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Golden Sirah

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The sky was always dark.

The first thing Jimin had noticed upon arriving in Aldair was how the sky was dark despite how his tablet’s clock - which was set on Aldair’s time zone - said it was still too early. It was an intense blue color over his head, full of silver and golden spots that he knew were stars or other planets of the same galaxy, and Jimin still had a hard time trying to look away from it because it was a breathtaking sight.

He soon learned that the planet’s sky was always dark colored, no matter the time. In the early hours of the morning he could see purple hues if he looked up, painted almost pink on the horizon. The sky grew dark from then on until it was a deep midnight blue. It was incredibly different from the always gray sky Jimin had been used to seeing back at Earth, which hadn’t been of a cerulean blue shade for decades. The streets of Aldair were always illuminated, the light getting stronger as time went by to keep up with the changes of the sky, and it had been difficult to adapt at first, the sensation of living a night that never ended bothering Jimin to no end for over a month.

But it eventually got easier. Jimin learned to read the small changes in the sky and to identify which time of the day it was based on that. He accepted any help he could get from the Aldairians to get used to not only the sky but everything that was different from his own dying planet.

Aldair was in a galaxy close to the Milky Way - the Ordarium galaxy - and it was a planet bigger and healthier than Earth. The first contact between the planets happened over a thousand years ago and now the Earth’s population was finally starting to migrate to Aldair. The planet had the perfect environment for Earthlings to live as well as a culture that wasn’t too different, and it was easy for the two of them to find a balance.

Now, two years after arriving in the planet, Jimin was confident that he was completely used to everything around him. Truth be told, it had taken him a while to stop feeling the urge to stare at every new bit of information. Such things as the sky, which was so different from Earth’s; the big and impressive plants that could be seen spread around the city; their technology that was developed from the Celsthite, their most precious mineral which was also what Aldair used to create their energy; and the planet’s natives. It had been hard to not stare at their pointed ears, tails, and at their sirahs - the drawings that ran all over their bodies.

The awe Jimin used to feel every time he saw one of them, who looked like a fairy tale character who jumped straight out of a book, eventually died down and he barely blinked at the sight of colored skin and moving tails. But now, standing in front of the counter of a small electronics repair shop that had just opened close to his workplace, Jimin was having a hard time trying to force his tongue to unglue itself from the roof of his mouth for him to start speaking, which he was failing miserably to do. He had put his tablet on the countertop when he was still waiting for the clerk to leave the back of the shop and when the Aldairian had walked through the door and in the counter’s direction Jimin had gulped and stared, glad his hands were free because he was sure he could have dropped his tablet to the floor.

And now there he was, watching the Aldairian standing in front of him. The guy was looking to Jimin and back at the tablet the Earthling had placed on the countertop beforehand. Repeatedly. He had a bored and slightly irritated expression on his face as he waited impatiently for Jimin to explain what his problem was. Jimin was sure the guy had spoken something upon entering the room but if he was honest, his brain didn’t really register anything.

In his defense, Jimin had never seen an Aldairian as gorgeous as the one in front of him. And he had never functioned all that well in front of pretty people. It wouldn’t be any different just because this pretty person had a catlike tail and marks on his skin.

And oh, heavens. His sirah. They weren’t big and dark colored as most Aldairians’. No, the patterns were thin and delicate, golden drawings on his temple, cheeks and on the side of his necks. Jimin could see his marks on the back of his hands and he knew it spread all over his body: on his arms, back and legs. But he refused to think about how the swirling drawings must have looked like on the skin that was covered. He’d rather not go there.

Jimin took a deep breath to clear his mind, or at least try to, and finally opened his mouth to speak.

“Hi, uh,” He cleared his throat when his voice sounded higher than normal, “It’s my tablet.” He pointed a finger at the object, doing his best to look into the clerk’s eyes. “It’s Earth’s technology and I’ve had it for four years. It’s outdated but it was working just fine until two days ago.” He watched as the other nodded encouragingly, taking the object in his hands to watch it closer. He clicked on the power button and the screen lit up, but not entirely. Jimin pointed at the dark lines in the bottom of the screen. “It was just one at first. But then more lines started appearing.” He sighed. “I know it’s old but I wanted to know if there’s anything that can be done before I start looking for a new one.”

Aldair used a mix of Strouter’s, Earth’s, and their own technology to produce their electronics. The result of the partnership between the three planets was also what allowed Jimin’s gadgets from Earth to work without a hitch. The Earthling knew that the electronics produced and sold in Aldair had a higher quality if compared to the ones he had brought with him. However, not only was the interface was a little unfamiliar to Jimin, which was his own fault for refusing to let go of his old tablet sooner, but it was also expensive. Jimin was hoping his old tablet could be repaired to last enough for him to look for a good new one to buy that wouldn’t cost him an eye.

The Aldairian nodded once more after Jimin finished explaining his problem and ran his fingers on the screen, swiping from a page to another and going through the basic apps available.

“I can’t fix the damaged pixels,” He started talking, his deep voice sounding more than just a little pleasant to Jimin’s ears. He talked about some technical things Jimin didn’t understand all that well, so he just nodded along. “ even if it’s impossible to have it back, I can contain it so it will not spread all over the screen. But I need to warn you that it won’t last long. This is an old little thing.”

Jimin nodded with a sigh.

“I just want it to function until I can buy a new one. I can’t afford to be without a tablet.”

“That I can do.” He pulled a drawer and took a piece of paper from it, where he wrote down how much the repair would cost for Jimin, who looked at it for a while before nodding.

Jimin had been happy and relieved when a coworker told him that the shop close to the Principal’s building repaired not only Aldairian gadgets but Earthling electronics too. The price was within his expectations, so he paid without a problem. When the clerk reached his hand out to take Jimin’s money, the Earthling glimpsed at the sirah in the back of the Aldairian’s hands, not being able to stop himself. He had only heard about golden sirahs and it was his first time actually seeing it in person. And not only the drawings were mesmerizing but the man was incredibly pretty, with or without his sirah. Paired with a small nose, sharp eyes, and pouty lips, the golden drawings made him look almost ethereal.

After he had Jimin’s money and tablet, the Aldairian sent him a smile that looked much too forced.

“Anything else?” He asked after handing Jimin his receipt, his eyes narrowing in a warning that Jimin didn’t really understand, maybe because he was too busy trying to not zone out again at the pleasant sound of the other’s voice.

“No, that’s all. When can I get my tablet back?”

Jimin once again had the impression the guy relaxed a little but didn’t have time to dwell on it because the clerk was giving him the date.

It was safe to say Jimin would be coming back to that store every time something broke.







The Aldairian clerk wasn’t someone easy to talk to, Jimin soon discovered. During all the times Jimin tried to start some sort of conversation - which weren’t all that many, given that he needed an excuse to go to the shop and he didn’t have as many malfunctional gadgets as he would have liked - he either arched an eyebrow without saying a word as if he was daring Jimin to say anything more or, which was the best case scenario, he gave monosyllabic answers, clearly not intending to indulge him in small talk.

And Jimin just lowered his head with his cheeks burning a little in embarrassment and walked away from the counter. No matter how many times he tried talking to him, he would never force his presence on him when it was clearly unwelcomed.

He just couldn’t stop trying every time he entered the shop, wondering if that was the day the Aldairian would give him a real smile and answer him with something more than ‘yeah’.

He set his beer down on one of the tables of the bar he liked to go to, the one who sold Earthling beer - among other things -, and let himself fall on the chair with a sigh. He pursed his lips as he watched the condensation on the glass, pondering if it was time for him to stop it all. It had been a month since he first saw the man and he had visited the shop at least once every week. He didn’t even have a good reason to be there anymore and he was sure the clerk was already aware of that as well. He feared he was starting to turn into one of those annoying insistent types and that wasn’t something Jimin wanted. He really wanted to get to know the Aldarian more but if he didn’t want to, Jimin couldn’t just continue to impose his company the way he had been trying to do.

He grabbed the bottle and took a small swing of it, humming under his breath when the liquid went down his throat. The amount of money Jimin was spending monthly to afford the overpriced Earthling beverage on the weekends was starting to make him want to cry but he had always loved a good cold beer too much to just give it up. It was refreshing and relaxing after a long week of work and there weren’t that many human items being sold in Aelhill, the city Jimin lived in, especially not food. Jimin had come to appreciate Aldairian food just like he got used to its clothes and costumes, but he still missed certain human luxuries that just didn't arrive in Aldair yet. Jimin doubted they would ever, as the transportation costs were too high. He was already glad he had found a place to drink a beer, even if it was way more expensive compared to what he used to pay back in Earth. It was turning into one of his favorite places to relax because they not only had a big variety of drinks, but the food was good and the environment was quiet.

Jimin looked at the door, watching people walking inside and out, his mind drifting on its ow back to the clerk. He always tried not to stare but sometimes it was impossible not to watch him as he analyzed whatever problem Jimin brought to him; he was just too beautiful and his movements were too grateful for Jimin not to do it.

When the same Aldairian who was on Jimin’s mind entered the bar, Jimin thought for a brief moment that he was hallucinating. The man looked around the place, his eyes widening a little when his gaze fell on Jimin.  He tilted his head to the side and his face lit up slightly in recognition, and it was in that moment that Jimin understood that he was indeed seeing him there.

It was the first time Jimin saw him without a counter hiding him from the waist down. He was wearing a red blouse with the first two knots untied and hanging loose - Jimin had taken some time to get used to the knots used in place of buttons but he was long over it -, his brown leather pants hugged his hips nicely but they weren’t too tight around his legs, looking comfortable instead of restricting. His blouse was tucked inside the pants and he had a belt wrapped around the waistband of it, the long edges of it falling on his right side, almost reaching his knees. It was simple attire and it would have been similar to what Jimin himself would wear if he had a coat over it all, but he still looked stunning in it.

There was a movement behind him that attracted Jimin’s eyes and there was his tail, dark golden, thin and smooth like leather, moving languidly behind him as he walked.

Jimin looked down at his beer bottle after a few more seconds, feeling a little too shy to keep staring at him. He drank it slowly, taking small sips and staring at the brown wooden surface of his table. He was so focused on it, so lost in thoughts, that he didn’t hear the approaching steps, startling when a plate of small round cakes was placed in front of him. Jimin had tasted them before and knew the herbal flavor of the loaves of bread was heavenly. He hadn't ordered them, though, so he blinked twice before looking up, his eyes widening a little at the sight of the Aldairian from the electronics shop in front of him.

“An offering for you to let me share your table.” The Aldairian said with a small smirk tugging at the right corner of his lips.

Jimin opened and closed his mouth thrice before he looked around and verified that there wasn’t any other free table available.

“Sure!” He winced at the volume of his voice and licked his lips before trying again. “Be my guest,” Jimin said, pointing at the empty chair in front of him.

The Aldairian nodded his head and sat down.

“They’re good to make people a little bit sober after drinking too much.” He pushed the plate closer to Jimin at the same time he took a swing of the drink he had bought for himself, a clear glass filled to the half with a dark liquid Jimin recalled being one of Aldair’s most popular alcoholic drinks, very similar to Earthling whiskey. “But they’re also tasty. So, enjoy.”

“Uhm.” Jimin grabbed one bread from the basket and glanced at the man before taking a bite of it. “Are you sure I don’t owe you anything for this?”

The Aldairian watched him for a little too long to be comfortable and Jimin was shifting uncomfortably on his chair by the time he answered.

“How about a favor?” He smiled at Jimin’s wide eyes and tilted his head to the side. “I can ask for it anytime, so always be on alert, rosy cheeks.”

Jimin felt his face burn slightly with the nickname, which made the Aldairian chuckle softly before taking some bread for himself. Jimin looked down at the one he had in his hands and took another bite of it, chewing with a hum, trying to hide the red he knew was painting his cheeks.

The night looked that much better now.







When Jimin got his current job two years ago, he knew it would be tiring but he never regretted it. The weeks right after he arrived on the planet were difficult ones. Jimin was in one of the first space buses that left Earth to Aldair, so there hadn’t been a strong Earthling support in the planet yet which meant Jimin, and everyone else that came with him, didn’t really have anywhere to look for help when feeling completely lost. As soon as Jimin had heard the news about an Earthling base being built close to the bus station, a couple of months after his arrival, he applied for a job there.

Now, Jimin was responsible for receiving the Earthlings who arrived in Aldair each month, analyzing if they needed help with the language or not, and writing down the contact of the ones who could use a lesson or two. Aldairian wasn’t hard to speak, but Jimin knew how difficult it was to learn a new language, especially when there was the pressure of needing to be fluent in it as soon as possible. He had been nervous when he started working because he had never been a teacher back when he still lived on Earth; but, he discovered that it came easily for him, to teach people Aldairian.

He had just dismissed the group of people that had arrived earlier that day after having given them the address of their assigned homes, a list of names and addresses saved in his tablet. Half of the people who were in the last bus from Earth would be coming back to the base the next day for Aldairian classes with Jimin, some of them barely speaking the basic words. It was more than Jimin was used to having in a classroom and he would have to make sure the classes weren’t too crowded for when the next bus arrived in a few weeks.

He lifted his arms over his head, groaning lowly at the stretch, as he wondered if the Northern base, which was newer than the one Jimin worked at - known as the Principal -, would be able to receive a few of the humans that would be arriving, in case many of them needed Aldairian lessons. The Principal had welcomed a group of ten Earthlings that came from the Northern three months ago, after all, so Jimin didn’t think they would deny his request if it really was necessary.

But Jimin was free for the day and he pulled his coat closed before wrapping the belt around his waist. The black of it contrasted against the light brown of his coat but Jimin liked the combination. He started walking down the street in the direction of the building he lived in, watching as Aldairians and Humans mingled together. Some were walking to their destination, like Jimin, and others unloading the buses that were all around the station. It was an interplanetary station so the content being handled was mostly Earth’s; Food, medicine, researches, and drinks.

Jimin knew he was right when he saw a familiar figure supervising the load of one of the buses that were being put in front of him. He had a tablet in his hands and he wrote something down with a magnetic pen every time he checked the information taped on the boxes. It was the pretty clerk from the electronics repair shop Jimin always frequented and it didn’t take much for him to assume the boxes had all kinds of gadgets’ pieces and tools.

Jimin stopped walking and watched him for a while, trying to decide if it was a good idea to approach him. Maybe some other time Jimin would have just shaken his head and walked away, but the smile and the pet name he had given Jimin a couple of nights ago were fueling his courage. Jimin took a deep breath and let it out noisily before starting to walk in his direction.

The Aldairian was wearing an open coat, the cloth hanging loose on his frame, with his usual leather pants and knee length boots, similar to the ones Jimin himself was wearing. The tip of his tail was swinging slightly, almost brushing the ground, and it was the first time the Earthling noticed how long it actually was. It was slightly curled but if relaxed, it would drag against the ground. It looked smooth and its texture was very similar to the leather of his pants, only of a lighter shade, given its dark golden color.

He frowned and raised his head when Jimin was a few feet away from him. His posture changed when he recognized him, and Jimin couldn’t help but like the way his shoulders and expression relaxed. The relieved expression didn’t last long, however, because soon he smirked, turning to fully face Jimin. His tail moved softly once before keeping still again.

“Well, if it isn’t rosy cheeks.” Jimin bit his inner cheeks at the loud voice that managed to attract some curious glances, trying not to be flustered by the nickname. He smiled (and maybe it was a little more awkward than he wanted) and stopped at a comfortable distance from the other, just close enough for them to talk without needing to speak too loud to be heard. He was thinking about what to answer but his mind went blank when the Aldairian angled his head to the side and watched Jimin with amusement. “I suppose you have business here, too?” His shoulders shook a little with a short and silent laughter, “That or you’re following me, and I’d rather think better of you, so don’t disappoint me.”

Jimin widened his eyes at that despite knowing deep down that it was just a joke at his expense, which was made clear by the smile still playing on the other’s lips. Jimin had seen the Aldairian acting defensive before and it was completely different than how he was acting at the moment. Jimin still felt his face burn at the mere assumption that he had stalked him, though, and he sputtered embarrassedly before finally being able to form coherent words.

“I am not!” He only noticed how unclear his answer was when the other arched an eyebrow at it. “Following you. I’m not following you.” Jimin ran a hand through his hair out of habit, not having to worry about keeping it in place now that he was off work. “I work in the Principal.” he made a pause before continuing. “The Earthling base. You know it, right?” Jimin pointed over his shoulder in a way to indicate the building, which he knew could still be seen from where they were standing. The man’s smile got a little larger and Jimin decided to see it more as a positive answer to his question than as a display of how much Jimin was amusing him. “I just got off work and I saw you here by the buses and, uh.” Jimin flicked his eyes to the boxes near the Aldairian’s feet, just to avert his eyes from his figure for a moment. “Decided to come say hi.”

He felt the skin of his face prickling with the knowledge that the Aldairian was looking intently at him. Jimin looked back in time to see him licking his bottom lip before speaking.

“If that’s so,” His tail moved from side to side a few times but Jimin kept his eyes on his face, past the phase of being awed by how Aldairians could move their tails as easily as their other limbs. His tail was thinner than the ones Jimin usually saw, and it was one of the longest. But it wasn’t something new to Jimin anymore. “Hi, then.”

Jimin watched his face for a heartbeat before nodding his head twice. The Aldairian’s smile got bigger and Jimin could see his pointed canines clearly for the first time. He had just seen glimpses of it while he spoke, which wasn’t often because he tended to slur his words and his lips moved in a way that made it difficult to see his small fangs.

“Hi.” Jimin looked at the boxes again and decided it was worth a shot. Even if he looked like a fool asking the obvious, it was better than to let the talk die down, especially when he was the one who approached the other. “Stuff for the shop?” He nodded his head in the direction of the wooden boxes and the Aldairian followed with his gaze before agreeing with a hum.

“Yeah. It’s actually late, this shipping should have arrived last week.” He was looking down to the tablet in his hand. He frowned and his lips pursed on a slight pout, his words coming out a little more slurred, which made Jimin almost smile. “If this had taken a few more days to arrive it would have given me a big headache.” He looked at Jimin again and gave him a lazy smile, just the right corner of his mouth quirking up. “You’re lucky this arrived before you went to the shop again. Have you broken anything else?” He lowered his arm to his side and changed the weight of his body from one foot to the other until he was comfortable again. His tail moved behind him, making his amusement clear. “You still haven’t come to the shop this week, so you’d be going there soon, right? Tomorrow, maybe?”

Jimin actually smiled despite the embarrassment he was feeling at the way the other was teasing him.

