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Endeavors of the Mind

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Part One




Bakugo and Kirishima sat in the dorm lounge, each teen occupied a couch for himself. Katsuki propped his feet on the coffee table, arms extended out onto the back of the couch; Eijirou stretched out across the couch, hands folded behind his head. A martial arts movie Kirishima wanted to watch played on the large TV screen, absorbing the redhead teen into the film. Katsuki watched the scenes unfold with disinterest.

His mind was elsewhere, his thoughts were distracted by what the imminent future held. He was a bit nervous, though he hid it well. His dream of becoming the number one hero was now closer to becoming a reality than ever before; it was exhilarating. Everything was going to change drastically in such a short time. He wouldn't be a hero-in-training anymore, but a pro hero; and with that, the realization that he'd be leaving U.A to embark on a different journey: that of an independent adult.

It was almost overwhelming, but it did put things into perspective. He'd be a hero alongside Izuku, both propelling the other to strive to be his best. They'd be able to achieve their goals together, standing side by side as rivals, friends, and equals. The crimson-eyed boy found his musings leading him to envision a pair of brilliant emerald eyes and a warm smile adorning a freckled face. He felt his heart quicken in his ribcage, lips pressed into a firm line as his cheeks colored slightly.

'Fuckin' nerd.' He thought to himself. Deku was always wiggling his way into his mind, and it didn't help that his thoughts of the shorter teen had become very sexual in nature since they'd started dating. It was almost frightening to feel such intense attraction for Izuku, mostly since he'd gone most of his life denying the magnetism was there - denying he wanted to pin the nerd down and-

"You're coming down for the party tonight, right?" The redhead teen asked suddenly, turning his head to glance at Bakugo.

"Fuck no." Bakugo growled out without missing a beat, lips quickly forming his signature scowl as he was roused from his Midoriya-filled pondering.

His reply made Eijirou sit up, brows drawing together in a look of confusion. "Bro, you have to come! It'll be one of the last parties we can have before exams!"

Katsuki ground his teeth together as his blonde brows furrowed in annoyance. "I fucking know that, Hair-for-Brains! And I fucking said no already."

Kirishima threw his legs over the edge of the cushions, lips pulling down into a disapproving frown, "That's unmanly to refuse, Bakugo!"

Katsuki's carmine eyes narrowed onto the razor-toothed teen as he hissed out, "Does it look like I give a fuck, Weird Hair!"

The sharp-toothed youth was unaffected by the aggressive teen's glare. He was always undeterred by Bakugo's attitude, being friends long enough that he could look past it. It made it harder for the scarlet-eyed teen to intimidate him into leaving him alone.

"You have to come down!" Kirishima persisted, giving the explosive boy a determined look.

Bakugo could feel his temples throbbing and the beginnings of a migraine slowly forming deep in his brain. He knew from experience where this conversation was heading. For a continuous week, Kirishima took it upon himself to aggravate him about this party; time and time again, the blonde teen said no , but Eijirou was relentless and Katsuki's patience was wearing thin. Over the past few years, the blonde teen slowly learned to reign his temper, but it was still a work in progress, and best friends or not, he was itching to let loose a few explosions right now.

"Fuck no, why would I wanna spend my day with a bunch of useless fucking extras." Bakugo grunted, glowering as he threw his head back to stare vehemently at the ceiling. His fingers curled into fists against the cushions, trying to keep his palms from accidentally setting the couch on fire. Though he was accustomed to his classmates by now, that didn't mean they weren't still fucking annoying and obnoxious. If he could help it, he tried to keep from socializing with most of them outside of class. He considered some friends, but even they were barely tolerable sometimes.

"I got better things to fucking  do than hang out with you annoying fucks."

Besides, not that he'd admit it aloud, but he hoped to spend this night with Deku; so really, he already had plans, so there was no point in agreeing to come to the stupid party. He wanted to show his nerd that he was ready to take another step forward in their relationship. Until recently, the only thing they'd done was hold hands, and even then, that had taken Katsuki weeks to feel comfortable enough to initiate. He knew Izuku wanted more from him intimacy-wise, but he never pressured him about it. It made him feel like he owed the green-eyed teen something , even something as trivial as just spending a night in each other's company. He wanted the freckled boy to know he was committed, even if he didn't know how to show it outwardly.

"Bro, that's rude. Besides, it won't kill you to have a little fun and socialize with everyone! C'mon, you gotta come down!"

