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The Beauty in the Fire

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Chapter one



Jon snow was falling.

Then he was flying.

He could feel the winter winds blow across his face reddening his cheeks. Despite the deadly height he had never felt more alive.

“Whoo!” He couldn't help shout as he rose higher and higher. Feeling powerful and free all at once.

He didn't know how he ended up so high but he didn't want it to end. The clouds surrounding him Jon couldn't believe how bright everything was but as quickly as the sun shone thunder cracked across the sky. Panicking Jon started getting closer to the ground where Jon could see a clear lake. Landing he was surprised to find himself in a large decaying room. Blue roses were growing all over the walls most of the furniture was turned over or covered in dust. The only thing that stood up was a gold framed mirror that looked freshly cleaned. Jon could tell that the room was once beautiful with the expensive looking paintings laid on the floor and huge wardrobe made out of fine wood. He noticed behind the rose vines there was painted angels dancing on clouds. Silver and gold were colored everywhere on the walls. Stepping closer to the mirror he saw his reflection reaching out he touched the mirror flinching in pain. The mirror was hot observing the mirror closer but careful not to touch. All the mirror showed was him but that wasn't what captured his attention. A figure stood by the door turning around in fright Jon quickly relaxed when he realized it was a young woman or that's what he thought. The pale light illuminated her body but leaving her face shrouded in the darkness making it hard to see what she looked like.

“Who are you?” he asked the woman.

Saying nothing the women only stared before facing the door again. Stepping closer Jon reached his hand out to touched her but stopped when he heard her speak.

“You shouldn’t be here”

Shaking his head Jon looked around the room once more before landing his gaze once more.

“Then please tell me who you are?”

Tilting her head down she sighed before looking up back at him.


Surprised that she knew his name Jon stood still as she repeated it again moving closer to him.




Everything seemed to fade all at once until all he could hear was his name being called over and over and growing louder.



“Jon wake up!”

Jon gasped as he woke up from his dream. Confused of where he was for the moment he looked around. He was still in his old room. No fancy paintings, no blue roses, and no gold framed mirror.

Rising up from his bed he shook his head trying to calm his breath. When his younger sister Arya suddenly busted in.

“Jon, I've been calling you for the last two minutes!” She scolded him crossing her arms in annoyance.

“Sorry Arya I didn’t realize how late it had gotten must of been the dream I had”. Knitting her eyebrows she just stared at him for a moment.

“Was it a bad dream?” She asked curiously.

Shaking his head “No it wasn' least I don’t think it was...” He said his words trailed off.

Staring at him again Arya said nothing for a couple of seconds. Clearly worried for her brother.

“I'm fine Arya I just had a strange dream that's all” He assured her as he grabbed a shirt off the chair by the bed. Shrugging “Well....if you're sure Jon” Sighing she tilted her head to the door “Sansa and I need your help putting some of the stuff on the wagon so we can go to the market on time” Nodding at her Jon finished putting on the clothes “Alright I'll be out in a second now get out” Giving him a smirk she left his room. Looking around his room once more he couldn't help feel a little disappointed. He wanted to see the girl he wanted to know what she looked like but most of all he wanted to know who she was. He'd never had such a vivid dream before it almost felt real.

He wanted it to be real, Badly.

Finishing getting ready for the day Jon walked to the front yard where his sisters Sansa and Arya were struggling to lift up a heavy crate up onto the wagon.

“Sansa are you even trying?” Arya voiced strained as she tried shifting it up.

“Shut up I am trying” Sansa spat at her while she helped Arya.

“Well it doesn't feel like it my back it about to break” Arya groaned as they struggled some more.

Noticing Jon Sansa called at him “Jon, stop standing there and help us!”.

Walking up to them Jon lifted the crate from the middle onto the wagon.

“Ugh finally!” Arya yelped excitedly a smile on her face. Laughing Jon ruffled her hair affectionately. He would never admit it out loud but Arya was his favorite out of all his siblings. He loved all of them but Arya had a special place in his heart. He was the eldest and was in charge of their household.

Though it wasn't always that way.

They had a older brother named Robb who died from sickness two years prior and his parents who died when his youngest sibling was barely a babe. Now it was up to Jon to take care of all his younger siblings. The youngest was his brother Rickon barely seven but a troublemaker nonetheless him and his other brother Bran who at the age of twelve seemed to be wise beyond his years were both adventurers at heart. Then there were the girls, Sansa the eldest girl just around sixteen who once dreamed of castles and princes now helps run their home alongside Jon and Arya just two years younger than Sansa who didn't care for castles and dresses but dreamed of being a knight one day was the only one Jon managed to make things a little less stressed filled with her silly antics and humor.