“I have some classes to prepare but I was actually thinking about passing there tomorrow before it closes.” And Jimin actually was having a problem with his new tablet, the brand new Aldairian one he had finally bought a week before. He had accidentally blocked some of its functions and even if it was a little embarrassing, how bad he was with this kind of stuff, at least he had a real reason to hit the shop.

The Aldairian blinked and his posture changed slightly, the tip of his tail curling up and down before stilling again.

“Class?” He looked in the direction of the Earthling base and Jimin saw the exact moment he understood what Jimin’s job was. “A teacher, huh?”

Jimin shrugged, allowing himself to watch how the pattern of the man’s sirah near his right temple ondulated close to his eye and went down his cheek ending in a delicate curl close to the corner of his mouth. His sirah, Jimin noticed, were mostly round lines and delicate swirls that contrasted beautifully against his light skin tone. Jimin didn’t take more than five seconds appreciating the drawing, but the Aldairian still noticed, a serious expression dappening a little his amusement. It was enough for Jimin to wince and look away from his face.

“Yeah, I teach Aldairian to Earthlings.” Jimin had taught people from other planets a few times but it was rare, only happening when their own bases were all full.

He watched as the man nodded and they both glanced to the side when another box was put over the ones near the Aldairian’s feet.

“Well, I should go back to work, this won’t get to my shop on its own.” he used his pen to point at the boxes he still had to check before looking up at Jimin again. His shop. So he wasn’t just a clerk but the owner. “See you tomorrow, teach.”

Jimin pressed his lips together, wondering if what he wanted to do was a good idea before he decided to take the risk.

“Jimin.” he smiled at the curious glance the other sent him. “My name’s Jimin.”

“Uhm,” Jimin watched him nod his head and he was about to nod back and walk away when the Aldairian spoke again, “Call me Yoongi.”

The Aldairian, Yoongi, smiled at him and his tail flicked before he turned his attention to the box.

Jimin went home feeling like he had accomplished something important.







The next night Jimin went to the shop - more excited about seeing Yoongi again than having his tablet working without a problem - he understood why Yoongi had been so defensive with him during the first times they met.

Jimin had already made a fool of himself in front of Yoongi, as per usual, before he walked back to the shop’s front door to watch the street as the man worked on fixing the shit Jimin had done. It was just a cover up, really, because Jimin looked at Yoongi at every chance he got.

He was considering walking closer to start a conversation when someone else entered the shop and went straight to the counter, walking past Jimin as if he didn’t even see him. Yoongi paused whatever he had been doing on Jimin’s tablet to welcome the new client.

Jimin sighed and shrugged a shoulder, looking back outside and at the sky full of stars, that never looked any less beautiful no matter how many years he lived in Aldair. His attention was attracted back to the counter soon, though, because of the sound of something heavy falling to the floor.

Jimin turned on reflex and expected to see Yoongi picking up his chair that he had accidentally tipped over or whatever he - or the client - had let fall, but what he saw instead was the man trying to pull Yoongi closer, despite the counter in between them, by the tight grip he had on his wrist. Yoongi’s expression was a dangerous one, with narrowed eyes and upper lip slightly curled up, making the point of his fangs visible.

Jimin had see him with an expression of barely contained annoyance before, when an irritating customer was getting on his nerves, but he never looked as aggressive as he did at that moment and it was enough to ring an alarm in Jimin’s head, who looked at the man who was holding Yoongi and frowned.

The interplanetary immigration wasn’t something that could have been done easily. Everyone who needed to leave their home planet had to fill papers after papers with everything there was to know about them. Medical records, ancestry, all their documents, which were going to be adapted to the ones of the planet they would be going to live from then on. The travel needed to be done between countries of similar characteristics that would allow the immigrants similar living conditions to their home planet. Earthlings could travel to a total of three planets and Jimin knew which people were allowed to enter aldair past the space bus station.

Strouters were the only other immigrants allowed to live on the planet, given the big amount of Earthlings Aldair welcomed already on a daily basis. They were tall beings with long limbs and a pale blue skin color who were known for their intelligence. A few of them lived on Aldair, being responsible for updating their technology. There was a small population of them living all around the planet.

They were a peaceful and pleasant people who were easy to recognize, and so Jimin knew that the man in front of the counter was an Earthling just like himself.

Now that he was paying attention, he could hear what they were talking about and it made him pull away from his relaxed position against the open door, becoming alert and focusing all his attention on what was happening.

“Sir,” Yoongi’s voice was serious and it made it clear how angry he was despite the polite treatment he was giving the man, “Please, let go.”

The man just waved his free hand to dismiss Yoongi’s request.

“Just a second. I never had a chance to see golden marks before. I’ve read about them, of course. They say it gives you some sort of ability, right? Is it true? I’m a scientist and I tell you, I’d die for a chance to study a sample of your tissue.” the Earthling was talking more to himself than to Yoongi but his voice was still loud enough to reach Jimin and it made him straighten his back, his eyes searching for the man’s hands and not relaxing even when he confirmed he wasn’t carrying anything that could have harmed Yoongi, whose shoulders were tense despite the way he looked ready to either run away or punch the man at any moment. Jimin kept watching, ready to jump in if necessary. “It’s such a shame most Aldairians have those black or blue marks, you know?”

He sounded excited and Yoongi pressed his lips into a thin line when the man turned his hand around to see his sirah on the back of it.

“Yes. I do know it. I’m Aldairian, as you very well know. I’m aware of the colors of my people’s sirah.” The man nodded his head, not really hearing Yoongi, who took a deep breath. Jimin couldn’t see it, but he was sure his tail was restless behind him. “Now let go of me. I don’t care about whatever you’d love , you won’t get it. If you don’t release my arm right about now, I’ll rip your eye off with the same hand you’re holding.”

This got the man’s attention and Jimin watched with growing satisfaction at the way the man’s eyes widened and his expression changed with fear. He let go of Yoongi’s arm as if it burned him and the Aldairian pulled it to his side, away from the man’s reach.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“Now,” Yoongi cut him off, “How can I help you?”

The Earthling sputtered something Jimin didn’t understand but that was enough for Yoongi because he gave him a curt nod and walked to the back of the shop, leaving Jimin and the man alone in the room, the first looking as if he wanted to be anywhere else but there.

Yoongi came back with a new charger and gave it to the man, who slammed the money on the counter and grabbed his purchase before scurrying away and out the door.

Jimin watched the man walk away and only relaxed when he couldn’t see him anymore. The guy walked away quickly and Jimin hoped he was feeling as ashamed and afraid as he looked on the outside.

Jimin had read somewhere about the Aldairians’ sirah and all the colors they could have. But from what Jimin had gathered the so called abilities, the rare types such like Yoongi’s own,  were nothing but fairy tales told from parents to children, tales about the beginning of their planet and how the first Aldairians were marked according to what they accomplished during the Creation, their markings passed to their descendants. The only thing Jimin knew to be true was that golden and silver sirahs were rare while black and blue were abundant. To think someone would be invasive the way that man had been just because of a children’s story was ridiculous.

Jimin looked back at Yoongi just in time to see him making a face. He was wondering if it would have been a good idea to approach Yoongi right now because, honestly, Jimin was unsure if he was going to be welcomed by the other after what just happened. Before he could make a decision, however, Yoongi looked in his direction. Jimin blinked in surprise and waited, barely breathing, as Yoongi watched him with an expression Jimin just couldn’t read.

It had probably been only a couple of seconds but it seemed like full minutes before Yoongi finally sighed and his shoulders relaxed. He walked to the back of the store again and Jimin changed his weight from one foot to the other, not knowing what to do. Yoongi soon walked back to the front of the shop, though, and he was carrying his coat and a bunch of keys in his hands. He looked around the place, probably making sure there was no client needing him, before grabbing Jimin’s tablet from the countertop where he had left it before and unlocking the small gate that would allow him to get away from behind the counter.

And then he was walking in Jimin’s direction.

Jimin’s eyes widened and he straightened his back again, this time for a completely different reason. He clasped his hands in front of his body before changing his mind and letting is fall by his sides, clenching and unclenching his fists.

He cursed internally when he raised his head and saw the amused smile Yoongi had on his lips, probably having seen Jimin’s nervous antics. He held back a grimace and tried to smile instead, running his hand through his hair to brush the strands off his forehead.

“Hey.” Yoongi nodded in answer and Jimin had already opened his mouth to keep talking when Yoongi put his coat on, without tying the knots to close it over his chest. He looked at Jimin and smiled, looking nowhere as furious as he did before. Jimin shifted on his place and licked his lips before talking. “Are you fine?”

Yoongi looked confused at first, a small wrinkle between his eyebrows making it clear, but soon his face lit up in understanding and he nodded with a roll of his eyes.

“Yeah. I’m used to dealing with that kind of idiot from time to time.” He made a face. “It never gets less irritating.”

“I’m sorry.” Jimin offered with a frown and Yoongi gave him a small smile.

“I’m used to the stares, I don’t mind them all that much. It’s the inconvenient people that bother me.” He looked Jimin in the eyes and his smile grew larger. “Every Earthling stares.” His tail moved languidly behind him. “You stared.” Jimin’s eyes widened in alarm and it seemed to make Yoongi even more amused. “Still do, actually.”

Dread washed over Jimin like a wave of cold water and he gaped like a fish.

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t trying to be creepy, I swear!”

Yoongi hummed.

“I assume you don’t have any interest in taking a sample of my skin so I guess your reason for staring and coming back is another one entirely.”

Jimin wasn’t sure if his face was white as a paper or beet red but he was sure he didn’t look healthy.

“I don’t have any reason! I just-”

He shut his mouth and pressed his lips tightly together. Yoongi arched an eyebrow, curious.

“You just what?” Jimin averted his eyes to his own feet and maybe Yoongi felt bad for him because when he spoke again, his voice was gentle. “Hey, don’t worry. I’m just joking around.” Jimin glanced up and the Aldairian’s smile had taken a soft turn, none of the previous malicious amusement present there. “I know you don’t have any ill intentions.”

Jimin shook his head.

“I don’t. I really don’t, I just…” He shrugged before letting his shoulders fall. “I need my stuff to be fixed, of course, but you just look beautiful and I just wanted to see you again.” he made a face and looked down at the floor once more. “I didn’t know I was staring that much, I’m sorry.” Jimin hated the thought that he could have made Yoongi feel uncomfortable with the way he was acting but he was interrupted before he could have started to punch himself internally over it.

“You don’t, really.” Jimin looked up at him and he knew he looked confused by the way Yoongi chuckled. “I said I was just joking. You did stare the first day but it didn’t last long.” He waved a hand. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Oh.” Jimin’s shoulders relaxed and he rubbed the palm of his right hand over his face to get rid of the embarrassment he felt. “Fine. Great.”

Yoongi chuckled and shook his head.

“And I should thank you, shouldn’t I?”

Jimin blinked when Yoongi spoke and looked at him with a small frown.

“For what?”

Yoongi waved a hand in the air, the smile still present on his lips.

“For the compliment.” Jimin’s eyes widened the same time Yoongi’s smile grew. “For thinking I’m beautiful.”

Jimin opened and closed his mouth a couple of times without anything coming out, what only worked to make Yoongi more amused.

“Y-you’re welcome?”

Yoongi let out a laugh before nodding in the direction of the door.

“Wanna go to the bar?” he raised Jimin’s tablet that he was still carrying. “It’s just a configuration problem so I can fix it there.”







The sound of the notification alarm startled Jimin a little. He had completely forgotten that he was bound to receive the list of the people who’d be arriving from Earth in the next bus. He gave Yoongi an apologetic smile, who only waved his concern away before grabbing his glass and taking a sip of his drink.

Jimin scrolled through the list and frowned a little at the number of names there. He sighed and closed the document, opening the message app instead.

“Bad news?”

He raised his eyes from the screen of the tablet and blinked at Yoongi. Jimin felt his cheeks growing a little hot with the knowledge that the other had been watching him the whole time. He smiled sheepishly and shook his head.

“Not really.” He started as he clicked on the contact he wanted to send a message to. Taehyung was an Earthling that taught Aldairian just like Jimin did, only in the Northern base. They became good friends after talking to each other a couple of times because of work. Jimin sent him a message warning him that he’d be sending a couple of students his way the next day, for him to be prepared. It was much easier to organize the new people into classes when they were aware they were arriving. He looked up when the message was sent and Yoongi was waiting patiently for him to keep talking. Jimin put the tablet on the table and took his beer bottle. “A new bus is arriving tomorrow and I’ll have to send some students to the Northern base because our classes are crowded for this month. The Principal only has two classrooms available to new groups right now.”

Yoongi nodded in understanding.

“Do you need to go now?”

Jimin shook his head before taking a swing of his drink. He leaned his elbows on the table top and gave his full attention to Yoongi.

“I’m sorry for this. What were you saying?”

Yoongi smiled and his tail moved to throw itself on his own lap. Soon he was finishing telling Jimin about the clueless client who made him busy during the whole afternoon and gave him a headache.

They had been meeting for a drink at least once a week. Jimin still went to the shop but not as often as before, now that he could meet Yoongi outside of it without having to make a fool out of himself. And the more time he spent with Yoongi, the less the Aldairian looked like he jumped straight from a fairytale book. He was still beautiful, of course, but part of the awe Jimin had felt when he looked at him had dissipated, which he was very grateful for.

Now, instead of noticing just how ethereal Yoongi looked when he did this or that, Jimin was learning more about him, things that made him more real and not like someone who looked like a dream.

Yoongi was sarcastic and he had a hard time trusting people but Jimin didn’t take long to see he was more than that. He was funny, his humor was a little silly sometimes but it matched Jimin’s just right, and he made the Earthling giggle with his whole body from time to time. He was stubborn and a sore loser, but also nice and kind.

Jimin wasn’t seeing him through rose colored lenses anymore but he was still very much interested in Yoongi, who in turn had grown much more comfortable around him. Jimin would go as far as confidently saying they were now friends.

“...but I understood what his problem was, eventually.” Yoongi’s shoulders sagged when he sighed and it was visible how tired he was, which made Jimin frown slightly as he wondered if it wouldn’t have been better if Yoongi had gone straight home to sleep rather than spend time with him in a bar. Yoongi raised his eyes from his drink to Jimin before giving him a smile, and the Earthling didn’t know if it was for being successful at helping his client or because of the worry that was apparent on Jimin’s expression. “It was good to see how excited he was when the communicator worked again, so...” He shrugged one shoulder but it did nothing to hide how happy he was at the outcome.

Jimin beamed and nodded his head, understanding that feeling way too well.

“I know. It’s all worth it when everything works out in the end.” Jimin said, remembering his own students. He watched as Yoongi agreed with a tilt of his head before yawning. The way his nose scrunched and the small, now visible, fangs reminded Jimin of a cat. They made it impossible for the smile Jimin had on his lips to vanish. When Yoongi closed his mouth, his tail shifted a little on his thigh and he arched an eyebrow at Jimin, who leaned back against his chair. “You look tired. Want to call it a night?”

Yoongi thought about the offer for a while before shaking his head.

“I’d like to eat something first.” Yoongi looked at their table and Jimin copied him, observing the drinks and appetizers they had ordered. The plate that had come full of grilled pieces of meat - which were good to help them stay sober but was not as efficient to fill their bellies - was now almost empty and Jimin knew that they wouldn’t really find something fulfilling to eat in there. “You don’t need to come with me, of course.” Jimin looked up with slightly wide eyes, just in time to see the way Yoongi’s teasing smile took a soft turn. “But I wouldn’t mind some company. Unless you want to go home or,” Yoongi waved a hand around and frowned only for a heartbeat, starting to look a little awkward. “You know, stay here if you want.”

Jimin had started shaking his head even before Yoongi finished speaking.

“No, I want to go!” Jimin cringed at how loud his voice sounded and at the way Yoongi’s eyes widened a little. He decided against apologizing, however, when Yoongi beamed.

It wasn’t his usual amused or teasing smile, there was not a single trace of sarcasm on his face this time around. He looked happy with the way his cheeks bunched up and turned his eyes into two little crescent moons. There was also a shift on his body language and he looked more relaxed, and if this had been caused by the Earthling’s answer like he assumed it had, Jimin would bear the small embarrassment of having sounded way too excited and wouldn’t apologize for it.

“Then let’s go.” Yoongi uncrossed his legs and straightened his back a little but he didn’t stand up until Jimin showed he was about to do the same. “I’m starving.” Jimin watched for a couple of seconds the way Yoongi’s tail gently swung back and forth before looking him in the eyes again. “How do you feel about some radu meat?”

Radu was a big animal, similar to Earth’s buffalos, whose meat was very popular. Jimin had tried it before and he enjoyed it very much, the meat was tender and juicy, covered by a layer of fat that melted against the tongue.

Jimin started salivating just by thinking about it and he nodded his head, following Yoongi to the door.

“I’d actually love some right now.”







Jimin looked through the window of the small restaurant and allowed himself a couple of seconds to appreciate the sight of Aldair’s natural satellites. A month had passed since the first time Yoongi took him out to eat and the smallest ones were already clearly visible, Sphir’s blue-ish color was almost blending with the dark sky while the oranges hues that formed Crisar looked brighter than ever. They were bigger in Aldair’s sky than the Moon had ever been to the naked eyes of the people living on Earth but they still looked small compared to Hibis. The biggest natural satellite wasn’t visible yet as it had yet to enter the appropriate phase but it was easy to see its outline and the sheer size of it made goosebumps appear on Jimin’s arms and nape.

Logically, he knew the satellites - Aldair’s moons - were harmless, peacefully orbiting around Aldair. But it had been disconcerting in his first few months living on the planet because he wasn’t used to looking at the sky and seeing something as big and scary as them. The sight used to make images of apocalyptic movies resurface in Jimin’s mind, of meteors colliding with planets. He eventually had gotten used to it, to the notion that the natural satellites, Hibis in particular, wouldn’t get any closer to Aldair, only being more or less visible according to how its phases changed with time.

Then Jimin learned to appreciate their beauty.

All the bright yellow, orange, and blue-ish stars were already enough to make the planet’s sky look completely breathtaking but the natural satellites on their more visible phases were something like Jimin had never seen before.

Sphir and Crisar were already striking but there were still a couple of days before Hibis would start its more glorious phase.

Jimin looked away from the window and put his fork on his empty plate before leaning back against his chair with his eyes closed, sighing contently. The meat had been as delicious as always and he could still feel the almost-sweet taste of the fat on his tongue. He opened his eyes and Yoongi’s smile was the first thing he saw.

The plate in front of the Aldairian was also empty, only a few pieces of vegetables lying there, and Yoongi looked as satisfied as Jimin did.

