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you saved me when i didn't even know i needed saving

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Life isn't perfect. Truthfully, it will never be. Taehyung knows that, and it isn't like he expects anything otherwise. His life seems almost too good to be true at times, but these moments are shortening by the day.

He isn't dumb or stupid, he's attending a prestigious university right in the heart of Seoul, for goodness sake. He knows that he should be happy for what he has, but there are some days, some very few days, when he feels like he deserves more. Those thoughts almost instantly disappear as guilt washes over him. He SHOULD be happy. He doesn't deserve more than what he has.

"Get ready and come downstairs babe, we're going out today." His loving boyfriend Park Hyun-Sik calls out. Hyunsik and Taehyung have been together ever since Taehyung graduated from high school. Being only a year older than Taehyung himself, they were a picture perfect couple. Taehyung knew that the other cared about him, and he did too. And that was all that mattered to him.

Taehyung loved nights out. He loved the feeling of escaping the confines of his small dorm, even smaller now that Hyunsik moved in. Evenings under the stars were when he could truly let go. In the midst of crowds, nothing could happen to him. Taehyung slips on ripped jeans and a low-cut tank top. He heads into the living room where he sees his boyfriend carelessly scrolling through Instagram.

"WhAT IS THIS?!?!" Hyunsik cries out when he turns his head to look at the other. Taehyung winces, taking a couple steps back. Almost inaudibly, he mutters, "Y-You told me to get r-ready?"

"I believe I told you, get ready to go out. I never thought I said to come out looking like a slut?!" His voice was raucous. Breathe in and breathe out, Taehyung thinks. Don't cry. Just don't cry. It'll be okay, he just cares about you.

It was hard not to hurt by the way his lover spit out the word slut, how detached his voice was. There was no way this was the same person who spent months planning to ask him out, complete with choreography and a handwritten song.

At the sight of the younger's blithe face, Hyunsik elaborates, "I'm so sorry babe, I'm just scared that someone is going steal what's mine away from me. Your body is for my eyes only." He strokes along the soft curve of Taehyung's face and Taehyung melts into his touch, all prior fear gone from his mind.

This was what always happened. In a constant game of push and pull Hyunsik managed to constantly completely break Taehyung down and build him back up. Dumbfounded and blinded by what Taehyung thought was love, he never, not once, talked back to the elder. He never really needed to anyways, it wasn’t like Hyunsik ever laid a hand on his lover.

The thing was, he didn't have to.

If words could have the same effects as action, would Taehyung’s lithe body be covered in scars and bruises? Would soft caresses and kisses be replaced with stains and swirls of purple?


“Tae Tae HIIIIII~~” Taehyung’s best friend Jimin comes up behind the couple as they walk through the busy streets of Seoul. Taehyung doesn’t know why, but an overwhelming sense of relief washes over him, quickly removing himself from his lover’s grasp, ignoring the cold glare given to him as a result.

“Hey Jiminie! What’re you doing here!?” Taehyung replies, beaming brighter than he has in a while.

“Oh! I was just walking back from dinner with Yoongi.” Jimin smiles. “What’re you two love birds doing?” The older asks, boredly. Taehyung knew that Jimin obviously didn’t like Hyunsik, but when he would ask why, the other would just shrug it off, blaming the “vibes” Hyunsik gave. Taehyung appreciated the effort Jimin was making to hide this hatred, but with the daggers his boyfriend was shooting at Jimin through his eyes, Taehyung could confidently say that his efforts didn’t pay off.

Jimin and Taehyung trust each other with their lives. They were friends since elementary school and have been there for each other’s first kiss, love, relationship, and everything in between. At one point in their lives, the two had mistaken this undeniably strong connection for something romanitc, so they tried to date. Both can strongly agree that it can only be a good thing that that ended as quickly as it did.

As they walk back from Hyunsik’s favourite restaurant, the elder turns around to meet eyes with the other. He then blatantly exclaims, “I can’t stand the way Jimin looks at you. You’re being too friendly with him.”

“What?? Hyunsik, that’s crazy, seriously! Jimin is my best friend, for god’s sake!” Taehyung says, the confusion and shock clear in his voice.

“I’m all you need Tae. You’re not allowed to talk to him anymore, understand?”

Taehyung knows that he should just dumbly agree. Follow his boyfriend’s orders without question. However, something snapped in him. He would have to give up the one person who he could tell anything to, the one person that he knew would never hurt him, and for what? Taehyung takes a deep breath and with a strangled voice, answers;

“What do you mean no, Taehyung.” Hyunsik replies, sounding more like a threat than a question.

“I mean, no, I am not going to stop talking to him. Why? Because he is my friend! Nothing else! You can’t- I mean please don’t take him away from me.”

The other laughs. Not the cheerful laugh that Taehyung was addicted to, a forced laugh that sounded like anger and confusion all in one. A laugh that sent shivers down Taehyung’s spine.

He heard the slap before he felt it.

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Taehyung can’t remember the exact day things began to go “bad” . He does, however, remember the first time his lover hit him. The pain lingered on his cheek even having been weeks after the incident. The only thing that hurt was that Hyunsik acted like it was a typical day, that nothing was wrong. The other wondered how long Hyunsik wanted to hurt him.



Over the fortnight, the younger boy did a lot of thinking. He managed to convince himself that Hyunsik was just stressed, and that this would never happen again. He told himself that all couples fought, and that this was normal. A small voice at the back of his head told him otherwise, but what did that voice know. He pondered over the thought that this probably happened with Jimin and Yoongi too, even though he subconsciously knew that their love was perfect. It was straight from a fairy tale. A mysterious, brooding older and a soft, innocent younger. He knew all this, yet he chose to ignore it.






“No one will ever want you.” These few words rang in Taehyung’s head ever since they were spit coldly out of his lovers mouth.



“Nobody will love you other than me, you know that??!!” The younger’s eyes welled up with tears. Maybe this was true. There’s no way he’ll be able to meet someone new. And who would even love him? There was nothing special about him. He was just some average college kid. He wasn’t pretty, athletic, or that smart. Hyunsik was right. No one would ever love him.



“Reply to me, you bitch!!” Hyunsik spews, his face crimson with anger.



“I-I” Taehyung stutters. What was he supposed to say? ‘Yes you’re right, I love you, please don’t be mad at me.’ It should've been so easy to do. Just apologize Tae, just apologize. He thinks, but he couldn’t bring himself to utter those few words.



This time, Taehyung saw. He saw the flash of evil in Hyunsik’s eyes. He saw his hands clench into a fist. There wasn’t much Taehyung could do except reach for the part of his face and block where he expected the punch to land.



He thought it would be just once.



Hyunsik rained punches and kicks onto his lover, who was curled up into a ball on the cold, hardwood floor. Taehyung’s abdominal muscles clenched in hope to brace himself from a punch aimed at his rib cage.



Hyunsik, his beloved, the love of his life, laughed such a laugh that betrayed any such innocence left in his eyes. He was happy? Angry? It wasn’t easy for Taehyung to decipher the emotions on his lover’s face. His eyes showed no emotion, but his laugh was nowhere near comforting. There was nothing that could brace Taehyung for what came next.



“I needed to punish you, Taehyung. I am only doing what's best for you. Now let's go get some dinner.”



Taehyung was confounded. He staggered back, “W-What?”



“I said, let’s go get dinner! I’ll treat you.”



Taehyung unintelligently nodded, his mouth slightly gaped in surprise.



Hyunsik helped him up, draped a jacket onto himself and Taehyung, grabbed his keys and walked out the door.




Park Hyunsik had once again managed to capture Taehyung’s heart. He took on the role of the “perfect boyfriend”. Flowers, chocolates, and gentle touches was their relationship for the next couple days.



Spoiler: it didn't last for long.



“Couple” fights which mostly consisted of blows taken by Taehyung and profuse apologies by Hyunsik were constant. Taehyung no longer wished for grand gestures and love, he yearned for quiet nights and safe touches.



Hyunsik made sure to let Taehyung know, “You’re lucky to be getting scars from me.” Taehyung believed him. He thought that he deserved what was becoming his life.




"Baby~" Hyunsik cooed. He traces a finger along Taehyung's waist. Taehyung's face turns ashen and he trembles uncontrollably.



"Baby. Look at me." Hyunsik presses.



Beads of sweat dot along Taehyung's forehead, he slowly tilts his head up his elbows pressing into his sides and his shoulders slumped, making him seem as small as possible.



Hyunsik prods at the mess of purples and reds left on Taehyungs face. "Hmmm... now what shall we do about this?" he asks rhetorically.



Hyunsik ponders for a couple seconds, then replies;



"Taehyung. Listen to me. If anyone asks, just say that you fell. Do you understand me?"



Taehyung shakily nods, but his head snaps up when he hears a crash and loud music coming from the floor above him.



"Ah. It's those stupid kids who just moved in. I'll go talk to them later." Hyunsik sighs, annoyed.



Another deafening crash is heard and Hyunsik grabs Taehyung's hand and intertwines it with his own. "Let's just go talk to them now, hmm?"




By the time the couple get to the floor above them, the music had slightly died down.



Hyunsik knocks twice on the door. Already criticizing the choice of color on the door. No answer.



He knocks again. Taehyung hears loud laughter and the volume of music go up. Ahhh, how typical of these kids to ignore them, Taehyung giggles.



"What? You think it's funny!? I'm doing this for you, you ungrateful whore." Hyunsik bursts out.



"I'm so sorry Hyunsik, I was thinking of something else." Taehyung praises himself for replying with a confident tone. It was hard for him to lie.



Satisfied, Hyunsik hums.



After the 3rd or 4th knock, the lovers' neighbors finally open up and the male who answered the door was ethereal, to say the least.



He had perfectly chiseled face, a button nose, and beautiful brown eyes, almost black. Taehyung looked like a peasant compared to the godlike figure in front of him.



The man looks at Taehyung's face, a flash of confusion in his eyes as he sees marks of purple and yellow. He then looks down at the couple's intertwined hands and his eyes widen. They widen for what seemed like forever, and Taehyung squirms, feeling uncomfortable under the stare. Then, some type of realization washes over him and he looks relieved. Taehyung can't seem to figure out why.



Hyunsik squints his eyes at the man. "Are you the one causing all of this unnecessary noise?"



"Uh.. yah. I guess that's us." The man replies. His voice as smooth as honey, even though he was obviously drunk.



"M'kay. Then do us all a favor and shut up, will ya?"



"Nah." He looks back at his friends and chuckles.



And that's all Hyunsik gets before the door is slammed on them, to that Hyunsik is pissed is incredibly underwhelming.



Taehyung hears a faint "Who was it?" before Hyunsik drags him back into the elevator.



Taehyung looks down and smiles.

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Chapter 3:

Taehyung decides that he wants, no NEEDS some time for himself. The time on the clock reads 11:07 and he cannot, quite honestly, stand another minute in this class.



“Uh.. Professor Young? I don’t feel too well. I think I’m gonna head home.” The professor gives Taehyung soft, pitiful smile and nods him off.



Taehyung sits at home for a while wrapped in soft blankets and reads “How to Kill A Mockingbird”. A loved classic, he knows, but he couldn’t be any less bothered with the words on the page with all the thoughts racing in his head. Did Hyunsik really love him?



He thinks back to when they first started to date. He looks back to the smile that lit up his boyfriend’s face when Taehyung gave him the key to his apartment. The first time they met. Their first kiss. Their first time. How gentle Hyunsik was with Taehyung, almost as if he would break.



Taehyung shakes away the thoughts. “We just grew up.” he considers. “We fell out of love.” he suspects. Why should Taehyung waste his precious time arguing with himself in his mind? He has better things to do with his life. He is suddenly faced with the realization that he is absolutely starving.



He aimlessly reaches for something in the fridge when he recognizes that the fridge and the cupboards are empty, and well, Hyunsik wouldn’t mind if Taehyung went out just to do some grocery shopping… right?






Taehyung organizes a game plan in his mind. He was going to get to aisle 7 (where the chips and cookies were) crossing paths with the least amount of people he had to.



Needless to say, his plan failed.



Currently, he’s on the surprisingly warm floors of Walmart underneath a pile of filled-to-the-brim cardboard boxes with god knows what’s inside. It's heavy. And Taehyung should be laughing, he knows, but all these boxes are doing are applying enormous amounts of pressure on fresh bruises. So really, he feels like crying. At this point, stuck underneath some heavy substances he realizes that Hyunsik wasn't just shoving him or pushing him away. His beautiful, beautiful boyfriend was seriously hurting him. All these bruises would probably fade to a yellow, but they would always be there. Reminding him of every blow on his once clear skin, reminding him that this was what he deserved. Otherwise, fate wouldn’t let this happen to him, would it?



He feels eyes staring bullet holes into his head as he crawls out of the pile of boxes. No one’s laughing, but no one helps him either as he limps to the exit of the store.



Maybe this was just god’s way of telling him that he couldn’t do anything right. Maybe this was the universe’s way of telling him that he should just take what Hyunsik gives him. Just follow his every order. That way he wouldn’t embarrass himself in front of random strangers or do anything else stupid.



He limps back home, his head held down, and his shoulders hunched. He could feel tears prickling at his eyes. The stinging, hot sensation was what he focused on to keep himself from bawling in public. Everything just hurt. He tried to imagine himself floating away, far far away. Somewhere where he could be himself, where he could feel safe.



In the midst of his thoughts, he bumps into a stranger. He braces himself for yelling, possibly some hitting, but other than that, his body doesn’t react at all. When he finally comes to his senses, he stutters out



“I-I’m so s-sorry I wasn’t looking at where I was um g-going.” He curses his Daegu dialect for being ever so present.



Taehyung doesn’t look up until it dawns on him that this stranger has a hand at the small of his back, and that he isn’t yelling or hurting Tae, he’s holding him up, protecting him from harm's way.



“Hey, don’t worry about it! I was pretty into the music I was listening to, so it might not even be your fau- Wait... I know you!” The stranger’s eyes widened in recognition.



“Yah you were with that annoying guy who barged into our apartment to tell us to shut up, am I right?” Jungkook chuckles



Taehyung covers his face in embarrassment. “I apologize for what happened, Hyunsik isn’t usually like that” he lies, covering his mouth slightly. Taehyung is an open book, and he was never good at lying. It was a curse and a blessing in his opinion, but in this situation, it was obviously a curse.



“I knew it! And, hey, like I said before, don’t worry about it. Besides, we should be getting you home.” Jungkook decides



“W-We?” Taehyung looks up into the other’s eyes. He didn’t even know his name, but for some reason he felt safe in them. His eyes were soft, comforting.



“What? You expected me to leave you here? You're obviously injured, uh… what's your name again?”



“Oh.. I'm Taeyhung.. Kim Taeyhung. And y-you are?” Taehyung answers, his voice barely above a whisper.



"Ah, I thought you'd never ask. I'm Jeon Jungkook." The man, Jungkook, replies.



“Really I promise, I don’t need help. I don’t want to be a burden… J-Jungkook.”



“I insist.” And well, there was no way that Taehyung could argue with that. They hop into a cab and the second they hop in, Taehyung sinks into the leather seats and drifts to sleep, completely unaware of the world around him. But right before he drifted into unconsciousness, he thought he felt Jungkook smile at him.






