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Give Me a Sign

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It’s been a week.

It’s been a week and Yoongi’s tired. When he looked out his window seven days ago he didn’t really think much of the “Happy New Year!!” sign taped to the window of the apartment across the courtyard. He tried to ignore the sign that followed it the next day, bidding him to have a good day, assuming that whoever was putting these signs up was directing them to the whole building. But here he is, a week later, having seen the signs get increasingly obvious that they’re directed toward him, and he’s staring out his window at a sign emblazoned cheery and bright the words, “HELLO NEIGHBOR!” across it in colorful marker. Yoongi grabs his phone off his desk and takes a picture.

min genius:
[image sent]
look at this

lol, okay? So you have a friendly neighbor.

min genius:
i’ve never spoken to this person in my life. idk what they even look like

Just ignore them, hyung. They’ll probably stop after a while.

min genius:
i guess
it’s just weird.

Yoongi frowns at his phone and looks back up to the sign. He should listen to Namjoon and just ignore it. They’re probably going to get bored eventually anyway. He huffs and closes his curtains.

It doesn’t take long for Yoongi’s patience to wear thin. Instead of his neighbor getting bored, they’ve gotten even more personal with their messages. Today his neighbor has posted a sign that says, “cold today. bundle up!”

It’s covered in little snowflake stickers and written in a bright blue marker. Yoongi’s sick of it. He can’t pinpoint why it bothers him so much - maybe it’s because they’re complete strangers but this person is acting like they’ve known each other for years. That’s probably it. Either way, he wants it to stop. After some rummaging in his desk, Yoongi finds a sheet of paper and a pen. He scrawls “GET LOST” in big, scratchy letters and tapes the page to his window, hoping that’ll be the end of it.

But it isn’t.

Yoongi’s toeing his shoes off by the door after getting home from his overnight shift at work when his roommate emerges from the kitchen, mouth full of cereal from the bowl in his hand. His hair is messy and it looks like he’d just woken up.

“Hey,” Jungkook says roughly, “did you finally reply to that weirdo across the way or something? Their sign doesn’t make sense this morning.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding,” Yoongi crosses the living room to look out the window. Jungkook follows him lazily and sidles up next to him, taking another bite of cereal. Yoongi runs a hand down his face and says, “I told them to get lost.”

“Well that backfired,” Jungkook chuckles, “looks like you just stoked the weirdo fire.”

Yoongi gives the boy an even look and leaves him in the living room with his cereal. In his room, Yoongi tears down his sign with a huff and glares at the one across from him that says, “can’t get lost if I’m at home :p”

He narrows his eyes at the cheeky little emoticon. It’s mocking him.

Ignoring the signs didn’t work and being a jerk didn’t either. Realistically he should just go over there and tell them to stop, but confrontation really isn’t what Yoongi’s about. Gazing out his window, he weighs his options.

At first, he hesitates, wondering if this is the best idea. It’s like he’s egging them on. In the end, he decides that if he can’t get his neighbor to stop then he might as well find out what their deal is. Yoongi sits at his desk and writes a new message. This time he manages to find a marker deep in one of his desk drawers and makes an attempt to make it look neater. He tapes the sign to his window.


January 25

「Why are you doing this?」


                  January 26

                   「Why not? Spread the love!」


January 27

「Because we’re strangers」


                  January 28

                   「We don’t have to be!」


January 29

「Wouldn’t it be easier if we met?」


                  January 30

                   「Yeah but this is more fun :p」


January 31

「It’s dumb is what it is」

Yoongi’s not sure how he ends up like this, three weeks later, having the weirdest conversation with someone in his life. He’s not sure why he’s even humoring this person but he continues to reply to them. With each new message he keeps finding himself less annoyed and more genuinely curious.

He ends up learning some things about his neighbor, despite how stilted their conversation is in this form. One of the things Yoongi learns is that his neighbor is a dancer at a studio in town, which explains why he never sees them. Yoongi works an overnight shift and they always seem to be gone during the day. On days that he’s off, sometimes Yoongi will see the light flip on across the courtyard, and a fuzzy silhouette would appear behind the curtains.

Yoongi spends most nights off with his curtains open. He likes to be able to take a break from his computer screen and look outside at the stars or the people walking in the courtyard below. He’d be lying if he said he wouldn’t like to catch a glimpse of his mysterious neighbor, but it never happens. Sometimes he’ll notice movement out of the corner of his eye but by the time he turns to look, his neighbor’s curtains rush closed as if they’d been watching him. Unfair.

It’s one of these nights that Yoongi finds a new text from Namjoon when he turns away from his window.

How’s your new friend?

min genius:
they’re not my friend namjoon
stop saying that
i don’t even know their name

Well you haven’t complained about them for a while.
So either the signs stopped
Or you stopped caring so much.

min genius:
fuck you.

… Hyung, are you writing signs too?

min genius:

That’s so cute!
It’s like you’re living in a romance movie or something.

min genius:
i’m blocking your number


He rolls his eyes. Stupid. He’s just doing some weird… thing with this person. There’s no romance involved.

Yoongi doesn’t see anything new from his neighbor for a few days but the next sign sends a weird feeling right to the pit of his stomach, He’d just gotten home from work and was about to pass out for a few hours like he usually does, and crawled into bed, taking a habitual peek outside his window to check for a new message.


「Can you play for me sometime?」


This was unexpected. He remembers mentioning that he plays piano in response to his neighbor talking about being a dancer, since both hobbies have to do with music, He sits on his bed for a while and really considers this proposition. Obviously they wouldn’t want to come over, right? They seem to avoid Yoongi in any other aspect aside from this sign shit, so he decides on the next best thing: telling them to leave their window open tomorrow evening and he’ll do it then. He tacks the sign to his window and falls back onto his bed, exhausted.

Yoongi spends most of the next day oddly nervous. Usually he loves showing off his talents, but something about this situation being so alien to him is making things different. His neighbor is virtually a stranger but there’s this familiarity between them, almost like when he would make friends online as a kid but only know their persona from what they’d told him.

It’s mid-February and too cold to keep his window open all day, so Yoongi waits until around 6PM to do it. He’s noticed that his neighbor is usually home around this time when he’s off work and has all day to sit around in his room. It’s not long before he hears the other window open. Curious, Yoongi watches but has to laugh to himself when his neighbor seems to still be hiding behind the curtains, even for this. They really want to keep up this mysterious facade, don’t they?

Yoongi, on the other hand, is out in the open. He really couldn’t care less, especially since he’s pretty sure he’s been seen multiple times by now. He waits for a moment and composes himself, shaking his hands to loosen up.

The song he plays is something of his own creation. It’s not finished, there’s some tweaking to do, but it’s fine enough to play for now. Halfway through, he’s struck by how intimate this is. Anyone could hear him playing, technically, but only one person is really listening. Yoongi’s playing for them and them alone. It makes his cheeks heat up a little.

When he finishes, Yoongi leans back in his chair and gazes out his window. To his surprise, he sees his neighbor’s head resting on their arms… well, his arms, Yoongi thinks, now that he’s finally getting a look. Toned biceps and broad shoulders, the tip of a straight nose peeking out from the fringe of his dusty pink hair. Yoongi can’t see his face from this angle and chickens out when his neighbor visibly tenses up, realizing the song is over and his cover could be blown. Yoongi’s eyes shoot down to the keys on his piano once his neighbor moves to leave the window and he hates himself for it.

His neighbor’s window slams shut and it makes Yoongi jump in his seat, head snapping up to look. There’s a rustle in the curtains and a moment later he sees a hand shoot out to slap a rushed note to the window that says, “that was beautiful.”

Yoongi forgets how to breathe.

The next day, Namjoon drags him out of the house. Outside of having to leave for work or groceries, Yoongi has spent the past month and a half at home without really realizing it. Namjoon does this periodically, which he’s thankful for, even if he doesn’t say it. Sometimes Yoongi forgets that there’s a world outside his apartment.

They make their usual stops at the local music shop and bookstore they love going to. Yoongi sips on his latte as Namjoon flips through yet another philosophical tome too complicated for him to figure out. He sinks back into the big lounge chair and sighs, staring lazily at the middle distance just past his friend across from him. Yoongi gets snapped out of a daydream that may or may not have consisted of him trying to imagine what his neighbor’s dancer’s body looks like. Namjoon is waving a hand in front of him, trying to get his attention.

“Yoongi? Yoongi are you paying attention?”, he asks, looking annoyed that he’d been talking to a wall for the past few minutes.

Yoongi blinks, “yeah?”

“Really. Then what were we talking about?”

Abs . “Uh-”

“Dude is everything okay? You’ve been distracted like all day.”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Yoongi mumbles into his coffee cup.

“Hyung,” Namjoon says, then rolls his eyes when Yoongi lets out a dramatic sigh.

“... Something happened with that guy across from me.”

Namjoon sits up, eyebrows trying to escape into his hair, “oh, no more ‘they’, huh?”

“I mean I kinda got a look at him? Sort of. Just the top of his head,” he shrugs, “looked like a guy, at least.”

Namjoon tips forward to rest his elbows on his knees and lean his head in his hands. He gives Yoongi a measured look, silently asking him to go on.

“So, he asked me to play for him last night. When I was done I looked over and he was like, resting on the window. I didn’t expect him to actually show himself, but I panicked and looked away.”

“Hang on, you got a chance to finally know what this guy looks like and you just squandered it? God, you’re hopeless.”

Yoongi glares at him. “Anyway, when I looked back out there again, he’d left a note saying he thought the song was beautiful.”

“Oh, hyung,” Namjoon says, sympathy in his tone, “he hit your soft spot… You like him don’t you?”

“Don’t. I hardly even know him. I can’t like someone I don’t know.”

“When we first met I complimented your music and you looked like you were about to kiss me on the spot.”

Yoongi groans into his hands, “no, Namjoon. The last thing I need is to be pining over someone I’ve barely seen.”

“You’re living a real Shakespearean life. You should write a sonnet and recite it at his window-” Namjoon laughs as he dodges a balled-up napkin Yoongi chucks at him.

Namjoon drops the subject to Yoongi’s relief. They grab something quick for dinner and talk about Namjoon’s lessons at school. It’s out of Yoongi’s reach but he does his best to stay engaged for his friend’s sake. When he drops Namjoon off at his place, he squeezes Yoongi’s shoulder and gives him a meaningful look, like he wants him to know he’s there for him. Yoongi gives him a good-natured scoff in return and shoos him out of the car.  

The following week thankfully proceeds normally. Yoongi works, comes home to a new sign, replies, sleeps. Wash, rinse, repeat. His neighbor doesn’t seem to know he saw anything judging by how normal their conversation is.


February 12

「Almost destroyed my room trying to catch a spider」


                  February 13

                   「Why didn’t you kill it?」


February 14

「That’s cruel!」


Yoongi’s amusement at his neighbor’s most recent sign slowly turns to worry when a couple days pass with no response to his own reply stretches into a full week. Jungkook thinks he might be busy but of course, the first thing Yoongi’s brain jumps to is that the spider bit him and now he’s dead from the venom. He can’t shake the thought even if it’s stupid and overblown. He nibbles his lip and messages Namjoon after a minute of thinking.

min genius:
hey so.
i think the neighbor guy is dead. or something



Hey sorry. My phone was in the other room.
Isn’t that a little extreme?

min genius:
he hasn’t replied to me in like a week
it’s never this long

OMG so you are writing signs!

min genius:
god why do i even talk to you anymore

If you’re so worried then go over there.
I know you’re worried. :P

min genius:
ugh. bye.

Well, that’s that, Yoongi supposes. He was already considering going over there, he just needed someone else to say it. Yoongi takes a calming breath and heads out of his apartment. He gazes down the hall where the u-shaped building turns a corner. His neighbor’s apartment is directly across from his, so it shouldn’t be too hard to locate. He makes his way down the hall, counting the doors as he goes, just to be sure he doesn’t pick the wrong one. After turning the corner and making his way up the other hallway, Yoongi pauses in front of the door that should be his neighbor’s. He takes a deep breath, praying that he answers and really isn’t dead, and knocks. The silence in response to his knock is almost deafening, and it feels like forever before the deadbolt in the door slides out of place.

The door swings open and Yoongi is greeted by a man fairly taller than him. Yoongi’s eyes make their way up from where the doorknob was and scan over the figure in front of him. Broad shoulders, plush lips, striking eyes that make Yoongi’s throat constrict involuntarily for a moment. He has dark hair too, which confuses him since it was pink a week ago, but he just figures it got dyed. Yoongi’s kind of dumbstruck, standing there and staring. He imagined his neighbor was attractive but this was a whole other level.

He must have been visibly showing his awe because the man in front of him starts laughing. Yoongi’s entire face feels hot and he sputters out an apology.

“It’s okay, that happens a lot,” the man says through bubbly giggles, “how can I help you?”

“Oh, uh,” Yoongi scratches behind his ear nervously, “you haven’t replied in a while so… I know it’s stupid but I thought something happened and I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

When Yoongi looks up from his feet his heart drops to his stomach because the man in front of him looks confused. He glances down the hall. This should be the right apartment… right? Did Yoongi just make a fool of himself twice in front of a complete stranger? He feels like running.

“Oh! You’re Hoseokie’s friend!”

Yoongi looks back at him, “”

“I’m sorry for the misunderstanding,” he says, stepping aside and inviting him in, “I’m Seokjin, I’m here to take care of poor Hoseokie since he’s sick.”

Yoongi steps into the foyer and introduces himself absently while looking around what he can see of the apartment. Seokjin leaves him to toe his shoes off and goes to the kitchen, mentioning something about coffee. The apartment is incredibly tidy with mismatching furniture, clashing colors and patterns. It fits, somehow.

“How do you like your coffee, Yoongi-ssi?” Seokjin calls from the kitchen. Yoongi pokes his head in.

“Black, just a little sugar.”

Seokjin smiles brightly and fills his order, carrying the mug over to Yoongi and leads him to sit on the couch in the living room.

“So you’re Hoseok’s friend,” he repeats, sipping his coffee, which looks like it’s mostly creamer and probably too sweet.

“I don’t know about that. We just live across from each other.”

“Mm, well you’re not exactly strangers either,” a pause, “he talks about you a lot, you know.”

“... He- Why?”

Seokjin looks at Yoongi coyly over his mug and shrugs, “dunno, I guess he thinks you’re cool.”

Yoongi isn’t sure what to make of that so he ignores it and changes the subject, “did he ever tell you what he was doing with the signs? I’ve been dying to know.”

“It was his new year’s resolution to like,” Seokjin gestures vaguely, “brighten someone’s day, but Hoseok’s always so intense about everything I think he got a little carried away with you.”

