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Carry Me Home

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“Blasty!” Red Riot yelled, appearing within view of the camera the news channel had managed to get into position near the tail-end of the battle between Fat Gum, his interns Red Riot, Sun Eater, and Explodo and a rising villain group no one heard the name of.

“Stop calling me that, Hair for Brains.” Explodo turned towards the redhead with a foul look, but the other young hero simply beamed through the grime on his face. “I told you my name is Explodo, dumbass!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are you okay?” Red Riot took one of Explodo’s gloved hands, checking him over for any major injuries. “You know you can’t keep running ahead of us, we’re a team remember?”

“What the fuck ever.” The foul mouth responded.

The rest of the video clip was unable to hear any more of the conversation as the two heroes-in-training lowered their voices, leaning their heads together so not even the camera could catch their lips moving.

Nothing would have been out of the ordinary until the final few seconds of the news clip, where Red Riot laughed and then kissed Explodo on the lips. There were gasps from the reporter and cameraman who watched from the helicopter and frantic “did you get that”s were just barely heard before the clip abruptly ended.

Shigaraki Tomura watched the clip again with a curl of his lips, watching Bakugou Katsuki and the redhead from All Might’s final battle as an idea started to form.


Just when Kirishima had been getting used to the reporters’ presence around school he had to be impulsive and kiss Katsuki while on a mission. Now he was hounded while on patrol with Fat Gum and the others, the reporters all demanding to know when they got together, how serious they were, if they find it difficult to be a couple and heroes at the same time and other endless questions that made the redhead wish he had a disappearing Quirk to escape from them all.

He knew Katsuki had been hounded several times over before from the attacks he had been in, but he was able to handle the reporters faster, threatening them to leave him alone. Sadly, that had one drawback as more reporters would go after Kirishima as he was the more polite one of the two.

“Is there no such thing as privacy?” He finally retorted, his shoulders up to his ears and his skin prickling with his Quirk to at least offer him some distance from the gaggle of reporters that surrounded him at all sides.

There was a collective inhale as one reporter looked to another before they exploded with negatives.

“You’re an up-and-coming hero, people will want to know everything they can about your progress.”

“Okay, okay, that’s enough.” Amajiki called, an octopus arm reaching above the crowd and plucking Kirishima up easily.

As soon as the suction cups touched him, he disabled his Quirk to not hurt his upperclassman and sighed heavily in relief. He had been getting overwhelmed by the reporters that he had been separated from Amajiki while they were in the middle of their patrol.

“You’re all obstructing a hero from keeping the streets safe. I’m going to have to politely ask you to leave us alone now before I am forced to either subdue you or call the police to deal with you.” Kirishima could hug the older teen and was even more impressed by his boost of confidence that had appeared ever since the Eight Precepts of Death raid.

He was quickly dropped once he was at Amajiki’s side, and he smiled gratefully at the upperclassman. “Thanks for that, Suneater. I thought I was never going to get away.”

The two finally began walking down the street again after half an hour of being unable to thanks to the nosy reporters. Amajiki kept one arm as a small clam shell, in case one of the reporters they left behind tried to catch up with the interns.

“This is entirely why you and Explodo can’t do patrols together anymore.” The older teen sighed. “And while I like walking with you more than the hothead, I’d still like to see a real Pro at work while I’m still in school, learning.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” Kirishima scratched the back of his head sheepishly. “You know, maybe we can try doing a patrol all together? That way we’d all be able to see a real Pro at work and Ka-Explodo wouldn’t be alone with me.”

Even though he didn’t like the babysitter relationship he got since the video of him kissing Katsuki spread like wildfire, there was nothing he could do but find compromises until things calmed down.

Amajiki hums, shrugging. “We can talk to Fat Gum about it, I guess.” But they both knew it would happen. Fat Gum was a lenient man, and everyone knew Kirishima was the only one who could effectively get Katsuki to play nice during patrols.

Smiling widely, Kirishima relaxed. “It’ll be great.” He assured the older hero-in-training, getting nothing but a hum in response.


Back at the dorm later that evening, Kirishima curled into Katsuki’s chest as they lay together on the couch, watching a new action movie. He had his hair down, so it wouldn’t “goddamn fucking itch” Katsuki’s neck or block his view of the TV.

“Aw, fuck that, it wouldn’t have been nearly that big in real life.” The blond scoffed at the screen.

“Yeah? How do you know?” Kirishima humoured him, tilting his head a bit to let the other know he was paying attention.

“The only way a bomb could go off like that, with that much destruction, it would have to have so much shit compacted into that shitty shell. But we saw how the fucker made his bombs and those are petty and weak compared.” Katsuki sounded like he was about to go off on a lecture but was cut off by Kirishima’s quiet chuckle. “The fuck are you laughing at?”

“It’s not meant to be real, Kat. If they tried to be realistic, they would have had kids and probably villains do copycat stunts that would really hurt those around them.” He reasoned, bopping the top of his head lightly against Katsuki’s chin. “It’s not meant to be real.”

He can hear Katsuki mumbling aggressively under his breath and not-entirely-gently returned the bop, shifting his position to get more comfortable. “Whatever.” He clearly grumbled.

Kirishima chuckled again quietly as he settled in to watch the rest of the movie with Katsuki, happy they had times like this where they were undisturbed by nosy reporters or classmates.

Somewhere between the main character losing their love interest to the villain and the end, Kirishima found he had fallen into a doze, waking up to a dark screen, and darker common area. He squirmed, about to stretch and get up when he felt a hand press against his stomach and pull him back, a chin soon resting on his shoulder and sleepy mumbles came from behind him. Evidently, he hadn’t been the only one to fall asleep watching the movie, but then, how did they get the blanket? Since Kirishima had become a light sleeper, he would have felt Katsuki get up to grab the nearest blanket on the next couch over, but he hadn’t felt a thing, so it would mean someone saw them both asleep and hadn’t been a dick. If he had to guess, it would have been Kaminari or Midoriya or one of the girls.

He shrugged, feeling the force of sleep mixed with the warmth Katsuki exuded pull his eyelids closed again, and Kirishima found himself falling asleep again.

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The next time they went on patrol was almost three weeks later, and during that time, Kirishima and Katsuki were able to hide away from the reporters but also get antsy to go hero-ing. So, when they got the text message from Fat Gum telling them to meet him at his office, both teens practically sighed in relief.

“Fucking finally! I thought we’d never get back out there after the fucking press cornered you, Hair for Brains.” Katsuki declared once they finished getting into their hero costumes and left their dorm. He kept checking his gloves and grenade-gauntlets. Kirishima guessed it was to see how loaded they were currently.

“Why do you keep blaming me for that! It’s not like I want those reporters cut off any chance of escape when I’m walking down the street.” Kirishima pouted.

“It’s your fault our kiss getting caught on camera, idiot.” Katsuki elbowed the redhead.

“You’re never gunna let that go, are you?” He sighed dejectedly.

“Not on your fucking life.” The blond smiled wolfishly as they reached the gates, and both were happy to see not a single reporter or cameraman waiting for them.

They reached Fat Gum’s office in record time, chatting the whole way there about anything that came to mind, meaning Katsuki complaining about something and Kirishima talking about anything.

The two had been in a relationship for a couple months, and the taped kiss had been during the first week they had been together. Kirishima had told Katsuki he had been worried something would happen to him just before kissing him to let him know he was happy they were both okay after the fight, having not seen the helicopter taking everything in below them.

Amajiki was already sitting down in Fat Gum’s office when the two got there, chatting with the Hero.

“Ah, hello, boys. Great to see you both again.” Fat Gum greeted the two, gesturing to the other seats. “I apologize for not requesting your help in the past couple weeks, I was trying to let the heat finally die down. Seems the press has moved on to bigger stories, luckily, so they should be off your backs.”

Kirishima let a breath out, relieved. “That’s good. So, what are we doing today?”

“Patrolling again. It has been pretty quiet lately, so I think it’s okay for us to work as a big team instead of pairs. It’ll be the usual perimeter first, then move inwards. Keep your eyes and ears sharp.” He reminded the three.

Soon they were out, walking casually through the streets while on the lookout for any trouble. It was like Fat Gum had said; things were pretty quiet outside a petty thief or two they caught easily.

Things were going well, and they were nearly finished their perimeter walk when things took a turn against them.

Familiar black mist appeared in the corner of Kirishima’s vision but just as he let out a shout of alarm, the four of them were enveloped by the mist. He felt apprehension fill him as he seemed to tumble out of the warp from a great height, hurriedly hardening as he braced for impact on a street floor that was unfamiliar to him.

He was far from the street they had just been, he knew that much. Once he got his bearings, Kirishima scrambled up, eyes flicking everywhere to watch for an enemy or one of the others. He hoped they would be okay.

At the thought, he heard familiar shouting about a block away and didn’t think, just ran.

“You son of a bitch where did you warp them?!” He heard Katsuki shout over the faint sounds of popping, meaning he was itching to deal some damage to the black-mist man he was apparently fighting.

“You will see soon.” The villain replied before Katsuki roared and the sounds of explosions grew closer.

Kirishima quickened his run, his arms already hardening past his elbows in preparation for a fight. If he had landed within a block of Katsuki, then that would mean Amajiki and Fat Gum were nearby too. He trusted them to hear the other’s fight and hurry over so they would be able to capture a member of the League.

As he rounded the corner, seeing the explosions just ahead of him, a hand grabbed his neck, yanking him to a stop. Kirishima’s fighting instincts kicked in and he made to jab whoever was holding him in the gut when pain erupted from the hold and his breaths came short and quick.

The pain lasted a total of one second, but it was enough to stop Kirishima in his tracks, allowing the villain to have a better hold of his neck, the fifth finger hovering above the flesh.

