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Blame it on Ketchup

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Danny Noriega was pretty much an average high school senior. You know, except for the fact that he was bi, secretly did drag in his free time and was pretty much either hated or ignored by most students and teachers. He was lucky enough to have a few people close to him though, first of all his mom, but also his best friend, Courtney. He even had a girlfriend. Kind of.

His drag persona, Adore Delano, was in a relationship with another drag queen that he had met in a chat room three-four months ago. They didn’t have a lot in common, and they had never communicated outside of messaging, so the term relationship was maybe a bit misleading. He didn’t even really know what Bianca looked like (apart from the very small and pixelated icon in their chat), or the other way around.

When they first started talking, both had agreed to only use their drag names, which also meant that he didn’t even know Bianca’s real name. Come to think of it, he didn’t know a lot about Bianca in general. He knew she was 32 and that she was an insult comic, which had thrown him off the first time he noticed her in the chat forum, and he knew she usually preferred sewing her own dresses. He also knew that she thought Adore was a college senior – not a high school senior – which was one of his main reasons for never meeting up with her.

Of course, when you’re attracted to someone at 32 years old, you don’t exactly want to tell them that you’re 17, turning 18 in a few months. So when Bianca guessed that he was 23, he didn’t correct her. Maybe it was a stupid decision, but he was pretty sure that she wouldn’t keep talking to him if she knew his real age.

Sitting in his senior politics class, he read through some of their old messages while smiling to himself. Suddenly, Courtney cleared her throat and tapped his shoulder, making him look up from his phone and up at the teacher.

“Noriega! Ketchup!” Mr. Haylock snapped, using the nickname he had given Danny at the during his junior year. “I asked you a question, pay attention!”

Danny glared at him. If he had known that he would be stuck with Roy Haylock, the most arrogant, egoistic, rude and strict teacher at the whole school, he never would have chosen politics and European history for his senior year. He didn’t really think anyone actually liked Mr. Haylock, but he doubted that anyone hated him as much as Danny did either.

“Yes, Mr. Haylock?” he said, smiling sarcastically up at him.

“Can you name five political ideologies?” Mr. Haylock asked, writing on the board before turning around again.

“Oh, fuck. Communism is an ideology, right?” Danny groaned, glaring at his teacher. “Uhm… Nazism? Like, Hitler? Shit, I can’t do this. I fucking hate this subject, it sucks.”

“Detention. One hour. After school,” Mr. Haylock smiled sweetly. Danny gaped at him, frowning.

“What the fuck? Why?” he exclaimed angrily. He didn’t want to be stuck in detention with Mr. Haylock yet again! Due to how many detentions he had with the teacher, he knew there was a rumor going around school that they were fucking. Not a chance in hell, thanks.

“Because of language and phone usage,” the teacher replied quickly, and figuring that he didn’t have much to lose, Danny flipped him off as he put his phone in his backpack. Class was over in like fifteen minutes anyway.

Suffering through the rest of the lesson, he was the first to leave the classroom as soon as lunch break began, going straight to the bathroom to get a break from people. He would love to bitch to Bianca about him and about his situation at school, seeing as he felt like he could tell her almost everything. However, telling her about his teacher could maybe spoil his identity as he assumed she would be around the same age as Mr. Haylock.

Trying, and failing, to find Courtney in the cafeteria he ended up alone and browsing through his phone in the library, which kind of was his safe space. No one would ever expect to find Daniel Noriega there anyway. Sighing, he tried checking his chat with Bianca, but the other queen hadn’t been active the past 12 hours, and he was getting bored. Why was she almost never online when he was?

Half an hour later, when the bell to signal that lunch break was over rang, he looked at the time. Just to be sure, he checked his schedule. If he was correct, European history was next, which meant that he would get to spend even more time with Mr. Haylock. Danny could think about plenty of other things he would rather do, like killing himself.

After contemplating it for a bit, Danny decided to ditch history. It was boring, it was hard, and he wasn’t here for this shit. Initially, Danny had actually chosen EU History to avoid having Mr. Haylock (his only other option had been the sewing class Mr. Haylock taught with Mr. Sutan Amrull). However, as luck would have it, the EU history and senior politics teacher got fired during the very last week of school his junior year for fucking a sophomore, and Danny was stuck with Mr. Haylock in not one, but two classes.

