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Learning to submit

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Not actually online dating
'I'm not really online dating. I'm just exploring possible options' I tell myself. My inner goddess rolls her eyes as if you say 'Yes, of course you are'. I scowl back at her. Bitch.

My name is Ana and I work at Travis Perkins. Yes, I'm surrounded by guys most of the day. No, I'm not interested in any of them. Of course I flirt (a little) with them and exchange banter and sarky comments. No, still not interested. So I'm looking for something more exciting than quick fit water pipes and drill bits. It's not a big ask, really.

I finish my profile on the web site and sit back. Oh god it reads like absolute crap. I am no good whatsoever at writing things like this. I sigh and press the 'go' button. I sit back. Absolutely nothing pings into my inbox.

Some days later and I've had interest from a pervy pensioner, a man clearly wanting to shag something (seeks in a partner - any age female, any marital status, for any relationship), a few nice conversations with some guys clearly looking for 'the one'. Not that I'm NOT looking for the one, but I'm rather hoping to find out what happens rather than fall head over heels again with someone who leaves me emotionally bruised.
Finally a message from 'Mr Glass' - his real surname or an interesting pseudonym?

Message from MG: Hi. I have just read your profile. Your obviously a busy person however I can relate to that in a major way I'm the same. I would love to chat with you if you don't mind."

Pretty unasuming start - but I responded
Message from AS:More than happy to chat! :)

So we started to chat - and I found myself opening up to this stranger's questions....
Message from MG: I'm glad I didn't offend you with my curiosity. I wouldn't to make anyone feel uncomfortable, excited yes, but not uncomfortable. So as long as there's clarity honesty respect and understanding then all is good. In what way did your previous boyfriend hurt you. Emotionaly or inappropriate physically?

Message from AS: Just emotional... I think I understand... he'd been through what sounded like pretty traumatic divorce and then moved from a job he hated to a new one that he hated more... it was just after 2 years I got tired of being lied to (by omission, evasion granted rather than outright) and being stood up at the last minute... so I called it a day. Even though that hurt me because I felt I was letting him down by not being there to support him. Yeah ... stupid of me :)
... and then joking with him. As if I'd known him for years.

I'm going to cut the long story short - yes, we switched to email. And I was right - it was a pseudonym!

Flirt by email

Message from AnaS::)
Is there anybody ... out there?

Message from MGHello. That's better.
Hey what's you name by the way. Is it Ana? You've probably guessed I'm Andrew.

Message from AnaS: Hi Andy
For the time being it's Ana... hope that's OK :)

Message from MG
yes ana is fine.
I just hope you a woman :-o
What - AGAIN! What AM I doing wrong?
Message from AnaS: What am I doing wrong to make blokes have to check if I'm a woman or not... perhaps you can tell me

Message from MGYour doing nothing wrong at all Ana.
So can I see a full length picture of you.
(not necessarily without clothes I'm not that cheeky. .... Yet)
He bloody is, I think. I think that 2 can decide to be cheeky though.
Message from AnaS:I'm defiantly female ... Surely it should be me asking you for a 'full length ' picture!!!
Or are you too vanilla?

Message from MGDepends what you mean by 'vanilla'

Message from AnaS:Not vanilla = liking to kink things up a bit ;)
#curious is all

Message from MG No love spice it's fun and adventurous.
It's only good if you both like it yes? Let's try you on this then answer honestly thought.
Roll play. y/n
Bondage y/n
Anal y/n
Bdsm. Y/n

How would you feel to be tied and restricted and have every entrance filled with my cock, fingers or toys at the same time?

Nervously wet and excited or to scared to go there??
Fuck! That escalated quickly! My heart is beating so fast - it's just like every nerve ending has been switched to 'GO!'
Message from AnaS:Easy... yes
Something for you to think about xxx

Message from MG Great. Your a perfect girl then. Feel free to bring a camera but your hands may be tied together.
I am thinking about it.


Great. Now, so am I