Yoongi hums into his coffee. He kind of feels bad for being a jerk to him when the signs first started. They sit in silence for a few short moments until he hears a door open and a groan down the hall where there was probably a bedroom. Yoongi looks in that direction, listening as who he assumes is Hoseok seems to be dragging himself along the wall of the hallway with considerable effort. A shock of dusty pink hair and the most haggard face Yoongi’s ever seen pops out of the hallway.

“Hyuuung,” Hoseok whines, clinging to the wall, “hyung, I puked all over my bed and now it’s stinky. I gotta throw out my whole bed-” he stops suddenly, noticing Yoongi on the couch, eyes growing wide. Yoongi’s staring back, jaw slack.

Hoseok sucks in a harsh breath, “oh- uh- hh-” he covers his mouth and disappears, scrambling to the bathroom. The door slams and Yoongi grimaces immediately when he hears the muffled sounds of Hoseok vomiting into the toilet. Seokjin tsks sympathetically.

“Ouch, that’s embarrassing,” he says.

“Am I really that ugly?” Yoongi asks jokingly. Seokjin laughs.

“I think it’s the opposite for him.”

“Oh. Well. I’m gonna go,” Yoongi sets his mug on the coffee table and stands, “I was just checking that he wasn’t dead. So since that’s solved… It was nice meeting you. Bye.”

He slips his shoes back on quickly and gives Seokjin a polite bow before ducking out of the apartment and power walking to his own.


It’s a few more days before Yoongi hears anything from Hoseok again, but it’s not how he expects it. It’s a Friday and Yoongi’s having his mid-afternoon snooze after getting home from work that morning around 8AM. He vaguely registers a knock on his door and Jungkook’s voice calling him softly.

“Hey Yoongi-hyung,” Jungkook shakes his shoulder lightly, “you’ve got a guest.”

Yoongi grunts sleepily and bats Jungkook’s hand away, “Namjoon can wait. Fuck off.”

“It’s not Namjoon-hyung,” he sounds very amused. Annoying, “it’s the signs guy. Hoseok… right? Well he’s in our living room.”

Yoongi’s eyes snap open and he glares up at him, “Why the fuck is he here.”

Jungkook steps aside to give Yoongi room as he rolls out of bed to dress. He crosses his arms and leans on the door, watching Yoongi pull on pants and rummage around for a clean shirt.

“Dunno. He looked kinda lost,” Jungkook says, “like a puppy. It was cute.”

“Shut up Kook. Get out so I can try to not look like death,” he grumbles and rushes his roommate out of the room, who snickers as he slams the door in his face. He can hear Jungkook say something out in the living room, then silence.

Yoongi checks his reflection and tries to get his hair to look like he wasn’t just dead asleep at one in the afternoon. The bags under his eyes are a lost cause, though. He sighs. This is as good as it’s gonna get. Making his way out to the living room, he sees Hoseok squeak and snap his hand away from one of the cacti they keep on a side table by the couch. It makes Yoongi snort in amusement without thinking, which seems to startle Hoseok who shoots up from the couch with a light blush over his cheeks.

“Hey,” Yoongi says, trying to calm his smile. Now that he’s better from being sick, Yoongi can finally get a better look at his mysterious neighbor. He’s taller than him, but not as tall as Seokjin was. Everything about him was long, like he was stretched out like taffy. Long nose, long face, long legs. Aside from that, his eyes were huge, like a deer caught in headlights, but that may just be from how nervous he seems. Hoseok’s cute.


“... Hoseok, right?” Yoongi decides to play dumb, “your friend told me.”

“Haha, yeah. He said you’re Yoongi?”


Hoseok clears his throat, “Seokjin-hyung also told me you came over to check on me, so I just wanted to thank you. Also I’m sorry if I worried you, I was just down with the flu,” he says with a soft laugh and continues to ramble nervously, “I get sick easily and become completely useless until I’m better. To be honest, I probably  would  have died if Jinnie-hyung wasn’t there, haha! I can’t believe he let you see me like that - I looked like a zombie. A-anyway, um. Here.”

Hoseok reaches down to pick up a cloth bag from the couch and passes to Yoongi, who is both confused and amused by this whole situation.

“What’s this?”

“Well, I remember you wrote once that you loved meat, so I made you some galbi. As thanks,” he says, “almost burned down the kitchen too.”

That makes Yoongi chuckle, unable to hide his grin anymore. Hoseok returns the smile as if on instinct and his whole face lights up. It’s infectious.

“Thank you, Hoseok-ssi, you didn’t have to go through that trouble,” he says finally. Hoseok waves it off politely.

“To be honest, this isn’t how I wanted us to meet.”

“Yeah no kidding. You puked at the sight of me.”

“I-I was sick,” Hoseok blurts out, flustered, “I promise it wasn’t you!”

“Relax, I’m joking.”

“Oh. Good,” he sighs and rubs his face, “this week was already bad enough, I didn’t need you mad at me too. I spent my birthday in bed waiting for death to come,” he ends his sentence with the saddest pout, “I hope you never have to suffer like that.”

Yoongi shrugs, “as long as I don’t catch anything in the next couple weeks I’ll be golden,” he says.

“Oh, it’s coming up?”

“Yeah on the ninth.”

“Our birthdays are so close! What are the odds of that?”

“Would you, uh… Want to do something? For your birthday, I mean. Since you missed it.”

Hoseok waves his hand, “no it’s fine. I got together with some friends yesterday. But you know, we should really hang out now that you mention it. I’d like to actually get to know you.”

“Did you ever plan on showing your face to me before now?” Yoongi asks, curious, “you seemed pretty determined to hide.”

“Haha… Yeah. I mean, yeah, eventually. I just got caught up with it, I guess.”

“Alright, well,” Yoongi reaches out, hand open expectantly. Hoseok hesitates, confused, “let me see your phone. I’ll give you my number.”

“Oh! Here,” Hoseok pulls his phone from his pocket and fumbles with it a little as he unlocks it and places it in Yoongi’s hand.

Yoongi pulls up the messaging app and puts his number in, sending himself a quick message. His own phone dings in his back pocket as he passes Hoseok’s back.

“There. Now we both have each other’s number.”

“Cool. I guess I’ll get outta your hair now. Thank you again.”

Hoseok gives Yoongi another blinding smile and a wave as he leaves and Yoongi leans his head on the door. He can’t believe he managed to be cool about the phone numbers and not embarrass himself. After his moment of reflection, he heads to the kitchen to put the galbi away.

“Well. That was… Something,” Jungkook’s voice filters in from the doorway as Yoongi rummages around the fridge to make room, “it’s no wonder you have a crush on him.”


“Cute and hot at the same time? How does he do it?” he chuckles.

Yoongi peeks his head over the refrigerator door to glare at him, “don’t.”

“I’m just saying, hyung,” Jungkook holds his hands up, “you should ask him out.”

Yoongi stands and shuts the door, “are you and Joon in on this together? I don’t need a matchmaker.”

“No, it’s just obvious you like him, so why not?”

“I just talked to him for the first time, Kook-ah.”

“People get married for less and you haven’t been with anyone in like a million years,” he says matter-of-factly but backs off when Yoongi gives him a tired expression, “fine, well, I heard him humming one of your songs while he was waiting for you so it’s not like you’re not on his mind either.”

With that, Jungkook leaves Yoongi in the kitchen alone with that little revelation.

The next couple of weeks are interesting. Hoseok still leaves signs for him, but they’re more like how they used to be at the start, general good wishes and cute sayings. But now that they have each other’s phone numbers, they talk much more that way. Hoseok was the first one to make contact after two or three days of Yoongi flip-flopping on whether he should message him first or not. He would type out various versions of “hey” and erase it, second guessing himself.

When Hoseok first texts him, it’s a photo of himself and a ‘good morning’. Yoongi has to keep himself from cooing in the middle of the produce section of Lotte Mart. He wasn’t prepared. He already thought Hoseok was attractive but he looks positively sweet in this selca. His smile is soft but wide enough to reveal a pair of dimples Yoongi never knew he had. His eyes are bright and looking directly at the camera and it makes Yoongi flush a little, like Hoseok was staring right through the phone and into his eyes. It’s probably five minutes until Yoongi realizes he hasn’t replied so he types one out and tries not to sound like he’d been struck silent by Hoseok’s beauty the whole time. He asks Yoongi for a selca as well, so he can set it as his contact image. Yoongi’s still in the store so he finds a quiet corner and snaps something quickly, looking goofy and giving an awkward thumbs up when he can’t think of what to do with his hand. It seems to make Hoseok laugh though, so he tries not to think too hard about it.

Since then, they’ve been texting pretty regularly. They talk about their days and Hoseok sends him pictures sometimes when he’s at the dance studio, which Yoongi refuses to admit make his whole day. He’s trying not to fall too fast for someone he’s just started talking to in earnest, but he’s finding it hard. Every time he feels his emotions start to bubble over, he stamps it down. He just wants to enjoy this new friendship without any hang-ups.

Not that Hoseok makes it easy.

Yoongi’s minding his business, lounging on the couch while Namjoon helps Jungkook with some economics homework, when his phone goes off on his stomach where he’d left it to zone out watching tv. Namjoon lifts his head from the textbook with an eyebrow raised, “getting called into work after all?”

“You act like I don’t have friends outside of you guys,” Yoongi says, rolling his eyes.

“Well, I mean…” Jungkook mutters without looking up from his notes.

“The amount of disrespect I endure from you two goons is baffling.

“It’s lucky you love us,” Namjoon says, smiling when Jungkook giggles next to him.

Yoongi bites back an amused smile and looks at his phone finally, sitting up when he sees the message, “oh. It’s Hoseok. He wants to actually hang out,” he mutters and types back a reply asking when, “he asked if I’m free on Friday,” he looks up and the both of them are staring at him, “... What.”

“Hyung, that’s your birthday… Don’t tell me you forgot,” Jungkook replies softly, confusion plain on his face.

It’s not so much that he forgot, but more that Yoongi can’t keep track of dates anymore, really. His work schedule is weird and days melt into one another. He looks back down at his phone curiously, “I mean, I did mention it in passing when he came over a few weeks ago, but I didn’t think he’d remember.”

“Asking to hang out on your birthday is pretty personal,” Namjoon says, leaning his head in his hand, “you know what it could mean, right?”

Yoongi scoffs, “don’t be silly, Joon. Look, I’ll invite you guys and it’ll be fine,” he sends a reply and frowns when Hoseok responds, “... He said he’d prefer if it was just the two of us.”

There’s a loud bang as Jungkook slams his hands on the coffee table and jumps to his knees to yell, “YOONGI-HYUNG’S GOT A DATE!”

“Oh my god it’s not a date!,” Yoongi yells back, “... Is it?”

“It’s most definitely a date, hyung,” Namjoon answers and Yoongi groans an ‘oh my god’ into his hands. “Listen, Kookie and I planned on doing something low-key for you but we’re totally fine with you doing this instead.”

“Yes.  Please ,” Jungkook says, sounding more exasperated than probably necessary, “you two have been flirting in the weirdest way I’ve ever seen in my young life. You can pretend all you want but it’s obvious you like his weird ass, so do us all a favor and  go on this date .”

Yoongi looks back down at his phone and scratches behind his ear, a tell-tale sign that he’s nervous. After a minute or so with his thumbs poised over his phone’s keyboard, Yoongi finally replies that he’d be happy to go. They set the time and he flops back on the couch, face feeling hot and pulse so high he’s a little breathless.

The rest of the night is a blur. He barely registers when Namjoon leaves, and the next few days aren’t much better. At first, Yoongi exists in a fog, floating through his shifts at work, but as Friday approaches, he gets increasingly anxious. The thought of going on a date shouldn’t be doing this to him. If it even is a date, that is. He’s convinced his friends are reading too deep into it. Hoseok probably just wants their first time hanging out to be more relaxed than having a big group of people to deal with.

The days pass so quickly that before he knows it, Yoongi’s standing in front of his closet, frowning at every item of clothing in it. He’s so concentrated that he jumps when Jungkook knocks on his door and peeks in.

“Fuck Kook, knock first,” he breathes out, hand on his chest.

“I… Did?” Jungkook replies, puzzled, “are you okay, hyung? Weren’t you supposed to leave by now?”

Yoongi looks at his phone and swears under his breath. He’s definitely late now. Great. He huffs in frustration and waves vaguely at his closet, “Jungkookie. Clothes. Pick something.”

“Aw Yoongi, are you nervous?” he teases as he steps over to the closet, laughing when he sees the scowl on Yoongi’s face, “you know you’d look good in anything, right?”

“I don’t care about that,” Yoongi says over the thumbnail he’s nibbling, “I just can’t put something together.”

“Sure, sure,” Jungkook says, pulling out a black and white striped shirt and black jeans, “you need more color in your wardrobe, hyung.”

“I like black, sue me,” Yoongi mumbles, changing right in front of the boy. He doesn’t have time to be shy in front of him. It’s not like they haven’t seen worse from each other anyway. He takes a moment to fiddle with his hair in the mirror before deciding it’s a lost cause and grabs his coat, thanking Jungkook as the two of them leave his room.

“Hey hyung?” Jungkook asks as Yoongi’s stepping out the door. He looks up and Jungkook’s giving him a bright smile, and says, “have a happy birthday.”

“Thanks Kookie,” he says and heads out.

Yoongi practically runs down the three flights of stairs from his apartment and finds Hoseok leaning against a car by the curb, scrolling on his phone. He looks up as Yoongi is speed walking over to him, breathless and patting down his hair. Hoseok smiles at him warmly.

“I was about to think you stood me up,” he says lightly and laughs when Yoongi huffs out an apology, still catching his breath, “it’s fine. Anyway, you ready to go have some fun?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi replies as he climbs into the passenger seat, “so what are we doing exactly? You never said.”

“That’s because it’s a secret.”

“Being weird and cryptic is like your thing, isn’t it? First the signs and now this.”

“Guess so,”

“How do I know you’re not a murderer and this isn’t an elaborate way to kidnap me?” Yoongi says with a smirk. Hoseok laughs at that and Yoongi's heart squeezes despite himself.

“It’s a little too late to ask that, don’t you think?” he smiles, “you’ll just have to trust me.”

The car is quiet aside from the radio playing. Hoseok hums softly to himself while he drives and Yoongi gazes out the window. He wonders if Hoseok really did remember it’s his birthday or if he chose today because it’s Friday and convenient. He wants to ask but what if it puts Hoseok on the spot? Yoongi sighs softly to himself and decides to let it happen: either Hoseok brings up his birthday or he doesn’t, whatever.

When Hoseok pulls the car into the parking entrance for a skating rink, Yoongi gawks and blurts out, “are you fucking serious?”

“Well yeah,” Hoseok says, frowning slightly as he parks, “I thought it’d be fun, but if you’d rather do something else…”

“No, sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. I just wasn’t expecting something like this.”

