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A Walk in Vermont

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Steve felt a grin spread across his face as the wind whipped his cheeks red. After so long in the stifling congestion of Manhattan, the fresh air in his lungs was like a balm. Even the sensation of the car flying freely down the mountain roads was a welcome contrast to the neverending traffic jam that seemed to have New York in a perpetual vice grip. Despite the summer heat, Steve had never felt better. He turned away from the scenery and to Tony in the driver’s seat.

“Do you know how much farther, babe?” Tony hummed in thought.

“I’d say maybe thirty more minutes? It depends on the road though. If it gets any rougher we’ll have to slow down.” Steve nodded, hoping that wouldn’t happen. He hadn’t felt this free in years, but Tony was right. The forest was thickening rapidly and the road quality was degenerating just as fast. Steve watched out the window as the crops and fields melted away into lush forest. He reached out to hold his boyfriend’s hand. Tony didn’t look away from the road, but Steve could see the smile on his face as he squeezed back.

After nearly five hours in the car on the way to Vermont, both men breathed a sigh of relief as they passed into the city limits. ‘Welcome to Ripton: Population 588’. They laughed out loud in excitement, cheering like children. Since being (or dating) Tony Stark had its perks, the couple was able to avoid the hassle of an in-person check in to their rented lodge in favor of a quick text to the owner of the property. While Steve was sure Tony would’ve preferred a slightly more upscale retreat à la Dubai, he appreciated his partner’s efforts to make him feel comfortable. The lack of cell service was unfortunate, but after a fair amount of coaxing on Steve’s part, they’d agreed that some time away from the rest of the world would do them both good.

As the car pulled away from the town and foraged deeper into the woods, the road narrowed impossibly more until the branches from the trees along the shoulder scraped against the sides of the car, much to Tony’s irritation and Steve’s amusement. He heard another curse from beside him as a particularly large branch drug across the passenger door.

“Don’t be a drama queen. It’s not like you can’t afford to get a few scrapes buffed out when we get back home.” Tony grumbled but didn’t disagree. Luckily, the lodge came into view through the trees just as the trees began to close in even too much for Steve’s taste. The road widened into a clear patch of ground in front of the lodge’s entrance. In true Stark fashion, the lodge was quite a spectacle, all burnished wood and glass panes. Several decks protruded from the various floors and porch was littered with intricately carved designs. Steve whistled in appreciation. He spent a moment admiring the craftsmanship of the lodge before turning back to the car to help Tony with the luggage. He’d already popped the trunk by the time Steve got back over the car.

“Hurry up, Cap. Being in the outdoors is already starting to give me hives. We agreed that our first evening would be spent inside so I could acclimate to nature.” Steve laughed and rolled his eyes. He loaded all the bags into his arms (he was a gentleman after all) and lumbered his way to the front door under the piles of baggage.

“Alright then, princess, let's get you inside where you belong.” Tony nodded primly and followed Steve into the lodge. Once Steve dumped their bags at the foot of the bed, he reentered the living room to find Tony already curled up on the sofa, thrilled to be back inside after their brief escapade in nature getting the luggage together. “My God, you’re like a damn housecat, you know that?” Tony spared him a glance with one eye open.

“I’m just more cultured than you, you heathen.” Steve tossed a pillow at his head in retribution, getting the surprised shriek he was hoping for. “Hey, it’s not my fault that being in the army turned you into Conan the Barbarian!” Steve smirked as the second pillow hit his target with just as much precision as the first. Tony growled and launched the pillow back, missing by a mile and knocking a potted plant off the end table instead. Apparently, the recoil on the pillow was more than he bargained for and the lack of balance sent Tony sprawling on his ass on the living room floor. Steve couldn’t hold back his laughter, shaking with it until he had to hold onto the couch for support. The sight of his glaring boyfriend sent him back into fits each time he opened his eyes. Once Steve managed to compose himself, he went to help Tony off the ground and pulled him in the rest of the way for a kiss.

Pillow debacle forgotten, Steve pressed his Tony against his chest, sliding his hands over his boyfriend’s back and down to rub and squeeze at his ass. He moaned at the feeling, gripping more firmly as he lifted him up, flipping them around so Tony’s back was pressed against the wall. The seclusion of the lodge was a blessing. Despite the floor to ceiling windows across half of the room, there were no cameras in sight. Steve pressed his hips forward in an involuntary thrust against his partner’s crotch, rubbing the growing bulge in his pants against the space between Tony’s legs. The slim thighs wrapping around his waist to pull him in encouraged more excited half-thrusts against his boyfriend’s body. He hummed in pleasure at the firm line of heat pressing on his abs in return, as well as the hands winding in his hair to deepen the kiss. Steve lowered his head to Tony’s neck, breathing in the hints of cologne still lingering as he kissed gently over the pulse he found there. The quiet moans in his ear and twitching hips on his pelvis were all the encouragement he needed to lay his boyfriend down on the couch and crawl on top of him.

On second thought, Steve flipped over, pulling Tony up to rest on his lap as he leaned back against the arm of the couch. Steve’s hands found their way back to Tony’s ass once again, pulling them together at the hip. He gasped at the firm pressure on his erection. Tony moaned in approval as well as Steve lifted him by the butt to pull him back and forth, grinding their dicks together.