They were in the small restaurant that Yoongi had assured him a month ago had ‘ the best grilled radu meat you’ll ever eat’ , which had soon been proved to be true words. It had been awhile since Jimin had last tasted something as good as what that establishment had to offer and he wondered back then if he should have thanked Yoongi for suggesting it.

Yoongi raised an eyebrow and Jimin could almost hear his voice teasing him despite not having opened his mouth, conveying all he wanted to say with the expression on his face, always so expressive.

“I’ll sleep so well tonight,” Jimin said, grabbing his glass of water and taking a sip of it. “Maybe I’ll even dream of meat.”

The sound of Yoongi’s chuckle made Jimin’s own smile grow bigger.

“A nice dream, I’d say.” Yoongi tapped the tabletop beside his plate and a hologram appeared in front of him, casting a light blue light over his face. Jimin watched as he entered his ID information to pay for his food and tapped his own side of the table to do the same. He was interrupted by Yoongi’s voice as soon as the hologram appeared in front of him too. “There’s no need, Jimin.”

Jimin blinked in confusion and watched as Yoongi added both his share and Jimin’s to his own bill, which made his eyes widen.

“Not that I’m not grateful but why?”

Yoongi glanced at him briefly before looking back at the hologram to finish the transaction.

“I invited you, didn’t I?”

“Yes,” Jimin started, still feeling a little surprised, “But so did you the last time and I still paid for my part.”

He heard the sound of Yoongi humming and waited for their food to be paid and the holographic window to be gone. Then Yoongi looked at his face and crossed his arms over the table with a smile, careful not to hit his empty plate.

“I wanted to treat you, how about that?”

There was an almost pleasant burn on Jimin’s cheeks and ears and he smiled as warmth spread through his body at Yoongi’s words.

“I can’t argue with that, can I?”

Yoongi shook his head and looked through the window the same way Jimin did before. The night was fairly slow in the restaurant and there was no rush to make their table available, a couple of others already clean and ready to receive any arriving clients around them.

“Hibis’ phase will change in two days,” Yoongi said, making Jimin also look at the satellites. “Have you ever seen it?”

Jimin frowned and looked back at him, tilting his head slightly to the side.


“The moment it changes.” Yoongi was still looking at the sky and Jimin knew he was talking about Hibis.

“I don't think so.” He frowned a little, trying to remember it. He had seen Hibis in its most beautiful stage before but he didn’t remember watching while it changed.

“You haven’t.” Jimin blinked at the certainty in Yoongi’s tone and looked at him with a small wrinkle in between his eyebrows. Yoongi felt his eyes on him and focused his attention on Jimin. “Trust me. You wouldn’t forget it if you had seen it.”

Jimin glanced briefly at the still dark shape of Hibis before looking back at Yoongi.

“That beautiful?”

The Aldairian nodded his head and shifted on his chair, resting against it.

“Even more.” Yoongi blinked and his expression changed a little as if he had just thought of something. Before Jimin could have asked about it, he was speaking again. “If I got your schedule right, you’re free in two days, right?” Jimin nodded, sitting a bit straighter at his scheduled being discussed. “Would you like to see the change?” Yoongi moved his head in the direction of the sky. “It will happen at the dawn of your free day.”

Jimin’s heart beat a little faster and before he could think about what he should answer, his mouth was working on its own.

“Are you inviting me to stargaze?”

Yoongi’s smile faded a little and he frowned, probably thinking about the word Jimin used. The Earthling was considering hiding himself under the table when Yoongi replied.

“I guess go? There will be stars and we will gaze at them, so yes?” Jimin couldn’t help but giggle at the way Yoongi nodded with a big smile on his lips, the embarrassment that had been building inside him vanishing away when Yoongi didn’t deny it. “Do you want to? I know a good place for it.”

Jimin nodded with a smile, not even thinking about saying no. Not when he loved to spend time with Yoongi. He didn’t know exactly what Yoongi felt for him, if he felt anything more than friendship, but he couldn’t avoid the way he felt giddy at the idea of them stargazing together, he couldn’t shake off the knowledge that it was a romantic activity. It was back at Earth and something was telling Jimin that it wasn’t different in Aldair.

“I do.” He said, not being able to contain the force of his own smile. He hid his hands in between his thighs as a way not to reach out and take Yoongi’s hand, touch his face to trace his sirah, or something equally embarrassing that would put them both in an awkward situation. “I really do.”








Chapter Text







Despite how much light there was all around Aelhill and how illuminated the city was, it wasn’t hard to see the stars the way it used to be back in Earth when it was still possible to stargaze. The lights in the Aldairian city weren’t as harsh as Earth’s had been in the past, so there was really no need to go somewhere far from the city to appreciate the sky’s beauty.

Therefore, when Yoongi had said he knew a good place to watch the changing of Hibis’ phases, Jimin had assumed it would still be somewhere in town. Maybe a quieter place that didn’t make the city noises all that obvious.

And he had been right. Just as Yoongi texted him the address Jimin noticed it wasn’t far from his apartment. What he hadn’t imagined was that Yoongi would invite to his own house.

Jimin gulped as he read Yoongi’s last text, biting his bottom lip and waiting for his heart to calm down a little before answering him.


YoongiMin | 9:18pm
You can come any time
It’s my house so just text me when you’re coming


Jimin reread the text a couple of times, free of any type of abbreviation as he had noticed Yoongi liked to write, and took a deep breath before answering.


JiminPark | 9:20pm
Yeah, its good.
Are you sure?
Is it really ok for me to go to your house?


He changed windows in his tablet to distracted himself while Yoongi didn’t text back but it vibrated with his answer not even a minute later and Jimin shifted on his couch to get more comfortable before opening their chat.


YoongiMin | 9:21pm
I invited you, didn’t I?
So it’s fine.
You worry too much, Min.


Jimin made a noise in the back of his throat when he read the nickname. Yoongi had never called him anything other than his name - and the  rosy cheeks  nickname he used to call Jimin, which he had stopped doing when they got to know each other better. Jimin missed it a little bit if he was honest with himself - and he was glad he did it through text because he knew his face was all red, taking into consideration how he could feel it burning. Yoongi had seen him flush in front of him too many times to count but it didn’t mean Jimin wanted him to see it again.


JiminPark | 9:21pm
Alright then!


And before Jimin could think better of it, he added:


JiminPark | 9:21pm


He waited for Yoongi’s answer without closing the chat, pressing his lips together. He felt a little nervous, even if it was Yoongi who had taken the initiative to give him the nickname, and he wondered if it would have been better if he hadn’t acknowledged it and had just let it go.

Yoongi’s answer popped up under his own text and Jimin gasped softly, his lips opening slightly.


YoongiMin | 9:22pm
It fits you and it sounds cute, doesn’t it?
And I like cute things.

Jimin bit his lower lip but it was useless to prevent how hard he smiled. Yoongi was aware of what he had just said, right? Because the way Jimin saw it, he just called Jimin cute and said he liked him. Of course, he knew Yoongi enjoyed his company or they wouldn’t have spent so much time together during the last month. But to actually read Yoongi calling him cute made not only his heart skip a beat in his chest but it also allowed Jimin to feel a bit more hopeful.

He had been attracted to Yoongi since the first time he had laid his eyes on him but physical beauty only went so far and soon Jimin was thinking not only about Yoongi’s pretty skin and pouty mouth but also about how his laughter sounded incredible, making Jimin smile; about how Yoongi smiled big sometimes and it lit up his whole face beautifully. Jimin now felt comfortable when he was with Yoongi, enough to joke around and be himself without fear of bothering him with how loud he could be because he knew Yoongi enjoyed his company.

Jimin knew Yoongi liked to have him close the way he was. Yoongi was always very honest about what he liked or disliked and it was obvious he liked Jimin and everything that came with him.

Jimin had a dear friend in Yoongi, but there was still that warmth in his chest every time the Aldairian did as much as smile in his direction. And there was also urge to touch, to feel his skin under his fingertips, that never really left Jimin alone. And now Yoongi was saying he was cute, was probably flirting with him, and Jimin shifted on the couch, licking his lips before finally answering the text.


JiminPark | 9:24pm
are you saying I’m cute?
don’t flatter me, yoongi
or I’ll be even more annoying than I already am


YoongiMin | 9:24pm
Please don’t.
You’re already a handful.
Have mercy of me.


Jimin chuckled and scrolled up their conversation. He chewed gently on his lower lip and considered if he should be even more direct with his flirting. He even started typing something, but his ears burned before he even finished and he backspaced. He sent something else and sighed, a little bit disappointed with himself for being a coward.


JiminPark | 9:26pm
So it’s all set, right?
Tomorrow at 10?


YoongiMin | 9:26pm
Will you spend the night?


Jimin blinked at the question. He hadn’t really considered that, even though he should have. They would stargaze at Yoongi’s house, so it would be dawn when they finally grew tired of stars and moons. He let go of his lip in favor of biting his inner cheek as he typed.


JiminPark | 9:27pm
I don’t know
Should I?


He played with his left earlobe as he waited for Yoongi’s reply and his nervousness faded a little when he read his answer.


YoongiMin | 9:27pm
I think so.
It’ll be late and I have a spare bedroom.
So bring comfortable clothes to sleep in.


Jimin was smiling as he typed a reply. He was even more excited about their meeting now that he knew he wouldn’t need to leave until the next day. He reread what he wrote and hit send before he could start questioning himself.


JiminPark | 9:28pm
Will do!
It’s a date!

YoongiMin | 9:28pm
It is.
See you tomorrow, Min.







Jimin already knew from his address that Yoongi lived in a house rather than in an apartment like he did, so he had figured he lived in a more quiet area because what was most common in the heart of the city were tall commercial and residential buildings. Yoongi’s house was still close to the busy part of the city and easy to find, but when Jimin got closer to it he quickly noticed the difference.

There was city noise around him but it wasn’t as intense as when he was surrounded by the skyscrapers. There were fewer people mingling about and Jimin could already see how it would be quiet and comfortable during the night, perfect for what they wanted to do.

It was almost 10 pm when Jimin stopped in front of a not-so-big house, checking the number and confirming it was the one Yoongi had given him. The sky was of a dark blue shade that made all the stars even more visible. There were almost no clouds around, it was the perfect night to watch the sky.

Jimin touched the display beside the door that would warn Yoongi of his presence and waited for him to come over and open the door. He shifted his weight from one foot the other, feeling a little bit nervous; a little bit excited. He took a deep breath and let it out noisily before changing the bag he was carrying, which had his spare clothes and anything else he would need to spend the night, to the other shoulder as he wasn’t really able to stay still.

Jimin was watching his shoes when he heard the sound of what could only be Yoongi’s footsteps coming from inside the house, approaching the door. He glanced up and waited, smiling when the door opened to show Yoongi.

He was wearing something similar to Jimin, simple clothes to be comfortable at home. Loose pants and a short-sleeved shirt instead of the blouses with front knots that he usually wore. His pants stopped a little over his ankles leaving his feet and most of his arms were bare. The neckline of his shirt was deeper than what he usually wore to work and Jimin had never seen him show so much of his skin before. He couldn’t avoid the way he ran his eyes over his golden sirah.

He soon forced himself to look at Yoongi’s eyes and Jimin was relieved when he didn’t see annoyance there. Yoongi beamed and it was Jimin’s favorite smile, the one that showed all of his teeth. It was impossible not to smile back.

“Hey, Min.” Jimin’s smile grew even bigger when he heard the nickname Yoongi had given him for the first time. “Come on in.”

Jimin walked inside and took his shoes off, putting them beside Yoongi’s before standing up to watch Yoongi close and lock the door before turning to face him, smile still intact on his lips.

“Hi.” Jimin finally answered. He lifted the bag by the straps and Yoongi’s attention fell on it. “Where can I put this?”

“Your things?” Jimin nodded and Yoongi walked inside his house, lifting a hand and telling Jimin to follow him with a movement of his fingers. “You can leave it in the bedroom. I’ll show it to you.”

After Jimin put his bag on the bed of the bedroom where he would be sleeping, Yoongi showed him around. He pointed where he could find a bathroom and every room Jimin might need to go to, including his own room in case something came up and Jimin needed to call him.

The kitchen was the smallest room Jimin had seen yet and although it was a little larger than his own, the size was more than enough for Yoongi who lived alone. Jimin was expecting him to guide him back to the living room, so he frowned when the Aldairian walked further inside, his tail swinging lazily behind him without brushing against the floor. Yoongi looked over his shoulder to Jimin and indicated with his head a door Jimin hadn’t noticed before.

It was at the back of the room, beside the fridge, and Jimin took so long to see it because it almost blended with the wall, only a few shades darker.

Jimin approached Yoongi, watching the way his tail swayed for a few seconds. It was a languid movement, telltale of how relaxed Yoongi was. It helped make Jimin get more comfortable in his own skin, seeing Yoongi so at ease with Jimin’s presence in his house.

“This is where we’ll stargaze, as you called it.”

Yoongi opened the wooden door as he spoke and Jimin followed him when he walked out, looking around with large eyes. There were two trees to the right corner of the backyard and a little larger one on the right side, all of them facing the door that opened to the kitchen. Jimin saw flower beds against the walls and he took longer than he’d like to admit to notice they were all of lilac and blue tones, making the backyard not as colorful as it would have been. They were still incredibly beautiful - all natives from Aldair and bigger than most Earthling flowers. Some climbed against the wall as they grew up and it was clear Yoongi just let them grow until a certain point, none of them reaching over the middle of the wall.

In the middle of the yard, there was a set of four chairs and a table, all made of dark colored wood. They were simple and didn’t contrast with the mostly dark colors of the flowers.

The ground was covered by lawn, the type that Jimin used to see often when he was still in Earth, which meant that the person who projected that place, and Jimin wasn’t sure if this was Yoongi or the person from who he bought the house, had imported it all the way from Jimin’s home planet. It gave him a rush of nostalgia he wasn’t ready for.

Jimin stepped on the freshly mowed lawn before he could think better of it and wiggled his toes against it. It had been so long since he had done that, he couldn’t avoid the way he smiled at the sensation, at the way his feet got humid from the grass.

He noticed movement with the corner of his eyes and he saw Yoongi smiling at him as he stopped beside him, watching him a mix of amusement and what Jimin believed, maybe, be fondness.

“This,” Jimin walked around a little, looking from the lawn to Yoongi. “This is Earthling, isn’t it?”

Yoongi hummed a confirmation, following Jimin with his eyes the whole time. His tail was uncurled for once, the tip flicking against the lawn.

“Yeah. It’s softer than our lawn, it feels better.”

So Yoongi had been the one to buy it. It made sense, seeing how he was probably the one who tended to the garden. The mental image of Yoongi crouched down and taking care of the flowers filled Jimin’s chest with fondness and he raised his head, smiling openly at Yoongi.

“This is beautiful, Yoongi.” He looked around, stopping when his eyes caught the sight of the lone tree at the right corner. Jimin walked closer to see its leaves. They were midnight blue at the center but the edges of it were of a dark pink, almost purple. It seemed that Yoongi had a liking for the colors, considering how much they dominated his backyard. The tree didn’t have any fruit but it was full of small white flowers. “I didn’t know you liked gardening.”

“I do.” Jimin looked over his shoulder and saw Yoongi sitting down on one of the chairs, legs spread out in front of him, his feet buried in the lawn and tail still moving slowly. Jimin knew he had been watching him as he analyzed the tree but to see his attention all on him still made his cheeks burn and flush. “It’s really nice when the flowers bloom, to think that it was me who planted them.” Yoongi looked around briefly before focusing his attention back on Jimin. “And it does look beautiful.” His smile grew larger, his nose scrunching adorably and his eyes turning into crescent moons. It made Jimin’s heart beat faster. “It’s nice to know you like it.”

Jimin looked at him without answering for a couple of seconds, blinking and clearing his throat after, forcing himself to answer before he made things awkward. He ran a hand through his hair, pushing it out of his forehead as he spoke.

“I do. I really do.” Jimin glanced to the side, willing the flush on his cheeks away. “How will we do this?”

“We can just sit on the chairs, unless you’d rather lie down?”

Jimin moved his gaze back to the chairs and he felt almost dizzy just thinking about looking up at the sky while sitting down. He bit his lower lip, thinking about the possibilities.

“Can we lie down? It’s more comfortable.”

Yoongi nodded with a smile and stood up.

“Can you help me push this out of the way?” He pointed at the chairs and table. “We can spread some blankets on the ground because I don’t wanna get wet.” He smiled and it was honestly ridiculous how soft Jimin was for him.

Jimin smiled, feeling way too giddy at the prospect of lying down on blankets in the middle of Yoongi’s backyard with said man beside him as they watched the sky. He couldn’t push away from his mind the thought of how romantic it was.








“How’s that?” Jimin looked up from the blanket at the sound of Yoongi’s voice and saw him standing up with his hands on his hips, analyzing their work. “I think it’s okay.”

They had moved the furniture close to the flower beds, giving enough space for them both to lie down comfortably. They had spread a couple of blankets on the ground, one on top of the other to make sure their backs wouldn’t get wet, and put some books on the corners to make sure they wouldn’t move away with a possible gush of wind or with them shifting around.

It looked cozy and it made Jimin want to curl up on it after the long day he had at work. It was more than just okay.

“It looks great.” He smiled up at Yoongi. “I think we’re all set.”

Yoongi hummed and looked up at the sky.

“I think we still have an hour or so before it starts.” He looked at Jimin. “Should we grab something to eat?”

Jimin stood up from his kneeling position and observed the blankets, an idea forming on his mind.

“Can we eat here?” He smiled almost pleadingly at Yoongi. “It feels so nice to be here.”

Yoongi nodded without thinking much about it.

“Yeah, sure.” He started walking in the kitchen’s direction before he even finished talking. “Come help me bring the food.”

Jimin followed him into the kitchen and leaned his hip on the edge of the counter close to the door that lead to the backyard, waiting for Yoongi call him when he needed him. He watched as Yoongi opened the cupboards one after another, looking for something inside with a small wrinkle between his eyebrows, saying something under his breath and Jimin smiled at the scene. The cupboards weren’t placed all that high, which allowed Yoongi to open them without a problem, but he still had to straighten his back, almost getting on his tiptoes, to see further inside.

Yoongi’s face lit up when he finally found what he was looking for and grabbed three bags before closing the cupboard and walking to the counter, putting what he was carrying there. Jimin looked closely and saw it were two bags of chips and a pack of bread.

“We can make some sandwiches too,” He pointed to the fridge, “Grab the ham for me? And anything else you want to put in it.”