“It’s our first time hanging out so i wanted to do something interesting,” he shrugs.

“Most people go out for lunch.”

“Most people are boring, then,” Hoseok says with a grin, “c’mon let’s go.”

At the front counter, they pay for their skates. Well, Hoseok pays. He insists, even though Yoongi tires valiantly to pay his share. Hoseok gets a pair of quads for himself and in-lines for Yoongi, at his request.

Past the front doors, they’re enveloped in purple from the numerous black lights and neon overhead. Hoseok’s yellow sweater is glowing neon bright.

As bright as his smile , Yoongi thinks idly, then immediately pushes it from his mind.

They head over to the lockers to change into their skates and store their shoes. On their way, Yoongi spots a small arcade and an eating area that serves pizza. 

“So why in-lines?” Hoseok asks as he laces up his skates. 

“They make more sense to me. I tried quads when I was younger but I couldn’t wrap my head around them.”

“That’s so weird, I’ve always found these easier.”

“Trust me, you don’t want to see me embarrassing myself tripping over my own feet in those,” Yoongi says, closing the locker that contains his shoes. 

“I dunno, it would have been funny,” Hoseok says, smiling and nudging Yoongi with his elbow, then leads the way out to the rink. 

The rink isn’t too crowded for a Friday evening, which is nice. Despite feeling nervous earlier, Yoongi relaxes once they’re actually skating. They skate beside each other for a bit, just enjoying the experience and chit-chatting about little things. Yoongi remembers that Hoseok dances and when he mentions it, it inspires Hoseok to skate ahead and show off some moves. He skates backwards with ease and weaves his feet in and out in a figure eight as if it came natural to him. Yoongi grins as he watches Hoseok do a pretty little spin like he’s an ice skater. Hoseok returns his smile with an even brighter one and falls back to skating by Yoongi’s side.

“That was great,” Yoongi says, looking over to him, “you didn’t even break a sweat.”

“Oh, haha. It’s not much compared to what I usually do.”

“You’ll have to show me sometime.”

Hoseok smiles at him in a way that Yoongi’s not sure how to read but changes the subject by smacking his shoulder and challenging him to a race. Before he knows it, Hoseok is light years ahead of him. He’s fast and bounding with so much energy, Yoongi can hardly keep up, much less catch him. They circle the rink a few times before Hoseok shows Yoongi some mercy and stops at one of the entrances to wait for him to catch up.

Yoongi, so focused on trying to catch up with him, doesn’t notice he stopped until it’s too late. He’s going so fast and doesn’t have time to slow down enough before he comes crashing into Hoseok’s chest, clinging for dear life. Thankfully, the wall by the entrance manages to break their fall so they’re not tumbling down. Hoseok grips the wall with one hand and holds Yoongi steady with an arm he instinctively wrapped around his middle.

“You okay?” he asks, looking down at Yoongi, then frowns slightly when Yoongi stiffens and pushes away.

“Yeah. Was going too fast,” he’s out of breath and red-faced. He tries to make it seem that it’s just from the physical exertion, but part of it is definitely because Hoseok is big and warm. He tries not to think about that part.

“Let’s take a break, yeah?” Hoseok offers, sounding almost cautious. Yoongi nods and follows him off the rink.

Hoseok leads them to a table and has Yoongi take a seat, leaving for a moment to grab drinks and some pizza from the concession stand. Yoongi rests his cheek in his hand and waits, watching Hoseok being disgustingly charming with the cashier. He returns to the table juggling two bottles of water and a plate with two slices of pizza on it. He sits and passes a bottle to Yoongi, who drinks half of it before turning to Hoseok with a serious look on his face.

“I can pay for things, you know,” he says and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. He doesn’t want to be annoyed by this but he can’t help it. He never liked people paying for him if they didn’t need to. He hated it even when they did. “It’s only fair,” he adds.

“I know, but it’s okay. I want to,” Hoseok bites into his pizza and chews thoughtfully, “it’s not often I make new friends. I’m usually so busy at the studio that I don’t really get out much.”

“... Okay, well. Next time I’m treating you,” Yoongi raises a finger to silence Hoseok, who starts to politely protest, “like i said, it’s only fair.”

Hoseok smiles and nods. They enjoy their pizza in comfortable silence. Well, relative silence. Hoseok doesn’t seem to know how to keep still or quiet for too long. He’s bouncing and humming to the music as he chews and watches the skaters circle the rink. It’s… Cute. Normally being around this much unbridled energy would exhaust Yoongi. He can only handle being around people for a certain amount of time before needing to take five minutes and breathe.

But Yoongi hasn’t needed to excuse himself once to hide in the bathroom and collect himself. On the contrary, Hoseok’s energy seems to be rubbing off of him, like he’s being recharged the longer he’s watching him.

It’s at this moment Yoongi realizes how long he’s been staring at Hoseok’s lips, which are insanely shiny from pizza grease. He chokes on the water he’d been idly sipping for the past few minutes. Hoseok startles and his wide eyes snap from the skaters to Yoongi, who is hacking up a lung.

“Holy shit are you okay?” he asks with worry.

“Y- eah, I-“ Yoongi rasps out before coughing again. He takes in a shaky breath and tries again, “wrong tube…”

“Careful. I can’t have you dying on me,” Hoseok reaches across the table and pats Yoongi’s shoulder uselessly, but it’s still a nice gesture. Yoongi gives him a thumbs-up and a feeble smile, still coughing a little.

After they finish eating, they decide to spend some time in the arcade before heading home for the night. Hoseok buys them some credits and Yoongi makes a b-line for the basketball game the second he spots it. Hoseok hurries after him, amused.

“You like basketball?”

“I played in school,” Yoongi says with a confident smirk as he puts in his tokens, “this is the only thing I’m good at in arcades, so.”

Several small basketballs load out for him and the machine kicks into life with music and a 90-second timer. Yoongi’s face sets in concentration and he starts shooting in quick succession. Hoseok’s standing next to him, hands poised to start clapping at any second. He gasps as the timer ticks down and he’s bouncing excitedly watching Yoongi score again and again.

Yoongi feels the pressure to score perfectly and impress him, but his nerves get the better of him and he misses the last shot before the timer runs out. He crumples over the game’s console and lets out a breath he didn’t realize he’d been holding.

“Yoongi that was amazing! You’re so fast!”, Hoseok pats on Yoongi’s back repeatedly. He’s like an excited puppy.

“I missed the last one,” Yoongi sighs as he straightens and runs a hand through his hair.

“So? I couldn’t get that many that quick. You’re great,” Hoseok beams at him.

Yoongi laughs shyly - he’s not used to getting praised like this. He can already feel the heat in his cheeks. Hoseok pulls him by the arm over to the arcade’s centerpiece: a DDR machine.

“It’s not actual dancing but it’s still fun,” Hoseok says and steps on the platform. He turns to Yoongi, “hey, play with me.”

Yoongi barks out a laugh, “no thanks. I’ll make a fool of myself.”

“C’mon it’ll be fun. You can play at whatever level you want. I don’t wanna compete, I just wanna play with you.”

Yoongi stubbornly crosses his arms. He’s trying to put up a good fight but he knows he’s already lost when Hoseok dramatically clasps his hands together and lets out a whiny ‘pleeeeease.’ He rolls his eyes like he’s annoyed but his smile gives him away and he steps on the platform.

“Twist my arm, why don’t you,” he says and Hoseok laughs. They pick a song and choose the appropriate difficulty for their skill levels.

Turns out DDR is fun. A lot of fun. Yoongi is absolute garbage, even on a normal setting, but there’s something about the teamwork aspect that makes the whole thing worth it. They play three songs together before Yoongi taps out because he can’t breathe anymore. He leans on the bar as he rests and watches Hoseok play a little longer.

He hardly makes any mistakes, playing on hard, and grins big and bright the whole time. It’s impressive. By the time he’s done, Hoseok’s sporting a light sheen of sweat on his forehead, which he wipes off with the back of his hand. He hops off the platform, still energetic despite dancing for fifteen minutes. He looks at Yoongi and flashes a look that he swears is flirtatious, but it’s gone the next second, replaced with his heart-shaped smile. Yoongi swallows and smiles back weakly, wondering if he was just seeing things.

After playing a few more games to use up their tokens, they decide to head home. Yoongi is finally starting to feel a little worn out. They pile into Hoseok’s car and Yoongi immediately slumps in it, letting out a sigh. They’re quiet while Hoseok drives but Yoongi notices that he’s glancing over to him expectantly. He closes his eyes and hums.

“This was fun,” he says.

“Oh,” Hoseok sounds almost relieved, “yeah it was. Thanks for coming out.”

“I should be thanking you. I don’t really get out much either, except for hanging out with Namjoon,” he sits up in his seat, “but we usually don’t do this kind of thing. It’s a nice change of pace.”

Hoseok smiles and it’s so warm and endearing Yoongi’s heart does a flip. He spends the rest of the ride home trying to talk himself down from whatever feelings he’s experiencing right now. This is their first time being around each other for more than five minutes and he’s already this in over his head? There’s no guarantee that Hoseok likes him that way, or boys at all, for that matter. Sure, he’s a little touchy, but that seems to just need his personality more than anything. Yoongi reminds himself to pump the brakes so he doesn’t ruin their friendship before it gets a chance to even begin.

When Hoseok parks his car outside their building, he grips the steering wheel and looks to Yoongi like he wants to say something. He doesn’t, and just gets out of the car after giving him a quick smile. Their trek up the stairs is quiet, but it’s different this time. There’s weight in the air and he’s not sure why. They stop in front of Yoongi’s door.

“We should hang out again soon,” Yoongi mumbles while he fishes in his coat pockets for his keys. Hoseok grunts stiffly, making Yoongi look up at him curiously, “... What’s up?”

Hoseok’s demeanor is completely different now, like a switch was flipped. His posture is stiff and his hands are jammed in his pockets. He’s staring at Yoongi with big wide eyes.

“Hoseok… Are you okay?”

There’s a pause. Then, “can we hug?”

“Uh-“ Yoongi blinks at him, “what?”

“I- I mean we don’t have to! I’m just asking because I really like hugs but I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. When I caught you from falling earlier you got a little weird, which is - it’s fine! Yknow? I get it, some people don’t like being touched. I just wanna respect your boundaries and-“

“Hoseok,” Yoongi interrupts him, “chill. You can hug me, it’s okay.”

“You sure?” he asks, hopeful.

“Yeah. Don’t worry about earlier. You don’t have to ask me for hugs.”

Yoongi offers a reassuring smile and Hoseok visibly relaxes, surging forward and enveloping Yoongi in his arms. Yoongi would be a liar if he didn’t admit he leaned into it. He wraps Hoseok around his middle and it’s nice. Hoseok’s taller than him and has his arms around his shoulders, squeezing lightly. The hug lasts a little longer than a hug between friends probably should, so Yoongi decides to pull away first. As he does, Hoseok holds him there a moment longer.

“Yoongi,” he says, voice low in his ear. Yoongi uses all his willpower to keep from shivering as he hums in response. Hoseok takes a breath before continuing, “I know this is last minute but I don’t want you to think I forgot. Happy birthday.”

Yoongi pulls out of the hug to look up at him, puzzled. “You could have said that way earlier Hoseok, what the fuck,” he says.

“Yeah but I dunno,” he shrugs, “I didn’t want to put pressure on you to have fun just because of that.”

“Oh my god, we’re idiots.”


“I didn’t bring it up either for the same reason.”

Hoseok snorts and they both break out in laughter. Yoongi’s an idiot. Of course - he knew there had to have been a better reason for Hoseok to insist on paying for everything. No wonder he seemed anxious in the car when they left. They’re both idiots for not saying anything.

“So now that that’s out in the open,” Hoseok’s still giggling softly. He wipes a tear from his eye, “how old are you now?”

“Twenty-five, internationally,” Yoongi says, pressing his teeth into his bottom lip.

“Oh! You’re a year older than me!” Hoseok says brightly, slapping his hand on Yoongi’s shoulder, “happy birthday Yoongi-hyung!”

“Thanks, Hoseok,” Yoongi says with a laugh at the honorific, “I really did have a good time tonight. Let’s hang out again soon, alright?”

Hoseok agrees enthusiastically and gives Yoongi another squeezing hug before saying goodbye and striding down the hall toward his own apartment.

Inside, the apartment is dark and quiet. Jungkook seems to either be asleep or out, which is fine by him. Yoongi can take this time alone to wind down and deconstruct everything that happened today. He doesn’t bother turning on any lights in the living room and takes his coat off, draping it over the armchair before flopping on the couch to bask in the cool blue light of his phone screen. There are birthday messages from his mom and brother, a couple of people from work, and Namjoon, which he opens to read.


— 2 hours ago —

Happy birthday, hyung! Have fun today. :D

— 20:32 —

min genius:

That good, huh?

min genius:
he hugged me
it’s ridiculous
i’m like this!
over a fucking hug

You’re like head over heels aren’t you?

min genius:
i hate it

You should probably tell him, hyung.

min genius:
i dunno joon
i don’t wanna freak him out

I think you’re really overthinking things. The worst he can do is say no.

min genius:
ugh stop
don’t bum me out on my birthday

Sorry sorry lol

Yoongi sighs and lets his phone drop on his chest. It’s too soon. He likes Hoseok but he’s determined to not let it get more intense than that. He doesn’t want to jump into something and have Hoseok react negatively. For now, he decides to enjoy his new memories and not dive too deep into the marianas trench that is his heart.




If there’s one thing predictable about Hoseok, it’s that he’s unpredictable. Yoongi never knows what new and left-field thing he’s going to learn about him, or if he’s going to send him a normal text or a slew of pictures of a dog he meets on the street. Every interaction with Hoseok is new and, frankly, exciting. He’s the break in routine Yoongi never realized he needed until now.

The next time Hoseok surprises him, it’s the middle of the night, the least likely time he would expect something from him. Of course. Yoongi is sitting at his computer with his headphones on, tweaking a song he’s picked back up after setting it aside for lack of inspiration when he thinks he hears a noise in his room. He looks around, slipping the headphones off one ear, but it all looks the same. His door is cracked open like usual, so it wasn’t like it had closed and made a noise. He looks at the floor around his desk. Maybe something fell.

Another noise. A quick, sharp tap on glass. Yoongi’s head shoots up from looking under his desk to his window, knocking it on the edge. He hisses and winces, rubbing the spot as he stands to peek outside. What he sees staring back at him is Hoseok, eyes wide and hair disheveled. He’s clutching a box of something to his chest with one hand and has his other poised to throw something. Yoongi’s eyebrows knit together and he opens his window.

“Hoseok? What are you doing, it’s almost 3am.”

