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Wild Love

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Jeon Jungkook was a household name. The face of Coca-Cola, the 2nd male makeup ambassador of Covergirl, collaborations with Puma, Adidas, Medi Heal and multiple companies just to name a few. But all this fame was rightly deserved. Jungkook debuted at the tender age of 15 and worked to the bone to achieve his status of fame at 22. Late nights writing lyrics and wondering what he was doing with his life, he already went through his mid celebrity crisis with a drug and drinking scandal almost ruining his career and an almost fiancee that broke his heart publicly. He’s still young but Jungkook feels like he’s lived for over 100 years.

The one thing he’s learned so far was how fast the celebrity life was, three months felt like a year, and if weren’t current you be swept away in the current. There’s always a constant new single, new scandal or new face to know, and now Jungkook is so tired of the system. Machine carbon copies of preppy wannabe sex icons that can be recycled every two weeks, and even now as Jungkook sits in his studio with Yoongi he just swivels around in his chair, round and round, hoping for inspiration to hit him.

“You know you’re a pretentious prick?” Jungkook says aimlessly in the air, tossing a pen up and catching in his hands and Yoongi scoffs at the remark.

“And what does that say about you?” Yoongi asks eyebrows raised amusingly.

“Oh, that’s rich coming from AgustD renowned producer and rapper, the only hip-hop artist to win an album of the year without a feature on his songs. The one man to refuse collaboration with the SKJ Ent. Company. And I’m more of a prick?” Jungkook scoffs and launches the pen towards Yoongi’s head. He clicks his teeth when he misses and Yoongi sticks up his middle finger to him.

“Just because I won’t carry the new one hit wonders career, doesn’t make me a prick. I just like making good music, and they’re not good music. What about you, Mr. Jeon Jungkook? The man who writes and sings his own songs, and refuses to work with anyone that can’t do the same. Who’s always in the headlines with a new scandal every two weeks? We’re only friends cause we’re the only people that can stand each other you dick.”

Jungkook rolls his eyes at the lecture and returns to face his multiple screens looking back at him. So far he only has a soothing acoustic melody on loop for four minutes, that came to him the early morning after a few drinks, and at the moment Jungkook felt like it could be his next single, hearing the strumming played back over and over it sounds… empty to him. Like the beauty of the tune had no one to attract and so it was only an artifact to be displayed and not touch, and Jungkook wanted to create something people wanted to intertwine with and understand. He wanted his songs to be summer lovers, enticing and addicting and being a fond memory at the end of the day.

The sound of three beeps and a click lets him know that the digital lock on his studio room was being open, and when he spins around to the entrance, there stood his manager. Namjoon was someone that saw potential in him after a few busker performances and walking up to him with a card to the company he worked for. And Jungkook knows he’s the luckiest performer out there with Namjoon as his guidance. The way he handles scandals graciously and without any hatred towards Jungkook for still going through his young adult life, the way he lets Jungkook has his creative freedom and never rushing him to have the next album, the next single and always, always being the voice of reason when Jungkook feels like he lost and just a bumbling teen again.

“Any progress?” Jungkook can only avoid eye contact while shaking his head sheepishly, and Namjoon lets out a hearty laugh. “It’s okay kid, sometimes hours of nothing only gives you 10 seconds of material.”

Jungkook can feel the tension leave his body a little at the remark, and spots the little flyer gripped in Namjoon’s hands. He reaches forward to it and Namjoon hands it over with a smug look on his face. He lets his eyes scan the piece of paper and can’t help but be intrigued. There’s a stage displayed at night with a jumping crowd and flashing lights, and colorful lettering centered “Baepsae Fest, Brought to by the SKJ Ent. Company”. His curiosity is peaked, but he can’t help but feel a little irritated at the idea of being surrounded by singers that just sing, and not perform.

“Pass,” Jungkook says handing the paper back and dismissing the idea without a second thought.

