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Percy Sailed Where?

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The next morning everyone walked into the breakfast room to eat. The cafeteria was bustling with activity and laughter as everyone ate. Then Annabeth marched in with a bunch of books, scrolls and records in her arms and dropped them with a loud thump at the head of the table.

“What’s all that for?” Percy asked.

“Research. I wanna to take notes also. Maybe figure out more about why the fates brought us here. Why they want to tell your story.”

“Aren’t we gonna start the next part?” asked Thalia.

“Not yet,” Annabeth shook her head. “I was wondering if our Egyptian and Norse friends might want to explain a little bit about their past and current adventures so this isn’t all as confusing. Magnus mind starting while we eat? Then I’ll explain the rest of the plan.”

“I guess. So before all of this I was homeless. After a bunch of glowing wolves killed my mom I thought I had no one. Then I heard people were looking for me….”

Magnus continued his story letting Sam, Alex, Blitz and Hearth take over once in a while so he could eat. It took almost an hour and a half even with the abridged version.

“Our turn?” Carter asked.

“I think we should do something else first. Sitting still too long with all these demigods is not a good idea. I’m going to continue my research a bit if anyone wants to join me. I saw a room we could use like a library.”

She got up with her scrolls and walked out. Carter shrugged and followed behind them came Ella, Reyna and Sam. Percy looked around. “Anyone else have a plan?”

“I wanted to design some of those shoes. A safe version and stylish,” Blitz shared.

“I will go help,” Tyson agreed.

“I guess we’re splitting up by skillset and other things. Wanna finally compare that magic?” Sadie asked drawing her staff. Hearth nodded pulling out his runestones and Hazel kissed Frank’s cheek before following them through the door to the main room where they could practice.

“Wanna go try out some more healing techniques? Annabeth said something about a potion before,” Will asked Jaz and Magnus.

“Sure. I’d be happy to show you. I wanna see some things with that ambrosia and nectar too.”

“I’m not sure I have as much practical skill,” shrugged Magnus. “For me it’s mostly powers.”

“Incantations and stuff. I do that too. That’d be something else to compare,” Will said.

“The glowing too,” grinned Jaz. “I’ll take the doctors notes.” Both boys groaned as she pulled them along and off the blond haired trio went.

“You said something before about shifting,” Frank asked.

“Yeah. I’m not just genderfluid,” Alex shrugged. “My form is too. I can be almost anything.”

“I can only do animals. It still might be fun to share some tricks,” Frank tried.

“You came to the right person,” Alex grinned. “I’m the shapeshifting master.”

To prove her point she became a cheetah and leaped over the table before sprinting through the hall. Percy laughed. “You better catch up to your master young padawan. It seems you have a lot to learn.”

Frank groaned before going out the door where he changed too. Percy groaned then. “Still wish I could do that. I mean even Carter and Sadie have bird forms!”

“Because of the gods that they hosted,” Walt said. “I’m sure you had something similar if you hosted Neckbeht.”

“Kind of but not really. You got something? You’re hosting a god right now?” asked Percy.

“I can do canines. Jackals mostly. I don’t have control over much besides the dead and burial rights.”

“We never did finish comparing those,” Nico mused. “Are you able to use darkness?”

“Sometimes. Shadows. Death powers.”

“Souls, zombies and all that,” Nico agreed.

“Finish this creepy conversation elsewhere. Just go see what you can do corpse breaths,” Thalia said.

Nico sighed and shadow traveled out of the room. Walt disappeared in a dark mist filled with some mummy wrapping after.

“If they get to compare death, magic, healing and all those powers you need to agree to compare fire powers with me. You did say it was your specialty element,” Leo reminded Zia.

“It is but I don’t think.”

“He’ll behave,” Calypso promised. “I hope so.”

“Don’t worry sunshine. Flame girl and I will be fine,” Leo grinned. “Come on.”

That left only the Greco-Romans. Grover was looking at Juniper who he hadn’t had alone time with since he left for California to work with the nature spirits there. Percy nudged him. “Go on man.”

Blushing Grover did and happily Juniper followed him out. Chris and Clarisse got up subtly too as Rachel spoke. “I’m going to go help the others do some research.”

“I’ll never understand how people enjoy that,” Thalia shook her head. “And I’ve known Annabeth most of her life.”

“I know. It’s strange,” Percy agreed. He looked around at the rest of the people still there. Jason, Piper, Apollo, Calypso and Thalia sat around him. “So what do you guys want to do? I assume we’ll do this until lunch.”

“I wanted to talk to Calypso. I mean we haven’t gotten the chance yet,” Piper asked the other girl.

“I’d be happy too. Leo talks about you a lot.”

Piper grinned walking out with Calypso. “Well did he tell you about the time that we……”

“So that leaves bonding time for us little bro,” Thalia grinned at Jason.

“You visited two weeks ago.”