Bakugo gnashed his teeth together, trying his damn best to keep his temper under control, but the redheaded youth made it difficult with his tenacity. He couldn't help but snarl out a reply of, "Fuck that shit."

Kirishima let out an exasperated breath and stood from his spot on the couch, arms crossing over his torso. The blonde teen didn't have to look at him to know Eijirou was about to go on a tirade about being unmanly. But thankfully, he was spared the boring lecture as the front door burst open, diverting the razor-toothed hero's attention to their classmates sudden arrival. They started to bustle in, chatting and laughing animatedly amongst themselves as the girls quickly lead the way from the entry into the kitchen area, setting bags of groceries down on the counter.

The immediate rise in noise level made the blonde teen wish it was back to just being him and Kirishima. He'd rather be lectured about his virtues as a man than deal with all these idiots at once.

Ashido threw her bags down besides Momo and Ochako and turned her attention to the hardening hero. She jumped excitedly towards her boyfriend, tossing herself against him as her arms wrapped around his neck. Kirishima's hands settled on her hips as a warm smile spread across his lips. She smiled back before she pressed forward and captured his lips in a passionate kiss; Bakugo looked away. The blonde envied how affectionate they were and he wished he could be as open with Deku as they were to each other. They didn't hide how the felt about each other and didn't care what others thought of them. It made him feel guilty, knowing it was something Izuku wanted from their own relationship, yet Katsuki struggled to give him.

'But that's going to change,' he mentally reminded himself. He was determined to try and move their relationship along. He knew it's what Deku wanted, and he did too. He was just too afraid that he would ruin things; it's what kept him so reserved when it came to being affectionate with the green-haired teen.

The pink teen pulled away from Eijirou, amber eyes glowing excitedly as she spoke, "Eiji! You won't believe what happened!"

The hardening hero inquired, "What happened?"

"You should've tagged along, you totally missed out on witnessing Mineta get KO'd by a little girl!" Sero laughed as he strode into view with Shoji and Hagakure's floating clothes. They placed containers of drinks down on the closest table.

Mina laughed in agreement as a chuckle escaped the razor-toothed teen, "You're kidding?"

Katsuki silently stood, taking advantage of the distraction to vacate his seat and move towards the elevator for the boys' wing. He quietly strode forward, hoping to avoid being pestered by Kirishima about the party tonight. He knew the only place he'd find solace from his friend was within his room.

"It was priceless!" Denki snickered loudly, following close behind Tokoyami as he recalled the aforementioned situation. He dropped the party's plasticware onto the table.

"I wish I'd recorded it!" Jirou laughed as she began pulling items from grocery bags with Iida and Asui.

Laughter erupted from them as a bandage-wrapped Mineta whined from the back, "That's not what happened!"

Bakugo was halfway across the room before yellow eyes moved from Kirishima to land on the muscled back of the explosive youth's retreating form.

"Where are you going, Bakugo?" The acidic teen asked, drawing all eyes towards the withdrawing blonde teen.

"Oi, Bakugo, you're coming down tonight, right?" Eijirou spoke hopefully.

'Fuck.' Katsuki cursed his luck as he rubbed the muscles of his neck with exasperation. As he made it closer to the elevators, he tried steeling his nerves for the onslaught of comments he knew was about to begin.

"It'll be so fun," Uraraka beamed, "You should definitely come celebrate with us, Bakugo!"

"You gotta come down and socialize!" Hagakure exclaimed happily, the thud of her feet resounding in the kitchen as she jumped.

"C'mon, Bakugo, you have to come down," Mina remarked, pulling away from Eijirou's grasp and pointing an accusing finger towards the anti-social teen, "Or else we'll drag you down here forcefully if we have to!"

"Fuck no, Racoon Eyes," he snapped, stopping before the elevator to press on the call button. "I wanna get away from all of you annoying fucks!"

That earned him plenty of disapproving looks, but he brushed it off.

"As a soon-to-be graduate of U.A, you should refrain from using such foul language, Bakugo." Tenya reprimanded as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.

"Like I give a fuck, Four-Eyes!" The aggressive male fumed, crossing his arms over his chest as he waited for the elevator to come down.

"That's rude." Asui stated matter-of-factly, pressing her finger to her lips in her quirky manner. Uraraka shook her head in agreement, but with his back turned to them, the angry teen was oblivious.