Jimin nodded and walked to the fridge, going back to the counter a couple of minutes later with the ham Yoongi had asked for; a can of creamy cheese Jimin had tried before and loved; and some salad that still looked fresh. Yoongi looked at what he had picked and smiled approvingly before starting to prepare the sandwiches.

A few minutes later they could be found sitting on the blankets surrounded by a plate of sandwiches, a bowl full of chips and two cups with a non-alcoholic drink that Jimin assumed was juice. He eyed his cup for a couple of seconds and only glanced away when he was sure it wouldn’t topple over. They had also brought some pillows from the couch in Yoongi’s living room for when they decided to lie down.

Yoongi had a hand full of chips and was slowly eating them, his legs crossed and posture relaxed. Jimin had been watching him for a while when Yoongi looked back at him upon feeling his gaze. He tilted his head to the side in a question and Jimin smiled, grabbing one of the sandwiches and munching on it to give himself time before saying what he had in his mind.

“Not that I’m not happy for being here,” He started, taking a deep breath before looking at Yoongi, “but why did you invite me?”

Yoongi stared at him without reaction and Jimin was nibbling on his inner cheek, starting to regret having voiced out his thoughts. Yoongi finally blinked before frowning slightly.

“Because I wanted to?” Yoongi shifted, resting his hand on the blanket in between them and leaning his weight on it, the change in position making him move a little closer to Jimin. “I saw the calendar, noticed Hibis was about to change phases and thought you’d like to see it.” Jimin saw the way Yoongi’s eyes shifted as he ran them over his face. When he spoke again, his voice was lower. “You weren’t obligated to come if you didn’t want to, you know.”

It took a while for him to react but Jimin’s eyes widened when his brain processed what Yoongi was implying.

“No, I wanted to! I was just a little surprised, that’s all.”

The way Yoongi’s frown deepened made it clear how Jimin’s answer confused him.

“We’ve been meeting what? Three times a week? Why were you so surprised that I wanted to spend more time with you?” Yoongi gulped and Jimin’s eyes followed the movement of his Adam's apple before glancing back up to his face, getting caught a little off guard with how nervous Yoongi looked. “I thought,” his voice cracked and Yoongi stopped to clear his throat with a soft sound before starting again. “I thought it was obvious.”

Jimin waited for him to continue but when Yoongi didn’t say anything else, Jimin frowned.

“What was obvious?”

Yoongi pressed his lips together and Jimin watched, awed, as his cheeks tinted a soft pink.

He was blushing.

“That I like to have you close?” Yoongi blinked and looked away, scratching the back of his head. His face was flushed and Jimin couldn’t look away. “I wouldn’t meet you so often if I didn’t. I don’t know why this would even sound like something new for you.”

Jimin smiled, finally looking away from Yoongi, knowing he would appreciate the small privacy to get himself together. Jimin embarrassed himself in front of Yoongi often enough to know it would help him.

“I guess it is?” He grabbed his cup just to have something to do with his hands. “Sorry.” He saw with his peripheral vision that Yoongi shook his head at this, dismissing his apology. “I like spending time with you too, you know?” Yoongi shifted and Jimin risked a glance in his direction, smiling when he saw that Yoongi was already looking at him, face not as flushed as it had been before. “I’m happy you invited me.”

Yoongi gave him a small smile as he relaxed, the tension leaving his shoulders.

“I’m happy you came.”

Jimin felt his own face burning a little but it wasn’t exactly from embarrassment. It was just the pleasure of hearing that coming from Yoongi. Jimin looked around and took a handful of chips, grateful for the food because it was proving to be a good way to distract himself when he needed.

“I was a little shocked when you invited me to the bar that time, you know?” Jimin glanced back at him and Yoongi looked a little confused, so he kept talking. “The first time we had drinks together, you know?” It took awhile but Yoongi’s face eventually lit up when he remembered. “I didn’t think you’d want to be with an Earthling after that, so I was surprised.”

Yoongi knew exactly of what - or who - he was talking about because he made a face, which prompted Jimin to giggle.

“Don’t even remind me of that idiot.” He huffed and moved, stretching his legs out in front of him with a small noise. He sighed before speaking again. “I knew you, though.” Yoongi looked up at him and Jimin wouldn’t be able to look away even if he wanted to. “If you really wanted to do something, you’d have already done it by then. Or at least tried it.” Yoongi’s lips trembled almost imperceptibly before he smirked. “But you just showed up with all types of excuses to see me, so I figured it wouldn’t be that bad of an idea to talk to you a little bit more.”

Jimin made a face just as he felt his face burning all over again. He knew he hadn’t been the smoothest man around, but to hear Yoongi saying it made a whole new level of embarrassment wash over him. He was about to look away to hide his face until it wasn’t as red as it was at the moment when Yoongi’s smile took a soft turn.

“It was cute.” The only thing that prevented Jimin from going back to his flustered state was how free of teasing Yoongi’s tone was when he said that. “You just stood there, looking like you wanted to say something but never having the courage to spill it out,” He chuckled, “Not gonna lie, at first I thought you were planning something because of, you know.” He gestured at the golden drawings of his sirah on the side of his face. “But then I noticed you were just shy? You had taken a liking for me, for whatever reason you had, but were too awkward to talk.” Yoongi shrugged and the teasing was back on his tone and on his smile when he continued. “I can’t do creepy, but awkward is okay.”

Jimin sputtered and gently shoved Yoongi’s shoulder, which made the Aldairian laugh.

“Well, I’m sorry if I’m not good with strangers.” Yoongi shook his head, still laughing, and patted Jimin’s arm in a comforting gesture.

“You’re fine, I’m just joking.”

Jimin opened his mouth to say something but stopped when Yoongi frowned. He watched as he put both hands on the floor and lifted his hips to the air just enough for his tail to move to the side from the place it was under him. Yoongi swung his tail around twice before draping it over his lap, running a hand over it with a small frown, his lips pouted.

Jimin blinked and it took him a while to understand Yoongi had somehow been sitting on his tail. And then he laughed.

Yoongi looked at him with wide eyes that he soon narrowed when he understood Jimin was laughing at him, but he just couldn’t stop yet. Jimin raised both hands with his palms facing Yoongi, trying to apologize despite not having the breath to voice it as his body was still shaking with laughter. Yongi rolled his eyes with a small smile and ran his left hand on the expanse of his tail again.

“I-I’m sorry Yoongi, I just-”

Jimin’s voice cracked with a new burst of giggles but he finally managed to stop himself, clearing his throat with a smile.

“Doesn’t your leg get numb after you sit on it?” Yoongi said, trying -and failing miserably- to look serious. “It’s the same.”

“I know, I know,” Jimin took a deep breath, a smile still on his lips, “It was just funny. You stopped out of nowhere and then your tail just-”

Jimin covered his mouth when a giggle shook his shoulders and cut his speech. Yoongi just watched him and waited for him to calm down. He was smiling but there was a soft flush on his cheeks.

“Yeah, yeah. I sat on it, now moving on.”

Jimin bit his lip and closed his eyes briefly, calming himself down. When he opened them, Yoongi was still watching him and there was this thing Jimin sometimes saw in his face when Yoongi looked at him, something that looked like fondness. Jimin cleared his throat again, running his hand through his hair. His mind reminded him again of the day when the Earthling man had bothered Yoongi about his sirah and Jimin straightened his back, sobering up before he spoke again.

“Does it happen often?” Yoongi turned to him with a confused expression and Jimin explained himself. “That guy in your shop that day, that was talking about samples.” Jimin grimaced a little as he recalled all the man had said. “Does this kind of thing happen often?”

Yoongi hummed in understanding and the tip of his tail flickered as he thought.

“Not really.” He paused and looked at the flowerbed in front of them. Jimin knew he wasn’t really seeing them, just trying to think of all the times people acted differently with him because of the color of his sirah. “It’s usually the children who stare the most because of all the stories their parents tell them.” Yoongi smiled. “They don’t really do anything, they just stare at me with those wide eyes as if they just saw their favorite book character come to life or something.” He chuckled. “It’s cute, really.”

Jimin smiled at the notion of it.

“I bet it is.”

Yoongi nodded before he let the smile he had on his lips fade away.

“The adults stare too, sometimes. But they don’t usually do anything. They know golden and silver sirah exist, they just very rarely see it. So it doesn’t annoy me all that much.” He made a face. “Of course, a few can be very irritating, asking me if I have any power or if I can make stuff levitate.” Yoongi snorted. “They’re mostly harmless but I met one or two who were pretty invasive. It’s really rare, though.”

“Strouters aren’t really a problem, are they?”

Yoongi denied with a shake of his head.

“No, they don’t really care about our stories. They don’t believe in anything magic.” He looked at Jimin with a small smile and pointed a finger in his direction. “But your kind is very inconvenient, Min.”

It wasn’t something Jimin liked to know, for sure, and the reason he had to force himself not to smile had nothing to do with what Yoongi told him and everything to do with the nickname.

“I guessed so,” Jimin sighed, “We can be very… intrusive.”

Yoongi hummed with a nod and they were in silence for only two seconds before he spoke.

“Not you.” Jimin turned to him with wide eyes. “I noticed some Earthlings can be very touchy but you never were. You never made me uncomfortable.” Yoongi had a small but beautiful smile on his lips and Jimin didn’t know where to look, at his eyes or his lips. “And you wonder why I like you…” Jimin averted his gaze and licked his lips before smiling. His heart was beating faster once again when he shrugged one shoulder, not really knowing what to say. “You don’t need to worry so much.”

Jimin blinked and looked back at him, feeling a bit puzzled.


“I noticed how, uh.” Yoongi paused for a couple of seconds, probably looking for the right word. “how careful you are sometimes, how you avoid touching me.” Jimin remembered all the times he reached out automatically to pat Yoongi’s back or to touch his arm and held himself back. He bit his lower lip, looking down at his lap. He didn’t know that Yoongi had caught up on that. “So just… don’t.” He heard the sound of Yoongi clearing his throat. “Don’t worry too hard about it.”

When they were talking a few minutes ago, Jimin had shoved Yoongi jokingly and he hadn’t even noticed what he had done. And to know that Yoongi didn’t mind his touch, it made hope fill Jimin’s whole body in such a way that made him almost breathless. He didn’t really know if it was safe for him to feel like that because being fine with casual touches didn’t really mean anything bigger, but his heart had a mindofn its own and it was impossible to suppress the way he his heart beat faster, how his whole body felt warm and almost thrummed with how happy he felt.

“I’m-” Jimin stopped himself and looked at Yoongi, who was already watching him. He sustained the eye contact for a while before smiling. “Okay.”

Yoongi smiled back and looked at the sky, which prompted Jimin to do the same. Hibis was still dark but it wouldn’t be long until its phase started to change.

“We should lie down, it’ll start soon.”

Jimin nodded and put the cups away so they wouldn’t knock them off. Yoongi did the same with the plate of sandwiches but he kept the chips within their reach if they wanted to have some.

They lay down with their heads resting on the pillows and Jimin sighed with his eyes closed as he felt his muscles relaxing. Teaching had always left him exhausted and he was incredibly glad he had the next day off. He still had to plan his next classes but that could wait until the afternoon, which meant Jimin could afford to sleep a little more than usual in the morning.

His thoughts came to a halt when he felt the warmth of another body beside his. He didn’t open his eyes yet, knowing full well Yoongi had just lain down. He had imagined this moment many times in his mind ever since Yoongi invited him to stargaze: them both lying side by side like that. But it still felt almost to much to be true.

The warmth of Yoongi’s body so close to his made the side of his own body - the right one that was almost touching Yoongi’s left side - tingle pleasantly. He felt the urge to reach out, to feel the touch of their skins together, but he stopped himself. Jimin wasn’t sure if what Yoongi had just said could be applied to them now, when they weren’t even talking. It was something that came from Jimin’s desire to feel Yoongi’s skin, to see how soft it would have been under his palms. It wasn’t an automatic response, something created by how enthusiastic he was speaking. It was deeper and so much more important to Jimin, he couldn’t even put into words.

He paused both hands on his stomach instead, clasping them together to make sure he wouldn’t do something he was bound to regret later.

There was movement to the side and Jimin finally opened his eyes to look at Yoongi, seeing the way he stretched his arms over his head with a small noise that came from the back of his throat. He was probably as tired as Jimin was feeling.

Jimin watched as Yoongi opened his eyes, observing the sky for a few seconds before angling his head back and pursing his mouth as a way to indicate the sky.

“It’s almost time.” Jimin looked up and widened his eyes a little when he noticed the bright halo around Hibis’ dark form. “I’m curious.” He blinked at Yoongi’s voice and turned his attention back to him, waiting for him to keep talking. “What did you think of it when you saw it for the first time?”



Jimin hummed under his breath and looked back at the sky. Sphir and Crisar were in their highest phases already, Hibis being the last to reach its own. Sphir was the least dense satellite, mostly made of gases with only a rocky core. From Aldair, it looked like a circular swirl of many blue shades and a few white ones that had made the satellite look almost like marble to Jimin the first time he saw it. Crisar was a little denser than Sphir and it was of a dark shade of orange, only a few black irregular lines, which looked much like lightning, crossing over it.

The beauty of both satellites was undeniable but they weren’t as beautiful as Hibis, at least in Jimin’s opinion.

“I freaked out.” He giggled and Yoongi smiled. “They’re so much bigger than the Moon.” Jimin paused. “At least they look so much bigger, looking from the land. And they’re so colorful. They were beautiful, but also really scary.”

Yoongi nodded before looking back at the sky, and he did it just in time.

Jimin’s breath hitched when the halo started to grow bigger as the darkness that covered Hibis started to slowly move to the side. And slowly, the golden color of Aldair’s biggest satellite started to show. It was brighter than Jimin had ever seen and he assumed it was caused by the change being in action.

Hibis was almost as dense as Sphir, made mostly of gases, and it was mostly golden, a few swirling shades of white here and there. There were darker spots all over the satellite, which made it look like some stars had moved away from the sky to live in it, their bright color fading until they were too dark to contrast against Hibis’s shade. The color matched the ones of the golden stars spread over the sky of Aldair, sharing space with the light blue and silver ones. It had always taken Jimin’s breath away but he wasn’t ready for how beautiful it would look during its change.

It looked almost as if the dark stars within the satellite and the white swirls were moving. And it was shining brightly, casting a pale light on everything around; on the purple and blue flower beds; on the trees at the corners of the backyard; on the lawn on the ground.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?”

Jimin nodded. He was reluctant of looking away from Hibis, from its almost haunted beauty. He did so slowly, moving his head before starting to move his eyes.

“Yeah, I’m-”

When Jimin finally looked at Yoongi, his words failed him and he just looked at his profile with wide eyes and parted lips. Because Yoongi was also cast under the light of Hibis and while his skin looked even paler, his sirah somehow looked even more vivid. It was as if Hibis’ light prompted the drawings on Yoongi’s skin to be more vibrant. Jimin knew it was a trick of the light, but the knowledge didn’t make it any less beautiful.

Yoongi had always been beautiful but there, under the light of Aldair’s biggest satellite, he looked ethereal.

Jimin closed his mouth and gulped. He knew Hibis was still beautiful up in the sky but it was just impossible for him to look away from Yoongi’s figure, even if Jimin wanted to. Which he didn’t.

He watched Yoongi’s eyelids flutter, still focused on Hibis, before he seemed to feel Jimin’s gaze on him and looked at him. And they were close. So close, Jimin hadn’t noticed how much before. He could see freckles covering Yoongi’s nose and spread around his cheeks, small little things only one or two shades darker than his own skin tone, almost hidden because of how all the attention was attracted to his sirah.

They only made Yoongi even more gorgeous in Jimin’s eyes.

The movement of Yoongi’s eyelids caught Jimin’s attention and the first thing Jimin saw was gold. That up close, he was able to identify the flashes of gold in Yoongi’s dark irises that he had never noticed before. Jimin didn’t even know if they were there before.

Suddenly the whole world looked like it was made of gold and Jimin never loved the color as much as he did at the moment.


Jimin glimpsed down at Yoongi’s mouth at the sound of his voice, looking at his pink lips for longer than was probably considered acceptable before glancing back up at his eyes. And Yoongi was looking right back at him, with such intensity that Jimin was starting to have problem breathing.


“Everything okay?”

Yoongi shifted slightly to his left side to be able to look at Jimin better. And to think that he’d rather look at him when there was a spectacle happening on the sky flattered Jimin, made him a bit nervous as his heartbeat increased.

“Yeah. I just…” Jimin trailed off, not knowing what to say because he had no excuse to be watching Yoongi instead of Hibis. He shrugged, and when he spoke again, there was no gut-wrenching embarrassment, only a little flush on his cheeks. “You’re so beautiful, Yoongi.”

He didn’t get an answer, just Yoongi’s gaze traveling all over Jimin’s face.

“What’s beautiful about me?”

Jimin wasn’t expecting this answer and he took awhile to process it. Yoongi’s sirah and his face were gorgeous, obviously. But there was so much more that made Yoongi as beautiful as he was. Jimin focused briefly on the bridge of his nose and his cheeks before looking him in the eyes.

“Your freckles.” Yoongi frowned a little, obviously not expecting that answer, and Jimin smiled. And if he looked a little bit too enamored, he believed no one could blame him. “I just noticed you have freckles. And they look so cute. You look so cute.”

Jimin watched him, the way his lips weren’t really touching and how there was an almost imperceptible wrinkle between his eyebrows, which was the only thing was still there after his frown dissolved.

“The shape of your lips.” Jimin continued, knowing Yoongi wasn’t going to say anything yet. “And your smile.” He closed his eyes for a heartbeat before opening them again. “Your smile is like, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, Yoongi.”

Yoongi let out a small breath between his lips and his cheeks were starting to get redder. Jimin wished he could feel it getting hotter under his fingertips.

“Your eyes, your nose, how wide your shoulders are, your whole frame. It’s all beautiful.” Jimin shrugged one shoulder. “Your sirah is too. It’s part of you, how could it not be beautiful?”

Yoongi watched Jimin for a couple of seconds, looking completely speechless. He eventually blinked out of his daze, closing his mouth and licking his lips.

“I… wasn’t expecting all that.”

Jimin smiled and looked away from Yoongi’s face, finally feeling bashful. Could what he said be considered a confession?

“It’s truth. It’s hard not to look at you. And now you were…” Jimin looked for the right word but it seemed to escape him. Nothing sounded good enough to describe how utterly alluring Yoongi looked just now, bathed in Hibi’s light. “You were glowing. Because of Hibis, your skin looked almost like it was glowing and I just…” Jimin shook his head and gave him a small smile.

Yoongi’s eyes never left his face and Jimin wasn’t expecting Yoongi to say anything just yet, so he looked up a little surprised when he heard his voice.