“Yoongi please help me,” he sounds awful, “I can’t sleep. I’m so exhausted but I can’t sleep.”

“You know you have my number, right? I almost didn’t hear you throwing- what are those, push pins?”

“Please don’t ask me to think logically right now, hyung…” Hoseok whines and Yoongi can’t help but smirk in amusement.

“Okay, well. How am I supposed to help you sleep, exactly?”

“I’ve tried everything. I’m out of ideas but I remembered how relaxing it was listening to you play your piano, so… I thought…”

“What, right now?” Yoongi asks, eyebrows raised. Hoseok nods sleepily, sadly.

“... No,” Yoongi says after some thought. A flash of panic washes over Hoseok’s face and he begins to protest, “no, I mean. It’s too cold for you to have your window open all night and I don’t need you getting sick on my watch. Besides, it’s late and I don’t want to risk waking people up.”


“So… If you really need this then you’ll have to come here,” Yoongi says and shivers, squeezing his eyes shut as he’s hit by the breeze, missing the way Hoseok stares back at him. He shakes away the chill, “hurry up. I’ll leave the door unlocked for you.”

Yoongi shuts his window and leaves his room to unlock the front door. It dawns on him as his hand freezes on the deadbolt that this is the first time Hoseok will be in his room. And he’s about to sleep in his bed. He swallows and tries not to think too hard about that. Hell just take the couch when he decides to sleep. No big deal.

Back in his room, Yoongi shoves a pile of clothes into the closet and rushes to make his bed, even though it’s about to get unmade in about five minutes. He sets his piano up, fiddling with the volume so that it’s loud enough to hear but not travel outside his room. After a few minutes of nervous silence, he hears his front door open, close softly, lock. There’s a pause as Hoseok toes off his shoes, Yoongi imagines, before he hears slow footsteps approaching. He sits in his chair in front of his piano and tries to look nonchalant, swiveling around when Hoseok knocks quietly on his door and opens it.

“Um… Hey,” Hoseok almost whispers and Yoongi is glad the room is only lit by the dim glow from his desk lamp because he’s pretty sure he’s blushing. Hoseok slips into his room and closes the door.

“Hey,” Yoongi returns, watching him. He’s wearing an open hoodie over a loose t-shirt and basketball shorts. He looks even more tired close up.

“Thanks for this,” he says, looking around Yoongi’s room and inspecting a few trinkets on his dresser, “I’m desperate at this point. I don’t even know if this is gonna work... I’ve been up for so long but my brain won’t shut off and my whole body feels like it's buzzing.”

“What are you doing up so late anyway? You don’t seem like the type. Clearly.”

“We’re working on a particularly complex routine at the studio,” Hoseok sighs, plopping down on the edge of Yoongi’s bed and rubbing his face. He keeps his hands in place, muffling his voice a little as he continues, “I stayed late to work out some kinks and lost track of time. I’ve been laying in bed for like two hours but I can’t get to sleep,” he lifts his head finally, “thanks for indulging me. You didn’t have to but I appreciate it.”

Hoseok gives him a tired but genuine smile and Yoongi stares in awe that it could be so brilliant when he’s so exhausted. He clears his throat.

“Go ahead and get comfortable. I’ll take the couch later.”

“Oh. Oh god I just realized. I’m sorry, I can’t take your bed.”

“It’s fine,” Yoongi waves his hand dismissively and swivels his chair to face his piano, playing a few scales to warm up, “it makes no sense to move everything to the living room, and anyway, I’m the one who told you to come over.”

Hoseok shifts uncomfortably but finally moves further on the bed to lie down after Yoongi tilts his head to give him a reassuring smile. He shucks off his hoodie and sets it next to himself by the wall. He’s still a little hesitant but finally does lie back on the bed, sighing in comfort.

“Bed’s soft,” he mutters, snuggling into the pillow a little.

“I like it soft. Makes it feel like I’m being hugged the whole time.”

“Cute,” Hoseok says with a delirious giggle, then speaking again before Yoongi has a chance to react to the endearment, “can you… That song you played that one time. I really liked it.”

“Oh, sure,” Yoongi says, nibbling his lip, “I’m still working on it but I’ll play what I’ve got.”

Hoseok smiles wide and sleepy, eyes closed. Yoongi thinks he’ll never get tired of the image of Hoseok snuggled in his bed.

“God, your bed is so comfortable… Maybe I need a new mattress.”

Yoongi chuckles and turns back to the piano, hands hovering over the keys as he mentally prepares the notes he’s memorized in his head. He starts to play and after a while, he hears Hoseok humming disjointedly as he tries to relax. He quiets down shortly, but Yoongi decides to play a couple more songs, classical ones he learned in school that never left his memory, for good measure. After the final song, he looks over to check on him and finds him breathing softly, hand resting on his chest. He didn’t even manage to get under the covers before he fell asleep, it seems.

Yoongi stands quietly and clicks his desk lamp off, throwing the room in darkness, aside from the soft glow of his computer’s tower. It’s just enough light that he can still see Hoseok on the bed and he’s able to maneuver without tripping over anything. He carefully pulls the blanket over Hoseok and lingers maybe a little too long to look at him in the darkness because Hoseok stirs.

“Yoongi…” he mumbles sleepily and blindly places his hand on Yoongi’s arm. Yoongi apologizes and tries to pull away but he stops him, “stay.”

“No. Go back to sleep.”

“Mmm, ‘kay… But stay,” his voice is a low hum, slurring together his words a little. His thumb rubs over his arm absently and it sends shivers down Yoongi’s spine. This is too intimate. He wants to pull away but is afraid he’ll disturb Hoseok’s sleep.

“Hoseok,” he whispers, ready to try and reason with a sleeping man, “I gotta go sleep on the couch…”

“No…” Hoseok’s brows are knit together and he’s pouting, pulling weakly at Yoongi’s arm. He cracks his eyes open to gaze up at him. Their eyes don’t really connect because Hoseok is definitely still half-asleep, but it makes Yoongi’s breath catch in his throat anyway, “stay. Please.”

Yoongi hesitates. Is Hoseok even present enough to know what he’s doing? He bites his lip in thought but doesn’t get much time because Hoseok’s tugging his arm harder and whining. He lets out a shaky breath and slips into bed, trying not to jostle his sleeping partner. Yoongi’s nerves are on edge and only get worse when Hoseok immediately goes in for a cuddle, flopping his arm over Yoongi’s belly. It takes Yoongi twenty minutes of staring up at the ceiling and breathing to calm down enough to sleep.

When he wakes, Yoongi’s overheated and weighed down. In his haze he thinks he can’t breathe for a moment and gasps, eyes snapping open. The weight on his chest shifts a little and he peers down, tipping his chin to have it come in contact with soft, fading pink hair. Yoongi freezes. Hoseok is sleeping on his chest. He licks his lips and stares down his nose in thought. After a moment he gives into temptation and lifts his hand to shakily, carefully, move some hair out of Hoseok’s face to see him better. He doesn’t get a chance to admire the view because the action makes Hoseok stir, blinking his eyes open slowly.

“G’morning….” Hoseok’s voice is deep and rough with sleep and rumbles through Yoongi’s chest, straight to the pit of his stomach. He’s frozen in place, staring up at the ceiling with one hand pinned under Hoseok’s body and the other hovering in the air where he’d just touched him. It takes Hoseok a few moments to register the position they’re in but when he does, he shoots up and stammers out an apology.

“S’okay,” Yoongi says, then gets the sudden urge to be brave, “there’s worse things to wake up to.”

Hoseok’s staring down at him from his new sitting position and his cheeks flush pink. He lets out a breathy laugh. Yoongi thinks it might be the first time he’s seen him flustered.

“I was practically drooling on you,” Hoseok jokes.

“Guess it’s lucky you’re cute,” Yoongi shrugs as he sits up to be at eye level with him.

“God, you just woke up, how are you so smooth?”

“Not awake enough to hold myself back I guess.”

“Do you normally hold back things?” He asks, tilting his head and resting it on his shoulder where the morning sun catches in his hair, making it glow. Yoongi’s mouth goes dry but he has to reply.

“All the time,” he croaks out, “‘specially when it comes to you.”

Hoseok smiles and it’s radiant. His eyes are bright even though he’d only woken up a few minutes ago.

“Like what?”

“Too many words. Too early,” Yoongi replies. There’s a lot he could say right now but his mind is foggy with sleep and infatuation. He’s surprised he’s managing to say anything right now at all.

“... Is there something you could show me instead?”

They’re staring at each other and Hoseok bites back a smile as Yoongi realizes what he’s implying. His eyebrows rise into his messy bangs and Hoseok just smiles wider at him, head still resting on his shoulder lazily. Yoongi nods dumbly to himself and leans forward, hoping he’s doing the right thing. His hand lands on Hoseok’s arm for balance as he presses their lips together in the softest kiss.

Thankfully, Hoseok doesn’t freeze or push him away. Instead he leans into it and lets out a sigh of apparent relief, like he’d been waiting for this as long as Yoongi has. Yoongi’s stomach is doing backflips and his face feels like it’s on fire but he doesn’t pull away. Hoseok shifts a little and lifts his head for a better angle, his hand sliding up Yoongi’s thigh and resting high on it. Yoongi’s heart shoots to his throat and he pulls away for just a moment to collect himself, but Hoseok pushes back into the kiss, hand squeezing lightly.

Yoongi responds with a surprised, “mmph,” and kisses back, letting his hands wander over his chest. The kiss is soft at first, and Yoongi wants to melt over how nice Hoseok’s lips feel against his. He wants more, so he tests the waters by running his tongue along the line of Hoseok’s lips and is pleased when they part for him. He’s even more pleased when he deepens the kiss and pulls a soft groan from Hoseok’s throat. It makes his breath pick up and he curls his hands in Hoseok’s shirt.

They break away after a few moments to catch their breath. Yoongi’s a little wrecked - he can’t remember the last time he made out with someone, and Hoseok is clearly flustered. They both smile and giggle like idiots.

“So how long have you been holding that in?,” Hoseok asks.

“So long,” Yoongi noses his cheek, “too long.”

“Me too.”

Before he knows it, Hoseok is back on his mouth, kissing him more intensely than before. It almost knocks him backwards but he’s caught by Hoseok, who holds him by the hips. Yoongi feels heat building at the pit of his stomach and he wonders distantly if they should stop before it gets out of hand. He almost does, almost, but then Hoseok is gripping his hips and pulling Yoongi into his lap, hands sliding down to squeeze his inner thighs dangerously close to his dick, which is definitely more than a little hard by now.

“This okay?” Hoseok asks when Yoongi gasps and jerks beneath his hands.

“Yeah,” he says, breathless already, “just been a while.”

“That’s a surprise. You’re so cute,” Hoseok grins at him and slides a hand over Yoongi’s groin, running his thumb over the line of his dick. Yoongi tries his best to scowl at the endearment.

“Not cute…” His hips tilt up into Hoseok’s hand, searching for pressure.

“Yeah-huh,” Hoseok kisses along his jawline to his ear, pressing his lips just behind his earlobe. Yoongi shivers.

Hoseok works him up in what feels like no time at all. He’s like putty in his hands and it feels amazing. He kisses down Yoongi’s neck as he hooks his thumbs into the waistband of his sweatpants and pushes them down his thighs enough for Yoongi’s erection to pop out comically and hit his stomach. Hoseok smiles against his collarbone and wraps his long fingers around his dick, pumping slowly at first, but picking up speed once he finds a good rhythm.

Yoongi’s got his nose in Hoseok’s hair and he’s overwhelmed by the smell of citrus and spice on top of everything else happening at the moment. He groans and one of his hands finds its way down Hoseok’s front, pressing his palm against his groin, trying to match the rhythm Hoseok has on him. It earns him another groan from Hoseok, this time louder.

Less delicate than Hoseok, Yoongi tugs on his basketball shorts impatiently. They get pushed down with help by both of them, Hoseok chuckling as he helps. Yoongi grips him firmly with one hand and squeezes, turning the tables a little as Hoseok’s head droops and he groans again. Yoongi forgot how much he liked this, the weight of someone else in his hand, and Hoseok felt especially nice. He picks up the pace until Hoseok’s head falls back and he loses focus, his own hand stilling on Yoongi’s dick for a moment.

Yoongi shifts closer to press their hips together so he can grip both of them together, pumping a steady rhythm. The sensation makes him double over and lean his head on Hoseok’s shoulder. Hoseok lifts his head and kisses into his hair, reaching between them to join Yoongi’s hand.

“Fuck,” Hoseok groans, increasing their speed.

They’re both slick from precum and the combined slide of their hands and dicks against each other has Yoongi’s hips jerking into it and his breath hitching. He can feel himself nearing the edge and whines, wanting it to simultaneously last longer and end. It really has been too long since he’s been with another person. He pulls his head up from Hoseok’s shoulder to look at him, dick pulsing in his hand at the sight.

Hoseok’s cheeks are flushed bright pink and his pupils are blown so wide Yoongi’s not sure he can see any other color than black. The smile he gives him is loose and lopsided and it might be the hottest thing Yoongi’s ever seen.

“I…” Yoongi manages to breathe out. He tries to say he’s close but he can’t find the words. Hoseok seems to get the message though, and pulls Yoongi in for another kiss with his free hand on the back of his neck.

“C’mon,” Hoseok’s voice is low against his mouth as he kisses him deeply. He leaves Yoongi to keep pumping his hand and instead presses his palm against the heads of their dicks. They both groan into their kiss and Yoongi has to pull away, edging on overstimulated.

“Oh god,” Yoongi chokes out, moaning as he squeezes his hand, pressing their dicks even closer, and cums over Hoseok’s hand. Distantly he’s embarrassed for sounding a bit like a porn star in that moment but he’s stroking them through his orgasm and all he can think about is getting Hoseok there too.

It doesn’t take long. Hoseok is already incredibly compromised after hearing Yoongi moan like that. Yoongi thinks it might be too intimate somehow when he sees Hoseok collect the cum trailing down his dick and uses it to slick himself up and pump himself hard. He lets it go, neither of them are exactly thinking straight. Instead, Yoongi wipes his hand on the sheet, gets up on his knees, and cups Hoseok’s face for another deep kiss. It sends Hoseok over the edge and he lets out a long groan, cumming over his own hand.

Yoongi pulls away, thankfully cognizant enough to remember the box of wet wipes he keeps stashed at the bottom of his nightstand, and flops back on the bed to fish for it. Hoseok laughs deliriously at him, leaning all his weight on one arm as he catches his breath. Yoongi returns with wipes and passes one to Hoseok, the both of them hissing at the cold as they clean up.

“So…” Yoongi starts awkwardly, disposing the wipes.

“Yeah,” Hoseok returns.

“That… Escalated.”

