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Thalia hated this. She hated going out in public. It scared her, and she struggled to cope with situations when she got scared or anxious… Jason had insisted on the trip to the park though, he wanted to get out of the apartment and he’d wanted her to get out a bit too.

She wouldn’t have left had she been alone, but she could cope a little better with Jason there, at least she knew he’d stick up for her if anything happened.

She could feel her neck twitching as they walked though and she did everything she could to suppress it, her hands making to play with the fidget cube her brother had bought her recently to help her quell her tics.

“Are you okay Thals?” The woman felt her neck tic a couple of times as she looked up at her brother.

“Ye-fuck off! Yeah…” Thalia huffed in annoyance as her tics began to verbalise. She could see the other people in the park passing her looks, so she kept her head down and walked on with her brother by her side.

The girl struggled to keep control of her tics after the first one slipped out, and she was starting to gain more and more unwanted attention from passers by.

“There’s children around, watch your language will you?!” One middle-aged woman had stated as she ushered her children down the path.

“I’m sorry. She doesn’t mean it, she has tourettes.” Jason made to explain.

“Yeah-fucking hell! Sorry...I can’t-country walking! Help it.”

The woman pulled a tight-lipped smile at the two and walked off.

“What was that?! Country walking?!” Jason asked with a laugh as they kept moving.

“Don’t ask, I don’t know…”

The two continued their walk for a little while, eventually coming to a stop to queue up for an ice cream from the truck in the middle of the park. Thalia focussed her tics on the little fidget cube in her hands as they waited, but was unable to suppress all of her verbal tics. That wasn’t what caused her the problem today though, her tics get worse with nerves and being in a crowd made her anxious, Jason had asked her what she wanted and she’d been unable to respond - her tics occurring in three stages; her neck, verbally, and then her fingers clicked and her hand jolted outwards where it connected rather forcefully with the side of Jason’s head.

“Sorry-wanker! Are you okay?”

“Yeah but damn you hit hard…” Thalia laughed a little at her brother’s response as the people in front of them moved pretty quickly out of the way.

“Hi, how can I help you?” The woman behind the counter smiled down at the pair easily and Thalia could safely say she was one of the most beautiful women she’d ever laid eyes on… which would not help her nervous tics.

The woman had long black hair pulled into a single platt that fell over her shoulder, caramel skin, and deep brown eyes. She looked like a kind woman, Thalia didn’t know how to explain that statement further, she just thought it was true.

“I think I’ll have strawberry please. Thals what do you want?”

‘No, Jason, don’t ask me to speak I’ll tic out something embarrassing.’ Thalia thought to herself as her neck twitched a few times.

“I’d like the-the waitress! Ugh… vanilla please, I’m so-fuck off! Sorry…”

Jason laughed at her, straight up laughed at her. It wasn’t helpful. Thalia just blushed profusely, a similar red colour tinged the cheeks of the woman behind the counter too. The woman smiling slightly at the blue-eyed girl who’d just seemed to ask her out in a tic… The woman knew that was what it was, she’d seen the response of the man with her whilst they were queuing up (apologising for his sister’s tourettes), so she just moved to fetch their orders.

Handing a napkin to the other woman (that she’d written on in her eye line) along with her ice cream - that her brother had taken off her when she started to tic, preventing the girl from dropping the treat.

“What’s that?” Jason had asked once they’d found a bench. Thalia shrugged as she unfolded the napkin to find a phone number scrawled across it with the words ‘At least take me out to dinner first ;) - Reyna’ written underneath it. Thalia looked across the square to the woman who was serving someone else, smiling at her when the wom- Reyna had looked back up to meet her gaze.

Maybe her tourettes was good for something after all… Even if it was an embarrassing way of doing it, she’d managed to get a date out of today, which was far more than she’d expected when she’d left the house this morning.