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Starlight Ablaze

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The year is 299X; the world is perhaps not the same one you've known about in its future, or even in its past as you'll see here. Perhaps you think you know the outcome of this story before it even begins; the story does not have any true outcome, however, until the beginning before the beginning is told. This tale will be told truthfully, for it is the ideals of those interested in knowing the bigger picture.

The story begins in a place of a simple name, of a rather rural, homely origin; a place towards the western central part of a region called Kanto, within a small district known as Palette Town. Today begins with a bright, sunny morning, as a young man exits his house, dressed in a long sleeve, blue shirt, as he rushes down the road towards an uphill path that leads to a much larger building.

"Better not be late for gramps!" He says to himself as he pants from his nonstop running, as he quickly runs past a house at the bottom of the hill, just before the steep climb up towards the bigger building at the peak of the town's elevation. Outside of the house is a young woman around the same age as the impatient young man in a hurry; very patiently, the woman carries a pail of dirt towards a different spot in the yard of her front yard.

"Now then, the Gracidea flowers go over here…" The woman mumbles to herself, as she slowly walks to place the bucket she's carrying down, and then overtop of a layer of protective sheets, begins laying out the dirt onto it gently and with delicate care as she quietly pats it down into place.

At that moment, a sharp, distinct breeze hits the air as the woman shudders in the cold she feels, before moving to stand and having a look around, in which she sees a young man of her own age walking out of what is presumably his own house further across the street from her house, as she gazes at the man in questioning awe as she places seeds for some kind of flower in her garden.

'Why is he finally leaving that house of his for once?' The woman thinks to herself about the man, dressed in a red jacket with a black undershirt, as well as wearing a hat with an emblem on the front of it. The man seems to be taking his time in movement; not uttering a sound as he walks towards the north of the town; the woman doesn't notice someone approaching her at this time as she gazes at the man heading north from here.

"Good morning, Green. How are you on this fine day?" An old, jolly voice of a significantly older man speaks to the woman, named Green, as Green looks over her shoulder as she looks at the man with a smile.

"Professor Oak, correct?" Green asks, as she moves to stand, as she finishes with "I don't think we've formally met before; my name is Green." Green introduces herself to the man, named Professor Oak.

"I see; I'm not exactly sure why I half expected you to say your name is Blue for a moment there, but because of that I just recalled how my grandson is going to be visiting me soon for him to get his first Pokémon. Would you care to join in and observe?" Professor Oak offers, as Green lightly chuckles a bit.

"Oh, I'll be fine; I'm more content picking my first Pokémon last, anyways; any chance the guy across the street from here could use a Pokémon for himself as well?" Green asks, to which Oak looks at her with a confused glance.

"What do you mean? You mean Red, yes?" Oak asks, to which Green nods.

"Yes, he just headed north a moment ago. I'm not sure where he thinks he's going at an hour like this. I'm kind of surprised he's even outside at all; normally he shuts himself indoors with his Nintendo Switch all day long and-"

"Is he trying to head into Route 1 up ahead without a Pokémon at all?" Professor Oak asks as he looks down the street towards the north; looking precisely as to where the man, named Red, is heading towards, as a large abundance of tall grass can be seen much further ahead as Oak gasps.

"Green, could you do me a favor and meet Blue at my laboratory? I need to stop Red before it's too late!" Oak says as he quickly rushes in a sprint to catch up with Red, before even giving Green a chance to properly answer, as Green lets out an exasperated sigh.

"Fine; let me just grab my black dress, choker and all."

Green could wish she was joking with that remark; she knew what Blue or even possibly Red would say about her appearance otherwise.

Now, though, Oak is too busy running towards Red as he watches as Red is about to step foot into the tall grass; a blur appears in Oak's vision, as he begins to feel the strain of his age as he tries to catch up to Red still.

"Red, wait!" Oak yells ahead as Red turns around to notice him after having walked into the tall grass for several steps.

"…?" Red doesn't understand why Oak is so concerned, or why Oak had bothered to run for so long to the point of exhaustion; watching as Oak catches his breath with heavy panting, Red hears something let out a low, nasally hiss towards him from somewhere.

"Red! Don't you understand it's dangerous to go into the tall grass without a Pokémon of your own? What if you got hurt?!" Oak asks Red, as Red simply shifts his gaze towards Oak; his expression not indicative of any kind of emotion other than a dull sense of indifference right now. Oak, looking at Red more carefully after catching his breath, is quick to notice a shine in the grass as something's eyes pierce through out into the open.