When Taehyung slips out of his sleep, he finds himself restrained in a small room. He sees a few other people in the room, walls beige and tiled floors, dressed in suits and ties, all staring right at him. He feels like prey, and is terrified. He shouldn't have trusted Jungkook. He should've just walked home alone. If Hyunsik found him-



He interrupts his own thoughts, not wanting to think about it.



He squirms out of the restraints holding him up, a couple feets above the floor. At this point, he is a little less delusional and he realizes that the “small room” is an elevator, and the “restraints” were his neighbour's strong arms.



For once, the other begins to stutter, “O-Oh, y-you fell asleep in the cab and I didn’t wanna wake you…”



Taehyung is astonished, he doesn’t remember the last time Hyunsik gave merely a second glance back at Taehyung, even when he'd hurriedly stumble over to him everyday when Hyunsik would come home from work.



'Ugh, why am I comparing Jungkook with Hyunsik now?' he scolds himself in his mind.



His thoughts are interrupted when he hears a soft “Tae?”, the nickname naturally rolling off of the other's tongue.



“Oh sorry -I mean- thank you. Thank you, Jungkook.” Taehyung hastily replies, not expecting such kindness from a total stranger.



A jerky stop that destabilizes Taehyung indicates that after what seemed like an eternity, they reached his floor. Almost as if it was an automatic reflex, Jungkook hooks an arm around Taehyung’s waist to help him stand up straight.



What they both dont expect is a tall lanky man standing exactly in front of them, blocking their way. This man is furious, they could see it in the way he stood, arms crossed and a face full with undeniable disgust and hatred. This man was none other than Park Hyunsik, Taehyung’s beloved boyfriend.



Taehyung audibly gulped.

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“What are you doing, Taehyung.” Hyunsik seethes. His eyes glossed over with tears of pure loathing. He attempts to contain his anger, he wouldn’t want Jungkook to get the “wrong” ideas.



“H-Hyung! I-I just went g-grocery shopping and–”



“He was injured, so I dropped him home. Is there a problem, sir?” Jungkook interrupts the younger, the word sir said in such a way that only made Hyunsik fume. Jungkook could see the smoke coming out of his ears.



“Oh no! There’s really no problem! I was just worried, that’s all!” Hyunsik forces a smile that he could only hope was believable.



“Okay… Taehyung are you sure you’re okay to go?” Jungkook asks suspiciously, eyebrows raising in concern.



“He is. Aren’t you, Taehyung.” He shoots the other a glare. A glare so threatening, Taehyung couldn’t speak up if he wanted to.



He nods curtly, head bowed down, and allows Hyunsik to manhandle him into their apartment.



Before Hyunsik moved in, the apartment was perfect for Taehyung. It wasn’t the largest, but it was cozy. He especially liked the bay window in his guest room, a perfect place to read books, to escape to an alternate reality. Dystopian fictions were his favourite types of novels. It allowed him to put his problems into perspective, and soon, the scars on his body were nothing in comparison to having to kill your lovers and neighbors in a game of survival. (Hunger games) Lined with his favourite cushions and blankets, it was his favourite spot in the entire residential.



As soon as they stepped into the apartment, the door is slammed shut behind them. Taehyung is grabbed by his hair and thrown on the ground. Shaking like a leaf, Taehyung hisses, “You’re h-hurting me.”



“Oh, am I?” Hyunsik scoffs, kicking the other’s abdomen, causing him to curl into himself.



Taehyung coughs out, “P-Please, don– ”



His plea is interrupted by a sudden grab at his shirt, pulling Taehyung up so that the two are eye to eye. “You” a punch, “Fucking” a slap, “Slut.” a brutal shove that sends Taehyung flying backwards.



Hyunsik shoves the younger into a room and Taehyung hears the click of a key, locking him in. “And you will stay here until you learn.”



And that’s the last thing Taehyung hears before black spots blur his vision and he feels the ground swaying beneath him.



He doesn’t know how long he’d been unconscious when he regained it, waking up, shivering. He took a look at himself in his mirror, appalled by the sight before him. His shirt was tattered, the visible spots covered in dark purple bruises. His lip was split, dried blood being the only thing holding it together for now. There was fresh blood coming out of his nose and his ears. He hated the stench, the stench of dried blood. Metallic and aged.



Taehyung still hadn’t gotten up, terrified that some part of his body would fail on him. So he laid there, eyes wide open and bloodshot.



After a couple hours? Minutes? He realizes that laying here would be the worst thing to do in the situation he’s in. He drags his body to the door, checking to see if Hyunsik unlocked it yet. He did.



Taehyung doesn’t know that he even wants to go out there. Look at his boyfriend's face again, filled with disgust and hatred. Besides, what will be the worst thing to happen if he stays in this room, supposedly forever. His breaths coming out in short bursts indicated that he really needed help. So he crossed his fingers and crawled out of the door, praying that his lover wasn’t there. His rib cage scolded Taehyung as he reached his hand up to the door knob to twist it open.



Of course, as we have already established, Taehyung’s fate is never really that great.



His “other half” is currently sprawled upon a couch reading some magazines.



Taehyung flinches when the other begins to speak. Looking him up and down and sighing,



“Taehyung, I will only take you to the hospital if you promise to ONLY tell them that you were biking and you fell into a ditch. If you say ANYTHING else, I swear to go–”



“I will, I will” he coughs out, not wanted to hear the rest of that statement.






The drive to the hospital was quiet, except for the occasional whimper and grunt from Taehyung. He could hear his heart beating in his ears with the fear that something would be terribly wrong. However, he was honestly more scared that Hyunsik would be found out. No matter the hurt he would receive from the older, Taehyung still loved him, or did he? Maybe he was terrified at the thought that Hyunsik would be caught solely because he was scared about what he would do to Taehyung next. Either way, he could not be found out.



Taehyung was sent straight to trauma, and if his shortness of breath was a sign that this could get serious, that was an even larger sign. After some tests and painkillers, the nurse approaches Taehyung to ask questions.



What is your name? “Kim Taehyung”



Age? “22”



Weight? “I’m not sure..”



“Okay young man, let’s go get that checked, shall we?” The nurse replies with a soft smile.



The nurse reminded Taehyung of his own mother. She had soft features and smiled genuinely at Taehyung. Nowadays, he’s only receiving smiles of pity, on the few days he does actually go out, aside from college. Taehyung’s mother and him were very close. He came from a loving family, and couldn’t be more grateful for it. Nonetheless, his mother never approved of Hyunsik as Taehyung’s boyfriend, but the younger ignored that intuition by deeming it “protectiveness”.



Taehyung doesn’t remember the last time he stood on a weighing scale, but he does remember the unnerving few months years back, when that was all he would do. Taehyung remembers being obsessed, getting a goal of losing one pound to ten, and then to 40. He just couldn’t stop. That was until Jimin threw out the disastrous device and helped Tae back to a healthy state of mind and body.



53 kilograms. The nurse sends him a quick worried glance. He lost a lot of weight. She asks him dreadingly, “How did you get injured, Taehyung?”. Taehyung rehearsed his answer to this question so many times that his reply came out robotic and unnatural. “I was riding my bike, I got distracted and fell off of it into a ditch.” She hums in response.



The doctor prescribed a lot of rest, painkillers, and medicine that would heal the wounds and bruises. Due to the damage in his ribs, he needs to wear a support brace and cannot attend college for at least two weeks.








This was all Hyunsik’s fault. Right? Or was it his?








He shouldn't have ever spoken to Jungkook. He loved Hyunsik, he didn't need anyone else! 



Still, Taehyung expects an apology at least, but Hyunsik just sighs;



“Did you learn your lesson yet?”



Chapter Text

Hyunsik insists on staying home and look after the younger, he promises that he won’t “punish” Taehyung. However, the other knows that if it has been just a couple weeks prior, he would believe the older, but now, he can’t seem to trust him. So Taehyung says no, claiming that he doesn’t want to be a burden, and that Hyunsik should go to work and live life normally.



Taehyung reaches for the bottle of pills on his nightstand, it slips from his grasp and falls to the floor, creating an unsatisfying sound that makes the younger wince.



He painfully reaches for the bottle on the ground, and falls, making a loud thump that only pushes Taehyung over the edge and he starts to cry. And no, not the silent tears he's adapted to over the past couple days. Taehyung is bawling. With hiccups, sniffles and everything in between. The tears just kept flowing. He doesn’t remember the last time he cried like this, helpless and weak. It hurt, and it wouldn't stop. He tugged his hair, pulling a few strands out. He chokes on saliva, coughing furiously. Why'd it have to be him?






Jungkook is saying his goodbyes to drunk friends; Hoseok, Namjoon, and Seokjin when he hears a questionable sound from the floor beneath him. Tae’s floor. He decides to check up on the couple, everything was probably okay, but his gut instinct told him otherwise.






Taehyung hears a knock on the door. It can’t be Hyunsik, since he would have the keys. Who else could it be? Whoever it is, he chooses to ignore it, not wanting anyone to see him in his condition. Besides, he’d never managed to get off of the floor, there’s no way he could open the door.



He hears a muffled “Taehyung?” from a voice he barely recognizes. Still going by his plan to ignore it, he tries to move into a more comfortable position, but in doing so he pulls a muscle causing him to whimper in pain.



What he doesn’t expect is for said stranger to turn the doorknob and walk in, closing the door behind him. Curse himself for forgetting to lock the door after Hyunsik left.



“This is it” Taehyung thinks. He is going to be killed. The thought almost calms him for a second, before he shakes his head forcing the intruding thought away. He still couldn't get himself to get up, to scream.



“Taehyung?” the voice repeats. He recognizes it now, that voice is none other than his loud neighbor, Jungkook. Taehyung shuffles underneath a bundle of blankets, trying to hide himself. Jungkook would laugh at him.






His neighbour finally finds Taehyung, his red hair poking out from underneath the bundles of comforters.



He slowly lifts the cover, anticipating anything other than skin blossoming with bruises and a split lip.



“Taehyung! Oh my god, what happened to you?!” Jungkook asked, worridely. His eyes wandering from cut to cut, bruise to bruise.



Taehyung covers his face and looks down. “I just….. Fell.”



Jungkook hooks an arm under Taehyung’s legs and an arm around his neck, carrying him to the living room and places him on the couch.



The taller makes his way to the kitchen, looks around for a pot and starts to make Taehyung some soup.



The other is confused until Jungkook comes back and proclaims,



“I’m no doctor, but I don’t think you should be alone with the situation you’re in, Taehyung. I don’t know what happened, and you don’t have to tell me, but this time I am not leaving. Besides, where is your precious boyfriend anyways? Shouldn’t he be taking care of you?”



Taehyung pushes his hair back and looks to the side, replying conversationally, “He’s at work.” To which Jungkook tuts. “Of course he is.”



Taehyung reaches for the spoon to which Jungkook shakes his head. Lifting the spoon and bringing it to the other’s mouth. “Open up~”



The other obeys, sipping the soup off of the spoon. It was delicious. His mysterious neighbour could cook, too?



He feeds Taehyung another spoonful, asking “Do you have any medicine you need to take?”
The other nods, pointing to his room.



Jungkook gets Taehyung a glass of water and a painkiller, “Here.” He then goes back into Taehyung’s room and grabs pillows and blankets, wrapping the injured up and putting a pillow behind his head. He also grabs the remote and switches on a movie, which coincidentally turned out to be one of Taehyung’s favourites, ‘Iron Man’.



So they sit there, Jungkook rubbing slow circles into Taehyung’s back and Taehyung occasionally drinking soup.



Taehyung was content.



As the movie ends, Taehyung looks up at the clock; 4:36. He abruptly gets up, wincing at the pain that shoots down his spine. Hyunsik would be home soon. Hyunsik would be home and he would see Jungkook with Taehyung. His memory goes back to what happened the last time he saw the two together. He frantically taps Jungkook on the shoulder, thanks him profusely and shoos him out. Insisting that he had to go “somewhere”.



Lucky for Taehyung, Hyunsik came a little later than usual today, and didn't see Jungkook leaving.






Over the next few days, Jungkook came to treat and care for Taehyung daily, it was something that Tae would look forward to.






Halfway through a watching of "Infinity War", Taehyung fell asleep. Unknowingly, he molds into Jungkook’s side. The other knows that this isn't okay. Taehyung is in a long term relationship with someone he absolutely adores.



But Jungkook couldn't help but be selfish, resting his head on top of the one resting on his shoulder. He couldn't resist softly brushing away a stubborn strand of hair behind his ear. He couldn't help but let his fingers linger there on the other's cheek. He couldn't stop falling in love with Taehyung.

Chapter Text

Taehyung is innocent. Some may even call it naive. Most of all, he’s oblivious.



After a night out at some unknown bar, Jungkook finds his way to Taehyung’s apartment. The younger is drunk, confused, and just lost. Visiting the older at least once a day was almost second instinct to him. Jungkook would always experience the overwhelming feeling of regret when he didn’t see the older. If it was intuition, he didn’t think much of it.



What the younger didn’t expect was to see a taller man, complete with creases on his forehead and his arms crossed in annoyance. It only took one word for Jungkook to realize why Tae only invited him over during the day.



“What.” The man growls. Who Jungkook now recognizes as Hyunsik, the man who once, many months ago, told Jungkook off for being “loud”. Really, what did he expect having a group of 20-something year olds living above him. This man was also Taehyung’s long term boyfriend.



Hyunsik stood confidently, his hair perfectly styled, but it seemed like his shirt was buttoned up in a hurry, the buttons in obviously wrong slits. His face was flushed and beads of sweat lined along his forehead. His lips were red and swollen, and even drunken Jungkook could put the pieces together.
Still, something remained unsettling for Jungkook. So he acted unphased and asked with as much as confidence he could muster up, (badly) attempting to hide anger.



“Where’s Taehyung.” he bites back.



“Oh?” Hyunsik looks amused, a smirk slowly growing on his face.



“Come, I’ll show you.” Jungkook gulps, apprehensive.



And then he sees him.



Tears made tracks down his caramel colored skin, his hair roused. Sweat covering his body in a thin layer. The giggly, shy boy that Jungkook once knew looked like prey, shuddering and eyes widened in fear. When he realizes that his new friend is in the room, he hurriedly covers himself with covers and yells out



“Hyunsik! What.. What is Jungkook doing here? Hyunsik why is he here! H-Hyunsik??”



The older male all but laughs, “He wanted to see you, honey.”



“But.. But we were.. We were.. We were in here! We were in here together!” Taehyung looks mortified and his lower lip starts to tremble.



“Aww, are you embarrassed baby? I thought he was your friend?” Hyunsik raises his eyebrows in mock confusion, later letting out a vicious laugh that sent shivers down his boyfriend’s spine.



Taehyung abruptly sits up and briefly makes eye contact with the younger, but later looks down and shouts, “Leave! Jungkook just go! Please Jungkook just leave. Just leave and don’t come back, please.” He ends his sentence with a sob, his voice shaking.