Honestly, he didn’t know why he was so surprised when he found out that Mr. Haylock would take over those subjects, as he told them during their junior politics class that he initially wanted to teach history, but they didn’t have any available positions as a history teacher when he applied. He was also the only teacher at least somewhat qualified to teach the seniors politics.

After just sitting in the library a while, he ended up falling asleep. He slept through the last class of his day as well, but if he remembered correctly, that wasn’t anything too important and he probably wouldn’t end up in another detention. With a sigh, he started walking towards Mr. Haylock’s office. Danny did, due to all of his detentions, spend more time in his office than most others, and as he was on his way he noticed some guys from his politics class gesture a blowjob to him.

It honestly hurt Danny that people thought so little of him. I mean, yeah, he would be a whore if there were more gay guys around, but there wasn’t, so fuck it. However, he would never blow Mr. Haylock. Not even for a thousand dollars. Okay, maybe for a thousand bucks.

Not even bothering to knock on the door, he went into the office he knew so all too well. He smirked at him and sat down by the desk in front of Mr. Haylock’s, putting his feet up on the desk. “So,” Danny yawned. “I’m ready for my two hours of detention.”

Mr. Haylock rolled his eyes. “Feet off the desk, Ketchup. And you only had one, but I’ll gladly give you two.”

“I know I only had one, but since I skipped history, I figured I should spare you the trouble of announcing that I got two hours, so I did it myself,” Danny grinned up at him, shrugging. He didn’t move his feet at all.

He heard Mr. Haylock let out an annoyed sigh. “Do the exercises at page 43 in the politics book, and when you’re done with that, you can write a page about how the agrarian revolution changed the way people lived in Europe.”

Danny actually did the assignment, as he actually had to improve his grades slightly. He didn’t even plan on going to college, seeing as he wanted to be a professional drag queen and artist. However, if everything failed, he needed a back-up plan.

Just after he finished writing half a page, Mr. Haylock announced that his two hours was over, and that he needed to stop wasting his time both in class and after school.

Danny just shrugged, what was the fun in that? He did truly enjoy annoying Mr. Haylock, even though it got kind of tiring sometimes. Everyone knew that he was Mr. Haylock’s least favorite student, and that didn’t bother him in the slightest. Except for the fact that it didn’t exactly help his grades.

As he walked home, he decided to buy some junk food. He bought some pizza, chocolate and ice cream as well as three big bottles of soda. Sometimes he wanted to indulge, and this day was one of those days. For some reason, he was exhausted.

He prepared the pizza and turned on the TV to watch something. As he sat down to eat, he pulled up his phone to see that Bianca had sent him 3 messages. He grinned and opened them, feeling giddy.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:10pm]:
Hey, baby x

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:10pm]:
Sorry for not texting you earlier, I’ve been busy

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:11pm]:
You’re usually online at this time; answer me when you’re home x

Message from Adore Delano [6:03pm]:
Fuck. Hey, sexy queen ;)

Message from Adore Delano [6:03pm]:
Sorry, had to go fucking grocery shopping, here now x

Message from Bianca Del Rio [6:05pm]:
So, what have you been doing today?

Message from Adore Delano [6:06pm]:
Nothing special, considering to drag myself up and go partying, or just hang out and eat pizza. I can’t make up my mind tho

Message from Bianca Del Rio [6:06pm]:
Oooh, sounds fun. Wish I could join you <3

Message from Adore Delano [6:08pm]:
Me too :(

Message from Bianca Del Rio [6:11pm]:
When are we meeting in person? I want to get to know you even better. Can’t exactly tell people that you’re my partner if we haven’t even met.

Message from Adore Delano [6:13pm]:
I dunno, I’m kinda insecure outside of drag… And I don’t want you to see my hoggy drag body.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [6:13pm]:
I bet you’d look good anyway

Message from Adore Delano [6:14pm]:
Damn right, Grandma. I look fucking cool. I just don’t like it :)

Message from Bianca Del Rio [6:14pm]:
Why don’t you like it?

Message from Adore Delano [6:14pm]:
I have a hog body.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [6:15pm]:
Well, I think you’re perfect as you are, and I don’t say shit like that often

Message from Adore Delano [6:20pm]:

Message from Bianca Del Rio [6:21pm]:
5 minutes, and all you say is party?

