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The Truth Untold

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Son Oh Gong had never felt so at peace before as he felt in that moment when he stood by Jin Seon Mi's side at their wedding reception in Sureumdong. His heart had been weighed down by fear every since Ah Sa Nyeo had kidnapped and hid away his bride's soul and he had been afraid to take his eyes off her for too long, fearing she'd disappear any minute. It was a strange and surreal feeling for the Great Sage. To care so intensely for someone that he start to fear he wouldn't be able to pick up the pieces of his own heart if she were to disappear forever.

The moment when Ah Sa Nyeo had told him Jin Seon Mi's soul was dead had been the moment he lost control. He swung the witch around and slammed her against the wall wishing to squeeze the life out of her and make her feel every bit of pain he was experiencing. Even so as stared into the cruel eyes which previously held the warmth of his beloved, he searched desperately for any sign of a lie. He would have squeezed the witch's throat tighter and cut off her breathing within a second, he was in that much anguish at the mention of her death. But he couldn't despite the tears in his eyes and the hatred in his heart because that woman looked like his Jin Seon Mi and he knew she was still alive and needed her body. Ma Wang only confirmed his suspicions a second later. When the witch threatened to tear Jin Seon Mi's skin and spill her blood was when Son Oh Gong truly felt helpless for the first time in his life. The witch had full control over Jin Seon Mi's body. If she truly followed through, his beloved really would be no more. Son Oh Gong stood down then. It was so unlike him to back down from any threat especially when such a weak human priestess was standing opposite. But this human priestess was currently possessing the body of the one person Son Oh Gong loved more than himself. He couldn't beat her if he wanted to find his Jin Seon Mi and bring her home, safe and sound.

When he finally did have his bride back in his arms, he cried in relief. She was safe. She was alive. She was home. His heart was soothed but not peaceful. Having lost her once, Son Oh Gong couldn't shake the fear of losing her again. Those fears increased the slightest when Jin Seon Mi tried to take off the Geum Gang Go so he would run away from her again all because of the blasted black bell. The Great Sage had to promise his beloved that nothing could come between them. He had to reassure her heart and make sure it was at peace so he would be at peace too knowing his beloved wouldn't be hasty to protect him by putting herself in harm’s way.

So he told Sa Oh Jeong to hurry the preparations for the wedding. His younger brother certainly had to rush them but as always he delivered within the day. Sureumdong was decorated beautifully with fairy lights and hanging flowers. Lanterns were hung from the trees and so were streamers of every color. Pal Gye took care of the music and drinks as promised. Winter General and Summer Fairy who was returned to her newly found and healed body took care of the food. Ma Wang fulfilled his duty and he and Secretary Ma custom ordered a wedding dress that both was fashionable and according to Seon Mi's liking. No matter how rushed, the wedding and reception was beautiful and the guests enthusiastic despite consisting of only the demon crew, the peddler woman and her grandson from Son Oh Gong’s side while Jonathan and Lee Han Joo’s family from Seon Mi's side.

The evening passed in a delight and both the bride and groom smiled like never before despite the dark days approaching. As the guests left, the Great Sage found himself staring at his new wife. Her smile was content and she looked at peace. Her dimples were deep, expressing how deep the joy in her heart was. Son Oh Gong couldn't help himself. He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the dips in her cheek and when she turned to him in surprise he kissed her smile passionately and adoringly.

He was finally married to the love of his life. Son Oh Gong couldn't ever remember being so deeply in bliss. He held his beloved wife in his arms as he kissed her face and mouth over and over again. Eventually the newlyweds moved into their new home in Sureumdong to prove their love and whisper their silent promises to each other in the night.

He took her to Japan for their honeymoon. He promised her they would go together. So he took her to Japan and fulfilled one of his promises to her. They went around the beautiful country, sightseeing and exploring. They tried new foods that Son Oh Gong more than a few times threatened to make disappear when he didn't like them. His Jin Seon Mi only smacked his arm and told him to switch dishes if he disliked it so much. Watching her eat happily filled his heart up enough, however. He didn't need to switch the dishes. It was like the only thing he ever needed to be full was Jin Seon Mi.

She was sad when they had to return. Three days of newlywed bliss had passed in a blur. Her voice easily displayed her intense disappointment.

“Ahh the time seems to have gone so fast. I wish we could stay like this for longer.”

Son Oh Gong only pulled her closer to him in bed as he heard her regretful words. His eyes still closed he teased her.

“Jin Seon Mi. You like being married to me this much that you'd never want to go back, ever? Hmm? “

His beloved was so predictable. She blushed at his words and tried to slide away but he only pulled her closer again.

“I'll bring you back again,” he promised her. Opening his eyes he stared deeply into hers. “Promise.” He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed her ring. “Now that we are married, I'll bring you around the world often.”

Jin Seon Mi smiled. Her eyes held love and gratitude.

“Okay. Let's come back again soon. I love you.”

“I love you too, Jin Seon Mi. More than anything.”

Married life back home was not as peaceful as in Japan. As soon as the couple returned they had to deal with more evil spirits and the growing issue of Ah Sa Nyeo’s escape. The witch knew how to evade people well when she needed. Son Oh Gong didn't bother with her too much since he knew she could no longer hurt or threaten his Jin Seon Mi. He decided to take advantage of her plans to eliminate the evil of the world without his wife having to take the fall.

The demons they caught weren't too troublesome. Feeding off of jealousy, greed and selfishness from humans they lived until the couple destroyed them. Son Oh Gong didn't think they affected Seon Mi too much either until one day Jin Seon Mi sat him down on their bed.

“Son Oh Gong… Are you happy with me?” She asked him, eyes vulnerable.

“Of course,” he replied without thinking. He didn't need to. Jin Seon Mi was his sole reason for living now.

“If I take off the Geum Gang Go, you'll still be happy?”

Son Oh Gong stopped to think.

“I am wearing this out of my free will now. I don't want to take it off. I already promised you Jin Seon Mi, there is no one in this world more imports than you. I don't want to stop loving you. If I had any intention to then I wouldn't have married you. Don't you remember? The Great Sage Son Oh Gong loves the human Jin Seon Mi, sincerely.”

“I know,” Seon Mi answered. “But I still think it's unfair I still keep the Geum Gang Go on you like you're my slave. I don't want that. Son Oh Gong, I know you'll love me without this bracelet. Please let me take it off.”

Jin Seon Mi's eyes were pleading. Son Oh Gong’s heart stopped in fear though. In reality, he didn't know if his heart would stop loving Jin Seon Mi without the Geum Gang Go or not. He only knew that demon relationships were forever and not even death could break them apart. He married Jin Seon Mi selfishly, although she didn't know this. If ever the Geum Gang Go came off and he didn't love her, he wanted his future self to have no choice but to learn. But Son Oh Gong also didn't want to cause his beloved any pain his refusal of her without the bracelet would bring either. He wanted to say no to her request.

