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7 Stages of Attraction

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Though it was still hours away from opening, the Resistance halls were crowded with waitstaff and kitchen staff preparing for the night. Truthfully, Rey had never seen the nightclub this crowded. The Resistance was located far from the Coruscant City center in a neighborhood that had been called “industrial” by a generous magazine reviewer. Poe managed to drum up enough business to keep the club running even on a week night, but this was the first time Rey began to feel claustrophobic.

“Excuse me, can I just—oh!” The person she’d been trying to sidle past stepped right back into her. It felt like slamming into a brick wall. Normally, Rey would have no problem sidestepping but the stack of towels she carried wobbled precariously before falling into a pile on the floor. “Shit, we just cleaned those.”

“Fuck, sorry, let me—”

Both Rey and the brick wall went down on their knees to pick up her towels.

“No, it’s not your fault. It’s kinda hard to see in here and I—” Rey trailed off as she finally allowed herself to look up at the person she’d bumped into. She was close enough to make out his features—long face, full lips and wavy dark hair. Then his brown eyes caught hers. It was as if all the oxygen had been sucked out of the room or stepping out into the sun after hours in a darkroom. Everything fell away.

His eyes dropped to her lips and her heart ker-thumped so hard she swore she could hear it.

“Where are those extension chords!”

“Rey, Finn needs your help in the kitchen!”

They both straightened as a red-haired man and Rose entered the hallway.

“Oh my god, I think Finn really blew up the stove this time.” Rose grabbed Rey’s arm and tugged her towards the kitchen. “We need to help him before Holdo finds out.”

“Sure,” Rey said in a breathless falsetto. She shook herself and repeated in her normal voice, “Uh, yeah, of course.” But she kept looking back.

The man was walking to the door that lead to the stage. His friend was shaking his head and taking some of the extension chords from his arms.  Before the door shut, he glanced back and the contents in Rey’s stomach promptly turned into hyper butterflies.

“Who was that?”


“The guy in the hallway? He’s not part of the kitchen staff, is he?”

“Oh, I think he’s in that band Poe was able to book for tonight—Knights of Ren”