Jungkook doesn’t spend another moment thinking, but he does momentarily look back at the older, sadness and guilt prominent on the youngest’s features. It was obvious to Jungkook that Hyunsik was showing his supposed “ownership” over Taehyung. However, Taehyung didn’t look like he was caught doing something he wanted to. Taehyung looked absolutely petrified. He looked broken.






Taehyung’s daily visits from Jungkook stopped immediately after the incident. Now, he sits in his bedroom, now, only the occasional honk from a car or the siren of a police car to remind him that he wasn’t alone. Truthfully, Taehyung missed Jungkook. He missed his smile, his chestnut brown hair that really couldn’t stay put on his head no matter how much the younger pushed it back. He missed the comfort he felt around him, the utter trust he felt towards him. But he also knew that there was a reason Hyunsik brought Jungkook into their bedroom. He was trying to prove something to both Jungkook and Taehyung. Taehyung knew that inviting Jungkook over again would ultimately infuriate his boyfriend even further. And boy, did he not want to know the consequences of that.






There wasn’t one day that week that Jungkook wasn’t tempted to knock on that door once again. There wasn’t one day where he wouldn’t wonder why tears stained Taehyung’s face and why his eyes remained widened in fear.



His confusion clears when he hears yelling and the unmistakable thud of furniture being toppled over. Jungkook doesn’t think twice as he kicks open the door, his hand curled up in fists, expecting the absolute worse.



The scene in front of him causes his knuckles to turn white and face red in outrage.



Taehyung, beautiful, innocent Taehyung, crouched down on the ground, eyes squeezed shut and a hand trembling, attempting to block whatever blow would come next. Hyunsik looming over him, his eyes narrowed and mouth tilted slightly upwards in a triumphant smirk.



Furiosity overtakes Jungkook and he storms over to Hyunsik, grabbing a handful of his shirt into his fist and punching him square in the nose. Hyunsik yells in pain, clutching his now bleeding nose and sinks to the ground, too shaken to fight back.



Jungkook makes his way to Taehyung, who sat there, mouth agape in shock. Other than that, his face was blank. There were no more tears in his eyes, and his lips were chewed raw in anxiety. He looked like he’s used to it, and that’s what scared Jungkook the absolute most.



“Taehyung, Taehyung oh my god, please look at me.” Jungkook cups Taehyung’s face in his hands, thumb grazing over a fresh bruise.



Taehyung’s head slowly lifts up, and only now are his eyes glazed over with tears. Only now does Taehyung completely and utterly fall apart, and he falls into Jungkook’s chest, sobbing heart wrenchingly and uncontrollably.



Hyunsik looks humiliated, but not in the least bit guilty. He haltingly gets up and scoffs, “You really want that slut? Go ahead, take him. Just remember that he’ll always come running back to me.”



Jungkook can’t find the words to reply to the other. So he replies in the way he knows best, and grabs Hyunsik by the neck, cutting off his breathing, and growls into his ear “Watch out.”



The younger helps Taehyung up and asks to take him to his apartment. Taehyung agrees. He softly places him onto the bed, elevating his head with pillows. He holds Taehyung’s hands into his own, running his thumb over his knuckles.



“Gimme a sec.” Jungkook makes to get a first aid kit but is stopped by a light tug on his shirt.



"Please, don't leave me," he whispers. He tightens his arms around Jeongguk and sighs shakily, trembling breathlessly.



Jeongguk hushes him and props him up on the bed, letting him fall on his back. "Taehyungie, I won't, I just don’t want you to get sick, okay? I promise."



Taehyung chokes on a sob. Memories from the night fill him and plague his mind. Now Jungkook was going to leave him too. Jungkook hates him. He doesn’t need this! He has things to do. He can’t stay here and help Taehyung.



Jungkook sees the hurt and guilt in Taehyung’s eyes and shakes his head. “Taehyung, you’re safe now, you’re safe. None of this is your fault, okay?” Jungkook runs a hand soothingly through Taehyung’s hair, and Taehyung all but melts into the touch, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Chapter Text

Taehyung wakes up enveloped in cool grey toned blankets, a cup of water is by the bed alongside a small white pill. “Painkillers? Hyunsik would never-”


Realization immediately dawned over him. He wasn’t at home. He was at a stranger’s house. He was in a stranger’s bed. How could he? How could he betray Hyunsik like this? This wasn’t him. This wasn’t him.


Blood pounded in his ears, his heart seemed to thump out of his chest. He felt his hands tremble, and he breathed shallow, short breaths. His vision started to disfigure, objects blurring together and lights morphing into star-like sparks. Taehyung scratched at his wrist, the skin becoming raw and squeezing out beads of blood.


With the little strength he could muster up he managed to get up and into the living room, grabbing onto furniture with shaky hands. There he saw Jungkook, who immediately turned around, beaming a smile bright enough to light up a town. This smile was almost immediately wiped off of his face when he saw the other. Wrinkles at the side of his mouth disappearing and eyebrows slanting downwards.


He sees distance in Taehyung’s usually tired, but bright eyes. The older stumbles backwards and ends up hitting a counter, and his head falls back at the impact.


Jungkook extends an arm to the other to which Taehyung flinches back,


“This...this is.. I-it’s wrong. No..this.. No it's not right.” he mumbles, eyes wandering everywhere except for Jungkook’s eyes.


“Tae? What’s wrong? You’re safe here, remember? You’re safe with me.” He attempts to console Taehyung, to no appeal.


“But.. b-but I don’t want to be here! I want.. I want to go home! I want to go to Hyunsik! He loves me..”


“Taehyung, please listen to me. It’s not safe, please don’t go back there.” Jungkook tries to reason with the older. He doesn’t understand why Taehyung would ever want to go back to someone who did nothing but cause him pain. But then he remembered Hyunsik’s cold words;


“He’ll always come back to me…”


For hours Jungkook pleaded and begged Taehyung to listen to him, to stay with him until it was safe. But he was absolutely nothing to Taehyung, right? He was just some random stranger who happened to bump into him way too many times. He was just some neighbour who did what any neighbour would do. Wasn’t he?


Then why is it that Taehyung is everything to Jungkook? Why did Jungkook fall in love with his pure soul, the beautiful smile he has on his face when he thinks no one is looking? Why did Jungkook become addicted to his laugh, his touch, his angelic baritone voice that seemed to wash away all of life’s worries?


Taehyung could never love Jungkook the way Jungkook loved him. Taehyung wasn’t his, so he had to let him go. He could never force the older to stay with him, he simply had no right to.


That night when Taehyung left, he prayed to every god he knew of that even if Taehyung could never be his, that he would find happiness. He prayed that Taehyung would be safe no matter where he went in life. He prayed to see that boxed smile and those bright golden eyes over and over again.

Chapter Text

When Taehyung decided to go back to his apartment, he honestly did not know what to expect from the older. All he knows is that he is meant to be there, and not at some stranger’s house.


Jungkook was baffled when Taehyung left what he thought were the safe confines of his home. He couldn’t begin to fathom why he would go back, why anyone would go back to that monster.


Jungkook had no idea.

“Tae! I’m here, come out!” Hyunsik calls out, unable to knock on the door due to the immense amount of items in his arms.


“Aww!! Hyung what is all this? You shouldn’t have!!” Taehyung claims, but the bright smile on his face says the opposite.


“Ah, it’s just a little something for my baby. Can I come in now?” He chuckles, making his way in and immediately dropping the roses and chocolate on the ground to envelope Taehyung in a sweet embrace.


They had just gotten together a couple weeks ago, and it had truly been some of the best weeks of the younger’s life. Hyunsik made Taehyung feel at home, no matter where he was in the world. He made him feel like he was constantly walking on clouds, as if his feet would never touch the ground.


At this point in time, not many people knew about Taehyung’s sexuality. He hadn’t come out to his family yet and his boyfriend and Jimin were really the only people who knew. Taehyung was surprised, to say the least, when Hyunsik finally asked him out. “Why me?” he would question.


However, with the amount of effort the older put into asking him out, Taehyung couldn’t say no.


The other had rented out a garden especially for the occasion. He had designed a sort of scavenger hunt, in what he called the “Love Maze”. Each time Taehyung would find the item, there were usually one or two lines devoted to something Hyunsik loved about him. The grand finale was a simple, but meaningful heat which questioned, “Let’s start a love story?”. The ordeal left Taehyung speechless as he immediately nodded his head, tears beginning to prick at his eyes.




And that’s how it all started. From then on it was loving dates, beautiful gifts from both ends, and pure happiness.


Taehyung trusted with his whole being that that Hyunsik was still there, that all this was just a phase. Besides, Taehyung could tell how incredibly guilty Hyunsik was each time they would have one of their “calamities”, and most of the time, the older would do everything in his favour to make up for it.


Whether it be taking time off of work to nurse him back to health, cooking for him, holding him in his arms until he fell asleep, Hyunsik never failed to prove his worth.


“Baby I’m so happy you’re with me. I don’t know who would be there for you if I wasn’t! You know that there is no one else who’ll be as amazing to you as me, right?”


“No one will love you more than me!”


“You would be completely lost without me.”


“Imagine if you left me! You wouldn’t be able to live.”


“Where do you think you’re going dressed like that? That body is strictly for my eyes only.”


“Ha! You can’t go out looking like that!”


In this manner, Hyunsik would slowly chip away at Taehyung’s self esteem until Taehyung began to need Hyunsik in the same way he needs water and food. He felt worthless without Hyunsik, and he didn’t have a better option.


It was his fault Hyunsik was like this.

Taehyung falteringly knocked at his apartment’s door. He had no idea how the older would react, but he was ready for it. Taehyung deserved it.


“Ah, I knew you’d be back.” Hyunsik smirks, satisfaction clear on his face.


Taehyung gulps and begins to ramble.

“I am so, so, so s-sorry hyung, I-I dont.. I don’t know what went through my mind. I’m sorry and I-”


“No, no. Enough of that. Now come back inside your home, sweetie.”


Hyunsik could see the confusion on Taehyung’s face. Furrowed brows and mouth slightly crunched. Most of all, he looked apprehensive. The older smiled.


Once they were settled onto the couch, Hyunsik broke the silence.


“You understand that everything I do is to help you, right?”


When he gets no reply, he continues.

“I told you that you’d be lost without me. Aren’t you happy you’re away from that garbage excuse of a human being? It’s still hilarious to me that you’d think he wanted you.”


Taehyung’s head snaps up at the mention of Jungkook, as if to say, ‘He’s not garbage!’, but he decides otherwise and looks back down.


“You should be so grateful that I’m not punishing you. You were stupid, but I’m letting it go just this time. You are welcome.”


However, by the way Hyunsik was speaking to him, Taehyung did feel like he was being punished. He knew he deserved it for betraying him the way he did.


“Thank you, hyung.” he mumbles out.


“What did you say?” Hyunsik pushes, an evil smile creeping on his face.


“I said thank you hyung. I know that was stupid, I won’t do it again”


Satisfied, Hyunsik grabs the remote and switches on a film they’d watch on their second date.

Things go quite smoothly the next couple of days, and Taehyung believes he had made the right decision. For the past while he has been avoiding Jungkook, praying that he’d never have to see that man again.


That day he feels well enough to meet up with Jimin, who Taehyung feels so horrible for ditching for as long as he did.


He makes sure to ask Hyunsik, not wanting to repeat the scene from before.


Taehyungie Jiminieeeeee~~~ heyyyyyyy

Taehyungie I’m so sorry for not texting you for so long. ;-;

Taehyungie Please don’t be mad! I’ll treat you to tteokbokki if you meet up with me today at the mall! 2:00

Chimchim Hmm...

Chimchim Fine.


And so they do.


Taehyung could recognize Jimin from anywhere, he’s sure. His extremely pink hair made it very easy to do.


The bliss Taehyung felt by seeing his best friend after so long almost brought tears to his eyes. The two had been friends for as long as they could remember and have done literally everything together. Taehyung could confide in Jimin for anything! That is, of course except for Hyunsik.


Taehyung didn’t feel like it was fair to bring in his problems to Jimin when his relationship with Yoongi was doing so incredibly well. Taehyung could visibly notice Yoongi soften when he’d look at Jimin smile, and this was a man who said he’d want to be a stone in his next life.


The younger was frankly, jealous. Jimin couldn’t know that.


Jimin and Taehyung aimlessly walked around the mall for hours, mostly just eating food and drinking boba. They caught up with each other and talked as if they’d just seen each other the day before. It was perfect.


It was almost perfect.

Jimin knew something was off about Taehyung. He saw the way he flinched when Jimin would tightly hug him. He’d notice his voice crack and Taehyung rub at his neck, smearing makeup in the process. Jimin also knew that if he were to say anything, Taehyung would blatantly deny it and avoid Jimin for months.


So he didn’t.


As they waved goodbye, Jimin made up his mind.


The person doing this to Taehyung was nothing less than dead.

Chapter Text

It was unsurprisingly easy for Jimin to put the pieces together. He himself had been in an emotionally draining relationship with someone he used to call a friend. The signs were obvious; the constant wandering of his eyes in fear, the flinches to any form of touch, and the fact that it seemed like Taehyung had disappeared from the face of the earth until they met.


Obviously, the safest option would be to contact the police, but since when was anything that Jimin would do safe? Besides, he wanted to completely ruin this person before the authorities were informed.


Another unmistakable concern was that after over twenty years of friendship, Jimin still didn't know Taehyung's apartment unit. It's absurd really, and could mean that Hyunsik was the one hurting his best friend, but that thought seemed unimaginable to the older.


Their relationship was beautiful, it was picture perfect. When the two couples would go on double dates together, Jimin could see honey dripping from the older's eyes. Still, this was a while ago.


Jimin wanted to be sure he knew exactly who it is before he makes questionable decisions. He had thought about bringing his own boyfriend into this, but Yoongi would have literally murdered whoever even looked guilty, and well, Jimin didn't want cops going after the wrong people.


Thankfully, Jimin at least knew the building Taehyung lived in, having dropped him off on multiple occasions. As he enters the elevator, he bumps into a taller man (But I mean, who isn't taller than Jimin?) wearing a striking black leather jacket. He realizes that the man lives in this building, and decides to take a chance and ask if he knew where Tae lived.


"Excuse me, hi, do you know a Kim Taehyung? He lives here, and I need to see him, I'm Jimin by the way."


The other man's eyes widen in realization and looks down, jaw locked in guilt;


"" he replies hastily, rubbing at the nape of his neck and avoiding the shorter's eyes.


Jimin raises an eyebrow at the other's questionable answer, but decides to play along for the time being so that he could get a name.


"Oh, hah! He's pretty hard to miss though. Anyways, who're you?"


"Jungkook." Jungkook replies, confused as to why this stranger wanted to know, anyways. His head snaps up for a second, thinking that this Jimin guy was an ex, and if he was, what was he going to do to Taehyung and what if somet-


"What?" His racing thoughts are interrupted by the older and he shakes the thoughts out of his mind. This wasn’t his business, Taehyung didn’t need him.


“Uh.. nothing.”


Jimin stops at every apartment on Jungkook’s floor just in case, but gives up and heads to the lobby to ask the receptionist. He does his best not to look shady as he asks for Kim Taehyung’s apartment. His plan was to find anything in Taehyung’s apartment that could give him a clue. However, this wouldn’t work if Taehyung knew that Jimin was coming over for obvious reasons.