“We will still have our original contact!” Seon Mi hurriedly explained. She knew her husband. She knew he was stubborn and overprotective. “You can still protect me because I'll call you when I'm in danger. I just won't feel the guilt of this trap for you anymore.”

Her eyes were sincere and Son Oh Gong knew he was fighting a losing battle.

“OK,” he whispered. He quickly caught Seon Mi's hand as it went to his wrist. “Not tonight though. Tomorrow take a day off work. We'll go on a date. Take it off after.”

Seon Mi nodded at him, smile bright. She leaned up and kissed his cheek in thanks before going to get ready for bed.

As she left, Son Oh Gong could feel his heart constrict in a familiar fear. Something was not right and he could tell something would go wrong. But he couldn't voice this to Jin Seon Mi who would only find a way to blame herself or take it on her shoulders to fix it. The Great Sage shrugged off the negative feelings.

He would show his beloved wife a day full of happiness and relaxation on their date tomorrow. Tonight, he would be the perfect husband and promise his love for her once more. Everything would be OK. He would make sure of it.

The next morning Jin Seon Mi awoke her husband leaving loving kisses and soft pecks on his lips. Since they had gotten married, Jin Seon Mi had a habit of initiating kisses a lot. Even more than Son Oh Gong. This morning was no different where she woke him in true Jin Seon Mi fashion. Loving and gentle, each kiss betraying the extent of her love.

Seeing such a beautiful sight so early in the morning made Son Oh Gong sigh in contented bliss. He kissed his Jin Seon Mi back even more passionately than she did and trailed kisses down her chin and to her neck. Sighing, he pressed his forehead against hers.

“I love you, sincerely,” he whispered in greeting. His wife only kissed him again in response.

They made breakfast together. Jin Seon Mi taught him a recipe her grandmother had taught her when she was younger. They played with the ingredients and he chased her around the kitchen. When he caught her he kissed her smudged nose and whispered again, “Jin Seon Mi, I love you sincerely.”

“Me too,” she replied.

He took her somewhere she had never seen before. He decided to save Japan again for another time. This time he took her to the island where he was born.

It was long forgotten to the world, undetected by any human. Son Oh Gong refused to let anyone he disliked find out about his first home. The volcano stood majestically and Jin Seon Mi looked up at in awe and around the beautiful hidden island.

Son Oh Gong didn’t really know from what phenomena he was born and how the volcano gave him life, but in that moment he was happy it had happened. Even if he had to wait for thousands of years before he met her, he was glad to be alive and be by Jin Seon Mi’s side.

“Oi Jin Seon Mi,” he called to her who was playing with baby sea turtles by the sand. “I love you, sincerely.”

“I love you too,” she promised happily, her dimples showing.

The moment had come. Son Oh Gong looked worried but Seon Mi only smiled.

“It'll be OK,” she tried to reassure him. Before she reached for his wrist Son Oh Gong took her hand in both of his. His thumb slid across her knuckles where her wedding ring branded her as his.

“Jin Seon Mi. Even if you take this off and something goes wrong, I'm still married to you and I still love you. Don't forget that. Even if my feelings change and you're not pretty anymore, I'll learn how to love you again. So please don't let me go and chase after me.”

Seon Mi smiled and nodded. Taking a deep breath she slid the Geum Gang Go off his wrist. Her eyes remained on the bracelet however and she held her husband's now free hand.

Son Oh Gong inhaled sharply as soon as it slid off, his eyes turning a void empty black.

“What did you do to me?” Ah Sa Nyeo choked out. She was so sure she had him. He even took off his mortal bride’s engagement ring!

“There are many ways to make a person take a drug,” Son Oh Gong remarked smugly. He made a show of wiping his lips as if kissing his own bride was a sin when she wasn't in her own body. “Dream a good dream,” he taunted using her own words against her.

Ah Sa Nyeo felt utter hatred, contempt and revulsion at that moment. For the king who betrayed her, for her youthful self who believed her king would love her, for the people who kept her locked in her coffin and now for Son Oh Gong and Jin Seon Mi.

For the human Jin Seon Mi who was nothing special, who barely knew how to use her own blood and was nothing more than monster bait, who had gained the protection of a powerful immortal deity who even the Jade Emperor and his court feared. For Son Oh Gong who loved the lonely human Jin Seon Mi and was going to such lengths to find her after her soul was gone whereas Ah Sa Nyeo’s to be groom had been the one to toss her aside as soon as she had fulfilled her purpose.

Wretched and bitter, the withered priestess out of time only craved pure love and affection which the Great Sage and his Lotus Sam Jang shared. Wanting someone, anyone, especially this couple who were somehow surviving against their odds to feel her pain, her heart cursed them in a rage.

“Let your love for her be sealed and hidden in a coffin in your heart for a 1000 years like I was when that bracelet comes off.”

Using the last of her powers in Jin Seon Mi's body, Ah Sa Nyeo sealed the muttered spell before falling back into a dream.

Seon Mi looked up at her husband searchingly. The Geum Gang Go was off. He was staring into space. When he came back to his senses he looked around and then at her earnest expression. Feeling the warmth of her hand holding his, he looked down before shaking it away. Seon Mi looked surprised and nervous.

“Son Oh Gong?” she questioned.

“What?” he counter asked. Before she had a chance to reply, he continued. “You're going to ask if you're pretty? Hmm?”

His wife was taken aback at his blunt tone of voice but nodded.

“Jin Seon Mi, listen well,” Son Oh Gong said shortly, “You're not pretty to me anymore. I don't love you anymore. Your sadness means nothing to me and at this moment the only thing I feel is regret for not having eaten you when I had the chance those first 15 days we met.”

Seon Mi's heart fell.

“You need time, right?” she asked nervously. “You told me you'd still love me but may need time after I take the Geum Gang Go off? OK. I can give you that.”

“No.” Her husband’s voice turned sharper, cruller. Seon Mi could hear the change and she could tell he was serious. Tears suddenly filled her eyes as her heart fell deeper.

“I don't love you Jin Seon Mi and I have no intention to learn. I can only resent you for putting the Geum Gang Go on and tying me to you in the first place. We may be married but that does not mean I have to stay here with you. Stay in Sureumdong. Don't call me. Don't bother me. I don't want to have to come save you in the middle of the night. I'm leaving.”

With that the Great Sage stood up and left his wife alone, heart heavy as she watched him slam the door to their home wishing she hadn't offered to take the bracelet off when he had been so unwilling in the first place for this very reason.

The CEO of Lucifer Entertainment was startled out of his seat by the sudden appearance of the old peddler woman in his office.

“Ma Wang, something has gone terribly wrong,” she said in a grave voice.

When Ma Wang arrived home, Son Oh Gong’s presence was made known by the coat hanging against his precious bull statue. For once, however, that was not the bull kings concern.

“Great Sage, what are you doing here?” Ma Wang asked trying not to betray the urgent curiosity in his voice.

“I left Sureumdong. I'll be staying here for the time being.” Son Oh Gong didn't spare the bull king a glance and kept watching the variety show playing on screen.