Message from Adore Delano [6:21pm]:
Yeah, party

Message from Bianca Del Rio [6:22pm]:
I’m dating a fucking moron

Message from Adore Delano [6:23pm]:
Fuck off. Fuck all the way off! <3 I’m smart in my own fucking way.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [6:23pm]:
Of course you are, sweetie! Probably as smart as a loaf of bread!

Message from Adore Delano [6:24pm]:
Omg, why the fuck am I dealing with an insult comedy queen? You’re the worst

Message from Adore Delano [6:33pm]:
Bianca? Hello?

Message from Bianca Del Rio [6:35pm]:
Sorry, had to call my boss. I’m constantly running into trouble with someone at work, and I had to report it.

Message from Adore Delano [6:36pm]:
You got in trouble with someone as a fucking insult stand-up comedian? Wtf?

Message from Adore Delano [7:05pm]:
Hey, stop ignoring me

Message from Adore Delano [7:05pm]:

Message from Adore Delano [7:05pm]:

Message from Adore Delano [7:05pm]:
I’m bored

Message from Adore Delano [7:06pm]:
Hey, I’m Abored Delano

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:08pm]:
For fuck’s sake… I’m making dinner, shithead!

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:08pm]:
Adore suits you a lot better though, cute and ditzy as you are.

Message from Adore Delano [7:09pm]:
You think I’m adorable? <3

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:09pm]:
Why else would I date you? The sex? Which isn’t even happening?

Message from Adore Delano [7:10pm]:
We could sext, grandma, or is that too much of a new invention for you?

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:10pm]:
I’m 9 years older than you bitch. I’m not your grandma.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:11pm]:
But let’s do it

Message from Adore Delano [7:11pm]:
Seriously? I’m down

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:12pm]:
No, I just wanted to lead you on and then go offline. Yes, of course I was serious!

Message from Adore Delano [7:13pm]:
Sooo, what are you wearing?

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:15pm]:
Right now? Underwear and a t-shirt, but I’m planning on wearing a lot less. You?

Message from Adore Delano [7:16pm]:
Panties. They’re white and lacy, and reveal everything. You will love them. I’m not wearing anything else ;)

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:17pm]:
Fuck. What do you think about pictures? I want to see what you’re talking about

Message from Adore Delano [7:18pm]:
Sending one now

Danny took a picture of his bottom half, making sure to not include anything above his hips. He knew he looked sexy in his panties, and he knew that Bianca would love it. You could clearly see how hard he was, and a little stain from where he the pre-cum was. He then sent it to her.

Message from Adore Delano [7:20pm]:
One image attached

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:22pm]:
Fuck, you’re gorgeous. I’d like to just tear those off of you

Message from Adore Delano [7:23pm]:
Are you touching yourself? If so, take of your clothes I want you naked

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:25pm]:
They’re off. Take your panties off, so that you can touch yourself while thinking of me

Message from Adore Delano [7:26pm]:
Fucking hell, B… Who knew grandmas could be this sexy

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:26pm]:
Turnoff, much, Adore? But, thanks I guess.

Message from Adore Delano [7:29pm]:
Sorry, not sorry. But babe? Would you fuck me? Would you lie me down on the mattress and straddle my legs as you fingered me open? Or would you lick my ass while I sucked your dick?

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:32pm]:
Both, but I would be toying with your balls, bring you right to the edge without touching your dick. I would stop right before your orgasm, let you calm down a bit, and then slowly fuck you completely senseless.

Message from Adore Delano [7:35pm]:
Send me a picture of your dick

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:38pm]:
One image attached

Danny opened the image in anticipation. How big was Bianca? Would he even be able to fit him in his ass? Danny wanted to know everything, but he already knew that his dick would be perfect. However, when the image opened, he saw something much bigger and much more perfect than he had thought. Fuck, he was close.

Message from Adore Delano [7:40pm]:

Message from Adore Delano [7:40pm]:
I’m close

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:40pm]:
Then come for me, babe. I’m close too

That was everything Danny needed to push him over the edge, and he came all over his chest. He let out a loud moan, swearing when he was done. After he had caught his breath and was able to concentrate, he replied to her.

