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Midoriya Izuku had been cursed with one major flaw: he was not born with a quirk. Quirkless people in society are a minority (they make up only five percent of the population) and as such, they are married off to heroes for their own protection from villains who seek to wish them harm.

No matter how badly he wants to be a hero, society won't allow it. Those without quirks are not allowed to attend the same schools as those with quirks do. Those without quirks are not allowed to even hear the teacher speak about the possibility of being a hero. Thus Izuku's dream remains an impossible reality in his head while his true reality has things changing drastically.

In school, all quirkless children learn how to be the perfect spouses for their future husband or wife. So while he can never be a hero, he can at least keep the house sparkling clean and cook up an excellent meal for his future spouse!

(It kills him on the inside to think of it that way.)

Then there's another issue: his upcoming engagement to his future spouse. By law, all quirkless are to be engaged at his age and married off to their arranged fiancé in only a year's time.

(His mother will be the one picking for him because he doesn't honestly trust his father's instincts on this issue.)

Thus he attends his final day of school today...the final day, before he is engaged. It makes him feel so hopeless and defeated, yet he keeps his chin held high because hey, Mom will pick out someone great for me!

The class begins and ends with a simple enough task: take home a list of these young future heroes and have your parents arrange a meeting with them to discuss engagement and marriage. Fill out a form detailing your engagement. Report back before the end of the day to receive your diploma.

Izuku had thought he wouldn't see his father when he entered through his apartments door, but when he did it took him by surprise.

"...Dad?" he says in pure shock really, he really wasn't here for him ever in his life so to have him here now is strange, "What are you doing here?"

His father grins, trying to keep the atmosphere casual, "What, you didn't think I'd be here? Of course I would be here, today is your big day!"

Izuku is trying his best to absorb this information in, but then his father does something that renders him speechless.

"I've arranged an engagement for you today at work. You see, my boss is a busy guy and a rich guy, so it took me a while to get some alone time with him... Anyway he has this son of his who isn't married off yet and makes great money at the university working as a professor."

Izuku feels sick. He literally feels like throwing up right now but he instead stands there with a stunned look on his face.

"That reminds me..." his father then shows him a photo of the son: he's a young man with chocolate brown hair and yellow eyes. He isn't bad looking...but Izuku wanted to be married off to a hero, not a corporate bigwig.

"Great choice, right? I'll get to retire early and have an amazing pension on top of it all. I also got a pay raise for my final months working there, with extra vacation time, so I will be living like a king!" he says to his son who is...pretty stunned still. that's why he chose his bosses son. He wanted to live like a king. Of course, why not?

"Don't worry, he's rich too and he'll treat you like gold!"

That feels more like an after thought to him than anything else.

Looks like he has already graduated...all without even looking at the list. He does make his own objection to his father's scheme, "Dad, can't you at least look at the hero list?"

His father laughs this off harshly, ripping the list to shreds, "Oh poor, naïve Izuku: only top heroes have the highest net worth and a majority of people with quirks would only be considered average or lower at best. That's why I work in a cubicle despite having a quirk. You need to think for the future for your own survival because there's nothing for a quirkless like you out there in a quirk filled world."

Izuku feels so deflated hearing this's all too true. Hearing his father tell him this straight to his face while looking him in the eye is heartbreaking.

"'re right. Please fill out this form so I can take it back to school and graduate." Izuku sighs heavily, feeling so defeated as his father too happily fills out the form rather quick and sends him on his way out.

He hands in his form and receives his diploma from his teacher who sighs dreamily, "Your father has excellent taste: rich, young, successful, intelligent, and attractive... You have it made, Izuku."

He doesn't feel the same, but he smiles and nods anyway.

As he walks home, he feels dread building up in him before the inevitable tears start to spill over. He didn't want to be married to someone like his father's choice, he wanted to be married to a hero.

He then hears a voice calling out to him, "Hey, Deku!"

He turns around mostly in confusion to see a taller teen with ash blonde hair and red eyes in a messy uniform, "Um, do I...know you?"

The teen looks surprised then, his own response angered almost instantly, "What the fuck! We used to play together all the time as kids before your dad moved you away. I'm Katsuki, you know...Kacchan."

When Izuku doesn't drop the confused look, Katsuki sighs deeply, "I'm the one who used know um...go around, proclaiming you to be my...bride. I used to always say you're mine and we'd be married someday."

Now Izuku remembers because that was a terrifying experience to go through as a quirkless child!

"Oh I think I remember're Kacchan, the scary hot head!"

Katsuki rolls his eyes, his reponse bitterly spoken, "Sure, whatever the hell you want to go with! Anyway...why do you have a diploma?"

Izuku can already feel the tears coming back while he explains it to Katsuki, "Today is graduation from quirkless school. As of today...I am engaged to a man I never met and know nothing of."

Izuku sighs then, wiping away at his tears, "It's okay though, because my dad arranged it so he must love me to do that. Besides, it's like what he said: there's nothing for a quirkless like me in a quirk filled world. I have to think about my future first if I wish to survive."

Katsuki is silent as Izuku wipes away some more stray tears, "It was nice seeing you again, but I have to go home and see my dad and mom to tell them I...I graduated."

Katsuki's world starts turning again as he takes Izuku's wrist in a strong grip, "Fuck that. I won't allow you to be married off to some random fucker out there. Damn it, I meant what I said back then and I mean it now: Izuku, you're my bride and no random asshole will take you from me!"

Izuku is stunned but then he laughs lightly, "Okay, sure, whatever you say. I don't think you can change my dad's mind...but you can always try, I suppose."

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Katsuki marches on home with Izuku, his hand holding his wrist the whole while. He bangs on Izuku's door hard and loud.

Izuku actually cringes at how silent and intense the blonde is being right now, but he says nothing to it. I mean, if he wants to convince his father to pick someone from the hero list, then he's all for it. There's no actual way he was serious about before...besides, he doesn't even remember any promise being made! He only remembers Katsuki as a scary hot head.

Hisashi Midoriya opens the door, a grimace on his face as his joyous mood dies at the sight of the boy he had thought he had ridden Izuku of forever.

"Hello, who are you and why are you holding my son's wrist?" he asks in an attempt to play dumb here, but much to his dismay it didn't go over well.

"Ha, like I believe you forgot me, you piece of shit! It's me, Katsuki, you know the guy you felt the need to ban Izuku from ever seeing again." Katsuki begins things with a scoff, his temper already flaring at the faux ignorance being displayed.

Hisashi sighs, his eyes rolling, "Oh, right, you. Thank you for walking him home, but you can leave now."

Katsuki isn't going away that easily, this fucker is going to pay for what he did, "I'm not going anywhere, old man. Izuku graduated today. That means he's engaged to some fucker I've never seen before."

"You don't get a say in this matter. As his father, I am the one who picks his fiancé, not you, you disrespectful punk!" Hisashi growls out as he rips Izuku out of Katsuki's grasp.

He shoves Izuku behind him, telling him bluntly, "Go wait for me in the living room."

"But dad---"

"Now, Izuku."

At the harsh tone, Izuku stiffens before heading over there out of fear. Katsuki snarls at him in pure outrage, "Sick fuck, you didn't need to scare him like that! He's a quirkless, he can't defend himself!"

He rolls his eyes in response, "Oh shut it, brat, you did worse to him when he was six. Why are you here, Katsuki? Why are you choosing now to interfere with my precious son's life?"

Katsuki challenges him with a cocky yet steely glare, "Um, duh dumbass, I promised him I'd marry him someday and I'm here to fulfill that promise."

Izuku's father laughs at this, his response being a cruel, "You---a hero wannabe who will never have more than a penny for his net worth? Oh please, this must be a joke! Izuku has the highest scores out of all of the nation's quirkless schools. My son is the best of the best, he can get the best of the best. Why should he settle for you?"

"Because I'm the only one who gives a shit about him and his happiness, unlike you, you selfish asshole!"

Katsuki's bold proclamation means nothing at this point. Hisashi isn't impressed and it's quite clear he doesn't believe Katsuki's words.

"Hm, really? Allow me to ask Inko."

Katsuki is back to feeling cocky again because he remembers Inko and his mom basically being best friends. This will be a piece of cake.

"Inko, Katsuki is here and he's saying he cares about Izuku's happiness. Do you believe him?" he asks his wife as she comes to the door.

She cringes to that question, her own answer vague, "Um...maybe, I...I...well, he could have some positive intention in mind. It's just buried really, really super deep inside him."

"Hm, interesting, would you allow him to marry Izuku?"

The hiss she makes in her hesitant reply crashes Katsuki's whole world, "No, I can't say I would. Izuku should be married to someone who's nice to him."

"What the flying fuck woman, I am nice to him!" Katsuki shrieks at her answers.

He quirks an eyebrow to this answer, "Really? Do you remember what happened the last time you saw Izuku?"

Katsuki nods confidently, knowing the answer to this question, "Yes, that was the day I promised to marry him."

"Really? Because I have it on tape and it shows something entirely different." Hisashi says as he allows Katsuki inside his home.

He then takes out the DVD from the box and begins to play it on the living room TV.

It shows a six year old Izuku playing in their favorite playground, with Hisashi talking in the background to another man about work.

Then in the frame comes another quirked person. It's a boy with white hair and green eyes wanting to play with Izuku. Izuku agrees and they play together. The white haired boy makes him a crown of ice using his quirk and even makes them a mini ice castle they play in. He then tries to kiss the oblivious Izuku on top of the castle, who had mistakenly thought he had finally made a second friend...

Then Katsuki enters the picture, burning down the palace and shouting, "Get away from my Deku, you piece of crap!"

The boy is scared but Katsuki doesn't care as he approaches them, "What, you thought you could just come over here, play husband with my Deku, and I'd do nothing? Screw you!"

"K-Kacchan, stop! Stop he's a new friend, please, stop!" Izuku cries out in defense of his new friend.

Katsuki wasn't having it, "He tried to kiss you! He tried to freaking kiss you, Deku! You're mine, my future bride, he has no right to kiss you, no one does but me!"

"Kacchan, please..." Izuku whimpers before being roughly thrown aside by Katsuki as he continues to advance his attack on the other boy.

"Scram, dirtbag!" Katsuki hisses out as he lands a final blow to the boy who runs away screaming.

Izuku is crying at being thrown to the ground, but Katsuki still manages to say, "I will marry you, Deku, I promise. That way no loser can come and steal you from me."

Hisashi and the boy's father approach the scene next, with Hisashi grabbing Izuku and holding him tightly to himself, "Don't you touch him, you little sociopath! He's not your toy; come Izuku, we're leaving."

The other boy's father scolded Katsuki as well, "My son didn't deserve to be scared off like that! You little hooligan, how dare you! You don't own the Midoriya boy and you don't get to decide who he will marry someday."

The tape ends here as it shows Hisashi turning the camera off.

Katsuki cringes because this...was not his proudest moment. To be fair, the other boy had no right to violate and manipulate Izuku like that! Still...he should have held in his temper somewhat better considering how utterly terrified Izuku looked in that video.

He looks over to Izuku then who looks bewildered at what all he's seen. Katsuki then exhales heavily, "Okay, so I had one little blow up from when I was six, but it doesn't mean I will be bad to Izuku now!"

"I don't know, you do have a violent temper that could render my defenseless, quirkless son severely injured or dead." Hisashi counters and my fuck, does it make Katsuki burn in rage.

"...You manipulative motherfucker... How dare you accuse me of being abusive when you're no better!" Katsuki nearly screams, almost unleashing his quirk on the guy, but holds back for Izuku's sake.

"I'd rather you leave my home this instant before I use my quirk on you, punk." Hisashi threatens the teen.

Katsuki would have stayed and fought but... No, he needs to leave a good impression on Izuku. He leaves silently, slamming the door shut, and heading on his way home. Looks like convincing his parents failed...maybe it will be easier to ruin the date between Izuku and his fiancé.

One problem: he doesn't know who the fiancé is and Izuku's place is an hour long metro ride from his place.

Well, fuck.

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Izuku isn't going to meet his fiancé until tomorrow. Since this has been delayed, he is seeing an old friend of his.

Clovis Nguyen is the boy with the white hair and green eyes whose quirk is ice. He was the little boy Katsuki attacked in the video from last night, to be exact. Clovis since then has grown far taller and stronger than before.

(The only reason why Clovis and Izuku managed to remain in touch is because their fathers are friends. As such, they spent a lot of time together.)

He rides a metro for thirty minutes to get to Clovis' home and smiles when he sees the tall teen there (Clovis is at least six feet tall, but lean muscled despite all appearances).

He still has the same white hair and wintergreen eyes he loves so much... Why couldn't his father marry him off to someone like Clovis?