“I wouldn’t try to put up a fight. Not unless you want to become dust for the worms.” The voice was familiar from the few times Kirishima had actually heard the villain and his gut filled with ice.

“What are you waiting for then?” He growled, lifting his head in an attempt to glare at Shigaraki.

“Ah, but then how would poor Bakugou Katsuki feel about me killing his precious partner?” Kirishima’s eyes widened. “Oh yes, we watch the news too, you know. Bad idea to let something so personal come into the spotlight.” He pushed Kirishima to walk towards the fighting. “Now come on, I’d rather not hurt you more than necessary, and I’m worried for my dear old friend who has been keeping your boy busy.”

The redhead bared his teeth, his body tense as he walked forward, but he couldn’t figure a way out of the hold he was in. Despite Shigaraki’s appearance he was stronger than the teen was and had the advantage of his Quirk. He remembered Mr. Aizawa’s bloody mess of an arm after the attack at USJ and after feeling the pain himself - and so close to his face - he was at a loss. He knew he wouldn’t be able to us his Quirk in time to protect his neck, or even if his hardening would protect him from the villain’s own vile Quirk.

They reached the edges of the fight just as Katsuki landed a solid hit on the black-mist’s real body.

“Where are they, you goddamn fucker?!” He shouted, hand against the neck brace threateningly. “Tell me where you warped them to, misty fuck!”

“You won’t find the Pro Hero or that hooded kid anywhere near here.” Shigaraki called out, drawing attention to them.

Kirishima saw Katsuki’s face go through a myriad of emotions before it settled on furious anger. “Let. Him. The fuck. Go.”

“Why? So you can defeat us and throw us in jail? You really don’t understand the first thing about hostage situations, do you?” Shigaraki lightly pressed his fifth finger against Kirishima’s neck again for less than a second, but the bout of pain made the redhead’s knees almost give out.

“No, I understand plenty.” Katsuki’s voice grew hard, his face twisted in fury as he pushed his hand holding the black-mist man down. “You don’t fucking understand. We can stay here in stalemate all day until the cops or Fat Gum gets here and you two can fucking rot in hell where you belong. You can’t escape without this asshole.”

“And you can’t stand to watch this boy hurt, I bet?” Shigaraki countered, his fifth finger hovering over Kirishima’s neck again, getting a jolt from Katsuki and a pained, unmanly whimper from the captured teen. “But sure, we’re in a stalemate for now, although how long will you be able to hold Kurogiri before he can overpower you? I would say not too long at all. Kurogiri?”

The black-mist man moved but halted at the popping sounds against his neck brace.

“Don’t you fucking dare move, shit head.” Katsuki threatened.

“Ah ah, just because this boy is a hostage doesn’t mean I can’t hurt him.” Kirishima grabbed at the villain’s arm and tried pulling it away desperately but still the fifth finger brushed against his skin and this time his knees did go weak and he was close to choking before he found his footing again. “I just have to be careful not to kill him yet.”

“What do you fucking want?” Katsuki demanded, his voice straining to not give anything away as his eyes locked onto Kirishima’s.

“Explosive as ever, aren’t we, Bakugou Katsuki.” Shigaraki chuckled lowly, waving his free arm wide. “Isn’t it obvious, my boy?”

“No, it fucking isn’t.”

“Well, why don’t you come with us and we’ll show you. I might not even hurt your precious boy toy anymore if you come along willingly.” His free hand landed on one of the gears on Kirishima’s shoulders and within moments it was ashes coating down the redhead’s chest and pants as a pile of it fell to the ground. “I can’t really say the same if you don’t, though.”

Katsuki let out a string of curses, and he looked like he was weighing his options but when Shigaraki made a show of going to press his fifth finger against Kirishima’s neck again he made his move with angry regret clear on his face. He removed his hand from the neck brace and held up his hands in surrender, glaring daggers at the villain.

Before Kirishima could shout at Katsuki to not do it, the black-mist man created a warp gate. He could do nothing as he was forced into the mist a second time.

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Kirishima stumbled forward after Shigaraki pushed him into the warp gate, falling to his knees on the other side with his hands going to his neck, feeling the warm wetness of blood from what felt like cracks of his skin.

After taking note of his neck, he glanced around the place they had been taken to, finding it was a large warehouse-type building they were in, boxes and a few things to sit comfortably on scattered around. There weren’t any large windows, but a couple small ones lining a wall and several large bulbs overhead to provide most of the light in the main part of the building.

It was then that he saw other people lazing around, with a curious few looking over at the mist and the four coming out of the mist. He recognized a couple of them; one being the girl that was obsessed with Midoriya, and the other he was sure was from the summer camp attack.

“Ooh, so I’m guessing the plan worked perfectly, huh, Tomura?” The girl asked with a cruel smile, eyes dashing between Kirishima and Katsuki as he stepped out of the warp gate. “Welcome back, Katsuki~ Knew you’d return to us.”

“Shut the fu-” Katsuki started before grunting at the cuff to the back of his head from Shigaraki. “Fuck you.”

“Does it hurt you to be polite?” The villain asked, looking over at Kirishima. “How do you like him?”

Kirishima grit his teeth, keeping his mouth shut and glared at him, his skin prickling with his Quirk.

The girl laughed, clapping her hands together in delight. “Uh oh, you angered his little boo~” She taunted, getting up from her seat with a knife suddenly in her hand. “Shouldn’t get the prickly hedgehog mad, shouldn’t we~?”

Katsuki growled, and Kirishima felt his gloved hand brush against his hair, telling him he was right there, and that at least removed a small pebble of worry. He was still scared shitless but with Katsuki nearby he wasn’t as scared as he would be alone, surrounded by so many villains that have tried several times already to kill him and his friends and All Might.

“Is this another fucking ploy to make me join this fucked up group? ‘Cause let me answer the question before we waste several hours. Fuck. No. And. Fuck. You.” The blond spat, his hands popping threateningly.

“Ah, but we’ve learned our lesson. We can’t let you go so soon until you really seem eager to join us. Hence your boy toy not yet being a pile of dust on the floor.” Shigaraki said as he stood over the two heroes-in-training and between the hair and the severed hand covering the rest of his face, they could see his one visible eye looking down at them gleefully.

Both teens bared their teeth angrily, but before they could say another word, Shigaraki waved a hand and Kirishima only took a breath before collapsing, his body not responding so he simply stared at nothing with his chest barely moving with every breath.

“Tie them up together, it’ll be the least we can do since it would be cruel to separate lovebirds.” The villain said. “Put them in that place, Kurogiri. It should only be accessible with your gates since we made our improvements.”

“Of course, Tomura.” “Sure thing~!” There were a couple more grunts from the other villains in the room.

Kirishima tried to move, before he saw a foot appear in his line of vision. He couldn’t react before a flash of pain and then he saw nothing.


When he came to, Kirishima found himself laying on his side with his hands over and behind his head at an uncomfortable position, with the one arm he was laying against growing numb from lack of blood circulation, and his face stinging in pain.

It took a couple moments before he realized he was giving a weird sort of backwards hug to another person, and that something cold and hard was wrapped around his wrists uncomfortably tight. Immediately he hardened his numb arm, getting blood going back to his fingers and groaned at the painful pins-and-needles as feeling returned.

His groan earned a pained groan in return from the person behind him, the sound intimately familiar to the redhead.

“Kat?” He whispered, turning his head as far as he could, seeing the black of Katsuki’s top between the space where he lifted his arm as high as possible before what sound like chains pulled taut.

“You okay, Hair for Brains?” He heard in reply, the blond bopping the back of his head against Kirishima’s back, the gesture calming him down. It was how they showed affection when they were close to one another, knocking one’s head gently against the other’s body, normally the head or shoulder.

“Yeah, I think so.” He answered, wriggling uncomfortably. “Can we sit up or something?”

“Nope, chains are fucking keeping us on our sides, and even if we could, one of us would be upside down, idiot.” The lack of multiple curses coming from Katsuki’s mouth made Kirishima frown. The kidnapping was really getting to him, it seemed.

“Great. How long have we been out, do you know?” He asked, returning the bop to Katsuki’s back.

“Don’t fucking know. Woke up with a headache though, and clearly before you. You sure you’re fucking okay?”

“Yeah, just numb arm, bit of pain from… I think a kick to the face, but I can’t be sure. You?”

“Same. Bastards must have knocked us out with a fucking kick to the face. Assholes.” He grouched.

“Yeah… Can we get out of the chains? What are they?” He almost feared they would be Quirk-suppressing chains, forgetting his numb arm was hardened so it would get the blood circulation back.

“Maybe? I haven’t fucking tried shit because I didn’t know how you were.” Katsuki’s voice dropped to barely audible.

Kirishima bopped his head again against his back. “Well, I’m okay, so let’s see if we can break free.”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Both teens jolted at the voice coming from where Katsuki’s head and Kirishima’s legs pointed. “Blasty boy tries anything, his Quirk goes off point-blank into the redhead’s chest.”

It was the other villain Kirishima remembered from the summer camp attack, a guy who looked just a few years older than them but with burnt skin covering a large amount of his visible body. He was leaning against the wall, looking down at the teens with a hint of amusement.

“But hey, don’t listen to me, I’m just the ‘bad guy.’” He smirked. “Go ahead and try, see what happens.”

“What do you want?” Kirishima asked instead, his Quirk prickling through his body.

“Call it babysitting, keeping watch, guarding, whatever. We’re not stupid enough to leave you two alone, even if you’re chained like this.” The villain kicked at chains close to him, making them rattle against the floor.

Kirishima groaned inwardly, keeping a glare focused on the man.

“Great, go fuck yourself.” Katsuki responded angrily.