Message from Adore Delano [7:43pm]:
Fucking hell, baby, that was so hot. I’ve never come this hard before

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:45pm]:
Agreed, I can’t wait until we can do this in person x

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:46pm]:
Sorry, but I have to go. Talk to you tomorrow <3 I’ll even send you a good morning message :*

Message from Adore Delano [7:48pm]:
Okay, grandma- should have known that you’re too old to stay up after sex ;) I mean, it only happens once a year

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:48pm]:
Do you want that fucking message or not?

Message from Adore Delano [7:50pm]:
Sorry x btw did you eat your dinner??

Danny grinned as Bianca logged off. Fuck, that had been so hot, and he now had a picture of Bianca’s dick. Which by the way was one of the most impressive Danny had ever seen. He was so in love with Bianca, it wasn’t even funny. Everything he ever did, he did while thinking of Bianca. Doing his homework, he thought about Bianca. Doing dishes, he thought about her- Sitting in class, he thought about her. Even while eating, he thought about her She was everything he wanted.

He eventually decided to do his European history and his politics homework, he was in too good of a mood to get detention again. Stuck in a room with Mr. Haylock two days in a row? No thanks. There was a reason that that man wasn’t married, and it was probably his horrible personality. Danny really did hate him with all of his heart.

During their very first class with Mr. Haylock his junior year, Danny sat like he always did, with his feet up on the desk. He didn’t see anything wrong with being comfortable, but the new teacher had given him detention. A couple of months later, Danny even got his own personal nickname. Ketchup. He was utterly confused as to why, until Mr. Haylock explained it in front of the class.

“Oh, that,” Mr. Haylock looked at Danny with a fake-ass smile, after almost a year of using the nickname. “Is because I know what Danny will get on his SATs,” he smiled up at the others. “Ketchup!”

People had started laughing, and Danny felt really bad about himself afterwards. He knew he wasn’t smart, but he wasn’t that dumb. He got mostly Cs, but he did have some Bs too. Although he probably shouldn’t take it too seriously, as Mr. Haylock gave nearly everyone horrible nicknames, he did take it very personally.

At least he had Courtney, comforting him and telling him that he shouldn’t care. That night he decided to tell her about Adore, and that he wanted to become a singer. In drag. Courtney was an amazing singer as well, and took vocal lessons (something Danny could never afford), and offered to help him.

Courtney had supported him whole-heartedly, and even helped him a bit with his makeup skills. Just how to blend and over line his lips, but it was enough to make him look a lot better.

Due to her actually being good at school, Courtney also helped him with homework (if he did the assignments at all), and as Danny struggled with a question about the industrial revolution in Europe, he decided to call her. Why the fuck didn’t he just take the sewing class, at least there he would have Mr. Sutan as well.

About 20 minutes later, there was a knock on the door and Danny ran to open it. “Courtney, oh my God, you’re a lifesaver!” he exclaimed, hugging her. He and Courtney had now known each other since 8th grade, when she moved to California from Australia.

She laughed and hugged him back. “I’m just surprised that you’re even doing your homework.”

“Yeah, I’m feeling too fucking happy to get stuck with Mr. Haylock again tomorrow,” Danny laughed. “I just sexted her, and oh my fucking god, she’s so good at that. I’m actually thinking of meeting her.”

“Uhm, didn’t you say you were 23? You don’t really look 23, Danny,” Courtney said. “But if you’re serious about it, I can’t hold you back. However, I can tell you that I think it’s a stupid idea.”

Danny nodded and sighed, before shaking his head. “Bitch, you still have to help me with my homework. I don’t understand anything in this fucking book!”

Courtney stayed with him until they were done, and even stayed over for dinner after Bonnie asked her to. Both Danny and Bonnie knew that Courtney was alone a lot, as both of her parents had jobs that required travelling several times a month.

“You could stay over tonight,” Bonnie told her, smiling softly. Danny nodded enthusiastically, and Courtney bit her lip. Danny smiled at her.

“You don’t have to, but I would like to have a girl’s night,” he winked at her. Bonnie rolled her eyes at them. Courtney was the reason that Danny came out to his mom, last year, after sitting them down and just telling them that they’d probably need to use a condom. Danny had laughed loudly, telling her that he was pretty sure he was gay.

