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Loki yawned, stretching and groaning loudly to annoy his friend Angrboda. “Make sure and stop by that cafe, ‘Boda. I want to get a coffee and a snack.”


Angrboda laughed softly, slowing down and pulling into the parking lot of the cafe. “You’re going to get so big if you keep eating like this.”


“Oh hush; I’ll burn it all off during my heat anyway.” Loki got out of the car and made a beeline straight for the doors of the cafe he always frequented a month before his heats began. He was so excited to sink his teeth into a sweet treat; his mouth was salivating at the mere thought of it.


The omega barista behind the counter smiled at him, beginning to make his coffee. He always ordered the same thing; a french vanilla bean latte, and a large fudge brownie or sugar cookie.


“Good morning, Loki!”


Loki smiled at the barista, taking out his card to pay. “Morning, Ella.”


The barista finished making his coffee and handed it to him, taking his card and swiping it. “Ready for your last semester?”


Loki nodded and laughed. “ Norns yes. I’m just ready to get my degree and move on with my life.”


The barista nodded, understanding completely. “What do you plan to do after college?”


“Become a professor or a teacher of finances.”


The barista stared at Loki with complete respect and admiration. Although they were on the rise, omega professors were still uncommon. Betas usually dominated that particular field. “That’s so inspiring, Loki. I’ll pray that the Norns guide you, then.”


She grabbed a napkin and hovered over a large fudge brownie. “Which one is it today? Brownie or a cookie?”


Loki hummed for a moment, thinking. If he had a brownie now, and a cake later tonight, he would only want cookies tomorrow. But if he had a cookie, he’d want more and more of them as the day progressed.


“I’ll take a brownie, please.”


The barista nodded, wrapping the brownie in wax paper and handing it to him. “Have a great day, Loki!”


Loki smiled, nodding in her direction as he turned around. “You too El-” he bumped into someone and fell, spilling his coffee all over the ground. He groaned and looked up, annoyed to see a dressed up alpha in front of him. The man seemed to be the stereotypical business type, so Loki prepared himself to be yelled at, and began to plan how he would defend himself.


The alpha surprised him though, and reached out a hand, helping him up. “I’m terribly sorry; you turned around so quickly.”


Loki took his hand and stood up, dusting off his clothes. He sniffed the air to make sure that the alpha truly wasn’t annoyed, and relaxed, seeing that the alpha was more concerned that he had hurt a high level fertile omega; especially one so close to his heat.


“Are you hurt?”


Loki shook his head, taking a good look at the alpha. He was a handsome man, and had a pleasant, almost spicy scent surrounding him. He sniffed again, learning that the alpha was not bonded, was mid-leveled, and didn’t seem to have been scented by an omega; the alpha was single.


“No, I’m fine. Did I get coffee on you?”


The alpha shook his head quickly. “Not at all, no.” He looked over and saw that Loki’s coffee had spilled. “Let my pay for another coffee and brownie for you.”


Loki nodded, absentmindedly moving a section of his hair behind his ear. “Thank you.”


Angrboda frowned, seeing this scene play out in front of him. He had been standing next to Loki the entire time, and was not pleased to see this alpha taking care of Loki like this.


After Loki’s new coffee and brownie had been paid for, the alpha smiled softly at him, making sure to emit calming pheromones to show that he meant no harm. “Would… you be willing to go out sometime this week? Maybe we could get some coffee; I promise I won’t bump into you and spill it again.”


Loki laughed, and nodded his head. “I would l-”


“I’m sorry, but he’s taken.”


The alpha turned his head sharply at Angrboda, who had come to put a protective arm around Loki, and was glaring at the alpha fiercely. “He’s mine. And I’m not sharing. Back. Off .”


The alpha frowned, and sniffed the air slightly. Loki didn’t have the beta’s scent on him at all. He looked at his wristwatch then and sighed, knowing that he’d be late for work if he stayed here.“It was nice meeting you. I’m… sorry to intrude. Have a great day.”


Loki ripped himself from Angrboda’s hold, reaching out to the alpha. “Wait! No, I-”


The alpha’s phone rang and he sighed, nodding at Loki before leaving. Loki watched him go, anger boiling up in him. He set his coffee down at a high rise table next to he and Angrboda.


“What. The actual FUCK is wrong with you, Angrboda?!”


Angrboda winced as Loki unleashed his anger upon him, and the patrons of the cafe looked at the pair, keeping a careful eye on him. An omega in distress was not to be taken lightly.


He laughed nervously, raising his hands in a placating gesture. “Uh, Loki? Can we talk about this in the car?”


Loki growled low in his throat. “I can’t believe you.”


He grabbed his things and strode towards the door, leaving the cafe. A passing omega and her children looked at Loki in concern, and she reached out, touching his shoulder. “Young man, are you okay?”


Loki sighed, trying to calm down. “I-I’m fine. Just… I’m fine.”


The omega nodded, rubbing at his shoulder a few times to put her calm scent on him before walking away.


If Loki had one thing he could say he loved about being an omega, it was the solidarity between them all. If an omega was around another omega who happened to be distressed, they would go into protective mode, and make sure that the omega was okay; even if they were complete strangers.


They would either stay with the distressed omega until they got help, and if the omega was okay, they would rub their calming scent onto their bodies to help calm them down further.