“Nah, thanks.” He seemed to settle more comfortably against the wall, crossing his arms. “You know what I think? This’ll be quite a fun time.”


Fat Gum and Amajiki scoured the area for hours for the two first-years with growing worry. They had been enveloped by some black mist and couldn’t see three inches in front of them before it dissipated, leaving them alone without Bakugou or Kirishima.

Within the first hour, both had contacted the other heroes nearby, asking if they had seen black mist or the two interns, but came up with nothing until the sun was setting and they got a call back from a small hero agency far to the north of Fat Gum’s agency saying a few civilians had seen some weird activity like explosions and dark mist in some alleyway close to their homes. When the heroes there had checked it out, they saw scorch marks along the walls and ground, signs of struggle and a small pile of grey dust, but nothing past that, like they had disappeared.

Amajiki kept wringing his wrists agitatedly, frustrated with himself. He felt it was his fault they lost the younger teens without a trace to follow. It was obvious the League was involved in this, from his talks with Kirishima about the villains the younger had fought already. The redhead had talked about a villain with a warping Quirk, and how it looked like he didn’t have a real body besides what looked like a neck brace that Bakugou had figured out was where his body was the first time they fought against the League.

He wasn’t completely sure, but he guessed the League of Villains had taken them because of Bakugou, like the last time he had been kidnapped. They seemed really keen on taking the hothead without taking no for an answer.

He just hoped they’d be able to find the two younger teens before they got hurt, or else he’d never be able to sleep again.

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After the burnt villain made his presence known, Kirishima and Katsuki stopped planning an escape. Katsuki ran his mouth the entire time at the villain, but he would only get a smirk in reply.

Kirishima whacked the back of his head against the blond’s back when he heard the inhale of breath after a good hour of curses with no response. “Give it a rest, K-Explodo. You’re just wasting your time and breath with him.”

“What the boy toy said.” The man said with a smirk.

Kirishima had to grit his teeth to not rise to the bait. It was pissing him off that they kept referring to their relationship, and he was frustrated with their attitudes in general since the capture. They treated the two of them like they were incompetent and Kirishima wanted to wipe those smirking face of their faces. He already began thinking of a way to get out of the chains when the villain pushed himself up off the wall, looking over above Kirishima’s head.

“Ah, it’s finally time for the fun, I take it?” He asked.

The heroes-in-training turned to see what he was talking to, only to see the black mist of a warp gate against the wall. Before they could utter a sound, the two heard a couple footsteps, the sounds of chains unlocking, and felt ridiculously hot hands grab them by the biceps and yanked up. Both teens tried to keep on their feet but kept getting elbowed by the other in the side painfully. They were hunched sideways in a ridiculous fashion, pointed out by the snicker from the burnt villain on Katsuki’s side.

They were pushed sideways, only able to keep standing because of the hold on their biceps, Katsuki facing whatever was through the mist, and Kirishima found himself grabbing his shirt for both balance and nerves being pulled taut. Whatever this ‘fun’ was, they weren’t going to like it.

They made it through the gate into a large plain room with a couple doors. The walls that Kirishima could see looked the same as in the warehouse, unlike the room they had been trapped in for who-knows how long which was gray like granite and not a single door in the small room.

They heard high pitched giggling off to the side, and Kirishima could barely see it was the girl, her eyes shut tight as she doubled over in laughter.

“You, oh my god Dabi, you were supposed to separate them!” She managed to cry between her giggles, wiping an eye.

The burnt villain - Dabi apparently - made a grunt before he manhandled the teens and got them out of their uncomfortable position. Kirishima barely contained the groan as he unbent his back, briefly shutting his eyes to take stock of his body.

His arms felt like heavy weights, one buzzing with pins-and-needles, but besides the discomfort, he didn’t feel too bad. The cracking on his neck had stopped bleeding sometime during unconsciousness, and his face only felt puffy, but he was sure it would bruise eventually. He quickly checked on Katsuki, noting his angry red face and the veins popping up as he reined in his fury.

The girl managed to wipe the tears from her eyes and giggled, playing with a knife. “Sit down, boys. We just want to talk~”

“Yeah. Like we trust that.” Katsuki snapped.

“You don’t really have a choice, Bakugou Katsuki.” Dabi said and suddenly a hot hand was grabbing the back of Kirishima’s head, and it grew hotter and hotter until he cried out in pain, fighting to get away. “Sit. Down.”

Katsuki growled but slowly sat down, his hands crackling like firecrackers. Once he was sitting down, Dabi pushed on Kirishima’s head to make him sit on the floor as well, and the intense heat went away, although the hand did not.

“We thought we’d just ask some small questions for you to answer.” The girl said as she sat down with a bright, too-shiny grin that split her face cruelly. “Think you can do something simple like that?”

“You tried this last time, it’s not gunna fucking change anything.” Katsuki growled.

“Ah, but we didn’t have the boy toy with us last time~” She flashed a toothy, predatory smile at Kirishima that made his skin crawl. “Tomura thought it would be perfect, you know. A little bargaining chip, I guess~ To make you want to help us.”

“That’s a fucking coward’s move.” Katsuki replied, glaring at the girl as if daggers could appear and slice right through her.

“No, it’s smart thinking.” Dabi said, still clutching Kirishima’s head. “You try something funny, your little toy gets burned. Or maybe you’d rather see him cut apart by Toga? Doesn’t really matter either way.”

“You seriously think I’d join you still? You’re all fucking crazy.”

“Maybe. Or maybe you can’t stand to see him in pain because of your actions.” The back of Kirishima’s head started to heat up again, and he tried to jerk away in pain. It was like a forest fire for his hair, like he was being cooked from the inside out. “Guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

Kirishima gritted his teeth, pissed off that these villains thought they could do whatever they wanted with them without any fighting back. He might be shackled but he wasn’t about to lay down at take whatever they dished out.

He focused on his head, hardening from the base of his neck to the tallest spike of hair, smirking when the hand withdrew with a gasp of pain. Then he quickly extended the quirk to his entire body. It wasn’t his full Unbreakable move, but it was enough to make him a prickly pincushion if anyone tried to use him against Katsuki.

“Right.” Dabi growled from behind the teens. “You have that annoying little quirk.”

He moved, but the girl, Toga, shook her head with a pout. “You can’t, Tomura will be unhappy if you accidently cook him alive.” She acted as if discussing how it was going to rain, which set Kirishima on edge, and her eyes landed right on him, smiling a little too gleefully. “But we can switch. Can’t kill him if I know where all the major arteries are~”

“Whatever.” Dabi moved around the teens to lean against the wall in front of them as Toga happily moved over to Kirishima, a knife in her hand that seemed to have slipped out of her sleeves, grabbing him despite the sharpness of his body.

“I wonder how sharp you are compared to a real blade~” She murmured close to him, tracing the sharp edge of the knife against his hardened skin. It was a weird sensation, but he kept his guard up. He could easily last several minutes like this, but he didn’t know how long they were going to try getting answers.

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The two villains went at it for longer than Kirishima could keep up full harden, and they exploited it. Whenever Katsuki gave an unsatisfactory answer, or flat-out refused, Toga and Dabi would wear down Kirishima’s protection, and his body was a mess of thinly sliced or burned flesh that was slowly collecting a puddle of blood under him.

Toga seemed to have the most fun causing him pain, looking at her bloodied knife with manic glee.

It was maybe an hour of this before they stopped and suddenly Kirishima couldn’t use his quirk… No, it was more than not able to use his quirk, his head fell forward with his chin hitting his chest and his entire body sagged as if gravity wanted him flat on the ground. Apparently, the villain from before had returned.

This time the two were still awake when they were reshackled in the ridiculous hold as before and brought back to the doorless cell.

Unlike before, Dabi did not stay with them, and for once since being kidnapped, the two heroes-in-training were left alone once the quirk wore off them.

“Those… fuckers.” Katsuki was mumbling too fast for Kirishima to make out most of his words, but he seemed to calm down at the bop to his back. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s not like the raid fight.” He managed a grin despite knowing the other couldn’t see it. “What were those questions? What’s One for All?”

He could feel Katsuki wriggle. “I don’t know, and I don’t fucking want to know if they think it’s so important. But shut up, Hair-for-Brains. They could still be listening somewhere.”

“Right…” The grin faded into a small frown before he had an idea. “Hey, Blasty?”


“I have an idea.”

“Well, whatever it is, it’s a fucking horrible one.”

Kirishima laughed, bopping Katsuki’s back again. “It’s better than nothing. C’mon.” He lowered his voice. “Blast your arms apart. Don’t worry about me.”

There was silence for several seconds, and Kirishima wondered if Katsuki had heard him. Then, he felt the popping against his bare chest before he heard them and braced for impact. He was used to Katsuki’s quirk against his hardened skin. Even after using his quirk to protect himself against the villains, he had the energy to harden his front torso as the explosions rocketed Katsuki’s hands apart, breaking the links between the cuffs.

“Fucking finally.” Katsuki grumbled, getting out of the uncomfortable position and turning to Kirishima. “Do you need fucking help to get out yourself or what?”

“I’m good, I’m good, Blasty.” He used his quirk around his wrists and pulled, snapping a link and although they were both still shackled, they weren’t connected or completely powerless. “C’mon, we have to hurry.”

“No shit, sherlock.” Katsuki was already pointing his hands at one of the walls. “Now help me or get behind me, idiot.”

It took less than a minute to break through the wall enough to slip out, and the two found themselves right in some forest, in the dead of night. Kirishima felt worry nibble at his insides. He realized they must have been gone for a few hours at least. Amajiki and Fat Gum must be so worried about what happened to them…

They had barely gotten their bearings when they heard the warping guy’s voice inside the cell, warning the other villains about their escape. Without thinking twice, Kirishima and Katsuki took off running into the forest.

