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Six times the moles on Jungkook’s thighs drove Bangtan crazy and one time they could do something about it

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1- Seokjin


They’re at the gym ridiculously early when Seokjin notices them. Jungkook is doing sits-up while Seokjin holds his feet down (Jungkook doesn't need someone to hold his feet down, because he could bench press all his hyungs stacked on top of each other easily, but they like to workout together so they both pretend Jungkook needs help) and for once he’s wearing shorts, which is rare. Jungkook prefers big loose pants for everything really, from sleeping to traveling and working out. But he’s wearing shorts, that objectively aren't that small, but because of the repetitive movements they get all the way up his thighs and that’s when Seokjin notices two really cute moles on the middle of his right thigh, moving in rhythm with Jungkook’s muscles.

For whatever reason he can’t take his eyes off them and when Jungkook sits down for good, instead of letting go, Seokjin keeps one hand on Jungkook’s foot while he fetches his phone with the other and snaps a picture. He ignores Jungkook’s whines (the maknae hates sudden pictures and makes it know loudly) and sends it to the group chat.


Group Chat: members <3


how come i’ve never seen that Jungkookie has moles on his thighs?? look how cute!



Jungkook blushes as he reads the caption and Jin laughs at his shyness.

No one answers as expected, it’s 6 in the morning after all, so Seokjin puts his phone down again and they continue with their workout, the older man still feeling amused by the fact he never saw them and by Jungkook’s reaction.

But then it’s not funny anymore because as they work through other group muscles (namely: legs) Seokjin can’t take his eyes off Jungkook’s thighs. How they flex, how the skin stretches, how the moles move, and he catches himself thinking about kissing them and doing other things to Kookie’s thighs and Kookie’s everything that aren’t really proper .

He gulps when he starts wondering if Jungkook has hidden moles somewhere else  too.


2- Jimin


Jimin and Jungkook are putting extra dances practices for the upcoming BTS Festa and they’ve stopped counting how many hours they spent on the choreography at this point, working in hotel rooms, studios all over the world, and even airports lounges.

They’re back in Seoul this time and sweating buckets in the too hot dance studio. Jimin has already shed half his clothes off and Jungkook finally decided to lose his pants, which is no big deal because they’re used to shower together and they end up in boxers a lot when they work out that hard. They start dancing again.

This time though the choreography makes Jimin get really close to Jungkook’s legs and he notices the moles. He remembers the picture Seokjin took a few days ago and stops Jungkook in the middle of a move to look at them, making the younger man yelp in surprise. Jimin’s hand is on Jungkook strong thigh as he looks closely at the two little dots and whispers “cute”.

Jungkook fidgets and Jimin can feel the muscles move under his hand and instantaneously drops it like he just got burned. It’s his face that burns though, and he feels like the temperature in the studio got even higher. He quickly jumps to his feet.

He was about to kiss them. He really was. He wanted to kiss them and lick them and-


Jimin wonders what the hell is wrong with him and can’t meet Jungkook’s eyes as he tells him they’ve worked hard enough that night and that he should go home, that Jimin needs a few minutes alone to go over something.

Jungkook throws him a weird look but leaves without asking questions.

Jimin’s hand is in his pants as soon as the door closes behind Jungkook.


3- Namjoon


Namjoon and Jungkook are sitting on the couch of Namjoon’s studio, speaking about the lyrics Jungkook wrote for one of their future songs. It’s good, excellent even, and Namjoon feels so proud of Jungkook because of the progress he made. There’s room for improvement, but isn’t there always, so Namjoon keeps complimenting him as they adjust certain parts and the younger man is positively beaming with pride.


Namjoon stands up to get them coffee, leaving Jungkook in the studio. When he comes back, Jungkook is still there, except it looks like he relaxed a bit. He took off his shoes and put his feet on the table, a frown on his face as he scribbles down something, using his thighs as support for his notebook. Namjoon decides they better get comfortable and does the same, kicking his shoes off as he sits down and hands Jungkook his coffee.