“Aish you nut job. Did you have a fight with your wife already?” Ma Wang scolded. Then he feigned ignorance as he made the key observation. “Oh the Geum Gang Go is gone. When did this happen? Did she take it off?”

Son Oh Gong sat up and looked at the bull demon.

“Yes and I don't love her anymore,” Son Oh Gong answered abruptly. “Let's not talk about this.”

Ma Wang looked shocked despite expecting the answer. The Great Sage said this so… coldly. As if he wasn't affected or cared for Jin Seon Mi at all.

“The Geum Gang Go has come off but the Great Sage’s feelings are gone too. This shouldn't have happened,” Guanyin said worriedly.

“Why not? The feelings of the bracelet were fake, no? Isn't it normal for them to have disappeared if Sam Jang took the Geum Gang Go off?”

“No,” Guanyin stated firmly. “Once the wearer unquestionably and willingly obeys the owner of the Geum Gang Go, the bracelet loses its power. In this case, once Son Oh Gong started to protect Jin Seon Mi and follow her wishes without complaint, the bracelet lost its hold on him. The Great Sage fell in love with Sam Jang for real. He has had the power to take off the Geum Gang Go for months now. Even before they were married. For his feelings to disappear like this is impossible and I fear there has been an interference.”

Ma Wang looked shocked, “You mean to say the bracelet has been useless all this time? But how did Son Oh Gong suddenly lose all his feelings for Sam Jang then?”

“That is what troubles me. For the Great Sage’s feelings to disappear so abruptly without being tied to the Geum Gang Go is worrisome. It may take a toll on his and Sam Jang’s relationship, especially Sam Jang. Son Oh Gong would come back to your house most likely. Keep an eye on him and try to understand what happened. We must get to the bottom of this before it proves catastrophic.”

With this order, the goddess of mercy left, leaving Ma Wang to hurry home, concern evident about the situation at hand. /

“Really? You don't love her at all? How can this be?” Ma Wang invasively questioned in disbelief.

“I don't love her at all,” Son Oh Gong confirmed. “She took off the Geum Gang Go. I told her I didn't love her anymore and I left.”

“Aish you nut job. You can't do that. She's your wife! Imagine how heartbroken she must be feeling right now,” Ma Wang chided.

“I don't care,” the monkey king replied indifferently. “It's her fault for believing in fake feelings then. Not mine.”

“That doesn't matter. You married her. You know our relationships are forever. How could you just leave your wife like this and so bluntly?”

“Ma Wang how can I treat her softly when I don't care for her anymore either? Would you rather I lead her on or just tell her straight and simple I don't love her anymore. At least this way she won't be hopeful. I don't care for her enough to spend the effort and energy to spare her heart and pretend to love her. We're married now which can't be undone so I told her she could stay at Sureumdong. I will take care of the demons, Ah Sa Nyeo, and Kang Dae Sung so she won't have to call me anymore. We can live apart peacefully despite our marriage,” Son Oh Gong stood up. “The love that is brought by the bracelet is bound to end and disappear. I told her this long ago. That love has ended and disappeared now. Nothing is left.”

The Great Sage swiftly walked past the shell shocked elder demon who only stared after in concern. How and what made the situation go so wrong?

That night Jin Seon Mi tossed and turned as she tried to sleep. Without Son Oh Gong the bed was too large. His cruel parting words to her broke her heart but she was resilient. She would call him the next day. He chased after her in the beginning. This time she would chase after him.

And chase after him she did.

Jin Seon Mi called on his name the next day. Normally Son Oh Gong came to see her for lunch anyway but this time she called him. He seemed irritated but arrived. Seon Mi quietly pushed over a lunch box towards him. He sighed in annoyance.

“Jin Seon Mi, I told you not to call me anymore without reason.”

“Just have lunch with me,” she pleaded. “I won't even speak. Just eat with me like before. I'm your wife still, let's not fight even if you don't love me. ”

Picking up his chopsticks, Son Oh Gong quickly finished the food and disappeared without a goodbye. Heart heavy, Seon Mi turned to Yuk Gong for support.

“At least he came when I called. I'm sure he just needs some time. Everything will be fine.” She tried to smile and soothe her heart before continuing her work.

Every day for the next week she would call him. He came but looked more and more irritated each day and left just as fast. One day, Seon Mi didn't call him but later that evening she brought him cotton candy. Her eyes filled with disappointment when he shook his head before leaving once more without taking the sweet treat.

Jin Seon Mi was nothing if not resilient though. She visited him at General Frosts ice cream shop trying to ignore the hard look Oh Gong sent her way when she appeared and ordered an ice cream, taking a seat next to him. Each day her heart felt more and more insecure at his lack of response to her efforts to communicate but she didn't give up.

Finally Son Oh Gong snapped. Seon Mi had called him to have lunch with her in her office once more.

“You're here?” Seon Mi smiled. She ignored his stony expression. “I made the food myself today before coming to work. It's your favorite. Come on before it gets cold.”

Son Oh Gong grabbed the lunch box from her and it disappeared into smoke.

“It won't be cold anymore,” he shrugged ignoring the hurt expression on his wife's face.

“Yah! Did you really have to do that?” Seon Mi glared. “I worked hard to make it perfect for you. If you didn’t want it I could order something else.”

“Jin Seon Mi!” Oh Gong thundered in response, cutting her off. “How many times do I have to tell you to not call me uselessly? I don’t want to have lunch with you. Cotton candy becomes sour when you bring it and ice cream only brings me anger. Stop thinking too much about these little favors. Everyone tells me to spare your heart but I don't want to! I Don't Love You. I don't want to see you but because of our contract and marriage I'm bound to you, who is a five elements mountain I can't escape.”

He looked so frustrated in that moment and her heart was turbulent with guilt. Tears glistened in her eyes for the very first time. He scoffed at her and shook his head disregarding them.

“Jin Seon Mi! Don't make this more difficult by expecting anything from me anymore. It’s the least you can do for being this trap to me.”

He vanished once more, leaving behind a broken Jin Seon Mi.

That night guilt and self loathing filled the human savior. Jin Seon Mi was tired. Her heart was crushed and her confidence shattered. It finally sunk in. Son Oh Gong didn't love her and wouldn't be either. She sobbed herself to sleep, trying to imagine her husband's warm loving embrace around her like he used to when he still wore the Geum Gang Go and loved her. She imagined the words he used to whisper to her, and recalled his kisses before they fell asleep.

‘It wasn't real love,’ she reminded herself. ‘It was always the bracelet. He never really loved you at all, Jin Seon Mi.’

Why didn't the people who love her stay? Why was she so cursed that no one could come close to her without either leaving broken or breaking her. Why was she so unlovable?

Quiet hiccuping sobs of a love starved woman who has given up hope were the only sounds to be heard from Sureumdong that night.

“CEO nim?” Han Joo asked gently, breaking a lost Jin Seon Mi out of her reverie. The loyal Secretary had been watching his boss for a few weeks now and she only seemed to be getting worse and worse each day. He had to address this.