“I missed nearly 13 years. You can afford a few more hours,” Thalia teased.

Jason laughed. “Wanna spar?”

“Yeah and kick your roman butt.”

The two sibling went out laughing leaving Percy and Apollo behind. Percy rubbed his hair awkwardly. Apollo cleared his throat. “So…”

“How’s the traveling?” asked Percy. “Any leads on the next oracle?”

“I wish. Then I could go back to being my awesome self full time. Nah we got to the Midwest I know Meg is there somewhere.”

“I know how you’re feeling. I’m sure she’ll come back and help you in the end. She seemed like a good kid, but she had bad people taking care of her and influencing her. But even people who betrayed you once can help you in the end,” Percy shared. “I hated Luke. I still feel hurt when I think about him but I have a lot to thank him for too.”

“That’s not like this!” Apollo protested.

“Sorry man. I did want to ask, do you think that your whole quest has anything to do with all this?” Percy asked gesturing to the room around them.

“A lot probably. Why else would I be here? The fates are tied to the oracles and vice versa. Maybe they’re waiting for them all to work again. Then they’ll say something.”

“With my luck it’ll be another prophecy with me at the center,” Percy groaned.


In the new found library Rachel was writing things down for the demigods who couldn’t with dyslexia. There were several lists about things so far. One was of the prophetic things they had said. Ella kept that in her head but the others wrote it down as well. Rachel had agreed to keep it as they watched so she could write down anything that happened. The other list was of strange things Percy had done that might be why the fates were interested in him. Everyone was volunteering information.

“The Fates called him the link,” Annabeth said as Rachel wrote.

“They said his thread was interwoven through all our tapestries,” agreed Samira.

“His stepfather,” Reyna said. “Gaea possessed him planning from the beginning. He was always her key.”

“Right,” Rachel nodded adding a note about his fatal flaw.

“The water healing,” Carter said. “It can’t be replicated.”

“He met many of us before the quest to stop Gaea brought us together,” Reyna put in.

“Languages,” Ella spoke. “Latin is a dead language. So is Egyptian and Ancient Greek. Percy speaks three dead languages.”

“Right,” Annabeth said. “And Horse. And Fish. Though I don’t speak owl and Frank doesn’t speak boar, Piper dove and etc.”

“The fates seemed to have been interested in him since the beginning,” Rachel noted. “They stopped to show him them cut the thread. That’s not common.”

“Right. What about that magic he seemed to do?” Carter asked. “He did that symbol with his hands and the door slammed shut on his stepfather.”

“It did seem more like magic than anything else,” agreed Annabeth. “The oracle moved to look at him. And then he told the future a few times. He even knew what Thalia looked like.”

Rachel nodded. “My dreams are only a little stronger than his, or they were when I was the oracle. Are yours that strong?”

Annabeth, Sam and Reyna shook their heads. Carter shrugged. “It’s a little different for us. Our bas can travel.”

Annabeth wrote something down. “Okay.”

“He’s beaten a god,” Reyna noted. “Almost an impossibility.”

“I don’t know what the romans say but Ares has been beaten by Hercules and the first queen of the amazons. There was another woman who I’m forgetting that beat him too.”

“So maybe our texts are lacking,” Reyna nodded. “We don’t have children of Minerva to help either. But none of these people were age 12 with such little training. He has done what many heroes have previously, such as killing a snake at such a young age. But no others were so young as he was when he was able to beat a kindly one, the minotaur, and Medusa when she was awake too.”

“Those dreams from Kronos said some other important things,” Rachel told Annabeth.

“Write that down.”

“What?” asked Sam. “What is so important to frighten you?”

“Another way Percy was supposed to be someone’s pawn,” Annabeth shrugged. “He obviously refused. So other people took his spot.”

“On that note,” Carter said remembering. “Apollo mentioned that Percy looks almost exactly like Poseidon. More than any other demigod apparently.”

“Anything else?” Rachel said after she had written that down.

“Good. Let’s move onto the next thing,” Annabeth said. Everyone nodded then she turned to Rachel. “Can I have that for a moment?’

Rachel gave her the scroll. “What are you writing?”

“A possibility Percy and I discussed yesterday,” Annabeth told her writing down the words Percy blessed by Poseidon/other gods? then putting down the pen.

Rachel’s eyes widened. “No way.”

“Just a possibility,” Annabeth told her again. “Let’s go catch up to everyone else.”

By the time they joined the others for lunch they had gathered enough research for a while. Everyone was eating when a scratched up Jaz, Will and Magnus walked in next to Leo and Zia who both had little cinders and smoke rising from their clothes. “What happened?” Sadie asked wide eyed.

“Research,” Will answered.

“Leo?” asked Calypso. “Why are you burning?”

“As Will said for research purposes. Now start your story,” Leo called to Sadie. “I wanna have entertainment while I eat.”