Later that evening, Danny and Courtney went to her house to pick up the things she would need for the night and the next day. Courtney was one of the more popular kids at school, being a cheerleader and everything. She was also secretly dating Andrew, a really hot sophomore, but no one really knew except for Danny. They were keeping it secret because Andrew’s parents were really strict and didn’t let him date while going to school.

After getting her things, they went back to Danny’s house, talking about school and plans for college. Danny told her that he didn’t want to go to college, and she told him that she wanted to get into Juilliard to study music or theater. It would suit her, but Danny was too tired of school to think about attending another one next year.

When they both were sitting in the queen bed they were supposed to share for the night, Courtney looked over at Danny. “Danny? What will happen if you find out that that drag queen you’re chatting with is completely different in reality? Would you be able to handle that?”

Danny sighed. He had thought about that a lot, and every time he had concluded that no; he wouldn’t be able to handle that. She was his first real love. “I don’t think so,” he admitted. “I’m terrified, but I’m pretty sure that she’s only herself.”

“Okay,” Courtney bit her lip. “Because I know about this gay kid at school, and I think you would be good together.”

Danny really wasn’t interested, but he nodded anyway. “Uhm, what’s his name?”

“Jay,” Courtney said, and Danny knew immediately who it was. It was his childhood best friend, but they had drifted apart after Jay changed a lot freshman year, trying to fit in with the popular kids. It had kind of backfired, and no one liked Jay. After he joined the others in teasing Danny, the other kids slowly started accepting him.

“Uhm,” Danny looked at her. “I don’t think so. We know each other too well. He outed me to the whole fucking school. We actually used to be best friends.”

“Oh,” Courtney frowned. “Sorry, I had no idea. He has changed a lot this year, though.”

Oh yes, Jay had indeed changed a lot. He had started dressing weird, using all these weird accessories and clothes, and he was still one of the most fucking popular kids at school, just because he wasn’t officially out yet. His personality had changed too, and Danny despised him.

“Thanks for the offer, Court,” he smiled at her. “But no thanks.”

Courtney smiled softly before she lit up. “Can I do your makeup? Like, girly makeup. Not drag makeup.”

Danny bit his lip but nodded, what harm could it do, really? Courtney was good at doing makeup, and it wasn’t as if Danny had never used it before. In fact, he felt more alive while in drag. He felt more like himself, and less insecure.

One and a half hour later, Adore was there again. She had a much softer look than normally, and she looked a lot more like Danny, but it was Adore nonetheless. Courtney demanded that he should wear his prettiest dress and wig, so he did.

He grinned and took a selfie, resisting the urge to send it to Bianca. They had never seen each other’s face up close. A lot between them was quite secretive, actually. “Thanks Court,” Adore grinned. “I love it. I look fucking cute.”

“You do,” Courtney agreed. “However, it’s 1 am and we have school tomorrow. I want to go to sleep. You don’t have to, just don’t jerk off next to me.” She winked at him before going into the bathroom to get ready for the night.

Danny looked at Adore in the mirror again, grinning slightly. His smile faltered as he realized that he did actually have to remove the makeup, going back to Danny. He hated Danny, while Adore was everything he wanted to be.

After getting out of drag and into some boxers and a loose hanging t-shirt, he decided to message Bianca.

Message from Adore Delano [1:10am]:
I’m thinking about you all the time

Message from Adore Delano [1:10am]:
You’re driving me mad

Message from Adore Delano [1:11am]:
And thinking about you makes me horny

Message from Bianca Del Rio [1:11am]:
Good night, Adore x

Message from Adore Delano [1:11am]:
Nightynight, old man

Danny grinned as he put his phone down, clutching it to his heart. Who would have known that you could be so in love with someone you’d never met? He would certainly not have thought so.

The following morning, he and Courtney both slept through the alarm, and would have been way too late if it wasn’t for Bonnie. Courtney decided to go to school without makeup, and Danny didn’t have time to eat breakfast. True to her word, Bianca had texted him saying good morning and denying that she was old. Danny grinned, but didn’t reply as she had been offline a while.