The younger man puts the notebook down and takes the coffee with a smile and a thank you, Hyung before resuming his position and that’s when Namjoon’s eyes are drawn to them .

The shorts Jungkook is wearing - why is he wearing shorts so often these days? It’s almost summer but Jungkook always preferred to hide as much skin as he could. However Namjoon isn't going to complain, because, well, the shorts- reveal smooth skin and muscled thighs and Namjoon feels his mouth go dry. The studio is too small and hot suddenly, and Namjoon wants to press his hands down on Jungkook’s thigh (which shouldn’t be Something, because he does it all the time without thinking about it), and he wants Jungkook to spread his thighs and he wants to kneel in between them and bite on the skin and-



Jungkook is looking at him expectantly and Namjoon snaps out of this train of thoughts, feeling extremely guilty for letting himself get lost in a fantasy. He didn’t hear Jungkook’s question.

He coughs and apologizes as they pick up where they left, telling himself he’s looking at Jungkook’s notes not at Jungkook’s thighs as he explains how to make better rhymes.

4- Hoseok


Hoseok barges into the shower without warning and tells Jungkook to move because he needs to shower right now after what they just went through at dance practice.

They’re used to shower together, it’s really no big deal. It’s not a matter of saving water anymore, it’s more a question of time and the fact that they only have two bathrooms and that the other one is occupied by Seokjin and you do not disturb him when he’s going through his skincare routine.

Jungkook doesn't even protest anymore, just moves slightly to let the water hit Hoseok too. Hoseok groans as the warm water washes him from the sweat and relaxes his sore muscles. He keeps his eyes closed as Jungkook hands him the soap and only opens them again when he lets it fall, the muscles of his hand betraying him because he is exhausted . He grumbles and squats to pick the bottle, freezing in his spot, half crouched, when he ends up at eye level with Jungkook’s thighs moles.

He spoke about them with Jimin, late at night, and then with Namjoon in the studio, and then again with Seokjin in the car, and laughed at the three of them for being so flustered by two little dots.

Now he understands.

There’s water gliding on Jungkook’s perfect skin and perfect thighs, and Hoseok licks his lips.

These moles are drawing him in, he swears, and he has to force himself to stand up again because he’s definitely in a not so platonic position right now, almost eye to cock and if he gets hard it’s going to be painfully awkward. They’re not teenagers anymore, he can control himself thank you very much. Jungkook doesn’t say anything.

When Jungkook gets out of the shower and the bathroom, Hoseok takes an icy cold shower for five minutes and doesn't calm down.


5- Taehyung


Jungkook falls asleep a minute after the plane takes off, not even bothering to take the blanket out of his bag. Taehyung looks at him with a smile on his face, knowing full well that Jungkook never actually woke up that morning and that he just picks up his night sleep where he left it and that he’s not really taking a nap.


He puts his hand on the younger man’s thigh without thinking about it and is almost startled when he meets smooth skin instead of thick material. Right. Jungkook took on wearing shorts for whatever reason Taehyung can’t deduce. He guesses Kook is just trying a new style and it pleases him, but right now he feels weird touching his bare skin like that.


He looks at his hand and moves it a little lower, closer to the knee, and he sees the two cute moles. He always knew they were here and was kind of scandalized that the other members never noticed them. He had always found them cute and even did his “elephant” a few times. However, as he looks at them right now, he doesn't find them cute but rather… sexy.


He knows Jungkook is sexy. Their maknae grew well, got a lot of muscles, and stopped being a teenager long ago. But it’s hard to stop seeing the baby-faced boy and to start seeing a man. At the moment, he doesn't have a problem seeing the latter though as he watches, fascinated, his hand go higher on Jungkook's thigh again, stopping millimeters away from the moles.

They’re pretty. Taehyung likes pretty things, he collects them even, and right now he wishes he could keep them for himself and kiss them.