"Liebling, hi! How are you today?"

Izuku melts whenever he hears Clovis call him his nickname. He finds it so sweet his half German friend takes the time to do such things for him, "I'm good, how about you?"

"Better now that you're here." Clovis smiles brightly, his wintergreen eyes glowing, "Ah, allow me to give my faye a present."

He always makes him such pretty ice flower bouquets, crowns, tiaras, and even chokers. Clovis could have been a great hero, but he chose to do ice skating instead. He preferred being by the cold above all else, according to his words to Izuku on the subject.

Today, he's made him a stunning ice flower crown.

"It's so cool! Thank you, Clovis!" Izuku practically cheers at the gift with Clovis beaming in response.

"I'm glad you love it. Liebling, do you mind if we take things inside?" Clovis asks him nonchalantly.

Izuku nods instantly to the offer being made, "Sure, sounds great to me."

They then head inside the ice skating rink where Izuku ice skates with Clovis as they speak of each other's week. However, Clovis is feeling mischievous today in ways Izuku simply didn't forsee happening.

When they get off of the rink, Clovis and him are on a bench when Clovis suddenly begins to tickle him. Not many know he is ticklish, but Clovis happens to know all of the spots he's most vulnerable.

Izuku's laughing, trying to get his long, ice cold fingertips off of him, but then he's too caught up in it to notice Clovis is sliding his hands underneath his white button down. Slowly, he inches closer and closer to his nipples where he puts just enough stimulation to make Izuku's breath hitch as a small moan escapes his mouth.

Clovis retracts his hands quickly with ease as Izuku slaps a free hand over his mouth, a rather cute blush appearing on his cheeks.

"Oh, I-I'm so sorry, Clovis! I didn't---I mean, I...I'm sorry." Izuku begins almost instantly.

Clovis chuckles so warmly, it almost makes Izuku smile, "Ah, it's okay, liebling, I know how easy it is to get carried away."

Clovis is straddling his hips, his long legs dangling far past his own, and he's leaning down closer to him as he speaks.

Anyone else would've been blushing furiously by now, but for Izuku...he's been in this position so many times with Clovis over the years it's not even funny anymore.

"Do you want to go to the park together? We could go on a little boat ride." Clovis offers him so sweetly, it makes him smile.

"I think that sounds great! Let's go, Clovis."

As Izuku tries to move off of the bench, he falls, letting out a hiss of pain as he does so. He then turns to Clovis, his eyes starting to water slightly, "I think I pulled a muscle in my calf when I tried that jump you showed me... I'm so sorry Clovis, I didn't mean to ruin our day together."

Clovis looks upon him in concern before saying, "It's okay, I can carry you."

"Ah, you really don't have to..." Izuku says slowly as a blush begins to form on his cheeks.

"No, no liebling, it's all my pleasure to do this for you. I enjoy making you happy."

He then lifts up Izuku, holding him in a piggy back as he heads out the door. Izuku buries his face in Clovis' neck out of embarrassment as his fangirls and fanboys all clamor around him to take photos of him and ask questions. Of course, his fans know Izuku and they know well enough to not harass him or ask too many questions to or about the quirkless boy unless if they want Clovis' wrath upon them.

They did ask who was on his back, one girl with a camera on her phone recorded the event live as he chuckled in response, "My sweet liebling, of course! Who else but Izuku would I do this for?"

The fans follow them to the gates of the park before Clovis snaps at them, "Leave me alone with him or else I will get angry and you don't want that, ja?"

The fangirls and fanboys flee the scene to this warning. It makes him smile because damn he's happy to be alone with Izuku again. It's nearing sunset when they are outside, so Clovis decides to use his quirk to make a grand ice tower for them to watch the sunset together.

Once he has it made, he takes Izuku up the tower to watch the sunset in a nice, cold environment inside the top of the tower with it's large bay window opening and couch for them to sit on.

Nothing can ruin this for them.

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Katsuki had learned of this event with Clovis after school when out with friends. He had been ranting about Deku all day long and his shitty dad with his shitty situation...unfortunately, they were of no help to him.

This being said, one of his friends is a Clovis Nguyen fanboy. Ever since he became a world champion figure skater and won gold at the Olympics, so many idolize him to the point where it's sickening for him. He honestly ignores everything about the guy so much to the extent where he doesn't know he's friends with Izuku or that he only lives a thirty minute metro ride away.

Then he hears his friend give a very unmanly shriek, "Clovis Nguyen is being filmed live in his hometown and he's there with his adorable quirkless best friend! Ah, I wonder when they'll get married? Ugh, I'd kill to have a love as real as Clovis and Izuku."

He does a double take to this way. No way in hell is his Deku best friends with that fucking douchebag on ice. No way in hell is his Deku in love with fucking Nguyen when he has him in his life again!

He rips his friends phone out of his hands and glares at the screen showing Clovis fucking Nguyen giving his obviously embarrassed Deku a fucking piggy back ride.

"Where the fuck is this happening?" he questions his friend in a too calm, icy tone.

"In his hometown, it's only a thirty minute metro ride from Izuku's place. Oh, how cute they're going to the Nguyen Park together to watch the sunset! I wonder if he'll finally propose to Izuku today."

"Fuck no he won't! I'll be the one to kill him before he does."

He knows where this park is because this friend had hosted way too many birthday parties there in an attempt to meet Nguyen. Well, it looks like it will all be useful now.

He rides the metro, knowing he'll be late to stop a lot of pervy shit happening to Izuku, but damn it if he stops them from doing anything too sexual that's all that matters. He's the only one allowed to steal Deku's innocence, not Nguyen!

By the time he arrives to the park, the sun is already set and it's not too dark out because of the full moon. He doesn't really have to try hard to find Clovis and Izuku. He knows Izuku's voice from anywhere and well, the giant ice tower they are on the balcony of really helps things as well.

He approaches the scene but stops at the conversation playing out as the ice tower is retracted back into Clovis' hand, "So, you graduated for real, huh?"

Izuku nods, looking so...sad to Katsuki. He looks so sad he hardly feels he can look at him.

" dad arranged it though, so he must love me, right?"

"He...probably does." Clovis says slowly as he lays Izuku down on the ground.

He then tells him seriously as he straddles his hips, "I can get you out of this. Our fathers are friends, I'm sure I can get my father to speak to your father about this problem."

Izuku looks at him with shining eyes, but Katsuki knows where Clovis is going with Izuku doesn't is beyond him at this point.

"Really, you'd do that for me? Thank you Clovis. I can't wait to look at the hero list and choose for myself!" Izuku replies with a wide smile, but Katsuki knows where this is going and he knows that smile will be gone soon.

"Liebling, you do realize I am going to try to get us engaged, right?"

There it comes: the heartbreaking look in Izuku's eyes as it all seems to sink in, "...Why would you do that, though? You're my best friend, you know I'd feel awkward marrying you...why can't I choose for myself?"

Clovis groans as he says with an eye roll, "Okay, why do you think I've been your friend for so long? Why do you think I even talk to you?"

Izuku has no reply for this as tears begin to build up in his eyes, "It's because I want to marry you, liebling. I've wanted to marry you for years, how did you not see it?"

" just see me as property then? You think I'm only good for keeping a clean house, making your meals, and being your on demand concubine? I...I thought you saw me as your equal. Don't you see me as your equal, Clovis?"

His saddened, desperate voice is enough to make Katsuki feel as though he'd been punched in the gut. Poor be led on like that is just cruel...but not more cruel than Clovis' open laughter.

"Ah, liebling, I became your friend because you're so adorable and small! Equals? Ha! Now that's so adorable to see you being so naïve as to think such ridiculous thoughts! You could never be my equal, you're a quirkless. Didn't your father teach you better?"

Izuku then tries to get out from underneath the tall quirked person, his own words almost coming out like a sob, "I...don't want to be by you now...I want to go home."

"Liebling, you're not going home to date some random quirked person I've never met! I staked my claim on you years ago and I'll be damned if someone else has you first." Clovis says in a low growl as he roughly pins down Izuku's wrist, causing a loud yelp of pain to escape him.

Before anything else could be said or done, Katsuki is attacking Clovis with his quirk, his vision going red at what he saw.

"Damn it, if you think you can make my Deku cry like that and then hurt him more on top of it without any fucking consequences, then you're fucking wrong!"

Clovis attempts to defend himself, but much like when they were six Katsuki wins as Clovis flees the park. He then turns to Izuku who is...really, really upset at the moment.

"Deku, are you alright?" he asks him softly as he takes a seat on the ground beside him.

Izuku quickly shakes his head, "No... My dad was right all along...there's no place for a quirkless person in a world of quirked people. I should try to get him to cancel the engagement with his bosses son so I can marry Clovis instead...he's rich enough for my father's liking and at least I know him. Besides, it's not like I'm made for anything else."

Katsuki snarls to this thought and rejects it boldly, "Fuck that bullshit! Stupid Deku, there is a place for you in this world. Besides, I would never allow you to marry some attempted rapist douchebag! You're my bride, remember? I wouldn't ever lose you to anyone else."

Izuku looks at him with wide teary eyes, eventually laughing softly as he replies, "Okay, okay whatever you say... I should get going home soon. My dad will kill me if I come back too late."

Katsuki takes his hand, leading him out of the park with a concerned, "I'm not letting your adorable ass ride that creepy metro alone! I'll take you home so that way I will know you're safe."

Izuku feels a smile forming on his lips when he replies, "Thank you, Kacchan."

The metro ride over to Izuku's place doesn't produce much. Katsuki first learns Izuku was allowed to befriend Clovis because his dad is rich. He then learns they spent a lot of time together, which sets him on edge, but Izuku never saw Clovis as anything more than a friend. Sadly enough, he was his only friend...

Katsuki gets his phone number when they arrive close to his apartment complex, telling him, "Since that asshole was a shit friend, I'm more than open to be the best one you'll ever have! Besides, all married couples are best friends, Deku."

The quirkless boy probably doesn't take it seriously, but he does mean it: he will marry Izuku.

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When Izuku returns home, his wrists are turning a dark, ugly shade of purple from, he won't think about that!

His father is the first one to greet him, his tone firm and strict as he begins his interrogation, "Why were you out so late? Were you out on a date with another quirked person?"

Izuku stiffens up, his answer true yet vague, "I was out with Clovis...he knows I graduated and he wants to marry me."

His father ponders this before chuckling, "Ha, yeah right! Nguyen's net worth is all built off of how long he can ice skate before his body goes to hell. Either way, my answer is no. I want my pension and to spend my retirement living like a king. Nice try Izuku, but your date is on tomorrow with my bosses son."

Izuku asks his father this question, partially knowing the answer he'll hear but hoping it really isn't so, "Dad, do you think...I'm an equal to quirked people?"

Hisashi stares at his son in a dumbfounded fashion before laughing really hard, "That's such a freakishly cute question! Ask that on your date, you might get lucky with him."

"This isn't about getting lucky!" Izuku almost cries as he asks his father again, "Dad, do you think I am equal to quirked people?"

"'re being serious about this? Well, if you want to know the is made up of rainbows, butterflies, happy endings, and knights in shining armor coming in to save the day!"

Izuku already had a rough night, he didn't need his father being sarcastic or snide right now. He just wanted to know if his father saw him the same way Clovis does.

"...I'm saying you're not equal to quirked people, Izuku. You're...a quirkless. The job market is flooded is with quirked people who can do all the menial tasks a quirkless used to be used for, but there's a reason why they're not used anymore. Quirked people can get everything done quicker, faster, and more efficiently than a quirkless. It's why you go to schools separate from quirked people. You see, quirkless people exist to be married off to quirked people for survival, which is why you exist."

His own father thinks of him as, he...needs to be alone.

He goes over to his bedroom and lays down in his bed, stuffing his face in his pillow. He cries again because he never had his own dad say something so mean to him before.

His mother enters his room some time later, asking him, "How is Clovis doing?"

"He's training for the next Olympics, so he's been busy." Izuku comments with a rough voice from all of the crying he's done tonight so far.

"Oh, that's nice...why are you crying?" she asks him gently.

His mom...he can always ask her! Sure, he knew his father would say something mean (not as mean as what he did tonight) but his mom...she wouldn't ever say he's inferior to quirked people! She loves him more than his father does.

"Mom, do you think I'm equal to quirked people?"

She's silent for a good two minutes before saying to him, "You're not as strong as a quirked person or capable of doing the many things they can do but you are just as smart as a quirked person."

Her answer didn't make him feel any better. If of anything, it feels like she sugar coated her true views on the matter. He sighs then, finally done crying for the night, "...Thanks mom, but I'm really tired. I think I'll go to bed now."

"Oh, alright, goodnight Izuku."