If the omega(s) who were attending to the distressed omega had children, they would often allow their children around the distressed omega, as the pheromones of children always calmed an omega and rationalized their thinking.


Loki sighed and walked over to Angrboda’s car, climbing into the passenger seat. Angrboda scrambled in after him, and started the car, driving to campus.


Loki shook his head and took a big bite out of his brownie. “I. Can’t. Fucking. Believe. You.”


Angrboda looked over at Loki for a moment. “I’m sorry! It’s just… it’s so hard to see other people flirt with you… especially since… you know…”


Loki narrowed his eyes and growled. “Since what ?”


“Well… since I help you through your heats. You… you know that I love you Loki, and would do anything for you.” Angrboda sighed then. “I don’t know why you just won’t become mine.”


Loki scoffed, taking another bite of his brownie. “Why the hell would I date you after the ridiculous stunt you just pulled?”


“I said I was sorry! I just… I’m scared that you’ll end up leaving me for someone else…”


Loki frowned deeply.


Angrboda had had a crush on Loki since they met Freshman year of college, and Loki spent almost everyday of his friendship with him rejecting his advances. Of course, it didn’t help that Loki allowed the man to help him through his heats.


Loki had allowed Angrboda to begin helping him through his heats two years ago, when he got tired of having to find random people or depend on himself to make it through.


This just caused Angrboda to fall more in love with Loki, and made him more determined to be his.


“Angrboda. We are not together. We are friends . And I would like it to stay that way.”


Angrboda scowled and remained silent for a few seconds. “It’s because I’m not an alpha, isn’t it?”


Loki’s face softened, and he put down his brownie, shaking his head. “‘Boda. ‘Boda, no. Not at all…” He sighed and looked at him, seeing that his friend didn’t believe him. “You being a beta is not why I don’t want to date you.”


“... Then what is it? Why were you so willing to jump in that alpha’s arms, but not mine?”


“Because, I-I.” Loki stuttered for a moment, not wanting to hurt Angrboda’s feelings. “We have a different connection, Angrboda. You’re my friend . And I love you like one.”


Angrboda narrowed his eyes. “So I’m ugly?”


“No!” assured Loki, looking incredulous with disbelief. “Angrboda, that is not why.”


“So you find me attractive then?”


Loki pinched the bridge of his nose. “‘Boda, can we please not go down this road today? It’s the first day of my last semester, and I just want to have a good day.”


Angrboda pulled into a parking space then, turning off the car. “Just tell me one thing, Loki. One thing. Do you think that you’ll ever love me?”


Loki groaned, exhaling deeply. “‘Boda…”


“Please, Loki. Just answer the question.”


Loki looked over at him, still a bit upset about earlier. “I don’t know… maybe?”


He grabbed his book bag then and got out of the car. “I’ll see you back at the apartment, okay?”


Angrboda nodded, watching the man he loved walk away.


Why wouldn’t Loki just love him?



Loki walked across campus and made his way to the business major building. He only had three classes this semester, and Seamless Marketing in the Modern World was his first one. He could care less about marketing in the modern world of course, as he wasn’t planning on running a company, but this class was still required for him to complete his major.


He walked upstairs and found his class, sitting down near the door in the front. It was a small class of no more than 50 people, and it didn’t start for another 20 minutes, so it was only half full.


He decided to play around on his phone until class started, and was annoyed when not even ten minutes later a burly alpha sat down next to him and began to try and stir up a conversation.




Loki looked up from his phone and raised an eyebrow, nauseous by how overwhelming the low level alpha’s scent was. It smelled like he spent his entire life on a football field. “Hi.”


He went back to his phone then, hoping that the alpha would take the hint and leave him alone. Unfortunately, the Norns seemed to have abandoned him today. The alpha continued to talk.


“Name’s Svadilfari. Everyone else on campus calls me Svad.”


Loki looked over at him for a moment, not impressed in the slightest. He ignored him and continued to scroll through his phone.


“Does a pretty little omega like you have a name?”


Loki’s nostrils flared slightly in annoyance, and he turned off his screen, facing the alpha and staring at him head on. “Why are you talking to me? I am clearly not interested.”


The alpha laughed loudly, catching everyone’s attention. “We’ve got a feisty one.” He leaned forward and smirked, tucking a section of Loki’s hair behind his ear. “I like feisty.”


Loki frowned, slapping his meaty hand away. “Do not touch me. I don’t know why you think this is the 1800’s, but newsflash , omegas have rights now. So leave me alone, before I make you.”


By now the whole class was watching the two, and this only made Loki angrier. He hated undue attention.


Svadilfari laughed, regarding Loki like he would a weak child. “How’s a skinny little omega like you gonna make me leave you alone?”


Loki smiled sarcastically. “Well if you touch me again, you’ll find out. Now leave me alone .”


Svadilfari raised an eyebrow at him. “No one can resist the charms of Svad, omega. No one.


“Well this little omega can, and will. Go take a shower and wear some cologne before trying to talk to me. You have the most atrocious scent that has ever forced its way inside my nostrils. I’m pretty sure that nobody , omega or not, wants to be trapped underneath you.”


The whole class laughed at this, and Loki raised an eyebrow at him, challenging him further.


Svadilfari growled low in his throat. “You feisty ones are the hardest ones to break.”