Thankfully, the receptionist seemed to be pretty out of it, so it didn’t take much coaxing for Jimin to convince the other to give him the unit number.


Taehyung was reading a novel when he heard a knock on the door. Who could it be? Hyunsik wasn’t supposed to be home until later in the day… could it be Jungkook? Taehyung’s eyes brighten at the thought, but brushes it away. Why would it be him?


When he sees Jimin at the door, he’s confused to say the least. Last he checked, Jimin didn’t know he lived here.


“Jiminie! Hi…?”


“Hey Taehyung! You don’t mind if I stay here for today, do you? I was passing by and decided I wanted to see my best friend."


And well, what was the younger supposed to say? ‘No, go away or else my boyfriend will literally kill me.’


Jimin doesn’t wait for a reply and walks in, exclaiming;


“Woahhh Tae your apartment is so clean! Can’t relate though.”


Jimin’s plan was to act like everything was a-okay so that Taehyung wouldn’t suspect anything and kick the older out. Hopefully, it was working because all Jimin wanted to do right now was wrap his friend in his arms and cry with him for four hours straight.


Jimin praises himself for being an actual mastermind when he gets the genius idea to ask Taehyung who Jungkook was, just to see the reaction he would get.


“So… Tae I bumped into your friend today…”


Jimin gets no reaction from Taehyung whatsoever, who continues to read his book.


“He said his name was Jungkook… d’you know him” he adds on, hoping to evoke emotion.


And emotion did he get.


Jimin was worried that Taehyung would snap his neck by the speed that his head snapped up, eyebrows raised and book thrown to the side.


“What?! What did he say Jimin.. Did he.. Did he say anything? Jimin?”


The older was terrified by the reaction. There was fear in Taehyung’s eyes, and he forced the question out, seemingly apprehensive of the answer.


It took all the strength in Jimin’s small not to storm out to Jungkook’s apartment and murder him. It was him, wasn’t it? It all made sense.


Taehyung was always innocent, mistaking toxicity for friendship and willing to help anyone who asked. It would be so easy for Jungkook to manipulate Taehyung, and the reaction from the younger in the elevator would all make sense.


Jimin purses his lips into a line in both disappointment and anger;


“No, he didn’t say anything. Actually he told me that he didn’t know you, I just thought that you had known him or something so I asked.” Jimin lied, The way Jungkook responded to the older’s name was way too apparent.


With those few sentences, Taehyung’s heart dropped. Jungkook despised him so much that he didn’t even want to hear the name. It hurt, but Taehyung couldn’t complain. It was him who pushed the other away.




The doctor had finally decided that Taehyung was well enough to go back to college, and Taehyung was relieved. He hated staying cooped up in his apartment, not being allowed to go out without special permission from Hyunsik. At least Jungkook had made it bearable.


With Taehyung back in college, Jimin went to the building every day of the week, hoping to bump into Jungkook, but with no luck. Jimin had gotten his degree early, and had night shifts at work so the situation was perfect for him.


Jimin tries once again to find Jungkook, and finally, when almost all hope was lost and the receptionist rejected him for the 17th time he saw the other.


Jungkook notices the shorter as well, paying no mind until he sees his clenched fists and angered eyes. What happened?


Jimin storms over to him, seeing nothing but red. Without thinking, he punches him square in the mouth, the image of bruises on Taehyung’s skin powering the hit.


“What was that for?!” Jungkook shouts, clasping his hand around his mouth and tasting metal.


“How.” A slap


“Dare.” A kick at his shin


“You.” And Jungkook dodges another punch, grabbing the shorter’s wrists.


“Please, just tell me what I did!” Jimin squirms in Jungkook’s hold, struggling.


“You HURT HIM.” Jungkook drops the other’s wrists, stepping back.




“You hurt Taehyung. You keep hurting him. I hate you, you fucking coward.” Jimin spits out, furiosity lacing his tone.


“Listen to me, please. I would NEVER hurt him. I haven’t talked to him for weeks!”


But by then, Jimin is already gone.


Jungkook drags himself to his apartment, dreading the next day. He couldn’t imagine laying a hand on the boy. He couldn’t fathom the thought of hurting him in anyway. He so badly wanted to save Taehyung, but he wasn’t letting himself get saved. He pushed Jungkook so far out of his life that the one floor distance between them seemed like millions of miles.




After the Jimin fiasco, Jungkook hardly left his apartment, always alert to decipher noises from the floor below. He couldn’t have Taehyung, but the fact that he’s safe was more than enough for him.




Taehyung steps into the apartment after an seemingly infinite day at college, ready to sleep. He is surprisingly greeted by Hyunsik who immediately pulls him inside and locks the door, caging his arms around the shorter. He begins to mouth at Taehyung’s neck, roughly tugging his shirt off.


“A-ah Hyunsik I’m tired, not today please.”


Hyunsik pays no mind and continues, starting to suck hickies into the younger’s skin, lifting him and dropping him onto a bed.


“H-Hyunsik.. No!”


He unbuttons the younger’s pants, pinning his arms above his head.


“Stop..Stop resisting slut.” Hyunsik breathes out.


Taehyung manages to escape from the older’s strong arms, running into the washroom and locking the door. He wraps his arms around his legs, rocking back and forth as sobs wracked through his body.


With shaky hands he grabs his phone out of his pocket and calls the first person that comes to mind.


“H-help.. H-help me”

Chapter Text

Jungkook is convinced he’s hallucinating. His phone screen reads “Taehyungie” and at that moment, he didn’t know whether to be absolutely terrified or relieved. He doesn’t give another moment to his thoughts and answers the call, the weak, trembling voice of the older causing his heart to break into a million pieces.




The younger goes into shock, already hurrying out of the door and speeding down the stairwell. He’s still on the call, furiously hitting the speaker button as if that would bring him closer to the other.


“Taehyung! Taehyung what happened? Please answer.. Please.” He begs, panting at he goes down the next flight of stairs.


“Jungkook p-please..please hurry.” Taehyung’s voice quivers, sobs cutting into his words, making him unable to form coherent sentences.


Just as another set of sobs push through the older, Jungkook arrives at the door, cursing at the new set of locks Hyunsik put up after the last incident. He grabs an old credit card and a pair of scissors, finally using his knowledge of breaking into houses to good use.


He storms inside to see Hyunsik at the washroom door, attempting (and failing) to pick the lock.
Jungkook feels an overwhelming sense of deja vu as he mercilessly kicks Hyunsik in the gut, probably having bruised a rib or two.


Hyunsik’s eyes are wide, nose flared, and teeth bared as he claws at Jungkook’s shirt, but does no damage. Jungkook throws the oldest to the side, entering the washroom and immediately falling to Taehyung’s side.


He strokes along his cheeks, noticing how the once full flesh had become hollow.


“Shh..shh..You’re okay..You’re okay.” The cliche words still managed to calm the older down, shoulders slumping and cries quieting.


Taehyung hears Hyunsik shout from outside and he recoils from Jungkook’s touch, holding onto the sink and trying to stand up, only his knees fail him and he falls back down breathing heavily and looking side to side.




Jungkook cradles Taehyung’s head to his chest, gently massaging his scalp.


“Listen to my heartbeat. Focus on... Just focus on that.” Jungkook soothes the older, helping him up, but making sure to get out of the dingy room and punching Hyunsik in the mouth a couple more times, just for good measure. He tugs Hyunsik’s collar towards him, whispering in his ear;


“Why didn’t you just listen last time, hm? If you even come near him again, I will kill you. Don’t test me.”


“Will you though?” Hyunsik challenges. “Because those threats do nothing for me. I know that you know he will come back to me. Every. Single. Time. I don’t care what you say, he’s all mine.”


Jungkook shoves Hyunsik away ‘He’s all mine’ ringing in his head all the way back to his apartment.



“Taehyung please eat something.” Jungkook pleads, holding a fork full of ramen in front of him, to which Taehyung shakes his head.


“Please Taehyung? For me? Open up~” And Taehyung does, sighing and opening his mouth to take the noodles.


“Ah! Wait wait.” Jungkook blows on the noodles and then feeds it to the older, who immediately looks down and smiles.


Jungkook decides that now might be a good time to clear things up with the short but aggressive stranger- or Taehyung’s friend Jimin.


After a couple minutes of just sitting in the calm of each other’s presence and Jungkook feeding Taehyung, he asks the older, hoping for him not to ask too many questions.


“Taehyung, I think we need to call Jimin, okay? He was really worried, you know.”


Taehyung instantly shakes his head. “No! No Jungkook he can’t know. He can’t!”


“Tae… He deserves to know, please let me call him?”


Once again, Taehyung obliges, looking uneasy.


“Uhh.. Hi. Its Jungkook, you know, the stranger in the elevator? Listen, we need to talk.”


“I’m not talking to you unless it’s in court, and Taehyung is there wi- WAIT A SECOND. WHY DO YOU HAVE HIS PHONE?? Jungkook what did you do, I swear I will personally come over there and murder you. I will make sure you die a slow and painful dea-”


“Taehyung is fine! Just come over, I live at apartment D5, and I’ll explain everything.”



When Jimin arrives he pushes Jungkook to the side, rushing over to Taehyung and putting his arms around the younger.


“Taehyung! Oh my god Taehyung are you okay? I’m calling the cops, just wait.”


“Jimin no! Jungkook.. He saved me, Jimin.” Taehyung answers, voice small


Jimin softens, hand combing through his hair in confusion and looks up at the young


“Huh? OH MY GOD. It was Hyunsik.. Wasn’t it? I’m so, so, so, sorry. AH! I fucked up.” Jimin apologizes, looking Jungkook up and down.


“It’s fine, but let’s talk? Outside.”


And so they do. Jimin tells Jungkook everything that was going through his mind and Jungkook looks down, knuckles turning white and face turning red.


He explains everything to Jimin, from the walk back to the apartment, to Taehyung running away from Jungkook to go back to Hyunsik.


Jimin is shocked. How could he miss this? He was supposed to be Taehyung’s best friend for goodness sakes, how could he miss this?


They both sit there, punishing themselves.


“He needs you Jungkook. Please don’t leave him, he needs you.”


Jungkook nods.


“I won’t.”



It seems like Taehyung and Jimin have talked for hours by the time the older one of the two went home. Taehyung explained everything to the other, and they sat on the couch in each others arms, sobbing.


Jungkook’s heart is finally at ease with Taehyung with him in the apartment, but the ease is short lived when Taehyung wipes his eyes and gets up, heading to the door.


“Thank you Jungc-”


“Taehyung wha-.. What are you doing??”


“Jungkook, I need to go back home. I’m.. I’m okay now, and I have to go home.”


“Taehyung please, please stop telling me you’re okay. Please stop leaving me. Stay here, please.” Jungkook rants, choking up and eyes welling with tears.


Taehyung turns around and walks to the younger, wrapping his arms around the taller’s neck.


“Okay” He sniffles.


That night Jungkook lends the older a guest room, but at the middle of the night, he hears quiet sobs coming from the other side of the wall.


He knocks on the door;




Taehyung doesn’t reply, but instead covers his mouth with the blankets, muffling the sound.


Jungkook walks in, sitting on the bed beside him.


“You okay?”


Taehyung finally responds, looking up at the younger.




“Ah, okay.” Jungkook hesitantly gets up to leave, understanding that Taehyung may want some time alone.


However this time it is Taehyung who pleads;


“Please stay with me? Just for one night.”


Jungkook smiles and nods, laying down next to the older. Taehyung curls into Jungkook’s back still shaking.


Jungkook wraps his arms around the older and they both sigh.


Taehyung falls asleep to Jungkook’s steady heartbeat. He felt safe in the younger’s strong arms. Here, in this moment, no one could hurt him.


And maybe Jungkook was allowed to be greedy, maybe Taehyung was allowed to be happy. Maybe they were both meant to be with each other.



Chapter Text

(This is Hyunsik’s POV I hope that doesn’t confuse you guys~)


One year ago…


Taehyung. His beautiful, beautiful, Taehyung.


Eyes that put stars to shame, a smile that made Hyunsik fall in love all over again.




And here he was, pressed up against a stranger, hips swaying to the beat of the music.


The stranger smiled, eyeing Hyunsik curiously as he wrapped arms around the younger, pulling him closer.


He watched as the stranger flipped him around, as he slowly lifted Taehyung’s chin, as he softly pressed his lips against the other’s-


Hyunsik ran, tears in his eyes. He ran and ran. He ran till his legs were numb, till the only thing holding him up was the promise that maybe Taehyung still loved him. Maybe he was just a little too drunk, too caught up in the moment.


“Why?” He yelled out in to the night, but it sounded more like a plead than a question.


It was as if he was cursed. He lost everyone he loved.


Images of his sister plague his mind. Bound, helpless. Shouting at him to go, to save himself. Hyunsik couldn’t go, his legs were heavy, as if boulders held them down. He couldn’t leave her here. He couldn’t leave her with his father. He knew what would happen. He knew what the police didn’t, what the police chose not to believe, no matter how much Hyunsik would plead and plead. He knew that it wasn’t a car that killed his mother.


His heart felt heavy, the feeling of weakness he fought so hard to destroy was back. The person he loved was slowly slipping from his grasp and there was nothing he could do about it.


He shouted in anger, as it was so much easier to feel angry than sad.


He hated pity. Hated it. The way strangers would look at him on the streets when he’d walk around with his older sister, clothes tattered and knuckles bruised. They were too young. Way too young.


By the first frost, she was gone too. Pitiful glances turned into fearful glares as Hyunsik recklessly destroyed everything in his path, wanting nothing more than to prove to himself that no, he was not weak.


Then he met Taehyung...


And he lost control all over again.


Only, this time it was different.


He was floating.


He could suddenly touch every star in the sky, and every gust of wind became a song. He travelled to every corner of the world in Taehyung’s arms, and if this was what feeling weak felt like, he wanted to do it again and again.


Then suddenly, he was stranded.


Taehyung left him floating amongst the stars, only they weren’t the stunning stars he saw in Taehyung’s eyes. They were suddenly balls of gas that burnt him alive, and gusts of wind were now piercing through his skin, impaling him with ice that could never be thawed.


His heart was cold, it was frozen, and no amount of heat would ever fix that.


Nothing could thaw it completely, but when he saw Taehyung, his Taehyung, frozen in fear on the ground, it felt like his own heart started to heat back up again. The ice slowly melting, and he could breathe again.


At first, he had tried to stop.


He wasn’t his father. He would never be his father.


Those thoughts soon vanished as he realized that nothing in the entire universe would bring him as much delight, as much heat, as seeing those beautiful splotches of red and purple blossom on his skin.


His Taehyung, who ripped his heart out of his chest, stomped on it, and handed it back to him. Taehyung deserved it.


However, Hyunsik never did realize, that Taehyung had protected the older’s heart like his own.


He never did see Taehyung punch the stranger in the face and leave the club.


He never did notice the confusion and pain in Taehyung’s eyes, when the man who he would take a life for, became the man who could end his life.


