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Tealigtful! - Drabbles

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It had been a decade since Bobafiish had met Boba-kun. She looked down at her gold wedding band, and back at her husband.

Since that fateful they found each other, he had his dyed hair back to the original milky brown and dressed differently. But Boba-kun never dropped the beanie!

Nonetheless, he was still just as beautiful her as he was when they met. Bobafiish changed quite a bit too, actually!

She threw away her crop tops and stuck with T-shirts. She had no need for glasses anymore (Although she still wore them) and the fishes atop her head has changed from goldfish to coi, as her old ones died sadly. (The funeral was depressing.)

They swung back and forth on the wooden swing. “Orange-chan got another fish.” he said about their daughter.

“Two goldfish? Wow! I didn’t get my 2nd until I was 12!”

“You shouldn’t even be getting fish on your head..”

“I thought you came to terms with that…”

“I lied. Sorry!”

Bobafiish lightly punch Boba-kun in the arm. “Ha ha..”

They both leaned in for a soft kissed, rejoicing in their marriage.