They both sighed as they realized that their first class of the day was politics with Mr. Haylock, walking over to his classroom. Danny almost felt like checking if he had a bad fever when Mr. Haylock smiled and greeted everyone by their real names. Everyone else seemed equally as surprised, but no one complained.

“I’m in a good mood today,” Mr. Haylock admitted to the class. “So we’re not having the quiz I told you about. However, you can choose to do it if you need extra credit.” He looked pointedly at Danny.

Danny sighed and raised his hand. He really did have to do better in politics, as that was one of his worst subjects. “I’ll do it.”

Eventually, Danny and three others were sent into another room with a substitute teacher to finish the quiz. When Danny finished, he felt really good about it. Maybe he could get 90% on it. It wasn’t likely, but just maybe he did get a good score for once.

He went back to the classroom and handed it to Mr. Haylock who skimmed the paper before looking up at him with a smile. “This is really good, Danny. You should be proud.”

Danny beamed and sat down in his seat next to Courtney. He looked down at Mr. Haylock and studied the man. He didn’t look that bad actually, and if his personality had been a bit better, Danny would probably have a crush on him.

“You’re staring,” Courtney whispered in his ear. “But I’m pretty sure he checked out your ass earlier. Maybe you have a chance!”

Danny rolled his eyes and shoved her playfully, but blushed. He didn’t want to hook up with his teachers, especially not him, but he was a bit satisfied that he looked at his ass. Danny knew his ass was great, and he was happy that other people noticed too.

The lesson was actually quite interesting, as Mr. Haylock managed to explain it without throwing shade at everyone. People took notes, and instead of bringing people down, he encouraged them. Danny knew that it wouldn’t be effective in the long run, though. Eventually, people would stop caring because they knew that the teacher didn’t care what they did.

Even though most people normally didn’t like Mr. Haylock, their grades had improved greatly, as no one wanted him to make them his victim for the next prank or nickname. Danny was currently his favorite victim, so hearing him praise him was a rare situation.

After class was done, Mr. Haylock called him over. “Noriega, come here for a second. Hey,” he smiled. “I just wanted to apologize for my behavior yesterday. I was a bit cranky.”

Danny shrugged. “It’s okay, I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between yesterday and every other day. You’re always a bitch.”

Mr. Haylock laughed and handed him his quiz back. “Very well done. If you could do this well on our actual tests, you could look at an A.”

Danny’s jaw dropped, and then he looked down at the paper. “98? You sure this is mine?”

Mr. Haylock put a hand on his shoulder, telling him that he did good once more. Danny smiled as he walked out of there, going to his next class.

English literature was the most boring subject, and as usual, Danny messaged Bianca. Usually, he messaged her about his new favorite shoes, or his new favorite wig or dress or something, even though he could never afford it.

Bianca did reply, but it did often take 15 minutes between each message. She usually told him that she would love to buy some of this for Adore, and Danny grinned down at his phone. Luckily, the teacher didn’t give a fuck if he was on his phone or not.

The rest of the school day went slowly, as Danny only wanted to go home and talk to Bianca. He thought about her all day, and he felt slightly aroused as he thought about their activities yesterday.

As soon as he got home, he messaged her.

Message from Adore Delano [4:10pm]:
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you today

Message from Adore Delano [4:10pm]:
Btw, my best friend wants to set me up with her gay friend

Message from Adore Delano [4:10pm]:
I’m taken though

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:12pm]:
I couldn’t stop thinking about you either

Message from Adore Delano [4:13pm]:
You’re making me so fucking hard rn, Bea

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:13pm]:
You’re just full of sex drive, aren’t you?

Message from Adore Delano [4:15pm]:
Not going to lie. I’m jerking off to the picture of your dick

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:15pm]:

Message from Adore Delano [4:20pm]:
Fuck, please

Message from Adore Delano [4:20pm]:
I need you, I’m already close

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:22pm]:
Think about me when you come

Message from Adore Delano [4:30pm]:
Who the fuck would I be thinking about, if not you?

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:31pm]:
That guy your friend talked about. I’m hotter, though.

Message from Adore Delano [4:35pm]:
Fuck, yes, you are. I need you so bad. Want you to fuck me so hard that I can’t walk tomorrow.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:37pm]:
You’re going to be the death of me, Delano

Message from Adore Delano [4:44pm]:
I filmed myself as I came. Wanna see?