"Shut up, Froggy," he growled out, feeling that migraine start pulsing harder in his head. He needed to be away from them; in small groups he could handle them, but the entirety of them at once was too much to bear. They were always yapping and causing an annoying commotion.

"Always so aggressive," Tokoyami spoke; most of the class nodded in agreement.

"Typical Bakugo for ya," Sero chimed, shrugging his shoulders before returning his attention to removing their purchases from plastic bags, "If he wasn't, it'd be super weird."

"Shut the fuck up, Soy Sauce Face! You too, Bird Face!"

"So angry!" Hagakure giggled, her clothes floating as she placed the cold items Hanta handed her into the fridge.

"Like Sero said: that's Bakugo." Jirou agreed, helping organize their food.

'How long is this fucking elevator gonna take? Could've taken the damn stairs and reached my fucking room quicker!' He tapped his foot impatiently, wondering why they all had to put in their two cents to something that didn't concern them. He was resisting as hard as he could to not blow them all up to smithereens - could already feel his palms perspiring in violent anticipation.

"Moody as always." Kaminari commented with a shake of his head.

The veins along Bakugo's temples pulsed as he turned to face his roommates. His hands stretched out on either side, explosions dancing on his palms, crimson eyes glaring murderously at his classmates. They were annoying, very fucking annoying, and he didn't want to spend his last free day at U.A surrounded by them! He barked out, "Fuck you, you useless extras! I'm not fucking moody!"

Mina, Denki, Hanta and Ochako laughed at Katsuki's outburst, being close enough friends to know he wouldn't harm them for it, while Kirishima gave him a disapproving frown; everyone else merely ignored his tantrum, too accustomed to his fits to care; Mineta however, cowered behind Tsuyu.

Kirishima heaved a weary sigh as he folded his arms across his torso, "You're so unmanly sometimes, Bakugo."

The elevator chimed and the doors opened. Katsuki flipped them all off, infamous sneer on his lips as he shuffled in angrily, one hand shoved into his pocket.

"Fuck you, Broomstick!" He seethed, middle finger still raised as the steel doors closed shut slowly. He pressed the button for his floor as he glared out at his roommates. It was only then that he realized Deku wasn't among them. His blonde brows furrowed as he wondered where his nerdy boyfriend could be right now.




Katsuki laid back in his bed, one arm bent behind his head as the other clutched his phone to his chest. It was almost two hours since his classmates came back from their group outing. Deku looked forward to helping set up the party with his friends before they did their own thing, but the party was already starting down below...

His scarlet eyes turned to glance out the window, noticing the sun was starting to set, its orange glow spilling into his room. It would be dark soon...

And still Izuku hadn't come back yet...

"Could've sent me a fucking text, stupid Deku.”

The blonde teen grit his teeth as he stared blankly at the ceiling, wondering what was taking him forever. The green-eyed hero insinuated that he wanted to spend their last free day together, so why didn't he come back with their roommates?

"What the fuck, Deku?" Bakugo murmured to himself, voice unusually soft and lacking its normal gruffness. He didn't want to think about it, but it worried him. And though he tried to resist, along with his worry, he felt doubt. It caused a pang of hurt to swell in his chest. Perhaps Deku didn't actually want to spend this night with him...

Expelling a restless growl, he typed out a quick text.




Shoto and Izuku sat in silence on the bus, setting sun casting an amber glow on them. It would be dark by the time they made it back to the dorms, and the party would already be in full swing too.

"Thanks for coming with me. I appreciate it, Todoroki," the freckled teen grinned at his stoic friend, green eyes shining brightly like precious gems, "And sorry! I hadn't expected to take so long! I hope Yaoyorozu isn't upset by it."

The dual elemental youth gave a shrug of his shoulders as he replied, "It's fine. She also thought I should come along with you."

Midoriya had other reasons for wanting to go on this outing with his friends today, and he was secretly glad Kacchan decided not to join. Izuku's emerald gaze turned from his friend to the object he cradled gently in his hands. His smile turned more thoughtful as he spoke, "Perhaps, but still - you're missing out on spending time with her and the party 'cuz of me..."

Once they'd finished shopping for the party, Midoriya excused himself from his friends. He didn't want to split off from them, but he had to pick up a package two cities over. The two-toned teen decided to accompany him, even though the viridian-eyed boy told him it wasn't necessary; still, Shoto insisted and Deku relented. He was thankful for his company, and in the end, it meant he didn't have to wait for the busses alone.

"Don't worry about it. Momo will be fine without me for a while."

