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Lin BeiFong x Suyin Beifong: Sisters In Love

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AN: Hey, y'all. This is my first time for the Lin Beifong/Suyin Beifong pairing and it is my second FanFic for The Legend Of Korra Fandom. This is an incest ship and FanFic. This FanFic will probably be about four chapters long and I hope that all of y'all will love and enjoy reading it just as much as I will love and enjoy writing it. Now on with the story.


Fandom: The Legend Of Korra.


Characters: Lin BeiFong. Suyin Beifong. Other characters show up and will be mentioned as well.


Pairing: Lin Beifong/Suyin Beifong.


Rating: M for smut and swearing.


Setting: The plot of this FanFic takes place not too long after the events of the series. It is very slightly AU.


Summary: Lin and Suyin have made up for their past mistakes and now they have realized that they have romantic feelings for each other. Who will tell the other first?. You will have to read it to find out. (Sister x Sister Incest). (Don't like it, don't read it). (Smut and Swearing).


Lin Beifong rubbed at her eyes tiredly as she had been hard at work all day in the police station. She had been busy all day and the only thing on her mind other than her work was her younger sister, Suyin Beifong. Lin blushed whenever she thought of Suyin. It actually wasn't that long ago, only a couple of months ago that she was in fact in love with her younger sister. And she was so glad that they had patched things up several months ago. Suyin had actually moved to Republic City to stay close to her and Lin was beyond happy about that. Lin had offered to let Su live with her in her apartment and Su had hurriedly agreed to live with her. It wasn't that long into living with each other that Lin had come as lesbian and Suyin had come out as pansexual.

Lin smiled softly to herself as she removed her hands from her face and she went back to her work. And about two hours later Lin was finally done with her current slate of work and she places her work into a folder before she had got out of her chair and she leaves the report on her desk. She looked at the clock on the wall and that's when she had noticed that was nearly one in the morning. Her eyes had widened at how late it had gotten. She was supposed to be back at home by now. She and Suyin were supposed to hang out, but she had got caught in her work. She looks down at the ground under feet sadly.

"Damn it. I hope that Su isn't too mad at me for missing our sister date. Maybe it might have been a real date if I just told how I really feel about her"., Lin muttered to herself as she got ready to leave her office and head back home to her apartment. She walks to her office door and she hears soft footsteps coming closer to her office door and she frowns slightly. 'Who the hell could that be at this time of night at the police station'., Lin thought to herself as heard the footsteps get even closer to her office doors. And finally, it was just a few seconds later when someone had knocked on the door. "Who is it?"., Lin asks them through the door.

Suyin smiled after she had knocked on Lin's office door. Su had come to the police station to check on Lin because she was worried about her older sister when she hadn't shown up to hang out with her the previous like they had planned. And that's why at nearly one in the morning at the police station to check on her older sister to see why hadn't shown for their sister date. Su giggled slightly at her own choice of words. Su had never told anyone but she was always in love with her older sister Lin. That's why she had gotten divorced from her husband some time ago.

Maybe her and Lin's next sister date will be a real sister date. 'Maybe now is the right time to confess my true feelings to Lin'., Su thought to herself as she knocked on the door to Lin's office. Su heard Lin's question and she smiled softly to herself.

"Hey, sis. It's just me Su. Can we talk?"., Su asked her through the door and a light blush had spread across both of their faces. Lin smiled to herself as she opened her office door to let Su into her office and she was immediately brought into a hug by her sister that she had returned. She patted her sister on the back and Su pulled away from the embrace. Su frowns at sister a little and the look on Lin drops a little bit as well. "Lin, why are you working so late?. You should have been back at home hours ago. I'm not mad at you sis. I'm just worried because you just work yourself way too hard these days. You need to have some fun. It's too late now, but since it is the weekend, tomorrow when it's opened, you and I could go to this new club that has just recently opened. They also have this really cool restaurant that I have wanted to eat at since it opened. So maybe we could go tomorrow"., Su said to her and she had blushed slightly. Lin curious as to why Su had blushed had decided to take a chance.

"Su, are you asking me out on a date"., Lin had asked her and Su's had reddened considerably and her heart had started to beat faster within her own chest. Su nodded her head with a bright smile on her face. Lin's eyes had widened once more. 'Does that mean what I think it means?'., Lin thought to herself. She feels Su takes her hands in her own.

"There's something that I should have told you years ago. I'm in love with you and I would very much like it if you would go on a date with me this weekend"., Su said to her and the two sisters blushed a deep shade red at her confession. 'I can't believe that I just told her how I really feel about her, but I'm really glad that I did'., Su thought to herself. Lin's eyes widened again and a smile had spread itself across her face and it had replaced the frown from earlier.

"Su, I have to tell you something as well. I'm with you too and I will very much love to go on a date with you tomorrow. But there's something that you have to do first. Close your eyes. Please"., Lin asked her and Su wondering what her older sister is up to, she closed her eyes because she trusts her more than anything else in the world. Lin's smile became a grin and she leaned toward her sister and she had closed her eyes as she gets closer to her face. She connected their lips in a soft yet sweet kiss.

Su froze for only a moment before she wrapped her arms around Lin's shoulders and she kissed back. Lin smirked into their kiss and she swiped her tongue across Su's bottom which caused her gasp and part her lips. Lin slipped her tongue past Su's now parted lips and inside her mouth. And she used her tongue to explore every inch of her younger sister's mouth and they moaned into the kiss. Lin then found Su's tongue and she had wrapped her tongue around Su's tongue and they both started to breathe heavier. And during their kiss, their hands explored each other's bodies over their clothes.

A few minutes later, the two sisters had to part from their kiss due to the lack of oxygen. The two sisters opened their eyes and they stared at one another for a moment before they had started giggle a bit at themselves. It was the best kiss that either sister had ever had in their entire lives up to this point in their lives, which they are both really happy about.

"Damn, Lin. That was one hell of a kiss. You know, that was my first time kissing another woman. It was very special and I really, really loved that it was with you"., Su said while her face darkened with another blush. Lin smiled softly at her sister once more that she is very happy to be dating and to have in her life now and forever.

"Su, that was also my first kiss with another woman and I'm really happy that it was with you as well. How about we go back home and have a late dinner?"., She asked Su and Su nodded. Lin smiled and she kissed Su again. They pull away from their kiss and Su leaned her head on Lin's shoulder as they leave Lin's office and walk out of the police station and the two of them had headed back home for a late dinner.


AN 2: Hey, y'all. That's the end of the first chapter of Lin BeiFong x Suyin Beifong: Sisters In Love. I hope that all of y'all have both loved and enjoyed reading this first chapter. The idea for this FanFic had actually came to me while I was reading some old Lin Beifong/Suyin Beifong and that's when I had decided to write my own and here it is. I will try to write and post the second chapter either late tonight or sometime tomorrow, but most likely it will be sometime tomorrow. I promise that I get back to writing all of my other current FanFics soon, I just had to get this first chapter written and posted before I do that. If I have had made any mistakes in this FanFic or one of my other countless FanFic's, please let me know in y'all's reviews. I thank all of y'all for reading, reviewing, favoriting, and following all of my work. As always please read and review. Until next time.


AN 3: Edit: The next chapter, chapter two, will be slightly longer than this first chapter was and it will have some smut in it as well. I have edited the kiss scene. That's all that I wanted to say for the moment. I have had made any mistakes in this FanFic or one of my other countless FanFic's, please let me know in y'all's reviews. I thank all of y'all for reading, reviewing, favoriting, and following all of my work. As always please read and review. Until next time.