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:44pm]:

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:44pm]:

Message from Adore Delano [4:46pm]:
One multimedia file attached

Message from Adore Delano [4:47pm]:
So, did you like it?

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:49pm]:
It made me painfully horny, and I have to go to a meeting like this in 10 minutes, so… no

Message from Bianca Del Rio[4:50pm]:
You are gorgeous though, babe

Message from Adore Delano [4:51pm]:
Thanks, but I think you should sext me instead of a stupid meeting. I can handle one more round, this time fingering my ass.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:53pm]:
Fuck you. I have to go with a raging boner, and trying to hide it is quite impossible.

Message from Adore Delano [4:53pm]:
I know you love me

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:55pm]:
Don’t push it x

Message from Bianca Del Rio [4:55pm]:
But sorry, I really have to go to that meeting. I’ll message you back as soon as I’m done, it’s about two hours x

Message from Adore Delano [4:58pm]:
Okay, babe x
I’ll lube myself up and be ready for you when you message me back.

The two hours were almost torture for Danny. He wanted Bianca to message him right now. Somehow he was already painfully hard again, even though it hadn’t been that long since he jerked off and messaged Bianca that video of him coming.

In the midst of struggling through his homework assignments, he noticed his phone light up with a new message. He rushed over to it and grinned as he saw that Bianca was back.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:21pm]:
Take off your clothes and fucking finger yourself.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:21pm]:
Now. I’m so horny it’s painful.

Danny’s breath was caught in his throat, but he did as Bianca wanted.

Message from Adore Delano [7:22pm]:
How many fingers?

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:23pm]:
Two. Slow and steady, not fast. Not yet.

Message from Adore Delano [7:25pm]:
Fuuuuck, Bea.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:26pm]:
Imagine they are mine, imagine that I’m opening you up slowly.

Message from Adore Delano [7:29pm]:
I need more.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:31pm]:
Insert a third, and don’t pick up the pace. Try finding your prostate, and be loud about it. I like it when people are loud in bed.

Message from Adore Delano[7:32pm]:
I’m fucking moaning so loud, I want you so fucking much.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:35pm]:
I’m so close

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:36pm]:
Finger yourself faster, add a finger if you have to.

Message from Bianca Del Rio [7:36pm]:
I wish I could see you right now.

Message from Adore Delano [7:40pm]:
Fuck, Bianca

Message from Adore Delano [7:40pm]:
I’m coming soon

Message from Adore Delano [7:40pm]:
I need your dick

Danny didn’t hear from her the next three minutes, and he started to grow worried. Then, he got a video call from Bianca. With shaking fingers, he accepted it, turning the camera towards his bottom half. Bianca had done the same thing, and he could see his cock, dripping wet.

No one said anything, just loud and deep breaths and moans. Danny stopped fingering himself and started jerking off, coming hard. Bianca followed right after, moaning loudly and breathing harshly.

After that they hung up, and they didn’t talk much more that night, only messaging each other random memes and gifs.

As he was lying in bed, ready to sleep, Danny decided that he would do something he had never done. He was going to go to school dressed as Adore, and he was going to look fucking cool. He knew that they would bully her, but he didn’t even care. Because he knew that he always had Bianca to come back to.

The next day he did as he said, and woke up extremely early to put himself in drag. He took his time to be sure that his makeup was perfect and that his clothes represented his personality, and when he finally left to go to Courtney’s house, it was no longer Danny. It was Adore.

Adore knocked on the door to Courtney’s house, a bit nervous for her reaction. Would she approve of her?

Courtney’s eyes widened, and she let out a soft squeal. “You’re going to go to school as Adore?” she grinned, hugging her. “Oh my God, you’re so brave. You look good by the way.”

“I know, I look fucking awesome. I just need a corset or a cincher or something,” Adore admitted.

“Nah, you look perfect,” Courtney smiled at her. “Come on, let’s go. I wonder if people recognize you.”

Most people did in fact not recognize Adore, and she was kind of happy about it. The day actually went okay, as she could almost introduce herself as a whole other person. She and Courtney walked into politics class, and Mr. Haylock looked at them curiously. “Hello, Courtney! And… uhm…?”

“Danny, but you can call me Adore. Adore Delano.” Mr. Haylock paled.