“Can’t say I regret it.”


Hoseok shakes his head with a smile. He repositions in the bed to lay back down, reaching for Yoongi to follow him.

“I have to go back to the studio in a bit but let’s stay here for now,” he says. Yoongi doesn’t resist, he loves this part and is relieved Hoseok seems to like cuddles after too. He lays down and Hoseok positions himself as big spoon. He’s as warm and big across his back as he was then they first hugged.

Yoongi can already feel sleep taking over him again but hums when Hoseok nuzzles into the hair at the back of his neck. It’s pleasant and Yoongi tries to ignore the voice at the back of his head telling him it’s too intimate too soon when his heart clenches from Hoseok’s fingers lacing with his.

They only sleep for another hour or so before Hoseok gets too restless being still for so long. He sits up and stretches, letting out a long yawn. Yoongi rolls onto his back and blinks sleepily. It’s still too early.

“Good morning again,” Hoseok says, looking down at him with a smile.

Yoongi grunts and covers his eyes with his arm. Waking up is always the worst part of sleeping. He feels Hoseok move to get off the bed, body hovering over Yoongi’s body. He lets his arm move up and rest above his head to watch him. Hoseok is full-on stretching like he’s about to work out. What a sight.

“Hey hyung,” Hoseok says finally, dropping his arms from stretching above his head. Yoongi grunts in response and sits up, rubbing at his eye, “would it be too much to ask for a copy of your song? In case something like this happens again.”

“I mean,” Yoongi mumbles into his hand, “I only have a demo right now.”

“That’s okay. It’s not like I’m gonna use it for anything other than sleeping anyway.”

“... Alright, I guess,” Yoongi slips off his bed and flops in the chair at his desk, starting his computer back up to burn a CD for him. He doesn’t really want to give him something unfinished, but if it’ll help, Yoongi won’t argue. They’re quiet while the CD gets made and the air in the room feels heavy. Yoongi wants to say something about what’s happened over the past seven hours and what it could mean, and it seems like Hoseok might be thinking the same thing. Yoongi pops the CD into a spare jewel case he has lying around and writes the title of the song on it in sharpie. He swivels his chair to face Hoseok, who’s back in his hoodie and sitting on the edge of the bed, and passes the CD to him.

“Spring Day,” he reads, “it fits, somehow. Like raindrops or petals falling”

“Poetic,” Yoongi says sarcastically in an attempt to mask how easily he can swoon over compliments over his music.

“I can’t wait to test this out tonight.”

“Guess I’ll have to figure out a new way to get you in my bed now,” Yoongi says with a nervous chuckle. Hoseok stares at him and for a moment, Yoongi thinks maybe he overstepped some unsaid boundary, but then Hoseok chuckles.

“Wow, hyung, sweep me off my feet why don’t you,” he stands and walks over to Yoongi, caging him in where he’s sitting. Yoongi’s neck is craned back as he stares up in anticipation, pulse picking up. Suddenly he feels incredibly small as Hoseok leans down, planting his hands on the armrests on either side of him. Their faces are so close they’re almost touching, but all he can feel is Hoseok’s breath on his lips. “Just ask and I’ll come,” he says before kissing him.

It takes Yoongi a few seconds to react because his brain is too busy boggling at the innuendo, but he’s brought back to reality by Hoseok nipping his bottom lip. He opens up and kisses deeper, breaking apart just long enough for Hoseok to slip into Yoongi’s lap, knees resting on either side of his thighs before they’re right back at it. It’s just as good as the first kiss - maybe better now that Yoongi’s way more awake this time around.

Hoseok is insistent and the energy he’s always barley containing in his body is radiating off him and through his roaming hands. It’s so easy to let Hoseok take control, pushing his hands up Yoongi’s shirt, squeezing at his chest, rubbing his nipples. All Yoongi can do is grip Hoseok’s hips and be glad he’s sitting or his knees might have given out. His mind feels foggy and he’s lost in how Hoseok’s kisses feel and taste. Then Hoseok’s pulling away, hands and all, standing and leaving Yoongi cold and breathless in his wake. He doesn’t realize he says  wow  out loud until Hoseok laughs at him.

“Cute. From afar you have an intimidating face but you’re really cute,” he says. Yoongi tries to play it off and roll his eyes, but his flushed cheeks and swollen lip betray him. “Anyway, I should go. I need a shower and have to run some errands before heading back to the studio.”

Yoongi leads the way back to the door and he watches quietly as Hoseok slips his shoes on, tapping the toes to get them to fit right.

“Hoseok,” he says.


“We should… Go out again. Soon.”

Hoseok turns to face him, a small grin forming, “are you asking me on a date?”

“Ah, yeah. A proper one this time. My treat.”

“I’d love that,” he beams, closing the space between them, smile fading a little after a moment, “I’m gonna be a little busy at the studio for couple weeks though. I’ve got to get that dance down. The whole troupe needs all the practice we can get.”

Yoongi is a little disappointed but he understands and nods. “Don’t overwork yourself.”

“I’ll be fine,” he says, lifting his CD, “especially with this. Thanks again.”

Yoongi holds the door open for him and as Hoseok leaves, he leans in to give him a soft kiss on the cheek and a quiet goodbye. Yoongi closes the door behind him and stiffens before he can even take his hand off the doorknob, feeling eyes on the back of his head. He turns slowly to see Jeon Jungkook leaning on the wall by his bedroom door, grinning with his nose all scrunched up and bunny teeth on display. He’s fully in little shit mode, primed to tease him.

“Don’t start, kid,” Yoongi says, but he can feel the heat in his cheeks already. It’s ridiculous how much he blushes these days. He’s lost count at this point. True to form, Jungkook doesn’t listen.

“Were you never gonna mention that your crush just left our apartment at ten in the morning after apparently staying over?” he asks and waggles his eyebrows at Yoongi lewdly, “have a little fun last night, hyung?”

No ,” Yoongi groans, “Not like that. He literally just slept.”

“In your bed.”


“With you in it.”

“... Yes.”

“And  nothing  happened? Hyung!”

Yoongi huffs and rubs his face, “it’s none of your business, Kook, but if you  must  know, we kissed. Twice. This morning,” he says, leaving out the little handjob detail, “happy?”

“I guess that’s better than nothing,” he shrugs, “but… Why was he here? Like, I’m sure his bed is perfectly comfortable.”

“Yeah he couldn’t get to sleep. He, uh, asked me to play for him so he could get to sleep,” Yoongi picks at the cuticle on his thumb, “I was gonna sleep on the couch but he insisted I stay.”

“Damn I’m jealous,” he says. Yoongi lets out a little scoff. “No I’m serious, that’s like, really romantic. You know I like to tease but I’m really happy for you, hyung.”

For once, Yoongi doesn’t have it in him to be defensive. Jungkook is being genuine and Yoongi’s been kissed for the first time in forever probably. He doesn’t stop himself from letting his shy smile grow into a grin at his friend’s words.

“Me too,” he says, “thanks Kookie.”

“So is he your boyfriend now?”

“We didn’t really talk about that,” Yoongi says. They’re definitely  something  but he’s not sure if he should put that label on it just yet. He crosses the living room to start some coffee in the kitchen, “I guess I’ll find out in a few weeks on our date.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes when Jungkook whistles and howls like a wolf but he honestly doesn’t care. He doesn’t even care that he has a long night ahead of him at work because the feeling of Hoseok’s lips is fresh in his memory and that alone might fuel him for the next month.

He’s not so sure when he’s two weeks into having almost no contact with Hoseok, who still seems to be hard at work at the dance studio. They text, sure, but now that they’ve touched and kissed, Yoongi’s not sure how much longer he can manage. Hoseok is often on his mind when he’s doing mindless tasks at work, spacing out. He’s on his mind when he lays his head on his pillow when he gets home and the specific memories of the weight and heat of Hoseok’s body on his melt into dreams of Hoseok pressed against him, leaving red-hot marks wherever his lips land, traveling lower and lower down his torso. Yoongi would wake up painfully erect with his heart racing more than it should be for someone who had been asleep for four hours.

He tries to fill his time planning their date to keep distracted but even that is starting to run its course. He know he’s starting to get impatient and irritable and it’s partly because he’s frustrated with himself for getting so attached so quick with Hoseok. He’s not sure why but he can’t stop from feeling like there’s an imbalance between them. Hoseok does seem eager to talk to him but it’s hard to determine how he feels sometimes.

Then again, Yoongi’s always had too many feelings to handle, and he ends up internalizing them a lot. He knows it’s not healthy, but he’s not sure what else to do. The last time he was open about how much he cared, his boyfriend at the time broke up with him, claiming that they were just at different places in the relationship. That it was too much. He felt stifled. So they broke up and Yoongi clammed up. He started keeping more to himself. So he’s determined not to let that happen again. His heart is overflowing with affection for Hoseok and he has to remind himself to slow down, that it’s too soon, too early, don’t come on too strong, don’t scare him off. He knows, he hopes, logically that it won’t turn out the same way with Hoseok, who’s always so eager and genuine. But sometimes he can’t stop the tiny voice in his head telling him to hold back just a little longer.

Jungkook has noticed Yoongi’s change in mood and has been the recipient of a few harsh words the past couple of days. He’s been walking on eggshells ever since Yoongi lashed out at him over some mild teasing. It really wasn’t worth his time to get angry over, but it happened and now the boy is as meek as he was the day they’d first met. It only irritates Yoongi more.

He’s sulking on the couch, scrolling through his phone with the TV on, the show playing on it long forgotten, when Jungkook sheepishly approaches him, stopping behind the armchair as if it’s a shield. He rests his elbows on the back of the chair and stares at Yoongi with his big eyes. Yoongi doesn’t acknowledge his presence at all, opting to stay lost in his phone, mindlessly scrolling on social media.

“Yoongi-hyung?” he asks. Yoongi can feel his eyes on him and frowns. He’s angry with himself for acting like this, putting Jungkook on guard. He grunts in reply.

“... You wanna talk?”

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

“I know you like to keep an air of grumpiness or whatever so people will leave you alone, but I’m not stupid. I know something’s bothering you, and it’s making everything in the house feel weird. You blew up at me the other day because I joked about you smiling at your phone for the millionth time.”

Yoongi spins around wildly at that, glaring up at the boy, who winces slightly in anticipation of getting yelled at again. It makes Yoongi falter and the anger that flared up in him sizzles out immediately. He knows Jungkook’s just concerned and he’s just being stubborn and defensive at this point. He deflates with a sigh and rubs his face.

“Sorry,” he says finally, “just a lot on my mind.”

Jungkook comes around the armchair and plops down in it, taking the TV remote to flip through the channels, “I know. That’s why I asked. You don’t have to say anything but… I’m here.”

They sit in silence for a while. Yoongi’s not sure he really wants to get into it but he can feel how much Jungkook wants to help like it’s vibrating in waves off him. He sighs and turns to his side on the couch, taking a throw pillow to hold onto as he stares vacantly at some variety show on the television. It might help to clear his head a little if he talks, so he says, “it’s about Hoseok.”

“I know.”

Obviously .

“He’s been busy with work, but…”

He hears Jungkook shift in the chair to get more comfortable, “do you miss him?”

Instead of saying anything, Yoongi curls into himself, pulling his knees toward his chest. He feels like a teenager, falling for the first person he sees. Has he really been single that long?

“You’re allowed to miss him, you know,” he says as if he could read Yoongi like a book, “he probably misses you too. Have you asked him?”

“Why would I ask him if he misses me too? That’s a little needy, even for me.”

“So you do miss him,” Jungkook says, triumphant in getting Yoongi to admit it. Annoying.

Yoongi picks at a stray thread on the pillow. He doesn’t know how else to talk about it without sounding pathetic, so he just says it, “I feel like I’m in over my head. I barely know him and I can already feel how… Fond I am.”

“You keep saying you don’t know him but is that really true?” he asks. Yoongi lifts his head to look at him. Jungkook continues, “I mean, yeah, it’s been only a few months but you’ve been in like, constant contact with him. And the signs thing was  weird  but he talked about himself right?”

Yoongi tilts his head to the side, considering what he said. He’s right. Yoongi’s got all these little facts about Hoseok in his head, like where he was born and how he likes to make ramyun in a tea kettle, which still confuses Yoongi to this day. He’s told Hoseok things about himself too, so yeah, it’s not like they’re strangers. They talk more than he and Namjoon do sometimes, just not face to face. He even let Hoseok in on the secret that he hates scary movies. Jungkook’s right.

Speaking of Jungkook, the boy is chuckling at him for some reason.

“What,” Yoongi says with a frown.

“Nothing, just. You went quiet and then got the doofiest smile on your face.”

“You know, I was going to tell you that you were right but I just changed my mind. Good job,” Yoongi grumbles.

“I know I’m right, hyung,” Jungkook teases, “I’m wise beyond my years.”

“You get all your romantic advice from anime, you brat,” Yoongi replies and sits up, receiving a soft kick in the side in return.

“Doesn’t change that I’m right,” he says and they share a laugh, “weren’t you supposed to go on a date? What ever happened to that?”

Yoongi curls into the corner of the couch, knees to his chest, “it’s still happening, he’s just been busy. I think I’m going to see if he’s free this week.”’

“Any idea for what you’re gonna do?”

“Karaoke, I think,” he says, then looks up with a confused frown when Jungkook laughs.

“Good idea,” he says, giggling, “if he doesn’t run from your cat wailing you’ll know it’s love!”

Jungkook jumps out of the way with a squeal when Yoongi lunges at him from the couch for a smack. Yoongi chuckles and opts to throw the pillow at him instead. He feels better, the tension released from his chest. It seems that was Jungkook’s goal the whole time. He doesn’t say anything but hopes the smile he displays as Jungkook heads for his room enough to show he’s thankful. Glancing out the living room window at Hoseok’s apartment, Yoongi picks up his phone to message him. He’s tired of waiting.

min genius:
you busy on wednesday?

I mean kinda. But it’s whatever
I’m always busy tbh

min genius:
… too busy for karaoke?

I love karaoke!
I’m clearing my schedule

min genius:
lol so eager

DUH! I’ve been so caught up with work I haven’t seen u in weeks
It’s been driving me nuts!
I miss u!!!

min genius:
i miss you too

He smiles at his phone. Maybe he really has been overthinking things. Everything Hoseok does makes him smile so why shouldn’t he let himself have this? He wonders idly if Hoseok’s drowning in the deep end like he is - overwhelmed with feelings he hasn’t felt for years, struggling for air. Things like expressing emotions seem to come easier to him though, so maybe not.