He falls asleep, never having felt so worthless before.

The morning comes too quickly for his liking, despite his sadness from yesterday. His father is already yelling at him to shower, wear his school uniform, and get his shoes on because his date is in an hour!

Izuku does hurry and rush, somehow getting ready in only fifteen minutes time. He then goes out of the door without having anything to eat because his father says they need to hurry. They then ride a metro for forty minutes and somehow, someway manage to make it to the meet up place only five minutes late.

Izuku meets his date in a high end coffee shop, watching idly by as his father introduces him to his boss, "Hello sir, this is my son, the quirkless Izuku!"

He really hopes his father didn't convince his boss to have him marry his son because he's a quirkless...oh who is he kidding? Of course he did, this is his father, after all.

The older man is short, but in oddly good shape for his age. His grey eyes rake Izuku's entire body before he says to him, "Hello young quirkless, I am Jun Daiki. Allow me to say I approve of you marrying my son. Your father was not lying on your looks at all from what I see... I'll be back with my son, please give me one minute."

One minute is literally all he needed before he sees the young man from the picture.

He's taller than Clovis (he would say this man is at least three inches taller) and he has a marathon runner's body from what he can tell. His yellow eyes meet Izuku's green as he introduces himself, "Hello Izuku, I am Akihiko Daiki. It's a pleasure to meet you at long last."

"...It's nice to meet you too, Akihiko."

He's never felt more intimidated than what he does in this moment.

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Akihiko, despite professional appearances, takes him out of the high end coffee shop by motorcycle. Izuku instantly put on the helmet when it was handed to him but he wasn't prepared for the speed, the leaning, the maneuvering in and out of traffic. He had thought he was going to die at first. When the death machine parked outside of a university, he drew a blank as to why he is here.

He's a quirkless: quirkless people don't go to university. The only time they do is if they have permission from their spouse to do so and most of the time that never happens.

"Um, why are we here, Akihiko?"

The man takes his hand in an elegant fashion, making Izuku feel so small, awkward, and oddly too dumb to even be in his presence, "I am taking you to see a play. I think MacBeth is a great choice. It will certainly give us a lot to discuss afterwards."

He feels nervous for one reason alone: it feels like he is being tested to see if he is smart or deep enough to be Akihiko's fiancé. If this date goes south, his dad will be mad at him and the engagement will be called off. If it goes good, his dad will be proud of him for once and the engagement will resume as is.

As much as he doesn't want to be engaged to this's either make it work or have his father auction his virginity online.

(He really cannot put it past him to do it, the man is greedy and vengeful when angered.)

Thus he watches the play and is awed by the performances of the actors and actresses on stage. He finds himself rather liking the guy playing the lead male character. He can't help it if he's attracted to the crimson eyes of the young man and his silver hair.

When he's done swooning for the start of the play, he finds he likes the story very much. He cannot remove his eyes from those stunning crimson eyes of the actor, though. He doesn't know why, but he loves red eyes...

After the play is over, Akihiko asks him, "Do you wish to meet my students?"

He snaps his head over to Akihiko then, "What? These are your...students?"

Akihiko proudly grins, his yellow eyes beaming at the sight of them, "Yes, they are my students. To be blunt with you, I directed this play. I am a drama professor here at the university. You do realize I work at an art university, correct?"

Izuku shakes his head slowly in disbelief, "Really? I thought you taught something boring like math. I'm sorry if that sounds mean, but my father didn't tell me anything about you and I just kind of jumped to that conclusion."

Akihiko blinks, but then he laughs, "Ah, my formal appearance must have been the one thing causing you to think that! No, I don't teach math, but then I can't think of anything more boring. Allow me to show you the world I work in, Izuku."

Izuku gets to meet the stage hands, future producers in the making, future directors in the making, and most importantly the actors from the play, specifically, the one with the stunning crimson eyes.

He practically feels himself swooning at first sight of the crimson eyed young man, amazed he can somehow talk to this gorgeous creature, "Y-You did great, I really liked your performance and the way you really brought your character to life!"

The actor smiles graciously, his reply causing Izuku to somehow fanboy out more, "Thank you for the compliment! I always strive to achieve perfection in my performances. So does my wife, Marigold."

He's...taken? Ah, well, Izuku's hopeful heart has just been broken then.

"I can tell, you really are a great actor."

"Thank you, young boy. I am Ash, who are you?"

"Izuku. It's been nice to meet you." the green haired boy says as Akihiko takes him by the hand and leads him out of the building.

Izuku sighs almost dreamily as he says, "Wow, that is so cool! Your line of work is so much fun, you're really lucky to be able to do it."

Akihiko smiles as he leads him over to where the black motorcycle is parked, "Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it. Do you wish to have lunch at my place? I am an excellent chef, according to my students."

Somewhere out there, Katsuki is screaming as Izuku agrees to this arrangement, "Sure, that sounds great to me."

Akihiko drives him over to a high end area and parks in the parking lot of a luxury apartment complex. He leads Izuku inside the marble floored building with it's plush carpeting and white walls. 

Izuku enters Akihiko's home on the third floor, where he is met with an open concept space filled with bright baby blue walls, silver colored quartz floors, and splashes of white furniture, cabinets, and doors.

"Make yourself at home. If you want, you can watch me cook from the living area or you can help if you so desire. It's all your choice here so do what makes you comfortable."

Izuku never had a choice before...but being given one, he decides to help so he won't feel totally useless.

Akihiko is making a simple dish of risotto and scallops. Izuku is awed by his risotto skills because he...isn't too good at making it. The scallops are the last part of the dish that is made and Izuku nails this because he's great at cooking seafood. 

When they do get to eat in the dining room, Akihiko asks him, "Have you ever been to Milan, Izuku?"

Izuku shakes his head, "No, I haven't. Your risotto is really good by the way."

"Thank you, you're too kind." Akihiko watches him for a moment in silence, "When we do get married, I'll take you all around the world, so you can see everything you've never seen before."

Izuku blushes at his kind words before asking him, "That sounds great, but I'm just wondering...why aren't you or any of your students heroes? I thought all quirked people had that shot."

Akihiko looks down at his plate in a bit of bitterness, "With quirked people rising in numbers, this means the standards of who becomes a hero has risen to unrealistic heights. Many quirked people in the workforce are people whose quirk is deemed 'useless'. That's why you have quirked people doing the work the quirkless used to do."

So...even quirked people can face the same feelings of worthlessness and failure as a quirkless like him. As bad as he sounds, this makes him feel happy to know he's not alone in his own struggles.

"I don't think there is such a thing as an useless quirk. All quirks can be used for something, that's why quirked people replaced quirkless people in the workforce and the Olympics. I'd do anything to have a quirk, even if it is useless." Izuku responds with such kindness and sincerity, it makes Akihiko's heart melt.

"...You really are too kind." he says quietly as he finishes his meal, "Come, I can show you something interesting."

Izuku then follow him over to a room down the hall. In there, he sees a bunch of paintings rare and new. He looks at them with impressed eyes, asking questions about them to Akihiko and talking about some of his own favorite artists.

Akihiko then looks at his watch, sighing at the time, "Oh, it looks like I kept father waiting for thirty minutes longer than planned... Izuku, we should head back to the coffee shop now."

"Alright." Izuku says while following Akihiko out of the room and soon out of his apartment complex building. Before they get back on the motorcycle, Akihiko kisses him on the lips. Izuku is wide eyed and speechless after this moment. Somehow, and he doesn't quite know how, he manages to get back on the motorcycle with Akihiko.

They return to the high end coffee shop after their lunch where their parents are waiting and Akihiko smiles widely when his father asks, "Do you approve of Izuku?"

"I do, father. I want the engagement to commence."

Izuku feels...bad about this. Sure, Kacchan probably wasn't serious about that promise when they were six, but he doesn't want to hurt his feelings. Besides, Kacchan probably sees him as another worthless quirkless...just like his father, mother, and former best friend do. Even then he doesn't want to hurt his feelings: Kacchan did save him last night and took the extra time to walk him home. He really is a nice person underneath it all, even to a quirkless like him.

He's snapped out of his thoughts by the sound of his father's voice speaking, "Excellent! We'll get going home to pack up his things then. Don't worry, I'll drop Izuku off tonight at your place Akihiko."

Just like that, his day became worse.

Chapter Text

Izuku is upset with his father, but what else is new?

Right as they arrived home, a moving company his dad had hired while he was on his date with Akihiko had packed up all of his belongings from his room and had them locked up in a rental truck. Izuku didn't have too many possessions, so the move didn't cost too much.

This didn't mean it wasn't a jarring sight for Izuku when he came home.

"Dad, really! You couldn't wait a day, a week, or a month even? You had to do it today!" Izuku nearly shrieks at his father, not caring he's outside in public, not caring that people are staring at them. He only knows his father officially has no sense of shame.

"Oh shut it, Izuku! You're engaged to the guy; all fiancés live together nowadays. Honestly, there's no need to be so old fashioned and uptight about it." his father scolds him with an eye roll.

Izuku groans loudly, "Dad, I just met the guy! What if he tries to kill me in my sleep or sell me off to an organ trafficking ring?"

His father grins then as an all too excited answer escapes him, "Then I can press charges and get more money from my boss for my retirement! If he tries to rape you or sexually harass you, I could accept more money into my retirement fund as a form of hush money to drop any charges! Thank you for the thought, Izuku, now get in the truck."

...He shouldn't have seen it playing out any other way. This is his father after all: the man is greedy to the core and openly shameless about it.

He gets in the truck, knowing he can't convince his father otherwise and wishing his mom had been home to say goodbye at the very least.

He asks his father once inside, "Why didn't you have me marry a rich kid like Clovis? Why choose your bosses son instead?"

Hisashi laughs at this question, his eyes glued to the road the whole while, "Isn't it obvious why I did it: because your marrying a rich kid wouldn't guarantee me anything. You see Izuku, if you had married a rich kid, there's a good chance the kid will hate my guts and give me no dowry or a dime of his fortune to marry you. Another likely scenario is if the rich kid did like me, there's a greater chance the parents will hate me and forbid the wedding. If you marry my bosses son, though, it's a guaranteed deal for me. I will get a kickass pension and retirement fund no matter what and I will get to live like a king!"

Izuku has no argument for his father's argument because it does make sense. Every kid he ever attempted to befriend quit speaking to him the minute they met his father. Even parents seemed to hate his father all honesty, he thinks his parents marriage only worked because his dad was gone working all the time. Sadly enough, Clovis had been the only one that stuck around for years until what happened last night.

No, he won't miss him! He has Kacchan now, he can always message him and tell him what's on his mind.

The truck parks in front of the apartment complex he had been in only an hour or so ago. Akihiko helps Izuku and his father move the boxes into his home. This does not take too long for the trio to accomplish. By the time they are done, Hisashi is saying his goodbye to Izuku, "Goodbye, son. Don't fuck up this engagement."

Izuku sighs in response because...he didn't expect anything else from him, "I won't, dad. I'll miss you and despite everything that has happened over the past few days, I still love you."

Hisashi blinks twice before slowly saying, "...Ah. Okay then...good to know. Ah, well, goodbye Izuku, I'll see you again when I walk you down the aisle!"

His father leaves him then with a bounce to his step, causing Izuku to wonder why he still bothers with the man.

"Welcome home, Izuku. I'm happy to have you here." Akihiko says to him with a gracious smile.

Izuku cannot help it if he feels nervous, scared, anxious, and even a bit panicky. He just wants to get through the night without being killed or having his organs stolen.

"U-Um...I'm happy to be here too?"

He's not going to sleep well tonight.

As for Katsuki, he is the reason why Izuku's mom was not home the day he moved out. He had called up after obtaining her phone number from his mom (they had remained in contact throughout the years) and managed to convince her to meet up with him after school at a café to discuss Izuku's engagement.

He is hoping to convince her he's not bad for Deku or mean to him. He is also hoping she'll tell him more of the guy he's engaged to and what that sick fuck is like.

(He doesn't need to know the guy personally to know he's a sick fuck. No one should be allowed to go for Deku but him.)

When he sees her again, he smiles politely, greeting her with a calm, "Hey, long time, no see huh? How are you doing?"

Inko smiles in return, her answer surprisingly casual, "Ah Katsuki, you're being so gentlemanly today! I'm doing...okay I guess. It's so strange to see my little quirkless grown up and engaged to someone as prestigious as Akihiko! I'm going to cry if I talk too much about it, so let's not speak on it, please."

"Don't worry, I won't talk about things that make you uncomfortable." he then begins his chance to make his case, "I want to talk about why I'm good enough to marry Izuku. It's unfair for you to judge me by one video from when we were six and I overreacted! I was six for fucks sake, everyone does and says stupid shit when they're six. I have grown from then, I can prove it to you!"