“About that…” Namjoon trailed off and Jungkook can already feel his eyes twitch in irritation. “Listen I owed Seokjin a favor, and all he wanted was you to perform a short setlist, and appear on the ‘4 O’Clock Show’ for an interview with a few of the other artists so you gotta go, so be ready tomorrow for rehearsals at 6 AM thanks!” Namjoon finishes off rapidly, tossing out finger guns before leaving the room with a smile.

“Did he just–” Jungkook starts as Yoongi laughs his head off at the scene that happened in front of him. Jungkook lets his head hit the table in front of him and he lets out a groan. Fantastic a music festival with people he could care less about.


Jungkook grumbles as his numerous stylist finish touching up his hair and makeup. He glances to the side to watch Namjoon as he shakes hands with the infamous Seokjin, CEO of SKJ Ent. Company and can’t help but puff up his cheeks. The damn handsome man in the suit is the reason he’s even here waiting for the next act can go on stage so he could perform. He settled on some of his recent hits to perform because nothing from the album he’s working on is stage ready at the moment.

He gets the okay to leave the vanity table, and Jungkook walks away leather pants and all to plop right down on the couch. Luckily for him, he was able to drag Yoongi along with the promise of treating him to food later, so he’s not alone in his misery.

“Anyone interesting yet?” Jungkook asks as he watches Yoongi write down a few stray lyrics on the back of his hand.

“Kind of, I keep hearing the name Park Jimin, but I haven’t seen him yet.” Yoongi drawls and Jungkook struggles to conjure up a face to match the name.

“Park Jimin?”

“New face of SKJ, debuted about a week ago, his song’s alright. The usual poppy love song with like a twist/ The runs are pretty tight and clean and you can see the influence of jazz so he’s unique in that aspect. I give him a month at number 1, and unless he releases another hit, that’ll probably be it for him.” Yoongi rambles and Jungkook can’t help but feel shocked at the influx of information and Yoongi can’t help but shove him a little to the side. “Come on kid, you at least have to stay updated on what’s going on in  your world.”

“Yeah, cause teen bops are my jams.” Jungkook rolls his eyes and hears a scoff behind him, and whoever made that noise is one brave soul.

When the pair turns to look at a pink hair man in an oversized striped button-up on top of an all-black ensemble. Jungkook can’t help the small nod of approval as he gauges the man up and down if one thing was done right at least this concept sit the stranger to a T. The gentle look is off put by the sour look on the pretty face and Jungkook can’t help but be a little startled. The pink smokey eyes are made intense by the sharp look of anger in the eyes of blue contacts. And this time Jungkook has the decency to feel a little bad about trash talking someone he hasn’t even met yet.

“Sorry… who are–”

“Park Jimin, resident teen bop that apparently isn’t your jam, but that’s okay, guess the tabloids were right about one thing about you being a douche. It’s a shame such a nice face has a dick for an attitude.” Jimin haughtily finishes, cutting off Jungkook and turning away with a middle finger in the air.

Jungkook can’t but stare in surprise and when Namjoon comes up behind him clapping his back with his hands he can’t help but jump. The tight look in his eyes and the way his lips twitch when he smiles, tells Jungkook that Namjoon definitely heard everything and yeah, his ass is getting lectured later after this festival.

“Next time, can you at least look at your surroundings before you speak? He’s going to be at the interview with you tomorrow, and I’d rather not have him trying to tear you down on live TV where I can’t edit stuff out.” Namjoon says with a slight thunk to Jungkook’s head.

“Yeah yeah I’ll apologize to baby pop star before my set okay? I got this Namjoon.” Jungkook brushes off the issue and rises to search for the new star to hopefully crush a scandal before it can get out of hand. He’s finally moving on from his angsty heartbreaker image and developed his image of tortured loner artist and Jungkook really doesn’t want the paparazzi following him and taking pictures of everyone he hangs out with as the next potential love interest.