“Ahh, yes?” Seon i asked. “I'm sorry Han Joo sshi. I have a lot on my mind lately.”

“Of course, CEO nim. Navigating married life is difficult at first. It's understandable.”

“It is, isn't it?” Seon Mi mumbled ruefully. Seeing he was losing his boss to her thoughts again, Han Joo spoke again, “CEO nim, it may not be my place to say but… are you and Monsour Son having a fight by any chance?”

Seon Mi's eyes lost some more of their light at that moment. “Ahh well, I suppose that's one way to put it,” she replied.

“Oh CEO nim is that what you're so worried about these past few weeks?” Han Joo asked surprised.

Seon Mi nodded and turned to look at him, almost begging for advice and help despite knowing he wouldn't be able to sympathize with or understand her situation.

“CEO nim, married couples fight all the time. You didn't think it would be so easy that you'd never even have the occasional tussle with your husband did you?” Han Joo asked incredulously, trying to make his boss feel silly for being so worked up about such a situation and feel relieved to know it was normal.

“My wife and I, we argue and disagree all the time. All married couples do. Sometimes we have fights that last for days and weeks too but we still manage to function together despite the problems and try not to let the children become involved. Communication is key with all relationships especially marriage. You must be willing to compromise and talk through the troubles with Secretary Son whenever you have a fight and are both ready to communicate. Only then will your relationship work.”

“Communicate and compromise?” Seon Mi whispered as she thought to herself.

“Yes,” Han Joo answered. “Try to reach a solution that works for both of you after talking with your husband.”

He turned more towards his boss to catch her attention properly again. “Ahh… And of course CEO nim, the most important thing that you should remember in all such situations where you fight with your husband, is that you both love each other. You love him and he loves you. It's why you agreed to get married, after all. You will work things out if you always keep this in mind.”

Han Joo was left quite surprised in that moment when his boss burst into silent tears after those words. Supposing she needed some time to sort out her thoughts he patted her on the back and left her office with a quiet, “Feel better soon CEO nim.”

Seon Mi only cried harder.

Seon Mi visited Summer Fairy’s bar that night like every other night that week. She was her only friend after all. It had surprised Seon Mi to see the fairy back in her own body after it had been found once again. Her soul had been returned and she ran her bar every night as usual. She was a willing ear to an emotionally spent Jin Seon Mi who's heart was in pieces after the Geum Gang Go came off. She offered advice to the human woman and promised her off the fact Son Oh Gong had been more sincere than the fairy had ever seen him be in heaven.

“One of the reasons we got along so well was because I was never one of the fairies who chased after him,” the kind fairy explained. “I was only ever a friend who didn't rebuke his actions or try to restrain him. Just advised him when necessary like my brother. Son Oh Gong ran away from the other women in heaven. He never cared for love or rules or anything that held him down. The first person he ever gave his heart to is you, Jin Seon Mi-sshi. The first person who he was swayed by was you.”

“Because of the Geum Gang Go, he couldn't refuse,” Seon Mi whispered sadly. Summer Fairy looked upset seeing her so down.

“Don't be too disheartened. It wasn't just the Geum Gang Go. He tried to fight it first. He had the power to. He stopped because he loved you. He still does… deep inside where he can't find his own heart yet.”

Seon Mi listened but she found it more and more difficult to believe as the days went on and Son Oh Gong never visited her anymore. When they ran into each other, he barely spoke to her before leaving and showed indifference to any act of love she still sent his way. Despite his cruel words, she still worried for him and tried to make sure he was OK without bothering him.

With Han Joo and Summer Fairy’s advice ringing in her ears, Seon Mi finally decided to take another step forward. She knew how stubborn her Oh Gong could be. She needed to keep trying and wear him down once more.

“Son Oh Gong,” she whispered, eyes blurry and face pale. Exhaustion lined her features and she barely turned to look at the person who appeared by her side a moment later. The person who was her husband whom she loved with all her heart. She didn't even have the courage to face him or she'd cry.

Summer Fairy silently cleaned glasses by the counter, giving the couple their privacy but close enough should Seon Mi need her. The fairy who had a warm temperament and soft heart Jin Seon Mi was the first true friend she had made in a long time and her heart went out to the poor woman who's luck always seemed to plummet. Son Oh Gong was someone she had known for a long time, but in this situation Summer Fairy could only side with her human friend.

Son Oh Gong took a seat next to his wife. He observed her silently as she took another shot of whiskey before pouring more into her glass.

“It's been a while since you've called my name,” the Great Sage said quietly. And if was true. Despite her longing to see him more and more every day, Seon Mi didn't call on her husband who didn't love her anymore. She didn't need much protecting within Sureumdong, she tried not to bleed and she didn't want to bother him when their marriage was already a trap. Tonight however, she missed him too much and was too drunk to not give in to her heart’s desire.

As she looked up into her husband's eyes, Seon Mi flinched slightly when she saw their neutrality. She searched them, desperate for any sign of buried affection for her but found nothing.

“Ahh if you're not in danger and you don't have anything to say why call me?” the Great Sage muttered in annoyance when she didn't speak for a few minutes. “I was watching My Golden Life.”

Jin Seon Mi flinched again, her heart searing in pain at those words. He used to come and see her without her needing to call him at all and even when she was telling him to go away.

‘It was all the Geum Gang Go, ’ her mind tortured.

Feeling slightly guilty at his harsh words when this was the first time she had called him in more than two weeks, Oh Gong backtracked, “Forget it. What did you want to see me for?”

Seon Mi closed her eyes and tried to remember what she wanted to say, a difficult task as she was quite drunk at this point.

“Aha!” she exclaimed when she realized. She pointed her finger at Son Oh Gong as if about to reveal a big secret. “I have something you need. Something you really like and will make you happy!”

“Really?” Oh Gong asked curious. “What is it?”

“I can't just tell you,” Seon Mi pouted. “You have to give me something in return when I give it to you.”

“A trade? A Compromise?”

Seon Mi nodded eagerly, her face lighting up at the word. She was so sure Oh Gong would like what she had to offer. He may not love her like before but she knew this was something he wouldn't refuse. She would give it to him if he wanted. She took another shot of whiskey. Son Oh Gong tried to stop her from pouring more but held himself back. He didn't want to come off as affectionate and lead her on when her feelings were an annoyance to him already.

“Son Oh Gong, you're really powerful, right?” his wife asked. He nodded slightly.

“That's right. You're really powerful,” Seon Mi smiled proudly. “My husband is really powerful and really handsome. I'm glad. But…,” she looked frustrated as she continued, “I'm not so powerful. It must be really hard for you to be married to me and have a contract to me and be unable to get away from me. You're the Great Sage. You probably want a really powerful wife like you too even if you’re trapped to her. That would make you happy.”

She gulped down more whiskey. Her eyes were now sad. Son Oh Gong remained silent, unsure where this was going.

“I can't be powerful for you and make you happy like that. I can't break our marriage and free you either but I can give you something else.”