He then gives her paperwork proving he had passed the entrance exam with flying colors to get into UA Academy.

"I'm going to become a top hero soon. I haven't gotten into any fights or violent acts, I've maintained good grades in school, and I have a lot going for me. Why am I not good enough for Deku in your eyes?"

Inko looks over everything and sighs, "Oh have grown up so much. In all honesty, it wasn't just the one incident from when you were six. It was also all the other incidents where you scared off all the other boys at the playground from Izuku: you always overreacted, you always attacked them, made Izuku cry when you called him names, and you were the reason why he didn't have any friends outside of yourself when he was young."

He groans in response, defending his past actions with a relatively basic, "I know it was wrong of me to do, but I swear I'm not like that anymore. I won't prevent him from having friends or making friends outside of me. I only acted that way back then because they always tried to touch him or kiss him and it made me so mad because Deku always thought they were being nice. He always thought their intentions were good, but they weren't. Quirked people see quirkless people as perfect, submissive fuck toys for them to use until they're bored and want something new. I him from that."

Inko doesn't argue with this, but her eyes are kinder to him, "I understand that, but Katsuki, he is a quirkless. That's just a part of his existence. Quirkless...they can't really do much. Izuku was lucky to have all the attention he did: it meant he was special."

Katsuki cannot believe what he's just heard from her mouth. He can see Hisashi talking like this about Deku (in fact, he'd be shocked if he didn't), but Inko? That's just...low.

After two minutes of silence, he refutes back to her, "I think you're wrong. Before quirked people came into existence, the quirkless survived on their own strength, wit, and skills. They worked harder for it than what we do, and yet Deku is the one who gets told he doesn't matter because he doesn't have a quirk! It's fucked up of you to say he deserves being used by quirked people for their sick desires! I can't believe I just heard you say something so fucked up about your own son."

He's angry and it's showing strongly in his eyes as well as his igniting palms. She tries to diffuse his rage in response, telling him, "Since you feel so strongly about are more than qualified to be his spouse, I think! Ah ha, isn't that a calming thought for you?"

He does calm down to this tidbit of information, his red eyes locking onto hers, "That's great to hear. a curious question, who would you have picked as Deku's fiancé?"

Inko smiles at the thought and the memories that go along with it, "Simple: Clovis Nguyen. He is such a sweet boy to Izuku, always inviting him to figure skating championships and even to the Olympics! Aw, they are so cute together, I just loved seeing sweet Clovis calling Izuku his little darling in German."

Katsuki contains his jealous fury because fucking Nguyen and his fucking charm is not getting in the way of him getting with Deku! He's out of Deku's life for good. He's no longer, to focus on the pressing matter of who this fiancé is.

", who is the guy he is engaged to?"

"Akihiko Daiki. He's the best drama professor in the nation. He's very intelligent and kind, from what my husband told me that is. He's the son of my husband's boss and he drives a motorcycle. That's all I really know of him." she says to Katsuki with a slightly concerned eye.

He tries to ask her, "Do you have his photo or anything?"

She shakes her head, "I'm sorry, I don't."

He has nothing else to say to her other than his own farewells, "It's okay, I'll ask Deku myself. We do have each others phone numbers again, so I'm sure he'll tell me. I should get going though, it was nice seeing you again, Inko."

She looks at him fondly, her eyes almost showing a type of pride there in him when she says to him, "Goodbye Katsuki, it's nice to see you've grown up...I meant what I said: you're good enough to be Izuku's spouse in my eyes."

He thanks her for this and heads on home, texting Izuku all the while, waiting for a reply.

Chapter Text

Izuku did not sleep well. His fiancé is having him share a bed with him. As if this is not bad enough, in his sleep, Akihiko is super cuddly and clings to him like a teddy bear. Izuku supposes he must be small enough to be a teddy bear in this guy's eyes, but still he didn't care for it.

Then he wakes up with a kiss to the forehead and the fiancé holding him tightly. He feels so small and awkward at the moment... He doesn't know how he will deal with it.

"You are so adorable, my sweet." Akihiko speaks with such wonder it leaves Izuku feeling as though he's more of a doll than a person.

Izuku blushes lightly regardless, his green eyes not meeting the yellow of his fiancé, "Ah...thank're freakishly handsome, by the way."

"I'm not as handsome as you are cute!" Akihiko chuckles before kissing him again, making Izuku feel as though he's betraying someone...he can't pin point who, though.

Akihiko then asks him, "Do you wish to come to a class of mine today? Ash and Marigold will be there for a reading and rehearsal of our next upcoming production."

Izuku agrees to this instantly, mostly for the reason of seeing Ash and his beautiful crimson eyes, "That sounds great, of course I want to come along!"

"Good. We should get ready then...are you up for a shower together?" Akihiko offers to him, but Izuku is quick to reject it.

"No thank you, I'm perfectly fine!"

"Suit yourself." Akihiko replies with a shrug.

While Akihiko showers, Izuku prepares them breakfast in the exact manner he was taught in quirkless school. Akihiko approaches the dining room in his typical uniform of designer suit and bow tie, his first words to Izuku were complimentary, "This looks exquisite. Your father certainly was not lying about you being the best in your class."

Izuku nods, feeling somewhat happy at this, "Thank you, I hope you like it. I mean, it's not as good as your risotto, but I hope it's not total trash either."

Akihiko only says to him after completing the meal, "You've done a lovely job. You truly are a great cook."

Izuku thanks him for this before showering himself and getting dressed in an outfit consisting of a white t-shirt and light blue skinny jeans with black sneakers.

They then head out to the university where Akihiko works and Izuku is more than thrilled to see the lovely Ash with his stunning crimson eyes he could get lost in. To be frank, he wasn't listening to his fiancé the whole time. He was too caught up in Ash and his daring crimson eyes during the reading of their next play.

Even when Ash plays out a scene where he dances with Marigold, he imagines it's him instead he's dancing with.

(Izuku is a fanboy who's a sucker for red eyes. That kind of thing cannot be cured overnight.)

The school day ends far too quickly in Izuku's eyes, but Izuku sees he has a text from Katsuki.

'U want 2 meet up 2day?'

Izuku thinks it over before typing down his reply, 'Ok, I'll ask my fiancé to drop me off at the metro'

The text he receives back is far too strong in it's wording to make him ask Akihiko, 'FUCK THAT! Stupid, I'll take the metro 2 see u. where do u live?'

Izuku doesn't know the city's name, but he does know the name of his fiancé's university, 'Idk the city name, but my fiancé works at Kazuhiko University'

'I'll b there, I'll text when I arrive'

'Sounds great, can't wait to see u!'

Izuku tells his fiancé before they get on the motorcycle to head home, "A friend of mine is coming over. Is that okay with you?"

Akihiko doesn't seem to mind if the neutral look on his face means anything, "Sure it is. I won't stop you from seeing your friends or making new ones, Izuku."

"Great! There's so much I need to tell him and so much I want to ask him as well."

They ride home on the motorcycle with Izuku starting to adjust to the death machine somewhat. Maybe over time he'll get used to it, but for now, it's a death machine. Once he's at the apartment, Akihiko and him make dinner together, talking about their fathers.

Even when eating dinner, their fathers are the main choice of conversation.

Akihiko only has glowing things to say of his father: "My father is a wonderful man who started his own company and raised six kids on his own after my mother died. In case you can't tell, I am the youngest and the only one who didn't become a hero in a foreign land. My father is proud of all of us equally, though, and he will always be there for us. It's something I admire about him; I hope to be a good father someday... What about your father?"

Izuku has no way to top this with his own father. He doesn't want to speak ill of him, but there's no real way to spin his personality in a positive light either, so he'll try his best to sugar coat things, "My dad is a...hard working man. He wasn't around too much when I was growing up because of it. He didn't mean to be, he just wanted me to have the best of the best. He's a good man, he loves me---I mean, he has to for him to allow me to marry you, right?"

Akihiko sighs lightly to this, "Izuku, it's okay to be honest with me. I know he doesn't care that much if his goodbye from last night means anything. My father has said he is greedy...I almost agreed to marry you just to get you away from him, to be frank."

Izuku slowly starts to open up, to be more honest about his father's many, many flaws to his fiancé, "Dad isn't the most considerate at times of my feelings. He has told me there's no place for a quirkless in a quirked world. He's greedy, but he doesn't mean to least, I don't think he means to be. Maybe he's just looking out for me: he thinks I am inferior to quirked people after all. I don't know with him over half of the time, to be honest."

Akihiko then takes Izuku's hand into his own, his yellow eyes connecting with his green as he speaks firmly, "That sounds like what my brothers said to me when I was young...useless quirks make for worthless quirked people. Your father was wrong to say that to you: you are not inferior to heroes and villains, or even people like me. You are my equal, Izuku, and I will always treat you as such."

...His father picked a great guy for him in the throes of his own greed and selfishness. How his father could have picked a better spouse for him than his own mother, he'll never know. (Yes, he always knew she wanted him to marry Clovis. She wasn't the most subtle about it.)

Though he's not anywhere near attracted to Akihiko as he is to Ash, he can see himself one day, in the future, possibly liking being married to him. It's nice to be with someone who sees him as an equal and who went through something similar to him.

"Thank you for calling me your equal. I never thought a quirked person would ever call me that." Izuku finally responds after a full three minutes of silence.

"You don't need to thank me. It's what good future spouses do for each other."

They finish their meal in silence after this, with Akihiko helping Izuku clear up the dishes from the large, black round table. He even helps him wash the dishes as well. It's nice to see his fiancé is so considerate of him. Maybe his father didn't screw him over after all.

After their meal they were watching a documentary on an actor whose work inspired Akihiko to go into his field. During this time, Izuku got a text from Katsuki announcing his arrival to the city.

"Will you take me to see my friend? He's at the metro station right now."

Akihiko pauses the documentary, a smile on his lips as he ruffles his fiancé's hair, "Sure, let's go."

Tonight will be the night Katsuki finally sees and meets Akihiko. Something about this fact makes Izuku feel nervous for reasons unknown to him.

Chapter Text

Akihiko and Izuku arrive at the metro station to meet Katsuki. Of course, Katsuki knew the guy with the motorcycle is his fiancé, but seeing them together struck a raw, ugly chord in him. He has an innate urge to hurt Akihiko, but he'll do his best to hold off on it for now. He won't blow up again in front of Deku. He will keep calm.

Izuku smiles so brightly, it almost makes him forget his own intense jealousy at the sight of Akihiko, "Kacchan, hi! It's nice to see you again. How have you been lately?"

"I've been good." he talks with a casual body language, trying to not seem hostile to Akihiko, "So, this is your fiancé, huh? It's nice to finally meet you, I'm Katsuki."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Katsuki." Akihiko says with nothing but kindness from his spot on his motorcycle, "Izuku, text or call when you are ready to come home, okay?"

Izuku nods in response, his voice too happy for Katsuki's liking, "Okay, I will, thank you for bringing me out here."

Akihiko chuckles, "You're welcome, but Izuku I'm only doing what good spouses do for each other."

Akihiko then gets off the bike and holy shit is he tall! He kisses Izuku goodbye on the lips, causing Katsuki's hand to light up a slow, burning flame as he walks away after this and heads back home on his bike.

Izuku is blushing, his eyes embarrassed as he speaks, "I didn't plan for that to happen in public! I'm so sorry, Kacchan."

He throws his flame on the ground behind him, releasing his jealous tension with ease from that one throw alone, "It's okay, Deku, you couldn't help it. Hey, let's go to a park together...we used to do that when we were kids, remember?"

"Sure." Izuku replies with a small smile.

Katsuki and Izuku begin their walk to the closest park once this is agreed upon. Izuku asks him, "What is new with you, anyway? Not much has happened with me, Kacchan. I went on my first date yesterday and my dad moved me in with my fiancé."

Katsuki grins proudly, his answer speaking volumes for him, "I am going to UA Academy to become a top hero! I'm already one of the best in my class, too. It's been pretty awesome, but not as awesome as finding you again. So...what is living with the fiancé like?"

Izuku starts off his reply fanboying out, "Wow, really? You're going to be a hero? Kacchan, that's so cool! I wanted to marry a hero, but my dad wouldn't even look at the hero list my teacher gave me on graduation day."

"You don't say..." Katsuki says, hoping his being a hero will be one of the factors that draws Izuku closer to wanting to be with him.

"Yeah, there was this one on the list named Todoroki that I thought looked cool, but I'm...I don't know, I couldn't find anyone on the list I really, actually liked."

Todoroki. Of course, who else would he pick on the list other than fucking perfect Todoroki?

"You couldn't find anyone you liked?" Katsuki comments back, "I thought you would've picked Todoroki."