"Red! Look out!" Oak tells him as he reaches for something in his pocket, all the while Red, rather casually and bluntly, sidesteps to the right as something lunges out of the grass with a fiery smoke coming from its trail behind it; its tail covered in a red flame, covered in orange skin with a yellowish underbelly, having bluish eyes and an off, asymmetrical marking on its left arm of a dirt red color, the creature moves to swipe at Oak with razor sharp claws that slice through his lab coat like sharp, metallic blades cutting through fabric.

"Raaah!" The small, but feisty and powerful for its size creature calls out towards Oak as Red observes; Oak falls backward, landing on his rear, as the creature's eyes are in the form of feral slits right now as its breathing is heavy albeit quiet. From behind it, however, Red can be heard shuffling through his pockets as the small reptile looks over towards him; its gaze calming at the sight of a small, delicately wrapped candy made of honey and nuts is in Red's hand, as he offers it to the small reptilian.

"Rah?" The creature questions, as Oak takes the chance to grab a small, red and white colored sphere from his pocket to his hand and throw it at the creature in question; the sphere opens up in half, as it sucks in the fiery reptile as a bright light into it, and then closes around it to encase it inside.

One shake, two shakes, three shakes… *click*

Oak quietly catches his breath after an intense confrontation; his clothing torn to shred in places, as Red puts the treat away in his pocket as he looks at Oak.

"Let me guess; this is the part where you take me to your lab and give me a Pokémon, correct?" Red asks incredibly bluntly in terms of wording and overall, deadpan tone, as Oak looks at him in surprise.

"I wouldn't get so cocky if I were you; I already have my grandson for that, but do you not realize how much you could have harmed yourself by going out there without any Pokémon?" Oak says to Red as he stands up to try and scold him for his recklessness; Red simply shrugs it off as his deadpan expression remains intact.

"I heard from my mom of a Charmander stealing from the neighbor's crops in search of food, particularly stealing from Daisy's honey trees in search of either honey or nuts." Red explains to Oak, as Red pulls the treat back from out of his pocket.

"I intended to lure the Charmander over to you in hopes you could deduce if anything is wrong with it or not, or even why a Charmander is found so far away from Mt. Silver." Red tells Oak further about his original plan, before putting the treat away again and looking at the Poké Ball with Charmander in it in Oak's hand. "Besides; I was honestly hoping to take Charmander for myself so long as it didn't already belong to anyone, but it appears that won't be the case." Red says to Oak, as he moves to walk back south towards his house, as Oak simply stares at him in a questioning, somewhat impressed gaze, before Oak moves to place a hand on Red's shoulder.

"Hold on." Oak interrupts Red's train of thought, "Perhaps you're more than worthy of this Charmander than you let yourself on to believe, though I want an honest answer from you, if you'll be so polite to answer an old fool like me." Oak asks of Red, as Red looks over his shoulder and looks at Oak with a questioning gaze.

"What did you plan on doing with Charmander if you were to have caught it yourself as planned?" Oak asks Red, as Red simply stares at Oak with silence; so many possibilities of what he could say to Oak in regards to possible plans, since owning Charmander would officially make him a Pokémon Trainer in some aspect no matter what he did with it. He could very easily just stay home with Charmander and raise it as a pet, and nothing more; the fierce battle instinct displayed by Charmander earlier, though, pretty much made that idea out of the question.

"I would've originally raised it as a pet, at least until I could figure out what I honestly want to do with myself in the future; seeing Charmander's battle instinct, however, I can tell that perhaps I would've became a Pokémon Trainer, if merely to sate Charmander's physical health needs and to make sure it gets the best care possible for an energetic Pokémon such as it." Red tells Oak, as Oak closes his eyes as he takes the time to think about Red's answer.

'Hmmm… I know how a colleague of mine would respond to this; he would say something along the lines of how Red could change the world with the idea of becoming a trainer, and yet, here I am wondering if-'

A loud, ringing sound coming from Oak's side catches him off guard; moving to grab it, revealing a device called a Pokégear, Oak opens it up to answer it, unprepared for what happens next.

"YO GRAMPS!" Blue's shouting can be heard over the Pokégear's transmission, as Oak simply sighs with an exasperated tone.

"Oh for the love of- Yes, Blue?" Oak asks, as Blue simply growls from his end of the call.

"Don't sass me, gramps! I've been waiting almost 10 minutes for you to get back here so I could finally get my first Pokémon!" Blue yells at the top of his lungs, before being interrupted by feminine coughing beside him, as Green clears her throat as Blue looks over his shoulder at her.

"Oh, and also; why is Green here and dressed as if looking for a prom date? Doesn't she know I don't have the time for her unless she gets a Pokémon for herself?!" Blue asks Oak, as Green simply growls in response to Blue's question.