Loki scoffed, turning his head and going back to scroll through his phone. “I hate to break it to you “Svad”, but this cute little omega isn’t one that can break. Now leave me alone .”


Svadilfari glared at Loki then, laughing and shaking his head in disbelief. “You’re gonna feel so good when I finally win you over.”


Loki scoffed again, turning back towards Svadilfari. “What do you mean “when you win me over”? That’s not happening. I like people who listen , which is something that you’ve proven you can’t do.”


Svadilfari just smiled in a weird, predatory way that only alphas could. “You’re what, a month, month in a half away from your heat?” He sniffed the air. “I bet that I’ll get you before your heat starts.”


Loki’s lip curled up in disgust. “What the hell is wrong with you? Fuck off.”


Svadilfari lost his temper here. “The fuck did you just say to me?”


Loki quirked up an eyebrow. “Fuck off, Alpha. I’m not interested.”


Svadilfari emitted intimidating pheromones then, trying to scare Loki into submission. “Omegas don’t do two things. They don’t tell me no . And they don’t tell me to fuck off.”


Pure ire radiated from Loki, and he growled again, not deterred by the alpha’s pheromones in the slightest. “Well congratulations; this omega just did.”


The door to the classroom opened up and the professor walked through, setting his briefcase down on the podium in the front of the room. “Hello, everyone.” He sniffed the air then, sensing an angry alpha and a miffed omega, turning towards Loki and Svadilfari. “Let’s save the lovers quarrels for after class; we have things to do.”


Loki rolled his eyes and put up his phone, pulling out a binder for this class.


“This isn’t over.” growled Svadilfari, pulling out a folder for the class.


Loki ignored him and faced forward. He thanked the Norns he was a black belt; he knew how to defend himself.


“Welcome to Seamless Marketing in the Modern World. I am your professor, Mr. Bigsby.”


The professor pulled up the class syllabus and went through it, explaining everything on it. He clapped his hands then, catching everyone’s attention.


“Alright! Now it’s time to split you guys into groups.”


The students murmured in confusion, and the professor laughed, pulling up an excel spreadsheet.


“This class is about marketing in the modern world, and how to do it effectively. You will each be placed in groups of five, and begin running your own “company”. You will choose a CEO, COO, CFO, CMO and a consumer that represents your target market. These groups will last the whole 12 weeks of this course, and your final grade in this class will be your presentation of whatever it is you chose to market for, your research, and how well your group worked together.”


Loki rolled his eyes, annoyed. He couldn’t understand why they were working on a project like this; they weren’t in high school.


The professor began call out the groups, and lo and behold, Loki’s group was called first. “Alright, Group One. Loki Laufeyson, Freya Njorddottir, Freyr Njordson, Svadilfari Snorrison, and,” his eyes widened here. “Huh, this is surprising. And Thor Odinson.”


The class began to murmur and looked around for Thor, only getting louder when they spotted him.


Loki sighed and closed his eyes, counting to ten.


Of course.


Not only did he have Svadilfari in his group, but he had the billionaire heir to Asgard Enterprises too.




Two alphas with inflated egos, fighting over who got to be the CEO.


Loki knew that Thor attended the same university as him, but that was it. They weren’t in the same major, and had never taken a class together before this, but Thor was famous on campus for numerous things; mainly because his father was rich and donated millions upon millions to the school.


Loki stood up once the professor had finished calling out names, and headed to the table in the back of the classroom that the professor had designated as theirs.


He flipped to a new tab in his binder and took out a few sharpies and a pen to organize his notes from this group meeting.


Freya and Freyr were the first to sit down, and they both greeted him, smiling politely.


Freya tossed her long blonde hair behind her and took out her binder. Loki never thought he’d see a person more organized than him, but today Freya proved him wrong.


“Laufeyson, right?”


Loki nodded, shaking her hand.


“Hi, I’m Freya Njorddottir, and this is my twin brother Freyr Njordson.”


Loki nodded politely at her brother. “Nice to meet you both.”


The group looked up when Svadilfari sat down across from Loki, and Loki exhaled slowly, counting to ten.


Freya and Freyr frowned when they noticed distressed omega pheromones coming from Loki, and Freya reached out, beginning to exude calming pheromones in an attempt to relax Loki. He sent her a thankful look and began to calm down, taking in a deep breath.


Svadilfari laughed, leering at Loki. “What? Being in the same group has you all hot and bothered? We can run to the bathroom and fix that real quick.”




Svadilfari stared at Loki in confusion. “Excuse me?”


Loki glared at him. “I said stop. We’re not doing this. If we are going to be in the same group for twelve weeks, then please , please stop. I’ve made it very clear that I’m not attracted to you. I don’t like that you keep coming after me.”


Svadilfari stared at Loki with an incredulous look. “Who the hell do you think you are, talking to me like that?” He leaned forward, growling low in his throat. “You’re a fucking omega ; you don’t tell an alpha no .”


Loki rolled his eyes, prepared to retort.


“Oh what is this, Snorrison? The 1920’s? Leave him alone; everyone has the right to voice their dissent, omega or not.”


Svadilfari turned towards Freya. “Hell no. I will not be told what to do by two omegas in one day. Shut the fuck up, Njorddottir; or that face won’t be so pretty after I’m done with you.”