Izuku doesn't seem too interested in him, which is odd to Katsuki considering how popular he is with other quirked people, "Um, no, I thought he looked cool, but I wouldn't have picked him. Then again, I wouldn't have picked Akihiko for myself in a photo line up...but he is a great guy to me. I guess my dad does love me to pick someone so nice for me."

"So you like living with him?" Katsuki asks for clarification.

Izuku pauses for a moment, his voice becoming jovial as he speaks, "I, I cannot believe I'm saying it, but I do. He's so good to me, always helping me with the cooking and chores. He even takes me to work with him and allows me to meet his students! Oh, he also thinks I'm an equal to quirked people. I never thought I'd ever hear any quirked person say that to me; not even my mom and dad see me as an equal to quirked people. I may not be attracted to him...but he's kind to me and I like that about him."

Katsuki feels a pang in his chest hearing this. Sure, he knows quirkless people have it hard, have his own parents not see him as an equal? That's sad to him. It's also sad to hear no one else in his life ever saw him as an equal before Akihiko came along.

The only positive to this is Izuku is not physically attracted to Akihiko. However, the emotional attraction is there and Katsuki may have his work cut out for him.

He stops walking at this moment and grabs Izuku's left wrist, "Deku, you do know I always saw you as an equal, right? I may have overreacted when we were kids, but...I only did it because the other quirked kids were just using you and I didn't like it. I'm sorry if I ever...scared you. I never meant to, but...ah, everyone makes mistakes, right?"

Izuku faces him, his green eyes wide to what he's hearing, "You're...apologizing to me? ...I forgive you, Kacchan. I mean, you were only six, everyone does stupid things when they're six. I never held it against you, but it's nice to hear. I'm just shocked a big shot hero like you sees a worthless quirkless like me as an equal. I never thought that would happen."

Katsuki releases his hold in response, rather shocked by the phrase of words used to describe a quirkless person, "Worthless quirkless? Where the fuck did you come up with that?"

"It's what the quirked kids called me when I moved away. Clovis always defended me, though. He always beat them up for me and took my side no matter what. He took me with him to all of his figure skating championships, even ones abroad! We went to his first Olympics together when he became the first quirked person to compete for figure skating. He won gold and that was when I had my first mom always wanted me to marry him, she'd take me shopping for wedding dresses and Clovis would come along in a suit. She'd always cry and say how cute we were together." Izuku then sighs in a saddened manner, "I'm sorry, Kacchan. I guess I'm still upset over what happened with him. I really thought he was my friend."

Katsuki places a hand of comfort on his shoulder, repressing the urge to grill Deku about his first kiss at the fucking Olympics of all places, "I don't think you're worthless, so don't ever refer to yourself in that shitty way again, okay? I've never seen you as just my bride, you know. I've always seen you as my friend and equal, quirkless or not."

Izuku hugs him tightly then, causing Katsuki to blush, but thank fuck the street lights aren't bright enough to show it, "Thank you, Kacchan! You really are the best friend I could ever have!"

"Don't mention it, Deku."

Izuku pulls away from the hug as they approach the park. Katsuki then comments to him, "I bet being a drama professor is pretty boring. What's the most exciting thing he does in a day?"

Izuku's eyes get this dreamy look in them that sets Katsuki on edge because he has a feeling Izuku might like someone other than him, "He gets to direct plays and teach actors and actresses. There's this one actor that is amazing, his name is Ash Meadows. He's so perfect, I can't help it! Ah, he's so gorgeous too, I swear I could just stare at him all day long and die happy from doing nothing else."

"Really? You don't say?" he grits out through his teeth as stupid Deku continues on.

"Yeah, he's beautiful and talented and so good to his wife too..."

To this dreamily spoken ramble, Katsuki shoots him an exasperated look, "...Deku, he's taken? You have no shot with him!"

Izuku defends his fanboy ways with a strong, "A guy can dream!"

"Sure. Sure they can about married people." Katsuki retorts bitterly before asking, "What makes this Ash loser oh so fucking perfect and gorgeous anyway?"

He wishes he hadn't asked because he didn't come all this way at night to listen to his bride talk about how fucking in love he is with some loser actor. If he hears anything else about Ash Meadows after this, he's going to hurt someone (preferably Ash Meadows himself since Deku is so fucking in love with him!).

"Ash is so nice to me and he's got this silver hair and these amazing crimson eyes I get lost in whenever I look at them! I can't help it, guys with red eyes are my weakness and Ash's are so pretty!" Izuku practically squeals as he talks about why, exactly, he likes Ash Meadows so much.

Katsuki does pick up on something interesting here. Particularly, the last sentence Deku said, "Guys with red eyes are your weakness, huh?"

Izuku nods happily in confirmation of this fact, "Well, yeah they are! I can't help it, they're so pretty... I didn't go for anyone on the heroes list or Todoroki because they didn't have the same crimson red eyes like Ash has. It's also why I'm not that into Akihiko. If only Ash were single..."

Katsuki decides now is better than never to state the very, very obvious fact to him, "Deku...for as long as you've known me...what color are my eyes?"

Izuku then says to him, "Your eyes are red, but I don't think it's the same color as Ash's eyes."

"Really now? Do you have a picture of the guy?" he asks Izuku, who in return shows him the lock screen on his phone.

It is a photo of Ash Meadows. Of fucking course it is!

He looks at the screen and starts pointing out things to Deku, things that make his face go crimson the more he speaks, "Huh...our eyes are the same crimson red shade and even our hair falls into the same category of ashy blonde. Deku, if I didn't know any better, I'd say this Ash Meadows guy is a taken version of me."

The look of pure bewilderment on Izuku's face says it all right there, "W-What?"

"Look it over and think about it for a minute or two if you need it. Don't worry, I'll be here waiting for you to connect the dots."

Katsuki feels more and more confident as time goes on. Even the answer he hears is one spoken in a bit of shell shock, " do I know if I like Ash only because he looks similar to you?"

"Well...we could always do this." Katsuki says he grabs Izuku by his shirt and begins to kiss him on the lips.

Just as he begins to pull away, Izuku pulls him back in for more, this time allowing Katsuki access to his mouth.

When they do pull away, Izuku is freaking out, muttering nonstop about his betrayal to his fiancé, "Oh no, what have I done! I'm engaged, I shouldn't be kissing Kacchan and liking it and wanting more! Ah, why can't I be a good spouse and be attracted to my husband? Why do I have to like Kacchan? My dad will kill me if he ever knows! He'll---"

"Deku, stop! Calm down, okay?" Katsuki exclaims as he takes him by the shoulders, "You need to calm the fuck down. Look, it's not your fault for liking me. It's your dad's fault for being a shit parent and choosing someone you never even met before."

"Kacchan, what if we can't be together?" Izuku almost cries out, "I'm engaged, I can't just leave him. Quirkless people can't call off engagements by law, remember?"

Katsuki sighs as he holds his crying bride in his arms, "Don't worry, I'll figure something out, okay?"

"...Okay, thank you, Kacchan." Izuku breathes out shakily in response.

"You're welcome, Deku." he then checks his phone, rolling his eyes at the texts he sees, "I need to get going. You should call Akihiko to come pick you up."

Izuku nods, calling up his fiancé to come get him. After he gets off the phone with him, he asks Katsuki, "Do you want to spend the night some time?"

Katsuki chuckles to this, his eyes locked onto Izukus, "No way in hell! Not when I know you'll be in his bed, wrapped up in his arms. It would kill me to even try."

"Oh...okay." Izuku responds in defeat, but then Katsuki tries to cheer him up, "Don't worry, I'll be the one you'll be sharing a bed with soon! I will get you out of this, Deku, I promise."

Izuku says nothing but his hug says it all for Katsuki. They return to the metro station, Katsuki saying his goodbye to Izuku as he gets on the motorcycle his fiancé owns and heads on home.

Chapter Text

At home, on the couch with Akihiko's arm around him, Izuku feels awful. They are finishing the documentary and Izuku cannot get his mind off of the kiss with Katsuki. Even as the documentary ends, he's so preoccupied with his own thoughts on it, he doesn't even notice Akihiko speaking to him.

The older of the two sighs, snapping his fingers in front of Izuku, "Izuku, what's on your mind?"

The green haired teen tries to keep his cool, but it's hard to do when he thinks about Katsuki, "N-Nothing, really. I'm fine, I'm just tired, honest!"

Akihiko leans back in his spot on the couch, his eyes glued to the ceiling, "Izuku, I've not been able to find a proper spouse for so many reasons: most only want me for my money, my connections to the entertainment industry, or to lust after one of my promising acting students. I know you like Ash better than me, I can see it in your eyes whenever you see Ash...whenever Ash is in the room, I disappear and he's all you see. Be honest with me, please: don't I deserve as much?"

Izuku decides to unload the overpowering guilt on his mind. Because Akihiko does deserve as much in his eyes after all the kindness he's shown him, "I don't like you for money or connections. I had a huge attraction to Ash, but tonight when I saw Kacchan again, I learned I only liked Ash because he looked similar to Kacchan. I kissed him and it felt so good, but I feel awful about doing it. I don't want to hurt you because you're the nicest guy ever and a great friend to me, but I can't help who I like. I like Kacchan and I want to marry him."

Akihiko sits back up in his seat and asks Izuku, "Why aren't you engaged to him then?"

"Because my dad wanted a guaranteed early retirement fund and pension to live like a king." Izuku explains the messy reason behind his father's arrangement for their engagement.

Akihiko nods, telling him with a soft voice, "I'll be sure he keeps that retirement and pension he was promised by my father. I don't want him trying to marry you off to someone you don't love. It's not fair to you or the other person involved."

Izuku isn't sure what's going on, but he's feeling rather excited, grateful, yet sad all at once, "What are you saying, Akihiko?"

He looks at Izuku with saddened yellow eyes, "Isn't it obvious? I'm canceling the engagement so you can be with the friend you're clearly head over heels for."

Izuku is quiet for a few moments before hugging Akihiko tightly, his voice overflowing with gratitude, "Thank you, Akihiko. I'm sorry things didn't work out between us as spouses. I do like you as a friend, though. Can we keep in touch? I enjoy talking to you, as weird as that sounds."

"Of course we can. I enjoyed talking to you too, Izuku. Allow me to put my number in your phone and you can do the same to mine."

They exchange numbers and once their phones are back, Izuku smiles to him before kissing him on the cheek, "I'm glad we met. I will miss you, but I'll be happy with Kacchan."

Akihiko then kisses him on the forehead in exchange, "If he's not treating you right, you can always come back to me."

"I'll be sure to remember that. Can I sleep in the guestroom tonight?" Izuku asks his former fiancé.

Akihiko is dialing in his father's number as he tells him, "You can go ahead and sleep there if you please. I need to make two phone calls before I can sleep."

Izuku bids him goodnight and gets ready for bed. He knows it's early still, but he didn't sleep good last night and woke up pretty early today. Needless to say, he's tired. He's so tired, in fact, he's asleep when Akihiko is speaking to his father over the phone about the cancelled engagement.

The same moving company that had moved Izuku into Akihiko's home was there the following morning, taking all of Izuku's packed belongings and moving him back in with his parents.

He texts Katsuki of the great news the following morning. The other teen is overjoyed at the news, but when Izuku comes home, the news of his cancelled engagement causes different reactions than he expected.

"Hey dad, are you...mad at me about the engagement ending?" he asks his father cautiously when he does arrive home.

His father instead shrugs it off, "I don't give a damn! So long as my retirement fund and pension are secure, I'll be fine. Marry whoever the hell your mother picks out for you. Just remember if you don't marry her pick, the state will choose one for you."

As his father leaves to work his final year at his job, his mother is beaming with joy, "Oh my sweet precious Izuku! I've been dreaming of this day for so long... Let's look at all of the hero lists and pick one out for you!"

"Um, mom, I...I like Kacchan and I want to marry him."

His slightly nervous answer does nothing for her. She laughs it off, saying in an easy tone, "Oh, Izuku how cute! So, you want to marry a friend, huh? Okay..."

She then gasps, clapping her hands together, "Clovis Nguyen! You can marry him. Oh, you two shared so many moments together over the years, all the way down to your first kiss on live TV during the Olympics! You two should definitely marry."

Before he can object, she squeals loudly, "You can wear the pretty dress I chose for you and have your wedding at the Olympics! Think about it: the first ever Olympic wedding. It'll be perfect, especially when you consider how long our families have been friends."

Izuku corrects her on this because it needs to be said, "Mr. Nguyen moved the family thirty minutes away when I was in fourth grade because dad kept trying to con him out of money. His parents hate my dad, your husband! You're the only parent of mine they like."