Wednesday takes forever to come. Yoongi feels like he’s aged 20 years from nerves and anticipation. They made plans to meet around 6 o’clock but by the time 5 rolls around he’s not sure how much longer he can wait. He hasn’t been so excited for something in a while, probably not since he managed to save up enough to buy the music software he’d been coveting for months. After some impatient pacing in the living room and encouragement from Jungkook, Yoongi says fuck it and makes his way over to Hoseok’s.

He hears a yelp and Hoseok yelling a muffled, “coming!” through the door when he knocks. It swings open and Hoseok is standing there in clothes he seemingly rushed on to answer because he’s freshly showered and his hair is still dripping. It’s a sight to behold.

“Yoongi!” he squeaks out in surprise, “is it already six? I thought I had more time.”

“No it’s only five,” Yoongi replies, embarrassed now, “I just… Got impatient.”

Hoseok relaxes and takes Yoongi’s hand, pulling him into the apartment, closing the door, and into a hug, all in one smooth motion. Yoongi hugs back and lets out a little sigh. Hoseok’s skin is still very warm from his shower and soft where his cheek is pressed against his neck. He smells like soap and that citrusy shampoo. He could stay like that forever, wrapped up in heat and oranges and a spice he can’t put his finger on, but Hoseok pulls away.

“Sorry, I’m dripping all over you,” he laughs nervously and brushes some water out of Yoongi’s hair, “I gotta finish getting ready. You look great, by the way.”

Hoseok’s eyes trail down his body when he says this, fingers taking hold of the open zipper of his baggy jacket and running his thumb over it. He leans in and pecks Yoongi on the lips before heading back to his room to dress.

Yoongi makes himself comfortable on the couch and scrolls through Naver on his phone. Nothing too interesting happening in the news so he sits back and closes his eyes, waiting. It’s mostly quiet in Hoseok’s room, but he hears a blow dryer start and some shuffling around. He’s kind of zoned out by the time Hoseok emerges, fully dressed and beautiful. Yoongi blinks up at him and notices for the first time that his hair color has changed from pink to a warm peach.

“Wow, you look, uh,” Yoongi stands, looking him over, “you’re gorgeous.”

Hoseok squawks and his cheeks flush pink to Yoongi’s delight. He really does look great. The shirt he’s wearing would probably look ridiculous on anyone else, black with colorful birds printed all over it, but he pulls it off like it was meant just for him. Yoongi takes this opportunity to close the space between them and reach up to touch Hoseok’s hair.

“I like this color,” he combs his fingers through it and watches as Hoseok’s eyes flutter a little at the feeling. It’s nice to see that Hoseok is apparently as affected as he is about him. It’s reassuring that he’s not alone in this. Yoongi knows they should leave but all he wants right now is to kiss the man in front of him. His hand slides from the back of Hoseok’s head to his neck, thumb resting on his jaw. Yoongi pulls him into a kiss, slow and relaxed, just enjoying the feeling of it. Hoseok’s hands find their way to Yoongi’s waist and squeeze. They stand in the middle of the apartment blissfully kissing for Yoongi’s not sure how long before they break apart.

“We’re never gonna leave at this rate,” Hoseok almost whispers and Yoongi nods.

Outside the entrance of their building, Hoseok takes the lead toward the parking lot around the corner but Yoongi stops him.

“Wait,” he says and Hoseok turns to him curiously. Yoongi scratches his neck, “let’s walk. It’s not far and the weather is kinda nice.”

“Never pegged you for the outdoorsy type,” he replies and follows Yoongi’s lead down the sidewalk.

“I like it when it’s nice out. I can’t stand the cold so I’m usually more of a hermit during winter. But spring is nice.”

“Spring is my favorite season,” Hoseok says, eyes turned up to the trees lining the sidewalk, “everything is fresh and bright and it’s not too hot yet. It’s perfect.”

“I figured you were going to say summer. Whenever I think of you I imagine a bright light, like the sun when it's shining so bright you can hardly see outside, and…” Yoongi trails off, thinking about the other properties of the summer sun. Hoseok reaches between them and takes Yoongi’s hand.

“And?” he asks, giving Yoongi’s hand an encouraging squeeze. Yoongi swallows.

“And, uh, y’know how the sun is really hot in summer?”

“Are you calling me hot Yoongi?” Hoseok grins devilishly.

“No- I mean, yes-,” he rushes out and huffs when Hoseok cackles loudly, “but also you make me… feel warm. Sometimes I feel too warm around you, actually.”

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” Hoseok teases, pulling Yoongi by the hand so their shoulders bump. They turn the corner onto the main street of the city.

“Way to ruin the mood.”

“What?” Hoseok sounds incredulous, “I think I  enhanced  the mood, don’t you think? Aren’t you gonna romance me, hyung?”

Yoongi lets out a frustrated noise and slaps at him, pushing Hoseok who stumbles and laughs. He stuffs his hands in his jacket pockets stubbornly.

“This date was a mistake,” he grumbles, feigning annoyance. Hoseok catches up with him and wraps an arm around his middle.

“Oh come on, don’t pout. I think it’s sweet you see me like that,” Hoseok nuzzles into his neck. Yoongi bristles, unaccustomed to being touched so openly in public. Hoseok was already pretty touchy before but now that they’re on an official date, it’s like the floodgates have opened. Yoongi is overwhelmed but he doesn’t hate it. By the time they make it to the karaoke shop, Hoseok’s managed to squirrel his hand into the back pocket of Yoongi’s tight skinny jeans.

The host eyes them curiously as they buy the keys to their room and head down the hall. Yoongi had the urge to ask her if she had a problem but he keeps it in, not wanting to ruin their date over a stranger giving them the stink eye. In their room, Hoseok immediately picks up the menu and flips to the drink menu.

“Soju and beer?” he asks, looking up at Yoongi, who’s scrolling through the song selection.

“Yeah. Order some food too. Whatever you want,” he replies. Hoseok calls in their order and joins Yoongi on the couch, who’s still trying to find a song.

“Can you sing?” Yoongi asks, glancing over to him.

“I can hold a note. What about you?”

“I sound like a dying animal.”

Hoseok snorts, “but you still wanted to come here.”

“Don’t gotta be good to have fun.”

Yoongi picks a song - a ballad of all things - and grabs the mic off the little table in front of him. He stands and holds the mic to his mouth, taking in a meaningful breath and setting his face into a solemn expression as he waits for the opening instrumental to finish. Hoseok holds his hand to his mouth, trying to stifle a laugh at Yoongi’s apparent sincerity right after saying how badly he sings.

The song begins and at first Yoongi seems to be genuinely trying. His voice is low and out of tune, but it’s nothing awful. Hoseok leans forward to watch him with an amused but confused look on his face. As the song build to the climax, Yoongi ramps up the dramatics, holding the mic far from his face and belting out the chorus as loud and atonal as he can make it.

Hoseok screams and falls on his back on the couch in laughter, clapping at Yoongi’s performance. Yoongi puts a foot up on the table and bends over himself, putting in as much exaggerated emotion as he can into the song as he continues. He turns his head to look at Hoseok who is still cackling at him from the couch, tears in his eyes. Yoongi smiles, big and gummy, eyes curving into little crescents as he finishes the song. He gives a dramatic bow before sitting back down on the couch where Hoseok is taking up most of, still giggling on his back.

“Oh my god,” he says, breathless and wipes his eyes as he sits up, “that was great.”

“I could be an idol, huh?”

“Oh yeah,” he snorts, “you’ll be the next Nam Jin.”

There’s a knock at the door to their room and the host pokes her head in with their order. She comes in and sets the tray down checking to see if either boy needs anything before leaving. Hoseok takes over making their drinks, pouring beer in glasses, then a shot of soju in each, mixing with a spoon. Yoongi looks over their tray of finger foods: potstickers, meat skewers and kimchi pancakes. He picks up a skewer to bite into.

“A little hungry were you,” Yoongi asks sarcastically as he chews.

“I’m a growing boy.”

Hoseok passes Yoongi his drink, who takes it with a little smile before taking a sip. They eat and drink together while Hoseok looks through the list of songs. He gulps down some of his drink and sets his glass on the table before sitting back on the couch, resting his now free hand on Yoongi’s knee, thumb rubbing almost imperceptibly. Yoongi tries not to choke on the potsticker he was eating.

“Fast-paced or slow,” Hoseok asks, breaking the silence but just making Yoongi’s situation worse. What was it with him and innuendos? Maybe Yoongi just needs to get his head out of the gutter. He coughs and has to drink and clear his throat before responding.

“What,” he croaks, looking over at Hoseok, whose expression is mischievous, like he knew exactly how he sounded with that question.

“The song. Should I do a ballad like you?”

“No, uh. Pick something… upbeat,” he says, just a little suspicious.

Hoseok chooses a poppy song by a girl group Yoongi never really listened to. He knows the song well enough, though, since it had been on the radio for months after its release. Hoseok grabs the mic and circles around the table to face Yoongi, not needing to watch the lyrics scroll by on the screen. It’s clear he knows the song, and he knows it intimately, because the moment it starts, not only does Hoseok sing along, but he breaks out in well-practiced choreography.

Yoongi stares in awe. Hoseok knows every word and every move, moving exactly how the girls would. It stirs something up in the pit of Yoongi’s stomach to watch Hoseok flip between cutesy hand gestures and sensual body rolls seamlessly. He gulps down the rest of his beer to try and shake it away, but Hoseok really doesn’t make it easy with the way he’s looking at him. His eyes are so different when he’s dancing. Usually they’re bright and alert but now they’re dark and sharp, staring Yoongi down. He ends his performance with a finishing move and a wink to his audience. The music fades away until the only sound in the room is from Hoseok, who’s catching his breath.

“Wow, that was…” Yoongi starts, “you had a whole damn dance ready. Way to show me up.”

“We like to learn idol group choreos for fun at the studio,” he replies, finishing his drink, “you like it?”

“God yeah,” Yoongi blurts out, “fuck. I mean, yeah, I wasn’t expecting  that  much of a show.”

Hoseok joins him on the couch, sitting close. He leans in to nose Yoongi’s cheek. “You can be honest, Yoongi. You thought it was hot, didn’t you?”

“... Maybe,” Yoongi turns his head so their lips meet, “I thought I was gonna explode from how you were looking at me.”

“Good. That’s what I wanted.”

“Jesus, Hoseok,” he breathes before getting caught in a kiss. Hoseok pulls away too soon, grinning as he grabs the remote to pick another song. Yoongi makes a small frustrated noise, reminded of when he did the same thing the day they first kissed. He’s sure Hoseok gets off on being a tease.

They spend the rest of their allotted time singing and mildly flirting, sometimes using the songs they choose as an excuse. They even do a duet together, Yoongi screeching through the song and Hoseok trying to keep his voice steady through his laughter. A few more songs and another soju and beer under their belt ends the night with the two of them warm and fuzzy around the edges. They’re hardly buzzed but it was just enough alcohol for Yoongi to let his guard down. His cheeks are warm and Hoseok is warm and he feels good. They walk back to their apartment building holding hands again.

“I like this,” Yoongi says quietly, lifting their hands up to show their laced fingers. He drops them and their arms swing a little from the force. He looks up at Hoseok, then ahead of them down the dark sidewalk, “you have fun?”

“I had a blast! Best date I’ve had in awhile.”

“Yeah, me too. Honestly I don’t think I’ve had fun like this in a really long time. I think I needed it.”

“Sweet,” Hoseok squeezes his hand and falls quiet for a minute before continuing, “... I want to do this again… And again, and again. If you catch my drift.”

Suddenly Yoongi is acutely aware of how sweaty his hand is and wants to pull away, but Hoseok is holding it so steadily. His heart is somehow in his throat and bouncing around in his stomach at the same time and he feels a little sick.



“It’s alright, we don’t have to. Just wanted to, y’know, but it’s no big deal,” Hoseok says with a smile, but he starts pulling his hand out of Yoongi’s grip.

“No-” he catches his hand and holds it there, “that’s not it. You’re serious?”

Hoseok looks at him with a puzzled expression, “why wouldn’t I be? I like you. I’d like to try, at least.”

Yoongi huffs out a laugh, “you make it sound so easy. I’ve spent so much time wondering if you like me or miss me and you just… Say it so casually like it’s obvious. I don’t even have to ask, you just  say  it.”

“I’m just being honest. It’s easy to be honest, you just gotta say it,” he replies simply.

“Yeah that’s the hard part.”

Hoseok hums thoughtfully and rubs Yoongi’s thumb with his own. Yoongi sighs and rests his head on his shoulder as they walk. It’s a little awkward and his head bounces a little with their steps but he doesn’t care. Hoseok pulls his hand away and slides it across Yoongi’s back to rest on his hip.

“... I like you, too,” he says finally and Hoseok squeezes his hip in response, “I wanna try too. Being together. Officially, I mean.”

They pause on the sidewalk for a moment, Hoseok grinning brightly and pulling him into a kiss. Yoongi hooks his arms around hisshoulders and presses up into it. Hoseok’s hand slips under his shirt and he runs his thumb across the skin there. His fingers are a little cold from the night air and it sends a shiver up Yoongi’s spine.

“See what you get for being honest?” Hoseok asks, smiling against Yoongi’s lips. Yoongi nods, returning the smile. “And since we’re being honest, I have something else I want to tell you.”

“Okay,” Yoongi looks up at him. They’re so close that his eyes cross a little. Hoseok’s expression turns dark as he moves to speak low in Yoongi’s ear.

“I’ve been thinking about fucking you for weeks.”

Yoongi’s throat goes dry. He closes his eyes as a jolt of arousal hits him. When he opens them again, Hoseok has pulled away, the darkness around them making his expression look almost predatory.

“How do you feel about that?”

“Yes,” Yoongi replies dumbly and it makes Hoseok laugh. He takes Yoongi’s hand and they continue their walk home.

Yoongi’s in a daze, in shock and turned on at the same time. They walk in silence the rest of the way home, which gives him plenty of time to get lost in his thoughts and get half hard from the anticipation alone. By the time they’re halfway up the stairs of their building, Yoongi stops them to make out on the landing. They’re up against the wall and he presses his hips against Hoseok’s thigh, who groans at the feeling of Yoongi’s erection in his tight pants. His hands travel from Yoongi’s waist to his ass, giving it a rough squeeze. Yoongi rewards him by pressing his palm onto Hoseok’s groin, then kissing down his neck when his head tips back against the wall and he huffs out a breath. He reaches between them and grabs Yoongi’s wrist.

“C’mon,” he says, voice rough, and leads them up the rest of the stairs, making a b-line for his own apartment. Hoseok fumbles with the keys a little, swearing when he almost drops them from Yoongi pushing his hands up his shirt and running his nails down his back.

