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Sting of Truth

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You know, reality is nonsense…

All you sense, all you feel makes up your world, your own reality. And your beliefs close off anything that might throw you off-balance.

Probably you’ve heard about a guy, named Desmond… Or Subject 17, in that matter.

And you were also informed about his actions and his sacrifice for a world that he didn’t want to live in. For a side that he left years ago. Just so that he can prevent the end of the world, even if it is for only a short time.

But this is only your reality.

The things you know don’t even compare to what I know.

Because you forget about a sidekick who never was mentioned.

Someone, who was born into the templar order.

Not even close to assassins.

But an enemy.

However, my parents caused all my hatred towards this side. My rapid change wasn't out of conviction, but rage. I wanted to prove them wrong, to... to prove that I am better than her.

Oh, Clarissa.

But in the end, I was glad I chose this path. I became more self aware, I learned to be less arrogant, and always do what's right.

Or at least try to do so.

I became a master assassin just so I can help other people. I wasn't afraid of tearing myself apart, because I was reckless and young. And this made everything much harder later on.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

All you have to know for now is that along the way, I changed things. I changed the world… I changed history.

Who are you, you might ask…

My name is Sasha Volkov, and I will reveal the truth that I know.

This is my alternative reality, or the world as I know it.