Right when she is about to reject this notion, Izuku goes on to say, "Mom, I don't even like Clovis that way. I used to like him as a friend, but not anymore. A few days ago, rough with me in the park and did this to me."

He then rolls down his sleeves to reveal bruises he had been hiding with long sleeved shirts and wrist cuffs. They were swollen and dark purple still, yet his mother didn't seem to so much as blink at the sight.

"Oh,'re a quirkless. You should expect things like this to happen. I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt you that badly."

Izuku feels taken aback, almost unable to speak but when he does manage a reply, it's to say, "He's an Olympian, mom! He maybe a figure skater, but he's still strong and very much aware of his own strength. He's my friend, he shouldn't have ever done that to me to begin with."

His mom then told him with a bit of concern, "I cannot wait to get you married, but I won't force you to marry someone mean to you. How about this: you go on one date with him and if what he did to you wasn't just an one time thing, then you don't have to marry him. I'll allow you to marry Katsuki then."

Izuku doesn't feel comfortable with this idea, "I don't know..."

"He's been your friend for years. At least try to talk things out with him, okay? All quirked people get rough with quirkless from time to time. I'm sure you two can sort this out." his mom tells him with a sympathetic eye.

"Okay." he groans partially as he ponders how to tell Kacchan about it.

Chapter Text

Katsuki has watched the video of his Deku's kiss at the fucking Olympics medal ceremony at least fifty times by now. It makes his skin crawl to see Deku in the closest seats and to see Clovis having bodyguards bring him down to the rink where he puts on ice skates. Clovis then does a little ice dance with him and takes him up to podium where he holds his gold medal in his left hand proudly. In his right hand, there is Izuku being held proudly, with his legs wrapped around Clovis' waist and his left hand on his left shoulder. Clovis kisses him as he is announced the winner. Clovis then sets him down and takes his hand as they skate off the rink.

It's not a long video, but damn does it make him pissed off to see so many people cheering and awing at the young couple. The comments on the video are worse, adding fuel to his very much lit up flame, saying they are the 'it' couple to aspire to be. The comments going off on how beautiful they are together are particularly disturbing. It makes him want to tell the truth on Clovis Nguyen and why he is bad for Izuku, how he made him cry, how he hurt him, how he ruined their friendship. He doesn't do any of this only because he knows Izuku wouldn't want him to.

This doesn't mean he has no urge or desire to. It just means he will put Izuku's happiness above all else.

He is about to grill Izuku over the phone about this video and what happened at the Olympics when he checks his voicemail on his phone. It's one from Deku...and he has a feeling it's not too good.

"Um...Kacchan, you're not going to like this mom will only allow me to marry you if I go on a date with Clovis and he's mean to me during the date. If he's nice, then she'll arrange an engagement with him. Call me back when you get this, bye."

Katsuki is pissed off upon hearing this. He instantly calls back his bride---no way in fucking hell is he allowing his future spouse to date that mother fucking creep, "Deku, didn't you tell your mom about why you aren't speaking to him?"

Izuku is hesitant in his response, "Kacchan, I couldn't! I didn't want any trouble and besides, when I did show her the bruises on my wrists, she didn't even blink. She just said I'm a quirkless and I should be used to it by now."

This is news to Katsuki because he had no idea Izuku's wrists were bruised by Clovis, "He left bruises on you? What the fuck, why didn't you tell me!"

"I didn't want you to get mad and it wasn't so bad at first! It's not a big deal anymore. What matters is my mom wants me to date this guy because she adores the ground he walks upon and his mom is the only other friend she has that hasn't been put off by my dad."

Katsuki has only one response to this: "Fuck that shit. Deku, this guy may be an Olympian, but if he weren't one, he'd be a villain. A predatory villain, like the ones I'm learning to spot out in the academy. I don't want him near you! What if he hurts you or some shit?"

Izuku sighs deeply, a groan escaping him as he cries, "I know, don't you think I'm scared too? I don't want to do it, but my mom is making me. Unless if you want to talk to her, you can go ahead, but my parents are stubborn people."

Katsuki agrees to this proposal, but mainly because it's what he was going to do anyway when he got off the phone with Deku, "I'll call and talk to her. Don't worry, I'll get you out of this."

"Thanks, Kacchan."

He gets off the phone with Izuku then, immediately calling up his mom. As she answers her phone with a lax, "Hello, Inko speaking."

He goes off on her, "Hey, this is Katsuki. You know, the same Katsuki you said is good enough to marry your son! Woman, what the fuck are you thinking? Making him date that sick predator Nguyen! What the fucking hell! What happened to me being good enough for you son?"

Inko answers as though Katsuki's case is somehow irrelevant, "You are good enough for my son and you have grown...but Clovis is what I want for Izuku. He's always been nice to him, he's rich, and he's an Olympian. Izuku can't ever even come close to being an Olympic candidate, but he can be married to an Olympian! I can't wait to get him in that pretty dress I chose for him and have him walk down the aisle in it." he knows why their marriage works. They're both greedy and selfish fuckers.

"If he weren't an Olympian, he'd be a villain! Damn it, why can't you see that?" Katsuki then groans out of frustration, "Listen to me now, he will hurt Izuku again. That one time was not some simple rough housing like you think: if you're not careful, he will do far worse to him. Don't make him do this."

Inko is rolling her eyes right now, Katsuki can practically hear it over the phone on his end, her next words sharply spoken, "I've known Clovis ever since he was six. I practically raised that boy myself with the way he was over all the time. He is not a villain type, Katsuki, and you are only speaking out of simple jealousy. Thank you for the concern, but I have to go."

"No, wait!"

She's already hung up on him. Damn it.

He calls Izuku back, telling him bluntly, "I'm staying at your place tonight. I don't trust ice-freak with you for five seconds."

"Wow, it'll be the first time we ever have a sleep over together! Can I...I mean, do"

Katsuki chuckles at how cute his bride is being, "I'm sharing a bed with you. It's what spouses do."

"Ah, g-great! I'll get everything cleaned up then!"

Katsuki hangs up the phone and goes back to class, texting Izuku of his own apologies for not giving him a proper goodbye.

As for Izuku, he's cleaning up the house to make it nice for Kacchan. He doesn't want his future groom to think he's a pig, after all!

By the time it is dark out, Katsuki arrives at the Midoriya home and he's already met with a bit of arguing going on.

"Nguyen? You picked Nguyen for his date? Holy shit Inko, that whole family hates me! Who will walk Izuku down the aisle if their date does go over well?" he hears Hisashi say.

"I will be the one giving my baby away then! Hisashi, they've known each other for years and they had their first kiss at the Olympics. I will be able to proudly say my son-in-law is an Olympian!" she practically gushes her husband who scoffs in response.

"Ah, I get it want an Olympian, that's all it is. Well fine, but if he is mean to Izuku, you owe that quirkless a huge apology!"

"I won't be owing him one. By the end of this, he'll be thanking me for everything for I've ever done!"

Izuku opens the door after this, embarrassment heavy in his pretty green eyes, "Hi, Kacchan. Come on in, it's been a long time since you last spent the night at my place."

Katsuki comes in to see Inko going through a photo album, being giddy the whole while as she speaks, "Izuku, come here! Ah, look at you and Clovis in Germany when you were young. You two were so adorable together, especially on the plane ride where you cuddled up together for safety! Oh and remember when you went to the Grand Prix with him? That was so sweet of him to bring you along!"

Katsuki does his best to ignore childhood photos of Clovis and Deku together, does his best to halt the thoughts of 'That should've been me', but it's getting harder and harder to do.

Izuku seems to sense this as well, asking his mother, "Why are you making me look at this, mom? I don't think it's nice to do to Kacchan when he just arrived."

Inko sighs as she closes the book, her reason for this being, "Because you should remember all the happy times you two had together. He was your best friend ever since you were six and you can't throw that away over one isolated incident."

Izuku looks down at the floor, his eyes showing nothing but reluctance as he speaks, "M-Mom...I...he..."

He tries to say it, tries to tell her what happened, but he keeps choking on his words. So he instead settles for a simpler alternative, "Are you still friends with his mom?"

Inko looks at her son oddly before nodding slowly, "Yes, we see each other every Wednesday and Friday for lunch and manicures. Why?"

He tries to tell her, he really does, but he can't do it. He can't ruin a friendship of hers. He's just not shameless enough to do so, unlike his father.

"Nothing, look Kacchan and I want to be alone now. I'll see you in the morning." he responds as he takes Katsuki with him to his bedroom.

Once inside there, Katsuki goes off on him, "Why didn't you tell her! I would have supported you, stupid Deku."

Izuku sighs as he sits down on his bed, "I'm sorry, Kacchan, but I...couldn't do it. My mom has so very few friends because of my dad being himself and she wouldn't have believed me anyway. She thinks I'm an inferior to quirked people, just like dad does. Even if she did believe me, she would have said it was my fault somehow or I'm exaggerating it or I'm overreacting."

Katsuki sits beside him on the bed, wrapping an arm around his shoulders, "Why do you think she sees you that way? I'm sure she doesn't; she'd have to be a real piece of shit to do that."

Izuku laughs brokenly and it honestly breaks Katsuki's heart to hear it, "Remember when you walked me home after what happened with Clovis? I asked my parents if they think I'm equal to quirked people and they both said no. I can't tell her Kacchan, it'd be too hard and proving them right when they say I am inferior."

Katsuki pulls Izuku close to him, holding him in his arms as he says, "Okay, I get why you didn't do it...but fuck Deku, he will hurt you again. What will you say to her then?"

Izuku's reply is weak at best as he clings himself to Katsuki's hold, "I don't know... I don't want to tell her. I'm hoping he won't do anything too bad."

"I'll be there to make sure he doesn't, Deku." Katsuki reassures him before asking him something off topic, " the Olympics and other figure skating shit, did you two ever share a bed?"

Izuku thinks on this a bit before answering the question burning on his mind all day, "We never did. During the Olympics, I shared a bed with him because he was so anxious and panicky. I was the only one who could calm him down at nights. We did have a lot of good times together, but it all feels so...tainted to me now."

Katsuki can't stop the angered, "Perverted bastard!" escaping from him as he goes on to ask, "Okay...but was he really your first kiss?"

Katsuki could handle it if it was with someone else, but Izuku's laugh makes him want to fucking kill something, "Oh, the kiss at the Olympics doesn't count because it's normal for quirked people to do that to their quirkless friends when they're excited and happy! You didn't know that, Kacchan?"

Katsuki breaks it to him as gently as he can: "He totally bullshitted you, Deku. He kissed you because he liked you as more than a friend. No quirked person does that shit to a quirkless person who is their friend! He was taking advantage of you and your innocence."

Izuku feels dumb right now, "O-Oh..."

Katsuki then pulls Izuku to lay down on the bed with him, making him one promise only, "There's nothing to worry about. That prick can't hold a candle to me and you know it. No matter what, I will be your groom and you will be my bride."

Chapter Text

The following morning, Katsuki wakes up to Izuku right by his side, cuddling up closer to him in his slumber. It makes the blonde teen feel extremely cocky in the moment; he must be irresistible for his own bride to be cuddled up so close to him!

He relishes this moment for it seems to be temporary as Izuku wakes and instantly blushes, "Oh! I am so, so sorry Kacchan, I didn't mean to! I bet you must feel---"

Katsuki cuts him off with a kiss to the forehead, "Calm down, Deku, I liked it. I mean, I know you're attracted to me...I just didn't think you found me so irresistible! Damn, even in your sleep you can't keep your hands off of me."

Izuku looks at him with a rather confused glance, "I kind of...tend to hyper cuddle and snuggle anyone I sleep next to. It's why Clovis always refused to share a bed with me when we younger. I didn't know if you hated that or not. Since you don't, I have nothing to worry about!"

This ruined Katsuki's morning worse than anything else that could have happened today. His ego officially took a huge hit.

"...Stupid Deku, you could've kept that shit to yourself, you know! I enjoyed thinking you couldn't resist me, damn it!"

"Isn't lying to you worse?"

"Not when it comes down to this! Ugh, never mind, let's go get ready for the day."

Right as they exit his bedroom together, Katsuki and Izuku are met with sight of a happily chatting Inko speaking to Clovis at the dining table.

Upon seeing Clovis, Katsuki only gets flashbacks of Izuku crying and those bruises he saw on his wrists this morning. As for Izuku, it's more complicated. He gets flashbacks of all their good times together as well as the one bad one. He's more torn on how to feel about his friend now than what he has been the past few days.

Is Clovis even a friend to him anymore? This question is one he's been avoiding for days and it's hitting him like a ton of bricks.

He goes over to his bathroom to get washed up while Katsuki listens in to the conversation.