“You are too.” Yoongi’s expression was serious and his eyes were tender. There was no way Jimin was just projecting the fondness he was seeing in his eyes. “You’re beautiful, Min.”

Jimin’s heart was beating so fast that it was almost hurting his ribcage and he was starting to feel the nervousness growing.


“I invited you here today because I like your company, Min.” Yoongi’s voice cut him and Jimin let him speak because even if he had said that already, something told Jimin that there was something more to it this time. Yoongi glanced away from Jimin’s face for a heartbeat before their eye contact was resumed. “This will be a weird monologue but just…” He sighed and Jimin waited for him to organize his thoughts. “I want to spend time with you because I like you. I like the sound of your voice, of your laughter. I like the way you look at me and how your humor matches mine, I just…” He stopped and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. “I just really like you, Min.”

Jimin opened his mouth but not a sound left. He didn’t even know how to form words, not after hearing everything Yoongi had just said. And even if Yoongi wasn’t obvious about it, even with how cautious he was and how carefully he picked his words, Jimin understood what Yoongi was telling him. He liked Jimin, maybe as more than just a friend.

He closed his eyes to gather all the courage he had hidden in his being because Jimin decided to take a leap of faith. He was going to risk himself a little more now because what he was feeling was worth it more than the fear of a possible rejection.

Yoongi was worth it. He was worth it all.

When he opened his eyes again, after what shouldn’t have been more than a couple of seconds, Yoongi was looking at him and Jimin wondered if he had ever stopped. He breathed in and Yoongi’s eyes widened just slightly as his lips parted a little. He looked almost nervous now, a wrinkle so small between his eyebrows that Jimin wouldn’t even have noticed if he hadn’t been watching him so closely.

Yoongi had let his guards down for him and Jimin would do the same in turn.

“I don’t think you have any idea of how happy I was when you invited me to the bar.” Despite the low tone with which he spoke, Jimin knew Yoongi was hearing him just fine because of how close they were. “And every single time you spoke to me after that.” Jimin closed his eyes and licked his lips, remembering each one of these occasions. “Every time you smiled at me, every time you said my name. And when you gave me that nickname; damn, Yoongi.” Jimin chuckled softly and opened his eyes before he raised to his elbow to see him better, his body almost hovering over Yoongi’s, who didn’t look bothered. he just followed Jimin with his eyes to make sure they wouldn’t break the eye contact, so Jimin licked his lips and continued. “When you called me ‘Min’ for the first time,” he made a gesture in front of his chest with his free hand, “my heart beat so fast, I had never felt anything like that before. And then I heard you calling me that and I just…” He shrugged one shoulder, the one not straining to make his upper body stand up from the ground, and smiled bashfully down at Yoongi.

Yoongi was still looking at him with parted lips and something shining in his eyes, an emotion that Jimin couldn’t quite identify, but something good regardless.

“I said that already but I really do like everything about you, Yoongi.”

A small smile appeared on Yoongi’s lips and he tilted his head to the side, gaze still soft and obviously fond.

“Now, don’t you have your way with words.”

Jimin giggled, tucking his chin against his chest as his shoulders shook with the giddiness he was feeling. There wasn’t anything funny, not really, but the tension broke with what Yoongi said and Jimin couldn’t control his reaction, his whole body relaxing and relief filling him because it was fine.

They were just fine.

He lifted his head to look at Yoongi, who was still smiling at him, and shook his head.

“Do you think I’m not being serious?” Yoongi's answer was to arch an eyebrow  and Jimin gasped, mock-offended. He was just so relieved, so happy. “I’ll have you know that I’m being completely serious.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes but it was clearly just an act, his whole body language and expression showing he was just was content as Jimin, even his tail swaying beside his body, draping over his hips from time to time only to move to the side again, slowly.

“That’s because you never saw me in a bad mood, Min.”

Jimin hummed softly and when he spoke again, he wasn’t completely joking.

“Didn’t you know it? Accepting your flaws is part of the deal.” Yoongi’s bangs were falling softly over his right eye and Jimin felt an urge to brush it away. He had started to push his desire away when he remembered Yoongi’s words telling him not to worry so much. He touched his hair with his fingertips at first, attentive to Yoongi’s reaction. When his smile grew a little larger, Jimin pushed Yoongi’s hair away from his face, caressing the black strands and feeling how soft they were against his skin. His middle finger brushed the fine hairs of Yoongi’s brow before he pulled away. “It’s not like I don’t have my fair share of problems too and that didn’t stop you, right?”

Yoongi chuckled and the sound washed over Jimin in the best of ways. It was basically impossible for him to stop smiling.

“I guess so.” Jimin felt the touch of Yoongi’s fingers against the skin of his arm, right over his elbow that was holding him up. The way Yoongi started brushing the pad of his fingers on Jimin’s skin in a small caress almost left him breathless. Yoongi’s eyes glanced away from Jimin for a while but it didn’t take long for his attention to be back on him. “You’re missing Hibis’ change, Min.”

Jimin shrugged and ran his eyes over Yoongi’s cheeks as he answered.

“I’d rather look at you.” He watched the way Yoongi’s eyes widened but it was how he smiled bigger, showing his teeth, that assured Jimin his boldness wasn’t unwelcome. He took a deep breath and touched Yoongi’s right cheek with two fingers, feeling how smooth the skin was, the soft texture not changing when he reached the swirl of his sirah that was located under his eye. Jimin had imagined this, touching Yoongi like this, a couple of times and he could barely believe it was happening. “You’re not less beautiful and you look good under Hibis’ light.” He traced the sirah line up to Yoongi’s eyebrow. “Looking all golden and gorgeous.”

Yoongi was so receptive to Jimin’s advances; he soaked up each praise, each sweet word that left Jimin’s mouth. It made him feel more confident and completely ecstatic. Yoongi tilted his head back, smile still intact, and Jimin’s gaze fell on his throat, his eyes following the path of his sirah, that ran in delicate curves down the sides of his neck.

“I like your lips too, Min.” Jimin raised his eyes and noticed Yoongi wasn’t trying to keep the eye contact anymore. His eyes were looking somewhere down Jimin’s face, probably his lips. “Such a pretty shape.” Yoongi raised his hand and ran the pad of his index finger along the edge of his lower lip, and Jimin automatically parted them. The movement made the touch a little firmer and Yoongi didn’t back away but brushed his finger on Jimin’s lip until he reached the corner of his mouth, only for him to trail his finger up his jawline. The touch set Jimin’s skin alight and he let out a small inaudible gasp, closing his eyes and leaning closer to Yoongi’s hand. When he spoke again, his voice was lower and Jimin opened his eyes and leaned down, closer to Yoongi without even noticing. Both to hear him better and because his warmth, his smell, was too enticing and Jimin’s whole being was earning to be closer to him. “I like how you’re looking at me.”

Jimin heart was beating fast, not because of how nervous he was but because of the excitement he was feeling and the adrenaline rushing through his veins, provoked by their proximity.

“I like how you’re touching me.”

The words that left his mouth encouraged Yoongi to cup the side of his face, brushing his thumb against his cheek a few times before running his hand to the back of Jimin’s neck, playing with the hairs on his nape.

Jimin moved a little closer and their noses were almost touching. Before Jimin could have done or said anything, Yoongi lifted his head from the pillow, just a little, and bumped their noses together, gently.

He pulled away to look at Jimin’s eyes for a second or two before doing again. And again. And again.

Soon they were both giggling, Jimin’s free hand buried in between Yoongi’s strands and cupping the back of his head. He didn’t really remember moving but he was glad he did. Jimin felt the tug of Yoongi’s hand and followed him.

Jimin followed Yoongi’s request with his eyes closed and whole-heartedly.

They were still smiling when their lips brushed but it didn’t take more than their lips touching in two small pecks for them to sober up. Jimin sighed, his chest tightening just in the right way. The hairs on his arms and on the back of his neck stood up with goosebumps. Yoongi probably felt it because he moved his fingers soothingly against his skin, pulling at his hair gently. Yoongi tilted his head and their lips pressed a little bit firmer, with a little more pressure, and Jimin shifted his head until their mouths fit together perfectly, allowing him to coach Yoongi’s mouth slightly open, sucking softly on his lower lip.

The small sound Yoongi let out was the best kind of reassurance Jimin needed. He pulled away and Yoongi opened his eyes slowly, blinking before frowning. Jimin didn’t say anything, just lied down again, his arm starting to get numb for holding himself up for so long. He shifted until he was on his side and facing Yoongi, who did the same after he understood why Jimin had stopped the kiss.

There wasn’t time or place for them to be awkward because when Jimin looked at Yoongi again, he smiled and held the side of Jimin’s face before closing his eyes and kissing him. Jimin sighed again - it was his second time sighing into their kiss but he couldn’t help himself -  and rested a hand on Yoongi’s waist, his thumb moving on its own over the cloth of his shirt. Jimin willingly parted his lips for him and Yoongi hummed, pleased and maybe a little bit excited, kissing his lower lip before licking it with only the tip of his tongue, waiting for Jimin’s response before going further. Which came in the form of his lips opening a little more and his head moving to a better angle that would make Yoongi kiss him deeper.

Jimin almost stopped breathing when their tongues touched and maybe, just maybe, he zoned out a little, losing track of what was going around them because everything that mattered, everything he could focus on, was how Yoongi’s tongue touched his just right; how their bodies were now touching after they both shifted closer as if they were made of opposite poles, attracting each other and fitting perfectly together. He could only notice how good Yoongi’s mouth felt on his; how wonderful his hand felt on his skin. Yoongi was everything every fiber of Jimin’s body could focus on, his whole being attuned to him.

The hold Jimin had around his waist tightened a little and Yoongi not only let himself be pulled even closer but also reached out with his tail, curling it around Jimin’s hip and helping him bring their bodies as close as they could be. Soon, one of Jimin’s legs was placed in between Yoongi’s and their chests brushed as they moved. Jimin hugged Yoongi’s middle with his arm and ran his hand up his spine, which prompted Yoongi to let out a noise too similar to that of a cat’s purr into Jimin’s mouth.

Their kiss slowed down naturally. First taking a languid turn, their jaws working slower than before. Then it transformed into long and closed lipped kisses. Jimin was the one who pulled away with a last peck, flushed and breathless. He lowered his head to rest it against Yoongi’s throat, who raised his chin for him as soon as he understood what Jimin wanted to do. He breathed in Yoongi’s scent as he brushed the tip of his nose against his skin, smiling when he felt Yoongi moving them together until Jimin was almost lying on top of him.

They lay like that for a while, Jimin in Yoongi’s arms as he caught his breath, feeling the rise and fall of his breathing, which was also a little bit faster than normal. Jimin got comfortable against him, a smile still present on his lips.

“Hibis changed.”

Jimin opened his eyes at the sound of Yoongi’s voice but didn’t move to look at the satellite.

“I believe you.”

Yoongi chuckled and Jimin loved how he could feel it, shaking his own body together with his.


“Very.” Closing his eyes again, Jimin took in a deep breath before letting it out with a pleased sigh. “I could even nap.”

“And leave me here alone?”

Despite his words, Yoongi started to run his fingers through Jimin’s hair, caressing his scalp with his fingertips, and Jimin almost moaned at the feeling.

“This isn’t helping me staying awake, Yoongi.”

Jimin felt the smile on his lips when Yoongi kissed his forehead, close to his hairline.

“I didn’t know my kiss worked as a sleeping pill. You learn something new every day.”

Jimin snorted and shook his head slowly, not answering Yoongi, who didn’t seem to mind. He had already been tired when he arrived at Yoongi’s house, and his comfortable position in his arms was doing wonders to lull Jimin to sleep.

When Jimin opened his eyes, the comfortable light that had been bathing them was gone, which meant Hibis completely changed phases. He shook the sleep away from his eyes, feeling his whole body a little too heavy. He must have dozed off for a couple of minutes. He raised his head and pushed himself up, looking at the sky only to confirm that the bright halo around Hibis was indeed gone.

He yawned and looked down again, only then noticing that he was not only still half on top of Yoongi but he had rested his left forearm on Yoongi’s chest when he lifted himself up. Jimin shifted his eyes to his face and saw Yoongi was watching him with a small smile. He watched him back for two seconds before lying back down, rubbing his eyes.

“I think I should go to sleep.”

Yoongi’s chest vibrated when he hummed.

“Yeah, and a bed is more comfortable than me.”

Jimin giggled softly and rubbed the side of his face on Yoongi’s chest, not thinking too much before acting, warmth filling him when he remembered he was allowed to do this.

“I don’t know about that.”

It was apparently the right thing to say because Jimin felt Yoongi’s fingers moving a little more certain, scratching at the base of his neck.

“C’mon.” Jimin complied when Yoongi gestured for him to stand up. He ran a hand through his, now completely messy, hair and watched as Yoongi stretched his arms over his head after also standing up from the ground. He smiled at Jimin when he was done and pointed at the door that lead to the kitchen. “You know where the bedroom is. The bathroom too.”

Jimin nodded. He still needed to brush his teeth so he was going to grab his toothbrush in his bag and go to the bathroom. They had just walked into the kitchen when Jimin was reminded of everything that was still in the backyard.

“Yoongi,” The other stopped and looked over his shoulder at Jimin, “Your stuff is still back there.” He said, pointing to the still open door.

Yoongi smiled and shook his head, walking closer to cup Jimin’s face with a hand.

“Don’t worry about it.” He kissed the corner of Jimin’s lips, who closed his eyes and chased Yoongi’s lips before he could pull away completely. Yoongi let him, shifting his head to the side so their noses wouldn’t bump. The kiss was short and Yoongi pulled away after brushing the tip of his nose on Jimin’s cheek. “Go to sleep, Min. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Jimin nodded his head and gave him a smile before walking away.

“Good night, Yoongi.”





Jimin had woken up the next day feeling disoriented. He had frowned at the room, which was not his own, until he had remembered he was in Yoongi’s house and not in his apartment. He had stood there, sitting on the edge of the bed and looking to the opposite wall, until everything that had gone down the night before rushed back into his mind. Jimin had a small panicked moment then, feeling both ecstatic and scared of how things would be from then on. But when he had finally walked to the kitchen, from where noises were coming from, his nervousness had been proven to be unnecessary.

Nothing had really changed between them since the night they kissed. Yoongi hadn’t been awkward during the morning after and he still wasn’t now, two weeks later. He was still sarcastic, still rolled his eyes when Jimin said something corny. The only difference was that now Jimin leaned his head on his shoulder without fearing a rejection; he grabbed Yoongi’s hand and played with his fingers without even thinking before acting; now, he could have his face cupped between Yoongi’s hands and his lips kissed softly. It was a small shift in their relationship but the difference still made Jimin’s mind reel.

He waved the last of his students' goodbye and sighed when she closed the door after leaving the class. Jimin leaned back against his chair and spread his legs under his desk, closing his eyes as he stretched his arms over his head, groaning in pleasure at the feeling. He looked down at his tablet that he had put on the table beside the papers he had been consulting during the class, and passed his hand over it to active the holograph that asked for his password. He typed it in and sighed when the device unlocked and showed him the time.

It was almost midnight, way past the time he usually finished work, and Jimin was glad this was his last day working with so many classes that were filled with so many students, some of them moving to the Southern base, which had accepted receiving them. Jimin had also already gotten the schedule of the space buses coming from Earth during the next month and he was relieved to see there weren’t nearly as many as the last time.

Jimin had an apparently peaceful month ahead of him and he was happy with it. It also meant more time to spend with Yoongi.

Jimin checked his notifications at the thought of the Aldairian and sure enough, there were unopened messages that Yoongi had sent a couple of hours before as well as some from just a few minutes ago.


YoongiMin | 9:12pm
In your dreams, maybe.
I have to close the shop now too, so I’ll talk to you later.
Be careful on your way back home.


YoongiMin | 11:31pm
Are you still working?


Jimin smiled and grabbed the tablet to answer him.


JiminPark | 11:53
I just finished here
Will leave soon


The answer didn’t take even a full minute to arrive, which meant Yoongi had his tablet in his hands at the moment.


YoongiMin | 11:54pm
I’m actually close to the principal 
Want me to pick you up?


Jimin smiled and tried to will away the fluttering in his chest, rather uselessly.


JiminPark | 11:54pm
What are you even doing around here?
Did you get worried and decided to pick me up?
Wow, so attentive, so caring
I’m flattered ♡


YoongiMin | 11:55pm
Shut up will you
Do you want me or not?


No matter how hard Yoongi tried to look tough when he was texting, acting as if he wasn’t extremely expressive in person, Jimin knew he was probably looking down at his tablet’s screen with a smile on his face. Jimin giggled, sending him an affirmative text before locking the screen and putting the tablet inside of his bag. He organized the papers as quickly as he could, knowing Yoongi would soon be at the Principal’s lounge. When he had everything ready he grabbed his things and threw his bag’s strap on his right shoulder, leaving his classroom and turning off the lights before locking the door.

And sure enough, Yoongi was already there waiting for him when he left the elevator on the ground floor and he hadn’t bothered taking his coat off when he entered, the strap of it tightened firmly around his waist. Jimin had his own coat thrown over his left forearm because he wasn’t going out without it as the weather was starting to get colder by the day. Knowing that Yoongi still left his house for him made the fluttering feeling in Jimin’s stomach start all over again.

He approached Yoongi with a beam, whose expression changed from boredom to a small smile, even his eyes softening.

“Yoongi,” He said as a greeting, stopping close enough to be able to feel his warmth, “Thank you for coming pick me up.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes but his expression was still fond. He waited for Jimin to put his coat on and to knot it closed before he laced their arms together and started walking to the entrance. Jimin let himself be guided, not able to stop smiling just yet. Yoongi must have noticed because he glanced at Jimin’s face and his own smile grew bigger before he nudged their hips together, just when they walked out of the building.

It was colder than Jimin had anticipated and he pulled Yoongi a little closer by his arm he had locked with his own, which made Yoongi chuckle softly and comply. When they started walking in the direction of Jimin’s apartment building, the entire extension of their arms and their hips were touching, and Jimin felt incredibly content; not only because the shared warmth actually helped against the midnight weather but also because it always felt wonderful to have Yoongi that close.

Aelhill was busy no matter the time and it was always full of people going about their business. However, when Jimin looked around as they walked down the street he noticed today seemed to be one of the rare moments the streets were mostly quiet. And if Jimin had been confused about Yoongi’s reasons to take him home, now he understood why. Of course, Jimin didn’t doubt Yoongi also wanted a little more time together but it was clear he had also been worried about his safety.

