar Jyushimatsu.”

Said brother’s eyes go wide at that.

“If you move at all Karamatsu-niisan will shock you, got that Karamatsu?” This time Karamatsu’s eyes are the ones that go wide, surprised, but glad at being given the control. He can’t help the dark smile that sneaks up on his face at the idea of shocking his little brother into obedience. Karamatsu leans in close by Jyushimatsu’s ear. He holds the remote tight in his hand.

“Don’t disobey Jyushimatsu, I won’t hesitate to punish a naughty puppy.” Both Jyushimatsu and Choromatsu shiver at the tone. Jyushimatsu knows he’s already half hard.

Choromatsu gets off of the couch, and rests on his knees in front of his little brother. It’s time for the next phase of his plan.

He leans down, holds Jyushimatsu’s hips down firmly. He smirks up at his little brother before getting close and licking gently at the base of his dick. Immediately, Jyushimatsu thrusts in surprise, and Choromatsu pulls back. Jyushimatsu gets shocked by Karamatsu. The shock vibrates throughout his body, his limbs twitching out of his control, and Jyushimatsu moans at the wonderful pain.

“No moving Jyushimatsu.” Choromatsu sounds annoyed, but Karamatsu just chuckles next to his ear. Choromatsu leans back down. “I’m gonna try again, don’t move.”

He licks gently at the base again, Jyushimatsu moans again, but he doesn’t move an inch. Then Choromatsu kisses and up the shaft until he reaches the head, each little press sending sparks up Jyushimatsu’s spine. His brother kisses the tip, then swirls his tongue along it, the faint taste of precum coating his tongue. Then, with a fast movement, he takes the head in his mouth, and sucks at a quick pace.

Jyushimatsu moans, and throws his head back. Karamatsu shocks him for moving again, and he moans even louder. Choromatsu hums pleasantly when he feels a bit of the shock through Jyushimatsu’s body. Jyushimatsu moans a third time, then a fourth when Choromatsu takes more of Jyushimatsu, slowly going lower as he bobs up and down. He looks up to gage Jyushimatsu’s react, and is pleased to see his smiling face flush and panting a bit. So he takes in as much as he can, sucking almost violently. Jyushimatsu moans for a fifth time, and so loud both Karamatsu and Choromatsu cringe knowing it was likely heard from downstairs.

Karamatsu taps Choromatsu’s shoulder, and he raises his head off Jyushimatsu’s cock, ignoring his whine of protest. This time, Karamatsu whispers in Choromatsu’s ear, and Jyushimatsu heart quickens at the dark eyes they both look at him with. He gets curious what in the world they are planning next for him. The idea of something more twisted makes his dick undeniably twitch. Choromatsu smiles sadistically again, as he gives Karamatsu in response. Then, Karamatsu is off again to search through the closet.

“Karamatsu thinks you being too noisy,” Choromatsu complains, standing up, folding his arms, resting his foot on Jyushimatsu’s shoulder as if he wasn’t just below him, sucking his cock. “Right now, we need to shut you up before you draw any attention from downstairs.” Jyushimatsu makes a confused noise in response.

But before Choromatsu can explain himself more, Karamatsu comes back from searching. He grins as he holds two objects. A blindfold in one hand, a gag in the other. Jyushimatsu’s eyes widen once again, and his grin drops, his throat tightening. He genuinely seems nervous, and Choromatsu catches this. As Karamatsu leans in close behind Jyushimatsu and wraps the blindfold over his eyes, Choromatsu leans in from the front, getting too close.

“If it gets too much, shake your head,” he whispers huskily.

Before Jyushimatsu can even try to respond, Choromatsu pulls back, and Karamatsu ties on the gag tight. Jyushimatsu makes sloppy noises, licking experimentally on the back of the ball, only for his tongue to strain from the confined space. Drool drips from his mouth down to his chin already, and he can tell his jaw is going to get sore. He glares through the blindfold, a bit grumpy at the treatment, but his heart isn’t fully in it. His face is flushed, his dick red, throbbing, and leaking precum. He can’t deny that being reduced to an immobile, blind, mute, and vulnerable as hell, is turning him on quite a bit.

Jyushimatsu moans when a hand suddenly wraps around his dick, and judging from the position of it, he assumes it’s Karamatsu reaching from behind him. He moans through the gag again, and more drool leaks through. The hand starts at a slow and unbearable pace and Jyushimatsu can’t help but whine. Karamatsu teases the tip, using the spit and precum as lubricant. With his other hand, he briefly places down the remote, and uses his now free appendage to gently feel along Jyushimatsu’s neck and chin. Jyushimatsu follows his movements, tipping his head back, baring his collared throat. Karamatsu takes the bait and sinks his teeth into the side, eliciting another pained moan from Jyushimatsu. Choromatsu joins in the fun, running his hands along his little brother’s muscular torso, watching the muscles and rib cage move erratically with his panting.