“What is it?” Son Oh Gong asked after Seon Mi didn't elaborate.

“My blood,” she smiled up at him confidently and hopefully. “It must be sad for you that the Geum Gang Go is off but you still can't eat me because of our contract and marriage. But I don't want you to be sad because I love you. You can't eat me… but the real power is in my blood, right? I'll give you some. As much as you want to become really powerful and really happy.”

Son Oh Gong stopped short at hearing this odd gift she was offering. Especially when she had worked so hard to guard her life from him in the beginning. Why was she suddenly offering this with no apparent need?

“You said this was a trade. What do you want in return?”

“Maybe if I make you happy like this, you'll love me again.” Oh Gong’s heart stopped seeing her teary yet hopeful smile.

Her lips drooped the next second as she talked, almost to herself, “That could happen, right? If you're happy because of me, you won't hate our marriage so much anymore and feel trapped. Even so, if having my blood will make you happy then you can have it, all of it. Because I love you. Very much.”

She looked at him so earnestly, ready to offer him her life in the form of her blood if he wanted. Son Oh Gong was speechless. Seon Mi looked heartbroken at his lack of response.

“What? You don't want it? You don't have to love me,” she promised him quickly. “Just be happy.”

Tears started to fall from her eyes again. “What do I do to make you not hate me?”

Son Oh Gong had no response so he let her ramble on some more until she fell asleep on the table. Even so he couldn't stop staring at her, his wife, who seemed to be doing so much for him.

It confused even him, why his heart wasn't shaking even after hearing such heartbroken confessions from the one person who dearly loved him even when he didn't love her. He wanted to feel bad about what he was putting her through, he wanted to not make her cry. Why was his heart refusing so?

“Great Sage.” Son Oh Gong turned to see Summer Fairy looking at him. Her face was solemn. “You can't keep doing this. You can't hurt her your whole life.”

Frustrated with the amount of people, who were supposed to be his friends, telling him this, Son Oh Gong snapped.

“Aish what do you all want me to do huh? Jin Seon Mi. Jin Seon Mi. Jin Seon Mi. You're all so concerned about her. What's so great about her anyway? It's her fault she put on the Geum Gang Go and not mine. She should live with the consequences then!” he lashed out.

“Son Oh Gong!” The demon in question was taken aback. This was the first time in centuries he had heard Summer Fairy use his name and in such a cold tone. She was furious at him now.

“This human loves you with all her heart. You may not be able to change your heart but you can't change your relationship to her either. This woman who loves you… stop putting her through misery and at least make an effort to be her friend again even if you can't love her. She has given her heart and soul to you whether you want it or not. Take responsibility for it and treat them with care or you'll crush her so she'll wilt and it will be too late for regrets.”

Summer Fairy huffed at him in disappointment as she walked away after this scolding. Son Oh Gong turned back to Jin Seon Mi’s sleeping form. A few tears leaked from her closed eyes even though her mouth smiled.

Even in her dreams, she was in pain.

Ma Wang hadn't been expecting to see Jin Seon Mi in his office so early in the morning. The bull demon looked at the human woman in concern. Within just a month she had lost a lot of weight and the dark circles under her eyes expressed how she hadn't been sleeping well.

“Jin Seon Mi-sshi, it's been a while.”

“Yes it has. I'm sorry to bother you again, Ma Wang nim,” her voice was quiet and depressed but firm as usual.

“Of course not,” the CEO of Lucifer Entertainment waved off. “What can I help you with?”

Seon Mi looked hesitant at first but she gathered the resolve and finally asked, “How can you sever a demon relationship?”

Ma Wang sat up straighter as soon as he heard the question and Secretary Ma looked startled.

Seeing their expressions Seon Mi quickly continued, “Son Oh Gong told me demon and deity relationships are forever but there has to be some way to break them. He…,” she blinked away tears, “He doesn’t love me and doesn't want to be married to me. Because of the Geum Gang Go, we were both fooled. I don't want to be a Five Elements Mountain to him anymore or for all our lives. He deserves to be free and happy. I don't know who else to ask who would know about this as much as you. Please help me, Ma Wang nim,” Seon Mi pleaded.

Ma Wang slumped back in his seat in shock. Jin Seon Mi wanted, a what was known in human terms, a divorce which was unheard of for most supernatural relationships which were normally always between soulmated couples. What was even more shocking was that she was doing this not for herself, but for Son Oh Gong. So he would be free.

“Jin Seon Mi sshi, please reconsider. This is not such an easy task as with human relations. Even death can not break the coupled apart most of the time. Take myself and Na Chal Nyeo for example. She reincarnated so many times yet each time her soulmate and partner was me. Even now as a flower, I am still her mate. It is impossible to break us apart. All other romantic relationships are but temporary.”

“I know,” Seon Mi answered. “Son Oh Gong and I had the death fate from the start and not the soulmate one. There must be a way since our case is a special one.”

Ma Wang thought for a moment before finally deciding to reveal what the peddler woman, Goddess Guanyin had told him. It was unfair for her to go through such pain with no hope or light to guide her.

“Jin Seon Mi sshi he wasn't supposed to stop loving you. The Geum Gang Go… I spoke with the peddler and she confirmed with me that something had gone wrong. Son Oh Gong was indeed in love with you and his love shouldn't have disappeared.”

Seon Mi looked surprised and a little hopeful but then her expression turned back to the solemn facade it was before.

“It doesn't matter what should have happened. The reality is he doesn't love me. I will fulfill my fate as Sam Jang but before I do so, I need to know how to set Son Oh Gong free.”

Ma Wang looked defeated upon hearing this.

“Very well, if you're so determined then I will see what I can do to help you, Sam Jang.”

“Thank You,” Seon Mi gave a bow as she left. Secretary Ma and Ma Wang staring in concern after her.

“Aish, nut job,” Ma Wang muttered to himself in worry. “What have you done?”

“Oi Ma Wang, Why have you called me here,” Son Oh Gong demanded loudly as soon as he arrived at the heavenly dome.

“Because Jin Seon Mi sshi left to complete her summons, Great Sage,” Soo Bori answered. “We can not have you interfere.”

“She what?” Son Oh Gong stopped short in disbelief. “I told her I was taking care of it. Why would she do this?”

“She went to face off the black dragon as is her summons, Great Sage,” Ma Wang explained calmly. His eyes were level with Son Oh Gong as he slowly enunciated each word so the younger demon would understand the depth of his wife’s actions. “She did this so you wouldn't have to and wouldn't get hurt by fighting in her stead.”

Son Oh Gong inhaled sharply as the words sunk in. He looked to Ma Wang in horror, realizing the truth in them.

“You didn't stop her? MA WANG ARE YOU CRAZY? She’ll die ! Deities can’t fight humans and you let her, a human, go after it !” He was now frantic with anger and worry and even confusion of the source of that worry.

The thought of her death agitated him more than anything and as the weight of the situation sunk in, he became more and more anxious. With a newfound intense urgency he tried to teleport out of the glass dome to stop her. The next second he was thrown back as a ring of deities made themselves and the invisible barrier within which he was standing known. Son Oh Gong’s heart went cold.

