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Two Night Stand

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When Kenta first opened his eyes he didn’t recognize where he was at, it took him a minute to adjust and remember, he cursed at himself in silence, there was a clock on the nightstand beside him, marking 10:44 a.m., and there was also an open condom wrap there, he cursed again, this time out loud. He stood up and got dressed while looking at the blond boy that was peacefully sleeping beside him, at least he was cute. As he was leaving the apartment he left a sticky note on the door. 

“Thanks for last night. Awesome apartment. xo Kenta.”

He opened the front door and an ongoing ticking sound startled him, to his left the alarm system had a beeping red light and a countdown “10...9...8” stating it would ring the alarm if no code was introduced. 

“Shit” he whispered and tore the note from the door throwing it into a nearby trash can, as he ran back to the bed, getting in it fully dressed and with a scarf tied around his neck.


14 hours before


Kenta was lying on the couch, still on his pajamas at six o'clock because it didn't matter if you dressed up when there was nowhere to go to, out of boredom he grabbed his laptop and opened the browser as he typed in the search bar, he kind of laughed, couldn't believe he was doing this. 

There was a big “JOIN NOW” pink button and after clicking he was passed onto a new screen to select his nickname and password. 

username: bestkentaever

password: *********** 

It was the turn to upload a picture, he went through a few and decided on one where he was...kind of... winking? Then it was time to select his relationship status, he hesitated before selecting single, afterwards the website asked a series of questions that would help the algorithm find a match for him. 

Education: Pre-med.

I want to meet: A renegade cop who plays by his own rules.

People tell me I look like: I’ve gotten a “pretty alien” before.

Special talents: I converse like a motherfucker.

Occupation: Currently fielding offers. 

The rest of the questions ranged from hobbies to sexual preferences, and one of them read 

Reveal something personal: ...Seriously? 

He was starting to think this was all a bit too much while switching channels on the tv, apparently, every channel had an add playing tonight. 

“Fiji is the ideal holiday, tropical paradise for couples.” the news anchor interrupted the transmission. “Well, Dave, while we didn't get the white Christmas we were hoping for, mother nature may have a few tricks up her sleeve. We're getting forecasts of a hurricane-force blizzard coming tonight…”


Kenta heard the door unlocking and he quickly shut the laptop while grabbing a book that was on the coffee table.


“Kenta, right where I left you, how adorable”

“You caught me red-handed. I'm just… I’m such a sucker for classic American novel. Bad day?” Kenta asked his roommate as he stood up the couch to check what was in the fridge.

“No, I'm just exhausted”

“Yeah, I know, me too right?”

“Maybe it's time to get a job,” Taehyun told Kenta as he grabbed a bunch of bills that piled up over time on the coffee table.

“You’re telling me….”

“Yes, I am!”

“I look for fulfilling work all the time. I just happen to be taking a break whenever you’re around. It’s like studying when mom is watching!” he explained as he sipped from a juice box.

“Did you talk to your parents about the lease? Because the deadline’s on the first and Sanggyun is willing to take over if you…”

“Yeah, no I haven’t made a decision on that yet, per se…”

“How did you not make a decision yet? I mean, what did you do today? or what did you do this week?”

“I did Christmas!” Kenta signaled to all the Christmas ornaments around the apartment “And also I started online dating”

“Seriously?!” shocked Taehyun asked, it had been a while since Kenta dated anyone at all, this was good news.

“Yes, yeah, shut up. I’m not proud.”

“No, I'm proud! met anyone?”

“I said I started, I'm not a machine, hey, where are you going?”


Suddenly Taehyun was wearing a more casual outfit and he was grabbing his keys again.


“Oh, Sanggyun’s friend, Hyunbin, is having his birthday at this bar.”

“So you’re not cooking dinner?” Kenta rubbed his belly

“No… Do you want to come? Birthday boy is single, and he is not the brightest but he’s pretty, so he’s perfect for a one-night stand”

“I don’t know, do you think I'm ready?”

“Who cares? I’m ready for you to be ready. I mean seriously, how long has it been? Aren’t you horny?”

“Now see, I knew you two little freaks be having this type of conversations when I'm not around, I knew it, especially you” Taehyun’s boyfriend signaled Kenta who rolled his eyes. “Hi, Sanggyun, well, yes, no, I’m horny but I’m also...somewhat lazy, sometimes, so the two counteract, like dueling wizards” Kenta took the remote pretending it was his magic wand.”

“Not anymore, tonight is the night”



The wet asphalt made the lights shine brighter on the Seoul night, they approached a bar on a hidden alley, with a security guard outside the entrance. 

“Hey, ID, please” 

Taehyun and Sanggyun quickly showed theirs, while Kenta was frantically looking for his in every pocket, jacket pocket, clear, jean pocket, clear, hidden pocket inside the hoodie, clear. 

