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This Is Our World, Through Our Eyes

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"Stupid bullies. If I see you picking on this girl again, I won't let you off so easily next time! Dattebayo!" A little girl with a round chubby face and a head of spiky, short, yellowish blonde hair styled into pigtails and sunkissed tan skin stood defensively in front of another girl with large white pupilless eyes and dark hair. The blonde threatening the beat-up boys, who sneered at her, before running away. Before the blonde had arrived, Hinata had encounter the three bullies, who began talking about how creepy her eyes were and later shoved her to the side where she fell to the ground hard. Watching in horror as the bullies, took her scarf and began using it as if it was a rope and played tug of war with it against a tree. Pulling and pulling, until finally the scarf could take no more and the fabric began tearing right down in the middle.


The sight of her ruined scarf brought frustrated tears to her eyes when she heard a loud voice called out to the bullies. A blur of yellow rushed forward to her defense and confronted the bullies. Hinata found herself amazed at the other strength. 'So strong...' She had wanted them to cease their actions but found herself too afraid and meek to utter a single word. Only able to stand there helplessly, eyes burning with hot tears. Why was she so weak? She couldn't even muster up the courage to say anything, let alone physically stop them. That's when she appeared. Bold, bright, and beautiful. Despite the cold winter season, this girl glowed so brightly that it felt like spring. The girl was rather small, even shorter than Hinata herself. Her large cerulean eyes were trained on the three boys in front of her. The boys looked at each other before they turned their misguided anger towards the new girl. What they failed to realize is that unlike Hinata, this girl wasn't going to back down.


"Do you bastards not know who you're talking to?! I'm Uzumaki Naruko! Future Hokage, dattebayo!" She exclaimed proudly, The boys just sent her a glare but before they could say anything else she pounced. She swung her fist in the face of the first bully. Another one tried to counter her but she easily dodged it and landed a kick of her own in his gut, making him fall over in pain. Hinata watched the exchange in awe. She had never come across Naruko before today, and yet there she was, coming to her defense as if she were her longtime friend. A person who was so wild, bright, and so full of spunk, that it was overwhelming. She was pulled out of her head when a tan hand was thrust into her face. She looked up to find Naruko's smiling kindly in her direction.


"Are you okay?" concernedly asked the blonde haired little girl. Seeing how the dark-haired girl scarf was beyond repair the blonde withdrew her own red scarf from around her neck. The only thing that was probably keeping her warm as she took a look at the thin article of clothing the girl was wearing in the middle of winter. The heiress felt heat enter her cheeks when the whiskered face girl stepped closer in her personal space and gently wrapped the scarf around her neck, before taking a stride back.


"There. That should keep you warm enough." The dark-haired girl felt her entire face heating up with an intense blush when the girl took a step back and grin widely. Hinata nodded her head in thanks and watch the girl about leave when she stop and turned to face the timid dark-haired girl once again. "By the way, I think your eyes are really pretty!" The small blonde girl blurted out with flushed red cheeks and a grin.


The Hyuuga heiress could feel her heart skipping a beat, unaware of what the girl said next, too busy in a dazed state. 'She said... My eyes are... pretty?' Hinata didn't know how to take in the compliment due to never being complimented before. Being the heiress of such a long traditional and well-establish clan she had a whole lot of expectation weighing down on her shoulders. Trying to live up to her role as the next heiress of her clan, yet was only proved to be a failure. Many saw her timid personality as weakness, a reason why bullies like taking an advantage of her as they knew she would not fight them back. Hinata wanted to be stronger, more confident, but it was hard to break out of her shell.


The black-haired little girl only came back to reality when she heard the other girl addressed her. "Try to be safe on your trip. And if you those jerks try to bully you again, just come and find me. I'll take care them!" The blue-eyed girl pumped her fist out into the air. "Well, it was nice meeting you Pretty-Eye-Girl!" The blonde grinned, running off far ahead of Hinata, waving her arms out towards her, before disappearing from out of heiress sight. The little Hyuuga heiress honestly felt deeply sadden once the girl had left, because she wanted to talk more with the blonde girl, but might not ever get that opportunity again.


Later that night when dark-haired little girl was alone in her room, she reached out and hugged the red cotton scarf that was given to her, her mind raced back to the pretty blue-eyed girl who came to her rescue. Complimenting her on the very same eyes she was being teased about and felt something in her heart flutter. Unaware just what was this weird and strange sensation bubbling from within her chest, hugging the red scarf tightly.


Looking out towards the window, the young heiress glanced her large eyes towards the crescent moon and wished for nothing more, but to meet that spiky-haired girl who reminded her of the sun and spring. Her little heart yearned to see the girl once again. She felt this intangible pull towards the vibrant and spunky girl who radiant with strength and confidence, unlike herself. She found herself wanting talk with the girl more. To know her more.


Hinata wanted to know everything there is about the girl. Her likes, dislikes, and even her goals and dream. Hinata wasn't sure what the warm fuzzy feeling that was consuming her was, but whatever it was, she likes it. Despite how horrible her day may have started, meeting Naruko, changed her bad day into something heartwarming and light. That night, as Hinata gently closed her eyes, she found herself dreaming about the blue eyes that belonged to a girl that came into her life like a maelstrom and changed it for the better.