Finding a head of pink hair is actually harder than Jungkook thought as he ends up searching around backstage and seeing a sea of shades of brown, and not a single bubble gum color. He’s about to give up when he finally spots Jimin tucked away on the sideline jumping lightly from foot to foot. As Jungkook approaches Jimin he can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia looking at the nervous performer. He remembers his first professional stage and the way his throat was always dry no matter how many waters he drank or how the butterflies felt like they were crawling up his throat while he waited behind the curtain. Jimin has his backed turn by the time Jungkook reaches to him, and he can hear the gentle humming coming from the man the closer he gets.

They almost crash into each other, when Jimin turns around suddenly, the frazzled look obvious his face, and Jungkook doesn’t know why but his hands lift without thought and lands on Jimin shoulders to steady him.

“Sorry… about earlier. And stop freaking out, you’ll do fine.” Jungkook says gently and his neck burns from the surprised look he gets from Jimin before he’s throwing his head back and a laugh tinkles in the air. A staff member approaches to let Jimin know he’s up next and the singer nods and slips out of Jungkook’s hold, before walking away he stops to point to Jungkook and then to himself.

“I’d believe you if your face didn’t look like every word you said was killing you. For the next 2 songs keep your eyes on me got that old man, I’ll show you what this twenty-year-old teen pop star can do.” Jimin says with a wink before rushing on stage, and Jungkook can’t help but stare at the retreating figure on the stage as the crowd goes wild. He scoots around to find a safe place right before the curtain ends and entertains himself with following Jimin’s instruction. Curiosity ticking at his brain, and the enigma of Park Jimin makes his feet stick to the ground underneath him.

“Hello, Baepsae! My name is Park Jimin and recently you guys have been showing me so much love!” Jimin shouts into the microphone in his hand waving his other hand in big sweeping arches. “We’re gonna get this party started so get ready to dance! And let’s get it!”

The thumping bass starts and Jungkook can feel his eyes roll into his school at another typical EDM song, but he wills himself to continue looking at Jimin and he can’t help but laugh to himself. Jimin still bumbles around stage and turns his back to the audience too many times to be appropriate in 30 seconds, the inexperience is obvious, but there’s something about watching Jimin perform that’s endearing. Maybe Jungkook has been part of the system for too long and he’s grown too cynical, and that’s why the performance is so…sweet.

Because Jimin’s smile is genuine, and the way he jumps around with the crowd and runs around the stage is full of energy, and the crowd loves it. They jump with him and they yell the lyrics right back to him. There’s a point where Jimin stumbles and almost falls, and bizarrely enough instead of freaking out Jimin bends over and laughs right into the mic, and continues singing without a care. Jungkook can see how much Jimin loves being on stage and honestly he sees the appeal. Too many artists get a mic stand and just sing, but Jimin? He performs, he moves with the audience like he’s the puppet master, but he does it with a smile and is okay being a fool himself. It’s at the end of the night and the lights are flashing and everyone is having a good time.

The song slows and someone runs on stage to place a mic stand in the middle of the stage and the mood sobers as a single spotlight lands on Jimin who throws over a bass with a sheepish smile. The first few chords begin, and the crowd screams with recognition and Jungkook raises his eyebrows at the familiar melody.

“This next song is by an artist I really admire, and he’s playing right after me… So wrap an arm around whoever’s next to and feel free to sing along. And welcome… to Baepsae Fest.” Jimin croons into the mic voice a little hoarse from the previous song, but then his eyes slip shut and Jungkook doesn’t know what happens next.

He remembers writing this song, three years into his career, legally an adult but he felt like an old man. By then he had learned how to hold his liquor and learned who not to sleep with from one threat too many of releasing his nudes. His wonder for the entertainment industry had gone from sparkling eyes of luxury to a dull shine of rusted steel. Everything turned out to be a nightmare and he felt like he was slipping underneath the waves of trying to top himself for a better song, better album, and he ran to people who in the end never really cared about him.