A fierce, downright scathing pheromone began to pour from Freyr, and he turned, his ming, almond shaped eyes staring at Svadilfari in contempt. “Threaten my sister or this man again, and I will prosecute you to the furthest extent of the law.”


Svadilfari laughed, rolling his eyes. “Like I’m scared of the law. My dad’s rich; he’ll just pay off the judge.”


“And I am certain that your father has nowhere near the amount of influence that mine does, Snorrison; I’d watch your tongue from now on.”


Loki raised an eyebrow at Thor, who finally made an appearance. The man sat down next to Loki and cast an unamused look towards Svadilfari. “What kind of alpha threatens an omega? You should be ashamed of yourself.”


Svadilfari looked to the side, not even trying to fight against Thor’s dominating presence.


Loki always found this interesting about alphas. If they thought they could win in a fight against another alpha, or if they thought they were more superior or dominating than another alpha, they would assert themselves above them. The alpha that had been placed on the lower rung would then have a chance to either contest it, or accept that that particular alpha was above them. Usually this behavior only occured between low level and mid-level alphas; high level alphas only contested against each other.


Omegas never displayed this type of behavior; they usually gave respect to all unless someone did something that made them undeserving of it, and they had an understanding amongst them that they must do whatever it takes to protect themselves and the children.


Some betas were known to challenge low level alphas, but it was usually only when their lover or families were at risk.


Loki noticed that the air changed when Thor walked towards the table, said what he said, and sat down. He wasn’t flashy, and he didn’t brag or lord over them, he just… existed. His presence was just great enough to not demand respect, but command it, and Loki praised the Norns that a strong alpha like Thor wasn’t after him.


Even though he was a black belt, and had a pretty strong-willed personality, the omega in him would leap at the chance to answer Thor’s every beck and call, and he knew if Thor tried something, he wouldn’t be able to fight back.


He sighed then, getting lost in his thoughts. That was one thing he hated about being an omega; the innate need inside of him to please strong alphas.


As strong willed and confident as Loki was, it was still hard to fight against some of his omega instincts.




Loki blinked, coming back to the present. “Hm? Sorry, sorry. I got… distracted .”


Freya shot him a knowing smile, but said nothing about it. “I was suggesting that we exchange numbers and make a group chat for this project.”


Loki nodded, writing down his number and passing it to her. “That’s a splendid idea.”


Loki was extremely hesitant to give his number to Svadilfari, but knew that it was necessary for the project.


Svadilfari winked at him, saving Loki’s number into his phone. “Great; now I can call you at anytime.”


Loki stared at him for a few seconds. “Please don’t.”


Freya flipped to another page in her binder then, clearing her throat. “Okay. First things first; how often should we meet up? Class is twice a week on Monday and Wednesday, and we have 12 weeks to create this.”


Loki hummed, thinking. “What about Wednesday nights? In the library?”


“I’m busy Wednesday nights; will Thursdays work?”


Loki jumped at the sound of Thor’s voice, stunned by its deep baritone. It definitely wasn’t the deepest voice he had ever heard on an alpha, but… it was unique, all in its own.


He sounded tired, like this life bored him, and seemed like he could care less about everything. Loki found himself wondering why Thor seemed so distanced from life, and shook his head, clearing his thoughts.


He frowned then, hoping that he wasn’t developing a silly crush on the man.


“I am not opposed to Thursday nights; what about you, my big, strong, alpha ?” asked Loki, addressing Svadilfari. “Do you think you have enough time in between fucking omegas and playing football to meet with us?”


Svadilfari laughed, raising an eyebrow. “That depends; will you let me spend your heat with you?”


Loki snorted, staring at the alpha head on. “I’m surprised that you even asked.”


“So is that a yes?”


“It is a flat out, unequivocal no .”


Svadilfari laughed, shaking his head. “You say that now, omega. I’ll have your ass by the end of the month.”


Loki rolled his eyes, looking at Freyr. “Freyr? Does Thursday night work for you as well?”


Freyr nodded, still looking upset from Svadilfari threatening his sister earlier. “Thursday is fine.”


“Alright; Thursday is it then.” announced Freya, writing it down. “What time? 5? 6?”


“I think 6 is fine. Then we can leave at 8, and still have time to carry on about our lives.”


The group agreed on the meeting day and time, and then moved onto who would be what position in the group.


“I think it’s obvious who the CEO is.” announced Svadilfari, a smug grin on his face.


Freya and Loki shared a look, and they both nodded, so she wrote down Thor’s name. “So glad we could agree on something. Thor, you’re the CEO.”


The man blinked and said nothing, not surprised.




Loki raised an eyebrow at Svadilfari. “Did you really think we’d entrust the entire company to someone like you? You’d run us to ruin.”


Svadilfari frowned, shifting his gaze to Thor. “Like he’d be any better.”


Thor shifted his gaze to Svadilfari, staring at him until the other alpha gave up and looked away. “Tch. Whatever.”


The group designated the COO role to Svadilfari, they made Loki the CFO, Freyr was the CMO, and Freya was the consumer representing their target market.


After deciding on their target market audience and company role -a daycare service that watched the children of omegas in corporate jobs so that they wouldn’t be pressured to quit- the group got up, leaving class.


Svadilfari moved to wrap an arm around Loki when he walked past him. “Where do you think you’re going?”


Loki ducked and moved back. “Away from you.”


