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Lies and Sweet Nightmares

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Dipper didn't know what else to do, but he needed to speak with the time police.

They had no power anymore since the time baby was gone and rules don't exist, but he has to find a way to send something into the past.

In his hand, he held a parcel and letter he wrote just moments before.

Of course, he couldn't keep it secret from Bill, but he didn't have too.

Pyronica and Amorphous shape came with him so that no harm would come to him.

Bill did not like it when he was unsupervised even if he could take care of himself.

He and Bill made a deal years ago when all of this started.

Dipper wanted his family to come to no harm and would do anything the demon wanted. Bill through did end up taking the deal.

Mabel was back in a bubble. Ford and Stan managed to escape their safe haven.

Bill ordered that they should not be harmed, but he could not promise much now that they have gone.

Ford was eventually found and locked in the same bubble as Mabel was. The security of it got increased to make sure they weren't harmed.

They had no idea where Stan was or how they got separated as Ford would not speak.

Dipper hated that Ford wouldn't speak to him, but he came to the conclusion that the man was disgusted with what happened to his nephew.

His nephew was gone instead there was this creature that betrayed him.

Dipper did not blame him he couldn't.

He was no longer human. His eyes were completely gone instead there was a blindfold with one of Cipher´s eyes on it.

Dipper first found it overwhelming to see using Bill´s eyes, and he had to rely on them.
Even if he got too overwhelmed he would remove the blindfold. His teeth were now razor sharp and his ears pointy.

The ears reminded him of the time he and Ford were turned into playing figures.

The thing he had to get used to the most there the wings on his lower back and the outfits.

Oh, god, the outfits. Often Mayan or Egyptian outfits or anything Bill decided looked good.

Also, Gold was really heavy in large amounts.

He lifted up his arm hoping he could see anything in front of him using the cipher circle scared into his lower arm.

He looked around hoping he could talk to Blendin or anyone from the time police that somehow was left.

Surely enough they did end up finding Blendin. Dipper through unsure why ordered Pyronica to capture him, so he may talk to the man.

Once Dipper approached him Blendin stopped and actually recognizing him?

Dipper looked back behind him there was the woman that was with them the whole time, whose idea this was.

He nodded and she walked to him.


“Blendin I want to ask you a favor. Please give this my past self-preferable during the time paradox where we first met “.

Blendin was skeptical of course.

“It would end up another time paradox and even if you ended up changing something when what you're still stuck in this timeline”.

“Blendin please!” Dipper begged him to do a small thing." Not to mention I would get in trouble with the Timebaby of that timeline”.

The woman spoke up before Dipper.

“No you won't Timebaby doesn't want to die and it has been a suggestion by the Axolotl. Time baby and Axolotl have been allies”.

“This timeline can't be changed but another version of us might be in more luck” Dipper explained.

Blendin nodded taking the Letter and packet running off timetape already in hand.

Dipper turned to the woman smiled before leaving, if anything did change she would inform him.

Of course, he himself won't see any change. The future was set in stone for this universe.

But another him might have a better life with his family and friends.