Jungkook at the tender age of 18 was an alcoholic and an occasional cocaine user, that wounded up in rehab one day after his birthday when his celebration ended up with him on the floor seizing up after he taken an unknown pill while he was tweaked. The memory is still fresh in his mind and is a nightmare that reoccurs every now and then. The sweat the poured down his face, the way his body twitched without his doing, and the look of fear on Namjoon’s face when he ran over to gather the young boy in his arms, shouting for someone to call 911. All Jungkook could think at the moment, was how heavy the air felt around him. Gravity is real but you never notice it, but that night it felt like his chest was being slowly crushed and Jungkook could only repeat in his head, ‘I want to live.’.

The song was written while Jungkook laid in his bed two months into treatment, and he couldn’t help but wonder why the world continues to move when he was stuck in a solitary place. Jungkook was on top of the world, but the minute he was tucked away, the world forgot about him. It’s a song he holds close to his heart, probably the one song he could call his legacy. And hearing it after years of not playing it makes his heartache in bittersweetness.

Gravity is working against me

And gravity wants to bring me down

Jungkook has heard numerous covers before, but he takes a double take when Jimin opens his mouth to sing. His voice is softer and quieter like a lover whispering in your ear, the tone is higher than what the song is originally is but it fits so right for Jimin. Jungkook watches the crowd lift up phones and lighters to wave in unison on beat with the song, but Jimin keeps his eyes shut. Lips pressed against the mic, body curled in like he’s huddled against you and singing just for you. His fingers move up and down the neck of the dark bass and Jungkook is mesmerized.

The sight is addicting, watching someone perform so passionately and simply. This is want Jungkook believes a true singer is, someone who sings like every song is their last and that’s what Jimin does. There’s a yearning for understanding dipping in Jimin’s every word, and Jungkook can see the emotion consume him as his voice starts to choke up in the chorus.

And the most beautiful thing happens when Jimin opens his eyes to the crowd and lets his tears fall. Though no words fall from his lips he continues playing the melody, and the crowd takes over for him. Jungkook watches the pure awe in Jimin’s face, and the seed of satisfaction bury itself in his chest, and for once Jungkook has an epiphany. That Park Jimin belongs on stage every day of his life, singing for people that would open their arms to understand him and his feet itch to run back to his studio to complete the song he started last week.

Jungkook turns his back on performance when a stagehand comes to do a round of touch ups while Jimin finishes his song, and he ignores the questioning look on Namjoon’s face. He closes his eyes as makeup artists powder his face one more time and sinks in his chair as Jimin’s voice is amplified on stage to surround him.

Oh, twice as much ain’t twice as good
And can’t sustain like one half could
It’s wanting more that’s gonna send me to my knees

The phrase repeats one more time and each word makes the smile on Jungkook’s face spread wider and wider. He gets weird looks from people around and even Yoongi looks surprised but Jungkook pushes through and grabs the battered guitar by the couch and tucks his neck under the strap. He plugs in as fast as he can and does a quick mic check and without looking back he steps onto the stage playing right along to the ending bridge with Jimin.

The crowd goes wild as he appears and Jimin looks shocked as his little improv guitar comes to an end. He takes a step back to let Jungkook sing, but the older man shakes his head and lifts his head for Jimin to continue.

The stays right beside Jimin as he croons out the rest of the song, and the warmth of the light on them makes Jungkook feel like he’s being embraced by an emotion he can’t describe. Like love decided to make up a physical form to wrap itself around Jungkook and he feels so breathless, but when he opens his mouth to join Jimin in the ending bridge, it’s like magic.