“I made enough food for you and the boys until we return” Sansa's voice broke him out of his reverie

“Ok it’s good to know we won’t starve” He joked with her rolling her eyes she just shook her head and put some more supplies on the wagon. Lifting up another crate Jon and Arya put it on the wagon. Not saying anything until they finished they both loaded the small wagon with their supplies.

“Is that everything?” Jon asked as he put the last item down. Inspecting the wagon he made sure the wheels were sturdy enough for a long travel. There was a large market a town over and both his sisters and himself selled different items that ranged from clothing that Sansa had sewn herself and small trinkets that him and Arya made together.

“Yep that’s everything”  She smiled excitedly. This was going to be her first time at the market. Before it was just Robb who went to the market but after his death it was Jon who went while Sansa took care of the kids. Now both older they were going by themselves while Jon stayed behind this time. They were both leaving that morning and Jon didn't want to admit to Arya because he knew how she would react. But he was worried for them they'd never been anywhere without Jon or their other brothers. He knew Arya and Sansa could take care of themselves but that didn't stop him from being worried.

“Remember to stay on the trail and don’t stray off” He reminded them both just rolled their eyes. Arya was reading the their family horse while Sansa climbed on the wagon to sit down.

“Jon this isn’t my first time going to the market” Sansa said as she gathered the reins.

“I know but it’s Arya’s and you know how excited she can get” Jon countered.

“Hey!” an offended cry coming from Arya who crossed her arms in annoyance at him. Shaking his head in amusement at his sister's pout.

“I love you Arya but you do get distracted easily”

“No I don’t!” She protested looking between Sansa and Jon.

“Yes you do”.

“Yes you do”.

Jon and Sansa said at the same time making them both laugh as Arya stuck her tongue out at them climbing on the wagon placing herself next to Sansa.

“You two are jerks” Arya grumbled crossing her arms again.

“Ah come on Arya don’t pout we’re going to have fun” Sansa told her gently pumping her shoulder. Arya cracked a smile before she pumped Sansa shoulder as well.

“Ok let’s get going!”

Smiling at both his sisters Jon climbed up and gave them a kiss on the forehead.

“I’ll see you both tomorrow be safe and don’t do anything rash” Climbing down he slapped the horse making it start to pull the wagon.

“Bye Jon!” Arya yelled to him as the rode off, sighing Jon went inside to check on his brothers. Bran and Rickon shared a room that was next to Sansa and Aryas. Pushing the door open Jon could see that both boys were still asleep. Walking over to Bran’s bed Jon knelled down and gently nudged him.

“Bran it's time to wake up” Jon whispered but Bran remained asleep.

Nudging him again Jon whispered again “Bran you need to wake up” but the boy wasn’t having it as he fought to stay asleep.

“Brandon don’t make me get the water bucket” Jon warned making Bran’s eyes fly open and glaring at Jon.

“I’m up I’m up” Sitting up Bran rubbed his eyes in annoyance.

Giving him a smug grin Jon turned to Rickon who was already awake as he lied in his bed.

“Ah good you’re awake you want to help your big brother check on the traps later?” He asked the six year old who nodded excitedly as he quickly got up off his bed. Rickon loved helping Jon whenever he got the chance and hardly ever complained unlike his other siblings. Jon guessed because he was still at an age where he worshiped his big brother.

“Ok you two wash up and meet me out back when you’re done” Stepping out the room Jon made his way to the kitchen and pulled out some bread and jam that Sansa had made the other day. Putting some jam on the bread for the boys Jon sat at their small kitchen and thought about his dream.

Who was that girl? And how did she know his name? All those question swam in his mind as he ate his breakfast. After a few moments Jon could her his little brothers scrambling to the kitchen.

“What’s for breakfast?” Bran asked taking a seat while Rickon took a seat next to Jon.

“Bread and blueberry jam that Sansa made” He told them taking another bite of bread. Rickon picked up the bread Jon and already put jam and started to eat “I like Sansa’s jam” He said with food in his mouth. Chuckling Jon ruffled his hair “Well if you don’t stop talking with all your food in your mouth most of it will end up on the floor” Jon teased. Rickon just smiled and continued to eat his bread. Bran was quiet but smiled at his brothers. They ate in silence as they finished breakfast once they were done the cleaned up and went to do the day’s chores.

It was around noon when when Jon took them to the woods to get firewood. The boys were clearly enjoying themselves as they picked up sticks and pretended to sword fight. Shaking his head Jon called out “I’m glad I brought you two out here just so I could do all the work”.

Both Bran and Rickon just shrugged sheepishly as the dropped their sticks and started to pick up bigger pieces of wood.

“Ok Bran you take the load back to the house while Rickon and I go see if we caught anything” He told him. Bran nodded as he took the rest of their wood and headed back to the house.

“Ready Rickon?” Jon asked Rickon who just jumped with excitement nodding his head. Smiling Jon lead the way as his brother followed him into the forest.


