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*Summary: Grace organized a Peace Benefit, & she had Lou's Daughter, Samantha to help her, What happens when their ohana hears them sing?, Stay Tuned, It's gonna be a good one!!!!*


Grace Williams was so happy that everything was turning out to be perfect for the benefit, & all the arrangements were coming together, She made sure that everything was on point, so there was no worrying about a thing, She smiled, as she spotted Samantha Grover coming over to her, & they were ready to practice This Is Me sung by Keala Settle from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack.


"How is everything looking, Grace ?", The Young Grover asked, Grace answered, "Everything is perfect, & nothing is outplace", They headed for the stage, as they were ready to practice the song. They went through it, & were satisfied with how it sounds, "Now, We can relax, I am pleased that we can have a benefit, & not worry about a thing". The Beautiful College Student agreed, & they went to relax.


The Five-O Ohana showed up, & they took their assigned table, "I am so proud of our girls, I mean they did it", Captain Lou Grover said, as he looked over at Detective Danny "Danno" Williams, The Blond agreed, & said, "Yeah, They are really something", as he was filled with pride. "This is gonna turn out great", Will Grover, Lou's Son, & Grace's Boyfriend, said, as he sat down next to his parents.


"They sure will be great", Renee Grover, Lou's Wife, said, as she smiled at them, & relaxed, as she took in the setting, She kissed her husband. Officer Junior Reigns said, "They will get the message across, & I think this is the perfect way to do it", & his lover, Officer Tani Rey agreed, as she also took in the scenery, & was touched that this was important for everyone to come out, & support. Commander Steve McGarrett said, "If this turns out well, This will be a tradition to raise money, & I think Grace & Samantha will be perfect at it", The room darkened, & the performance was about to start.


The Performance went off without a hitch, & everyone was into it, It really became an anthem, Everyone was glad to see that they can all come together, & just enjoy themselves, & be themselves, When the song was over, Grace & Samantha both smiled at their dads, & mouthed, "We love you", Lou & Danny each were emotional, & nodded, mouthed, "Love you too", & blew them a kiss, & they went with their evening.


The End.