Jimin bit his lower lip in an attempt to not smile too largely but he couldn’t push away the urge he was feeling to kiss Yoongi for it all. And so he did it.

Without stopping them, Jimin turned to Yoongi and dropped a quick kiss on his cheek, over his sirah. Yoongi blinked, having been caught off guard, and looked at Jimin with slightly widened eyes. But he soon smiled back at him, carefree and affectionate.

“So, your schedule is going back to normal now?”

Jimin nodded with a sigh.

“Yes, finally. We’re receiving another bus tomorrow and I have to welcome them, but their classes will start next week so I have a few days off.”

And Jimin really needed them. He was so tired that he was sure he would fall asleep the moment his head touched his pillow.

“That’s good.” Yoongi moved his arm away but before Jimin could react, he took his hand and laced their fingers together. “We should do something.”

“Like a date?”

Yoongi looked at him and Jimin gave him a big smile, squeezing his hand.

“Yeah,” he said without looking away from Jimin’s eyes, “Like a date.” Yoongi watched him for a couple of seconds before averting his gaze with his cheeks a little flushed. “What time will you be off tomorrow?”

“That soon?” Yoongi looked back at him with an arched eyebrow as he tried to hide how red his face was and Jimin giggled. “You must have really missed me, right?”

Yoongi’s stare didn’t last long, his lips stretching in a small smile.

“Yeah, I missed you.” Jimin blinked and looked at him a little surprised. He knew - he  hoped  - Yoongi had missed him as much as he missed the Aldairian but he didn’t expect him to admit to it that easily. “And I wanna take you out, so what time are you free tomorrow?”

Jimin couldn’t avoid the smile that took form on his face and he licked his lips, looking away from Yoongi to watch his own feet instead. He allowed himself a few seconds like that before turning his attention back to Yoongi, a flush on his cheeks.

“The bus arrives at 3 pm, so by 4 pm I should be done.” Yoongi nodded and started to look away from him but Jimin tugged his hand to have his attention again. “You can meet me at the station.”

“I’ll be there.”

They soon stopped in front of Jimin’s building and he bit his lower lip. If he wasn’t feeling as tired as he was, he’d invite Yoongi to get inside with him, just to spend a little more time together. But Jimin was exhausted and he was sure he wouldn’t be able to stay awake for longer than a couple of minutes. So he turned to Yoongi and took both of his hands into his own before stepping closer.

“See you tomorrow?”

Yoongi pulled him by the hands until there wasn’t any space between them and their chests were touching. Jimin giggled, not worrying about doing anything inappropriate in public because there wasn’t a single being on the street beside them both.

“You know you will.”

Yoongi’s eyes ran over his face and he let go of one of his hand to raise it to Jimin’s face. He closed his eyes when Yoongi’s finger gently brushed right under his right one, caressing the black circles Jimin knew he had.

“I kinda missed you, you know.” it was mumbled by Jimin and Yoongi hummed and traced his finger from under Jimin’s eye to the corner of his lips.

“I did too.” Jimin smiled but Yoongi’s hand didn’t budge from where it was, what he was grateful for. “I did miss you. I got used to your presence at the shop.”

Jimin chuckled and opened his eyes, noticing how close their faces were. He completely let go of Yoongi’s hands in favor of lacing his arms around his middle.

“I didn’t have any more problems, so there wasn't a reason for me to go there.”

“How convenient.”

Jimin laughed silently and finally closed the distance, kissing Yoongi and tightening his hold on him when his actions were immediately reciprocated. Yoongi moved his hand to the back of Jimin’s head to hold him in place as he licked Jimin’s bottom lip gently, asking for something more, for a deeper kiss. Jimin conceded contently.

Each spot in his body that touched Yoongi’s was thrumming with excitement. Jimin wished he could spend a couple more minutes just like that, kissing Yoongi and feeling the way he breathed in and out against his own chest but Jimin’s tiredness was starting to weigh on him and he slowed down their kiss until they were just pressing their lips together.

Jimin pulled away completely and turned his face to the side, yawning.

The sound of Yoongi’s laughter made Jimin giggle as soon as he was able to do it and he hid his face on Yoongi’s shoulder.

“I think you should go to sleep.”

Jimin nodded to the words in between chuckles and pulled away to look him in the eyes.

“Yeah. I’m so tired, Yoongi.” He spoke in a low voice and felt a hand gently caressing the back of his head.

“Go home and sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow, right?”

Jimin nodded and accepted the last kiss Yoongi dropped on his lips before finally pulling away and entering his building. Yoongi was still standing there when Jimin looked back at him through the glass; he was watching Jimin go inside. Jimin waved and Yoongi did the same with a smile before turning around and walking to his house.

Jimin sighed and called the elevator, feeling even more worn out now that Yoongi wasn’t with him. When he was inside his apartment, Jimin went straight to his bathroom to freshen up before going to bed, not bothering to turn on the lights of the living room or the hallway. And when Jimin was ready to sleep, lying down on his back with his eyes almost closed, the smile on his lips was still intact.









Chapter Text







“Don’t forget to send me the list, please.”

“I just did.”

The notification appeared at the top of the screen of Jimin’s tablet just when his coworker finished talking. He sent the man a smile before opening the archive, scrolling down the list of names and checking the information. He lifted his eyes from time to time to make sure he wouldn’t run into anyone as they walked to the entrance of the Principal.

“Most people are fluent.” Jimin mumbled when he reached the bottom of the list.

“Yeah, we’ll have just a few classes this month.” Jimin smiled when he looked at him in time to see him sighing. He could relate to that. “This is such a relief, honestly.”

“Yeah, I’m really looking forward to my days off,” Jimin said with a chuckle, “I’m so tired, I just want to sleep for a whole day.”

His co-worker patted his back a few times and he had just opened his mouth to talk when something caught his attention outside of the building. Jimin looked in the same direction and saw, through the glass walls of the building, the Earthling bus nearing the station. It was close to the landing strip, meaning they had a little over ten minutes before they had to be there to welcome the people that would leave the bus.

“Well, let’s get to work.” Jimin’s co-worker said quietly. He took a deep breath, looking at Jimin with a smile on his lips and determination in his eyes. Jimin snorted out a laugh at his expression and shook his head.

They stopped a few meters away from where the bus was currently landing and waited for the main door to be opened. Jimin only started walking closer when the sound of the engine could no longer be heard, being closely followed by the other man. The captain and part of the crew left the bus shortly after and it didn’t take long for the passengers to walk out.

It was a simple job that could only take longer than expected if they came across mismatched information or any problem that they hadn’t already foreseen. There weren’t nearly as many people in the bus as they had received during the last month and most of them already had their information checked half an hour later.

When they were finally over Jimin sighed discreetly, glad that they hadn’t faced any problems. He crossed his arms in front of his body, right hand still holding the tablet, and straightened his back, smiling at the Earthlings in front of him. His co-worker did the same beside him and Jimin was happy to let him talk.

“Welcome to the Principal Earthling Base of Aelhill.”







Jimin watched as the last person walked inside the building before looking away and fixing his attention on the crew that was waiting outside of the bus. His co-worker would show the newcomers the Base before leaving them in the hands of another person, who’d give them their respective addresses. This left Jimin with the task of receiving the crew’s traveling report and adding it in the system to be analyzed by whoever was responsible for it.

He had taken two steps closer to the bus when a dark figure close to the Principal caught his attention. Jimin stopped walking and narrowed his eyes slightly to see better, just out of curiosity, and smiled when he recognized Yoongi. He had been watching him for a while already given his position - leaning against the building with his arms crossed over his chest and a smile on his lips.

With a glance to the bus to make sure the crew wasn’t paying attention to him, Jimin gestured for Yoongi to come closer, who didn’t need to be told twice and pushed himself away from the wall. Jimin kept his eyes on him as Yoongi approached, not holding himself back from running his eyes all over him. There was a small part of Jimin that was still dumbfounded that Yoongi was actually as much interested in Jimin as Jimin was in him.

Yoongi had a smirk on his lips when he stopped a few feet in front of Jimin, making it clear that he had noticed the way Jimin had checked him out. It didn’t bother him as much as it would have a month ago and Jimin beamed in response, his head tilting to the side almost involuntarily.

“Hi, Yoongi.” Jimin shifted to hold his tablet in front of his body with both hands. “I’m almost done. How long have you been here?”

“Not too long. Don’t worry, Min.” Yoongi looked around the place but his eyes were soon attracted back to Jimin’s figure and his smile softened up. “Go finish your work, I’ll be waiting here, yeah?”

“Alright.” Jimin wanted nothing more than to reach out and kiss Yoongi’s lips but he was still in his work hours and he didn’t want to display such unprofessional behavior in front of the crew, who Jimin was sure was watching him. “Give me just a second.”

Yoongi nodded and Jimin took a couple of steps backward before turning around and walking in the bus’ direction, schooling his face to get rid of the silly smile.

The captain received Jimin with a smile that was more teasing than polite and Jimin narrowed his eyes slightly, trying to ignore the way his lips twitched with how much he wanted to smile. He had built a friendship with the captain and Jimin knew Namjoon was aware of how unusual it was for Jimin to receive any visits during working hours, which probably made him watch his brief talk with Yoongi curiously. He had clearly come to the conclusion that something was up and Jimin knew he would have to talk about Yoongi the next time he and Namjoon saw each other in a less formal situation.

“Captain Kim.” Namjoon nodded his head in a greeting, small smile still intact on his lips. Jimin ignored it and unlocked his tablet, handing it to Namjoon to load the report onto it. “I’m glad you and your crew had a safe flight.”

Namjoon’s smile grew bigger, more carefree and less teasing.

“Not gonna lie, we were a little apprehensive because of how old this bus is.” Jimin averted his gaze to said bus as Namjoon plugged his drive into the tablet. It still looked new to Jimin but he thought Namjoon knew better than him and so he believed in him. “I’m happy to be on land again.” he finished what he was doing and handed Jimin’s tablet back to him before pocketing his flash drive. “But yes, we had a safe flight, thank you for your concern, Mr. Park.”

Jimin turned to Namjoon’s crew, that was still waiting for their captain to dismiss them, and smiled, bowed his head to them.

“Thank you for your hard work.” He watched as the crew bowed back at him, some familiar faces smiling at Jimin, and he sent a small wave in Namjoon’s direction before turning on his heels and starting to walk in Yoongi’s direction. He could add the report in the system when he was back home and he didn’t see a reason for Yoongi not to be beside him when he did it.

Yoongi’s eyes were on him as he began to walk closer and Jimin was thinking about what they would do together now that he was finally free when his thoughts came to a sudden halt at the scream coming from the direction of Namjoon’s crew, probably from inside the bus because of how muffled it sounded.

It was still so loud and so full of pure fear that Jimin felt his blood turn into ice, freezing his whole body from inside out. Something was completely wrong. Before he could turn around, however, there was a deafening explosion and Jimin was thrown away, his feet leaving the ground.

Next thing Jimin knew, he couldn’t make sense of anything because of how much pain he was in. He didn’t know how long it took him to be aware of his surroundings again; if it was a couple of seconds or more than that. His whole body hurt and he felt as if there was a hammer hitting his head, strongly.

He couldn’t see or understand anything around him. Jimin wasn’t even sure if he was with his eyes open. Everything was too confusing, too hot and too painful for him to get a grasp of what was going on. He wanted to move but his body didn’t respond to him and he tried to roll around because he was apparently lying down. But where? Why?

He managed to shift the position his body was in but there was a piercing, agonizing pain in his stomach that made Jimin’s movement completely come to a halt. He was sure he screamed, he opened his mouth to do it, but Jimin didn’t hear any sound coming from his own mouth. He didn’t know if he had let out a silent scream or if his surroundings were just so noisy that he couldn’t hear his own voice. Jimin didn’t know anything, couldn’t understand anything but the pain that was now irradiating from a spot in his stomach, besides the pounding in his head.

Jimin couldn’t breathe. It hurt too much, it demanded too much of him and he didn’t know if he could do it. He tilted his head to the side and his face came in contact with something rough, Jimin didn’t know what it was and nor did he care about it. It was concrete, maybe? He didn’t bother about it, busy opening his mouth and trying to breathe.

He breathed in and choked, the movement making his whole body shake, filling him with more pain.

What was happening? Where was Yoongi? And Namjoon?

Jimin wanted to stand up and look around, look for them. But the most he could do was shift his limbs and try to roll his body around. And even just that put him in such great pain that Jimin forgot his attempts of breathing.

He opened his eyes - which asked more effort out of Jimin than it should have - and the only thing he saw was a burst of bright colors that hurt his eyes, forcing him to close them again. Jimin sobbed but he couldn’t hear the sounds he made. He couldn’t hear anything, couldn’t make sense of anything. His mind was a confusion of thoughts and his head throbbed excruciatingly when he tried to think harder. He closed his eyes with a grunt and moved his head in an attempt to look somewhere else. He waited for his headache to subside a little before he opened his eyes and craned his head up. His vision was blurry and he couldn’t distinguish details but the bodies lying on the floor were still easy to tell apart from the ground and debris. Why there was debris all around? Why were people on the floor?

Jimin let his head fall back to the floor and breathed in and out slowly. He was tired, everything hurt and now he was also feeling dizzy. He felt like he would throw up any time now, but Jimin wasn’t sure if he had enough strength to do it. He shifted on the floor and felt the sharp pain in his abdomen again, this time so strong it made him gasp. He lifted his hand with a groan and dragged it until he was able to touch his stomach, slowly moving it to the point he felt pain radiating from. The tip of his middle finger came in contact with something that wasn’t part of Jimin’s body, something too solid to be his flesh or his clothes.

Jimin gasped at the touch, without force to cry out at the pain he felt when the object was nudged. It was buried into his abdomen, Jimin couldn’t really tell where exactly. There was something piercing through his belly, something hard enough for Jimin to believe it was made of metal.

With his breathing quickening and making him lightheaded, Jimin lifted his hand. He's ignoring how the movement made his whole body protest and opened his eyes.

He let out a cry when the sight of his hand painted in red appeared in front of him. He let his hand fall to his side, without being able to hold it up any longer, and tilted his head back, relaxing the muscles of his neck as tears trailed drown his cheeks.

Blood. He was bleeding. He was dying.

Jimin was dizzy, his head was still throbbing painfully and the wound on his stomach made him cry out in agony every time he moved a little too much. The only thing he could do was let the tears fall down freely.

Jimin was close to fainting, having already lost too much blood, when he felt cold palms pressing against his cheek. The touch was so cool and relieving that Jimin opened his mouth in a gasp. The pair of hands were gently moving about his face and it took Jimin a while, but he finally managed to hear more than his own heartbeat. There were background noises that Jimin couldn’t comprehend but the voice close to him was just loud enough for him to comprehend.

“-min.” Jimin frowned, his head moving on its own in the direction of where the voice was coming from. He knew who it was. “Please, please.” He tried to take a deep breath before attempting to open his eyes again, the action now demanding more from him. He wanted to close his eyes as soon as he opened them, his eyelids were heavy and Jimin was starting to feel sleepy. “-es, that’s it. Please, Min. Look at me, baby. Please.”

Jimin did his best to keep his eyes open and he raised them with an almost inaudible groan. It took him long seconds for the sight in front of him to make sense, for his vision to clear, but Jimin’s heart was beating a little bit faster when it finally did because it was Yoongi.

Yoongi’s cheek was scratched and he was dirty, his clothes torn as if he had rolled around on the floor. But he was fine. He was breathing and even if Jimin couldn’t see it all that well, he knew that Yoongi’s eyes were bright and alert. He was safe. Jimin closed his eyes with a sigh and Yoongi’s grip on his face got a little bit stronger, his voice sounding more urgent when he spoke again.

“No, no, no. Min, Min, please. Please stay awake. Help is coming, are you listening to me?” Jimin was. Yoongi’s voice sounded small and more muffled than it should have but he was hearing better than a few minutes before, even if his body was growing more tired by the second. “You’ll be fine, baby. Just please, stay with me. Please.”

Jimin opened his mouth and failed when he tried to talk. He licked his lips and swallowed the spit that had gathered in his mouth before trying again. He felt something wet and warm escaping the corner of his mouth and running down his chin. He didn’t know whether it was saliva or blood.


Yoongi shushed him, one of his hands moving from Jimin’s face to his chest. Jimin opened his eyes again and saw Yoongi looking somewhere down his body and his expression wasn’t easy to see but Jimin knew he must have had a wrinkle between his eyebrows.

“Don’t talk, Min. Please. Just wait a bit, okay? For me, right, baby?”

Jimin gulped and shifted his head from side to side, the best he could do in his current situation.


Yoongi let out something akin to a sob and he was cupping Jimin’s face again. He leaned down for their faces to be closer and Jimin would have smiled if he could because he was finally able to recognize the details of Yoongi’s face.

“I know it hurts, Min, but please…”

Jimin gave himself a moment to try to breathe. It was getting harder and harder to do so and Jimin just wanted to close his eyes and relax.


“No.” Yoongi started shaking his head even before Jimin had finished uttering the word. “No, baby. Jimin, you can’t sleep. Please stay awake, talk to me.”

Jimin wanted to. He wanted to talk to Yoongi. But his whole body was hurting and he was just so exhausted. He just wanted to sleep.

The next time Jimin closed his eyes, he took a while to open them. It was such a relief to keep them closed and Jimin wouldn’t have opened them again if it wasn’t for Yoongi’s voice. Jimin couldn’t understand what he was saying but he had no problem identifying the desperation in it, all the concern. Yoongi’s hands ran over his body, so very gentle.

Jimin could tell Yoongi was moving, he could feel his body getting closer. Something was told to him close to his ear but Jimin didn’t understand what. He opened his eyes with a snap, however, when a burst of horrible pain came from his stomach, a scream leaving his mouth when his body spasmed. He closed them right after because he couldn't bear to keep them open. Yoongi was still speaking and Jimin tried to focus on him, on understanding what he was telling him.

“...rry, Min. I’m so, so so... hold on ti-...-ight? Trust me-... Please.”

Jimin opened his eyes when the pain was more bearable and when he found Yoongi’s face, he felt like he wouldn’t ever be able to look away.

Something was happening. Something Jimin could tell that was important.

Jimin could feel Yoongi’s hand on his stomach, right where the cut was. And his sirah…

Yoongi’s sirah was moving. It was darker, a golden so deep that it was almost black. And it was moving. The swirls and curves of the drawing were shifting, curling and undulating on Yoongi’s skin. Jimin’s eyes searched for Yoongi’s on its own and Jimin gasped softly when they made eye contact. Yoongi’s eyes were all black, just a golden slit in the middle, much like a cat.