Kirishima could hear the sounds of pursuit behind them, but he couldn’t risk looking back. He focused on Katsuki, a couple steps ahead of him, and the forest around them. They both knew they had to find some way to evade however many villains were on their tail and get back to a place with a phone or someplace where there were other heroes.

At the worst time, one of his shackles caught on a branch, catching him off-guard for a couple seconds and he pitched backwards. Katsuki stumbled at the noise, turning with anger.

“Get the fuck up!” He reached for his boyfriend and yanked him up, keeping a tight grip on him. “Don’t get fucking caught on shit like a dumbass.”

“Sorry.” Kirishima said breathlessly, and they took off again. While they ran, he tried to shorten the length of the chains that hung off the shackles.

Those few precious seconds cost the two teens too much time. They heard a giggle before something struck Kirishima’s back, and he shouted in pain, stumbling forward.

Before the two could react, they heard Shigaraki’s voice in front of them, and they knew they were surrounded. Kirishima heard Katsuki let out curse after curse, and their joined hands were the only things keeping Kirishima up.

“Get the fuck away!” He growled, his free hand crackling threateningly.

“Take care of them.” Shigaraki said as he approached the two, and down Katsuki crashed thanks to the random villain’s quirk. With him down, gravity took a hold of Kirishima. “We’re going to have to move them closer so we can keep a sharper eye on them.”

“We could use the storageroom.” Toga’s voice said, getting closer and suddenly the thing that had struck his back was removed with a quiet but wet shluk sound. He let out a pained breath, “but first, can I?”

“Sure, whatever.”

Toga giggled happily. Kirishima could only listen as the crazy girl looked through something, found whatever it was, and then there was something else in his back, in the same place as before. Whatever it was stayed in his back for maybe a minute, although it felt forever what with him being unable to even see what it was, before Toga pulled it out of his back.

Someone picked him up easily, like a sack of potatoes, and suddenly he was warped away.

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Chapter Text

The news of Kirishima and Bakugou’s kidnapping made the rounds in 1-A’s dorms as soon as one of them noticed Amajiki return to school grounds without either teen. Midoriya went to Uraraka and Tsuyu, who went to Hado, who all ganged up on poor Amajiki when he was about to report to the teachers, who told them all he knew, after some stuttering.

It hadn’t been hard to figure out something was wrong, and soon the entire dorm knew, and they all worried about the couple.

“Why would they still try getting Bakugou though?” Ashido asked, picking at her nails nervously since it was a better habit than scratching at her horns. “He’s shown them he’s not anything like them!”

“They’re probably just stupid, like most villains are.” Kaminari shrugged, dropping his head back onto the couch where most of their classmates were standing or sitting around. “I don’t know, Ashido. Why would they need Kirishima though?”

“Could be used as sort of hostage against a hostage…” The group turned to see Midoriya deep in his mutterings. “It’s not unlikely that they knew about the relationship, after the kiss and all that, so deducing the League knowing about Kirishima and Kacchan being together isn’t far off. If they were smart, they’d use him against Kacchan, even if that itself was dumb, but they don’t know him at all…”

Ashido wrapped her arms around herself, feeling chilled all of a sudden. “I hate this. Waiting and seeing what the heroes are going to do.”

“Not like the school would let us go searching for them ourselves.” Jirou said, putting a hand on Ashido’s shoulder. “Even if we all wanted to, Aizawa-sensei would never allow us to join any search party that might start with the other heroes.”

“It’s bullshit.” Kaminari groaned. “They’re our friends, and we’re all supposed to be future heroes, right? Why can’t we do what heroes do and save our friends from the villains?”

“And bruise Bakugou’s fragile pride?” Uraraka questioned with only a half-hearted eyeroll, picking at her pajama pants. She shook her head, her hair bouncing side to side with the movement. “I agree we should help, but none of us know where they would be, nor do we have a way of tracking them like what happened last time the League of Villains set their sights on Bakugou.”

“So, what?” Hanta countered with more heat than Ashido had heard before, crossing his arms. “We just go to sleep and pretend two of our classmates, our friends, aren’t kidnapped by villains?”

“You know I don’t think any of us are going to be able to sleep knowing that. But we’re just as helpless. If there was a way for us all to find them, you better bet your last yen we’d be out there for them.” Uraraka crossed her arms as well. “We’ve all been through too much together to just pretend we don’t care about Bakugou and Kirishima, and I’m hurt you’d think I’d even consider something like that.”

“Let’s not jump at each other’s throats.” Yaoyorozu said before anything could continue. “We’re all on edge, but we can’t argue amongst ourselves for all being unable to do something. I know it’s hard, but we have to just trust something good will happen that’ll let us help get them back.”

Ashido still felt worried, but she nodded in agreement, and soon the others dispersed, except for Kaminari, Hanta, Jirou, Midoriya, and herself, all deep in thought and worry, even if one of them kept muttering his thoughts without end.


Kirishima came to a little woozily. He felt a warm presence pressed against him, and his back and all his joints felt stiff. He pulled on his arms to try to rub his eyes when he heard a grunt by his ear, and his eyes snapped open.

He was sitting somewhat crossed-legged, his arms wrapped around another body with his chin resting on their shoulder, but the familiar scent of sweat and nitroglycerin made it easy to tell who it was before his eyes could catch the flared edge of the mask, or the metal neck brace his cheek had been pressed into.

When he tried to pull away again, Kirishima heard Katsuki grunt again, an annoyed sound as if he were holding something and it was being taken away, and he felt something bump the back of his head.

He groaned quietly, pulling his head back enough to see more of their situation. He hadn’t even known he had been knocked unconscious, and there wasn’t a way for him to tell how much time had passed.

Had to be long enough to get this kind of stiffness. He thought, aching to stretch the stiffness away.

He felt Katsuki stir, angry groaning growing louder by his ear, and he bopped his boyfriend’s head lightly.

“What the fuck?” Were the first words out of Katsuki’s mouth, and Kirishima couldn’t argue with that.

He felt another whack to the back of his head when the other teen pulled back, trying to put some distance between the two of them.

“They… What the fuck?” He grunted, and with enough space for the two to see each other’s faces clearly, both could see the blush each had over the forced close intimacy.

“I don’t know.” Kirishima replied, pulling at his own arms to show he was as tied up as he was. “I don’t get it either, why would they tie us up like this?”

“Fucking…” Katsuki went on a cursing rant that Kirishima couldn’t tell if made sense or not.

“Can you move anything besides your head?” He cut in the middle of the rant, resting his chin on Katsuki’s shoulder as he tested his own question on himself.

He felt something preventing him from moving his legs apart, and when he attempted to lift his arms around Katsuki’s, he found the same thing. It was a very intimate hold they were forced into, and Kirishima was warm with angry embarrassment that villains had forced them into such a position after knocking them out.

“Those… Fucking… Assholes.” Katsuki swore under his breath, but his lips were right by Kirishima’s ear so he heard everything clearly. “I’m going to fucking murder them for this. This is worst than the last one.”

“Yeah, not exactly comfortable.” He tried for a smile, but it fell flat. “Don’t think we can simply snap some shackles like last time.”

He looked over Katsuki’s shoulder to his hands and saw they were encased. Now it made sense why he couldn’t move even his fingers. There was a chain connected to the end of the encasing shackles that was fed through heavy looking rings in the room, going upwards past where Kirishima could barely move his head around to.

“This is so embarrassing.” He muttered, ducking his face until his forehead rested on Katsuki’s shoulder.

“Say that louder why don’t you…” The other muttered, not-so-lightly knocking his head against Kirishima’s. “At least we’re fucking alone for a bit.”

“Yeah, I guess so. Maybe we can plan in the meantime.”

“Plan for what? Last time we got caught easily, and that was probably far from where we are now thanks to the warp shithead. What forest even was that?”

“I dunno, maybe it was close to the Pussycats?” Kirishima guessed.

“They would not be so shit-brained to hide us so close to heroes, you idiot.” Another not-so-light whack to his head.

There was silence between them for several long seconds before Katsuki spoke up again, a lot softer than before. “How’s the wound?”

“Wou…?” Kirishima trailed off as he remembered the thing stuck to his back, and he carefully stretched his back to feel it. “Ah, forgot about it. It doesn’t hurt.”

“You’re a fucking lucky sonuvabitch, Ei. A fucking knife in your back thanks to that psycho bitch, and you forgot about it?”

“Woah, what? She stabbed me?” He looked at Katsuki.

“Yes, Hair-for-Brains! She fucking stabbed you. I’m shocked she didn’t hit anything major, like your fucking spine.” This time Katsuki used the space between them to press his forehead against his shoulder, muttering so quietly he had to strain to hear him. “You worried the shit out of me when you yelled and I saw that thing sticking out of your back.”

“I’m sorry, Kat.” He bopped and rubbed the side of his face against the other once, since he couldn’t use any other part of his body to console his angry-worried boyfriend. “But I’m okay, I promise. Maybe it wasn’t that deep or something?”

“You better fucking hope so, asshole.” A half-hearted whack from Katsuki’s head against his own.

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Chapter Text

The morning was quiet for maybe a total of five minutes before Ashido heard something coming from the kitchen area. She was a little slow on the reactions, as one second she was blinking, and the next Kaminari was shouting something.

“It’s got to be them!” He shouted, making most of the sleep-deprived classmates – including Ashido – wince. “There’s no way it wasn’t them!”

“What are you talking about?” She asked, sluggishly moving to shut up her friend with her hands, even as he wriggled away.

“Weren’t you paying attention to the news?” He asked incredulously, waving to the small television that had been placed in the corner of the kitchen area. “There were some kinds of explosions between Mount Gongen and Uenohara, somewhere in the forest. Authorities arrived in before dawn and, get this.” He leaned forward as if sharing a secret, but his voice didn’t drop. “There was this random building, like a cube, made of concrete. It didn't have a door or anything to get inside.”