Just keep me where the light is

Their voices meld together like a smooth blend of sweet and tart. Jungkook’s voice hoarse from abuse partnered by the honey tones and Jimin’s fresh vocals creating an intoxicating blend. He can hear how the crowd approves but Jungkook keeps his eyes locked in Jimin. The sight up close is an image Jungkook burns into his mind, the way sweat trickled down his neck, a pink tongue slipping out to swipe away at dry lips, and most of all the look of wonder in a pair of eyes staring right back at him.

The song ends and the crowd applauses for the unexpected duo and Jimin blushes as he snaps out his trance and takes multiple bows, he ushers Jungkook to take center stage, and before he can slip away Jungkook wraps an arm around his shoulders to drag him in close as he lowers his head to the mic in Jimin’s hand still.

“That was Park Jimin folks, keep an eye out for this kid, he’s gonna be doing some great things in a few years.” Jungkook spouts out and the crowd cheers in approval and Jimin stands shocked at the words. But the show must go on so he rushes off stage ears tinged pink, and Jungkook focuses on the people in front of him, suddenly feeling like he can take the world by storm.

In one week he’ll meet Park Jimin one more time.


“Welcome to the 4 O’Clock show, I’m your host Kim Taehyung, and this week we have some very special guests!” The late show host lets the crowd applause and continues his quick summary of the show for the night.

Jungkook doesn’t mind doing interviews, a necessary evil, and out all the shows he’s been on Kim Taehyung’s has to be the easiest to deal with. He’s warm and welcoming and actually asks questions that Jungkook thinks is worth answering. Every scandal he’s had has been followed by an interview by Kim Taehyung, and the bubbly host stayed as unbiased as possible and just let Jungkook tell his story, something rarely done with people in the industry and their hidden agendas.

But today Jungkook is the one with another idea in mind other than answering questions on his recent performance. His eyes wander back to the man that’s guest starring with him tonight and just like one week ago, Jungkook can’t help the smile the spreads and the feeling of warmth that flickers in his chest. Jimin is busy getting a run done by his manager, Hoseok, and Jungkook can’t help but appreciate the outfit the stylists put him in for the night.

Distressed red sweater and ripped up black jeans, it’s such a cute outfit that Jungkook wants to bundle him up in blankets and carry him away from everything dangerous.

“Can you stop staring?” Namjoon says as he turns Jungkook’s head back to the mirror. “I don’t know why you’re so interested in the kid, but you’ve been acting weird and I’m starting to get creeped out. Yoongi thinks the Illuminati replaced you with a clone, and honestly, I’m not even sure anymore.”

“One, fuck you I was looking at fine art. Two, the Illuminati can’t touch me, I already paid for my membership.” Jungkook replies while smacking away the hand resting on his head. “And I’m not being weird it’s just, I don’t know, he seems interesting.”

There’s silence the fill between them and when Jungkook looks up a Namjoon there’s a knowing look on his face.

“Please don’t flirt with him on live TV, and if you want to propose this time I’m doing a background check on him first.”

Jungkook flushes at the joke, he falls in love rarely but when he does, it’s quick and hard. Jungkook feels everything passionately and love was the most explosive emotion he knew. The stagehands shuffle him off the makeup chair and to the side of the stage, and for the first time, Jimin and him are face to face.

When their eyes meet Jimin flushes a pretty pink just like his hair, and Jungkook can’t help but smile at the embarrassed boy.

“Look uh… sorry for calling you a dick… especially after what you said after my performance.” Jimin apologized, avoiding looking Jungkook in the face.

“It’s okay, I am a dick, but you know if you want to get to know me better I wouldn’t mind a date.” Jimin’s neck must hurt from whiplash the way his head spins to look at Jungkook mouth open in shock.

“A wha—“

“Give a warm welcome to our guests! Veteran singer Jeon Jungkook and rookie Park Jimin!”

The pair are ushered on stage and they take turns to shake Taehyung’s hands. When they turn to the couch together, Jungkook takes it upon himself to let Jimin sit down first before getting comfortable. There’s still a dusting of pink of Jimin’s cheeks and honestly, Jungkook is so smitten at this point that the smile on his face is permanent.