The door is unlocked and slammed a little too hard when Hoseok pulls Yoongi inside, crashing into him to kiss hungrily against it. The air doesn’t get knocked out of him but the impact makes him gasp against Hoseok’s mouth. They blindly kick their shoes off and Hoseok pulls Yoongi by the front of his jacket down the hall to his room. He’s walking backwards and stumbles a little, making them giggle. Yoongi’s hands are roaming all over him, trying to grab everything they can. He pulls at the button on Hoseok’s jeans when they pause for a moment to open the door, neglecting to close it when they push through. Hoseok pulls him into a biting kiss, pulling a groan from Yoongi’s throat, before pushing him to fall back on the bed and crawling on his hands and knees on top of him.

“Fuck,” Yoongi gasps, back arching when Hoseok pushes up his shirt and rolls a nipple under his thumb, mouth latched to his neck. It’s going to leave a mark but he really could care less right now. He pulls at Hoseok’s shirt and encourages him to take it off, taking the chance to feel his perfect chest once it’s bare. Lit only by the moon and streetlights from outside his window, Hoseok’s body looks way better than Yoongi’s imagination had ever supplied. Hoseok sits back on his heels and Yoongi follows, sitting up to shuck off his jacket and shirt between heated kisses.

Hoseok takes his turn to run his hands over Yoongi’s body, starting from his neck, pausing at his chest to squeeze lightly, then resting on the softness of his belly. It embarrasses him a little that he’s not as toned and sculpted as Hoseok’s dancer body is, especially now that Hoseok’s hands are there and making him acutely aware of it. They slip further down and chase any self-conscious thoughts from Yoongi’s mind, pulling his jeans open. Any pressure he felt against his erection from the fabric of his pants is only relieved for a second before Hoseok’s hand slides into his briefs to grip him. Yoongi’s eyes close and he lets his head loll to the side enjoying himself for the moment as Hoseok jerks him off slowly and kisses up his jaw to his ear.

“lay down,” says Hoseok with a nip to Yoongi’s earlobe, rolling his earring with his tongue. Yoongi shivers and falls back on the bed, sighing when Hoseok kisses down his body, mimicking the dreams he’s had about him all these weeks. Hoseok pulls his jeans and briefs off at the same time, kissing Yoongi’s inner thigh and knee as he works them off all the way. Yoongi pulls his knees up and plants his feet on the bed, looking up at Hoseok. He feels exposed under his scrutiny and blushes when Hoseok smiles down at him fondly.

“You’re so pretty like this,” Hoseok says softly, running his hands down Yoongi’s inner thighs and opening them wider, then taking his dick in one hand and squeezing lightly. A quiet “ah” falls from Yoongi’s lips and his hips lift to his touch. Hoseok’s other hand slips between his legs and he presses his thumb against Yoongi’s perineum, sending a wave of pleasure through his body. He rubs that spot and pumps his other hand slowly, making Yoongi squirm, then continues his thought, “you’ll be even prettier with a dick in you, baby…”

Yoongi moans at the thought and nods, lifting his hips again, wanting to be touched more. Hoseok’s hands leave him momentarily so he can crawl up the bed and fish out a bottle of lube and a condom from the bedside table. He returns and settles between Yoongi’s legs, pulling him by the hips until his ass is resting on his thighs for easier access. He pours some lube on two of his fingers and rubs them together with his thumb to warm it up a little. Leaning over Yoongi’s body, he slides his slick fingers over his hole and moves in for a kiss. Yoongi’s legs open more, pulling up to his chest as they kiss. Just the feeling of Hoseok’s fingers rubbing and pressing on his hole is driving him a little crazy. He tries to move his hips for more, even though he’s trapped under his body, and sucks on Hoseok’s bottom lip, kissing sloppily.

Hoseok presses a finger in slowly, making Yoongi’s breath hitch, head falling back on the bed. Hoseok’s fingers are long but Yoongi never realized just how long until now, pushing in up to the knuckle and pulling out, starting up a rhythm and opening him up slowly. Hoseok moves down Yoongi’s chest and sucks a nipple, picking up the pace a little and crooking his finger inside him. Yoongi’s hand flies to Hoseok’s head, tangling his fingers in his hair as his breath picks up.

“God, Hoseok-” he says, cutting himself off with another moan when Hoseok bites down and sucks. He curls his fingers in Hoseok’s hair and tugs lightly, which makes him groan around Yoongi’s nipple. Hoseok lifts his head to look up at him, dragging his tongue over his nipple, eyes dark and penetrating. Yoongi bites his lip at the sight.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking hot,” Yoongi breathes out, head dropping on the bed again, eyes closed, “unbelievable…”

Hoseok rewards his confession with a second finger, pushing both of them in to the last knuckle and holding them there, letting Yoongi adjust to the pressure, before starting back up again, building up to a steady rhythm. He covers Yoongi’s chest in kisses and bites, making Yoongi hiss in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Hoseok makes his way back up to the hickey he made earlier and licks it before sucking the sensitive skin there. Yoongi cries out and clenches around Hoseok’s fingers, panting desperately. Hoseok pecks the hickey in apology and kisses him instead.

“You ever finger yourself while thinking about me?” Hoseok asks, accentuating the question by curling his fingers inside him.

“Ye- ah,” Yoongi groans, “a lot. Thought about you fucking me...”

Hoseok hums and sits back to pour a little more lube on his fingers while they’re still inside. It’s cold and Yoongi’s hips jerk involuntarily at the sensation. Hoseok swipes the excess up and uses it to jerk Yoongi off as he presses a third finger in. Yoongi grips the sheets and makes a strangled noise.

“Can’t wait to be inside you, baby,” Hoseok’s voice is a low rumble, “you want it?”

“Mmn, yes...,” Yoongi says and rolls his hips down onto Hoseok’s fingers, groaning when he thrusts them a few times, “really want it…”

Hoseok’s fingers pull out and Yoongi whines quietly, more disappointed with the feeling of emptiness than he thought he’d be. He drops his legs and props himself up on an elbow to watch Hoseok push his pants down and grip himself. He’s already pretty hard so it doesn’t take long for him to work himself up. Hoseok carefully rips the condom foil open with his teeth and rolls it on, pouring on some lube and stroking himself to spread it around. He takes Yoongi’s legs and holds them together up to his chest with one arm and lines himself up, rubbing the head of his dick over his hole.

“You want it that bad?” he asks, “what do you say?”

“Fuck-” Yoongi tries to push up for more but Hoseok holds him in place. He groans, “please, Hoseok… Fuck me, please.”

“That’s a good boy,” he says, pushing in slowly, groaning breathlessly at the tightness around him. Yoongi’s back arches, air caught in his chest as he’s opened up agonizingly slow.

Hoseok bottoms out and pauses to catch his breath, shifting Yoongi’s legs so his ankles rest on his shoulders. Yoongi pants and squirms. He feels so full and he can hardly think straight, mind clouded with pleasure. It’s the best he’s felt in years.

“Please, Seok,” he pants, “need you to move…”

He does, going slow at first so he doesn’t hurt him, but Yoongi can tell how bad he wants to go harder. For all the control he has right now, he’s making sure Yoongi’s okay with every move he makes, holding himself back until Yoongi’s ready. He speeds up gradually and groans as he looks down at Yoongi, whose dark hair is bouncing in the moonlight.

“God, you feel so fucking good, baby,” Hoseok says, turning his face to kiss the side of Yoongi’s knee, “look so good spread out under me.”

Yoongi whines, finding that he loves the pet name more every time he hears it. He pulls his arms up to rest above his head.

“More,” he says, “fuck me harder…”

Hoseok moans and his hips snap into him, causing Yoongi’s body to shift a little on the bed and he yelps in surprise. He brings his legs down to hook his ankles around Hoseok’s middle, giving Hoseok the opportunity to hold his hips and fuck into him harder. Yoongi’s hands shoot up to press against the headboard for something to hold onto and keep him from getting jostled up the bed too much. His breath comes out in harsh gasps, like he can’t get enough in his lungs before it’s forced out from another thrust inside him.

It feels amazing. Yoongi never wants this to end. Hoseok slows and steadies his rhythm just long enough for Yoongi to catch his breath before fucking into him hard and fast again, knocking the air back out all over again. He can’t help it when he starts moaning loudly, voice getting cut off with every thrust. Usually Yoongi holds back in bed, embarrassed when he’s loud, but he feels too good. Hoseok knows what he’s doing, knows just how to roll his hips and fill him up, make him cry out and beg for more.

It seems to stir something in Hoseok too because he leans over Yoongi, hands planted on either side of his chest. He groans and swears, head hanging above him. Yoongi tightens his legs around Hoseok’s back, literally the only other thing keeping his ass suspended above the bed aside from Hoseok’s thighs. In this new position, Hoseok is somehow able to get even deeper and Yoongi chokes when he slams into him.

“Ah-,” Yoongi gasps, gripping one of Hoseok’s arms, “gonna… W-wanna cum, Seok!”

Hoseok slams into him hard and Yoongi lets out a sobbing moan, hands scrabbling to hold onto Hoseok’s shoulders. Then Hoseok’s hand is on his dick, spreading the precum that had pooled on his belly to slick him up. Yoongi arches into his hand, desperate, wanting to feel even better. Hoseok pumps his hand in time with his thrusts and Yoongi thinks his eyes might roll all the way back into his head. He slides his hands up into Hoseok’s hair and grips tightly, feeling a ball of pleasure build in him. His head and body feel so light, like he could float away if he wasn’t being held down by Hoseok above him right now.

“C’mon, baby,” Hoseok says with a grunt, voice shaky like he’s about to come undone himself, “wanna see how pretty you are when you cum for me.”

Yoongi gasps and squeezes his eyes shut, driven over the edge. His body stiffens and he cums hard, clenching around Hoseok still deep in him. Hoseok’s hips stutter and he moans, jerking Yoongi through his orgasm. Yoongi’s twitching and his body goes limp as he comes down, letting Hoseok continue to fuck him, chasing his own orgasm. He brings his hand up from between them and bites his lip, deciding to press two cum-covered fingers into Yoongi’s mouth. It’s unexpected but Yoongi accepts them, sucking them clean. It seems to be doing the exactly what Hoseok had hoped because he sounds like he’s close. Yoongi moans around his fingers and takes hold of Hoseok’s hand, pulling his fingers out and licking across his palm, cleaning off his hand, then pulling his thumb into his mouth to suck on it.

Yoongi looks up at him and Hoseok’s watching him with wide eyes, mouth hanging open. He licks over Hoseok’s thumb in his mouth, circling it around, and that seems to do it. Hoseok bites down on his lip and thrusts deep, cumming with a long moan, fucking through it. Yoongi releases Hoseok’s hand and turns his head into the pillow, humming as Hoseok’s hips slow to a stop and he pants above him.

“Fuck…” Hoseok says, breathless.

“You’re telling me,” Yoongi reaches up and runs a hand through Hoseok’s hair, smiling when he makes a small noise and leans into it, “you fucked my brains out.”

Hoseok pulls out after another few seconds of catching his breath and takes off the condom, tying it off. He slides off the bed and tucks himself back into his boxers, kicking his jeans off the rest of the way. When he makes his way out to the hall where the bathroom is, he’s wobbly and almost falls once. Yoongi chuckles, watching him. Hoseok returns with a wet cloth and closes the door behind him softly, climbing back into bed to clean Yoongi up.

“I can do it,” Yoongi says, sitting up, but Hoseok just shakes his head.

“It’s alright. Let me,” he runs the cloth over Yoongi’s face first, wiping away any sweat and excess cum from earlier. It makes Yoongi’s face heat up, blushing from how sweet this feels. Then he makes his way down Yoongi’s body, making sure to smooth over the bites and hickeys peppered over his neck and chest. Yoongi winces a little at the more sensitive ones but it’s not the worst feeling in the world. Hoseok wipes the cloth over his dick and belly gently and cleans off the lube from his ass. Yoongi feels absolutely pampered and he’s not sure how to handle it. He just sits there and lets Hoseok clean him up with such care, his face on fire and heart wanting to escape his chest.

Hoseok leans over and sets the cloth on the nightstand to be dealt with later. He sits back and pulls Yoongi into a kiss, one hand on his cheek. It’s soft and nice and completely opposite from what they’d just been doing. Yoongi sighs into it.

“How’re you feeling,” Hoseok asks him, “wasn’t too rough, was I?”

Yoongi shakes his head, “God no, it was… So good. I’ll be sore tomorrow but it was so worth it.”  

Hoseok smiles and kisses him again. Yoongi thinks he’ll never get tired of this. The a/c kicks on somewhere in the room and blows cold air across his skin. He shivers, remembering that he’s still naked.

“Cold,” Yoongi says, “I should get dressed.”

“Do you wanna stay over?” Hoseok asks. Yoongi looks up at him like he’d never even considered it for some reason.

“Can I?”

“Yeah. I wanna cuddle you,” Hoseok says simply like he always does. He slips off the bed and walks over to the dresser across the room to rummage in it, “I’ve got a couple sleep shirts in here you should be able to wear.”

Yoongi pulls the sheets over him while he waits and watches Hoseok remove his boxers, revealing his cute ass, then pull on a new pair and a tank top. He brings Yoongi a big baggy t-shirt and a clean pair of boxers as well.

“I think you should fit. We’re not too different in size,” he says.

Yoongi gets out of bed to dress and almost falls once he realizes how weak his legs are. Hoseok catches him and laughs, letting Yoongi hold his hand for balance as he pulls the boxers up. He sits on the edge of the bed and puts the shirt on. It’s oversized and the neck hole hangs low on his chest, but it’s loose and comfortable.

“I can barely stand, holy shit,” Yoongi says with a laugh, “I think you broke me.”

“Looks like I’ll have to kiss it better,” Hoseok crawls into bed and shimmies under the covers, pulling Yoongi by the wrist to join him. Yoongi curls up against him and sighs, smiling when Hoseok kisses into his hair and down his face. He’s happy. Hoseok is warm and sweet and  sexy  and he wants Yoongi. He still can’t really believe it, even after tonight, after everything. Yoongi’s never felt as wanted as he does right now, showered with kisses and an arm around his waist.

Yoongi isn’t sure at what point he fell asleep, but the next thing he knows, the sun is out and his back is being rubbed softly by Hoseok, who’s already awake. Yoongi nuzzles into his neck and hums sleepily. He’s never been fast at waking up, but this is far more pleasant than an alarm blaring in his ear. He’s almost asleep again when he feels a kiss near his ear.

“Wake up, baby,” Hoseok whispers, “I’ll make us coffee.”

“Mmh,” Yoongi smiles against Hoseok’s neck and mumbles something incoherent.

“Try again,” Hoseok laughs.

“... Like it when you call me baby,” Yoongi says, words slurring in his sleep.

“Aaah!” Hoseok yells and rolls Yoongi onto his back to cover his face in kisses, “you’re so cute!”