Svadilfari laughed, pretending to be hurt. “You don’t mean that, Laufeyson.” He reached to squeeze Loki’s ass. “I’ll call you to-”


Loki grabbed Svadilfari’s wrist and twisted it painfully, pushing his arm back forcefully into his chest. He kept a tight grip on his wrist, glaring up into his eyes. “Do. NOT . Touch. Me.” He let go of his wrist then. “I will not be so kind next time.”


The entire class laughed at Svadilfari, and his face got red. He was embarrassed that an omega had physically rebuffed him; especially in front of everyone.


He glowered at Loki, staring at him in contempt. Without speaking, he turned and walked away, leaving the classroom.


He felt a gentle hand on his shoulder and turned, seeing Freya. “Hey; wanna get lunch?”


Loki nodded, following her out of the classroom and to the school’s food court. After getting their food and finding a nice, private table outside -it was a nice day- Freya spoke.


“That was a nice move you did back there on Svadilfari.”


Loki laughed softly, beginning to eat his meal. “Well, he was getting pretty annoying. Saying things to me are one thing, but actually trying to touch me? On my ass? Hell no.”


Freya chuckled, sipping at her lemonade. “I’m not surprised though that he’s so forward with you; you’re beautiful, and have the most delightful scent.”


Loki raised an eyebrow. “I’m beautiful?”


Freya nodded eagerly. “Very. Visually, you’re stunning, and then your scent… your scent is something else.”


Loki laughed softly, not surprised. He had been complimented on his sweet, almost lavender esque scent his entire life. He was surprised to be called beautiful though; he was usually used to being called pretty.


“Thank you; you’re stunning yourself.”


Freya winked at him. “We should be friends, Loki. I like you.”


“Alright.” laughed Loki, amused with the woman.


They talked about random things, and Loki was surprised at how close he felt to the woman. They’d only known each other two hours, and he already felt like they had known each other for life.


After eating, they parted on the promise that Loki would call her if Svadilfari reached out to him tonight or tomorrow.


The rest of his classes were fine, and he had no issues with them.


He met Angrboda at the library around 5, and together they walked to his car, heading home.


Loki decided that he would keep the fact about Svadilfari being annoying to himself; he didn’t need Angrboda getting into any trouble because of him.


Once they got home, Loki went to his room and changed into comfortable clothing, video calling his parents.


“Hi Loki, baby!” chirped his mother, Laufey. The man was always so happy, and Loki smiled, waving at him. “Hello mother. Where’s Father?”


“He’s napping. Want me to wake him up?”


Loki nodded, pulling his long hair into a ponytail while his mother woke his father.


Loki had a special place in his heart for his parents, and he loved them fiercely. They were all very close; especially since Loki was an only child.


Loki’s father Farbauti yawned, coming into view. “Hello, Loki. How was the beginning of your last semester?”


Loki groaned, flopping down on his stomach. “Terrible.”


Loki’s mother gasped, looking concerned for his son. “Loki, what happened?”


Loki sighed then, retelling the events of the day. His father frowned deeply, patiently listening to Loki. After he finished telling his parents about his day, his mother Laufey sighed, shaking his head.


“Loki… you need to be careful. I know you know how to defend yourself, but… still. This boy Svadilfari is an alpha… and you emasculated him in front of everyone. That’s a serious offense.”


Loki scoffed, rolling his eyes. “Mother. I’m fine. I can take care of myself.”


Loki’s father sighed, shaking his head. “Loki… please. Listen to your mother.”


Loki frowned. “I’ll be fine, Father. I’m not going to let some big, brute of an alpha make his way into bed with me because he’s an alpha and I’m an omega. That’s not how things work anymore.”


Loki’s parents shared a look. “Loki… just. Just be careful. Your father and I would hate for anything to happen to you.”


Loki nodded sullenly. He couldn’t blame his parents for being worried for him. They grew up in a time where mouthing off to an alpha could get them raped or killed, and because Loki’s parents were both omegas -which was a very frowned upon pairing- they felt an extra, intense fear from alphas.


That was why they had enrolled Loki in self defense classes from the young age of three. They didn’t want Loki to live life afraid like they did. They wanted their son to be free from the shackles that being an omega confined him in, and they wanted him to feel and know that he could do anything in life.


Laufey looked at his son, sadness and worry in his eyes. “Just be safe, Loki, please.”


Farbauti nodded, agreeing with his mate.


A knock at Loki’s bedroom door interrupted them, and he called out for Angrboda to enter.


“Hey Loki, dinner’s ready.”


Loki nodded, waving him away. “I’ll be there in a minute.”


He waited until Angrboda closed the door before turning back to his parents.


“Loki, baby?”


Loki looked at his mother. “Hm?”


“What about dating Angrboda? He seems like such a nice boy. I know he’s a beta, but… he seems to really love you.”


Loki frowned deeply. “No. He’s a friend. Nothing further.”


His father laughed softly. “Alright Loki, we’ll let you go. Have a good night. Love you.”


Loki said goodbye to his parents and hung up, heaving himself off his bed and leaving his room.


“What’d you make?”


“Shrimp scampi.” answered Angrboda, pouring two glasses of wine. “Figured we should celebrate being so close to graduation.”


Loki laughed softly and made his way over to Angrboda, snagging a wine glass. “Thanks for making dinner.”