“So?” Ashido questioned, rubbing her eyes tiredly. School was supposed to start in an hour and she didn’t want to get dressed.

“So, they found one wall had been busted apart, large enough for a person to pass through. Or two. Then, a hundred yards straight from the busted wall, there were signs of a recent struggle and fresh blood. It has to have been Kirishima and Bakugou!” Kaminari was almost shouting again, and his words were attracting the rest of the class one-by-one.

Ashido felt bubbles of anxiety rise as he spoke. If that building had held her friends, why didn’t the police find anything more? Why was there blood?

“Was there anything else in the report?” Midoriya’s voice was much closer than Ashido had thought and she jumped in fright. He looked worse than the others who didn’t sleep. It was like he aged thirty years in less than twelve hours.

Kaminari shook his head. “The media doesn’t know about their disappearance yet, luckily. They were talking about what could have happened, but I swear, that’s got to be where they are.”


Kirishima had never felt so uncomfortable in his entire life. His back was starting to cramp up painfully, and there was no way to relieve it, and every attempt to get into a better posture felt like hell. This was just the pain he felt on his back, but every joint hurt from the locked position that he felt like he was floating most of the time.

Katsuki seemed to be in just as much pain, and he was more vocal about it. At least, he was vocal about his discomfort to Kirishima, but turned his lips into a snarl whenever a villain came in to give them water.

Other than give them water to drink, out of a straw no less because of the restraints, the villains didn’t do anything to either teen for what possibly felt like a day. There were a lot of villains besides Dabi, Toga, the misty guy and Shigaraki, at least four more villains Kirishima had never seen before, but they all seemed familiar with Katsuki, even if he didn't recognize any of them. He figured it was when they had kidnapped him the last time.

The villains did try to get a rise out of the two of them, but neither rose to the bait further than snarl or bare their teeth at them, although Toga managed to find ways of making both teen very visibly uncomfortable.

She often commented lewdly about their twisted embrace, giggling when she noticed how red one or both of them got, and often probed further. It made Kirishima more uncomfortable hearing her talk about their relationship so disgustingly than it was to be unable to move for several hours, and for the first time since they got together, the proximity felt like too much for either hero-in-training.

Both were always relieved when she finally left them alone.

Kirishima tried sleeping when he could, hoping the discomfort and numbness would let him slip into a blissful sleep, but it was like a chronic ache that haunted his dreams.

After about a day or so of nothing, Shigaraki appeared for a ‘talk’ with the two of them.

“This could all be over if you just tell us what I want to know, Bakugou Katsuki.” Kirishima couldn’t see the villain as he faced Katsuki only.

“I don’t know, and even if I did, I wouldn’t fucking tell you, asshole.” He barked angrily, but he kept his lips away from Kirishima's ear so he wasn't practically shouting in it.

Shigaraki sighed, as if he were a disappointed father. “So stubborn, boy. It would be so much easier if you understood the consequences of your resistance.”

He heard movement before he felt the second gear disintegrate. He got dust caught in his throat and he coughed awkwardly over Katsuki’s shoulder, the taste of the decayed padded gears on his tongue.

“Who has One for All now? Who is All Might’s successor?” Shigaraki asked bluntly. When Dabi had asked similar questions the first time, Kirishima was lost, not understanding what the villains wanted. He had never heard of whatever this One for All was, nor had he ever imagined All Might having some sort of ‘successor’ or what they had to do with the first thing.

Katsuki growled. “I don’t fucking know what you’re talking about. This back and fucking forth shit is getting old.”

“I wish you wouldn’t lie to me, Bakugou Katsuki.” Shigaraki said, before pain erupted on Kirishima’s back.

He barely contained his voice, but a strangled gasp of pain seemed to be enough to make Katsuki react. His back felt completely numb again, but something slid down, like sweat. Kirishima breathed deeply through his teeth, his eyes shut tight and he couldn’t pay attention to what happened next.

“I told you. I. Don’t. Know.” Katsuki said through gritted teeth. “What the fuck is One for All?”

Another bout of pain erupted from his back, and he felt tears prick his eyes. He barely contained his gasp of pain as he pushed his forehead down in the space between their bodies, trying to find another thing to focus on.

“He doesn’t know!” Kirishima shouted, taking deep breaths over the pain. “We don’t know what you’re talking about!”

He focused on his breathing, eyes screwed shut because fuck the pain wouldn’t go away now. He wondered in the back of his mind how badly Shigaraki decayed his back if every breath stretched his back so painfully.

For some reason, either from his words, or because he realized he wasn’t going to get anything from the teens, Shigaraki finally left the two alone at that point.

As soon as they were alone, Kirishima let out a low, long groan of pain, pressing his head into Katsuki’s shoulder.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck.” He let loose a constant flow of swears as if it would help ease the pain. “God damn fuuuck.”

“Shut up.” Katsuki jiggled his shoulder to make Kirishima move, and after some effort, he did. “How bad?”

“On a scale of ten to one, this is probably a thirty.” He gritted his teeth and grimaced in an attempt to smile. “Fuck, that hurts.”

“Lean in. Let me check.”

Kirishima listened to Katsuki and leant forward a bit, wincing at the pull on his skin, but didn’t make a fuss as Katsuki checked on the damage.

“Fuck, okay. They better fucking at least clean that up.” He grumbled, tucking his head into the space between them, a weary sigh escaping him.

Kirishima dropped his head into the space as well, wishing he could do something to stop feeling the pain on his back.

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Chapter Text

There was no trace of either missing teen outside of the places the media talked about. Seemed the warping man had a hand in that.

Ashido watched the rest of her class slowly fall apart without Kirishima or Bakugou in the mix. Midoriya and his friends were visibly worried, and she wasn’t sure if Midoriya had stopped muttering since the news.

Her own friends, the self-proclaimed Bakusquad, were also suffering. Without Bakugou’s bombastic self to keep them on task with a lot of yelling, or Kirishima’s peppy self to make the time pass in a blur, she and the other two boys were like a sinking ship, without a sail or hope in sight. They were all walking around with growing bags under their eyes that not even all the makeup in the world could hide.

Aizawa tried for maybe ten minutes to get the class to focus, but not even Iida could get the class to pay attention to whatever they were supposed to be learning, and while she liked the idea of not learning anything for a day, Ashido wished all her friends were here.

Two days had passed since the kidnapping. Each night had been so quiet before a fight would break out over if they should sneak out of school or not. Everyone was always close to each other’s throats, split down the middle.

“We can’t just up and leave.” Iida stated, his hands moving robotically.

“Well, we sure as hell can’t just stay here and twiddle our thumbs up our asses!” Kaminari shot back, his hair starting to stand on end with electricity. “I don’t care about the rules, I just want my friends back.”

“We all want them back.” Uraraka put in, crossing her arms. “But Iida’s right. We can try convincing Aizawa-sensei to let us go. He must be as worried as we are, I’m sure he’d allow it.”

“Or maybe he won’t because he’s afraid we’ll get hurt too.” Hanta countered. “We don’t have time to argue which is the better way. Who knows what they’re doing to them!”

Ashido crossed her arms uncomfortably, squished between Jirou and Yaoyorozu, as if they were physically restraining her without actually restraining her. She loved them, she really did, but she didn’t want to stay still.

“Then we pester him to make us go. We already all have our licenses, we’ve all fought real villains before. It’s not like USJ.” Uraraka pressed, looking between the two boys. “I’m on your side here. I want Bakugou and Kirishima back here just as much as you two.”

Ashido groaned and pushed herself off the couch before Jirou or Yaoyorozu could pull her back down. “Let’s put it up to a vote then.” She uncrossed her arms to place her hands-on-hips. “Let the adults do everything or find a way to go searching for them ourselves. Raise your hand for the first one.”

Slowly, a few people raised their hands. Yaoyorozu, Ojiro, Hagakure, Aoyama, Tsuyu, Tokoyami, and Kouda all raised their hands.

“The rest of you want to be out there and find them?” Ashido met eyes with everyone who did not raise their hand to see them nod. She nodded after she met with every eye. “Majority rules. We’re going to make Aizawa-sensei let us go whether he likes it or not.”


They at least bandaged the wound. Not like it did anything to dull the pain every time Kirishima stretched his back a bit, but it was better than the possibility of getting an infection.

But it didn’t stop them from using him as a sort of punishment for Katsuki. They still kept asking about the One for All and successor crap, or asking Katsuki why he was lying to himself about becoming a hero.

Every time they brought that topic up, Katsuki grew furious, and Kirishima could hear popping from inside the encasing shackles. He didn’t know what would happen if he tried firing explosions in such a space, but he had a feeling Katsuki’s hands would probably be ripped apart. He hoped Katsuki knew that too.

It had been another session with Toga, her words leaving an unpleasant taste in Kirishima’s mouth and Katsuki was fuming.

“God, I wish they’d just shut the fuck up. Pissing me off.” He grunted as he jabbed his chin into Kirishima’s shoulder.

“I know, Blasty, I know.” He sighed, bringing his forehead to rest against Katsuki’s shoulder. “Do you think the others have been able to find a lead on us yet? They must have, how long has it been?”

“Don’t know, don’t fucking care.”

“Kat, we’ll be okay. I know we’ll be able to get out of this. Either someone will have been able to find a clue, or we’ll be able to escape first.”


Katsuki went quiet after that. Probably brooding, Kirishima thought.

He wriggled a bit despite the discomfort, the chains clinking almost cheerfully. There had to be a way to get out. He thought glumly. We just have to figure out how.

