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A Lost Star Trying to Light Up the Dark

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"Wonwoo, this is Mingyu. Mingyu, you know Wonwoo."


Mingyu turned to Wonwoo, smile on his face, prepared to greet the older. His smile faltered when he saw Wonwoo already looking at him with unreadable expression.


"You guys were playmates when you were kids, I'd say, you were best friends," Wonwoo's father continued without noticing the tension between the two.


 Wonwoo snickered, he was going to be late. Stupid old man, stupid kid. He looked at his watch again, his face full of irritation.


"Really now, dad? I don't have time for this. Save this shit for another day, or better yet, do it in our next life time."


"JEON WONWOO," his father hissed loudly.


 "It's okay, uncle. It's been years. It's expected that Wonwoo-hyung forgot about me," Mingyu kept his eyes on the floor as if there's something more interesting there than the beautiful man in front of him.


"Can I go now? I have an important date," Wonwoo asked. His father sighed. 


"Okay, just don't forget to be back early. We're having dinner with your mom and Mingyu."


But as soon as Wonwoo heard the word 'okay' from his dad, he was already on his way to the door, not minding the words after.


Wonwoo's father turned to Mingyu.


"I'm sorry about him, Mingyu. He'll warm up soon, don't worry. I have to go now too, I have a meeting at the company. We already arranged your room upstairs. Please feel at home. If you need anything, just tell the maids," he turned to leave.


Mingyu didn't reply. He was looking at the door where Wonwoo was just at earlier, longing evident on his face but no one was there to notice.