“Holy fucking shit, Steve, that’s incredible.” He sealed their mouths closed again in a kiss, muffling the moans coming from both of them. Steve fumbled with the zipper in front of him for a moment before freeing Tony’s dick from his jeans, earning him a relieved sigh. He didn’t waste any time reaching out to stroke his boyfriend’s cock in gentle tugs. Tony matched the easy rhythm, meeting his hand with each stroke as Steve savored the feeling of the length thickening and heating against his palm. He took his time, sliding his hand all the way from base to tip, stopping every few times to rub his thumb across the leaking slit on the head. He spent as long as possible massaging the tip between his fingers until Tony was gasping, his own erection forgotten in favor of pleasuring his partner. It wasn’t until Tony stopped his hand from moving that Steve loosened his fist and held still.

“Sorry, handsome. As amazing as that feels, you’re gonna make me come before I even get your dick out of your pants.” Steve let go, albeit begrudgingly, instantly missing the weight in his hand. Instead, he reached to grab his shirt and pull it over his head, then doing the same with Tony’s. Hands were immediately on his stomach and pecs, and he preened under the admiration. Tony pressed closer, and Steve groaned as he felts the swollen tip leaving wet stripes on his abs. Once he was finally able to tear himself away from the mutual fondling, Steve hauled himself up from the sofa in spite of the pleas coming from the couch.

“Just a second, gorgeous. I have to get the lube.” The sad whine from behind him quickly morphed into a moan. Steve turned around, feeling his erection jerk painfully against his zipper as he watched Tony stroking himself on the couch, one leg hanging off the edge, back resting on the arm. He gritted his teeth against the waves of arousal that hit his body at the sight of Tony reclined on the sofa, eyes closed and touching himself. Steve rapidly opened his jeans, letting his dick bob in the open air as he rummaged through the piles of bags, finally pulling the lube free from inside one of the suitcases. He practically tripped over his own feet in his haste to get back to the couch. In the time it had taken him to find the lube, Tony had managed to strip naked. He was still in the same position as before, leaning back and legs spread. Steve quickly followed suit with his own clothes, dumping them in a heap on the ground as he settled between the open legs with the bottle.

“You look so pretty with your legs all spread, angel. You’re quite the little whore for me.” Tony bucked his hips up in response, grabbing Steve’s hand and tugging it toward his hole. Steve laughed breathlessly. “Hang on.” He spread the lube on his fingers, finally slipping one in as Tony pressed back on his hand to get it deeper. “Easy, I’ll get you there. I’m not going to rush.” Steve stroked inside his hole while he pressed his thumb behind his boyfriend’s balls. “How’s that, sweetheart? Feel good?” He got a weak but insistent nod.

“So good. Can you, ah yes, can you press harder?” Steve reached forward and gave Tony’s dick a firm rub in response.

“Of course. Anything for you.” Steve dug his thumb in harder as he slid a second finger in, pressing even more firmly from the other side as well, catching his prostate in a grip from both inside and out. The body under him jerked in excitement, moans raising in pitch as he continued to squeeze. He stopped periodically to scissor his fingers and do some proper stretching, but always returned to teasing his prostate. Steve removed his finger briefly. Ignoring the beginnings of whining, Steve rolled his boyfriend over, pushing his fingers back in before the complaints came to fruition. Their new angle got Steve’s fingers even deeper than before, and Tony rocked easily back and forth onto his fingers.

By the time Tony was sufficiently prepared, they were both on a hair trigger, trembling and sweaty. Steve took just enough time to slather the extra lube on his dick before rubbing the tip over Tony’s entrance, letting the head catch on the rim of his hole with each pass before pushing in. Steve rubbed over Tony’s heaving back as he breathed through the initial resistance before the muscles softened, allowing him to slide in easily. Tony moaned as Steve bottomed out, dick gliding over his prostate. The wet heat was overwhelming as Steve pulled his boyfriend’s butt flush against his hips, He took a second to rub a hand over the shaking body in front of him, giving them both a moment before he started moving. Steve took advantage of his serum-induced ambidexterity to reach around and stroke his partner’s cock while he continued petting his back with the other hand. As the cries under him grew louder and shorter, Steve held firmly onto Tony's balls as they tried to tighten for his orgasm.

“Not yet, baby. I’m almost there with you.” That was all Steve could choke out as picked up the pace. He felt a throbbing heat grow deep in his stomach in unison with the heightening speed. He released Tony’s balls and went back to his dick, stroking vigorously until he finally felt the muscles constricting around his cock and hot wetness streaming over his fist. Tony went lax and loose under him, still moaning and dribbling cum as Steve pounded out a final few thrusts, stilling balls-deep, shooting hot spurts into his partner.

When Steve managed to regain his faculties, he pulled back, savoring the delicious drag on the way out. He collapsed in a heap on the cushions, dragging Tony down with him into a kiss.

“Hey.” Steve smiled as Tony reached up to trace over his lips.

“Hey yourself, Cap.” Steve laughed quietly.

“I love you, you know.” Tony wrapped him in a hug, pressing the top of his head under Steve’s chin. The response was muffled against his neck as Tony succumbed to sleep.

“I do know. And I love you too.” Steve sighed in contentment and let himself drift off as well, cuddled under the throw blanket, enjoying the sound of the outdoors as a storm picked up. Between the post-sex haze and the noise of the wind in the trees, they both missed the heavy scraping on the other side of the back door.