~~Three Hours Later~~

When Katsuki jostled Kirishima harder than normal to wake him up, the redhead thought something bad was about to happen.

“Wha-?” He started when the blond knocked his head into his to stop him from finishing that sentence. “Owww.”

“I know how to get out of these things.” Katsuki whispered.

“Shit, really? How?” Kirishima asked quietly, trying to blink the sand out of his eyes.

“Use your quirk along your arms, try sawing through the arm restraints, then we can get out of the legs the same way.”

Kirishima followed the other’s plan, and it took a couple tries for each arm, but he was able to catch the material along a couple of his spikes and rip them apart. There was a shared sigh of relief when Kirishima slipped his head out from the forced hug they had been forced to endure for at least 24 hours. Then he got to work on his legs, snapping the bonds. It took a bit of time to actually unlock his legs, and he felt tears prick his eyes as his felt blood rush back to them.

“Oh fuck, I think my legs aged forty years.” He chuckled, scooting backwards a bit before remembering they weren’t totally free.

The two shimmied until neither were hugging the other, so Kirishima could lean forward and use his arm to cut the restraints holding Katsuki’s legs in place.

“Fucking finally.” Katsuki groaned, stretching his legs like Kirishima was. “Now we gotta get these things off.” He shook his arms and the chains connected to the final restraints jingled. “Any goddamned ideas, Ei?”

Kirishima tested the encasing, pulling his hands apart but they wouldn’t budge. He wasn’t even sure his quirk could slice through them, at least not the way they felt curled up in there. He shook his head after a few attempts.

“Fuck… I can’t just use my shitty explosions unless I want to say fuck you to my own hands.” Katsuki looked around their cell. Their shackles were connected to the wall and to each other, meaning if they could snap the chains out of the rings in the walls, they could leave their cell, even if they weren’t totally free.

They had the thought at the same time. Katsuki wrapped excess chains around his arms and started to pull straight down, while Kirishima pulled across from himself. It was the most ridiculous form of tug-o-war ever, but neither knew when a villain would come back, and they had to escape for real this time.

With their combined strength, the two heroes-in-training managed to rip the rings out of the wall with a loud clattering of the chains, just as they heard movement outside the door.

“Riot.” Katsuki hissed. “Get ready to fight.”

Although it felt awkward not being able to use his hands, Kirishima let his quirk crackle over him and bent his legs slightly, ready to run or kick.

Toga was the one to open the door, looking in with genuine surprise to see the two not sitting in their positions, but the creepy smile slid onto her face.

“Oh~ Are you trying to get out again?” She swung the door completely open and stood in the entrance. “What stupid boys you are~”

“Shut the fuck up, bitch.” Katsuki rushed her, swiping with his leg at her, causing her to stumble back to avoid getting hit. Kirishima felt the chains pull him forward as Katsuki took off, and to avoid either of them stopping, he took off running to catch up.

Toga shouted at the other villains in the warehouse to get them, but Kirishima made his entire body sharp and jagged, and Katsuki was able to fend them off himself. They made good progress, knocking out a couple of villains as they ran through the warehouse, trying to find an exit.

They were getting farther from the villains when black mist enveloped the both of them, faster than they could avoid it. Kirishima couldn’t see a thing when multiple hands grabbed at him despite his quirk making him hard and prickly, and he heard Katsuki fending off villains grabbing at him.

When he could see, they had been brought back to just outside the storage-room that had been their cell for the past day or so. Despite his quirk, multiple villains were holding him down, and one swiped him off his feet with his bound hands digging into his torso painfully. He tried rolling but they held him down fast, and he saw other villains do the same with Katsuki.

“Get the fuck off me! I’ll fucking murder you, shitstains!” He threatened.

“Gag them.” Shigaraki’s voice came from Kirishima’s left, but when he tried to glare at him, hands were covering his face as something was shoved and slapped over his mouth, and from the muffled shouts, the same was done to the blond.

“Really now. I was trying to be courteous by letting your toy stay by your side, Bakugou Katsuki. And this is how you repay my kindness? So disrespectful.” Shigaraki stood in front of both teens, and he knelt down and gripped the chain connecting them, disintegrating a few of the links. “Put them in separate rooms, opposite sides of the building so they can’t try talking to one another unless we want to talk to them both.”

Kirishima felt fear flutter in his chest, and he tried to catch Katsuki’s eyes as they were both forced to stand again and pushed and pulled apart. Despite the shit around his mouth, he still tried calling his name, fighting against the villains, but they seemed to have quirks that made his own useless or they simply did not care.

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Chapter Text

Kirishima sat shackled in place. It seemed the villains got smart in keeping him in place. Heavy, heavy steel bars were wrapped around his ankles, with thick chains connecting them to bolts on the floor, while his arms were trapped in those medieval-type shackles connected to the wall, but at least the chains weren’t too short. He could at least use his hands when the small bit of food and water was finally given to him.

The room had a small window haphazardly boarded up, but it still streamed enough light in that he now painfully knew how long they were being held captive. It wasn’t a large room, probably a little larger than a broomcloset, clearly not meant to hold people in it.

A couple villains had to hold Kirishima down as they got the new shackles bolted to the floor, and tested to make sure they weren’t loose before forcing him in them. Seemed the villain that was able to immobilize both teens was with Katsuki, at least Kirishima assumed he was.

His heartrate sped up at the thought of what they could be doing to his boyfriend. It was one thing to be captured with him, but it was another when they were forcefully separated, not knowing where the other was. He hoped Katsuki was okay.

It was the third day since the two had tried to escape the second time and forcibly separated and Kirishima couldn’t do much but list against the wall. He was thankful the villains only came around to drop a platter of food – most of the time it was bread, but once or twice he got room temperature yogurt or pudding cups that was supposed to last him from sunup to sundown – and a mug of lukewarm water. They were all villains Kirishima couldn’t place a name on, so they sort of blended together. He was relieved Toga or Dabi never gave him food.

One of the villains came in right then, as the sun started to set, with his evening meal. A chunk of bread and a small bowl of sticky rice with the usual mug of water placed within arms reach before they quickly left. All Kirishima could do was bare his teeth until the door shut, then his eyes went to his abysmal meal. His lips curled downwards, but his stomach growled. He had to eat if he wanted to make it through this hell.

He ripped into the bread first. It was tough, chewy, probably going stale when they gave it to him, but his teeth made easy work of it. The rice didn’t even have a utensil so Kirishima used his hands to eat.

He saved the water for last. He conserved the water, using a gulpful to soak his palate after eating, then for most of the night he’d spread it out until he fell asleep.


The next day, Kirishima awoke from a bored nap to villains manhandling him, the feeling of a needle jabbing into his neck, and something being injected into him. He croaked out protests, fighting against the villains and activating his quirk. He tried slashing at them, but the strangest feeling went through him, filling his veins with ice.

His quirk wasn’t responding. One moment his hands were fused and jagged, and the next, against his wishes, they were soft and fleshy. His heart in his throat, Kirishima struggled harder, trying to figure out how they had gotten their hands on the Yakuza’s Quirk-nullifying solution, but now he was just a quirkless kid with sharp teeth.

He was taken out of his restraints and held back by two villains instead of the whole five that had crowded into his makeshift cell, and the feeling of being unable to use his quirk was making his heart hammer painfully. One blindfolded him as another put his hands in cuffs, and he was forced to walk. Kirishima already had a poor sense of direction, and without his sight, he was already lost as to where he was as he was pushed and prodded along.

Finally, he was made to stop as a door opened nearby, and he could hear Katsuki swearing up a storm, his throat sounded ruined. He wondered if he had ever stopped since the second escape attempt.

He was pushed in, falling to his hands and knees in surprise. He couldn’t tell where a wall was, where he was in the room, when a heated hand grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him up.

“You’ve been trying our patience, Bakugou Katsuki.” Shigaraki’s voice was close, on Kirishima’s left side. “We are done playing civilized.”

“Don’t you fucking touch him.” His voice sounded so hoarse, it pulled at Kirishima’s heartstrings painfully. “I’ve been fucking telling you the entire time, I don’t know what the fuck you want from me.”

“But I know that you’re full of shit, boy.” Shigaraki countered, his voice moving. “I’ll give you one more try, and if you can’t answer, your little partner slowly gets roasted.”

At the words, Kirishima felt the back of his neck start to burn until it was unbearable. His legs kicked out, trying to connect with something or some villain nearby, and his cuffed hands tried to pull at the hand on his neck, crying out in pain until the villain that had blindfolded him gagged him.

“I have been fucking answering your shitty questions. Let him go, shitstains!” Katsuki’s voice cracked more than before.

“Fine, I’ll ask a more direct question then. Does Midoriya Izuku possess One for All now?”

All the air in Kirishima’s lungs felt like they had been punched out at the question. Why? What is One for All? Why do they think Midoriya has it?

“Fucking Deku doesn’t have shit.” Katsuki growled, but Kirishima could almost detect something in his voice, a waver that was hidden amongst the piles of anger he keeps around himself.

“Then what is his quirk?”

The question stumped Kirishima. He always assumed it was a kind of super strength, but the line of questioning the villains gave made it seem like Midoriya had gotten a quirk that was very important to them, not a quirk he had been born with. It reminded him of the first time the class saw him use his quirk for throwing the ball, and how Katsuki had reacted even more explosively, yelling about Midoriya’s quirk.

Katsuki was silent for a long time. He guessed he was sneering at the villains. “Some strength quirk. I never fucking cared to find out.”

There was a sigh, and suddenly Katsuki was shouting protests before pain erupted from the back of Kirishima’s neck. He screamed through the gag, his legs giving up on him. It seemed Dabi hadn’t been expecting that, as the hand dropped him like a sack of potatoes and the heat was gone. Tears slipped out when he squeezed his eyes shut behind the blindfold, and it was difficult to breathe.

