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The Ways In Which We Love

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Cato rubbed his eyes, attempting to stave off the migraine he could feel building behind them. He and Dylan had been on a mission for the past two weeks and the exhaustion was beginning to seep into his bones. Well, technically only Dylan had been asked to complete the mission but Cato was not one to let his Jedi go off on some dangerous mission without backup. They were finished now though and were on their way to rendezvous with the rest of the men, which was still some hours away.

He sighed and reclined back in the pilot’s seat, closing his eyes, he listened to the ship hum around him.

“Come on, I think you should get some rest.”

Cato startled at the voice, eyes flying open and spun his chair to look at the voice’s owner. He relaxed seeing Dylan leaning in the doorway, the Jedi’s eyebrow cocked playfully. He smiled despite the tightness at his temples and crossed his arms together.

“I’m fine, really.” He reassured in return.

Dylan stepped into the cockpit and stopped in front of his clone commander, holding out his hand. Cato, knowing he could never deny the Jedi anything, chuckled but grabbed the hand to stand up putting him eye to eye with Dylan. Well, in this case, eye to sash because Dylan was a Miraluka.

“Let me drive for a while.” The Jedi said, a soft smile on his lips.

“I’m not sure if that’s responsible.” He teased back, his hands coming up to link his fingers with Dylan’s. “We might crash.”

Dylan tilted his head, if he had eyes Cato was sure he’d be rolling them and maneuvered around his commander to take up the pilot’s seat. “We’re in hyper-space. It’s unlikely that we’ll crash.” The Jedi stuck his tongue out, making Cato laugh and spun his chair away to face the console.

Cato took a moment to admire his General, his pure-hearted Jedi, his generous lover and he couldn’t help but be struck by the thought of how lucky he was to have garnered the attention of someone like Dylan.

“I don’t hear you going to get some sleep.” Dylan piped up, still facing partially away.

Cato smirked to himself. He quickly twirled the chair around and captured his Jedi’s lips, relishing in the mewl he heard. He slipped his tongue along the seam of the other’s lips but stepped away before it could go any further.

Dylan pouted. “Tease.” He muttered, a dip in his brow.

Cato laughed but bent back down to leave a kiss between Dylan’s eyebrows to smooth the frown there. “I’m going to bed now.”

He turned pausing a moment to look at Dylan, whose fingertips were running across his lips, before letting the door close behind him as he moved towards the bunks.