Where was the man who would travel each corner of the globe with him? The man who promised to name every star after his eyes, the man who promised to protect him from everyone, but couldn’t protect Taehyung from himself?

It didn’t matter, did it? It was better to be angry, than weak. It was okay to hurt others if you were hurt.



Back to Taehyung’s POV (present time)


He sits in a field of dandelions, small flames dancing in the wind. Gold against green, sunlight on the ground. Vibrant and cheerful. The universe graciously painted green with sunshiny yellow, which eventually turned into white, wispy spheres that carried wishes into the sky.

Their beauty didn’t matter.


The whirr of a machine starts in the distance. It is quiet at first, but starts to become louder, decapitating every sunny yellow head, destroying it’s beauty.


It was useless. It was a weed.


Taehyung sits there, shocked. Mouth agape and eyebrows raised.


He calls out to the farmer;


“What are you doing?!”


The farmer ignores him and continues to kill the flowers of the sun.


Taehyung cries out, begging the man not to crush earth’s little yellow gifts.


He looks closer at the man and realizes that it isn’t some stranger. It’s Hyunsik.


He realizes way too late that the machine is approaching him. He sees its blades mercilessly chop the flowers around him, and he screams in agony as the blades cut his flesh, turning his sun kissed skin into a mess of crimson and red.




Taehyung was a dandelion.


He was a useless, pathetic dandelion in a field of tulips and daisies.


The blades are shredding his skin like paper as he continues to scream, and Hyunsik just smiles.



Taehyung wakes up in cold sweat, breathing heavily. He was nothing but a nuisance. A nuisance to his family, to Jungkook, to Jimin, and most of all, to Hyunsik.


When Jungkook enters his room he’s frantic, panting and hair a mess.


Taehyung sees him try to calm down, and he knows that it’s for him. He knows that Jungkook is trying not to scare Taehyung, but that just scares him even more.


Is the situation really that bad? Don’t these fights happen with everyone?


Taehyung tries to rationalize the situation. Of course this doesn’t happen to everyone, that’s why there are always bags underneath Jungkook’s eyes, and that’s Jimin is slowly losing his cheerful demeanour, bright, happy eyes becoming apprehensive and dark. It’s all because of him, isn’t it? God, why does he keep doing this, why does he keep ruining everyone’s lives? The world would do better without him. Jungkook..Jungkook would do so much better without him.


“Taehyung, did you have a nightmare?”


Taehyung nods.


“D’you wanna talk about it maybe?”


Why would Jungkook want to talk about it? He would just laugh.


“It doesn’t matter.” Taehyung mumbles, head down.


Keeping his head down has become a sort of habit for him. Keeping his head down meant that he wouldn’t have to see disappointment in his father’s eyes. It means he wouldn’t have to see the usual glint of happiness and evil in Hyunsik’s eyes before he’d struck him. It meant that the world didn’t have to go through the horror of looking at him for a second longer.


Jungkook gently lifts his chin up and smiles;


“It matters to me.”


Taehyung gives in, once again. (That seems to be happening quite a lot over the past few days.)


Tears sting Taehyung’s eyes as he relives the dream once again, and by the end of it, Jungkook’s smile turns into a frown.


Taehyung seems to be having that effect on a lot of people nowadays.


It’s a little different though, this time. Jungkook doesn’t stagger backwards in disgust, or laugh at his miserability.


He doesn’t say much though, either. He doesn’t shower Taehyung in compliments or call him some other, prettier flower. (Like that would help.) He does say something that make the corners of Taehyung’s lips tilt, and his eyes turn into crescents.


“Dandelions are my favourite flowers, you know.”


Taehyung’s smile fades and he’s sure Jungkook is lying, so he asks;


“Why? They’re weeds.”


Jungkook smiles and replies


“Firstly, when I look into a field of dandelions, I see wishes. Not weeds. Secondly, they are the epitome of strength, they can survive anywhere, through anything. And they’re beautiful. Kinda like drops of sunlight on earth, hope and uniquity in a field full of green.”


“They remind me of you, Taehyung.”


Heat fills Taehyung’s cheeks, and Jungkook smiles in a way that makes Taehyung feel like his entire world has turned upside down, and Taehyung hates it and loves it at the same time.


“Are you flirting with me Jeon?”


“What if I am?” Jungkook asks, still sounding anxious.


Taehyung giggles. And just this once, (he swears just this once) he’s going to be okay with it.


(Only he has a feeling it won’t be just this once. Maybe he's okay with that too, though)

Chapter Text

Jungkook’s POV

Jungkook didn’t really know when he fell in love with Taehyung.


At the start, it really was just common human courtesy. Jungkook wasn’t out to get anything, but he couldn’t disagree that the older was probably the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. His eyes, almond shaped and dark brown. They sparkled underneath the sun, displaying specks of golden hidden underneath.


He was tall, around the same height as Jungkook. He had the cutest little mole on his nose, and when he smiled, the corner of his lips would raise in a box like way.


At the beginning, Jungkook put those thoughts aside, wanting nothing more than to be a helpful neighbour, maybe even a friend?


He knew that the older was very much in love, but it would hurt his heart everytime Hyunsik forcefully tugged Taehyung around.


When he saw the older, face wrecked beyond recognition, all his suspicions came true. He wanted to protect Taehyung, shield him from all his worries.


Taehyung didn’t want to be saved, he didn’t let himself be shielded. He couldn’t see that Hyunsik was manipulative, he’d break him completely, just to build him back up. Taehyung saw this as love.


Jungkook didn’t fall in love with Taehyung because he was gorgeous. He didn’t fall because he wanted to be a saviour, or wanted to “fix” Taehyung.


He fell because no matter how many times Taehyung broke, how many permanent scars covered his body, his smile never once changed.


Taehyung’s smile was the most alluring feature of him. It was so rare, yet each time Jungkook managed to bring light to his eyes, he was rewarded by his genuine, absolutely adorable smile that managed to stun him into shock each time.


Taehyung found happiness in everything, squeezing every ounce of joy he could from the world around him, no matter how dark and joyless that world may’ve seemed.


He found happiness in others glee, seeing a happy couple walking down the street being the best part of his day.


He radiated his positivity onto Jungkook, who never once thought of two butterflies flying together as “cute”, but suddenly started to.


Jungkook’s childhood was rough, he ran from home at 16, and managed to make enough money from selling his music and working at multiple part time jobs. He didn’t go to college, wanting nothing but to pursue in music.


He was a delinquent, really. Vandalizing his landlords’ homes with friends, shoplifting, and constantly getting into fights. Before Taehyung, he wouldn’t even spare a glance at a limping man on the street.

Taehyung made him want to care.

Now there’s this man in his home that he’s so scared of losing. So scared of hurting. So scared that this man will disappear to go back to a love that was never really there.


Taehyung’s POV

Taehyung finally feels (almost) safe. With Jungkook next to him at night, his nightmares start to slowly become less catastrophic. He tries to accept help, but can’t help but recoil to any touches.


“G’morning Jungkookie” Taehyung yawns, turning around to face the younger. Instead, he’s faced with empty bedsheets and pillows. He grabs at the bedsheets, breathing becoming heavy and he calls out frantically. “Jungkook?? Jungkook!!”. He gets no reply.


“He left!”


“He couldn’t stand me anymore.”


“Is he hurt?”


“I ruined his life.”


Thoughts rush through his head as he thinks of the absolute worse.


With a towel around his waist and soap suds in his hair, Jungkook stands in the doorway.


“Tae! What happened?”


Taehyung stammers, looking at Jungkook head to toe.


“Oh- I um thought you l-left.” Cursing himself for once again not thinking the situation through.


“I would never leave you like this, don’t worry. I’m right here.”


Taehyung nods, wiping at his eyes.


“Oh, and Tae, I really think we need to get you outside, but it doesn’t have to be today, or even tomorrow. Whenever you’re ready, okay?


Taehyung gulps at the thought of leaving Jungkook’s apartment. What if he bumped into Hyunsik? Or even one of his classmates from college? He shudders at the thought, but agrees nonetheless. Jungkook wouldn’t do anything to hurt him, would he?



After a couple of days, Taehyung decides that although watching movies and eating ramen with Jungkook has been great, he needs to get out of the house, or he may go insane.


“Hey Jungkook?”




“I think I’m ready to go outside now.”


“Great, you pick where.”


“Wait, can I invite Jimin too!?” Taehyung questions rather excitedly, much like a child.


Jungkook looks a bit surprised and chuckles. The older was adorable. “Why’re you asking? It’s your choice, ba-”


They both stiffen, sitting taut. “Sorry I don’t know wh-” Jungkook begins.


“It’s okay! It’s totally okay.” Taehyung assures.


Jungkook knows it isn’t.



They decide on meeting in a small cafe just outside of the city. It was a pretty big step for Taehyung, and on the drive there, he couldn’t help but be anxious.


His eyes wandered, he jumped at every loud sound.


When they arrived after what seemed like hours to Taehyung, he beamed at the ambience of the cafe.


It was quiet, only around a dozen people there. Peaceful sounds such as the occasional laugh of a customer, the click of a keyboard, and the clinking of cups against a table, filled what would be silence.


It would be okay, he’d be safe here.


With a ring of the bell, Jimin enters the cafe and Jungkook waves him over. Jimin goes in for a hug, but Taehyung flinches and stumbles back. Jimin shares a confused glance with Jungkook, who shakes his head. Jimin subtly nods, and grins at Taehyung.


“Hey Taetae! How’s it goin’?”


“I’m okay Jimin. How’re things with you?”


“Pretty much the same as they’ve always been. So you’ve been staying with Jungkook, hmmm?” Jimin asks, rather suggestively, lifting his eyebrows.


Taehyung and Jungkook both roll their eyes, grateful that Jimin lightened the mood.


Jungkook orders a plain, black coffee to which Taehyung shows his disgust.


“How can you drink that? Grosssss.” He fakes a shudder, laughing.


“Hey! It isn’t any better than that sickly sweet caramel shit you guys are drinking. It’s liquid diabetes.”


They crack up, Taehyung and Jimin simultaneously shrugging their shoulders and taking a sip.


Suddenly the tension in the air grows heavy, and Taehyung thinks he could cut it with a knife. They all turn their heads and are faced by Hyunsik, posture very confident. Hands in pockets with thumbs sticking out, and a shit eating smirk plastered on his face.


“Taehyung, Taehyung, Taehyung. You would’ve made it so much easier if you had just come back to me.”

Chapter Text

Taehyung stood there, bewildered. could he find him?


Years worth of memories flooded his thoughts, crashing in in waves. Candles. Flowers. Chocolate. Ferris Wheels. Kisses. Long car rides. The ocean.


No one talked for a while, jaws dropped as they tried to process the situation. It’s strange to all of them, even though they’d just seen him a week ago. They’d assumed that he’d give up, leave Taehyung alone.


“Leave. Taehyung doesn’t want you” Jungkook grits out, digging his nails into his palm as an attempt to calm down.


Hyunsik laughs and Jungkook makes a face of disgust.


“Ah… dear Jungkookie. I don’t think you get it. He does! He won’t stop loving me. He can’t stop loving me.”


Taehyung looks down, bangs hiding his face. He was right. Taehyung really, really didn’t want him to be, but he was.


Taehyung thinks back to months ago, a time when the cold winter air reddened his nose and glazed his eyes. It was on a day much like this, when Hyunsik and Taehyung sat bundled in blankets, in front of a fireplace. Hyunsik had stared deep into Taehyung’s eyes, searching for the secrets hidden within. He had gently pushed a strand of his air aside and smiled.


I love you, Taehyung.


Taehyung’s heart beat fast, a blush creeping up on his already red cheeks. He beamed, and replied shakily,


“I.. I love you too.”


With that, he turned back around, seeping in the warmth from the fireplace. It was quite a scene, much like one from a romantic comedy. He hears Hyunsik again, speaking with smooth low tones, lulling Taehyung into calmness.




“I would kill myself if you ever left me.”


Panic flashed in his eyes. Taehyung tried to take it as a compliment, he did. He smiled it off, subconsciously moving away.


Taehyung is snapped out of his thoughts as he realizes Hyunsik is walking closer, and he’s.. He’s coming to take him away. He’s going to take him away on his white horse, and they’ll ride off into the night. Worries behind them, the sun painting the sky pink as it set. He welcomes that thought with open arms, intertwining fingers with the older.


Then… but then the horse stops. Hyunsik throws him off. Taehyung lands in the sand, but Hyunsik doesn’t stop there. He starts to hurt him, and Taehyung is pleading him to stop, but he won’t. He keeps going, laughing. Abruptly, he stops. Getting back on the horse he waves goodbye to Taehyung. “Stop crying. It didn’t hurt that much.”


Taehyung shakes Hyunsik’s hand off, and Hyunsik looks down at him, nose flared and eyebrows arched in both anger and confusion.


“No!” Taehyung yells.


“C’mon now sweetie, let’s not make a scene.” Hyunsik pulls at his collar, looking side to side.


Jungkook walk to the two of them, pulling Taehyung away from Hyunsik and hiding him behind him.


“Aw… I guess that’s too bad! He said no. Now back off. I’m warning you.”


Now, it is more to Hyunsik than just having Taehyung. Now it’s his pride on the line. He walks up to Jungkook so that they are almost nose to nose.


“Listen here, boy. Today, Taehyung is leaving with me, that’s it. I win. You lose.” He grabs Jungkook’s neck, choking him. A huge smirk on his face seeing Jungkook sputter and shake.


Before anyone knows it, the police are here. The owner of the cafe looks scandalized, pointing at Hyunsik.


“It’s him!” The owner shouts.


The police throws Hyunsik off of Jungkook, even though Jungkook had already managed to twist his wrists backwards to stop him.


As Hyunsik is being forced into the police car, Jungkook calls out;


“Even if you had gotten him, you wouldn’t have won. You only ever saw him as a game. The only thing you're losing is someone I would’ve given up the world for.”


This time, the only person with a smile on his face is Taehyung, still never changing. He runs over the Jungkook and wraps his arms around his neck, sobbing.


Jimin smiles from the side, wiping tears in his eyes and letting them have their moment before he asks,


“’re forgetting about me!”


The two friends embrace, shaking in each other’s hold.


The trio walk towards the counter, thanking the owner multiple times and introducing themselves.


“I’m Jungkook, and this is Taehyung and Jimin.”


“Hi! Nice to meet you! And really, no problem at all. The look on the guy’s face made me want to kick him out the second he walked in here, but y’know, customer policy and all that dumb stuff. Oh and by the way, my name’s Seokjin, but you can call me Jin.”


The three converse for a while longer until they all turn towards the exit, saying their goodbyes. Jin interrupts them, asking to pull Taehyung to the side.


“You don’t know how happy I am that you were able to get away from him. I know an abusive relationship when I see one, and I need you to promise me that no matter what, you won’t go back. I know it can be hard, but you need to stay away from him. Please?”


Taehyung takes a second, but eventually he nods, once again thanking the man.



Taehyung and Jungkook end up back in the younger’s apartment. The older can see guilt coursing through Jungkook’s veins for putting Taehyung in that situation, and he shouldn’t, Taehyung thinks. Still, he doesn’t bring that up, not wanting to replay what had happened in the cafe. Instead, he thanks him.