Angrboda nodded, setting down the wine bottle. “Loki?”




Angrboda bent down and pressed a quick kiss against Loki’s lips. “I’m… sorry about earlier.”


Loki made a sour face, pushing him away. “I deserve another apology now. Why did you kiss me?”


Angrboda looked crushed. “I… I don’t know. You just looked so beautiful.”


Loki raised an eyebrow at him before walking to their table and sitting down. “Listen. Kissing and anything sexual is reserved for heats, and heats only. If you can’t listen to me and respect my wishes, then I will find someone else to help me through my heats.”


Angrboda had a bitter look on his face, and he sat down across from Loki, beginning to eat. “... I understand.”


They finished their meal in silence, and at the end of it Loki carried the bottle of wine to his room and finished it off, relaxing for the night.


His phone buzzed, and he unlocked it, vexed to see that Svadilfari had sent him a picture of his manhood with a caption saying “You’re missing out.”


He almost vomited in disgust and sent back a picture of his middle finger.


He then called Freya and talked to her for an hour or two before he headed to bed.


He was dreading class on Wednesday.




Wednesday came and Loki mentally prepared himself for it, knowing that Svadilfari would continue to mess with him.


He entered class and sat in his usual seat, pleasantly surprised to see Freya and her brother head towards him. “Hello Loki!”


Loki hugged her and nodded at her brother, sitting back down. Freya sat down next to him and Freyr sat down next to her, and the three of them talked and joked until Svadilfari came in. He frowned when he saw that the seat next to Loki had been taken, and stood in front of Freya, growling at her.


“Get up, bitch.”


Freya raised an eyebrow at him, placing a calming hand on her brother’s thigh. “I will do no such thing.”


Svadilfari moved to physically move her, and she slapped his hand away, surprising him with her strength. “Touch me again, and you’ll have to deal with my brother.”


Svadilfari scoffed. “Like I’m scared of him.”


“Well you should be. He’s one of the only people in this country that can spar with me and win.” announced Thor, moving past Svadilfari to sit next to Freyr. “I need you to stop threatening my lovely friend. I won’t ask you again.”


Svadilfari growled and went to go sit at the back of the classroom.


Loki leaned over to whisper in Freya’s ear then. “I didn’t know you and your brother were friends with Thor.”


Freya tossed her hand flippantly. “My brother and I have practically been friends with him since birth.”


Loki widened his eyes in amazement. “Wow. Are your fathers friends?”


Freya nodded. “Yep. Our father is the COO for Aesir Enterprises. He and Thor’s father have been friends since college.”


This information intrigued Loki greatly, and he found himself wanting to ask what it was like, being raised next to Thor, and he wondered why he was curious about this.


He shook his head and looked up, seeing the professor enter the room.


He sat through the lecture and took very detailed notes. At the end he said goodbye to Freya, Freyr, and Thor, and left, heading to his other classes.


Thursday at 6 found him in the library with his groupmates, planning for their project. They rented out a room in the library for two hours, and were not surprised that Svadilfari was the last person to enter.




Loki sighed and continued typing on his laptop, ignoring him.


“What? You can’t even say hello?”


Loki stared at him for a moment. “Hello Alpha.”


He made sure to place as much sarcasm into his voice as possible.


He should’ve known better though; this just made Svadilfari smile. “That’s more like it, babe.”


Loki’s eye twitched in disgust. “Don’t call me that.”


The alpha sat down at the table, pulling out his laptop. “I’ll call you whatever the fuck I want.”


Loki looked up at him, shaking his head in disbelief. “ No , you won’t.”


Svadilfari raised an amused eyebrow up at him. “What are you gonna do about it? Blow me? Let me play with your ass? That’s all you omegas are good for, anyway.”


Loki tutted. “In your dreams , Svadilfari. Now can we please get back to the project?”


Svadilfari just leaned forward. “Did you dream about me after I sent that picture?”


Loki snorted loudly, sharing a look with Freya. “Please; my beta heat partner has a bigger cock than that, and he doesn’t even have a knot.”


Freya burst out in laughter, and small smiles graced Freyr and Thor’s lips.


Svadilfari frowned deeply, annoyed that Loki had gone so low. One thing that every single alpha, regardless of gender or level took seriously, without a shadow of a doubt, was their length and girth downstairs. Coming for an alpha’s size was as bad as coming for an omega’s ability to be a mother.


“Take that back.”


Loki scoffed, turning his head. “No! I mean it; I warned you to leave me alone and you didn’t.”


Thor cleared his throat then, looking at the time on his phone. “I think we should get started everyone; there’s only an hour and thirty minutes left.”


Everyone but Svadilfari nodded, and they began to work, planning out their idea.


Svadilfari twirled around a pen in his fingers, glaring at Loki. “I think we need a new idea; no omega is going to work in the corporate world.”


Loki and Freya paused then, and shared a look. Freya tossed her long blonde hair behind her shoulder, scoffing. “What makes you think an omega can’t work in the corporate world?”


“Why would they want to? They have children to take care of.”


Loki raised an eyebrow at him. “Omegas can work and take care of their children. It’s not hard, and it’s definitely not unheard of.”


Svadilfari tossed his pen in the air. “Any mother who can put their kids in a daycare while they work is a piss poor excuse of a mother.”