“What's this?” he turned to the bull king and the elder, his eyes betraying his fury. “WHAT'S THIS!” He demanded anwer.

“Sam Jang stated that she would complete her summons. In return she asked the fate of the death bell be void. Neither you nor her would kill each other and she asked us to keep you here while she took care of the situation,” Soo Bo Ri explained calmly as if Jin Seon Mi was not at this very moment sacrificing her own life.

The Great Sage’s eyes turned to fire with defiance. Once again he tried to break past the barrier unsuccessfully.

Ignoring the pain he stood up and tried to spot a chink in the shield. Any way at all to break out. The sky was turning darker each second and rumbled with thunder. The dragon was awake. Oh Gong turned to the elder and grabbed him by the collar, almost choking him.

“Let. Me. Out,” He grit out from between his teeth. The patriarch looked visibly scared but stuttered another excuse. Son Oh Gong turned to Ma Wang who was simply observing the situation so far.

“Ma Wang,” the threat in his voice was dark, “you'll have hell to pay if you don't make the right decision and help me now.”

The elder demon nodded in understanding, pleased with the younger demon’s choice and willing to offer his assistance.

Son Oh Gong once again turned to the barrier. With his arms raised he let out a furious howl of rage. The deities forming the ring flew against the walls of the dome and the barrier shattered. Son Oh Gong took that moment to vanish.

The next second he was charging towards the lake. The dragon was awake and there was Jin Seon Mi, standing on the altar holding her hands to her bleeding abdomen.

Son Oh Gong felt his heart give in to an intense pain as he saw the amount of blood she had lost already. The witch Ah Sa Nyeo and the politician were nowhere to be found. Grabbing the sword on the altar, Oh Gong stood between the beast and Jin Seon Mi. She looked surprised to see him as her knees gave out. This wasn't according to her plan. She needed to carry out her plan!

Oh Gong was thrown back against the stones as the black dragon tried to break down the gate holding it from the human realm once more. Coughing up blood, he stood again ready to fight. He groaned as another onslaught of pain hit him upon seeing Seon Mi on the ground. It was like his heart was being torn to shreds for the first time in ages. He couldn't see her hurt. He had to save her and heal her fast.

Another arc of fire and the sword slashed through the air to strengthen the barrier holding the dragon back. Son Oh Gong felt his feet sliding against the worn stones of the altar. The dragon was too strong and would over power him soon. But no, he had to keep going. In his peripheral vision, he saw Seon Mi standing. Her legs were shaking and her cry of pain barely audible. Trying to gulp down the confusion of the pain he felt at seeing her in such a state when he was no longer wearing the Geum Gang Go, he turned back to the dragon.

The next few seconds were a blur. The black beast gave a roar and shattered his barrier. Jin Seon Mi pushed him out of the way and the dragon that was charging through the gates to Earth, charged into her chest instead contained within the vessel that was Sam Jang’s body.

Son Oh Gong picked himself off the ground to see Jin Seon Mi writhing on the ground. The evil creature had her blood now. It was fighting for her body and corrupting her soul. Her eyes were tortured as she whimpered in pain before she fainted.

“JIN SEON MI!” He immediately ran to her now unconscious body and picked her up in his arms. His breathing quickened as he tried to wake her up yet knowing it was futile. Jin Seon Mi was dying. Indescribable pain started to fill his heart and mind. Holding his wife close to his chest, Son Oh Gong disappeared from the world's view.

Son Oh Gong felt the tears sliding down his cheeks as he clutched his wife close. He brought her to Sureumdong. Their home. Or… what would have been had he not left her so cruelly the night she took off the Geum Gang Go. Son Oh Gong felt regret fill his heart.

“Jin Seon Mi,” he whispered crying.


He couldn't heal her. No matter how much he tried, the evil energy from the black dragon wouldn't let him.He gently wiped the blood from her chin. Why was she such a fool to try and fight a dragon? Why didn't she wait like he asked her to? Why didn't she stay safe and out of harm’s way?

“Jin Seon Mi?”

She opened her eyes to see his grieved ones staring into hers. She smiled up at him sadly. She knew she was dying.

“I'm sorry,” Seon Mi whispered. Son Oh Gong only sobbed and looked away. (Why didn't he protect her better like he was supposed to? Why did he leave her?) He turned back to her and shook his head. She had nothing to apologize for. It was he who needed to apologize but Seon Mi continued.

“I'm sorry for being a trap for you for so long. First with the Geum Gang Go… then with our marriage,” her voice was hoarse with pain and her eyes full of tears. “I'm sorry for forcing you to love me.”

Son Oh Gong only stared at her in misery as his hand went up to stroke her cheek. His heart was breaking all of a sudden despite his feelings being non existent for her for the past month.

Jin Seon Mi raised her bloody hand to his cheek in a loving gesture.

“Even if it was for a little bit, I'm glad to have received your love. Even now I wish it were real, ” her tears leaked from her heartbroken eyes yet her lips still smiled and Son Oh Gong sobbed. Meaningful words of his true feelings were at the tip of his tongue but unable to break free, held back by cruel ropes of a bitter spell. “But maybe it's better this way so you won't be sad after I die.”

Taking a shaky breath to brace herself, she continued, “I heard that if I free you from all obligation from me, our relationship can be severed. You won't have to be loyal to me and can find someone you really love.”

Son Oh Gong felt his blood run cold in his veins and his body freeze at the words and their implications. This couldn't mean what he thought she meant. No… No… This couldn't be happening. She shouldn't be doing this. His heart railed against her words, fighting to break free of the magic hold around it. His heart was bleeding now, desperate to let its emotions free before her words became reality and their relationship really did break as a mutual two sided end to their marriage.

“You've always listened to everything I've asked of you. You don't have to anymore but I hope you will just one last time. I love you, the Great Sage, Son Oh Gong,” Seon Mi promised, “I hope one day you find someone you love with all your heart as well.”

With those last whispered words, Seon Mi's hand fell from his cheek. Her eyes closed and her breathing ceased. At that very instant the dam around Son Oh Gong’s heart broke completely and the weeks of accumulated love, adoration and passion broke free.

“Jin Seon Mi,” Son Oh Gong whispered in disbelief.

His hand went up to her cheek once more. “Jin Seon Mi!” he begged, this time more urgently, gently shaking her body. “JIN SEON MI!” He shook her harder still. A plethora of memories of how badly he treated her the past few weeks hit him. How much she had loved him and chased after him.

“Jin Seon Mi, I told you not to call me anymore without reason.”

“Just have lunch with me,” she pleaded. “I won't even speak. Just eat with me like before. I'm your wife still, let's not fight even if you don't love me. ”


“You're here?” Seon Mi smiled. She ignored his stony expression. “I made the food myself today before coming to work. It's your favorite. Come on before it gets cold.”

Son Oh Gong grabbed the lunch box from her and it disappeared into smoke.