“Oh, shit” Taehyun muted. Kenta turned around it was his ex; Yongguk, and he was hand in hand with a cute boy. As soon as Kenta realized this he greeted his ex-partner awkwardly. 


“Hey, heard you were doing good.”

“From who?”

“I don’t know, I just….said that to be nice” Yongguk shrugged.

“Yongguk, I think this boy is trying to get by you” Kenta motioned towards the cute boy.

“Oh, no. This is… this is Taedong. Taedong this is Kenta, and Taehyun and Sanggyun, Kenta and I we were together for a bit.”

“Oh” Kenta was surprised “That's the abridged version, just like that?” his voice shaking a little and he hated himself for that.

“You two coming in or what?” The bodyguard was fed up with this conversation

“Nice to meet you” Taedong politely acknowledged Kenta before taking Yongguk's hand and drawing him inside the bar with him.

“Good seeing you Kenta” he stated while waving goodbye. 

Kenta was losing it, he bent while grabbing his knees, as if he was trying to keep himself together in one piece. 

“I don’t even want to hear you guys say it” he stood up, his eyes glistening with tears “Last year I was in College and I was Yongguk's fianceé and I drank wine in restaurants” he stared at the bodyguard “Now I'm at home all day in my underwear, and I’m nobody’s nothing, and I can’t even get into a bar. What is happening to me?” he couldn’t stop himself, words just kept coming and coming out “I am going backward! I am Benjamin Button-ing!”

“He moved on, so what, so can you. I say take a cab home. Get on that dating site, pick a cute guy, no drinks, no dinner, just a hookup.” Taehyun grabbed him by the shoulders as if trying to make him snap back to reality, Kenta looked confused.

“You can’t order sex!, It’s not edible arrangements!”

“Yes you can, you have the internet,” Sanggyun said with a smirk.

“Desperate times call for desperate measurements. Go get them, tiger, you got this.” Taehyun patted on Kentas back, as he and Sanggyun turned inside the bar, leaving the redhead boy standing outside.




Half of a red wine bottle later and Kenta finally gathered the courage to open up the laptop and log into the dating site, how hard could it be? he just needed someone to get laid with, no feelings involved, no dating, just pure casual sex. He poured another glass, took a sip, and messaged the first guy that he saw. 

bestkentaever: Hey

philosophycalprince: ‘sup 

“Nope” he took another big sip of wine and gave himself courage “Fuck it” he opened window chats for several guys and send a message to all of them. 

bestkentaever: Hey

hoduboy: hey, there, how’s it going?

bestkentaever: fantastic, how about you? 

“Lowercase, keeping it casual,” he stated to himself. A new chat window opened up infront of him.

spacecowboy: HEY SEXXXY BOI 

“Really?!” he closed that chat window and went back to the other conversation, no reply yet, “come on” Kenta prayed “The bar is so low, is so very low.” 


hoduboy: same 

Kenta started typing on the chat window: “Cool, would you like to have sex with me?” he looked at the sentence, disgusted. “I sound like a computer virus” he deleted the message, frustrated as he took another sip of wine. 

bestkentaever: I’m about to get sexiled by my roommate, do you want to hang out?

hoduboy: sure, you’re thinking a bar?

bestkentaever: I was actually thinking your place.

hoduboy has shared his location with you

hoduboy: sorry, that was too quick, pretend I waited for a second


Kenta giggled.


bestkentaever: eesh, I'm coming from the east village. see you in a month.

hoduboy: haha, I’ll have cups of Gatorade waiting at each subway stop

bestkentaever: Wait!

bestkentaever: can we video chat?

hoduboy: sure

bestkentaever: I wanna see your apartment

bestkentaever: the psycho test

bestkentaever: newspaper clippings about unsolved murders on your walls = no dice

hoduboy: totally fair just give me a min, to take off my mom’s dress


Kenta laughed.


hoduboy is starting a video chat


“Hey there,” the video quality was a bit low but the boy didn't look like a perv, he actually looked...cute.

“Oh man, I was so sure I was about to see a close up of a penis” Kenta joked.

“Yeah, me too” the boy agreed “Wow, you are really pretty, really pretty. Anyways, so this is me, soak it in, and this is my apartment” he started to move around his laptop as in showing Kenta every part of it, a small studio, a bit messy, just as any normal guy would have it. “As you can see, it’s a magical wonderland. So, do I pass the test or…”

“Yes, I think so… I’ve actually never done this before” he admitted while biting his thumb.

“Me neither”

“Good...well I guess, I’ll see you soon?”

“That is awesome. I mean, that is cool, sweet, I will… That will be a very nice thing to happen Kenta, see you soon” 

Kenta set the laptop aside and grabbed the wine bottle drinking straight from it this time. 

