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A Modern Wizards’ Wizarding World

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The giggles of two children could be heard through the monitoring device which Remus had charmed five years ago when he and Sirius' twins were born. Slumping down the dining table of their kitchen, Sirius pouted playfully as he heard the mischievous twins up to their usual amount of trouble, a talent inherited from both of their parents, and sighed dramatically as he turned toward the doorway of the kitchen, where the love of his life happened to be leaning, gazing back at Sirius with a soft expression of love. Remus' features twisted into rueful amusement as Sirius sighed dramatically and said “I swear to Merlin Moons, I feel old. Those kids are going to be the death of me!"”

Remus snorted from where he stood but grinned and walked to meet his lover, wrapping scarred arms around defined shoulders. Remus' tone was amused as he pondered,“Remind me again, which male in this room, carried the twins for 9 months? Whilst the other ran around squawking and panicking?” 

A grin blossomed on Sirius’ face as he leant back from the embrace “You, my lover. How can I forget when you looked so gorgeous carrying my pups?” 

Shaking his head and blushing ridiculously at those few words, Remus smiled and trailed his hands up Sirius' body until they dug into silky black hair, “I love you Sirius Black, you old flirt.” 

Sirius grinned a rakish grin, “And I love you Remus Lupin. Which is why this morning, a special delivery arrived, something I’d forgotten about but wanted to give you for a long while.”

Just slightly, Remus’ pulse quickened. His heart beat a little faster and he knew, just knew, his lover was going to surprise him. Quirking a brow he watched as Sirius pulled out of his embrace and bounded toward a jar, a jar meant to store keys and odd bits and bobs. As Remus watched Sirius’ slim fingers pull out a box, he admired his lovers frame. Even after all these years, Sirius’ beauty never failed to take his breath away. A perfectly sculpted backside, a lean physique that he was desperate to wrap his hands around every chance he got, and oh merlin his hair. Soft, silky tresses that smelt like perfect fresh night, streaked with faint silver lines and hung in an irresistible bun that Remus’ wolf wanted to mess up, to claim and mark and show the world that this wizard belonged to him, and to him only.  

The mischievous glint in his lover’s eyes made Remus’ blood run hot beneath his skin, and wonder what exactly Sirius was about to give him. And then Sirius spoke. “You’re mine, you know that, right? Ever since I realised just how much I was in love with you, ever since I set eyes on the lonely boy in the carriage on the train, you belonged to me. And to me only. When I saw Gideon kissing you in fourth year I wanted to punch him in his stupid pretty face. I knew you were tied to me, just not how much till now.” Sirius allowed himself a momentary sheepish grin before he shook out of it and became serious, eyes full of devotion, and love and trust, “It’s our anniversary tomorrow, can you believe I’ve had 8 years with you? I sure as hell can’t. Anyway, I’m getting off track, since its full moon tomorrow, I wanted to give you something today instead. Something I completely forgot about long before you knew I was yours. I-I well, I wrote you something, something Jamie helped me with. Well here.”

Curious with his brows drawn together, Remus took the now enlarged piece of parchment Sirius had been holding in his hand, and read aloud:

Dear Moony, no that’s not right,

To my Remus,

I am in love with you, I am in love with everything you do and every word you speak.

I am in love with your laugh, the throaty sound that reaches deep into my bones. I am in love with the glint you get in your eyes when you’re about to say something brilliant, and the dry tone of your voice when some idiot says something completely stupid. I am in love with the fact that you’re so tall, that you can wrap your arms around me when I wake up terrified from a nightmare.

Your lips are so perfect I could spend my entire life just picturing them. The way your furrow your brows when you’re studying, and you bite your bottom lip makes me want to push you against the nearest wall and worship you until you don’t even remember your own name. Your scent even, your gods-damned scent is like my own personal brand of firewhiskey, and I’m hooked, for the rest of my life. I could talk for hours about what I am in love with when it comes to you, but really there’s only one thing that matters.

I am in love with what you do to me Remus, a single trusting look, or concerned raise brow, or even a smile just for me and I go weak at the knees. I’m broken and ruined and a complete disaster but you Remus, you put me back together, send my heart into overdrive, and make me want to be a better man. You make me feel alive and free and wild all at once and I can’t imagine loving anyone else as fiercely as I love you.

I know it in my soul Remus Lupin; somehow, someway I won the greatest prize of all: a mate I’ll never deserve but have fallen for with every ounce of my soul. You’re my mate Remus Lupin and when you’re mine, I await the scars to prove it.

Yours, forever,


By the end of the letter Remus’ hands were trembling and he was gaping, jaw hanging open and then snapping shut, like a goldfish. He had not realised how hard Sirius had fallen, at the same age he’d been. Sirius was smiling nervously “I meant every word Moony, I might’ve been fifteen, and I might’ve been a crap poet, but I felt it, the bond that runs magic deep. I took too long delivering the note, but always knew you were mine.”

Without a further word Remus leapt forward, wrapping his arms around Sirius’ neck and kissing the man for all he was worth. Stunned for a moment, Sirius then met Remus hungrily, needily. The kiss was unyielding, passionate and lustful, Remus poured everything he had into showing his lover how much he felt for the other man. Sirius gasped as Remus’ tongue swirled around his own and heat pooled deliciously between their mouths. They broke apart gasping for air, foreheads pressed together, eye to eye. Sirius laughed weakly, “I should’ve given that years ago if I knew this was the reaction I’d get.”

Remus nipped Sirius’ lip lightly, “I’m so very glad I gave you those scars Sirius Black, marking you was the best thing I ever did in my life. I am in love with you and your delightful, delightful disaster. Happy anniversary Pads.”

Sirius grinned, “And to you lover”


And so, two lovers, who’d already overcome so much in their lives- love and heartbreak, bliss and betrayal, even death and new life, stood wrapped around each other in the heart of their home, gently held together and swaying to music only they could hear. It had taken them many years to reach this point, to feel happy without feeling guilty, to be able to talk of their friends without feeling devastated, but they’d done it. They’d overcome all the odds, stacked against them since they’d met at eleven years old.

Little did they know their lives were about to be turned upside down, little did they know baby Harry had lived, and had been taken to the Dursley’s. Quiet mornings spent curling around each other in their bed, blissful afternoons raising their beautiful children away from the eyes of the Wizarding World were about to be no more; in no less than 3 days would Harry James Potter arrive on their doorstep, battered and bleeding, held in the arms of a face they’d never forget for the rest of their lives.