Karamatsu’s pace picks up, and Jyushimatsu pants heavily, crumbling under the touch. Choromatsu and Karamatsu make eye contact across from each other. They lean in closer to Jyushimatsu, their hard pricks poking at him, as they lean in over his shoulder and kiss right next to his ear. The sloppy sounds of lips smacking, drool squelching, right next to Jyushimatsu’s ear drum, made worse by his sensitive hearing from the blinfold. He doesn’t know whether to cringe from the grossness, or moan at the eroticism.

But, distracted with Choromatsu’s mouth, Karamatsu, for a brief second, messes up his rhythmic pace. And in that brief second, Jyushimatsu got desperate for regained friction, and unintentionally thrust his hips forward. It catches Karamatsu’s attention again, and he separates from the kiss, his hand moving off Jyushimatsu’s dick, making him whine again. He shocks Jyushimatsu for moving

Jyushimatsu cries out in pain, but the tingling sensation causes him to cum immediately. Choromatsu laughs a sadistic little laugh, Karamatsu just wraps his arms around Jyushimatsu, but his eyes look serious and dark.

“I told you, I won’t hesitate.” Jyushimatsu doesn’t properly register the words, his mind feeling too foggy from his orgasm, but he decides that’s okay.

Choromatsu finally removes Jyushimatsu’s gag, string of saliva connecting him when he does. He pants heavily.

“Bad puppy,” he says, his voice sounding playful in a strange and twisty way. “How dare you disobey orders.” Jyushimatsu doesn’t comment, but his face contorts and he groans when he’s shocked again, his body still too overly sensitive. He wants to hunch over, but knows not to to avoid getting shocked again.

“Now Jyushimatsu, I want to fill your mouth with something else.” Jyushimatsu thinks Choromatsu could be smoother when asking for his dick to be sucked. “And I know for a fact, Karamatsu-niisan has been dying to fuck for quite some time.” Jyushimatsu nods his head in response, understanding where this is heading. He’s still tired, but he can still feel his dick start to come to life again at the images popping into his mind.

“I need you to bend over Jyushimatsu.”

Jyushimatsu’s mouth twists with distrust, knowing he shouldn’t move, but also knowing that he can’t disobey order. With his limbs still tied up, he tries his best to bend over anyways. Karamatsu shocks him again, and Jyushimatsu makes a noise between a sigh and a whine at the expected pain. He’s angry he got punished even though he did what Choromatsu told him, but he doesn’t vocalize his annoyance. Choromatsu just tsks at his poor behavior. But, Karamatsu unties his legs, so that his weight can rest on them, and Choromatsu guides his brother’s head to his aching dick. Karamatsu follows his lead, and aligns himself up with Jyushimatsu’s ass.

“Does he need any prep?”

“No.” Karamatsu spreads Jyushimatsu’s ass wide, revealing his gaping asshole as proof, even though Choromatsu can’t see it. “He’s clearly been slutting around with the others.”

“As expected of him.” Jyushimatsu grumbles. So he’s fucked a few people these last couple days? They don’t have to react THAT way. Or, well maybe it’s worse than he thought, it’s not like he often checks how wide his asshole is on a daily basis. He sighs in frustration, knowing they probably are right about him being a bit slutty.

“All your noises are getting annoying, let’s just move to shutting you up now, right?”

Before Jyushimatsu can respond, Choromatsu pushes his dick down Jyushimatsu’s throat slow at first, making sure Jyushimatsu accommodates him. The older brother moans at the warmth, and when Jyushimatsu begins to suck, at the tightness. He goes deep, and is pleased remembering Jyushimatsu’s gag reflex has long since been destroyed. Once he’s deeply situated, he nods at Karamatsu to do the same. He surprises them both though when he thrusts in fast and hard, making Jyushimatsu feel like he’s suddenly being impaled from both ends. All three moan from the series of events.

Choromatsu grabs Jyushimatsu’s hair, and thrusts forward, tugging harshly. Karamatsu does similar from his hand, grabbing his brother’s hips in a bruisingly tight grip, hitting his prostate directly with every thrust. They create a fast rhythm, both impatient from waiting so long to finally orgasm. Jyushimatsu’s tears stream down his face, moans come out muffled from Choromatsu’s dick practically choking him. The vibrations have Choromatsu tilting his head back, moaning lowley, thrusting harshly back, which cause Karamatsu to growl out of pleasure.

None of them last long, but they all come within a few thrusts of each other to make up for it. The floor is stained, as well as Jyushimatsu’s ass, and Jyushimatsu’s throat with cum. They catch their breath, before both Karamatsu and Choromatsu pull out, removing Jyushimatsu’s blindfold and ropes, then falling and plopping on the floor, exhausted as hell. Jyushimatsu smiles happily with orgasm glow though, and the others, though not particularly grinning, look relaxed and happy as well.

Choromatsu pats the top of Jyushimatsu sweaty hair, his fingers carding through his hair in a familiar and comforting gesture.

“Good puppy, Jyushimatsu.” Jyushimatsu smiles brightly at the praise.