The younger teen smiled fondly at the icy-hot hero. Deku hoped to have a relationship like Todoroki and Yaoyorozu. They were attuned to what the other felt and wanted without ever even speaking out loud. They spoke through their actions and with their eyes alone. He aspired to have that with Kacchan one day.

'I really hope he likes it,' Izuku prayed as he turned his attention to his lap. He fidgeted with the box in his hands, fingers nervously picking at the tape keeping the edges of the red wrapping paper flat. It would've been near impossible to pick anything up for the vermillion-eyed teen if he'd actually decided to be social and come along; the blonde would've stuck to his side like glue, not that Izuku would've really minded on any other occasion, but it would've hindered him in his quest to pick up Kacchan's present.

He hadn't bought a gift for Kacchan in years , so he wasn't quite sure the bomber teen would even like what he picked out for him. It made him anxious wondering whether he'd rebuff the gift or accept it. He chewed on his lips apprehensively, stomach doing somersaults. He wanted Kacchan to truly like the gift.

"I'm sure Bakugo will like the gift, Midoriya." Todoroki reassured, easily able to decipher the shorter teen's thoughts. 

Shoto knew about Midoriya and Bakugo's relationship, but understood it was the couple's decision whether to be public about it. Izuku appreciated that more than he could ever convey; by keeping his silence, it didn't force Bakugo into a difficult situation. He wanted Kacchan to choose when he was ready for the world to know, and he'd decided to wait until after graduation; Midoriya was fine with that.

 The heterochromatic boy gave the soft-spoken teen a small smile, and Izuku returned it in kind.

"I hope you're right," Deku murmured softly, freckled cheeks turning pink as his thoughts turned to his childhood friend. They'd been dating in secret a little over four months now, and not once during that time did Midoriya get Kacchan a gift;  it made it seem that much more special to him, that much more important to be a gift Kacchan would desire.

The freckled teen found himself chewing on his lip again, lost in thought about his relationship with the blonde. It was still mindblowing to him that Kacchan returned his feelings. After all those years he spent trying to get the explosive boy to acknowledge him - to be his friend again; it was hard to believe they'd regained their friendship, much less having it turn romantic. It was something he'd always wanted, but never imagined would actually happen. 

It was all still so new... still so surreal... 

Kacchan was his .

Izuku's phone vibrated in his pocket and it pulled him from his thoughts.

"It's Kacchan!"

Shoto gave a knowing smirk as he shook his head, "Speak of the devil."

Midoriya set his gift down on his lap and took his phone out of his pocket. He opened the text and silently read to himself.

'You didn't fucking come back with everyone else.. and it's been a fucking while since you left, you shit. Let me know you're okay and not dead in a fucking ditch, useless nerd.'

A smile touched Izuku's lips as he read it, reading between the lines, knowing Bakugo was worried about him. Though Katsuki never shook off his rough standoffish attitude, constant profanity or brutish behavior, over the years the crimson-eyed teen had matured. A complex being hid beneath his aggressive personality; one Izuku had the privilege of discovering more personally. He no longer had to hide in the shadows and admire him from afar; he was allowed to see him at his best and most vulnerable in a much more intimate manner. The green-haired hero's heart began to pulse a little faster.

Deku typed out his reply and hit send, the smile never leaving his face.

'Sorry, Kacchan! I had an important errand to run, and I sort of lost track of time! I didn't mean to worry you so much! We're heading back now, so I'll see you soon!'

"Is Bakugo being a jerk like usual?" Shoto inquired, watching the emerald-eyed teen's face.

"No. He's just worried about me," Deku responded, turning towards Todoroki to expose him to his dazzling smile.

Shoto gave Midoriya a strange look before turning away, "I see."

His phone went off again, and Izuku returned his attention to his boyfriend's text.

'Well, I'm glad you're at least not fucking dead - a text would've been nice though, you nerd! But what the fuck? We have fucking plans tonight, don't we, Deku? Did you really have to do fuck knows what today of all fucking days?'

Midoriya's brows drew together as he sent out his reply. He could tell the blonde hero was both upset and angry.

'Sorry I worried you, Kacchan - and I didn't think it'd be such a big deal. Besides, it was important and had to be done today! I'm on my way back now though. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.'

The older teen turned to look at the shorter boy quizzically, his dual colored eyes piercing into him. "Is something wrong, Midoriya?"

"I-it's nothing," the emerald-eyed boy chuckled.