“For what you said today, thank you. For what you’ve done for me over the past few months, I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to repay you. You saved me, Jungkook.”


“It’s you who saved me Taehyung. And whatever I said, I meant it. Every last bit of it.”


Taehyung sniffles and scoots his way over to Jungkook, leaning his head on his shoulder. Jungkook takes an arm and drapes it across Taehyung’s shoulders.


They stay like that for a while, before Taehyung announces with a yawn,


“I’m so fucking sleepy Jungkook.” He tries to get up, stumbling over in the process.


Jungkook chuckles, silently asking “May I?” and lifting Taehyung up.


In Jungkook’s arms, Taehyung felt weightless, he felt safe. He felt like he could conquer the world, but not right now, because he really is sleepy. It’s been quite a day.


The younger gently places Taehyung on the bed and turns to leave, but Taehyung stops him with a tug at his shirt.


“Please don’t leave me. Not tonight. Please.”


Jungkook crawls in beside Taehyung basking in the warmth and security he felt with Taehyung beside him.


They fall asleep just like that, with Taehyung’s head on Jungkook’s chest and Jungkook slowly running his fingers up and down Taehyung’s spine.



“Good morning sunshine~” Jungkook says happily as Taehyung’s eyes flutter open. He made sure to stay in bed until Taehyung woke this time.


Taehyung grins, stretching and getting up. “This time, I’m making breakfast. No arguments.”


“I could be okay with that.”


Jungkook sits on the couch, glancing at Taehyung occasionally to make sure he’s okay, but mostly because he couldn’t seem to get his eyes off of him.


Taehyung’s golden skin went perfectly with the olive green shirt Jungkook lent to him. He was practically drowning in it, and the shirt would constantly fall off of his shoulders.




With the sizzling of oil and the clacking of pans Taehyung’s breakfast was coming together. So he wasn’t amazing at cooking, scrambled eggs couldn’t be hard, could they?


About an hour later, Taehyung’s gourmet breakfast meal his perfected and he skips over to Jungkook to serve it to him, beaming.


Jungkook returns a smile, taking a bite with a dot of ketchup.


“Woah! This is really good! I didn’t know you had it in you, hyung.”


“So I’m hyung now- Wait! I forgot the juice, hold up!”


Taehyung rushes to the kitchen, grabs a glass and hurriedly opens a bottle of orange juice. As he unscrews the cap of the bottle, his elbow bumps into the glass, dropping it and shattering on the ground.


Taehyung panics, grabbing the glass in fists and throwing it out. Jungkook would be so mad. Jungkook would be so mad.


Jungkook is storming over and pushing Taehyung away from the shards.


“You’re so stupid! Can you do anything without messing up? Oh my fucking god, stop crying, stop crying, JUST STOP!” He hears Jungkook shriek.


Except, that’s not Jungkook at all. Taehyung shakes his head, and the real image starts to become clear.


Jungkook is brushing shards of glass off of Taehyung’s hands, pulling him away from the mess.


“Taehyung! What are you doing? You’re hurting yours-”


“I’m so sorry! I’m sorry please don’t be mad, please don’t hurt me. I’ll clean it! I promise! Please don’t hit me.”


“No! No I’m not mad, not at all! I would never, ever hurt you.”


“W-what? Are you sure you’re not mad?”


“No! It's a cup, who cares? Sit down on the couch so I can disinfect these.”


Jungkook carefully wipes the slashes on Taehyung’s hands, apologizing everytime Taehyung winced and blowing on it.


“Don’t hurt yourself, and please don’t think I’ll ever hurt you. You’re safe here. You’re safe.”


Taehyung nods, a little embarrassed, but mostly grateful.

Chapter Text

“Please, Tae you have to!” Jungkook pleaded, taking Taehyung’s hands into his own.


“No. I won’t. That’s final Jungkook.” Taehyung decides, pulling his hands out of the other’s grasp and crossing his arms.


“Why? Don’t you want him to be- be brought to justice for all horrible fucking, fucking- why don’t you?”


“He was my first love. I can’t do that to him” His eyes flutter shut and he faces down, fidgeting with a tissue.


Ever since the cafe incident, the younger tried to convince Taehyung to press charges, but the older refused every time.


Taehyung felt guilty. A tiny voice in his head kept telling him that Hyunsik didn’t deserve this, that he still loved him. That all of this was a mistake. There were nights were he’d wish he never met Jungkook, he’d wish he had just agreed not to talk to Jimin. No one would love him like Hyunsik did.


There were also nights when he felt guilty for other reasons. Jungkook. The young, doe eyed boy was unwillingly brought into Taehyung’s life. He had saved Taehyung a countless amount of times, and here Taehyung was. Making even more trouble. He was a nuisance. Why couldn’t he just suck it up and file a report?


Conflicting emotions left him confused and he sobbed for hours. He sat on the floor, trembling. He felt cold, but he also felt a fire, a piercing heat eat away at his insides. A rush of confidence overtakes him and he picks up his phone and calls Hyunsik, his lover’s name still saved with a heart in his contacts.


Hyunsik answers immediately. And for a second, Taehyung regrets it.


“I see you finally got over your little episode bab-”


“Why.” Taehyung’s voice cracks at the end. Heart heavy as he tried to repress a sob, swallowing down thickly.


“What?” Hyunsik replies, confusion plaguing his previously cocky tone.


“Why’d you do it!” Taehyung had never raised his voice at the other. The fire inside him started to shrink in satisfaction.


“Do what?” The end of the tone lilting up with faux confusion. The grin in his voice only makes the fire grow in Tae.


“I thought-” Taehyung’s voice becomes small. “I thought you loved me” he bites his lip hard, tears flowing freely.


“I do, you ungrateful fucking slut.” Hyunsik grits out through his teeth.


“Stop- Stop calling me that p-please.”


“Why? Huh? That’s what you are. A s l u t.” Hyunsik spells out the word, carefully enunciating each letter.


“All I ever did w-was love you. Why didn’t y-you love me back Hyunsik?” Taehyung tries to speak through sobs.


Hyunsik snickers. “I was only doing what was best for you.”


“You hit me, Hyunsik!! I had to go to the hospital because of you! How the fuck is that the “best” for me?? Huh?” Taehyung spews out, each word laced with hurt.


“Ah.. You know you deserved it. I gave you everything. The least I deserved was for you to listen to me.”


“It was the club, wasn’t it?? If you had just talked to me, you would’ve known that I pushed that guy away. I wanted you, no one else.”


“Oh I knew that already. That doesn’t matter though. That day just proved to me how much of a whore you could be. And I didn’t want my little whore to run away

from me, now did I?”


Taehyung digs nails into his palm, tensing up. “I said stop calling me that.”


Hyunsik grins. “You getting mad baby?”


“I’m calling the cops Hyung.”


“Baby, baby. Don’t do that. It’s us against the world isn’t it?”


Taehyung doesn’t reply, breath coming out shakily.


“I promise, I’m sorry. I’m never, ever going to hurt you again. I love you. Come back home”


Taehyung drops the phone and falls to the ground, tightly hugging his knees. Sobs and shivers wrack through his body, the fire finally gone.


At this moment, Jungkook wakes up, walking into the living room.




He sees the older, completely broken on the ground and walks over, draping an arm around him and pulling him into an embrace.


That one action puts a month’s worth of conflicting emotions to rest. He hugs back tighter and finally replies to Hyunsik’s countless are you theres.


“I’d rather not, Hyunsik.” Taehyung says, hoping his voice hadn’t wavered.


Jungkook smiles, processing the situation. He motions for Taehyung to hand him the phone and mouths ‘May I?’


Taehyung nods and hands it over, trusting Jungkook completely.


“You hear that Hyunsik? Now since I have enough evidence to easily put you into jail for a couple years, I suggest you never show your face to Taehyung ever again. Take your things, leave the keys under a mat, and maybe just move out of the city? I'm warning you, if I so much as hear you again your only concern will be not dropping soap.”


Hyunsik gulps and his eye twitches in fury. “You can’t do th-”


“Clock’s ticking pal.”


“Fine! Fine. Give me a day.”


“How about two hours?” And Jungkook hangs up.


For the nth time that week, Taehyung finds himself in Jungkook’s strong arms. Finally, his guilt starts to seep away.



This night, Taehyung decides that he’s sleeping alone. Jungkook probably saw him as a friend, nothing more. Sleeping with him would just make Jungkook feel awkward.


It took the older almost 3 hours to fall asleep, hugging the pillow next to him in every possible way until it became comfortable. He wasn’t even asleep for an hour before he heard Jungkook shout.


“TAEHYUNG” He ran into the older’s room, eyes hardly open and stumbling over nothing, much like Taehyung had done not too long ago.


“Taehyung.. Tae.. Taehyung where are you??” Jungkook is frantic, eyes glazed over and hair a mess.


“Jungkook are you okay? I’m right here, I’m right here.” Taehyung attempts to soothe the younger, still very confused.


“He took you away! He left with you… you were gone.”


“It was just a dream Jungkookie” He says, smiling sadly and ruffling his hair. Jungkook really cared about him that much?


“You’re okay?”


“Yah, I’m fine.”


“Oh… okay. I’m sorry.” Jungkook makes his way to the door. 


“No. Stayyyy” Taehyung giggles, making grabby hands, knowing exactly what Jungkook wanted him to say.


“If you insist” Jungkook chuckles.


Friends have sleepovers too, Taehyung thought. This isn’t wrong.


It felt so right.

Chapter Text


“Children~ Your favourite hyung’s home.”

“Jin hyung you don’t have to do that every time.” Jimin rolls his eyes, no real bite in his voice.

Jin frowns, placing a couple plastic bags on the kitchen counter.

“Fine, be mean. I guess that just means you don’t get any of my freshly baked cookies.” Jin

retorts, grinning.

“Bro I’m sorry but don’t do this to me.” Jimin’s eyes widen when he processes Jin’s threat.

“That’s what happens~” Jin giggles, giving in and handing the younger a cookie.

The doorbell rings, and Jimin gets up to answer it.

“AHA! Jin hyung, this is my boyfriend Yoongi. Yoongi, this is my… Jin.” Jimin introduces the two and pecks Yoongi on the cheek.

“Uh. Hi.”

“AWWW!! Doesn’t he have the cutest cheeks ever?? How are you so… glowy” Jin pinches Yoongi’s cheeks, moving them around .


Jin doesn’t stop.

Yoongi had always been good at hiding his emotions behind a mask. It was easier for him to act like he was never angry, sad, or happy, since he wouldn’t have to face the repercussions if someone had managed to get to this side and left him, vulnerable and open. Jimin had somehow managed to see Yoongi for who he was, behind the mask. And he fell in love immediately. When Jimin stormed to the other’s home, face red and tears streaming down his face, screaming; “I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch Yoongi, I’m gonna kill him I swear I will.” It took so much for Yoongi  to keep a straight face, to not show how much it hurt him looking at his boyfriend, waiting for Jimin to elaborate. Jimin vented to Yoongi, going on and on about how it was all his fault, how he should’ve known. For the first time, Jimin saw tears in Yoongi’s eyes as he beat himself up for not saying anything, even after seeing so many red flags. Yoongi saw the happiness sucked out of Taehyung’s life. He saw Taehyung completely break down, but he excused it for what? Hormones?

“Can you guys shut up?? Taehyung’s sleeping, idiots.” Jungkook rushes to the commotion. “Also who are you?”

“Kookie! This is my boyfriend Yoongi, Yoongi this is Kookie, aka in love wit-”

“It’s Jungkook, actually.” Jungkook cuts Jimin off, shooting daggers in his direction.

“Hi… Jungkook. So how do you know Taehyung huh? Do you have a criminal record? If you hurt Taehyung I wi-”

“I’m not dating him man”

“Hm. Okay. Whatever you say. I got my eyes on you.”

Jimin giggles, “Don’t worry, he’s harmless. And totally whipped, so.”

Jungkook’s pov …

Taehyung yawns and walks out of his room, rubbing his eyes and Jungkook coos looking at his puffy cheeks and ruffled hair, but almost immediately stops himself, looking around to see if anyone noticed.


Jimin gives him a knowing smirk before walking over to Yoongi and sitting on his lap. Yoongi gives Jimin a kiss on the curve of his neck to which Jungkook rolls his eyes.

Maybe Jungkook was jealous, obviously not of Jimin or Yoongi, but of what they had. Maybe Jungkook wanted that too, but not just from anyone.

“What’s-” He yawns again “What’s going on, what’re you guys doing here.” Taehyung asks sleepily, voice raspy and eyes half open.

“Jungkookie invited us.” Jin replies with a soft smile. “How’re you doing Tae?”

“I’m great, really. Kook’s been taking real good care of me.” Taehyung grins appreciatively at Jungkook to which the others make suggestive looks, Taehyung still oblivious.

It’s silence for a while before Yoongi bursts “How long was he doing this to you for, huh? Why didn’t you tell me I would have beat him up so bad he’d wish he weren’t alive.”

“I guess I didn’t know, I guess I was too in love. Never doing that again.” Taehyung chuckles, but there are hints of pain behind it.

“Anyways! Let’s just… just forget about all that and why don’t we play a game- ARE THOSE COOKIES, HYUNG?”

“Yah but you’re too late, Jungkook already called them.” Everyone looks at Jungkook with unreadable glances, but Tae makes probably the most pitiful frown that Jungkook’s ever seen, and he’s finding it really hard to say no. He really wants that cookie though.

After a few more seconds of silence Jungkook flails his arms around and sighs, pouting. “Fine you can have-”

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU” Taehyung throws his arms around Jungkook’s neck and runs to take the cookie from Jin, leaving the younger very flustered.

As soon as the whiff of the pastry hits Taehyung he is back in the cafe, and there Hyunsik is, tugging him into his arms keeping him to himself to break and damage forever. He notices the faint bruises on his wrists and hips and he isn’t in Jungkook’s home anymore. He’s with Hyunsik all over again, but this time, there is no loud neighbour to find him, there’s no best friend to notice the scars. His breathing accelerates and he drops to the ground, eyes blank and emotionless as he stares at his wrists. He rubs and scrapes the bruise with his nails and palm, not wanting any part of his ex to haunt him. He tries to fade them away, but like a tattoo, the scars will be forever embedded in his skin. He’ll be Hyunsik’s to own forever.

A second later, he’s back. Jungkook is rubbing circles into his back, letting Taehyung lean against him. His friends are there, eyes filled with worry.

“I’m sorry, I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not.” Jimin concludes, not giving Taehyung a chance to rebuttal.

“Taehyung, it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to ask for help.” Jin soothes him, and surprisingly, it helps. Taehyung had tried so hard to act like he was okay, to act like everything was fine. What if it wasn’t?

“Should I call someone?” Yoongi asks, to which Taehyung shakes his head on instinct. “Not yet.”

“You ready to get up now?” Jungkook questions, supporting Taehyung's back just in case.

“Yeah… Thanks Kook.”

They’re playing a very stressful game of monopoly (Jungkook doesn’t like to lose) when Taehyung exclaims, “I need to get drunk.”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” Jungkook asks worriedly, but his question goes unheard when the rest of the group cheers, “LET’S DO IT.”