Taehyung looks at them until he falls asleep and wakes up with a hard-on, thank god covered by the big sweater he wears that day.

And he feels like the world tipped.


6- Yoongi


Yoongi comes home late as usual and goes straight to his bed, and as usual , someone’s already there sleeping. He doesn’t even bother to sigh as he gets closer and spots Jungkook drooling on his pillow, legs tangled in the covers, revealing just the skin of his stomach and his thighs.

And two perfect little dots.

Jungkook whines in his sleep and moves a little bit and Yoongi stares at the pretty skin he got to see more and more in the last weeks.

Of course Jungkook would have started to sleep half naked too, as if going around everywhere in shorts wasn't enough, he had to sleep in Yoongi’s bed in just boxers and a t-shirt and life isn't fair.

His heartbeat is through the roof when Jungkook moans, actually moans , and spreads his legs in his sleep, obviously dreaming about something very personal Yoongi shouldn't spy on but the older man is frozen to the spot, unable to look away from the tiny little dots and the beautiful legs and that little bit of stomach and Jungkook’s face.

It’s Jungkook’s fault, after all, he’s having a wet dream in Yoongi’s bed, in sheets smelling like Yoongi , where Yoongi got off the night before, where Yoongi would wreck him if they had that kind of relationship.

Yoongi wants to pin him down and used his tongue on every part of Jungkooks’ body, but mostly on his thighs, and he wants to leave marks all around the moles and bites down on them.


And maybe he wants to kiss Jungkook’s cheek mole too.


Oh no.


Yoongi bolts out of the room and sleeps on the couch that night. And doesn’t scream into the armrest, definitely not, and doesn't touch himself thinking about Jungkook’s thighs around his waist the next morning in the shower either, or about his lips against Jungkook’s.


Nope, not at all.



Jungkook wakes up and the first thing he notices is that his thighs hurt.

He groans and then remembers, feeling his face flushes.

… being held down by Jimin and Taehyung, both busy biting and kissing his neck.

too much already but feeling like he would die if they stop

Sitting on Namjoon’s lap, hardness against his back and hands all over his body, his legs parted

Seokjin kissing him as he moans into his mouth

Hoseok’s mouth on his stomach, ignoring his painfully hard cock

and Yoongi biting love marks on Jungkook’s thighs


His hyungs quickly found out that he loves being marked and likes bruises. Jungkook doesn't find it in himself to be embarrassed about it because they all love him to bits and they get off because of his thighs often enough for them not to have anything to say about how he likes to be touched.


When he gets up for dance practice, his thighs are indeed covered in bruises and bite marks. He probs at them and loves how they make his moles stand out, how the muscles look under the marks. He knows they love it too.

So Jungkook does the most sensible thing he can think of: he wears the smallest pair of shorts he owns.


There are six pairs of eyes on him or rather on his legs as soon as he steps in the studio and it reminds him about the time he finally made them all lose it, with those exact same shorts.

He blushes a little at the attention and at the memory of making his shorts move up purposefully when they were all seated together on the couch, another experiment on his hyungs’ resolve, which had made Jimin gasp and Namjoon whine:

“I can’t take it anymore, Jungkook, can we please touch you?”

And Jungkook had said finally, yes, please, because he had been riling them up for weeks at this point and he was running out of ideas how to make his thighs stand out.

And then they had not only touched him, finally, finally, but they had realized that they were not just attracted to each other, but quite deep into whatever clusterfuck is their relationship.


Jungkook got so much more than what he had hoped for when he had started his little experiment.


Right now, though, there’s something dangerous in his hyungs’ eyes. Namjoon reaches for his phone and types without taking his eyes off Jungkook.


Jungkook gulps and looks at the group chat.


Group Chat: seven idiots in love <3



let’s meet in Jungkook’s room after this

you know what

let’s stay here i won’t be able to wait one minute more