“Jin Seon Mi!” Oh Gong thundered in response, cutting her off. “How many times do I have to tell you to not call me uselessly? I don’t want to have lunch with you. Cotton candy becomes sour when you bring it and ice cream only brings me anger. Stop thinking too much about these little favors. Everyone tells me to spare your heart but I don't want to! I Don't Love You. I don't want to see you but because of our contract and marriage I'm bound to you, who is a five elements mountain I can't escape.”

He looked so frustrated in that moment and her heart was turbulent with guilt. Tears glistened in her eyes for the very first time. He scoffed at her and shook his head disregarding them.


“My blood,” she smiled up at him confidently and hopefully. “It must be sad for you that the Geum Gang Go is off but you still can't eat me because of our contract and marriage. But I don't want you to be sad because I love you. You can't eat me… but the real power is in my blood, right? I'll give you some. As much as you want to become really powerful and really happy.”


“Maybe if I make you happy like this, you'll love me again.” Oh Gong’s heart stopped seeing her teary yet hopeful smile.

She looked at him so earnestly, ready to offer him her life in the form of her blood if he wanted. Son Oh Gong was speechless. Seon Mi looked heartbroken at his lack of response.

“What? You don't want it? You don't have to love me,” she promised him quickly. “Just be happy.”

Tears started to fall from her eyes again. “What do I do to make you not hate me?”



“Jin Seon Mi! Jin Seon Mi! Wake up Jin Seon Mi! Jebal! I love you! Please open your eyes again!” Son Oh Gong shook the woman in his arms, begging and pleading. His cries were uncontrollable. Remembering her pain, her love, was tearing his soul apart with regret. He held her dead body tightly in his arms, his tears falling on her face as he kissed her forehead, her cheeks, her eyes, her nose and her lips desperately begging for a response. But she didn't wake up, her beautiful brown eyes remained closed and the reality sunk in. His Jin Seon Mi was dead.

His Jin Seon Mi, his beloved wife, the center of his universe died in his arms thinking he didn't love her… thinking no one loved her… thinking she was unlovable. Son Oh Gong wanted to die too in that moment if just to be with her again. He was dead in all but body too. Because the moment Jin Seon Mi died, Son Oh Gong’s heart and soul died along with her.

Anguished sobs and a heartbroken scream rang through the air of their (his) home.

He didn't leave Sureumdong for days. He kept to himself, downing one bottle of alcohol after another until he started to hallucinate his memories. All around the house he'd see himself and Jin Seon Mi. Times of when he'd tease her and she'd retaliate or become shy and embarrassed. Times of when she would kiss him, wanting silent affection of any sort. Times of when he'd cling to her because he loved her. Those vivid images changed though.

He'd see her crying, all alone after he left her. She would sob and question his feelings and feel guilt for trapping him in what she believed was a loveless marriage. She would wonder why everyone who loved her always left.

Sometimes his visions and dreams were of her repeating the heartbroken confessions she had made to try and win him back when she was alive. He had to watch himself reject her and break her heart while his spirit was invisible in a corner unable to stop himself. Son Oh Gong would wake up the next morning with tears in his eyes and an even more turbulent heart.

After a week the others tried to bring him out but it was impossible. Guanyin, goddess of mercy finally snapped and paid him a visit ordering him to pull himself together but he demanded she leave, breaking a dozen bottles in the process. He had grown sick with grief so much so that Sureumdong was boiling. A heat wave spread worldwide because of the Great Sage and trouble started on the human world. For Jin Seon Mi, Son Oh Gong would burn down the entire world, intentionally or not and finally the Jade Emperor had to address his court to deal with the issue.

No one could figure out how to deal with the problem. Bringing back the dead was something they absolutely refused. Bringing a Sam Jang back to life after they had fulfilled their role was unheard of and something the heavens didn't like considering how badly they often treated them during their lifetimes. And bringing back Son Oh Gong’s Sam Jang would be admitting defeat at the hands of the rowdy monkey King who defied them regardless.

“Son Oh Gong barely fulfilled his duty to protect Sam Jang. It was his fault he didn't protect her since her youth and his fault he married her in defiance to the heavenly plans. His suffering is well deserved,” one of the deities huffed.

“He's going to cause a massive heat wave and harm the humans if we don't deal with this issue. You know the great Sage’s temper! Are you going to be the one to say this to his face Yangwang?”

“The Jade Emperor is right,” Soo Bori agreed. “Right now Son Oh Gong is incapacitated by his grief. It will turn to anger as soon as he realized what really happened.”

“Send one of the reckless younger deities to reason with him. Bi Ryeom speaks his language of mischief and chaos. Send Moo Ra with him. She dealt with her husband, she can smack some sense into Oh Gong too. Or maybe Lord Habaek? Doesn't he too have a human lover? He should be able to understand the problem” Another deity against Son Oh Gong spoke up. Murmurs of agreement broke out.

“Habaek’s situation is different though,” Bi Ryeom grinned as he lazed in his seat. He found the discussion amusing. “He’s more likely to side with the Great Sage regardless and Oh Gong is not likely to listen to me either. We don’t always see eye to eye.”

“You argue uselessly,” a goddess sighed, “As soon as the Great Sage’s grief turns to rage the first place he will come to is here to demand his wife back. If we don't comply he'll take matters into his own hands and fight his way to the underworld to rescue her. Do you want chaos in your realm Yangwang?”

“Are you insinuating that the guards and trials to my realm are insufficient to keep anyone out?” the deity of the dead thundered.

As the heavenly deities squabbled, they were brought to attention as the click clack of shoes resonated against the marble floor of the Jade Palace.

“Sam Jang must return to the world of the living and there shall be no arguments about it.”

Guanyin had arrived.

At her words the deities immediately jumped up against her. The wizened woman only raised her hand.

“Whether or not Sam Jang comes back lies in my domain. It is my decision to make and not yours to argue over.”

Even the Jade Emperor looked confused.

“How do you claim this?” Dongwanggong, one of the more neutral deities, finally asked.

“My domain lies in forgiveness and mercy. After seeing how Jin Seon Mi and Son Oh Gong have suffered, I can give them no less. Furthermore, the priestess Ah Sa Nyeo for her crimes deserves none yet she is still running free in the human world. I propose, to give her status to someone more worthy.” Guanyin was poised as she spoke. Her eyes stern as she stared into the faces of those against her.

“Guanyin, if we start showing mercy to every human who makes a sacrifice, no one would ever die,” Yangwang mocked.

“Your personal bias against the Great Sage has no place here, Yangwang. You may despise him but if you are unable to make a rational decision during this committee you must leave.” Guanyin smiled yet it held little warmth and returned the sarcasm tenfold.

This time the Jade Emperor spoke, “Still Guanyin sshi we can not simply bring her back to life.”