He was allowed to stay on the floor, not paying attention to the conversation. It was white noise to him, even Katsuki’s shouts. He knew he was shouting, probably cursing at the villains, but he didn’t listen. He had to focus on his breathing, like he had been shoved underwater for longer than he could hold in his breath. It hurt, his lungs ached and the back of his neck stung.

The sound of popping brought him back to his senses a bit. It was close, when did Katsuki get close to him?

“Get ready.” Was all he heard as a warning before an explosion sounded in front of his face. It hadn’t been his most powerful, but Kirishima couldn’t use his quirk to dull the pain.

Whatever had been gagging him and the blindfold were ripped away, and his face felt like he had been blasted by the sun. Kirishima let out a cry, grabbing his face but Katsuki was grabbing his arm and pulling him.

Weakly, Kirishima scrambled up and opened his eyes. The villains in the room were dazed and on the floor. Katsuki looked livid and concerned when his eyes fell on Kirishima for a split second. The door was in front of them and they took off running.

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Chapter Text

A diet of bread and water is not meant to keep anyone healthy, and it didn’t help Kirishima had been forced to sit down and not move since getting captured a week ago.

It certainly didn’t help he couldn’t use his quirk at all, nor that he had been sliced and burned and parts of his back and neck had been decayed several times over. It was a miracle he was able to stand upright.

Still, he ran with Katsuki to a flimsy wall and just as his boyfriend put his hand on it, the villains were realizing what they were doing. Kirishima barely had time to cover his face when the explosion blew out the wall to early evening light. Without pausing, Katsuki pulled Kirishima after him through the hole.

They were in some sort of warehouse district. Kirishima couldn’t really tell, but they didn’t pause long. Both teens knew they just had to get away.

The running pained Kirishima faster than he would have liked, a stitch growing at his side that made it harder to breathe after they ducked behind another warehouse building. He was slowing down before he realized it, Katsuki trying to pull him forward.

“Ei, hurry the fuck up!” He hissed, dragging him behind a wall as they hear running steps pass them. Katsuki turned to him, concern in the gleam of his eyes while the rest of his face stayed cross. “What that fuck’s wrong with you?”

Kirishima panted, his cuffed hands going to his side. Everything hurt. Everything had been hurting since being kidnapped. “I… You haven’t been used as a punching bag for almost an entire week, Kat.” He hissed back, wincing at the pain in the back of his neck. “They also-”

Katsuki slapped a hand over his mouth as footsteps grew closer and a couple villains shouted to spread out.

As soon as they heard the villains pass by, Kirishima removed Katsuki’s hand and hissed. “They took my quirk, Katsuki.”

His boyfriend rounded on him in shock and looked ready to explode something. “What the fuck do you mean they took your fucking quirk?”

“I think they got their hands on the Quirk-nullifying stuff Eri made. I can’t harden.” He raised his arms in evidence.

“Shit, shitshitshitshit.” Katsuki swore under his breath, his eyes searching Kirishima’s face, which still stung as much as the back of his neck. “We have to fucking get out of here now.”

“Oh no you’re not~” Toga’s voice startled both teens before she lunged with a knife.

On an instinct, Kirishima pushed Katsuki out of the way and the knife sliced at his bicep. When Katsuki turned and saw the wound, his hands went up.

“Fucking die, bitch!” He shouted, and a large explosion went off in her face, his hands keeping the blast from Kirishima, but the sound still rang in his ears. It wasn’t as huge as it would have been with his grenade gauntlets, but it was enough to propel Toga away from them with a cry. “Let’s fucking go!”

He grabbed Kirishima’s wrist and pulled them along. They made it further from the original warehouse, but they could both see the villains were closing off escape routes. Katsuki continuously swore under his breath as he began to pant from the exertion. Even his boyfriend was reaching his limit, and they weren’t far from getting recaptured.


A week of no leads. A week without Kirishima or Bakugou.

The media heard about the kidnapping by the end of the week, and it was split between blaming Bakugou, blaming the school for now allowing two students to be kidnapped during their internship, and blaming Fat Gum for the two getting kidnapped on his watch.

Ashido couldn’t stand watching the news, but she forced herself to watch. There had to be news of them someday, she had been thinking since word spread about the kidnapping.

She, Sero, and Kaminari were restless. Two of their friends had been missing for a week, and it weighed more heavily on them than the rest of the class. Midoriya was a close second with them. None of them could focus on classwork, bags were appearing under their eyes, and Ashido knew she was acting more cross than usual, snapping at her other friends when they tried to talk about other things to her in attempts to distract her for just an hour.

It was about a couple hours to curfew when Amajiki and Hado ran into the dorms, both looking a little breathless. The third-years had said they would let the class know if anything came up that they were allowed to help with, as part of the agreement with Aizawa-sensei.

Ashido’s head popped up at their arrival, already on her feet and heading towards them before either could open their mouths.

“Someone, someone just contacted Fat Gum. Explosion. Fighting.” Amajiki stuttered out.

“I’m going.” Ashido stated, her heart in her throat. From behind, Sero and Kaminari vocalized wanting to go too.

“I’m going too!” Midoriya shouted from the stairs. He looked like he had run down them, out of breath.

There were not many other people up in the common room, besides Jirou who had been sitting on the couches with Ashido and the guys. She leaned over the side of the couch. “Please bring them back.” Her eyes were hard on Ashido and the guys.

The first-years bulldozed over the third-years, pulling them along. Ashido’s heart was racing, and from the faces of her other friends, they were just as anxious.


Aizawa was displeased to see the Bakusquad and Midoriya pulling Hado and Amajiki behind them, even as the third-years protested.

Ashido stopped suddenly when their teacher was in front of them, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Do you understand what will happen?” He asked, eyeing each of his students sharply.

“Yes, sensei.” Midoriya was the first to speak, his hands by his side. He looked ready as ever.

“Sensei, we have to. We can’t stand waiting with nothing but anxiety keeping us rooted in place.” Ashido stepped forward, lifting a fist in front of her. “We understand the risks. But we want to save our friends. It’s been a week.”

The group was quiet as they all waited for Aizawa to answer. He kept his eyes on Ashido, however, looking at her critically, before he looked away. “You will listen to me and the other Pro-Heroes, all of you.” He looked at the third-years. “We leave in fifteen minutes. Change into your hero outfits and meet me by the entrance.”

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Ashido picked at her ruffled vest as she, Sero, Midoriya, Kaminari, Amajiki, Hado, and Aizawa made their way through the city. Their teacher drove the large school-owned car, and the entire ride was practically silent. Each teen seemed to be in their own head, thinking of what could have happened to Bakugou and Kirishima during a week of being kidnapped by villains.

Aizawa stopped suddenly, breaking the teens out of their thoughts as he turned to them. “Your priorities are to keep each other safe, and help the other Pro-Heroes save the two boys. Do not engage the villains by yourselves.” His eyes land on Midoriya specifically. “Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sensei.” They all nodded.

Ashido gulped as they got out of the car, to see a small gathering of heroes. Midoriya and the third-years looked comfortable in the setting, while she and the other guys kept glancing around nervously and stuck by the others.

Hado gave her a reassuring smile, patting her shoulder. “Don’t worry.” She simply said.

She smiled back and nodded. She couldn’t allow herself to worry too much, her friends were in danger and she could actually do something about it.

Up ahead, the students saw Fat Gum and a couple other heroes talking amongst themselves. The large hero noticed them and waved them over grimly.

“We know where they are, but not for much longer. We have to hurry and get to them before they can get away.” He told them. “Suneater, and you two will be with me. Vitality, and you two will be with Ryukyu.”

Ashido looked to Midoriya and Amajiki before looking at the other boys. She knew they would be okay with Hado and Ryukyu, but the idea of being separated worried her. She gulped again and gave them a soft smile. “We’ll find them tonight.” She promised.

Kaminari and Sero nodded in agreement and left with Hado to find the other Pro-Hero.

All too soon, they were approaching a warehouse district quietly. They were all spread out into their small teams, since they only knew this was the location, but not where the villains were. Ashido played with some acid, creating a small, malleable ball she could easily throw if she needed to.

Fat Gum’s team made their way through before Midoriya saw something and pointed it out to the others. A large hole in the furthest warehouse, the edges of the wall bending as if the blast happened inside. Both first-years perked up. It had to have been Bakugou.

They quickly approached the warehouse, hearing voices and feet even from a yard away thanks to the hole. The voices sounded tense and angry.

Then they heard the familiar shouting.

Ashido didn’t think, and clearly neither did Midoriya, as the two bolted forward, her little ball of acid dropping from her hands onto the floor as it made a small dent, hissing silently behind them. They heard Fat Gum and Amajiki hiss at them to get back, but they were already approaching the hole, hearing Bakugou shouting threats.

“Let him fucking go!” He was shouting, familiar popping sounds growing louder as they reached the hole in the wall. “I fucking told you asswipes-”

“Bakugou!” “Kacchan!” The two yelled as they stood just outside the opening, peering in.

There were at least ten villains, including the fire-quirk guy from the summer camp incident, a teenage girl with a creepy smile and a sharp knife in her hand, and the man with hands all over his body from the USJ attack. Bakugou was being held by a couple villains, with Kirishima surrounded by the other villains, the fire-quirk guy holding him by his arms, which looked burned.

Ashido flicked a hand forward at the villains holding Bakugou, her acid splitting perfectly between him as they landed on bare skin. The villains let go of him in pain before the explosive teen kneed and punched them.

While she attacked the villains holding Bakugou, Midoriya entered the warehouse, hands in fists and the energy around him sparked like Kaminari using his own quirk.