Todoroki continued to pin him with a hard stare, and the younger teen tried avoiding Shoto's heterochromatic gaze as his freckled cheeks tinged pink in embarrassment. He started to wave his hands around in his flustered manner, "It's just Kacchan... h-he's kinda angry now. We had plans tonight, I guess he thinks I might've bailed."

Izuku stopped flailing his hands, fingers dropping and clenching against the gift nestled in his lap. He felt a slight heaviness in his heart. The fact that he inadvertently hurt Kacchan's feelings weighed on him. He didn't want Bakugo to feel as though he were last priority, but how could he explain that he needed to pick up his gift without ruining the surprise?

His phone rang; it was Bakugo again.

'What the fuck ever, Deku. I don't give a fuck! Don't fucking bother, just keep doing whatever the fuck you want, you useless fuck.'

Midoriya heaved a deep sigh. His lips pulling into a frown as he wrote out his text. He hoped to appease his boyfriend's wrath even a slight bit.

'Please don't be angry, Kacchan!'

"Oh… Well, perhaps an apology will help," the scarred boy simply stated, eyes locked onto the green-haired teen, "Assure him that you weren't avoiding your plans."

"I hope a simple apology will work. But, this is Kacchan were talking about," Izuku murmured, a nervous chuckle escaping him. He doubted simple words would have much of an effect on Kacchan - being a man of action rather than words. He needed to think of what he could do when he met up with him. What could possibly placate the blonde hero's ire?

"Perhaps a more physical approach?"

The stoic hero's comment pulled Midoriya from his thoughts as a look of confusion spread across his freckled face. He blinked, turning to glance at his two-toned friend, head cocked to the side in an innocent fashion. "Do you mean we should spar it out? You think that will work, Todoroki?"

Todoroki shook his head. "Never mind. Don't worry about it, Midoriya. I'm sure you'll figure something out."

Deku gave him a curious look, brows knitting together questioningly, but he let the matter drop; he had other things to think about. He could see U.A just beyond as the sun dropped behind the horizon. The closer they got, the quicker he needed to think about a plan, and so his mind raced. He didn't want the explosive hero to be mad at him the entire night, especially so close to graduation; he needed a way to quickly defuse his anger. He wouldn't be able to focus on studying and trying to find a way of patching things with his boyfriend while  juggling exams all at once. He couldn't risk failing and not graduating with Kacchan!

Shoto eyed him from his peripherals  and gave a soft smile, listening to the younger boy's murmuring.

"Graduation," Izuku whispered, mind stopping mid-tirade,  silencing his muttering. He couldn't believe he was about to graduate from U.A and become a real pro hero. His dream was about to be realized, and even better, he was going to achieve his goal alongside Kacchan. He'd finally caught up, and the blonde finally acknowledged him as a friend, a rival, and more importantly, as an equal

They would enter the world of pro heroes together...

Stars danced in his jade depths, mind susurrating, 'We'll be heroes!’

And of course they’d be entering the world of independent adults, too; that would also bring about enormous change!

He thought more about Bakugo, wondering how different their lives would be now that they were together. Would they find an apartment together or live separately? His mind continued to race, pondering about their roles in each other's lives before it turned to focus solely on Katsuki; he thought about his fiery ruby eyes, his soft blonde hair and his firm lips. Izuku's cheeks flooded with color, mind trailing further still, recalling Kacchan's large hands, his muscled arms, broad shoulders, his defined chest and chiseled abs. He bit his lip hard, pulling his mind from its own thoughts before they headed straight for the gutter. He shut his emerald eyes and shook his head, trying to clear those sexy images. He didn't want to think about Katsuki like that. It was too soon to expect that from Kacchan and he knew the blonde wasn't ready for anything like that yet anyways, even if his own hormone riddled mind hadn't stopped obsessing about it since middle school, so he shouldn't torture himself imagining things that wouldn't happen. Besides, he was sure if the crimson-eyed teen found out, he'd be livid with embarrassment.

'Kacchan,' he thought wistfully, opening his eyes, hands once more picking up the wrapped box, fingers tracing across it's glossy surface.

His phone buzzed once again with Katsuki's reply.

'Fuck you, you shitty nerd! Go fucking die!'

Midoriya sighed heavily. Now he knew for sure Kacchan was gonna be angry when he finally saw him. He released another sigh, lips formed a pout as he stared out the window. He really hoped he was able to soothe Bakugo's anger somehow..