He has so much energy already it’s a little overwhelming, but Yoongi giggles sleepily. He wraps his arms around Hoseok’s shoulders lazily and enjoys the attention. Hoseok slides his hand up Yoongi’s baggy shirt and rests on his belly, making Yoongi wiggle under his touch.

Yoongi hums and shifts to pull his leg up to press between Hoseok’s legs. Even though he’s still half asleep, Yoongi is happy to fool around a little. He’d be a liar if he said he never thought about morning sex with Hoseok, warm and fuzzy from sleep. Hoseok rolls his hips down against his thigh, rutting lazily.

Yoongi can feel as Hoseok gets hard through the thin fabric of his boxers against the bare skin of his thigh. He licks the inside of Hoseok’s mouth, who groans softly. Yoongi pushes his thigh up against him for more pressure and his own dick twitches when he feels how warm and solid Hoseok feels. He swallows when the idea of how it would feel in his mouth pops into his head.

“Seokie,” he says quietly, voice still a little rough from sleep.


“Wanna blow you.”

“Shit…” Hoseok rests his forehead on Yoongi’s and takes a breath, “I forgot how straightforward you can be in the morning.”

“I wanna return the favor from last night,” Yoongi runs his hands through Hoseok’s soft hair, dragging his nails over his scalp, “you made me feel so good.”

Hoseok groans. He seems to really like hands in his hair. Yoongi takes note of that and files it away for later.

“The feeling’s mutual honestly,” Hoseok says and grinds down on Yoongi’s thigh, “but I’m not gonna say no to morning head.”

“I like to think I’m pretty good,” Yoongi says and pushes Hoseok gently so he rolls over onto his back, switching places, “even first thing in the morning.”

Hoseok grins up at him, running his hands down Yoongi’s torso. Yoongi decides he loves Hoseok’s smile. His whole face lights up despite clearly being aroused in this moment. He pushes Yoongi’s shirt up for the hell of it, just to touch him, palms flat against his back.

Yoongi kisses him and slides his hand past the waistband on Hoseok’s boxers, pulling his dick out and stroking slowly. Hoseok smiles against his lips and moans softly. Yoongi sucks on Hoseok’s bottom lip, pulling it out and letting pop back as he pulls away to settle between his legs.

He shimmies Hoseok’s boxers off and tosses them blindly to the floor, then starts running his hands over Hoseok’s thighs. His hands touch everywhere but Hoseok’s dick and Yoongi gets a groan of frustration for it. He smirks, ghosting his fingers over the shaft, teasing him. Hoseok, who’s propped up on his elbows to watch him, lets his head fall back as he huffs.

“Sit still for me,” Yoongi says, holding his hips in place when Hoseok tries to lift them, wanting more, “let me take care of you.”

Hoseok grunts but tries to keep still. Yoongi kisses the inside of one of his thighs. He gets dangerously close to his dick before switching to the other thigh, then kissing the soft, sensitive skin on his pelvis.

“Yoongi…” Hoseok whines, getting impatient.

Yoongi, being merciful, curls his fingers around Hoseok’s dick and pumps slowly. Hoseok relaxes with a sigh, then moans when Yoongi kisses the tip. Yoongi starts slow, kissing and sucking down the shaft, then licking a stripe back up to wrap his mouth around the head.

He bobs his head shallowly, getting accustomed to the feeling of Hoseok in his mouth, and damn if it isn’t euphoric. He’s not too big or small, but he fills Yoongi’s mouth perfectly. He pulls off to kiss the tip again, running his tongue over the hole.

Hoseok’s breath catches in his throat as he watches Yoongi focus all his efforts on the head of his dick. Surely it’s quite the sight. Yoongi’s lips are shiny with spit as he kisses and sucks and circles his tongue around it.

“Mmf, look up at me, baby,” he says, reaching down to touch Yoongi’s cheek. Yoongi lifts his head, looking up through his lashes, lips puckered on the head. Hoseok bites his lip and rubs his thumb over Yoongi’s cheek, “damn, how is everything you do so hot…”

Yoongi smiles around the head and dips his head down, sinking further. He picks up the pace, bobbing faster and trying to push deeper. Hoseok groans, eyes fluttering closed and he sinks down onto the bed, unable to keep steady on his elbows anymore. He reaches down and pushes his hand into Yoongi’s hair, tugging lightly. Yoongi lets out a pleased hum in response, voice vibrating through Hoseok’s dick, making him squirm.

Yoongi sucks as he pulls off again, lips making a wet pop when they release from him. He kisses a trail down the shaft to Hoseok’s balls, sucking one in and rolling it in his mouth. He moans and sucks on the other ball before moving back up to lap at the sensitive spot right under the head. Yoongi reaches down between his own legs to grip himself, jerking inside his boxers.

“Ah- fuck, Yoongi,” Hoseok pants, grip tightening in Yoongi’s hair, “your mouth feels so go- od…”


“You like suckin’ dick, baby?”

“Mhm…” Yoongi sucks on the head, getting lost in how Hoseok feels and tastes. He pumps the base of Hoseok’s dick with his free hand, “like yours the most.”

Hoseok twitches in his hand and he moans. He directs Yoongi’s mouth back on him, making him sink down as far as he can and holding him there. Yoongi swallows around him and whines, breathing shallowly through his nose. He closes his eyes and drowns in the feeling of Hoseok filling his mouth out, the all too familiar feeling of his orgasm building as he jerks himself quickly.

Hoseok’s hand releases him and Yoongi comes up for air, spit dripping from his lip. He takes a few breaths before going back down, bobbing and sucking hungrily. The noises from Yoongi’s mouth sound absolutely obscene from how wet with spit Hoseok’s dick is. Hoseok’s legs draw up and he tries to lift his hips into Yoongi’s mouth more, but Yoongi holds him down. Above him, Yoongi hears Hoseok make a frustrated noise that mingles with his hard breathing. He paws at Yoongi’s hair, clenching and unclenching his fist in it.

“Close-” Hoseok gasps, trying to pull out, “Yoongi, I’m-!”

Yoongi moans deep around him and keeps at it, pushing as far down as he can, almost to the base. Hoseok’s hands latch to Yoongi’s head and he jerks up into Yoongi’s mouth, cumming and filling him up.

Yoongi takes in a breath through his nose and does his best to swallow as much he can. The taste of Hoseok coats every inch of his mouth and throat and it makes his head spin a little. He pulls off, cum dribbling down his chin, and looks up at Hoseok, whose blissed out expression darkens just a little at the sight of Yoongi’s messy mouth. Yoongi licks his lips clean, then does the same for Hoseok’s dick.

“Ah,” Hoseok twitches, sensitive. He watches Yoongi diligently clean him up with his tongue like it’s the best thing he’s tasted in years. It gets to be too much after a few moments and he reaches out for him. “Baby, come here.”

Yoongi looks back up to see arms stretched out for him. He wipes his mouth and crawls up to meet him, getting scooped into a tight hug. Hoseok nuzzles his cheek and reaches down to palm Yoongi’s erection through his boxers. He’s already pretty close to orgasm already, and it builds up faster this time with someone else touching him. He presses his face into the crook of Hoseok’s neck and groans softly. Hoseok kisses his hair and nips the shell of Yoongi’s ear. Shivers run down Yoongi’s spine, breath picking up. Hoseok’s stroking him through the fabric and licking his ear, driving Yoongi’s orgasm until he’s cumming, panting against Hoseok’s neck and making a mess of his underwear. He flops back on the bed with a smile on his face, leaving his legs to rest across Hoseok’s lap.

“Still want that coffee?” Hoseok asks and Yoongi hums in reply.

“Please,” he says, “I’ll die without caffeine.”

Hoseok chuckles and pats Yoongi’s belly, sliding out from under his legs and off the bed, pulling on a pair of sweatpants from his dresser. Yoongi sits up and stretches, looking for his discarded underwear on the floor. Hoseok leaves for the kitchen while Yoongi finishes getting dressed, opting to just leave the baggy sleep shirt on. He pads out to the living room, fluffing his hair so it looks less bed head-y and more purposely messy.

Now that he’s more familiar with Hoseok, he feels far less alien in his apartment, giving him the courage to explore the… Eclectic decoration of Hoseok’s living room. Nothing matches, it’s almost chaos, but it also works somehow. Some items are bright and almost childish, like little vinyl figurines on the shelf, and others are earth-toned like the afghan on the couch, which is also sporting some weird pattern, like it’d been a hand-me-down from family.


That’s not Hoseok’s voice.

Yoongi sets down a little limestone elephant he was looking at and turns around to see another boy, blonde, just about his height. His eyes travel down from Yoongi’s face, to the mark on Yoongi’s neck and to the shirt he’s wearing, then over to the kitchen where Hoseok is making their coffee. He turns back to look at Yoongi, giving him the sweetest smile he’s ever seen.

“Good morning,” he says with a voice high and lilting, “I’m Jimin, Hobi’s roommate.”

“Oh. I’m Yoongi. I’m…” Yoongi pauses. They’re boyfriends now, right?

“I know who you are. You’re our neighbor, right?”

Yoongi blinks in shock. He didn’t even consider Hoseok would have a roommate, even though their apartments are both two-bedrooms. Hoseok just always seemed to be the type to have his own place. He nods at Jimin dumbly.

“It’s nice to finally meet you,” he says, “Hobi-hyung talks about you all the time. I was wondering when he’d stop worrying and get you in bed.”

“Uh,” Yoongi glances over to the doorway to the kitchen, wondering if Hoseok can hear this conversation, “he was worried?”

“Yeah. He said you clammed up around him a lot. He couldn’t tell if you were just shy or… y’know. Straight,” Jimin says, grin turning mischievous, “judging from what I heard last night I’m gonna bet on shy.”

Yoongi blanches, the vague memory that they didn’t close the door when they stumbled into Hoseok’s room last night surfacing in his mind.

“Fuck, sorry,” he says, his face heating up. Thankfully, Hoseok appears in the doorway with two mugs of coffee and a smile.

“Oh, Jiminie! I thought I heard someone in here,” he walks over and hands Yoongi a mug, “You and Yoongi getting to know each other?”

“Oh yeah, he’s as sweet as a  baby .”

Yoongi chokes on his coffee and coughs. Hoseok’s eyes widen and he sputters, cheeks flushing.


“What,” Jimin’s giggling, amused that he got both of them so flustered, “not my fault you left your door wide open so the whole world can hear!”

“As if you and Tae haven’t done the same thing! Keeping me up at night when you know we  both  have to be at the studio in the morning,” Hoseok huffs but he doesn’t seem that angry. Jimin glares at him and puffs his already soft cheeks out at him. It’s honestly kind of adorable and Yoongi can’t help but smile behind his mug.

“... Touché,” Jimin says, narrowing his eyes. He takes in a breath and lets it out in a puff, “well, I’ll let you two love birds enjoy your morning. Nice meeting you, Yoongi-ssi.”

Jimin gives them a little wave and a wink, leaving them for the kitchen. Hoseok takes Yoongi’s hand and leads them to sit on the couch, snuggling up close and sipping his coffee.

“He’s… Nice,” Yoongi says, reaching one hand out to pull Hoseok’s into his lap and play with his fingers absently. He sees Hoseok smile out of the corner of his eye.

“He’s a brat and he knows it,” Hoseok stretches his fingers out and wiggles them against Yoongi’s playfully, “he’s a good kid though. Plus I have way more dirt on him so he can try to embarrass me all he wants, I can bet you I got something worse.”

Yoongi chuckles and flattens his hand against Hoseok’s palm. Their hands match pretty closely in size, but Hoseok’s is way nicer; smooth, soft skin and long elegant fingers. They’re about as gorgeous as everything else about Hoseok. Yoongi’s hands are rough and veiny with big knuckles and fucked up nails because he still can’t kick his nail biting habit.

They’re the complete opposite of each other. Yoongi frowns slightly at the thought. They really are. Not just their hands, but  them . Hoseok is bright and loud and talented and so, so beautiful. He’s radiant, like the sun, and Yoongi… He feels like a gloomy cloud in comparison; dark and heavy, always on the verge of releasing a downpour and scaring the sun away. He wonders if it could work out, if they would fit, despite being so different.

“Yoongi?” Hoseok asks, tilting his head in Yoongi’s direction. He curls his fingers up and laces them between Yoongi’s, “whatcha thinking about?”

“You,” he admits, looking down at their hands, “this. It’s real, right? Not some dream I’m about to wake up from? Because nothing ever goes this smoothly.”

Hoseok barks out a laugh and hits Yoongi’s thigh with their clasped hands, “I sure hope it’s not! You should really stop worrying so much - do you think I’m gonna disappear or something?”


“I’m not going anywhere, Yoongi,” Hoseok squeezes their hands as if to prove a point, “not unless you want me to.”

“I don’t,” he looks up and worries his lip, “I like you. I like this. It’s good.”

“Then you’re stuck with me,” Hoseok smiles cutely and his little dimples appear.

“So… Boyfriends?” Yoongi asks. He knows they sort of said it last night but he wants to hear the word and know for sure.

“What about husbands?” he asks, laughing when Yoongi’s jaw drops and he freezes, “kidding, kidding. Boyfriend is perfect.”

Yoongi’s pout gets melted away when Hoseok leans over and kisses him. He sighs, feeling content. He lets himself think he could really be happy despite all his worry. In the following months, Hoseok still has to reassure Yoongi occasionally that he’s going to stay, but it gets easier and easier to believe each time.


Yoongi realizes he’s desperately, disgustingly in love with Hoseok in the Fall and has no idea how to tell him. It drives everyone they know up the wall because it’s so obvious, but he wants it to be right. Of course, Hoseok beats him to the punch, and it’s in the corniest way imaginable.

It’s late November and Yoongi is home from a long night at work, disheveled, and so tired he might pass out before he makes it inside. He shuffles into his room, dropping his messenger bag by the door and leans forward to flop on his bed when something catches his eye. He stops his fall, planting his hands on the mattress and stares out his bedroom window. Across from him, in Hoseok’s window is a giant yellow sign, taking up the whole expanse of it. It’s covered in hearts and flowers, and right in the middle reads a message:




Yoongi’s whole body runs cold, then hot, and his heart is in his throat. He stumbles out of his apartment, not even bothering to put his shoes back on and runs, almost tripping as he turns the corner. He knocks on the door to Hoseok’s apartment, praying he’s home. He’s still gasping for air, eyes wide, when the door opens and Hoseok’s there, smiling like he knew Yoongi would be there. Yoongi all but leaps into Hoseok’s arms and kisses him like his life depends on it, hands cupping his cheeks. Hoseok laughs and circles his arms around Yoongi’s middle as Yoongi repeats  I love you, I love you so much, I love you  between kisses all over his face.

It’s the last time Yoongi hesitates to do something.