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Your Sense of Responsibility is Heartbreaking

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Dearest Leo,

I hope all is well with you and your family in Nohr.

It’s been a while since I last received a letter from you. To be honest, it worries me a little bit. Normally you tell me if there is something going on in Nohr that will prevent you from writing to me. Or you ask Elise to write for you if you are sick. I haven’t gotten any kind of message like that from you. I doubt our mail carriers are that stupid to lose our letters, but things happen.

I’m sure you’ll be writing me soon telling me that I’m just being paranoid again. And that nothing would keep you from writing to me for that long. I’m sure you have your reasons for not getting back to me.

Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon!


Takumi looks over the letter he wrote and sighs. It really had been bothering him that Leo hasn’t written him in over three weeks. This was the third letter he was sending now. Usually Takumi got a letter from Leo every few days. “He probably has a good reason for not getting back to me. I’m sure he’ll explain everything when I get his response.” Takumi reassured himself quietly as he gently folded his letter into the envelope. He seals it up and writes out Leo’s address on the envelope.

Takumi gets up and leaves his room, holding his letter close. he heads down the hallway and makes his way to the mailroom in the castle. He quickly scans through the mail that came in for the day to see if there is anything from Leo in there, but of course, there is nothing. Takumi frowns and sighs deeply. He puts his letter in the outbox for Nohr and leaves the mailroom.

* * *

Two weeks go by and Takumi still hasn’t received anything from Leo. Now he was starting to get mad. “What the hell could he be doing that he can’t write me a quick letter in over a month?” Takumi grumbled to himself as he sulked down the hallway to his bedroom. He slams his door shut and sits at his desk. He pulls out a clean piece of paper and a pre-addressed envelope to Leo and sighs. He starts to write another letter to Leo.

Dear Leo,

It has been over a month since I last heard from you. Is everything ok? It’s not like you to go this long without telling me a thing. I haven’t heard anything from my siblings or our retainers that there was anything serious going on in Nohr.

Please get back to me ASAP so I know you’re ok. Seriously, you are worrying me here!


PS: I’m also little annoyed with you. Don’t ever do this again.

Takumi stuffs the letter into the envelope and seals it up after reading it over. He exhales deeply. He lays back on the floor and stares up at his ceiling. Leo had to be ok, right? Takumi thought to himself, ‘Maybe he’s traveling somewhere that mail carriers can’t get to? Maybe he forgot to send out his letter telling me that he was going somewhere for a while? Maybe…’ His thoughts were interrupted by taps on his screen door. “Hm?” He looks over at his door.

“Lord Takumi? I brought you your mail for today.” Hinata said from outside the screen door, “You asked me to bring you anything that came in as soon as it did.”

Takumi instantly sits up at the word mail. “Yes, please come in!” He quickly tucks away the letter he wrote to Leo into his kimono sleeve before Hinata opens the door.

Hinata slides the door open and comes in. He hands Takumi his mail. There’s only one envelope. Takumi quickly takes it and looks at who it’s from. He visibly sinks when he sees it’s from Hinoka. Takumi suddenly remembers that she had gone on a training trip with her husband Subaki, their daughter Caeldori, and the new pegasi recruits. She was probably updating everyone on their progress.

Hinata notices the sudden drop in his mood, “Is everything ok?”

“Huh?” Takumi looks up at Hinata, “Yes, everything is fine.” He puts his sister’s letter on his desk.

“I’m guessing you were expecting mail from someone else huh?” Hinata sighs, “Do you want me to keep checking the mail for you?”

Takumi nods, “Could you? That would be really helpful.”

“Of course! Anything for my Lord Takumi!” Hinata grins, “Did you need anything else?”

“No, I’m good. You can go and do whatever you’d like.”

“Alright then. Just call for me if you need me!” Hinata leaves the room and shuts the door behind him.

After Hinata leaves Takumi opens the letter from Hinoka. He skims it over, not really processing what it’s saying. He sighs and sets it down on his desk again. Takumi gets up and pulls out the letter he wrote to Leo from his sleeve. He looks down at it and frowns. Would Leo respond to this letter? ‘Is he even reading the letters I’ve been sending him?’ He thinks as he stares at Leo’s name and address. ‘Did I do something to make him not want to write me?’ Takumi shakes his head to clear away the bad thoughts. Leo would eventuality respond, he always had. Why would this time be any different? Takumi left his room to put his newest letter to Leo in the mailroom’s outbox for Nohr.

* * *

Another week goes by and there is still nothing from Leo. Anyone could tell that Takumi was irritated just by looking at him. Hinoka noticed the change in his behavior the moment she got back from her trip. His siblings attempted asking what was wrong but got the “I’m fine” speech every time they tried. It was clear that he was not ready to share what was bothering him, so they stopped pressing him for details.

Takumi was on his way back from the archery range when he saw Ryoma talking with a royal Nohrian messenger in the courtyard. Takumi started to run over to the them. He was eager to ask the messenger about Leo. He sees the messenger hand Ryoma a letter and stops. Takumi decides that maybe he should listen in on what they were discussing before jumping in and asking about Leo. He casually makes his way inside the courtyard to make it seem like he just happened to just be there. He holds Fujin Yumi close and stands behind one of the nearby cherry blossom trees and listens in on what they are saying.

“So Xander has finally convinced Leo to start courting.” Ryoma says to the messenger.

Takumi’s heart races at those words. He grips Fujin Yumi tighter, eyes wide. ‘Did Leo tell Xander about our relationship? Is that why he’s not writing to me?’ Takumi bites his lower lip and continues to listen in.

“Yes. King Xander said you will find all the details about the courtship between Prince Leo and Lady Lilica in the letter he’s written to you.” The messenger answers.

Takumi’s eyes widen huge and his heart sinks. He stops hearing words after “the courtship between Prince Leo and Lady Lilica” go through his ears. Did he hear that correctly? Leo is courting a Nohrian woman? That couldn’t be right. He drops his bow to the ground and falls to his knees in shock. Leo wouldn’t do that. Especially not when he and Takumi were courting each other in secret for the past two and a half years. Leo wouldn’t do that to him. Leo loved Takumi, and Takumi loved Leo. Takumi bit back tears that were falling from his eyes onto the ground.