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It’s a Cliché

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A classic, slow guitar solo should have been the music that played when Phineas Flynn and his gang walked through the hallway. It would have suited so well, with the main man sporting a black leather jacket, black jeans and reflective sunglasses.

He slicked his hair back as he walked, a constant reminder that he had changed from his childhood ways, and didn’t have spiky, bright red hair anymore. Of course, it was still red, but a dark maroon that almost looked like velvet.

The boy kept a smirk on his face, slyly side-eyeing girls from his grade as he walked past, sending them flat against their lockers in lust.

The gang seemed to walk in slow motion, all feeding off the coolness of their leader. Ferb, Phineas’s brother, was considered the second coolest. His bright green hair had stayed the same, as a reminder that it was natural, and he wasn’t ever going to change it. He too wore plenty of leather, and slicked his hair back in the 50’s style.

Buford and Baljeet strolled alongside the two brothers; both in similar leathery outfits and grease-slicked hair. The Indian boy had changed plenty, now not being so interested in school, mostly due to Buford’s influence of rebellion and rock music.

Girls swooned at all the boys in the gang as they cruised through the hallway, but of course it was mostly at Phineas. He just had a way of seducing girls with only a look.

Phineas wasn’t terribly interested in them, however. He was saving himself for a beautiful, quiet girl, called Isabella. Oh boy, he had it bad for her. But absolutely nobody knew about his gigantic crush on her, and not even his brother Ferb. His cool demeanour whenever they came into contact covered it completely.

He thought about her a lot, and the fact she was a cheerleader who was constantly at his football games was perfect. It was a cliché, but Phineas really liked her.

He just didn’t know what to do. Keeping his cool, fuckboy demeanour while having a massive schoolboy crush on a girl who constantly wore pink? It almost seemed impossible.


The four boys sat down at their table in the cafeteria. It was ‘their’ table, because others were terrified of sitting there just in case they got beaten to a pulp by Buford.

Phineas slowly ate his potato chips and stared distractedly at the tray in front of him.

He hated to admit it, but he’d go into a daydream, and he called it Isabella-land. He daydreamed about the two of them hanging out together; Phineas with his sunglasses off for once, and they’d look dreamily into each other’s eyes. Or they’d be at the beach; splashing each other with sea water, holding hands while watching the sun set.

But it was only a dream land, and he was just waiting for it to become a reality.

“So, uh, Ferb, you got a new girl yet?” Buford’s raspy voice broke Phineas’s thoughts.

Ferb looked at him distastefully. “I only broke up with Gretchen last week. How could I already have somebody new?”

Buford shrugged. “Go to a club. Find a girl and just take her outside, y’know?”

Ferb narrowed his eyebrows. “I’m not going to do that. I may be branded a bad boy but I’ve got morals, okay?”

“Pfft,” Buford mumbled. He rested his chin on his hand, and brought his phone from his pocket.

Phineas was still staring at the tray through the conversation, and continued to until Ferb grabbed his attention.

“What about you, bro? Surely you want a babe of your own?”

“Eh,” Phineas mumbled, but Ferb seemed even more concerned.

“Well, you’re the most popular boy in school. How is it you’re constantly single? You’ve got girls hanging from your ankles, dude.”

“And,” Baljeet interjected, “every time we try to set you up, you just say no.”

Buford looked up from his phone, now interested in the conversation. “Yeah, what’s up with that?”

Phineas looked at the three of them. “You know why I can’t go out with a girl.”

“Why?” Baljeet asked.

“Are you gay?” Buford asked a bit too loudly. “I mean, it’s perfectly fine if you are, it’s just that you coulda told us before we tried to set you up with girls all those times. But I hear Irving is really into ya.”

“Uh, it’s not that. It’s because… I gotta keep up this facade, y’know? Fuckboy by day and night, right?” Phineas explained.

”Yeah, well, maybe it’s time you actually got a girlfriend. We’re going to college in like, a year and a half! You gotta get some practice action in before you start the real stuff, dude.” Buford responded.

”Oh, dude…” Phineas replied in slight disgust. “Well, I guess I could start looking.”

”But Phineas,” Baljeet spoke up, “you don’t have to look. You could get any girl at this school. All you have to do is look and their knees go weak. If you asked anybody out I bet the answer would be an absolute yes.”

Phineas looked over to the cheerleading table briefly and sighed. “I guess.”


Ferb looked at his brother in a concerned matter as he took off his infamous leather jacket. Phineas didn’t say as much these days, and it was almost as if he was distracted.

“I know a girl that I think you’d like to go out with,” the green-haired boy said with a smirk.

Phineas looked over at his brother. ”Oh yeah? Who?”

”Isabella Garcia-Shapiro.”

”Huh?” Phineas tried his best to hide it.

”Y’know, she’s a cheerleader? Top grades? Black hair, kinda short? Tell me you’ve seen her before.”

”God, I don’t know, Ferb,” Phineas replied sharply. “Point her out to me tomorrow and maybe I’ll consider it.”

”Alright, no need to get angry. I know it’s typical, a popular boy who plays football and a cheerleading girl with high grades, but…”

”It’s cute, I guess.”

”Exactly,” Ferb said, and smirked.