There was warmth traveling Jimin’s body. It was comfortable, tender, and it seemed to be relieving Jimin of his pain. He could have cried of relief because of how comforting it was. Jimin closed his eyes and relaxed his body, enjoying the sensation, welcoming it wholeheartedly. He was still dizzy, his head was still throbbing and his body hurting, but Jimin finally felt like he could breathe again.

Jimin opened his eyes and trailed them up Yoongi’s body - the sirah shifting over the Aldairian’s skin on every patch of flesh visible through Yoongi’s clothes - until he reached his head. Jimin watched him, observed his concentrated expression and ran his eyes over every curve of Yoongi’s face.

Jimin saw the moment tears trailed down Yoongi’s face and he wanted to reach out and clean them off. He tried to lift his hand but he was too tired. He was exhausted and the warmth filling him was slowly lulling him to sleep.







Everything felt weird. A little unclear.

Jimin had opened his eyes in a hospital bedroom three hours earlier. He had already gone under the scrutinization of the nurse who was in his room when he woke up and the doctor who was taking care of him. They said he had slept for a whole day and that he was out of risk and recovering nicely.

No one had explained back then what happened in the landing strip and Jimin was still feeling too dizzy to ask. But now, hours later, he finally got to question about what happened and even if Jimin already had his suspicions, it wasn’t any easier to hear it.

The Celsthite stone that fueled the bus’ energy was unstable and it went unnoticed by the engineer on board. By the time they turned down the engine and killed the force, it was too late for the Celsthite to discharge itself. The ones closest to the bus were the most affected by the blast of the explosion. Five people died and 3 underwent surgery, including Captain Namjoon. He was still unconscious but out of risk and even if part of Jimin was relieved to know he’d be safe, he just couldn’t express it. He knew most of these people. He had seen them smiling at him just minutes prior to the explosion.

Jimin just escaped something more serious because he hadn’t been as close to the bus as the others and the metal piece that got loose from the bus and hit him in the stomach didn’t pierce him too deeply, only 2 inches into his skin. He had a concussion but further exams showed it didn’t leave him any big after-effects.

Jimin knew he should be happy for being alive but besides all the lives that had been lost, people he knew and talked to from time to time, Jimin had some memories of when he woke up after the explosion. He shouldn’t have been awake for long but it was enough for him to recall an agonizing pain in his stomach, the sensation that he was about to die. It didn’t match to what the doctor, who was still going on about his health situation, had told him. His body was sore, he still had a small headache, and he felt an ache in his stomach when he tried to move, sure. But it still couldn’t compare to the pain Jimin remembered feeling.

He was looking at the ceiling, not really paying attention to the doctor, when Yoongi came into his mind. The sight of his sirah moving and his eyes changing. Yoongi was there during the explosion. Jimin turned to his doctor, ignoring the sharp pain in his neck caused by how fast he moved his head, and interrupted him.

“Yoongi.” Jimin stopped to take a breath before continuing, looking his doctor in the eyes. “Yoongi Min. He was there too, how is he?”

The Aldairian in front of him blinked and looked down at the clipboard in his hands, looking through his papers as he searched for something. It took almost half a minute for his eyes to light up with recognition when a new paper came into view. He skimmed it quickly with his eyes before looking back at Jimin with a smile.

“Mr. Min is stable.” Jimin’s whole body relaxed against the mattress as he let out a breath. He didn’t even notice how tense he had been. “He’s recovering from a wound on his stomach and has some abrasions but nothing bigger. If he’s not awake yet, he will be soon.”

Jimin nodded with a small frown, looking away from the doctor. A wound? Jimin had been disoriented, yes, but he was sure he could remember Yoongi not having any major injury. In fact, he had been very well, moving easily and without any difficulty.

Once again, the image of Yoongi’s cat-like eyes popped up in his mind.

He needed to talk to him. Jimin didn’t notice when the doctor left his room because he was wondering what he could do to see Yoongi. He was still fairly weak, so the chances of anyone letting him roam around the hospital were basically none. But he couldn’t afford to wait until he was discharged, especially when he knew Yoongi was in the same hospital as him.

Jimin tried to come up with ways to look for Yoongi during the whole day, wondering if his body even would be able to support his own weight for more than a couple of minutes. He didn’t have to worry about it much longer, though, because when the sky was a midnight blue through Jimin’s open window, the door of his room opened and Yoongi walked inside.

He glanced at the hallway before closing the door, surely double-checking that he hadn’t been seen. Most patients were presumably asleep already and there weren’t as many people roaming around the hospital, given the time. Yoongi shouldn’t have had any trouble to make his way to Jimin’s room.

Jimin tried to sit up at Yoongi’s appearance, relief washing over him for being able to see him well, but he stopped with a hiss when the movement made his stomach ache. Yoongi approached the bed with worry written all over his face but it was impossible for Jimin not to notice the way he was walking slower than he usually did. The cuts Jimin recalled having seen on his face before were still there but Yoongi looked more worn out than Jimin remembered him being. Did something happen after he blacked out?

Yoongi pulled the chair that was beside Jimin’s bed close and carefully sat on it, a wrinkle between his eyebrows being the only indication that he felt any kind of discomfort at the action. His tail dragged against the floor slowly before Yoongi pulled it to rest on his lap.

Yoongi looked at Jimin and hesitated before doing anything, biting his bottom lip and wringing his hands on his lap. It was Jimin who reached out, who rested his hand over Yoongi’s to stop him from fidgeting. Yoongi didn’t react at first, just looked at their hands together, but before Jimin could start worrying about his behavior, the Aldairian took in a deep breath before letting it out with a long sigh, finally turning his hand and lacing his fingers with Jimin’s. It was enough to make Jimin so relieved he had to close his eyes for a moment.

“How are you feeling, Min?”

Yoongi spoke in a low tone but it still sounded loud and clear because of how silent the room was. Jimin opened his eyes and focused on Yoongi’s face.

“It hurts to move but I’m fine.” He gulped. “I’ll be fine.”

Yoongi nodded with a small smile that didn’t reach his eyes and the way he looked so unsure, almost hesitant, was worrying Jimin.

“That’s good.” Yoongi closed his eyes and averted his gaze from Jimin to the ceiling, without ever letting go of his hand. “That’s so good to know, Min.”

“What about you?” Yoongi’s eyelashes fluttered slightly before he looked down at Jimin again. “Are you fine, Yoongi? Did you get hurt?”

Yoongi licked his lips and tightened his hold on Jimin’s hand before answering.

“I’m fine, yeah. Just a little sore, I guess.” He made a pause before continuing. “I wasn’t close enough to be really in danger but the blast threw me away so I got some bruises and a few cuts.” Jimin frowned because that was what he remembered. It just didn’t match Yoongi’s actual situation and the way his movements seemed to cause him pain. Yoongi must have noticed Jimin’s expression because he shifted nervously on the chair before speaking. “I also got, uh. A cut on my belly that’s been bothering me.”

Jimin’s eyes widened before glancing down at Yoongi’s stomach briefly, looking up at his face soon after.

“Yoongi, what happened?” Jimin searched for Yoongi’s eyes, who held the eye contact. “I remember some stuff that doesn’t make sense and my mind is a mess.” Jimin moved his eyes from Yoongi’s owns to the traces of his sirah on his right cheek. “Your sirah…”Jimin’s eyes moved back to Yoongi’s owns. “And your eyes… they.” Jimin stopped to breathe a few times before going on, ignoring the way he was starting to feel tired. “They were different.” Yoongi was looking down at their hands. He was holding Jimin’s hand with both of his, playing with his fingers. Jimin grabbed his thumb to call his attention and Yoongi looked up at him. Jimin almost lost his train of thought when he saw how nervous and scared Yoongi looked. But he couldn’t just let this go, it would drive him mad. “I didn’t imagine it, did I? Your sirah, it was… it was moving. And your eyes…”

Jimin didn’t really know how to describe how Yoongi’s eyes looked and let his speech trail off. Yoongi lowered his gaze to their hands again, stroking Jimin’s skin, who watched him, letting Yoongi have all the time he needed to start speaking. The aldairian eventually licked his lips and raised his eyes to Jimin’s face.

“It’s just something I do.” Jimin had never heard Yoongi’s voice sound this weak and he held Yoongi’s hand tightly. He hated to see him like that, hated to put him in a situation that clearly made him vulnerable. But Jimin needed to know, and Yoongi seemed to think the same because he didn’t refuse to speak. “I’m…” Yoongi’s voice failed, which made him close his mouth and swallow before proceeding. “I’m different, Min. My kind is different.”

Jimin took a while to understand what Yoongi really meant but soon his mind was filled with the stories of Aldair’s creation. Of the few people who received special abilities and how they were marked differently from the others. Jimin’s eyes ran over Yoongi’s sirah automatically.

“Your sirah...” Yoongi nodded slowly and Jimin focused on his face again. He wanted to pull him close, to have this talk with Yoongi’s in his arms, to be able to comfort him because it was obvious how difficult it was to him. But neither of them could afford such a thing yet, both of their bodies too sore and hurt to try to fit together on Jimin’s tiny hospital bed. Jimin caressed the side of Yoongi’s hand with his thumb, hoping it would help him somehow. “What happened there, Yoongi?”

Yoongi let out a deep sigh before speaking.

“I had only done it once before and I didn’t know how well it would work but you were dying.” Only then Jimin noticed how Yoongi’s eyes were filled with unshed tears and the Earthling started to feel his own watering. “You were dying, Min, and I panicked. I couldn’t watch you die, not you. I couldn’t.” Yoongi closed his eyes and breathed in and out. Jimin gave him all the time he needed, feeling his chest tightening. It hurt to see Yoongi like this and it scared Jimin to no end to know how close he had been to dying. Yoongi opened his eyes when he calmed down and despite the way they were still wet, he didn’t cry. “So I… I took it for me.”

Jimin frowned, not really understanding what he wanted to say.

“You what?”

“I couldn’t take everything.” Yoongi continued and Jimin didn’t know if he didn’t hear him or if he needed to let it all out. “It’s been so long since I did it and I’d probably kill myself if I took everything, so I just took enough to make you safe.” Yoongi leaned down at the same time he raised Jimin’s hand until he could rest his lips on the back of it, speaking against his skin with his eyes closed. “I didn’t want you to die, Min. I just wanted you to be safe.”

“Yoongi,” Jimin was confused but there were so many emotions rushing through his body that he could barely form the right words. “What do you mean, baby? What did you take?”

Yoongi let out a loud breath and Jimin noticed there was a wetness on his hand. Yoongi was crying. It wasn’t much, just a couple of tears that trailed down his face, but it was enough to make Jimin’s own chest constrict painfully.

Yoongi shook his head slowly and lowered one of his hands to his own stomach, where his own cut was.

“You were losing so much blood, Min. The cut was so deep and you were dying. I-” Yoongi took a deep breath. “I closed part of your cut…”

“You closed...” Jimin stopped, looking down at Yoongi’s belly again. Things were starting to make sense and Jimin felt his breathing turning quicker, making his body ache.

“I didn’t close it all because I didn’t know if it would kill me.”

“Yoongi. Yoongi, wait.” Jimin shifted closer, ignoring the way the change in position bothered his wound. Yoongi looked up in alarm. “Your cut. The cut on your stomach. How did you get it?”

Yoongi watched Jimin’s face without saying anything for what must have been a whole minute before he sighed and his shoulders dropped.

“I closed the cut on you and opened it on me.” Jimin’s eyes widened and Yoongi gave him a sad smile. “It’s what I can do. I can take people’s injuries and illnesses to myself.” He shrugged. “It’s why I keep it a secret. If people knew…” Yoongi let out a humorless snort. “Imagine if people knew. They’d hunt me. They’d hunt everyone with a sirah like mine.”

Jimin’s mind was reeling. The image of Yoongi allowing a cut to appear on his own stomach made Jimin nauseous. The knowledge that Yoongi had put himself in risk to save him made Jimin so scared, because what if it hadn’t gone right? But at the same time, it made his heart beat faster because Yoongi risked more than his health, he risked his own safety, his secret, for him. For Jimin.

Because, yes, Jimin could see why it was a secret. People already bothered Yoongi enough because of a legend that no one really believed was the truth. What would happen if they had any idea of what he actually could do?

He saved Jimin from death by taking part of his injuries to himself. He decided to bear a painful cut on his stomach just to make sure Jimin would live. And there he was, averting his eyes from Jimin and looking anywhere else as if he had done something reproachful. Yoongi was holding Jimin’s hands tightly with both of his as if Jimin would pull free from him anytime.

The only thing Jimin wanted to do was to pull Yoongi closer and have him in his arms. He wanted to kiss him and show him there was nothing to be afraid of, but he couldn’t do it and it was driving him insane.

“Yoongi. Yoongi, look at me. Please.” Yoongi’s chest went up and down with a deep breath and it must have hurt the cut on his stomach because he made a face. He lifted his head a couple of seconds later and his eyes filled with worry and fear when Jimin pulled his hand free. But Jimin just raised his hand to touch the side of Yoongi’s face. He was just close enough for the pads of his fingers to come in contact with the soft skin of Yoongi’s cheek but it was enough. “I won’t tell.”

Yoongi’s eyes widened, his mouth falling open. Jimin smiled and tilted his head to the side. The strain of keeping his arm up like that was starting to bother him but Jimin paid it no mind.

“Jimin, what…”

“Have anyone seen it?” Yoongi stared in silence for a while before shaking his head. “Good. I won’t tell a soul, Yoongi.” Jimin let a tear trail freely down his cheek, not caring about it. “I hate that you’re hurt. I hate seeing you feeling pain but damn it,” He smiled through his tears and slid his fingers down to Yoongi’s jaw, getting tired, “thank you so much for saving me.”

Yoongi grabbed Jimin’s hand and brought it down to his lap again, to which Jimin sighed in relief. He laced their fingers together once again and watched the way their hands looked like together.

“I couldn’t stand seeing you die, Min. You don’t need to thank me.”

“Baby,” Yoongi looked up at the nickname, his eyes shining, and Jimin couldn’t help but smile, “you got hurt. Way more than you had with the explosion. And you did it just to save me. How can I not say I’m thankful?”

Shaking his head, Yoongi stood up from the chair without letting go of Jimin’s hand and pulled it even closer to the bed. When he sat down again he could lean his elbows on the mattress beside Jimin, who was more than grateful for the new proximity.

“I don’t want you to feel like you owe me anything, Min. I just like you so much, I didn’t want to let you go.”

Jimin bit his lower lip before speaking, Yoongi’s words making him feel hopeful enough to utter:

“How much?”

The Aldairian raised his eyes from Jimin’s hand to his face.


“How much do you like me, Yoongi?” Jimin licked his lips and averted his gaze, his heart beating faster with what he was about to say. He took a deep breath to get together whatever bit of courage he had. “Because I think I’m falling in love with you and I’m so scared.”

Yoongi’s eyes were wide when Jimin looked back at him and the Earthling felt his face burn, feeling a little bit nauseous because he had just confessed something bigger than a small infatuation and it was intimidating. He felt a touch on his jaw and allowed Yoongi to guide his face to the side until they were looking at each other again.

“Even after everything I told you, are you still afraid of it, Min?” Yoongi’s voice is soft and Jimin licked his lips, shrugging a shoulder. The action made Yoongi give him a small smile. “I think I’m falling in love with you too, and I never tried to hide it.” There was a knot in Jimin’s throat and it made it impossible for him to speak. He felt his eyes burning with the desire to cry, now for completely different reasons, and he bit his lower lip hard. His expression prompted a soft chuckle out of Yoongi, who got closer and rested their foreheads together. Jimin closed his eyes and tried to calm down as he appreciated their closeness. “I really want to be with you, Jimin. Officially. Maybe for a long time.”

The laugh Jimin let out sounded tearful despite the happiness he was feeling. He brushed his nose against Yoongi’s.

“I want that too, baby,” Jimin whispered, “For a long time. I want to be with you for a long time.”

Yoongi nudged his nose on Jimin’s before holding his face with a hand and kissing his lips, softly and chaste. Their position was a little awkward and maybe they’d regret it later, given how sore their bodies still were and how they still needed to rest. But Jimin would worry about that later.







Yoongi had been discharged from the hospital a couple of days earlier and had to resort to seeing Jimin within the visiting hours, which didn’t give them enough privacy to be as close as they wished to be. It was common for them to be interrupted by a nurse that came to check on Jimin and Yoongi didn’t dare break any rules for fear of being banned. Jimin couldn’t say it wasn’t amusing to watch how sullen Yoongi looked every time they heard footsteps nearing Jimin’s room and he had to get up from where he was sitting on the bed to settle on the chair.

During the nights Yoongi had sneaked in his room before he was discharged, they had grown used to sharing Jimin’s bed, who carefully scooted to the side to give space for Yoongi to climb on beside him. It was difficult at first because every harsh movement made them both groan in pain and Jimin’s whole body protested when the mattress sank under Yoongi’s weight; but, from the moment they were comfortable and stopped shifting around so much, it was more than worth it.

During the first night they spent together, when they had confessed their feelings for each other, they just laid on their backs beside one another with their fingers intertwined and faces close. They didn’t need more than just being together and having the knowledge that they were fine in all aspects of the word, physically and emotionally.

When they had healed enough to move without pain, the moments in Jimin’s bed eventually escalated to hugs and heads lying on shoulders. Jimin valued their time together, loved the intimacy they were slowly building and how the small caresses were happening naturally between them, deliberately becoming routine.

It was really no wonder how much Jimin was missing it all now that they weren’t able to share that same intimacy anymore. He knew it was temporary but it didn’t stop him from looking longingly at Yoongi when he was visiting him. The Aldairian noticed almost every time, taking Jimin’s hand in his and smiling with a promise shining in his eyes.

Now Jimin was finally being discharged as well and Yoongi was there, ready to help him with anything he might need and to make him company on his way to his apartment.

But there was something Jimin needed to do first, someone he needed to see.

The doctor was signing something down on a paper when Jimin asked for his attention.

“Doctor?” The Aldairian raised his head with a small smile, his tail shifting in a similar way Yoongi’s did, prompting Jimin to continue. “Is Namjoon Kim receiving visits?”

The doctor hummed as he thought, probably trying to recall the patient Jimin was referring to.

“He’s not my patient but I’m following his case.” He looked down at his wristwatch. “He woke up a week ago, as I’m sure you’re aware.” Jimin nodded. “It will still take a while for him to be discharged because he had some serious injuries but from what I heard, he’s awake and lucid. So I think you can go see him if you promise not to stress him out.” He smiled, ripping the paper he was writing on and giving it to Jimin. “You’re officially discharged, Mr. Park. Here’s the list of everything you’ll need to take care of that,” He pointed at Jimin’s belly. “Just talk to someone in the reception area and they’ll tell you Mr. Kim’s room number.”