“Well I’m not going.” Jungkook decides, hoping that would keep Taehyung from going clubbing as well.

“Pleaseeee Jungkook. I haven’t gotten drunk since forever, and I’m sick of staying here- no offence- and being all weak and stuff. I want to do something.”

“There’s a lot of places we can go that don’t include aggressive, drunk, sexually deprived 20-something year olds! It’s not safe Tae”

“C’mon Kook, don’t be such a party pooper.” Jimin tuts and the rest of the group agrees.

“Fine. Go. I’m not going.”



…Taehyung’s POV…

Taehyung was ready to make new memories in this club and ultimately forget about the ones that literally ruined his life. (haha ;-;) He couldn’t lie and say he wasn’t nervous, even more nervous now that Jungkook wasn’t going, but he had to do this for himself. He wanted to feel normal again.

For the first time in what seemed like forever, Taehyung dresses in clothes that actually fit him well, thanks to Jungkook going back to Tae’s apartment and getting some of his things back. The older would’ve gone himself, but he just couldn’t bring himself to.

He decides to go with a white shirt tucked into some black ripped jeans and a denim jacket. Simple, but with Jimin’s and Jin’s reactions, he could confirm it looked good.

The ambience of the club is exactly how Jungkook pictured it, but it was also youthful and people seemed generally happy. (Except for the select few newly broken up rebounders.) Taehyung waddled behind Jimin and Yoongi, Jin already hitting it off with some random guy, Namjoon or something.

When the couple finally convince Taehyung to “venture out into the world of crazy youths and have some fun” (also known as get rid of Tae), the younger decides to just sit at the bar, sadly taking sips of a cocktail. He ponders texting Jungkook, but that would mean admitting he was right.

“Hey there” A stranger with the biggest smile he’s probably ever seen scoots up next to him, putting his arm around the chair.


“You’re looking down, what’s up.. Or what’s down, HA.” The guy laughs hysterically, wiping at fake tears.

Taehyung giggles “I’m just bored…”

“Well we can’t have that, now can we? Let’s dance, c’mon now!”

Fantastic Baby starts to play and Taehyung nods his head, taking the other man’s hand and letting himself be dragged onto the dance floor.

It takes Taehyung a couple more shots to finally start to dance. He finds out that the man’s name is Hoseok. They dance and jump around to the beat of faster paced songs, and sway to the melody of slower songs. Taehyung drunkedly uploads a couple videos on his snapchat, most of which are of Hoseok's arms wrapped around his waist, chin hooked on his shoulder.

The image of another man’s arms around Taehyung’s waist haunts Jungkook. Rage overtakes him and he drives to the club, pushing through crowds looking for the older.

He passes by Jin and… Namjoon? What was he doing here?

“Namjoon hyung? Jin hyung? Nevermind, I’ll ask later. Where’s Tae?”

“He’s dancing with some guy, near the bar.” Jin replies absentmindedly, going in for another full blown make out session with Namjoon.

Jungkook is still furious when he sees the blob of red that could only be Taehyung’s hair. Then he stops himself. Why was he mad? Taehyung wasn’t his. Taehyung didn’t even like him. What was he getting so jealous for?

He leaves the bar and drives home, trying to keep himself cool, but when he gets another notification of Jimin recording the two taking body shots off of each other, he only breaks more.

Yoongi and Jimin go home, and Jin goes to Namjoon's to do... god knows what. Taehyung didn't come home at all that night, and Jungkook stayed up, waiting and waiting for a call but never receiving one.

He finally decides to fuck pride and just call the older, sincerely worried that he wasn't okay.

Taehyung doesn't answer, though. Instead it's another man giggling and obviously drunk, voice deep and husky. "He's busy." He hears a giggle turn into a moan in the background and a "Ah- I could've answered that Hoseok- ah!" Before the call ends.

"I guess he's okay." Jungkook whispers to himself.

Chapter Text

“Hey” Hoseok turns around to face Taehyung, patting his head lightly to wake him up. Taehyung stirs for a bit until his eyes flutter open, squinting slightly.


“Hey… Uh, who are you? Sorry I was really drunk” Taehyung apologizes. He’d read enough fictions on wattpad to know what was going on, but he still asked.


“I’m Hoseok! And from what you told me last night, you’re Taehyung. It’s a beautiful name, by the way.”


His eyes, lips, and spirit smiled at Taehyung all at once. It was blinding. The worries infested Taehyung’s mind slowly faded away. He had to allow himself to appreciate this, this beautiful man who took him apart in the best possible way.


He’d never experience something so very different. Hyunsik was his first, and for the longest time, Taehyung thought he’d be his last. After the first time, Hyunsik was unforgiving, rough. He left marks that Taehyung was ashamed of, he felt owned, used.


With Hyunsik, Taehyung felt needed. Hyunsik kissed every square inch of Taehyung’s body, repeating “You’re beautiful” as if it were a mantra.


So why is it that Taehyung still felt as if he’d done something wrong?


Images of Jungkook plague his mind. Jungkook laughing, his eyes turning into crescents and his adorable bunny teeth shown. Jungkook angered, eyebrows furrowed and tongue poking at the side of his cheek. How his every emotion was so perfectly decipherable through his eyes.


He pushes the thoughts away, as he’d done so many times before. Jungkook wouldn’t care… he wouldn’t even know. And it wasn’t like Taehyung was going to go ahead and tell him. Besides, Hoseok was still here.


The two finish breakfast together, before Taehyung thanks Hoseok with a hesitant peck to the lips and heads out. Hoseok calling after him, “Text me!”


Taehyung will.



This time along, Taehyung’s game plan is to act as if nothing happened. He won’t bring up yesterday night, and he hopes the younger won’t either.


“Jungkook! Jungkookie~ I’m home!”


Taehyung hears a brusque “Kay.” and he cocks an eyebrow in confusion, what was wrong with him? He decides to continue acting clueless, Jungkook doesn’t know anything, right?


“Jungkook?” Taehyung repeats, walking into his room.


Jungkook is seated on the bed, legs crossed and typing away on his laptop, a hoodie covering some of his forehead. A couple strands of his bangs peek out from under. He looks up at Taehyung for a split second before facing back down.


“What?” Jungkook asks, his attempt to soften his voice painfully evident.


Taehyung takes a while to think about what to say. Usually, he wouldn’t need an excuse to talk to Jungkook, spending hours pointlessly rambling with him. Jungkook would sort of just get the memo that Taehyung wanted to talk. It kept the older from completely breaking down, memories of the recent past coming back to haunt him. This time however, it seemed like he did need a reason to talk to the younger, so he made up one.


“I, uh. I just wanted to ask if you want to go out for-for lunch maybe?” Taehyung honestly doesn’t know why he’s so nervous, weren’t the days of being stuttery in front of the younger over? Jungkook and him had lunch out countless of times, but with the way the younger was acting today, Taehyung was apprehensive of his answer. He fidgets with the hem of his shirt, still managing to look the younger in the eyes.


“I already ate. Sorry.” Jungkook gets up and walks out of the door, shoulder lightly brushing against Taehyung’s, all while making no eye contact whatsoever.


“Look who woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…” Taehyung mutters under his breath. Jungkook looks at him for a second, eyebrows pull together in confusion. “Did you say something, Tae?”


“Nope! Nothing at all.” Taehyung skips away all too innocently, tapping Jungkook on the head as he passes him.


Okay fine, so, Jungkook was mad about something. Why should Taehyung let that affect him? He was extremely happy, thank you very much.


Even so, over the next couple hours he found himself back with Jungkook, trying (and failing) to start conversation. And every few rejects from the younger, Taehyung would once again wonder if somehow Jungkook knew about Hoseok, but then again, he would remember that even if Jungkook did know (somehow) he wouldn’t care. He would probably say something stupid like Yoongi. Something like , “GET SOME” or “THAT’S MY BOY”.



Technically, Jungkook has no reason to be pissed.


Taehyung isn’t his boyfriend, or anything remotely close to that. Even so, every time Jungkook tries to rationalize the situation, attempts putting his feelings aside and just being there for the older, visualizations of Taehyung and that Hoseok guy overtake him. Taehyung moaning Hoseok’s name, Hoseok leaving marks on Taehyung’s skin, Hoseok holding Taehyung in his arms. He also knows that Hoseok (okay, he needs to stop doing that to his name) did nothing wrong, just some average, ( a little attractive) horny, gay, guy. Honestly, it wasn’t Jungkook’s fault! It was Taehyung’s. Who told him to come adorably waltzing into his life like some little bi-


“Jungkookie!” Not again, he didn’t know how long he could put up this act before losing face and confessing to Taehyung. That would go so horribly wrong.


Believe it or not, Jungkook had thought about it. Even though the older wouldn’t’ve reciprocated the same feelings back, at least Jungkook would’ve gotten it off of his chest. At least Jungkook wouldn’t feel guilty having his crush live at home with him and be around him every. Day.


He couldn’t, because of Taehyung’s past. How unfair would it have been to make things difficult for him after all he’d been through? To force love on him when he had tried so hard to get out of it? Right now, he was helping the older in the ways he knew how. He was okay with not feeling loved, because just being with Taehyung was so much more happiness he’d ever expect to experience.


Right now, however, he had to mask his feelings, and being ignorant seemed to work.


“Taehyung. Get off of me, seriously.” Jungkook shoved Taehyung away, immediately checking his face for discomfort if he had accidentally pushed him too hard. Sometimes, Jungkook didn’t know the power of his own strength.


Taehyung’s face contorts, pain noticeable on all his features. He whimpers, and the younger immediately gets up, lifting Taehyung back on the couch.


“Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!” Jungkook apologizes over and over again, the blood rushing out of his face. He checks Taehyung for injuries, his previous anger all dissipated.


“GOTCHU!” Taehyung shoots finger guns at Jungkook, who crosses his arms and turns his back towards the older.


“C’mon! That was funny! Laugh!” Taehyung pulls on Jungkook’s shoulder to make him turn around, but to no avail.


“Jungkook? Jungkook? Kookie? Jungkookie? Jeon Jungko-”

“It wasn’t funny Tae! I can’t believe you’re making jokes like that, after everything he did to you. I thought- I thought I really hurt you Tae. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I actually did.” Jungkook bursts, of course Taehyung meant it as a joke, but Jungkook was already on edge, and his little trick just pushed him over.


“I- I just wanted to make you laugh! Why are you ignoring me anyways??”


“I’m not. I’m not ignoring you Tae.” Jungkook grits his teeth, voice eerily calm.


“Yes you are! You’ve been ignorant, and um, rude, and not like yourself at all! What is it? What’s bothering you?”


“It’s nothing.”


‘It’s not nothing! I come home and ever since then you haven’t said more than five words to me! Do- do you want me to leave or something?” Taehyung considers, hoping Jungkook doesn’t with all his heart. He didn’t know if he was ready to go back to his apartment yet.


“No! No I don’t. I told you it’s nothing, hyu-”


“Jeon Jungkook, you better tell me.”


“Alright, alright fine. You really want to know? Let me tell you.”


“I called you last night. He answered. I heard you.”

Taehyung is obviously shocked, but hopes that his features don’t portray that. “Sorry for that, but why do you care?” He asks, genuinely.

“Taehyung, god. How- how can you be so oblivious?” Jungkook chuckles sadly.


“I like you, okay? There! I’ve said it. Thinking about Hoseok touching you makes my skin crawl. Thinking about how that stupid fucking- How Hyunsik hurt you and I didn’t do anything makes my blood boil. I wanted to protect you forever, and now, by doing this, I’ve ruined everything. I’m sorry, I’m just in love with you. I’m in love with your little quirks, your imperfections, your smile, everything. I’m sorry.”

Taehyung just sat there for a minute, taking everything in. Forming words in his head, but it was difficult. Jungkook's confession caught him completely by surprise.

“Jungkook- I. You saved me, and to be honest, I never really knew I needed to be saved. I thought what I had with Hyunsik was love, but then you came along. You showed me,” Taehyung sighs shakily, “You showed me what love really was, I just didn’t realize it soon enough.”

Jungkook pulls Taehyung towards himself, cradling his head delicately in his hands. For a while, he just stares into the older’s eyes in wonder. Jungkook closes the space between the two and presses his lips softly against the other’s. The touch is feather-light as if Taehyung would break.

“Am I reading this wrong or-”

Taehyung interrupts him, tilting his head up and kissing back with more force. The older feels Jungkook smile through the kiss, who eventually takes control and slides into the empty space between Tae’s lips, tilting his head to deepen the kiss.

Kissing Jungkook was magical in the way his lips tasted like roses and how he smelt of the ocean. Jungkook effortlessly made Taehyung weak in the knees, sucking on his bottom lip and prodding just in between them, asking for entrance. Taehyung happily obliges, and Jungkook licks around the cavern, lightly sucking on his tongue and nibbling on his lower lip. Taehyung, well, Taehyung couldn’t get enough.

They go up for air, pressing their foreheads against each other, breathing heavily. They chuckle, smiling at the situation as if to say, “Look at where we’re at now.”

“So, uh. Are we giving this, are we giving us a try?”

“Jeon Jungkook if we don’t go out after that I’m gonna be super disappointed.”



"So... will you go out with me Kim Taehyung?"



"If you insist."


Chapter Text

All of the younger’s clothes were christened with Taehyung’s slightly minty scent. Not that Jungkook minded, of course, but it started getting out of hand. Most, if not all of Taehyung’s possessions are still at his own apartment, days after Hyunsik left. Eventually, Jungkook would need his favorite red sweater back… or not. Maybe not that one.

Jungkook is only slightly taller than Taehyung, but never once skipped a day of working out, making his clothing a whole two sizes larger than what Taehyung is used to wearing. The older drowned in this specific red sweater especially, sweater paws flapping around when Taehyung would very expressively speak. Jungkook loved seeing him in his clothes, and Taehyung loved wearing them, secretly putting it back in Jungkook’s closet to wear when his scent starts to fade.

It had only been a day since Jungkook confessed to the smaller, but Taehyung didn’t remember the last time he was this happy. Awkwardly at first, Jungkook snaked his arms around Taehyung’s waist, gaining confidence when the older melted back into his touch. With Jungkook’s barely-there touch of his lips to his nape, Taehyung may have gotten distracted and burnt their eggs.

“Jungkook nooooo!” Taehyung whines, stomping his feet softly.

“What?” Jungkook asks with a low tone and slowly growing smirk, “You don’t like this?” He presses his lips against Taehyung’s neck once again, slowly trailing them across and relishing in the goosebumps that form there.

“N-no.” Taehyung lies, shivering and subconsciously leaning into the touch. “Oh really? Okay. I’ll stop.” Jungkook taunts, seeing through his lie.

Taehyung gulps and turns around, meeting Jungkook’s challenging glare.

“The eggs are... Eggs are burnt.” The older mumbles, leaning back on the counter.

“I can see that.” The younger doesn’t budge, crowding Taehyung and caging him in, hands on either side of the now cool stove.

Taehyung squeezes out from under the arms, and Jungkook shows mercy and stops teasing him (for now).