The door the two teens had ran past suddenly bursts open with Fat Gum and Amajiki, throwing the villains in panic over the Pro-Hero. It was enough to let Ashido enter through the hole and run for Bakugou as he hadn’t moved from his spot.

When she reached him, she saw where he was looking, and why it was keeping him rooted in place, despite not being cuffed or anything. The fire-quirk guy was pushing Kirishima in a direction, and her friend’s arms were smoking. He was being moved closer to Shigaraki, who was close to the warping man.

She turned back to Bakugou, putting a hand on his shoulder and pushing him. “We have to go.” She said, flicking her free hand at the villains to try to stop them. “Bakugou.”

Bakugou snapped to attention, a fire in his eyes that Ashido dearly missed. With a vicious snarl on his face, he ran straight for Kirishima, his hands popping dangerously, Ashido a couple steps behind.

Moidoriya had already seen Kirishima being taken farther from safety, and was making his way to him as well, fighting his way through the villains.

“Oh, Izuku~” The girl’s voice rang high through the chaos, and Ashido turned her head to see the girl with the knife leap at Midoriya, cutting him off from his progress. “I knew you’d be back for me~”

She couldn’t focus on them, though. She had to have faith her classmate would be able to hold his own against that girl. Turning back, they were getting closer to Kirishima and the other villains when Bakugou shot an explosion between his boyfriend and Shigaraki.

“Let. Him. Go.” He ground out, and Ashido just realized how hoarse his voice sounded.

She flung her acid at the fire-quirk guy, but he was too quick and used Kirishima as a shield. To her horror, he didn’t use his quirk as he saw what was flying at him, and he shouted in pain.

“Kir-” Her shout was cut off by Bakugou nudging her harshly, pointing his hands at the villains.

“I said let him go, you lower lifeforms.” Even his voice was livid, and she was relieved it wasn’t directed towards her.

“I don’t think so, Bakugou Katsuki.” Shigaraki said, the warping man already creating a warp gate. “If you want him safe, you’ll come along quietly.”

Kirishima looked like he was trying to speak, but his arms smoked again and whatever words he was trying to get out turned into painful cries.

Bakugou let another explosion between Kirishima and the warp gate, causing Shigaraki and the fire-quirk guy to step further apart to avoid the quirk. Ashido aided by splattering acid close to Shigaraki, forcing him to step into the warp gate.

She kept her eyes on Kirishima, looking for an opening when something caught her periphery, something black, white, and orange. She barely registered it when a line of sticky tape shot out and stuck to the fire-quirk guy, pulling him back. In surprise, he let go of Kirishima, who promptly hightailed it away from him. Bakugou and Ashido both reach for him at the same time.

Once she felt his warm hand in hers, Ashido pulled them away from Shigaraki and the gate, heading for the hole. Not once did she look back, afraid she would see a villain coming at them, but they made it to through the hole without a problem.

The fighting was contained inside, so Ashido and her friends had time to collect themselves. She looked them over and noticed the fresh wounds all over Kirishima. He was cut up along his chest and arms, his sleeves ragged messes, and he looked like he had been burned along his neck, arms, and singed his hair pretty badly, like his natural hair colour was peeking through at the tips instead of the roots.

Comparatively, Bakugou was relatively unscathed. His face looked a little gaunt and patchy, like he was trying not to cry or something. He no longer had his grenade gauntlets, but he looked to be in better condition than Kirishima physically.

Ashido felt pressure build behind her eyes as she struggled to contain herself. She wouldn’t cry yet, but she did fling her arms around the two boys and hug them tightly. Bakugou barely struggled against the embrace.

She pulled away. “We, we have to go. The others can take care of the villains, and they should know you’ve been saved.” She looked through the hole to see Midoriya pushing the girl away, a small cut on his cheek, and Sero heading for the hole, keeping a wide berth from the villains and heroes.

He bounded out the hole in the wall to tackle Bakugou from behind with a wordless cry. “We thought we’d never see you again!” He cried, hugging Bakugou against his will, even if the blond didn't do much outside grumble from the floor.

Kirishima let out a pained laugh, leaning against the wall of the warehouse. The sound brought Sero’s attention to the other teen and he snapped back to focus. “Oh shit, yeah. Rescue first, reunion later. Kirishima, what did they do to you, man?”

“It doesn’t fucking matter.” Bakugou got up angrily and grabbed Kirishima’s hand and pulled him along. Ashido quickly moved to Kirishima’s other side so he wasn’t being dragged by the hand.

As a group, they made it to where the backup were stationed, at the mouth of one of the closest entrance to the warehouse district. They were spotted within moments and Kirishima and Bakugou were led to the ambulance that had been brought along. Ashido and Sero kept close to their friends, even as they heard Kaminari make his way from the fight, and Midoriya a little behind, looking exhausted. The paramedics were talking more than the teens, running over procedure with the two rescued teens. When it became clear Bakugou wasn’t in immediate danger, he was switched out for Midoriya to look at his new cuts and scratches from the fight with the knife-wielding girl. His injuries were still not as bad as Kirishima’s.

“They… They used a drug to stop my quirk.” Several minutes in, Kirishima blurted it out, his voice sounding just as ragged as Bakugou’s was.

“How long ago was this?” One of the paramedics asked, as all the other teens besides Bakugou snapped to attention.

“Sometime today, I don’t remember.” Kirishima tried shaking his head but grimaced in pain from the movement.

“Keep your head still, it’ll only make the burns worse.” The paramedic said, turning to talk to their colleague.

It wasn’t long before Bakugou and Kirishima were brought fully into the ambulance as the heroes brought in the villains they managed to catch. Ashido watched with the other guys as the ambulance pulled away, driving off to the nearby hospital, her posture slouching in utter relief as tears finally spilled down her cheeks. They had finally got their friends back.

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Chapter Text

**Two Weeks Later**

Recovery was slow, but things started to look up for Kirishima once his quirk returned after a couple days. Recovery Girl had come by to heal the burns he had sustained, saying the rest of his injuries would heal by themselves as they had been very superficial.

He had to stay in the hospital a day longer than Katsuki, but his boyfriend hadn’t left his side since being discharged.

When they returned to school, their dorm was decked out for a party, and the whole Bakusquad tackled the two of them to the ground with cries of joy, or just crying in general at seeing their missing friends again. Ashido was particularly clingy to Kirishima, hugging him the longest and sticking to his other side that Katsuki wasn't on. It touched Kirishima to know how much she cared for him, when just a year ago they had barely talked to one another all that often. If it wasn’t too embarrassing to say in front of everyone, and if he wasn't certain Katsuki would loudly denounce the very idea, he would have unabashedly called her his hero, along with his other friends who helped rescue him and Katsuki.

The two were allowed a week to recover in the dorms after that, although Aizawa told them they were going to need to catch up quickly if they didn’t want to be left behind the other students.

Katsuki spent the time studying with Kirishima, both going over the new material slowly. They needed the recovery week, as once they finished catching up, it was like diving into the middle of a deep lake for their first swim.

The other teachers were lenient, however, which helped Kirishima out greatly. Not just for the regular school classes, but also the heroics classes, he spent a good couple weeks just regaining his previous muscle-mass and energy. Once he was back to full health, with his quirk ready, he threw himself into the heroics classes with vim and vigor.

It helped to keep Kirishima’s mind busy. When it was downtime, Kirishima spent every waking moment with his friends and Katsuki. He didn’t like being alone for long, often working himself ragged so he could collapse onto his bed, hoping for a dreamless sleep. It only worked half of the time.

Although the pain was gone, and there were no distinctive scars or burns on his neck or arms or back, Kirishima could still feel them when he went to sleep. It was impossible to get comfortable no matter how he tried.

It only got worse when he heard Toga and Dabi and several other villains had managed to escape with Shigaraki and Kurogiri. He knew that those villains wouldn’t have gotten caught, but it ate at him that the ones who had caused the phantom pains were still at large, still plotting something evil.

Which brought his thoughts back to the present, curled around Katsuki in his room as his boyfriend read a book.

“K-Kat? Can I ask you something?” He spoke softly, mostly mumbling into Katsuki’s chest, but the other heard and understood. He put the book down and looked at the other.


“Why did they want to know about this One for All thing? Why did they think you knew about it?”

Katsuki froze, his hands grabbing Kirishima’s shoulders firmly. “It’s… Fuck, I don’t really know. It’s something they want to get rid of, that’s all I was able to figure out. They think All Might had it and gave it to someone, apparently fucking Deku. Why?”

“They spent all that time, torturing me to get information out of you. Do you really not know why they thought you knew?” Kirishima asked, wriggling up to face Katsuki better.

His boyfriend looked shocked before the expression went back to it’s angry-neutral self. “I don’t fucking know, Eijirou. They probably didn’t know anything, just so they could get a rise out of me watching you get…” He trailed off to wrap his arms around Kirishima tightly, bopping his head against his multiple times his brain felt rattled. “I’ll fucking kill them for what they did to you.”

“I don’t doubt that.” Kirishima coughed a laugh, bopping his head against Katsuki’s lightly in return before kissing him on the lips chastely. “I’m glad you’re okay, Katsuki.”

“Me?! What about fucking you? You were the one taking all the hits because those fucking cowards thought it would actually make me want to join their shitty side! Like that would actually make me want to join them more than murder them for their fucking shitty-”

Kirishima tuned him out as he went on a cursing tirade, leaning his head on Katsuki’s shoulder. Being around Katsuki temporarily held the bad dreams and nightmares at bay, as did being with Ashido, and Kaminari, and Sero. But being around Katsuki was the only time he felt comfortable enough to let his eyelids droop as he listened to his voice go on and on, forgetting the phantom pains and the nightmares that could come when things were peaceful.

For now, the moment was perfect.

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