Loki and Freya’s eyes twitched, and they both growled, their inner omegas offended. “Any alpha who calls an omega living out their dreams a “piss poor excuse of a mother” never deserves to bond to one.”


Freyr cleared his throat then, asserting himself. “The world is changing, and omegas are not only allowed in the corporate world, but allowed to move up in it. Omegas should be allowed to pursue their dreams and support their families without being worried that their children won’t be taken care of if they decide to work. Our marketing campaign appeals to many people from many walks of life. It works.”


Svadilfari rolled his eyes. “Whatever.”


They made it through the rest of their meeting, with Loki bickering with Svadilfari the entire time, and at the conclusion of it, they agreed that they would meet again at the same time next week.


Thor, Freya, and Freyr left first, leaving Loki and Svadilfari alone. Loki left pretty quickly after that, wanting to get home. After the week he’d had, all he wanted to do was relax in a bubble bath and drink wine.


He sighed as he walked through a dark path on campus, and sped up a bit, feeling uneasy. His omega instincts were telling him to run, and that there was danger nearby, but he ignored it. He knew how to defend himself; he would be fine.


A few seconds after he dismissed his fear, his instincts went haywire , and he felt adrenaline pump through his body. Before he knew it, he was running down the path. A large hand grabbed his arm and twisted it behind his back, shoving him past the bushes, and into a wall.


Loki struggled against this and tried to break free, surprised by the brute force that was pinning him against the wall.


He began to panic, and sniffed, growing nauseous when he recognized the scent of the person pinning him against the wall.




“What the fuck do you think you’re doing , Svadilfari?!” grunted Loki, still fighting to break free.


Svadilfari moved Loki’s hair out of the way to speak in his ear. “I’m tired of you always acting like your so high and mighty. You’re an omega; and I’m gonna put you in your place.”


Loki’s heart dropped, and he began to fight back harder, sending out intense omega in distress pheromones, hoping to catch somebody’s attention. He knew it was far-fetched, but it was worth a shot.


“I’ll fucking kill you!” hissed Loki, still trying to break free. He cursed the fact that alphas were physically stronger than omegas then, and used all of his strength to try and break free.


Svadilfari pinned him against the wall even harder , and began to rub his erection against Loki’s ass. “I’m gonna fucking put you in your place.”


Loki flared out his distress pheromones even more, praying that someone would come along and save him.


Loki heard the sound of someone running towards them then, and heard Svadilfari being sucker punched off of him.


Finally free, Loki whipped around to see Thor on top of Svadilfari, restraining him. “Loki! Call the police!”


Loki nodded and took out his phone with a shaky hand, calling the police.


Svadilfari fought to get out of Thor’s rough hold. “The fuck are you doing, Odinon?!”


Thor remained silent, holding onto Svadilfari and restraining him. He made sure to emit intense pheromones that spoke of his anger and disgust, and used the pheromones to force Svadilfari into submission. Thor was a high level alpha, so unless there was another high level alpha around, any alpha that was mid or lower leveled had to submit to his wishes; especially if he had them physically overwhelmed.


Loki fell back against the wall in shock, falling down to the ground. He was thankful that Thor came out of nowhere, and saved him, and he was shocked that he had almost been assaulted.  


The cops arrived a few minutes later, and carefully restrained Svadilfari, putting him in the cop car. They got statements from both Thor and Loki, and when asked if he wanted to press charges, Loki nodded.


He was still shell-shocked when the police left, and Thor gently took his hand, guiding him to a bench nearby to sit down.


“Are you okay?”


Loki moved a section of his hair behind his ear with a shaky hand, fighting back the wave of tears threatening to spill over the rims of his eyes.


“I don’t know, Thor.”


Thor sighed, thinking back to everything he had been taught to do when dealing with a distressed omega that he wasn’t bonded to.


He first calmed down, and emitted calming, protective pheromones. He wasn’t sure if he should reach out and wrap an arm around Loki, as many omegas were uncomfortable with alphas that weren’t family or mates, touching them.


Loki calmed down some when Thor began to emit calming and protective pheromones, and sighed, wiping at his eyes.


“Thank you. For saving me, I mean.”


Thor nodded, staring at Loki gingerly. “I am terribly sorry that that happened to you.”


Loki sniffed, pulling out a tissue to dab at his eyes. He let out a broken laugh then. “That’s the price of being a mouthy omega.”


Thor scooted closer, forgetting that him being close might make Loki feel uncomfortable. “Loki… Loki please don’t think that. You’re a human being first; you’re allowed to stand up for yourself.”


He took Loki’s hand in his, looking at the man. “People like Svadilfari, Loki… it’s unfortunate that they still exist. But please don’t let them dull your fire.”


Loki laughed brokenly again. “Coming from the strong alpha who never has to worry about being assaulted or killed because of their secondary sex.”


Thor nodded slowly. He understood that there were many things that he would never understand as an alpha. And the experience of being an omega and what an omega had to deal with in this world because of their secondary sex was one of them.


He sighed then, and scooted away, putting some distance between he and Loki. He didn’t want his overbearing presence to make him scared.


Loki sniffed once more and bent over, resting his head in his hands, and crying softly.


He was so angry that he had almost been violated, he was so scared that no one would’ve come to help him, and he was shaken up by the fact that he had witnessed Thor’s overwhelming, superior alpha pheromone.