The older stands a safe distance away from Jungkook, evidently flustered, breathing heavily. Jungkook only grins, loving his effect on Taehyung.

Taehyung opens the cupboard, sighing when he is met with empty boxes of cereal. “Jungkook, seriously? When was the last time you made food at home? There’s actually nothing to eat! Completely em-p-ty.” He shakes a Cheerios box to prove his point.

“Really? I can think of a perfectly good meal…” Jungkook looks Taehyung up and down, licking his lips

“Now that I really think of it, I haven’t texted Hoseok back yet. He probably won’t mind me coming over and having something with him-”

“NO! I mean. No, it’s okay, you shouldn’t bother him. Let’s go grocery shopping.”

The older smiles at his little victory, letting himself be dragged out of the door and be draped by one of Jungkook’s coats.


While choosing between crunchy or smooth peanut butter, as if he had heard Tae’s and Jungkook’s earlier conversation, Taehyung caught a glimpse of Hoseok, unbothered and bobbing his head to the beat of the song playing at the store. Obviously, Taehyung was joking when he threatened meeting Hoseok again. He was hurt, looking for some quick, meaningless release. It was great, yes, but it was based on confusion and pain, none of which Taehyung felt with Jungkook.

He hides behind a shelf of chips, praying, hoping, Hoseok doesn’t see him.

As everyone has learned, Taehyung’s luck was never that great.

“Oh! Look who I bumped into.” Hoseok smiled, moving closer to Taehyung. Jungkook was distracted, trying a sample of cheese.

“Hoseok-hyung. Hi!” Taehyung chirps, hoping his attempt to sound cheerful wasn’t too over the top.

“How’s it going, babe? You come back for more?” Hoseok raises an eyebrow, grinning.

“Sorry, no... hyung I was drunk. I was angry and hurt. Thank you for being so amazing with me, but-”

“No! I get it, completely! I was pretty drunk too, besides I’m just kidding with you. Please don’t look so scared!”

Of course, the only thing Jungkook saw when he stormed over to the two was Taehyung’s much too recognizable face of terror and Hoseok’s grin.

“What the fuck is going on here.” Jungkook impatiently taps his foot, wrapping an arm around Taehyung’s waist.

“Hold up, man. Let me introduce myself-”

“I know exactly who you are.” Jungkook recognizes him just from the sound of his voice, no matter how slurred it was at the time of.

“Jungkook it’s, fine. Seriously, hear him out.”

Jungkook softens with Taehyung’s plead, “Kay. Fine. What.”

“I don’t know what’s between you two now, but when Tae and I met, he was single, and we were both already drunk and I’m pretty sure heartbroken too. We found each other in a time where we were vulnerable. There’s nothing between us, and if I knew you two had something, I wouldn’t have done anything with him.”

Jungkook nods, apologizing. “I’m not usually like this, sorry.”

Taehyung smiles, looking at the two. “Where’re you off to anyways hyung?”

Jungkook glares at Taehyung, to which the older just shakes his head. Hoseok didn’t do anything wrong.

“My friend owns a bakery and I think it won some award, so we’re going to celebrate.”

As if on cue, Taehyung and Jungkook both get a notification from Jimin, asking them to answer Jin’s calls.

The two look at each other, and then back to Hoseok. “By any chance… is this a Kim Seokjin?”

“It is! You know him? Let’s go together!” Jungkook bites the inside of his cheek, getting a stern look from Taehyung that forces him to agree.

They check out a month's worth of groceries, to which Taehyung seems extremely content with, splitting the price with the younger.  


“Hobi! Taehyung? Kookie? You guys know each other? How?” Jin questions.

Jungkook frowns. “It’s a long story, don’t ask.”

“I fucked him.”

Jin’s eyes comically widen while heads turn and Jungkook glares at Hoseok, making fists with his hands.

“Sorry! Sorry. Too soon? C’mon bro, I thought we moved past that.” Jungkook just shakes his head.

“Wait a second, Hobi and Tae doesn’t really surprise me, but Kookie’s reaction sure does. Actually no, it doesn’t. Everyone knew you guys were whipped for each other.”

Taehyung blushes and Jungkook ruffles his hair. “Sure am.”

Jimin very audibly gasps, ditches Yoongi, and runs over to the two. “Jungkook grew a pair? WOW? What the fuck when did this happen and more importantly Tae why didn’t you tell me, this behavior is unacceptable-”

“I swear! I was just about to. And it was only two days ago.”

“That’s a whole FORTY EIGHT hours ago, what is this betrayal.”

“Ugh, sappy couples. Wish I could relate.” Jin sighs.

“Oh Jin hyung, I invited one of my friends, I think you met him at the club? Namjoon?”

“What the fUCK Hobi, are you actually not okay??”

“What?” Hoseok feigns innocence, knowing exactly what the two did that night.

“Namjoon hyung? Hoseok why the fuck do you know my high school best friend, and why haven’t I met you before.” Jungkook puts the pieces together in his head. His ex-enemy, Hoseok, is friends with Taehyung’s new friend Jin, who intimately knows his best friend, also Hoseok’s friend, Namjoon. Jimin became friends with Jin at the same time that Taehyung did, meaning Jimin and his boyfriend Yoongi also somehow know Hoseok (his ex-enemy) and Hoseok’s friend Namjoon, who was introduced to them at some point in this mess. So Kim Seokjin was the “most beautiful man ever known to the face of the earth” that Namjoon was talking about.


Namjoon walks in, immediately noticing Jungkook. “How do you-”

“Just don’t ask hyung, just don’t ask.”

Namjoon makes a face of confusion before walking over to Jin. “Hey. Congrats” The two talk for a while, Namjoon subtly hitting on Jin, and the older taking it all in, smiling.

The rest of the group wastes no more time, flooding Taehyung and Jungkook with questions.

“How was your first date?” “Are you guys official?” “Can we call you Taekook? It’s a lot shorter.” “Who made the first move?”

“We haven’t had any dates yet.” Is the only question Taehyung answers, sadly.

“Yeah, but it’s gonna be the best date of all time okay? It’s gonna be so special, you’ll never forget it.”

With that promise, they have the party, the seven of them all clicking with each other.

Taehyung knows he’ll never forget a day with Jungkook, every happy memory destroying the hurtful ones.

They go to sleep content that night, wrapped in each other’s embrace, taking every moment like this in.


The next day, Jungkook goes to the gym, something about his “abs disappearing”. Taehyung decides to finally take the time to get things from his apartment, taking 40 minutes to get there when it could’ve taken one.

His home is in the same condition it was as he left it. It all comes back, and Taehyung is weak, a sob trapped in his throat. He drops to the ground, the sound of flesh and bone to wood far too memorable. The ringing of shattered glass deafens him, but through it all, he hears a chuckle. A sound of supposed happiness that only sounded like evil now. He hears it again, louder, clearer.

The ringing stops, everything freezes. The table isn’t flipped, and the vase sits still on top.

In pure silence, he hears it, clear as crystal, smooth as honey.

“You’re not getting rid of me, baby.”

Chapter Text

Rhythmically, the machine whirred and beeped. Taehyung felt the presence of people around him in little sniffles, the tapping of feet, and soft whispers. The area was unknown to the boy, the smell was familiar, but it remained distant, hidden far away in his mind. He took handfuls of the soft covers underneath him, running the material through his fingers.


Taehyung was now fully conscious, but something was telling him not to open his eyes.


“This isn’t right” he thought.


Usually, he would be terrified in a place like this, mind racing with worries, immediately trying to get up, get out.


Right now, he was calm. No hurry or desire to open his eyes and make sense of the situation.



Just as he was drifting to sleep he heard someone sobbing in the background, and suddenly, the place felt all too familiar. Babies were crying, machines were beating erratically and out of control, and the clicking of heels became deafening. Taehyung sat up as fast as he could, forcing his eyes open. The sudden movement caused his eyes to shift out of focus, but even so, he could make out the faint silhouette of Jungkook, and he reached out his hands, grasping tightly around his biceps.


Taehyung heaved, barely making coherent sentences “Where am I?? Jungkook.. Jungkook you promised.. you promised you wouldn’t bring me here. Why.. why would you?”


Jungkook cupped his hands around Taehyung’s face, hushing him and brushing a thumb softly against his cheek. “I had to, Taehyung please liste-”

“No! Jungkook, no. You didn’t have to. I asked.. I asked you for one thing, one fucking thing. Not to bring me to a hospital, is it that fucking.. Fucking hard??” Taehyung’s face flushed in anger, the grip on Jungkook becoming shaky as tears welled up in his eyes.


A nurse and doctor rushed in, and looking at Taehyung’s face immediately asked, “I’m assuming the drugs wore off?”


Taehyung seethed in anger, gritting his teeth, but holding it in.


“Nurse, give him 50 ml of Chlordiazepoxide.”


Immediately, the drug caused him to calm down, and he loosened his grip on Jungkook


Once again, Taehyung questioned, “Why Jungkook, what happened? Why am I here?”


Jungkook shared a glance with the doctor, and he understood, nodding curtly and walking out of the room.


“You had a panic attack… except that this time it was worse. You fainted Tae, fucking fainted. I found you in your old house, on the ground, next to a broken vase. I called you so many times, I looked everywhere. I was terrified, what was I supposed to do, huh? Just wait there for you to wake up? I thought you were fucking dead- I thought you were snatched away from me forever.”


Jungkook was frantic, and Taehyung could finally see the tired in his eyes, his ruffled hair, and the greyed knees on his jeans. The memories of that event started playing in his head, but one thing was missing from Jungkook’s story.. He was sure that Hyunsik was there. He felt his presence, his gaze, felt the ringing of his voice in his ears, but Taehyung kept quiet, he didn’t want Jungkook to worry.


Shakily, word by word Taehyung apologized, “I- I’m.. I’m sorry, thank you.”


Jungkook smiled sadly and pulled Taehyung into an embrace, holding him tightly. Jungkook whispered into Taehyung’s nape, speaking gently, as if he were speaking to a child, “I think we need to go see someone to help you out, okay?”


Taehyung tensed, slightly pulling away, but later took a deep breath, releasing tension and falling back into Jungkook’s arms. “Yea, okay.” he whispered back.


Taehyung felt comfort and gratefulness in the way Jungkook made it seem like they were one, hand in hand, always at each other’s sides. He used “we” even if Taehyung and him both knew it wasn’t something for both of them to do together. Taehyung hasn’t felt safe for years, but suddenly, this baby faced boy came along. Jungkook made him feel powerful, and strong, even at his weakest points.


After a couple hours and 12 saltines later, the doctor gave Taehyung the ‘good to go’ referring him to a therapist and a psychiatrist. He swallowed hard whilst being handed the business cards, but Jungkook’s arm found their way around Taehyung’s waist, and he visibly calmed.


Jimin greeted the pair as they were exiting, in the same state Jungkook was in, pulling him into his arms and flooding him with questions.Taehyung answered him, smiling softly and telling him that he was okay. Soon thereafter, Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, did the same. Jin handed Taehyung freshly made cookies, Hoseok attempted cheering Taehyung up with cheesy jokes, Namjoon presented him with some words of wisdom, and Yoongi actually went in for a hug, quickly wiping away tears so no one could see. Taehyung did. He felt loved, surrounded by people he never thought cared for him, obviously he was wrong. Namjoon even rented a limo just in case Taehyung wasn’t okay with sitting upright. The boy laughed, genuinely. Explaining that it “Isn’t like I broke my back or something, I’m fine hyung, but thanks!”


The chauffeur drove each of them back home. Jin had offered to take them all back to his house which was a lot larger, but Taehyung just wanted to be back in the comfort of Jungkook’s apartment.



“Ahh, home sweet home.”


Jungkook beamed brightly at the thought that Taehyung thought of his apartment as their home as the two settled in, quickly taking off their jackets and crashing on the couch. They watched fight my way, the two of them ‘aww’-ing unanimously. Jungkook ordered some typical korean barbeque and had just sat back down when Taehyung exclaimed, “This might be the meds talking, but watching cheesy romantic shows has just reminded me how badly I want to go out with you, like, for real. Wait- don’t say anything. I know I just got out of the hospital, but I don’t want to keep pushing this back.”


Jungkook responded with some worry in his voice, “Taehyung, I want our ‘first date’ to be perfect. I don’t want you to feel unwell at all, trust me I want this as much as you, but-” Jungkook noticed Taehyung pouting and he shook his head, “Ahh fine, if you’re feeling better tomorrow we’ll go do something.”


Taehyung looked in absolute bliss, quickly composing himself and mocking “Fight my way”, “Let me do this properly.. ‘Hey, I really like you.. Wanna.. Go out with me?”.


His overly dramatic speech caused Jungkook to roll his eyes and mumbled “Yeaa”


“K good, but like, can we go to bed now?”


“No Tae I haven’t showered for 9 years.”


“But I don’t wanna be alone… please? Baby?” Taehyung pouted.


“Ha! I’m not falling for it this time. You can always join me, though.” Jungkook raised his eyebrows suggestively, wiggling them.


Taehyung scrunched up his face, “Ew. Fuck off.” he chuckled.


Thankfully, Jungkook only showered for a couple minutes, complaining that it got cold “Because of you, Taehyung”. He joined the older in bed, draping his hand across him and pulling him close.


“Goodnight Tae”


“Night kookie”



The next morning, the drugs had worn out, but Taehyung’s sudden dedication to take Jungkook out hadn’t. As soon as they woke up, Taehyung reminded the younger.


“Wait really? I didn’t expect you to still want to go” He attempted to say mid-yawn.


“Well, I am. Seriously I don’t care where it is, please can we just go do something together. It’s just like hanging out with friends, except well, we’re gonna make out a bit.”


That last part had especially caught Jungkook’s attention. “Oh really?” He challenged.


“Yes. I promise. Now pick!


“The gym”


“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”


Jungkook chuckled “Ugh fine, how does the arcade sound?”


“Perfect! Now go get dressed, look cute.” Taehyung quickly got up to go get changed.


“Shouldn’t be hard.” Jungkook smirked.


Taehyung called out from the other room. “Hey! Don’t be cocky, asshole.”


Jungkook grinned and got ready.


Taehyung appeared dressed with extremely distressed black jeans, with fishnets poking through and a cropped mustard yellow shirt. “How do I look?”


“Hot as fuck.”


“As it should be.” Taehyung winked and got a good look at Jungkook, wearing a tight white muscle tee, layered with a crisp leather jacket, combat boots, and black skinny jeans.


“Jungkook you have no business looking like that much of a fucking sex symbol.” Taehyung exclaimed, clearly in awe.


“Oh? You like it?” Jungkook asked sarcastically.



Their date went perfectly. They played games until Taehyung could buy a large white bear, which he immediately named “Kookie” and Jungkook used shooting games as an excuse to come behind Taehyung and guide his arms, subtly pressing closer and closer. This called for a lot of intense opened mouthed kissing (poor cab driver), which always started with the two battling for dominance and Jungkook ending up with it. The date was simple, which made it all the more meaningful, spending time with each other, getting lost in the other’s eyes and forgetting the world around, wanting nothing more than to feel this love for as long as they could.