"Well for one, you load of Tauros sh- Never mind; look, just wait patiently for Oak to get back to the lab, and maybe, just maybe, he'll be kind enough to give you your Pokémon to reward your continued patience, and just maybe I'll even let you take me out on a date if you can beat me in my first battle as well!" Green yells at Blue over the call, as Red looks at Oak all startled, as Oak looks back at him with a nod.

"Relax! Both of you! I'm coming on over right now!" Oak says as he hurriedly hangs up, before looking at Red as he gestures for him to follow, as Red acknowledges the gesture and follows Oak back towards his lab.

By the time Oak and Red arrived at the lab, Blue is busy shooting daggers through his eyes over towards an equally grumpy Green; Red simply looks incredibly bored in his expression as he stands perfectly still between the two to keep them apart, as Oak looks at the three with concern, as he lets out a sigh as before him, three spheres much like the ones he had caught Charmander in are present on a table before them.

'I just hope these three won't be the death of me…' Oak thinks to himself, as he looks at three in question. "Now then, you three all know why you're here with these Poké Balls presented to you, correct?" Oak asks, as Red, Blue, and Green focus their attention on Oak as they simultaneously nod.

"Good; then you know what awaits you next. Normally, had this been any other day, I would've allowed you to freely choose your Pokémon, but considering the incident with Red before I had gotten back, I'm allowing him the first choice. Red, you still desire that Charmander from earlier, correct?" Oak asks, as Red nods silently, as Red moves to grab the Poké Ball on the table containing it, and opening it up to reveal the Charmander from minutes ago.

Charmander sniffs the air feistily, as it looks over at Red as Red hands it the honey and seed crafted treat from earlier, as Charmander sniffs his hand before quickly moving to grab the treat in its mouth and begin munching away at it as it lets out a soothed, more cheerful hiss. Oak, as well as the curious Blue and Green, now take the chance to have a look at Charmander's oddly marked left arm.

"Hmm… What do you suppose that could be there?" Blue asks, legitimately interested in knowing, as Green nods.

"It appears to be some kind of birthmark, I'd say." Green suggests, as Oak shrugs.

"For as much as I am a Pokémon Professor, I'm afraid even I'm confused as to what this marking could be; it appears too big to be a simple birthmark, and quite frankly I don't even know why a Charmander would live so far away from Mt. Silver in the first place anyways." Oak tells the two, as Red simply nods.

"Like I said; it was trying to steal from crops and gardens prior to today, so if I were to guess, it's probably incredibly lost." Red says to Oak, as Oak sighs as he nods in confirmation.

"Honestly, that appears to be the only conclusion I can come to with this particular Charmander over any other I've seen." Oak says, as he snaps his fingers as he looks at Blue and Green to get their attention.

"Now then; I'm not going to tell you which of the remaining two is in which Poké Ball; I'm just going to have you surprise each other by whomever picks one first claiming that Poké Ball first, and no chance being given to get a different one." Oak tells the two, as Blue shoots him a glare.

"Gramps, how could you say that? I wanted to have the first choice today! You even told me I would!" Blue says to Oak, as Oak gives him a stern look, causing Blue to back down.

"Blue Oak; I did not promise that you would have the honor of the first choice, nor did you hurrying here before anyone else nor starting an argument with Green give you any such right at the moment either. Consider this a warning for the future; do not start an argument like that around me again, alright?" Oak scolds Blue, as he looks as Blue sighs and closes his eyes briefly.

"Sorry, gramps." Blue says, as he opens his eyes and grabs for the first Poké Ball he could reach the closest, and opens it to reveal a blue colored Pokémon with a brown shell and a puffed up tail, small claws on its toes and hands, and a sharp, beak-like mouth and brown eyes.

"Alright then, Squirtle, looks like you're mine." Blue says to his newly acquired Squirtle, as Green sighs as she grabs the remaining Poké Ball, opening it up and revealing a small, green colored quadruped with a massive plant bud on its backside and having red eyes and small ears.

"Alright; I'm satisfied with Bulbasaur here." Green says as she smiles brightly, as Bulbasaur jumps up and down cheerfully in response, as Oak clears his throat to catch everyone's attention.

"Now then, with that all settled, is there anything else I can help you three with? If not, I recommend taking your Pokémon through Route 1 up north to Viridian City; the exercise could do all three of you and your new Pokémon a good treatment." Oak asks before offering the suggestion, as Red, Blue, and Green look at each other and all three nod.

"Viridian City it is!" Blue says.

"I could definitely stock up on some supplies for my garden there, I guess." Green says.

"Very well, as for you, Red?" Oak says as he looks at Red, as Red very lightly gives a smile towards him before looking down at Charmander, as Charmander finishes the treat after spending a few minutes munching on it.

"I'm going to get to know you more as we head there, Charmander."

To Be Continued.