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Bad Habits

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“Hey Shadow!” A familiar voice called out, drawing Shadow’s attention away from the impromptu dance floor.
“Happy 18th, Miles.” He acknowledged the fox with a nod, noting with amusement that he now had Shadow’s previously discarded party hat on as well as his own.
“Thank you, and thank you for the present, I love it,” Shadow smiled as a response, “but I figured since you’re moving in with Sonic you should probably get a list of his habits.”
Shadow’s smile fell, “any worse than the ones I already know?”
“Probably.” Tails gave him a grimacing grin, and walked into the kitchen, picking up some empty glasses as he went. Before following Tails, Shadow gave one last glance to Sonic, who was attempting to dance with Amy and Rouge at the same time. He may be slightly tipsy.


Shadow grabbed the glasses from Tails, and placed them by the sink with the rest of the dirty plates and cups, then started to fill the sink with soapy water “hey, I can do that!”
“I can wash them, you dry them.”
Tails pouted at Shadow’s back, then moved to stand beside him, “okay so, you probably know a bit of this, but Sonic doesn’t like sleeping to the point that he’ll stay awake long enough to just pass out in the middle of the day.”
“He’s spoken about that a bit, he says it takes too long to fall asleep so he may as well stay up and get things done, but I’ve never seen him like that when I’ve been with him.”
Tails chuckled quietly, “yeah, he gets restless and usually just takes off in the middle of the night, he’s done it for as long as I’ve known him, although I reckon he’s always kept close to home, or close enough to hear me yell for a few minutes because he always managed to appear if I called for him,” he smiled to himself at the memories as he started to dry off the plates Shadow handed him, “but then he won’t sleep the next day, then the next, then the next, you can tell when he’s going to actually stop and sleep because he won’t leave the house unless he has to. But I don’t think that will be much of an issue with you, unless you’re off on a mission.”
“He must sleep better with someone there, holding him down.” Tails gave Shadow a suspicious look, which Shadow responded to with a very faint blush, “I enjoy holding him while I sleep.”
“That’s adorable.” Tails grinned at Shadow, who was very determinedly not looking at him.
“Other habits.”


“Alright, alright… You know how he prefers to not do chores, like washing up plates and the like,” he gestured with a plate for emphasis, “well, if he can’t find a clean bowl or plate he tends to take a mug, a cereal box, the carton of milk, and then goes and hides somewhere.”
Shadow paused in washing and closed his eyes with a sigh, “he’s 25 years old.”
“Yep. He’s well aware of that fact too.”


Shadow shook his head, then continued washing the cutlery he held, Tails put a glass in it’s cupboard and turned back, “one last thing I can’t think of that you probably don’t know, sometimes he likes to pretend he can cook something other than chili dogs. He’s lying to himself and everyone around him. If you value your new kitchen, which I’ve heard you had a lot of say in, I would either discourage him or keep a very close eye on him when tries to make something new.” Tails took the last fork from Shadow, just as Sonic appeared in the doorway, with a red party hat rather than the blue one he had started the night with.
“What’cha two doin’ in here?” Sonic walked closer to Shadow and slung an arm around his shoulder, “the party games don’t include cleaning.”
Shadow leant against the other’s chest, and Sonic responded by pressing his mouth to Shadow’s cheek. Then he blew a raspberry.
Shadow straightened up, turned to face Sonic, then swung his hand back into the sink that was still full of soapy water to splash Sonic.
"Hey!" Sonic reached forward to retaliate, but Shadow had quickly left the room so he turned to pursue him instead, Tail's shook his head with a smile and headed back out to enjoy the rest of his birthday party.