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Percy Went Where?

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Percy woke up with Annabeth cuddled into his side. They were still in the private room that they had found last night. He sighed and looked around at the cushioned floor they had fallen asleep on. He just really hoped no one had noticed they weren’t there. He turned toward her gently shaking her awake. “Annabeth?”

She groaned turning to see him. “Did Frank come in again?”

He laughed at her brushing some hair from her face. “No Wise girl. But he will come searching soon with everyone else if we don’t get up soon.”

Annabeth sat up looking at Percy’s face. She used her thumb to wipe the corner of his lip and made a face like she’d just drank from the Phlegeton again. “Wash your face. There’s dried drool on it Seaweed brain.”

He shoved her as he climbed up and she laughed leaning on the floor before climbing up and running after him. Together they ran into the hall and both into their rooms before anyone saw them disheveled and in the same clothes as last night. Annabeth reached her room first. Sadie groaned and turned over. She looked up at Annabeth and grinned evilly. “So… how did you sleep?”

“Shut up,” Annabeth told her getting new clothes and putting them on. Sadie laughed as she got up and started to press Annabeth for more details.

Meanwhile Percy was slamming the door to his room where Magnus was coming out of the bathroom and Carter was going through his magician’s bag. Both looked up at him. Magnus growled looking at Percy. “Where’s Annabeth?”

Percy stopped looking sheepish. “She’s in her room Magnus. I swear it was nothing…”

“It better not have been anything,” Magnus said. “You guys are unbearably cute and I don’t want to have to break you up.”

“Dude…” Carter said looking at him. “Just don’t…”

“Nah,” Percy shook his head as he pulled on a new shirt. “It’s fine. Magnus just likes to watch other couples cause he hasn’t made his own mood on Alex yet.”

Magnus scoffed and turned away. Carter was laughing at him and Magnus pushed him back onto his bed as he passed. He looked at Percy. “I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Even if I did then I wouldn’t talk. From what everyone’s been saying in there you and Annabeth continued being idiots around each other for almost four years.”

“Not saying you should take lessons for me,” Percy said. “Or maybe you should seeing as your cousin is actually my girlfriend.”

Magnus shoved him and Carter laughed harder as he followed Magnus outside. Percy yelped telling them to wait and not say anything as he ran out. He walked into to breakfast behind Magnus and Carter who were laughing with each other. Annabeth was already there in a discussion with Sam. She smiled up at him and he felt his grin grow wider.

Soon enough everyone was at breakfast eating and laughing. Even Nico was in a much better mood now blushing and rolling his eyes with Will’s ever other gesture. Leo was sitting next to Jason and Piper like old times talking animatedly while Calypso was sitting nearby them talking to Hazel and Frank. Percy slid in next to them.

Piper stopped talking and looked up at Jason who she was still leaning on because of their dare. She whispered to him and he looked at Percy. “Piper wants me to tell you she just heard something interesting from Sadie…”

“Magnus said something too,” Leo said. Then he saw Annabeth glaring at him from across the room. “I’m going to shut up now before your girlfriend kills me.”

Percy rolled his eyes at the friend. “We just fell asleep while talking again.”

“I’m not believing that this time,” Frank told him. “No way.”

“Will you all just shut up about it?” Percy complained. “I mean why concentrate on Annabeth’s relationship with me when you all have your own.”

“Dude,” Jason pointed out. “We’re literally watching movies about your life. We kind of want to know everything about it. It’s like following your favorite characters relationships. You just can’t stop.”

Percy shook his head then groaned. “Oh, why did it have to be before this quest? I mean, of all the drama…”

Then he met Calypso’s eyes. She was looking away. Everyone noticed and Hazel’s face grew concerned. “Is everything alright Calypso?”

“Yes,” Calypso said with a sad smile looking up. She reached for Leo’s hand. “It is now.”

Percy looked at her apologetically. The rest of the seven looked at him, besides Annabeth not a lot knew that he’d been at Calypso’s island and that he’d almost stayed. The seven knew they had met but not all the details. He sighed. “About it all…”

“It is fine Percy,” she said. “We both have found our own ways. I am off my Island with my own hero.”

Percy shook his head. “You’ll see. You should still be upset with me…. I don’t know how I forgot, gods… I…”

“Whatever it is dude she said she doesn’t care,” Leo said. “Plus sunshine and I are just fine. Like she said she’s off Ogygia and you and Annabeth, well, you two are literally couple goals.”

“Couple goals?” Hazel asked. “I still don’t understand that.”

“You don’t need to,” Percy told her. “But it will come up Calypso. You should have the warning.”

“I don’t mind people seeing my past or why I am here,” she said soothingly. Leo grinned at her and Piper nudged him winking. He shoved her into Jason who laughed. Frank was rolling his eyes as Hazel giggled and Percy couldn’t but join Jason in laughing. Calypso was right. Both of them were right where they belonged, what if’s or not.

Thalia pushed her plate forward twenty minutes later. “I don’t know about you but I’m ready to see this. I actually have no clue what happened on this quest. Annabeth and Percy wouldn’t spill a thing.”

Annabeth rolled her eyes. “Yeah because we told you what you needed to know.”

“Apparently the fates think we need to know a whole lot more than what you told us,” Clarisse said. “Not a bad thing. I have a lot more black mail on you and Prissy now.”

“Um.. Clarisse?” Percy said rubbing the back of his head.

“What?” she yelled spinning on him raising a fist. She wasn’t really threatening him he could tell.

“You’re kind of in this one too. And the next one, and there might be something in between, remember?”

She growled at him. “You just had to help me.”

Percy shrugged. “I’m pretty sure without a few exceptions there will be something on every person here. Most of you later on, like Carter and Sadie. I haven’t even met you yet Magnus.”

“You think they’ll show us the future?” Annabeth asked him. “The fates I mean.”

Rachel’s eyes widened. “I don’t think they’d do that. At least not enough of the future to affect anything. Plus we have at least a year more of adventures before we get to that stuff. So we should probably start so you can all see me save Percy’s butt at least three more times.”

Percy groaned as he followed everyone into the viewing room and sat down. Why did they have to watch the quest with all the relationship drama? He didn’t want Annabeth trying to kill him for it again. He’d thought they were past it. He might have three girls teaming up to kill him soon enough. The groan turned into a chuckle as an image of the three girls back to back with a blue hairbrush, a drakon bone sword/bronze dagger and ball of thread formed in his head.