“I cannot believe I am schlepping to the other side of town for a booty call, that’s fucking scandalous” He was amazed at himself.

“Hey, I don’t think the laptop is shut off right”

“No, no, that was the tv!” and he definitely shut the laptop off this time.


14 hours after


He ran back to the bedroom, getting into bed fully dressed and with a scarf tied around his neck. The alarm went off. The blond boy stood up as quickly as possible, grabbing a baseball bat from underneath his bed.

“Did you slept with your coat on?”

“Yeah, I get cold. Get the intruder!” Kenta shouted as the boy ran towards the department entrance, not even a minute passed and he was back in the bedroom area. “False alarm” he muted and went back to bed.

“I had a great time, thank you. It’s… it’s perfect for what I needed, so… Awesome” Kenta touched him but apparently, he was back to being asleep. That was fast. He looked around the room looking for a distraction that would wake up the boy so he could leave, the alarm clock, he set an alarm a couple minutes away. He grabbed his phone, trying to see if he could contact Taehyun for a ride, the alarm clock went off with a loud song and Kenta quickly hid his phone and pretended to be asleep. The boy that laid beside him woke up startled and switched off the alarm, throwing his arm around Kenta.

“That’s some alarm you got there” he pretended to yawn as he stretched his arms.

“Yeah, I don’t even remember setting it for 11:04… “

“Oh, that’s weird”

“Morning Kenta!” he smiled widely at his visitor.

“Morning, Dongho”

“It’s Donghan, actually”

“Yeah, what did I say?”

“Dongho, it’s Donghan, with an A-N”

“Oh yeaaah…. sorry” Kenta scratched his head giving the blond a shy smile before standing up. “Well, thank you for having me.”

“Don’t worry, my only concern is how we’re going to sugarcoat this when we tell our grandkids how we met.”

“Right?” Kenta followed, he couldn’t wait to get out of there “We’ll cross that bridge when we’re there!”

“Hey, so do you want to grab breakfast or do you normally just take off?”

Kenta stared at Donghan. Eyes wide open.

“Normally? you just said “normally” like I do this so much that I’d have a normal and an abnormal version of it?”

“That’s…. yeah, that’s not what I meant, I have no idea how often you do this.” Donghan clarified.

“I told you last night, this is my first time doing anything- you know, remotely, like this”

“Yeah, but come on, Kenta, do you expect me to believe this was your first one-night stand ever?”

“Yes!” Kenta felt the heat running to his face and his ears, and his voice was a little shaky but not so much because he was very upset at how shitty Donghan was behaving “I mean the only reason that I am here is because my roommate, he peer-pressured the shit out of me, and I am sensing some distinctly judgey vibes coming from your side of the bed, which is odd, considering the teamwork involved.”

“Honestly, I admire what you did, I wish more people were this forward.”

“Forward? there we go with the slut thing again.”

“I’m not calling you a slut! I’m calling you a boy who went over to a stranger’s house at midnight if only there was a word for someone who does that!”

Kenta couldn’t believe what was going on.

“Wow, you know what, screw you”

“It was a joke, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, look, can we please just eat breakfast? I make a killer oatmeal with a smiley face made out of jelly! and it’s not slutty at all!”

“You know what, save your oatmeal, I’m taking off. But thanks for having me, it was awesome to get to know you. Have a nice life, Dongho.”

Donghan stood up throwing the sheets aside dramatically.

“Okay, cool, well, I'm just going to assume that time was on purpose, cause I told you my name is Donghan, with A-N, like a dozen times.”

“You just have a stupid name!” the redhead shouted on his way to the door.

“Okay cool, well, bye, it was lovely having sex with you.” Donghan followed Kenta all the way to the door.

“I wish I could say the same”

“Sounded like you had a pretty good time last night” he smirked.

“You know what? Don’t believe everything you hear”

“Okay, fuck you, Kenta!”

“Fuck you back “

Kenta let himself out of the apartment door and found his way to the exit out of the apartment building, the exit door was stuck. He peered through the window, a full-on blizzard was happening outside. He remembered hearing something about the bad weather last night on the news.

“Imagine a sleeping little angel-faced-angel… okay, no, I'm the angel. and this angel is being woken up by a fucking junkyard dog in a hot boy body! yeah, and that’s my morning.” Donghan was slowly going down the stairs with a dirty sheets basket in his hands “Mom, I’ll call you later”

“Hi there, Donghan, right?”

“What is it? a little snow outside? I’ll get you an uber” Donghan pushed the door, and he pushed, but there was no use because everything seemed to be covered by ice and snow “Holy shit, that’s a bunch of snow!”

Kenta wanted to die in that same spot.