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“Virgil! Wake up! It’s time for school!” A loud voice screamed right into my ear. I hissed, almost let out a colorful rainbow of words, then realized it was my younger sister waking me up. Too young to hear cursing.

“I’m up, Elicy, I swear.” I groaned. I didn’t want to get up. I didn’t want to go to yet another school. I hated school, it was a place of torture, and I was going to be the new kid. Again. I hated being the new kid. Elicy was gone when I actually got out of bed. I quickly threw on an outfit, making sure I had my hoodie. It was black with purple patches all over it. People made fun of me because it showed how “poor” I was, but it helped my anxiety, so I dealt with it.

I walked downstairs to see Essy and Elicy at the table, eating Lucky Charms for breakfast. It was Elicy’s first time being in school, and I was worried about what people would think of her. How they would treat her. Essy was used to school, and she was relatively well liked. Maybe that’s how school would be for Elicy. She was a good kid after all.

The bus ride was boring as ever, and school was no different. I got teased the moment I walked into the building. The guy’s name was De, short for who knows what. He had a bunch of lackeys with him that made sure no one interfered with what he was going to do. I was almost late to first period, which was math. I absolutely hated the subject, I could never understand any of it. Next was English, which I was relatively good at. I liked poetry and writing short stories. It helped me pass the time. My third class was biology, which was very boring-we didn’t learn anything. Fourth and fifth hours were world history and French, and I hated both of them. After French was lunch, where I got picked on by De again, the only difference being his lackeys weren’t there. Sixth hour was art, and it was probably the best class of the day. I loved drawing and painting. Again, something to pass the time.

I should probably explain something. My parents didn’t want me because I was too whiny as a baby. When I was three months old, they gave me to my mom’s brother, who didn’t like me much either. When I was six months old, I went to live with his friend. His friend was a lot nicer and decided to keep me. His friend was single, but when I was two he found his wife. When I was five, Essy was born. That was when trouble started. His wife died, and he decided he didn’t want Essy because she looked like his wife. So he sent us away to his deceased wife’s sister. She had a lot of one night stands, and when Essy was five, Elicy was born. That’s when she decided she didn’t want us. However, she did keep us. She just decided to travel a lot, and we stayed home. She left us enough money to survive, and came back once a month to make sure we were alive. In short, we were latchkey kids.

I was thinking about that as I walked to drama class. I hated acting, I wasn’t good at it, but I liked all the backstage stuff. That was the only reason I was taking the stupid class. Our teacher was a guy named Mr. Sanders. Somehow, I didn’t think this was going to be as bad as I thought.


I handed out a survey for all the students to fill out. I was going to need to get to know them if we were going to have any fun in this class. Otherwise, what would the point be? I started getting surveys back a while after, and one in particular caught my eye.

Name: Virgil Ann Sanders

I found that to be a peculiar nickname, but I wasn't one to judge. My middle name was Elizabeth. Because my mom was a huge fan of the Producers.

Best Subject: English and Art

Worst Subject: Everything else

Siblings: I have two younger sisters

Pets: Nope

Home life: My mom travels a lot

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, sleeping

I smiled at the last one. Sleeping was a good hobby to pick up on.

Favorite color: Black

Why you chose to take this class: I don’t like acting, I just like the backstage stuff.

Anything else I should know: I have anxiety

Poor kid. At least his father was home, right? And he had two sisters to keep him company. I looked around the room, seeing if I could find anyone that looked like a Virgil, and saw a kid in a purple and black hoodie. He had earbuds in, with black hair. His back was facing me, so I couldn’t see his facial features. I went back through looking through surveys, and another one caught my eye.

Name: Patton Picani

A friend of mine was Emile Picani, and he mentioned he had two twin boys. Maybe this was one of them.

Best Subject: Lunch! And I miss recess

I could feel that. Recess was honestly the best part of school.

Worst Subject: I’m not the brightest, but my grades aren’t too bad!

Siblings: I have a twin brother. He’s not always that nice, but he can be!

Pets: I want a cat but I’m allergic.

Home life: My mom works at the hospital, and my dad works from home. I love them so much, and they love me too.

Hobbies: I like to paint, and sometimes I write stories.

Maybe I could push Virgil and Patton to be friends. They seemed like they could learn to get along.

Favorite color: I like pink and blue.

Why you chose to take this class: My best friend suggested it.

Anything else I should know: I get very emotional, very easily. I’m very sensitive, and I have some self-esteem issues.

Oh boy. Well, being a teacher wasn’t always easy. I would make sure that Patton always felt okay, and I would have to keep Virgil’s anxiety at bay. I sifted through more surveys, and found who I assumed to be Patton’s friend.

Name: Roman Prince

He already sounded like trouble.

Best Subject: This class and probably choir

Worst Subject: Math, ugh! It’s so difficult.

Siblings: Nope, and I’d like to keep it that way

Pets: I have a little pug puppy. He’s adorable.

Home life: I have two dads, and they’re amazing

Hobbies: I like to act, which is why I’m perfect for this class.

Favorite color: RED!!!!

Why you chose to take this class: I’ve always loved acting! I convinced my friend Patton to join me in this class.

Anything else I should know: I’m very loud and as some random kid called me, “extra.” And I will hurt anyone who tries to hurt Patton. Or any future friends I might have.

I had a trouble maker on my hands. Dear Evan Hansen, help me. Well, at least they were in the same class. Maybe Patton could keep him in check. I wondered if Patton’s brother would be in this class. I sifted through the rest of the papers, but he wasn’t there. Oh well. The last paper also caught my attention, because I learned who called Roman “extra.”

Name: Logan Brown

Best Subject: Everything

Worst Subject: Socializing, though that’s not actually a class.

Siblings: None

Pets: No

Home life: My parents are both elementary school teachers

Hobbies: I like poetry and reading

Favorite color: Dark blue

Why you chose to take this class: It’s my mom’s dream, and I decided if she couldn’t make it come true, I will.

Anything else I should know: I’m not good with emotions. Earlier today, I got mad at someone and called him “extra.”

I smiled. If only all four of them were friends. They’d be such a rowdy bunch. This was definitely going to be an interesting class.