“You seem happy today Jungkook! Any special reason?” Taehyung asks, curiosity clear in his eyes as they flicker between the pair.

“Yeah, actually there is, I’m sitting next to a pretty amazing performer and I couldn’t be happier.” Jimin’s flush returns and stutters out a thanks at the sudden 180 of personality and Taehyung laughs at the interaction mirth in his eyes.

“That’s the first time I’ve ever heard you say that about anyone! Park Jimin must really be something then!”

“He really is, he’s gonna go far in his career I can just feel it,” Jungkook says and laughs when Jimin smacks his arm and tells him to stop.

“Aish, he’s being too nice! I’m still trying to get the hang of things but I’m hoping it goes well!” Jimin says and Taehyung nods alone, before pointing to the screen behind them.

“I don’t know, from the looks of it seems like you’ve got it down pat! Check out his performance from last week at Baepsae Fest!”

The clip rolls and Jimin pitches over in embarrassment as the video of him plays. Jungkook’s heart fills at the scene watching Jimin jump around and sing to his heart’s contents. It’s an angle he wasn’t able to see standing off to the side, and honestly, if the crowd didn’t love him before this stage they do now. The smile on his face is evident and the way he jumps a little higher than needed, stops more just to way to people below him, really shows his off his sweet personality.

There’s a section where Jungkook came onto the stage, and he’s definitely gonna ask Namjoon to get him a copy of this slip because even though Jimin looks surprised there’s this joy and satisfaction on his face that makes Jungkook proud. Proud at what he does and sings, proud of himself for being able to make Jimin feel all those things. The video is followed by screenshots of tweets gushing about Jimin and how amazing his energy was and how they’ll but his album, his tour tickets, his merch anything he does as long as it’s as good as that performance.

Jungkook watches Jimin’s face as his eyes read every comment, and he sees the pride that lays itself in Jimin’s core and doesn’t hesitate to reach out and pinches one of his cheeks.

“Told you, they’re gonna love you.”

Jimin smacks away his hand with a scowl but the way his lips twitch in a smile and how he hides a giggle behind his hand shows how happy he is to hear the compliment.

“You guys seem pretty close! I’m guessing rehearsing for that duet gave you guys some opportunity to talk! What’s it like being friends with the infamous Jeon Jungkook? Any crazy encounters yet?” Taehyung asks and the screen focuses on Jimin, who tries to school his face into a neutral expression as he panics inside to explain the sudden collaboration, even he doesn’t understand.

“Actually it kinda just happened… no rehearsal beforehand, I just felt like going on stage a little earlier than planned.”

“And uh– we’re not really friends? This is our second time meeting actually funny enough.” Jimin explains as Taehyung nods in understanding.

“If you give me your number we could totally change that, you know if you want to,” Jungkook says dropping an arm to rest on the back of the sofa and behind Jimin’s shoulders. The crowd coos as Jimin tries to sputter out a response, and Taehyung claps in delight.

“Now that’s a scoop, glad to have you back on the show Jungkook, never know what you’re gonna pull.” Jungkook fires out finger guns with a smirk to the happy host and smiles when Jimin shakes his head in fondness.

“So Jimin, congrats on dropping a new single! Lost in Japan is topping the chart at number one since you dropped it after Baepsae Fest! I love the jazz influence you got going on, definitely a big fan.” Taehyung gushes and Jimin smiles wide as he starts explaining the single with hands moving in motion.

The watching Jimin bloom into a proud little singer makes Jungkook impatient for years to pass. He wants to see the pink hair man accepting awards, playing at his own concerts, and becoming a performer he already is beginning to show. Jungkook can feel it in his bones that Park Jimin is going to become a name you won’t be able to forget, and there’s this want to be beside him to help him grow that starts crawling up Jungkook’s body.