Jimin thanked him before walking out of the room, being followed by Yoongi who was also carrying the bag with the things Jimin wore during his stay in the hospital. They got the number of Namjoon’s room without a problem and soon Jimin was standing in front of its door.

Jimin stared at the number painted on the wood as he tried to prepare himself for what he was about to find. He had never seen Namjoon as anything but a strong man and Jimin needed to be ready for when he opened the door.

He felt Yoongi’s hand rest on his shoulder and give it a comforting squeeze.

“Want me to wait for you here?”

Jimin licked his lips and considered it for a couple of seconds before nodding. He turned around to see Yoongi’s face.

“Would you mind?”

“Of course not.” With a smile, Yoongi backed away until he could lean his back against the wall in front of Namjoon’s room.

“I won’t take long.”

Yoongi shook his head.

“Take as long as you need, Min.”

Jimin agreed with a small smile and turned back to the door of the room, knocking on it and waiting two seconds before pushing it open.

Jimin walked inside and closed the door behind him, looking at the bed Namjoon was lying on. The captain’s head was wrapped with bandages and there weren’t any open cuts on his face but Jimin could see where they had been, as well as the yellow color on his skin where bruises were healing. Namjoon was pale and he still had a long path to walk through until he was fully recovered. Jimin gulped, pushing away the thought of how it was obvious that Namjoon had barely survived the explosion.

Despite how weak he looked compared to the man Jimin knew, he still smiled when his eyes rested on Jimin’s form. He was also the first to talk, his voice sounding low and rough.

“Hey, Park. Good to see you’re okay.”

Jimin sighed and walked closer, stopping beside Namjoon but without pulling the chair to sit on.

“Hi, Kim.” He tried to give Namjoon a real smile and it wasn’t as hard as he believed it would be. Namjoon was hurt but he was alive, after all. His friend was alive and he would eventually be as strong as always. “It’s good to see you’re awake.”

Namjoon hummed and nodded his head slightly. He wasn’t moving much and Jimin assumed his body was still very sore.

“I won’t lie. It’s wonderful to be awake.”

“Am I your first visit today?”

Namjoon shook his head.

“No, Jung and Jeon left only a few minutes before you arrived and I’m sure they’ll be back tomorrow as soon as visiting hours start.”

Jung and Jeon were both parts of Namjoon’s crew. Jimin remembered having seen them on the landing strip before the bus blew up. It was great to know they both were already discharged from the hospital and feeling well.

Jimin breathed in deeply before letting it out slowly.

“I’m so sorry, Namjoon.”

The captain didn’t have to ask what he was talking about. He closed his eyes and nodded once, accepting Jimin’s words.

“They were all great people,” Namjoon muttered, looking away from Jimin, “I won’t let them be forgotten.”

Jimin lowered his head, observing the white floor of the hospital room. Namjoon was a strong-willed man and Jimin was certain he would overcome the tragedy. But for now, maybe the best thing to do was to let him mourn the death of part of his crew, of his friends.

Glancing up to see Namjoon’s form, Jimin gave him a smile.

“I should get going.” He pointed at the closed door. “Yoongi is waiting for me.”

Namjoon’s dimples turned visible with the smile he directed to Jimin.

“Is that the guy that was with you that day?”

Jimin confirmed it with a tilt of his head.

“Yeah, he’s taking me home now.”

Namjoon hummed in understanding.

“You were just discharged, right?” Jimin nodded and Namjoon rolled his eyes but there was no malice in his expression. “You should be resting, Park. Not paying me visits.”

The giggle Jimin let out at that seemed to make the atmosphere a little lighter.

“I just wanted to see how you were.” He shrugged. “You can’t blame me for that.”

Namjoon sighed and his smile softened.

“I guess I can’t. It was good to see you’re fine.”

Jimin nodded with a smile and bowed to Namjoon before leaving the room. He leaned his back against the closed door and gave himself some time to just breathe.

When he raised his head and opened his eyes, Yoongi was still in the same place where Jimin had left him earlier, watching him as his tail moved a little restlessly, the tip brushing against the floor. Even though it was clear he was worried, he gave Jimin the space he needed and waited for the Earthling to approach him.

Jimin smiled gratefully and pushed himself away from the wall, walking closer to Yoongi who received him with open arms. Jimin rested his forehead on the curve of Yoongi’s neck and sighed.

“Take me home, yeah?”







If there was something Jimin confirmed in the month that came after he was discharged, it was that Aldairian medication worked faster than anything he had ever used when he was still on his home planet. He had always known how effective Aldairian medicine was but he had only ever needed some pills for a headache and its action time wasn’t all that different from the Aspirin Earth produced.

But the pomade the doctor had prescribed for the wound on his stomach acted surprisingly quickly. The stitches Jimin still had when he left the hospital were completely absorbed by his body in a little over a week and the cut on his belly looked more like a scar and less like a wound as the days went by.

Jimin was in front of his bathroom’s mirror, analyzing his naked stomach. He had just finished applying the last bit of the pomade and where there had been an ugly looking cut just four weeks before, now there was only a small red line that felt like a bump on his skin when Jimin touched it. Jimin didn’t know if he would bear a scar but he couldn’t bring himself to care, not when he was healthy and not feeling any kind of pain anymore.

A noise coming from his bedroom ripped Jimin out of his thoughts and he blinked in surprise before smiling, remembering he had a guest over.

Jimin and Yoongi had gone back to their daily activities already but they always found time to see each other. Since Jimin left the hospital, they started having sleepovers. At first, it was under the pretense of not being alone when they both were still in the process of getting better and might need someone to help with something, even if just to use the medicines. When they recovered enough to not need any assistance anymore, they continued to spend the night at each other’s house a few times a week, just because they wanted to be together.

Jimin put on the shirt he had taken with him to the bathroom and went to his bedroom, where Yoongi was waiting for him. He had met Jimin at the Principal, taken him to the small restaurant they liked and walked him home afterward, something that still made Jimin’s heart skip a beat. He knew Yoongi would be spending the night and Jimin loved how comfortable they felt together, how there were already a couple of Yoongi’s clothes hanging in Jimin’s closet, the same way there were his own clothes in the Aldairian’s house. Maybe things were moving a little bit faster than what Jimin was used to in a relationship but it was hard to worry about it when everything felt so incredibly right.

Yoongi raised his eyes from the book he was reading and smiled at him when Jimin walked into the room. He was leaning on a couple of pillows on Jimin’s mattress and he put the book aside before offering a hand to Jimin, who accepted it with a smile and climbed on the bed beside him.

Jimin’s bed was wide enough to fit them both without a problem and the Earthling shifted around for a couple of seconds before finally settling with his head on Yoongi’s shoulder and his left leg hooking around Yoongi’s. The Aldairian curled his tail around Jimin’s leg, who smiled and dropped a kiss on the skin exposed right over the collar of Yoongi’s shirt.

Yoongi let out a small noise of appreciation at the feeling and Jimin did it again, tilting his head back to be able to trail small kisses along one of the golden lines of Yoongi’s sirah, making his way up his neck. Jimin smiled against the warm skin when Yoongi let out a sigh and moved his head to the side to give the Earthling more space. Hugging Yoongi’s waist to keep him close, Jimin mouthed at his neck and felt a small but delicious pull in his lower belly when Yoongi lifted his left hand to hold Jimin’s head in place.

Jimin knew Yoongi was sensitive to the smallest touches as he always got goosebumps when he had his neck kissed and it was incredibly easy to either rile him up or help him relax with only a few grazes of his hands on his skin. Jimin was well aware of it but he still hadn’t had the opportunity of fully exploring actually how sensitive Yoongi was, with everything that happened and their daily life getting in the way. But now they had a full day off ahead of them that didn’t demand getting up early on the next day and Jimin was intending on using that free time to pay attention to Yoongi, something the Aldairian deserved and Jimin wished he had done sooner.

If there was something Jimin was completely fond of, it was how welcoming Yoongi had always been to him. Yoongi was easy to start a conversation with and no matter how aloof he looked like when he was at work, it only took him seeing Jimin entering the store for his face to light up with a smile. Yoongi never hid his feelings; always spoke out when he wanted or needed something. Including attention.

It was just as easy to have any kind of physical contact with him, especially because Yoongi sought it himself, always pulling Jimin by the hand to hug him on the couch and opening his arms for Jimin to get in between them. It made Jimin feel comfortable enough to just ask when he wanted something, without fear of being judged or outright rejected. It wasn’t any different now.

Jimin wiggled around until he was half on top of Yoongi - which earned him some low chuckles coming from the Aldairian -, hovering above him with the help of his hands on the mattress, on each side of Yoongi’s head. Jimin was caging him in between his arms but Yoongi didn’t seem to dislike it as he watched Jimin with a small smile and an arched, curious, eyebrow.

Jimin smiled back and lowered himself to kiss his lips quickly, pulling away and opening his eyes in time to see Yoongi chasing his mouth. Jimin giggled when Yoongi pouted.

“What, will you deny me kisses, now? This isn’t what I signed up for in this relationship.”

The pout was still present while Yoongi talked, his voice low and slurred, and Jimin couldn’t resist indulging him, leaning down to kiss his lower lip. He let Yoongi kiss him a couple of times, his chest fluttering at the way Yoongi nibbled gently on his lower lip. Jimin moved away before Yoongi had the opportunity to deepen the kiss and pecked the Aldairian’s pout when it made a reappearance.

“I will give you plenty of kisses, baby,” Jimin told him, trying to tone his own smile down a little. “If you let me.”

Yoongi frowned, tilting his head a little to the side. Jimin felt his tail moving against his leg, probably because of the confusion showing on Yoongi’s face.

“Why wouldn’t I let you?”

Jimin hummed and moved to kiss the tip of Yoongi’s nose, who was smiling again when Jimin pulled back.

“I was thinking,” Jimin licked his lips, feeling his mouth a bit dry. “that I’d like to take care of you. If you let me.”

Yoongi still had a small crease between his eyebrows but he was looking at Jimin’s face intently, who just smiled timidly. Jimin saw the exact moment understanding dawned on Yoongi, his eyes widening and his mouth falling open as he ran his eyes all over Jimin’s face. The nervousness he was feeling at how long it was taking for him to have an answer vanished when Yoongi beamed. The Aldairian’s body relaxed against the mattress as his lips stretched in a beautiful smile that showed his teeth, his fangs digging softly against his bottom lip, and Jimin kissed his cheek before giving him an equally bright smile.

“I’d like that, yeah.” Yoongi rested his palms of Jimin’s forearms and slid them up until he could caress the sides of his neck, lacing his fingers together behind Jimin’s neck. “Do the work, sweet cheeks.”

Jmin snorted at the nickname he hadn’t heard in a while and shifted to rest his elbows on the mattress, sighing contentedly when their bodies came in contact. Yoongi held the hair at the back of Jimin’s head and guided him closer, craning his head to meet him halfway in a kiss. Jimin intended to pull away after a couple of seconds but Yoongi’s fangs scraped gently against his bottom lip and his resolve broke into a million pieces.

Tilting his head to find a better angle, Jimin felt Yoongi’s body shaking in silent laughter at his own victory over Jimin’s resolve before he got lost in their kiss. Jimin’s forearms were holding him over Yoongi - which meant he couldn’t do much more than kiss Yoongi back and press his body against his from time to time - when he felt like he needed more; a bit more contact; a bit more of Yoongi, who arched his back in return.

Everything was warm; Yoongi’s palm rubbing against his nape; the inside of his mouth; every point their bodies touched. Part of Jimin wanted to just stay like this and enjoy the warmth that was spreading through his whole body, to keep kissing Yoongi, brushing their tongues together and appreciating the reaction he got, like the way Yoongi hummed low when something felt a little bit too good.

But Jimin had other plans and it was with them in mind that he slowed down the kiss until their lips were brushing together with their quick breaths. When Jimin opened his eyes, Yoongi was already looking at him with an almost imperceptible smile, just a small curve of his lips. He didn’t complain about the kiss ending too soon like he usually did. He just watched Jimin and waited for him to do what he wanted, what he had asked permission for.

Jimin licked his lips and kissed Yoongi’s mouth for a long moment without deepening the contact, just feeling the softness of his lips for a few seconds before moving to the corner of them. Dropping one last kiss on the trace of the sirah close to Yoongi’s mouth, Jimin pushed himself away and balanced his body with one hand as he took the other to Yoongi’s waist, brushing his thumb on his skin, over the cloth of the shirt he was wearing.

Jimin looked him in the eyes and Yoongi nodded his head. It was comforting how the smile was still present, it assured Jimin that Yoongi was comfortable with where they were going and it made something wonderful flutter in his chest.

After receiving an encouraging smile when he glanced one last time at Yoongi’s face to make sure he was fine, Jimin slipped his fingers under the edge of the Aldairian’s shirt, slowly pulling up until Yoongi’s stomach was visible. Jimin let go of the shirt, leaving the upper half of his boyfriend’s chest still hidden by the cloth, and focused on the exposed skin. Yoongi’s sirah framed the side of his body in a similar way it did with his face, leaving the middle of his stomach and chest free. The golden drawings ran down his skin in angular curves and delicate twirls. It wasn’t a sole long line making its way over his body, but a composition of many lines that never crossed over each other. Some were short with only a few centimeters but others were lengthier. A particular line of his sirah crossed the whole visible expanse of the left side of Yoongi’s body, the beginning and end of it hidden beneath his clothes.

Jimin leaned down and kissed the middle of Yoongi’s stomach. It was a small caress, just the touch of his closed lips against the white skin, but it was enough to get a reaction from Yoongi, who sighed contently, his chest moving up and down. Jimin smiled before dropping another kiss that was followed by many more.

Jimin rubbed the tip of his nose right over Yoongi’s belly button before shifting his attention to the golden lines. He traced the sirah with his lips for a while, his left hand moving from the mattress so Jimin could brush his fingertips on the other side of Yoongi’s waist, down to his hip and close to his waistband. The next time he leaned down to kiss him, Jimin parted his lips enough for the tip of his tongue to touch the warm skin, right over Yoongi’s sirah. The Aldairian’s chest moved with a soft gasp and he rested his hand on Jimin’s head, keeping it frozen for a couple of seconds before threading his fingers through the dark locks of hair. Jimin hummed, enjoying the sensation, and followed the sirah’s pattern with his mouth until his bottom lip touched the hem of Yoongi’s pants. He licked the skin with the tip of his tongue and made his way to Yoongi’s lower stomach, kissing under his belly button this time.

Yoongi had a healthy layer of fat there that made him soft to the touch and Jimin didn’t resist the urge to nibble of the skin. He didn’t bite down hard, just scraped his teeth gently on the skin, which made Yoongi’s chuckle as his stomach clenched slightly. The fingers in Jimin’s hair pulled his strands a little, soothing the scalp with gentle scratches right after and Jimin raised his head to look at Yoongi, who was watching him with bright eyes and a ghost of a smile on his lips.

Jimin lay down over Yoongi’s leg and rested his chin on his stomach, smoothing his right palm up and down Yoongi’s waist.


Yoongi nodded and brushed Jimin’s fringe back and away from his forehead before tracing his left eyebrow with his thumb.

“Yeah. Just ticklish,” Jimin nodded, his chin digging into Yoongi’s skin. “I liked it.” Jimin beamed brightly at him and Yoongi snorted, which made Jimin tilt his head to the side, a little confused.


Yoongi shook his head with a smile and shifted his free hand to Jimin’s face, running the pad of his index finger on the curve of Jimin’s upper lip.

“Just look at you.” Jimin blinked and Yoongi’s smile grew a little bigger. “Here I am, with my shirt halfway off, and you’re over there all cute and shit because I said I liked it when you bit me.”

Jimin watched him without a reaction for a heartbeat before his shoulders shook as he let out a giggle, hiding his face on Yoongi’s stomach, who complained with a grunt and tried to lift Jimin’s head up by pulling at his hair, still too gentle to hurt him. Jimin eventually complied and looked back up at his boyfriend, knowing perfectly well that his cheeks and ears were red.


Yoongi rolled his eyes despite the way his lips were still curved in a smile and cupped Jimin’s face with both hands.

“Come here, you idiot.”

Jimin put his hands on the mattress and lifted himself up to his hands and knees. He crawled up the bed until his face was hovering over Yoongi’s, who had never let go of his face and pulled him down for a kiss.

Jimin closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of Yoongi’s tongue touching his own, which ended way too soon when the Aldairian pulled away. Yoongi rested a hand on the middle of Jimin’s chest and pushed him away. He went easily, frowning slightly, but before Jimin could really start worrying, Yoongi pulled his shirt all the way off and lay down again, arching his back a little as he looked for a comfortable position, his tail thumping against the mattress twice before going quiet. Jimin was watching him with parted lips when Yoongi finally stopped fidgeting and smiled, curling his fingers around Jimin’s arms to pull him down again.

He didn’t let Yoongi kiss him deeply again, pulling away after a soft kiss. Jimin giggled softly at the face Yoongi made and despite the small pout on his lips, he still looked unimpressed. His tail nudged Jimin’s thigh before curling around it and tugging it, a silent hurry up message that made Jimin roll his eyes.

But of course he complied and crawled down Yoongi’s body.







The way Yoongi’s chest lifted up and down slowly with his breathing was almost hypnotizing. Jimin was lying on his side and the sheets thrown over his hips were the only thing preventing his naked body from being completely exposed to the night air that entered the slightly opened window of his room. Yoongi was lying in a similar fashion, turned in Jimin’s direction with the sheets preserving his modesty. The only difference in their positions was that while Jimin was stretched on the mattress, Yoongi was curled almost in a ball with his legs pulled up. There wasn’t enough space between them and his left leg was resting over one of Jimin’s. His tail wasn’t visible, so Jimin assumed it was resting on the bed behind Yoongi, not being at risk of being squeezed or hurt between their bodies.

Sometime during the night, Yoongi had grabbed Jimin’s left hand and it was holding it against the mattress, in their chests’ level. And to know that Yoongi had unconsciously reached out and taken his hand after they had made love for the first time made Jimin’s heart skip a beat. He didn’t resist the urge to squeeze Yoongi’s hand, gently lacing their fingers together, being careful to move slowly and not wake Yoongi up.

And before Jimin closed his eyes and let himself fall asleep again, he still managed to think about how lucky he was to have met someone like Yoongi on such a big planet as Aldair.

Because more than finding his place in the planet, Jimin had found his home in Yoongi.