"You and Izuku will be so cute together! I cannot wait for the Olympic wedding." Inko gushes to Izuku's (hopefully former) best friend.

Clovis nods in agreement, "It will be lovely...but Izuku and I had a small disagreement the last time we spoke. I hope to clear the air with him so we can still be friends at the very least."

Something about him makes him think of a villain. He can't quite say what it exactly is about him, but Clovis reminds him of a villain type. Sure, what he saw in the park probably plays a big role in this, but there's also something else there he can't pinpoint that makes him think 'villain' whenever he sees Clovis.

Izuku exits the bathroom then, dressed in his clothes from last night still and nervous. Katsuki can't blame the poor guy. He'd be feeling that way too if he went through what he did with Clovis.

Just his luck, his mother sees them both.

"Katsuki, Izuku, look who's here today!" she calls them over excitedly, "Clovis is here: aren't you happy to see him, Izuku?"

Izuku is frozen in his spot by the door, his green eyes almost scared at the sight of his hopefully former friend, "Um...I wasn't expecting him so early, mom. Isn't my date later on today?"

Inko nods slowly, her answer being one he doesn't wish to hear, "It was, but Clovis came here all by himself to take you out now. So, go get some clean clothes on and date your quirked spouse!"

Izuku returns to his room whereas Katsuki is told by Inko, "This is a one-on-one date, Katsuki. No third wheels allowed to spoil it for them!"

Katsuki rolls his crimson eyes to this, "Don't worry, I won't. I would like a word alone with Clovis before I head out."

Inko agrees to this, much to Katsuki's own comfort, "Sure, you two can have a little chat. I have an errand to run anyway, so Clovis tell Izuku I'll be back later on today."

"I'll be sure to tell my liebling this, Midoriya." Clovis responds with a smile.

She fangirls over his German before heading out of the door, leaving the two quirked teens alone for the first time ever.

He smiles brightly at Katsuki, causing the red eyed boy to be on edge, "So, what is it you wished to speak to me on?"

Katsuki refuses to beat around the bush here, lifting up a ball of flame in the palm of his hand, "Simple: you bruised Deku. My Deku. If you try anything fucked up on him, I will blow you to fucking smithereens, asshole."

Clovis rolls his wintergreen eyes, his contempt for Katsuki showing only a moment there in them as he says, "Ah, I get it: the standard hero threat that every quirked person in UA Academy makes. Let's put things into perspective here, shall we? I never made him cry as much as you have and I never refer to him as stupid, like you do. I made only one tiny mistake compared to the lifetime of ones you made for yourself with him. If you make him cry, I'll be sure to handle you myself."

Katsuki scoffs to this, his flame disappearing as he responds back, "What fucking ever, asshole. At least I never tried to rape him in a park at night and refer to him as an inferior in the same night at said park! You can go fuck yourself, you pretentious shit. Deku's not marrying you."

"Says the one who has no shot whatsoever at earning his mother's approval." Clovis then says point blank, "Listen, we need to discuss something important...once Izuku and I are engaged, you cannot ever see him again. I don't want such a violent, hot headed bad influence by my bride. Surely you understand as much, right?"

"Don't write me off just yet, prick! I'm not backing down from the likes of you and I never will." Katsuki replies as he throws a blast of flame at Clovis' face, only for the tall white haired teen to dodge it effortlessly. This causes a window to be shattered instead.

"Maybe you should leave if you cannot handle this talk with an ounce of civility. I'm sure the Midoriyas don't want their home destroyed by the likes of you."

Katsuki doesn't let this get too far underneath his skin. He instead shrugs it off and leaves with only a final warning, "I am a man of my word and I meant what I said earlier. Do anything fucked up to him and I will blow you to smithereens."

Clovis is condescending in his own words, "I'll be sure to take note of it. Then, what else can I expect from such a violent thug to begin with?"

Katsuki leaves without another word, finding a place outside the building to follow them from a close enough distance. No way in hell is he leaving Izuku alone with Clovis!

Chapter Text

Izuku is alone in his home with Clovis. This thought a week ago wouldn't have phased him or scared him. It would have been a natural occurrence, really: they did have sleepovers all the time growing up. Now it feels foreign to him, wrong even.

Clovis smiles to him, his eyes warm, "Hey liebling, you look cute today. Do you want to go ice skating?"

Izuku swallows down his nervousness with a surprisingly calm, "Sure, let's go."

Clovis leads him outside the apartment complex in silence, but when they begin their walk to the rink, he asks him, "So, how was your first fiancé? Was he nice to you or no?"

What's off-putting to him is the way Clovis is acting as though nothing happened. As though he hadn't tried to hurt him in the park and said those awful things to him.

It makes him feel uneasy, it makes him feel irrational for even feeling uneasy and for the way he feels about what happened last time.

Is he in the wrong for feeling...violated and hurt the last time he saw Clovis in the park?

Is he...being irrational?

Is this really all just a part of being a quirkless in a quirked world?

He keeps up the light conversation, speaking highly of Akihiko Daiki, "He was a great guy, in all honesty. He drove a motorcycle, owned a luxury apartment, and he worked as a drama professor! The thing I liked most about him is how kind and genuine he is. He was the kindest and most considerate person ever to me. When he realized I would never really love him as more than a friend, he let me go and allowed my dad to keep his retirement fund."

Clovis nods to this, his voice too warm and gentle for Izuku's own liking, "He was a wonderful person to do that for you, liebling. I'm glad you met someone so kind and gracious."

"What's been new with you?"

This is his way to try to maintain a semblance of calm, so his emotions won't explode out of him in an intense wave.

Clovis casually responds with a slight shrug of his shoulders as they approach the building with the ice skating rink inside it, "Oh, nothing much...all I do is train all day for the next Olympics. My father wants another gold medal from me; you know how he can be at times...he gets too passionate about my work."

"Yeah, he always did get too intense." Izuku comments off handedly as they enter the building and rent their skates.

It is when they are out on the rink Izuku chooses to speak on the issue plaguing his mind.

"Why are you acting this way?" he blurts out to him as he tries to show him how to land a quadruple jump.

Clovis looks at him oddly with a raised brow and a slight frown, "What do you mean, liebling?"

"You're acting like nothing has happened. Like what happened a few days ago hasn't happened and what I went through was nothing!" Izuku then rolls down his sleeve of his light blue jumper to show Clovis his wrists, "You did this to me and I don't even know why you truly did it. You're an Olympian, you know your own strength, you've told me that why are you acting like nothings changed?"

Clovis halts all movements as Izuku unravels more, tears starting to come to his eyes, " are my best friend. Just apologize and tell me why you did it. What you did hurt me more than anything else that ever happened to me. You were my only friend...please, tell me what happened, say sorry, and I'll forgive you. I don't want to lose my best friend over this."

Clovis skates up to him, taking his hand as he looks him in the eye, "Liebling, I am sorry for the way I acted, but I thought you always knew I liked you as more than a friend. I were leading me on back there. I overreacted and I'm sorry."

Izuku then has his tears wiped away by the long, elegant fingers of his friend and he meets his gaze with a gentle, "Thank you for the apology."

"It's my pleasure, liebling."

Izuku then tells him with a more confident tone, "I only see you as a friend, Clovis. I don't want to marry you...I want to marry Kacchan."

Clovis stares at him as his wintergreen eyes darken dangerously, his voice too calm for Izuku to process, "What?"

"S-Sorry, Clovis, but I don't want to marry you. I...I really like Kacchan." Izuku stammers out while the confidence fades away from his person.

Clovis takes a long, calming exhale, seemingly in a better mood as he says, "How about this: I will allow you to marry this scum if you allow me to be your first time."

Izuku isn't too sure what he means at first as he asks in a confused manner, "My first time for what?"

"...For this." Clovis says as he gets too close to him, pulls him closer, and kisses him on the lips.

When he pulls away, Izuku chuckles, "You already took my first kiss, remember?"

Clovis then slides a sneaking hand up his shirt, his icy fingers touching his nipples lightly enough to elicit a moan out of him.

"I meant for sex, liebling."

Just as this is said, a ball of flame is being thrown at Clovis but the other is quick enough to place up a thicker wall of ice surrounding his person this time around.

"I fucking knew it! You piece of living shit, let go of my Deku!" Katsuki shouts from the sidelines as he gets another ball of fire ready to shoot at Clovis.

Clovis rolls his eyes, his next words sending a chill down Izuku's spine, "He may be yours for love and marriage, but his body will always be mine."

The ice skating rink then begins to shift. The building starts to shake as a column of ice explodes from the ground and entraps the teens inside it.

The column has spikes on the outside, and in the center of it are Izuku and Clovis. Clovis chuckles then, telling him with a wide, deranged grin, "Looks like I will be your first once more, liebling."

Izuku instantly pleads with Clovis, panic starting to settle in at the dire situation, "C-Clovis, stop can't do this to me. We used to be best friends...please, stop."

His wrists are entrapped in cuffs made of ice as the ice chains pull him flush against the wall, "Ow, Clovis, stop!"

The taller one with the once lovely eyes and the once lovely face has now been marred and deformed by his inner evil taking over his person. Izuku feels cold, but it's not from the ice on his skin. It's from the icy aura his former friend is emitting when he says to him, "Oh liebling, no one else will ever have you but me. You're mine and you will be mine until the day one of us dies."

He begins ravishing him with hungry kisses, greedy hands stripping him of his shirt and soon the predator strips himself down, giving Izuku love bites and hickeys.

Izuku is struggling, but the ice is too thick. He's trying to free himself, but it's dawning on him slowly that it won't happen. He cries as he comes to the realization there's no way out for him.

Chapter Text

Katsuki had tried to keep himself from blowing his own cover, but it was impossible to do at the rink! This being the fucking hell does Deku not know what 'being your first' means? Did he not learn about sex in school? Honestly, what the fucking hell!

Seeing Clovis kiss him made him slightly mad, but seeing him actually slip a fucking hand underneath his shirt and fondle his nipples to make him moan like that disgusted him to no end!

The cops were called instantly, but Katsuki didn't give a fuck as the workers screamed at him to leave. He is not leaving Deku alone in there with Clovis! He refuses to wait for help to arrive. He's a hero, for fucks sake! He can and will save his bride!

He begins climbing up the spikes, listening to Deku's cries, ignoring the need to kill Clovis to the best of his ability. He eventually finds him in the middle of the column. There, he uses his quirk to create a large hole in the wall of the ice column. Upon seeing Clovis half naked and Deku's chest covered in hickeys and love bites, he charges at the tall figure skater. He tackles him and begins slamming his head against the floor, "You fucking bastard! How dare you make him cry!"


"Fucking asshole bastard!" he screams as Clovis goes unconscious from the force of his strikes.

"Kacchan, help me get out of here!" Izuku cries out as he struggles against the cuffs on his wrists, "Please, I can't move."

Katsuki immediately leaves Clovis' side to melt the cuffs on Izuku's wrists. His eyes become furious once more at the sight of bloodied, frost bit skin, "Deku...damn, that fucking bastard!"

"Stop, Kacchan! Stop please, I just...I want to go home." Izuku sobs as he hugs his groom tightly.

Katsuki manages to calm down now, his words soothing as he holds Izuku tightly, "Damn can't. The cops will be here and you are a victim of his attacks. You need to say something about it if you want this to end for good."

Izuku nuzzles into his clothed chest, his own reply slightly muffed by the fabric, "I...I don't think I can. I'm a quirkless, Kacchan: what if they don't listen to me?"

Katsuki does his best to comfort him on this insecurity, "Then I'll make them listen to you! Look...I know there was a point in your life where you wanted to be a hero. Be a hero right now and tell the police everything you went through."

Izuku sniffles, pulling away from his hold, "Okay...I'll do my best."

When the police do arrive, Clovis is unconscious still and Izuku is being interviewed on what happened to him. Despite shaking the whole while and taking pauses to wipe tears from his eyes, Izuku is factual and calm throughout the questioning. Katsuki can say he's proud of him for handling it so well.

As for Clovis, when he awakes he will be arrested and stripped of his gold medal. He will officially be registered as a villain for everything he's done to Izuku and the worker he killed when he made the ice column.

Even though he could speak to the police about Clovis and even allow them to take photos of his chest, arms, and wrists, he finds it much harder to tell his mother when Katsuki has him outside his apartment door.

"I don't know if I can." a now fully clothed Izuku says to Katsuki.

Katsuki takes his hand, holding it tightly as he encourages him, "Damn it, Deku, you can do this and if you can't, I will do it for you. You have to at least try."

Izuku nods and takes a deep breath as he enters his home. His mother is there, calm and happy to see him, "Izuku, hi! Tell me, how did the date go?"

He struggles to say it because it's...just so hard.