Once they finished with their chore they headed back to their home and readied for supper. Brandon when to his room to read while Rickon sat by the fireplace and played with his wooden toys. Jon was tired after the days work. He had skinned three rabbits they had caught from the traps and worked on their vegetable garden. When he was done with all that he finished with cleaning around the house. Sitting at the table Jon thought of the girls the ride to the market was only a days ride meaning they should be back by the morning tomorrow. Jon badly wanted to be with them. Protecting them and making sure no one cheated them in their sales. Though Jon had faith in his sisters. They weren’t some clueless milkmaids but smart and resourceful young ladies who more times than Jon could count had helped him at the end of the day.


Breaking out of his thoughts Jon looked up to Rickon who looked scared. Getting up Jon quickly got up from his chair and kneeled down to face him.

“Rickon? What’s the matter?”

His little brother was silent his eyes downcast before finally looking up meeting Jons eyes.

“I’m worried about the girls….I know you said that they would be fine but I can’t help but feel scared for them” Rickon admitted. Giving him a half smile Jon pulled his brother to him wrapping his arms around him.

“They’ll be fine Rickon, the girls are smart and they’ll be back in the morning before you know it” Jon assured him as he pulled away to face him.

“How are you sure?” Rickon questioned skeptically.

“I’ve been to the market a hundred times and haven’t I always come back?” Jon countered back. Thinking for a moment Rickon nodded in agreement.

“I guess you’re right”

“Of course I am but for now it’s time for bed so let’s go” Ruffling Rickon’s hair Jon stood back up and lead his brother to his room. Opening the door Jon saw that Bran was already asleep with his book on his chest. Smiling Jon picked up the book and placed on the all table nearby. Helping Rickon to bed Jon tucked him in and kissed his head goodnight. Picking up the lit candle Jon headed to the door. As he began to close the door he heard Rickon's small voice.

“Goodnight Jon”

Smiling Jon closed the door and headed for bed.



Jon was back in the decaying room with blue roses and he wasn’t alone. The mysterious woman was back. She was holding the strangest lantern Jon has ever seen. It looked to be made out of a thousand twinkling lights. She was wearing a revealing white dress that showed off her cleavage. Looking away Jon stared at her face that was shadowed by the light of the lantern.

“Who are you?” He asked repeating the question from his earlier dream. The woman stayed quiet turning away from him.

“You shouldn't be here” She gave him the same response as she faced the other way. Frustrated Jon moved forward to place his hand on her shoulder.

“Please answer me I just want to… AH!” Recoiling his hand in shock and pain Jon held his hand to his chest. Looking down to inspect it Jon was astounded to see there was no burn marks. Baffled Jon looked back to the women who to his surprise began to weep.

“I’m sorry”

Her voice was delicate as she turned to look at Jon. Her face out of the shadows Jon could see her face clearly. Jon was immediately awestruck by her beauty. Pale skin that showed of her violet eyes and pink lips. Jon felt frozen at the spot.

“Forgive me” She pleaded softly but Jon just shook his head “No, it’s I that should ask forgiveness I should not have touched you without your consent”.

Only giving him a small smile she sighed “You wouldn’t be so kind if you knew what I really was” She explained ruefully. Confused Jon moved closer to her. He didn't understand where this urge to comfort her came from but Jon knew he didn’t want her to ever be sad.

“Don’t say that everyone deserves kindness”

She shook her head but Jon could see the ghost of a smile as she stepped towards him slowly. Straightening up Jon tried to anticipate what she would do next but once more he was taken by surprise.

“I hope you are right”

Gently laying her hand on his cheek Jon didn't feel the scorching heat but a warmness that came from her palm. Transfixed by her touch Jon meet her gaze. Violet and brown clashed as she leaned in to whisper in his ear.

“Find me where the forest splits in two, past where blue roses grow and where winter begins then and only then will you find me”

Brushing her lips down she then placed a kiss on his cheek making him shiver. Without thinking Jon grabbed her chin and pulled her lips to his earning a gasp from her. Lips plump and velvety against his Jon held her to him as she moaned into his mouth. She felt like fire and Jon couldn’t get enough. Lost in one another she finally pulled away from Jon taking all the warmth with her. Standing there in the light she looked like a goddess and Jon was ready to worship her.

“Find me”

Fading into nothingness Jon was left alone once more.

Waking up in a cold sweat Jon felt hands on his shoulders shaking him awake.


Focusing on the panicked voiced Jon was shocked to see Sansa standing in front of him. Dirty and dress torn Sansa stood there shaking as she looked at Jon. Sitting up Jon grabbed onto her shoulders trying to calm her down.

“Sansa? What happened? Where’s Arya?”.

Lips trembling she shook her head her blue eyes filled with tears as she answered him “It has her...a beast took her!”.