He thought that Thor was scary when he’d first met him, but now… after bearing witness to a true alpha forcing another one into submission, he… he didn’t know how to feel.


The dumb, omega part of him was screaming for Loki to make his move, and claim Thor for his heat so he could bear his children and bond to him. He had to laugh at that intrinsic desire for a moment; even in modern times, the instincts of an omega close to heat were hard to overcome.


“Are you alright?”


Loki left his thoughts and came back to the present moment at hand. Thor was sitting further away from him than he was before, and Loki wondered why.


“I feel like you’ve already asked me that.”


Thor laughed softly, trying to keep emitting calm pheromones. “I did. But… this time… this time I’m wondering it for a different reason.”


Loki turned to look up at Thor, surprised to see a sadness in Thor’s eyes; a brokenness if you will.


Loki sniffed, his eyes rimmed red from his tears. “And what is that?”


Thor looked deep into his eyes for a moment, and there was a gentleness in there that Loki hadn’t seen in an alpha’s eyes before. “I wanted to know if you were scared.”


Loki’s heart beat twice in that moment, and he felt his eyes well up with more tears, as he slowly nodded his head.


Thor nodded quickly, not surprised. He was surprised that Loki was emitting a pheromone that essentially screamed “comfort me”, and he scooted a bit closer, suddenly nervous.


His entire life, he had dealt with people looking at him in fear and looking up to him in awe, and… besides his family, Freya, and Freyr, he had never really been around people that weren’t scared of him.


“I am sorry.”


Loki looked over at Thor in shock, surprised yet again. “Why?”


Thor sighed, looking away. He knew that it made omegas feel uncomfortable to be stared at head on by an alpha that wasn’t family or a mate. “For scaring you. Releasing that pheromone… it was the only way to make him submit. I… I don’t release it often, and… I was angry that he was assaulting an omega, and then I was even angrier when I saw that it was you being assaulted, and… I lost control.”


Loki found himself still crying, and he sniffed again, trying to get a hold on his emotions. He could smell that Thor was concerned, and didn’t know what to do to calm Loki down, and he laughed softly, catching Thor’s attention.


“I’m not a porcelain doll, Thor. I’m a human first.”


Thor laughed softly then too. “I’m sorry.”


Loki smiled and raised an eyebrow at him. “You know, for a high level alpha, you sure apologize a lot .”


“Well I’m human first.” laughed Thor, playfully throwing Loki’s words back at him.


Loki laughed and wiped at his eyes. “You’re a funny one, Odinson. I always thought differently.”


Thor smiled sadly. “Most people do.”


Loki sighed and leaned his head back, looking up at the stars. “Tell me about that, Thor. I need to get the omega part of my mind off of what almost happened to me.”


Thor sighed and looked up at the night sky as well. It was a brilliant array of stars, and he looked at all the constellations, wondering for a brief moment why in this vast universe of beings, he felt so alone.


“For as long as I could remember, people have been scared of me.”


Loki exhaled softly and closed his eyes, listening to the deep lull of Thor’s voice and allowing it to calm him.


“I’m the son of one of the wealthiest people on the planet. I’m a high level alpha male, I’m tall, my voice is deep… there are so many things about me that people fear. And it all breaks my heart, Loki. For these are all things I cannot control.”

Loki opened his eyes and turned to Thor, concerned and… heartbroken over this fact. “It breaks your heart?”


Thor nodded slowly, still staring up at the sky. “I don’t mind being an alpha, Loki. I’m thankful that the Norns have placed me in the life that they did. But sometimes…” He stretched out his hand in front of him, seemingly grasping something that he could not have. “Sometimes I wonder… what if I had someone by my side who wasn’t scared?” He closed his hand then, lowering his arm to rest it on the back of the bench. “I feel like then... I’d be invincible.”


Loki laughed softly to himself.


If he were to be honest with how he felt about Thor, he knew surprise would be the main thing on his mind. He’d had no idea that the alpha had such depth, such emotion, such… humanity, and… he felt bad. He had judged Thor and made him out to be some terrible person, and… he had no right to do such a thing.


“Can I say something?”


Thor turned his head slightly. “Of course; go right ahead.”


Loki faced Thor completely. “I’m sorry as well.”


“Why are you sorry?”


“Because… because I’ve misjudged you.”


Thor nodded slowly, not surprised. “It is nothing to apologize for; I am used to this.”


Loki frowned, placing a calming hand on Thor’s thigh. “That doesn’t make it okay… I was wrong. Please accept this.”


Thor looked down at Loki’s hand, not sure about how to feel about it being on his thigh. Loki noticed this and quickly snatched it back, widening his eyes. “Norns, I’m sorry! I-I didn’t mean anything by that, I promise, I just… I guess I was trying to comfort you in one of the only ways I knew how.”


Thor stared at him for a few seconds before nodding. “I… do not mind. And… I forgive you. For judging me.”


Loki smiled then, and Thor’s heart stopped.


It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.


Loki stuck out his hand then. “Friends?”


Thor laughed, a twinkle in his eyes. “Friends.” He shook Loki’s hand, and together the two sat there for another hour, talking about whatever came to mind.


Loki didn’t know it, but it was this defining moment with Thor that would pave the way to his life changing forever.