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It had been weeks since Clint was helping out around the Stark tower because of missions he and Natasha would go on. The last mission Clint had been reckless and got captured and then drugged causing his hormones to go out of wack.

So it was in a state of near reverence when Clint sat on his knees in front of Tony, looking up at him while nearby Steve and Bruce sat on one couch and Loki sitting on another. Their eyes were all glued to Clint.

“Are you going to be good slut for me?” Tony asked.

“Yes, Stark,” Clint replied.

“Alright. Show them what you can do with that mouth of yours.”

Tony started to unbuckle his belt and unzip his trousers.

“Wait!” Steve suddenly exclaimed.

Tony sighed in frustration.“What?” Tony asked turning to face him.

“I’m not sure - I mean, is this really alright?”

“Look, trust me. Do you really think I’d be doing this if he didn’t want it? I’m not that fucked up. Besides the drugs that caused this were the ones they slip in drinks so then they can do whatever they want to the person. If they don't get a relase it basically feels like you're going insane only physically. It brings a huge amount of pleasure for that person so it shouldn't be a problem. Besides it's not rape if we have a concences.”

Steve was concerned and took a moment before nodding.

“Sorry, Clint. Steve doesn’t understand how big of a deal this is and that you ACTUALLY need this.”

“I know...Tony.” Clint said groggly knodding back and forth.

Tony reached down to stroke Clint's head.

“Now, do what you’re here for.”

Clint immediately took Tony’s cock in his mouth, sucking it fast while moving his hand up and down in synchronicity. Tony’s cock began get larger as Clint continued, keeping an even pace. Clint looked over to see what the others were doing. Loki and Bruce had their cocks out and were stroking them while Steve looked incredibly uncomfortable.

However an obvious bulge in his trousers suggested he was enjoying this more than he let on. Clint moaned and Tony looked down at him.

“You want to suck them?”Clint nodded as much as he could while having a cock in his mouth. His eyes were big and pleading. Tony gently nudged Barton.

“Loki?” Tony turned in his direction.

“With pleasure,” Loki replied.

“Go,” was all Tony had to say for Clint to start crawling towards where Loki was sitting. Clint looked up, meeting his eyes.

“He’ll do anything you want,” Tony said.

“Right, Kitten?”Clint visiably shivered at the pet name while he stared up at Loki.

“Please use my body in anyway,” Clint said desperately while visibily shaking wanting more.

“Suck it,” Loki said with a smirk.

“No hands.”

Clint took Loki’s now hard cock in his mouth. He licked and sucked, dragging his mouth up and down the length. Loki moved Clint's head away from him leaving Clint confused.

“You know, I never thought I’d see you like this: on your knees, sucking my cock…feels like I should have done this while i had you under my control. I’m going to fuck your throat and you’re going to enjoy every moment of it, aren’t you?”

Clint bit his lip and swallowed hard but answered. “Yes, Master.”

“Good slut.”

Clint opened his mouth, expecting Loki to shove his cock inside, but instead felt Loki's hard dick, wet from his spit, slapping him on the face. Clint’s surprise turned to submission as he let the Frost Giant continue.

“Fuck, you really are a cockslut,” Loki said before slipping his dick into Clint’s mouth.

He grabbed Barton's head roughly and pulled it onto his cock, forcing him to swallow it. Clint’s throat started spasming around it by the time it was completely engulfed. Loki held Clint’s head down in spite of the choking noises.

“Were you too ashamed when I had you under mind control that i could see every desire you begged for just by simply looking at you? I can tell it’s what you wanted.”

Loki let Clint's head go and Clint moved off his cock, taking a breath as spit trailed from Clint's mouth to the head of Loki's dick.

"Yes, My lord,” Clint said breathlessly.

“Us my body in anyway you want me.” “Less talking,” Loki said, shoving Clint's mouth back over his cock. This time he guided Clint to going back and forth, bobbing along the shaft as the head of Loki's dick hit the back of his throat over and over. After a while of Loki continuing to control the motion of Clint's head and him making choking noises around Loki's cock, Loki suddenly jutted his hips and stilled. Clint’s eyes widened as Loki came, holding Clint’s head still while he blew his load down Clint’s throat. Clint withdrew himself once Lokilet go, breathing harshly but still moving forward to gently suck the head of Loki's cock.

“Fuck,” Loki said, breathing out.

“That was incredible.”

“Wow. Just wow,” was Steve's response.Tony laughed.

“Yeah, he’s really something. Bruce?”Bruce jumped.


”Don’t you want him?” Tony asked.Bruce looked at Clint who had started to move towards him.

“Y-yeah. Just not…Not like Loki.”

“He’ll do it however you like,” Tony said.

Clint sat up on his knees before Bruce, looking up at him cautiously.

“Okay. Okay, just be gentle. Just in case."

Bruce didn’t need to say it; the implication lay heavy in the air. For a second Clint hesitated, a flash of fear coursing his face but then it was gone as if it had never happened. Clint took Bruce’s cock in his hand and ran his tongue along the underside of the shaft. He lay kisses and sucked the side, his eyes looking up at Bruce who gently brushed Clint's hollowed cheek. Barton continued to make broad strokes with his tongue. Bruce let out a shaky breath which made Clint smile. He started to stroke Bruce’s cock, taking it slow to gauge Bruce’s reaction. Clint swirled his tongue against the head, sliding his tongue against the slit eliciting a low moan from Bruce. Clint moved his hand faster along Bruce’s cock and Barton moved his head lower, maintaining eye contact, before sucking gently on Bruce’s balls. Bruce gasped quietly before letting out a gravelly moan as much out of the image of Clint eagerly licking and sucking as the actual sensation.

“I think he broke Bruce,” Tony joked.