"" he keeps freezing up, his words caught in his throat as he keeps thinking 'what if she won't believe me? what if she says it's all a part of being a quirkless?'.

"I bet he was a lovely gentleman to you, right? He was always so sweet and kind to you, he's just the best guy for you...he should be the one you marry." she gushes on about his former friend as he finally snaps to her never ending praises of him.

"Mom, he tried to rape me today!"

Even Katsuki is staring at him in shock to the scream he's just let out.

Inko seems taken aback at first, "W-What?"

Izuku then takes off his shirt and even takes the bandages off of his wrists, showing her the blunt reality of his attack, "He locked me up in an ice tower at the skating rink and cuffed me to the wall using his quirk and he tried to rape me! I don't want to marry him, I can't marry him...he'll be in prison when he wakes up."

Izuku adds in a final thought to his words, "Don't tell me this is normal or to be expected for a quirkless like me because it's not! I shouldn't have to think this kind of behavior is okay or even simple rough housing. It's not: it's scary and I almost got hurt. Please, don't talk so highly of him after he tried to rape me twice in one week. I can't handle it right now."

Inko is stunned and frozen on her spot, whereas his father enters the scene and laughs, "I told you my pick was a better choice! At least Akihiko never tried to rape him twice in a week. Cough up the fifty, woman!"

Katsuki isn't sure which is worse right now: Izuku's parents betting on his love life or the way Inko seems to be paralysed with shock.

She quickly hands over the fifty yen she owes her husband and runs over to Izuku's side. She hugs him tightly, sadness overcoming her voice as she speaks, "Oh Izuku...I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have written off the bruising on your wrists, I shouldn't have forced you to date him, I should have asked you more questions, I shouldn't have made you feel you couldn't talk to me about this! I'm so sorry for not listening."

"It's okay, mom, I'm fine now. Kacchan saved me today from him and he even sat through the police interview with me!" Izuku then looks down to the floor, "I...hope I didn't ruin your friendship with Clovis' mom. I don't want you to be lonely and friendless like me."

Inko sighs deeply as she meets her son's eyes, "I'm your mother. I should be worrying over you, not the other way around. If she won't speak to me after this, then she's not the friend for me. Your safety will always come first for me, Izuku."

Izuku smiles in response but then she asks her husband, "So, should we let Izuku live with Katsuki at UA Academy?"

Izuku looks at his mom in disbelief, "...No way...are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?"

Inko nods in response to her son's shock, "I should have listened to you. I'm sorry I didn't earlier. Katsuki loves you and you deserve to be engaged to someone who loves you. I am having you marry Katsuki."

Izuku is so happy as is Katsuki, but he's still put off by the bet on his bride's love life.

"Thank you, mom! You're the best." Izuku cheers as he hugs her tightly.

She then pulls away from Izuku, telling Katsuki, "Take care of my baby, Katsuki."

Katsuki, in turn, scoffs to this, "Of fucking course I will take care of him! He's my Deku; I will always take care of my Deku."

"Great to hear. Let's get your things packed, Izuku. You will be living with him now at the academy."

Hisashi agreed with this idea, holding the fifty yen as though it were a gold trophy, "Yeah, you should be living with him. He is going to be your husband soon."

That night they pack up Izuku's belongings for the academy and when they are in bed later on at night, Katsuki asks him, "Why the hell are they betting on your love life?"

It honestly bugs him to hear of it but then Izuku laughs it off as being a, "Oh, they've been doing that ever since I was six! The bet was to settle an argument over who could pick the best fiancé for me."

Katsuki didn't find this funny. In fact, he found it to be disgusting and he made that known in his voice when he said, "...That's fucked up shit, Deku. Your parents are dysfunctional."

Izuku shrugs it off nonchalantly, "No family is perfectly functional anyway. I wouldn't trade them in for anything: they do love me. They must to finally allow me to marry you instead of handing me off to the state."

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." Katsuki replies in a deadpanned manner.

Izuku then chastely kisses Katsuki on the lips, his next words being, "For my hero! Thank you for today and everything, Katsuki."

Katsuki grins cockily as he wraps an arm around Izuku's waist, his tone proud as he says, "Yeah, it's nothing, really. Any amazing hero would do that for their bride."

He notices Izuku is dozing off on his chest, so he kisses his forehead and smiles to himself, "Goodnight, Deku."

The following morning, he wakes up to Izuku cuddled up on his chest, and enjoys the moment for what it is. He knows he can get used to waking up to this.

Chapter Text

Izuku is not too happy with his mom at the moment.

He does have his things at Katsuki's dorm in UA but he has not moved in yet because his mother and him are in the midst of a great and terrible battle.

The battle of what will he wear to the wedding.

Normally this battle ends with his father screaming at them that Akihiko will decide. Since the engagement with Akihiko failed, his father has exited the battle scene with a strong, "I don't give a damn!"

Here he always relied on him too during this trying time, but now that he has his retirement fund and pension secured, he doesn't care at all what happens to him.

"Mom, no, please, don't make me wear it! I want to choose my own outfit." Izuku attempts to fight off her ways, but sadly enough it is failing.

His mother obtains a devious grin on her face, her next words causing him to shiver on the spot, "Oh Izuku, why don't we ask Katsuki what he thinks. I'll bring it along, get you dressed up all nice and pretty for your future husband and let him decide what he wants to see you in."

"W-Wait, mom, let's not be hasty here! Maybe we can compromise?"

Inko rolls her eyes this, causing Izuku to feel a sense of defeat, "Nope. We're going to see your fiancé today to get this sorted out now."

Izuku groans as she hurries back to her bedroom and gets out her things to bring on the metro. The whole while, he is calling up Kacchan, leaving him a saddened voicemail, "Kacchan, my mom and I are coming over right now. I'll see you soon, goodbye."

"Izuku, I cannot find a good enough bag to hold the wedding outfit in, so you will have to wear it!"

He drops the phone in horror, but before he can run, his mother has him in her powerful grasp, dragging him back to the bedroom where he is forcefully stripped down of his current attire. From there on, it's all her control.

He rides the metro in it, feeling exposed to all the perverts as he takes a seat by his mother. He hides his face in the crook of her arm while trying to keep his hands on his person so the perverts won't do anything.

Once they exit the metro station and take a cab to UA, Izuku actually feels more terrified than ever before.

What if Kacchan laughs at him?

What if Kacchan hates it?

What if Kacchan thinks he looks ugly in it?

"Calm down sweetie, it's not that bad! Geesh, you are overreacting, Katsuki will love to see you in this." his mother tries to comfort him, but it's hard to feel comforted when even the cab driver whistles at him, "Hey pretty quirkless, if things don't work out with hero boy, you can always come to me and I'll show you how it feels to be with a real man."

"Eh, you're not rich enough for him." Inko replies back as Izuku cries, "Mom!"

They then enter the building, with Izuku freaking out as his mother texts Katsuki himself to figure out which class he is in. Right when she discovers which class, she asks the school nurse (since they were near Recovery Girl's office) where to find them. The nurse almost shrieks in delight at the sight of Izuku but somehow manages to give a calm, "He's in class with Mr. Aizawa. If you go down the hall..."

Izuku is not even listening. This feels like an out of body experience. How could his mother do this to him? How could she be so underhanded and desperate to win that she'd willingly humiliate him in front of Katsuki's classmates?

She is dragging him down the hall, her eyes more determined than ever, yet Izuku still tries to weasel his way out of this predicament, "Mom, I'll wear it. I'll wear this to the wedding, just please don't make me go in there dressed like this!"

"Oh calm down, Izuku! Just imagine this being like a practice walk down the aisle." his mother speaks as she barges open the door and walks in the classroom.

Izuku is following her suite, keeping his head bowed so no one will see his face, but his mother does find Katsuki's seat, her eyes shining with pride as she shoves Izuku in front of her, "Katsuki, meet your bride!"

Izuku looks up then to see Kacchan eyeing him up in glee as he stands there in the most embarrassing outfit known to mankind.

He is in a wedding dress. Not just any old wedding dress, his mother picked out a mini wedding dress with a tulle chiffon skirt that is cut at least four or five inches above the knee, with a strapless fitted chiffon bodice, elbow length white gloves, white thigh high stockings held up by straps from the white lingerie underneath, and white kitten heels. Oh and did I forget to mention he is wearing a veil with a tiara that has silver shaped flowers all over it?

Yes, his mother went all out today.

Then he hears a voice speak up from a redheaded boy, "Damn Katsuki, you never said your bride was so fine!"

Katsuki grinned smugly in response, his voice cocky as he spoke, "Yeah, my Deku is fine. He's got the best legs I've ever seen on a quirkless or quirked person."

"So, do you want him to wear this down the aisle for you?" Inko asks with a bit of joy in her tone as Izuku wishes to be swallowed whole into the ground.

Katsuki accepts it as is, "Um, hell yes! He looks amazing in this. Deku, what the fuck? Why didn't you want to wear it?"

Izuku shyly responds with a blush on his face, "Kacchan...this is the dress my mom wanted me to marry Clovis in."

Katsuki's world comes crashing down then.

"...What the fucking hell? You wanted him to marry me in a dress you picked out for your fantasy wedding of him marrying Nguyen? Fuck that shit! He's not wearing that dress!" Katsuki explodes in response, "Did you wear that all the way here?"

"Only because my mom made me! It was so creepy and scary Kacchan, all these perverts kept trying to touch me and slide their hands under my skirt." Izuku cried out then, feeling humiliated enough for one day, "Even the cab driver whistled at me today! I don't want to wear this dress ever again."

Katsuki directs his rage at Inko, his eyes practically burning in rage, "What the fuck, woman! How could you parade my bride around for those disgusting people to ogle? What the hell is wrong with you!"

"I did this to settle a disagreement over his not wanting to wear the dress!" she speaks up defensively, "Besides, Clovis loved it when I went dress shopping with him and Izuku."

Wrong words, Inko, wrong words.

The bell rings after this is said but no one is moving a muscle. They all secretly want to see this play out and for some, it's an excuse to ogle Katsuki's bride in his cute dress.

"Fucking Nguyen and this fucking dress! Well guess what, fuck them both!"

Katsuki's battle cry is met with his hands blowing the dress away to smithereens, leaving Izuku in a sheer, white lacy lingerie that only went three inches down from his crotch area.

To Katsuki, this looked like a shorter strapless dress with garter straps. Had this happened in his dorm room, he would have kicked Inko out and did some very, very perverted things to Izuku. However, it happened in his classroom and everyone was taking pictures of it.

Izuku is horrified, "Kacchan!"

Inko is pissed off, "That dress cost me three thousand yen, what the hell is wrong with you!"

"Simple: I refuse to marry my Deku in a dress you picked out for fucking attempted rapist scum Nguyen! If I'm going to marry him, he'll be in something he likes and wants to wear, not something that will make him feel uncomfortable as fuck."

Izuku smiles then, his whole face lighting up as he says softly, "Thank you, Kacchan."

Katsuki grins at him in response, "Don't mention it, Deku."

Inko sighs as she leaves the room, "Fine then, but I still think my outfit was the best pick. We'll go shopping for another one tomorrow, Izuku. Enjoy your first day officially living with Katsuki."

Izuku waves off his mom before a blush colors his face, "K-Kacchan...why are there so many people in the room still...with their phones out?"

Katsuki growls as he finally pays attention to a room full of phone cameras, taking pictures of Izuku in his lingerie.

"Kacchan..." Izuku almost cries as Katsuki slings his blazer over his bride's shoulder, "Hey you sick fucks! Quit taking pictures of my bride!"

Katsuki then gets the ingenious idea to carry Deku bridal style out of the room and run back to his dorm before the perverts can catch up to him.

When he does reach his dorm, he makes his next instructions very clear, "That is for the wedding night only, okay? Get dressed in normal clothes before the horny perverts around here try something on you."

Izuku tries to look through the two boxes containing his things, but he is freaking out almost instantly, "...Oh no."

Katsuki looks at him oddly, "What's wrong?"

"Um...ah...we forgot to pack some clothes for me." Izuku says to him slowly, "I think I'll just hide in here and tell my mom to bring me something to wear for now."

Katsuki nods, telling his bride, "I'll be back soon. Stay here in the dorm. Do not go outside for anything at all. Wait for me to return before doing anything."

Izuku agrees instantly, "Right."

He then texts his mother, hoping that this will work and he will have actual clothes soon.

Unfortunately for him, life hates him! His father got off of work early in the morning and is in town to catch a flight to Italy for a week. Of course, his mother instantly agreed to go with him. She's in a cab to get to the airport now as they speak.

Yep. He's screwed. His first week at UA will be spent in wedding night lingerie. It cannot get worse than this.