He wants to be there when Jimin decides on his setlist, he wants to wake up to hear a soft voice humming songs not released to the public, and he wants to serenade the charming boy with tunes that will only be between them. Jungkook’s absolutely smitten and if doesn’t leave with at least a phone number, or making Jimin laugh at least two more times, he’s going to be leaving the 4 O’Clock Show empty handed.

“And you mister superstar! I’ve been told that tonight you something special for us!” Taehyung turns to Jungkook with a smile, and Jungkook is hoping that the one thing that didn’t let him done yet, can work some miracles tonight.

“I do… Me and Jimin didn’t get the greatest first impression of each other,  but it’s changed for the better, and performing with him had me really inspired. Tonight I’m gonna perform for you guys a new single from my upcoming album. It’s still in the works, so an acoustic version is all you get tonight.” Jungkook says as Jimin’s eyes widen. A stagehand runs to hand Jungkook his iconic guitar, the one he’s had his whole career and the crowd hushes as the strumming begins.

Don’t know what to say to you now

Standing right in front of you

Don’t know how to fade in and out

Don’t know how to play it cool

They’re not the fanciest lyrics, or the most poetic, but there’s something about the simplicity of the words that Jungkook wrote, that he felt explained everything he could feel coursing in his blood when he looked at Jimin. After so many years of trial and error, Jungkook has grown used to the looks filled with wary, and the people talked to him carefully, like poking a bear and waiting for him to snap. He knows the rumors, raging idol that abuses his workers, crazy druggie drowning in sorrows and depression even broken-hearted fool still trying to get back his lover, and he continued to push through. Words use to hurt him, now they just make him numb.

Everyone saw Jeon Jungkook asshole prodigy, even Jungkook accepted himself that’s what he was, but the moment the words fell from Jimin’s lips for once, Jungkook felt the need to correct somebody, to prove them wrong. He wanted Jimin to see him, to understand him, to believe him the words he sings are meant for him.

Jungkook grew to fame for many things, his looks, his talent, his luck, but Jungkook likes to think his fans stayed for his sincerity. How every song was handwritten and pieces of his being he gave away in hopes of people relating to him. That he sang about loneliness and failure because that’s when people need someone the most to comfort them. Jungkook hated how disingenuous the media industry, but he would rather die than become another part of the revolving machine of talent.

Tried to call you, to feel you close

From a runway in Tokyo

Let’s leave the atmosphere, disappear

There’s always something left to lose

But shining blue eyes and candy hair, was the most real thing he’s seen in a while. Unnaturally flushed cheeks and perfectly pink lips seemed like a godly creation of nature, away from the evils of mankind. Jimin was the replication of everything wrong turned in good in the world. Because his heart still rang true underneath the layers of perfection piled on top of him. His voice still demanded to be heard and let in. He slithered his way into your heart and made himself a home. And Jungkook wanted nothing more but to let him stay and lock him in.

Jungkook has never been afraid of love. He knows that pain and love are the same, four letters that kill the heart and make the brain wary, but he’s always willing to dive in head first to any sensation. Jungkook has learned to be fearless, and when he looks up to stare at Jimin and watches to pop star gape at him, he understands he is fearless. Because beauty is nothing without fear and that’s all he sees in the man before him.

But I wanna give you wild love

The kind that never slows down

I wanna take you high up

Let our hearts be the only sound

I wanna go where the lights burn low and you’re only mine

The song ends as Jungkook sings one more love, and the crowd is silent, before applause roars and Taehyung stands from his chair to clap along. Jimin waits a moment before rising and slowly clapping his hands as well, smile shy and small, but still just as lovely.

When Taehyung calls for a commercial break Jimin shuffles a little closer to Jungkook and opens his palm to him. Jungkook doesn’t stop the laugh that leaves him as he deposits his phone in the waiting hand, and he feels so smug as Jimin types away his phone number before returning the device.

“I hope wild love includes a few dates.”

“Wild love is whatever you want.”