“Jin Seon Mi was no ordinary human. She was not just Sam Jang but the reincarnation of Yin as well. Everyone at this table is aware of that. You can not deny her and Son Oh Gong their rightful places in heaven any longer,” Guanyin layed out the cold truth. “If it is balance you require, then I already proposed a solution for that. Ah Sa Nyeo will be stripped of her immortality and die whereas Jin Seon Mi will return and claim her rightful status.”

The gods twiddled their thumbs unable to accept defeat. Selfish and egotistical to their cores as they were, they hated being bested. Jin Seon Mi coming back would be just that. However their hands were tied. The goddess of mercy took away any they could have and her words were truthful. This was her domain and no one could interfere, they could only influence her decision which was impossible seeing it had already been made.

Ah Sa Nyeo’s capture was not difficult. It had been more and more troublesome for her to keep herself hidden as her body was rotting and she had no one to turn to anymore. Winter General had captured and frozen her the very night Jin Seon Mi died. He had held out killing her, only on his sister's request who knew Son Oh Gong would desire to have the opportunity even more so.

When Guanyin requested Winter General unfreeze her, the deity of ice and cold had done so. The priestess was disoriented from the cold she had been frozen in but it was nothing compared to how her heart turned cold with fear upon seeing the well dressed elderly lady in front of her who’s grim face and cold eyes were directed towards the priestess. Ah Sa Nyeo knew her time had come.

Sureumdong was an inferno.

Son Oh Gong had barely managed to come out of his house in a rage at being interrupted for the nth time during his grieving. His rage only multiplied when he saw the rotting body of the witch who killed his wife.

Within a second he had her in a choke hold and was about to burn her to ashes before Guanyin had Ma Wang restrain him.

“LET ME GO!” the Great Sage howled. “She killed my bride’s heart, body and soul. I’ll tear her to pieces!”

“Great Sage!” Guanyin was calm but firm. “I know you want your bride back. If you take revenge on Ah Sa Nyeo now, you'll never see her again. You despise this woman but she may be the only way to get Jin Seon Mi back”

That caught Oh Gong’s attention at once who stopped struggling so much. Ah Sa Nyeo seemed surprised too and a bitter smile came to her face.

“A soul for a soul. A life for a life. Ah Sa Nyeo, you will be sent to hell. There is no mercy in this life that I can offer you. There was a woman's life you wrongfully claimed. Your life will pay for hers,” Guanyin explained shortly.

Ah Sa Nyeo only nodded. She was tired of his life anyway. Son Oh Gong laughed bitterly.

“That's it?” he asked in disbelief. “She caused me and my wife, my Jin Seon Mi, irreparable pain and that’s all she will suffer ?”

“What more do you want Great Sage. You are getting your wife back,” Guanyin asked.

“If she is to be die, I want to kill her,” Son Oh Gong’s eyes turned gold with anger, a fire burned in his palm. His quiet rage was more fearsome than his loud anger. “I want to make this witch feel every bit of pain she inflicted on my Jin Seon Mi. I will tear her to shreds like my heart is torn every day without my wife. Like it was torn every time I couldn't speak as I desired because she put a spell around me. If she is to pay, she must pay for everything.”

Guanyin looked understanding.

“Son Oh Gong. My power is with mercy and not revenge. I'm sorry.”

Oh Gong only saw stepped back when he saw the genuine apology in her eyes. Had Guanyin been able to, she would have allowed Son Oh Gong every bit of his revenge.

Jin Seon Mi woke up feeling slightly nauseous and confused. Her memories were bleary but she knew she had died. As she opened her eyes she only saw foliage that grew in Sureumdong along the garden path. Her home. Why was she back? How was she back?

She slowly stood up and looked down at herself. No scars or bruises as if the fight with the dragon had not even occurred. Hurried footsteps broke her out of her thoughts.

Surprised eyes met relieved tearful ones.

“Jin Seon Mi,” a broken voice called out.

With loud sobs and vigorous energy, Son Oh Gong crushed Seon Mi into his arms. His body shook in relief hearing her steady heartbeat. He gently fell to the ground with her still in his arms, his legs suddenly weak.

“Son Oh Gong?” his beloved whispered as a few tears slid down her own cheeks. Son Oh Gong only cried harder at hearing her say his name. How he had missed her voice. How he had missed her calling him.

“Jin Seon Mi,” he whispered in response against her lips. His tears mixed with hers against their cheeks. Gently and oh so softly, he cupped her face with a shaking hand. Oh Gong kissed her eyes, her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, her face and every bit of exposed skin until finally he kissed her lips.

Months of pent up love, happiness, pain, regret and sorrow were shared as Son Oh Gong kissed his Jin Seon Mi. His wife. The light of his life and the holder of his heart.

“I'm sorry, Jin Seon Mi. I'm so so sorry. I love you.” Once again he broke down in tears. Getting to tell her living breathing form this felt like a dream. It was a miracle for him who thought he had lost his one true love and who he didn't deserve after treating her so horribly.

“Jin Seon Mi, I'll always do as you say. I'll love you and protect you without complaints. When you're struggling, I'm danger or having a hard time, call me and I'll come for you. Please, forgive me. Although you may not want to… , please forgive me.” His eyes begged and pleaded with her. He thought receiving her love and forgiveness again was something he was undeserving of but he wouldn't be able to live if she loathed him. He loved her so much. She was his everything.

Tears kept falling from his eyes even so as Jin Seon Mi raised her hands until they were cupping his cheeks. He finally raised his eyes to meet hers, guilt and regret visible only to see her smiling at him, the usual love shining in her eyes. He really didn’t deserve her.

“Only if when you're struggling, scared or having a hard time, you'll call me too.”

Sighing in relief, Son Oh Gong held his Jin Seon Mi close in his arms again. He touched his forehead and nose to hers, lips almost brushing.

“The Great Sage, Son Oh Gong will sincerely love his wife the immortal human Jin Seon Mi for all time, not for her blood or her life but her kind soul and resilient strength” he promised her.

His heart was still beating fast. He was still guilt-ridden and terrified. But she was with him again and Son Oh Gong intended to keep his promise to her the third time.

Kisses every day, lunch together every day, tteokbokki, cotton candy and strawberry ice cream. The occasion date to the movie theater and warm arms to envelop her and make her feel safe every night.

Not a day went by Oh Gong didn't whisper endearments and loving promises to his Seon Mi every opportunity he got. He held her close and intertwined their fingers together. He tied her scarf around her neck and brought her warm coffee. He scared off her mean relatives and grudgingly cared for her friends. He made love to her and made her feel like a goddess because she was his sun, moon and stars.

He sometimes woke up in the middle of the night after nightmares where she died again in his arms. Of nightmares where no matter what, he was engulfed with helplessness and unable to get her back. Those nights he pulled her sleeping form even closer and just stared at her, whispering ‘I love yous’ she wouldn’t hear. She smiled in her sleep when he kissed her hair and that was enough to calm the turbulence in his heart.

Sometimes she woke up and so in between stolen promise kisses he would whisper, with a hooded gaze and messed up hair, “Jin Seon Mi, I love you, sincerely.” and feel relieved. She believed him… and often replied with yet another kiss.